Here's how things are back to normal in The Beginning of the Chronicles

Narrator: Then, after everyone got off the ship the remaining Sith drones retreated and take off back into space. But in the castle, Nyx was confused of what was next to come.

Nyx: Uh, what is to become of me now?

Princess Celestia: Nyx, what you've done today was radical.

Princess Luna: You are a Jedi learner.

Princess Celestia; And for defeating Darth Malgus, we've decided to enroll you in Jedi training.

Nyx: Really?!

Barret Barricade: Yes.

Twilight: Princess, since Nyx doesn't have a home, I request to adopt her. And to help train her.

Nyx: You wanna still be my mother? Even after what happened?

Twilight: Yes. And Thomas would agree to me too.

Princess Celesita: Then she is all yours'.

Twilight: YES!!! And Jasmine since Belle is Skyla's godmother, Elsa is Yuna's godmother, and Snow White is Sharon's godmother, would you like to be Nyx's godmother?

Jasmine: I will be happy to be Nyx's godmother.

Twilight: Thanks.

Nyx: [giggles]

[then out from the corner comes Yoda]

Yoda: Nyx, you are?

Nyx: Y-yes.

Yoda: Defeat Drath Malgus, I hear you.

Nyx: Yes.

Yoda: Young Nyx, for what you done. Was extrodinary today.

Nyx: It was?

Yoda: Yes, skills of a true Jedi, you have. so, Padwan learner, I grant you.

Nyx: Thank you, and you are?

Yoda: Master Yoda.

Nyx: Master Yoda.

Yoda: Look at your flank, by the way.

Nyx: Why? [she does and there's her cutie mark] My cutie mark! Yah!

Twilight: Oh, Nyx. Come here!

Nyx: [giggling]

[they embrace each other]

Narrator: And so Darth Malgus was defeated thanks to Nyx, who now had a new home, and a family. As well as a cutie mark, but more adventures awaits the oung foal but, that's another story.

[back to Patchy]

Patchy: Wow! Wasn't that great, kids?

Potty: Let's watch it again.

Patchy: [chuckles] That's a great idea, Potty. [looks on the table] Where's the remote? [continues searching] Where's the remote? [stands up] Oh, I lost the remote! They should make those things... [a brick flies through the window and hits Patchy on the head] Eh... [falls to the floor]

Potty: Brawk!

Patchy: [stands back up and drops the brick on his foot; he is now holding his remote] My remote! [goes to the window] Thanks, stranger!

Mrs. Johnson: [outside, in a wheelchair] Don't mention it, Patchy! [flames shoot of the back of her wheelchair and she peels off, leaving a skid mark behind]

Patchy: Now, which one of these cockamamie buttons is rewind? [presses a button; a juggling clown appears on TV] No, that's not it. [presses another button; a weatherman appears on TV] Doh! Wrong again. [keeps flipping through the channels and grunting; a black and white horse movie comes on, then a blob movie, then a football game, then the giraffe from Krusty Krab Training Video, then the anemone from Your Shoe's Untied then a Tyrannosaurus Rex battling a Triceratops; Potty flies over]

Potty: Brawk! Let me do it!

Patchy: No, get away! [the lights go out] That's the light switch! [the light turns back on; Patchy and Potty fight over the remote, until a mariachi band pops up from behind the couch]

Potty: Brawk! That's the mariachi band button!

Patchy: Grrrrr... I hate technology!!!

Patchy: [continues pressing buttons on the remote] Rewind... darn you! [suddenly, the VCR starts spitting out tape]

Potty: Brawk! Failure ahoy!

Patchy: No! [tries to stop the tape from spewing out] Dah! DAH! Oh, blasted infernal machine! [gets tangled up and falls over, still struggling] Oh no! I've ruined "The Beginning of the Chronicles"! Now it's lost forever!

Potty: Brawk! Lost forever!

Narrator: Oh boy, what a loser. Well, I guess "The Beginning of the Chronicles" will remain lost. But, tape or no tape, as long as there are stars in the sky, The Chronicles of Equestria and the Isle of Berk will live on in our hearts and in our minds. Now get lost. I mean, bye. No, really, get lost.

[The film soon ends with "You're Where I Belong"]