Ariel Arach

Ariel Arach is the student of Canterlot High and friend of Ryan F-Freeman.


Ariel Arach met Ryan when he was a human like her. She became friends with Ryan and shows her interests of spiders and robots to him. Then, one day, while Ryan and Ariel Arach was walking in a warehouse, she came to contact with Mutagen when it falls on her. When Ariel Arach starts to mutate, Ryan covers his eyes so he can't witness her change and when he uncovers his eyes, he saw that she is turned into Airachnid (which Ryan duds her where he thinks Airachnid had killed Ariel Arach). Ariel Arach tried to tell Ryan that she is his friend but, Ryan runs off causing Ariel Arach to shout out Ryan's name in sadness.


Ariel Arach looks like a girl with black raven hair gelled to look like the headdress of Maleficent and wears black clothes with purple and yellow with some of hot pink. She wears purple lipstick.


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Abilities and powers

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  • [after she turned into Airachnid] What happened to me?