Ash's Adventures of Junior is another upcoming Pokemon crossover film planned to be made by Shadow101815. It will appear on Google Drive or Dropbox as part of a double feature with Ash's Adventures of Family Guy: Stewie is Enceinte hosted by Peter Griffin in the near future.


Ash Ketchum, Scooby-Doo, Remy the Rat, Hiccup, Tino Tonitini, Mario, and their friends meet Austrian Research geneticist Dr. Alex Hesse (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his OB/GYN colleague Dr. Larry Arbogast (Danny DeVito), who have invented a fertility pill, "Expectane", that is supposed to reduce the chances of a woman's body rejecting an embryo and thus prevent a miscarriage. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to test it on women since the Food and Pill Administration has not yet approved the pill; so Hesse and Arbogast cannot move forward in their research.

In response, Hesse breaks into the laboratory and locks himself in. The head of the review board, Noah Banes (Frank Langella), informs Arbogast that while the FDA has denied their team the right of human experimentation, the team has managed to receive a donation from fellow geneticist Dr. Diana Reddin (Emma Thompson) from the ovum cryogenics department. When Hesse questions the chances of a woman taking an unapproved pill during pregnancy, Arbogast reveals that there is no need to identify the gender of the experiment and convinces Hesse to impregnate himself, using an ovum codenamed "Junior".

That night, Hesse has a nightmare in which his potential offspring has his own face pasted onto it. That day, he complains to Arbogast that his chest is hurting him. Later, the normally aloof Hesse inexplicably lightens up and chats incessantly about walks, massages, and naps. Reddin tells Hesse that being a woman is not as great as it sounds, citing the menstrual cycles which do not stop until menopause. Meanwhile, Arbogast's pregnant ex-wife, Angela (Pamela Reed), wants him to be the doctor delivering her baby. Hesse begins to wonder what it would be like to be a father and watches some television commercials to have himself a good sobbing. He later begins overreacting, with Angela noting his practice of "mixing cuisines".

It is revealed that the "Junior" ovum is actually from Reddin's own body, making her the mother of Hesse's child. Banes wants to take credit for the experiment despite having no role in it. Arbogast disguises Hesse as a woman and hides him in a retreat for expecting mothers outside the city, passing off his masculine appearance as past anabolic steroid use. Eventually, after a visit from Reddin, Hesse experiences abdominal pain due to the damage that the baby is doing to his abdomen. While shut away in his resort room, Hesse calls both Arbogast and Reddin. As Reddin rushes to the resort from the laboratory, Arbogast calls a fellow doctor and tells him to evacuate the hospital and prep it for an emergency c-section for Hesse, but a hospital staffer overhears the doctor's conversation and alerts Banes about it. Banes calls the media to the hospital, to take credit and become famous, but Arbogast's fellow doctor alerts him about the media and Arborgast makes a detour to get a decoy for Hesse so he can have a private c-section.

When Arborgast's car arrives at the hospital, he disappoints the media when he brings out his own pregnant ex-wife. Banes, who had summoned the university dean and the press to witness the world's first pregnant man, is discredited and fired. Meanwhile, Reddin and Hesse sneak to the back of the hospital and use the fire escape to get in. While acting as Hesse's decoy double, at the hospital, Angela goes into labor. Hesse has an emergency caesarean section, where he is given an epidural even though he's at high risk as is the baby. Reddin, not being able to help Hesse through this time, is sent by Arbogast to keep Angela company. Reddin walks into the waiting room to find Angela in labor and ends up being her labor coach, since there's no hospital staff available. Hesse feels emotionally scared and horrible, as Arbogast and the other surgeon cut through the last few layers of tissue, to get to the baby, Arbogast announces that Hesse's water shows no signs of fetal distress.

Arbogast announce the arrival to Reddin, who is on hands and knees helping Angela cope with contractions. Reddin hands Angela over to Arbogast and rushes off to see Hesse as Arbogast has Angela prepped for childbirth. Reddin visits Hesse in the Post-op, getting her first glance at her baby, and together they decide to name the baby girl Junior. Arbogast delivers Angela's child and the two reconcile to raise the boy, Jake, as their own.

In the final scene, the two families are on a beach on vacation celebrating the birthdays of Junior and Jake. Reddin is heavily pregnant with her and Hesse's second child, and when Angela mentions that she would like to have another baby but does not want to go through pregnancy again, they all begin trying to convince a reluctant Arbogast to carry the child.



A double feature with Ash's Adventures of Family Guy: Stewie is Enceinte and this film will feature a special intermission with Ash and his friends, Delia Ketchum, Professor Oak, Remy the Rat, Emile, Hiccup and his friends (including the dragons and Gobber the Belch), and the Weekenders present in the following videos:

  • Taco Bell commercial - Nacho Drag
  • Doritos Super Bowl commercial - Ultrasound
  • Doritos commercial - Pregnant Belly
  • Taco Bell Grande Quesadilla commercial
  • Dairy Queen commercial - Pregnant Couple
  • National Aquarium in Baltimore commercial - Pregnancy
  • Natinal Aquarium in Baltimore commercial - Eggs in Mouth
  • Burger King Chicken Fries commercial - Pregnant
  • Brut commercial - Late
  • Xbox commercial - Pregnancy
  • LOLA Baby commercial (despite this commercial containing Spanish dialogue at the end)
  • Pregnant! (Cha-Ching! short)
  • Cristal Cero commercial - Pregnancy (despite there being some spoken Spanish dialouge in this commercial)
  • Verizon commercial - Pregnancy
  • Junior (1994 film) trailer (as a sneak peek of this film) (Note: Scooby-Doo and the gang's real counterparts and Scrappy-Doo's real counterpart are featured in this trailer, due to their absence in the censored Junior segment featured in Pooh's Adventures of Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School.)
  • Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" DVD trailer (censored) (as a sneak peek of Ash's Adventures of Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon") (Note: Scooby-Doo and the gang's real counterparts and Scrappy-Doo's real counterpart are featured in this trailer, due to their absence in the censored Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" segment featured in Pooh's Adventures of Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School.)
  • Storks teaser trailer
  • Pigeon Toady's Guide to Your New Baby (two-minute Storks short) (Note: A brief bit showing a baby's bare butt will be removed, due to the double feature being censored.)