This is where Yuna goes to find the Night Fury in The Alliance of Berk and Equestria.

Yuna: Now, where can it possibly be? [looks at the cut ropes of the net]

[Then she hears a cry]

[she follows it and then comes up to a small cove, where she finds some dark blue scales on the ground]

Yuna: This is strange.

[then suddenly the Night Fury flies up by her]

Yuna: [gasps]

[but it's trying to climb out of the cove but it slips and lands back at the bottom]

Yuna: [she then climbs down onto a lower rock and watches it]

[the Night Fury tries to fly out again but fails]

Yuna: [takes out her sketchbook and sketches the Night Fury] Why don't you just fly out?

[we see there's a huge hole in the dragon's left wing which Yuna adds to her sketch of it]

[the Night Fury tries again to fly out but fails and then it tries to eat some fish in the pond close by]

Yuna: Hmmm. [she sets her pencil down but it rolls off the rock and hits the ground]

[The Night Fury hears it and looks up at Yuna]

Yuna: [watches the Night Fury as it looks back at her]

Night Fury: [turns its head as it looks at Yuna]

Yuna: [gulps] (in her mind) It's gonna try and eat me.

[but the Night Fury doesn't move from its spot and continues watching Yuna]

Yuna: Hmmm?