AU Thunderwing is the good version of Thunderwing.


AU Thunderwing was created by AU Unicron to stop the original Thunderwing from getting Twilight Sparkle and to protect the Matrix of Leadership. AU Thunderwing


AU Thunderwing looks like Thunderwing, but with blue optics and light and dark blue colors on his body.


To protect Twilight and the Matrix of Leadership





  • I am Thunderwing.
  • You name means a lot to me. I live only to protect the Matrix. Help me, so that I may find its host and make your universe's me fail his mission.
  • You repair me? You don't even understand how I exist for how long? The technology of my design is way over your head.
  • All right. But understand this, [insert name here]. Once the original Thunderwing is gone, my loyalty will go back to my master, Unicron the Destroyer of evil.
  • Stay calm, Ryan. The Symbiote has extra powers you and Spider-Man need in your adventure.
  • She's right, Ryan. Madam Web's powers will keep it from overwhelming you and Spider-Man.
  • But, now. Madam Web must turn me and her concsciousness to the future! And to...
  • ...Miguel O'Hara. Spider-Man of the year 2099.