This is where our heroes and the O'Connells battle against the villains and Yang's solders in Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

[We veiw Willy and Mr. Great White keeping look out with their telescopes]

Mr. Great White: Those scally-wags will be here very soon.

[The solders squat down]

Qin Shi Huang: Clear a path to the Golden Tower. Prove yourself to me.

Queen Chrysalis: You heard him, my Changlings. clear a path!

[They nod to their queen and they all start leading Yang's soldiers to the tower]

General Yang: [hands over the diamond, then orders his troops]

The Chameleon: All goes well. We will soon reach Shangri-Lai in no time.

[The solders get in position]

Mr. Great White: Okay, let's get ready! [he slides down the pillar with Willy behind]

[our heroes then get in different potions and get ready to fire]

General Dedrich: READY!!!

Alex O'Connell: [rips off tape]

Rick O'Connell: Let's get them a old O'Connell welcome! [to our heroes] You guys ready?!

Percy: Ready!

Hugs: Got it!

General Dedrich: AIM!!!

General Yang: [commands]

Rick O'Connell: Fire!

General Dedrich: Fire at will!

Edd: FIRE!!!!

[our heroes start firing at the soldiers and Changlings]

Spongebob: [starts using his rifle]

Megatron: Come on! Let's head for the other side!

[the villains starts going around]

Rick O'Connell: Bazooka!

Mr. Krabs: Hit the deck!


Rick O'Connell: Fall back!

Sergeant Calhoun: 2 can play at that game!

General Dedrich: [fires his bazooka several times]

[More bazookas fired and bricks fall]

Rusty: [fires several rockets and the ground into front of most soldiers have craters blown in it]

Rick O'Connell: Alex! Follow me!

[General Yang and some solders cross the bridge]

Uray: They're crossing the bridge!

[Everyone takes cover]

General Yang: [orders his troops]

Rick O'Connell to Alex]: We gotta take out those bazookas!

General Dedrich: Indeed!

General Yang:

Rick O'Connell: Go!

[They turn around and fired]

1206: [glances in his mirror and sees the villains coming up from another angle] On the right!

[with the villains]

Megatron: There they are.

[Back with our heroes]

[Willy is looking through his telescope keeping lookout]

Mako: Well, who do you see?

Willy: I see them all and Changlings and Decepticons are leading.

Mucker: You guys know the plan.

[Back with the others]

[The bazooka's explode]

Rick O'Connell: Fall back! Move, move, move, move!

[The solders move up]

Rick O'Connell: Time to go to plan B! Blow up the tower!

Johnathan: Hey, I'm actually a little concerned about plan B! Couldn't we got to plan C?

Thomas: Just do it! We'll cover you!

Johnathan: Come on! All right, let's go, let's go!

Alex O'Connell:

Johnathan: Come on. Oh, be good.

[The battle continues]

Spongebob: [starts dual wielding with his revolvers]

Plankton: AAAAAAHHHH!!!!

[then Squidward starts firing at the villains with his Thompson]

[soon some of our heroes begin to draw fire at the villains]

[Back with the others]

Johnathan: [drops a liter and takes cover]

Rick O'Connel: [shoots a soilder]

General Yang: Set up a crossfire! Move it!


Rick O'Connell: [runs out of ammo]

Evelyn: My last one!

Mimg: [calls for something]

[Then Yetis appeared]

Vinny: Abominable snowmen!?

Mucker: What the?!

Edd: Those aren't Abominable snowmen! They're Yetis!

Ying: Please! I need your help! These soldiers are evil!

Johnathan: She speaks Yeti?

Elsa: That's amazing.

[The Yetis attack some of the soldiers]

General Yang: Shoot! Kill them!

Johnathan: Why do I always have to save the day?

Rick O'Connell: I hate it when the kid's right! [chucks his Thompson at a soldier and then starts attacking it]

Johnathan: Get the other guy!

Rick O'Connel: [does so] Thanks!

[Our heroes start killing soldiers]

Ming: Trouble!

Mako: WHAT?!

[A solider appears but a Yeti throws him]

[Then Alex fights with Yang]

General Yang: You can die slow or you can die fast.

[Then a Yeti throws him]

Qin Shi Huang: [walks up]

Johnathan: Yes, yes!, yes! [lights] Yeah! I did it! [laughs] Oh, Mother, I did it! Time for a retreat, I think. [then sees a Yeti] I'm on your team! I'm a team player! "One for all for me" kind of thing! They dynamite, all this dynamite! We should get out of here!

[back with our heroes]

Arry: There are the Crusaders!

Bert: Let's get em!

[They fired]

Scootaloo: Watch out!

[They took cover]

Eddy: Dudly, take out their guns!


Arry: Ah!


[With the others]

Rick O'Connell and Alex O'Connell: [shoot the Emperor]

Qin Shi Huang: [grabs an ice berg]


Rick O'Connell: Whoa! Back off! Back off!

Lin: Run!

Yetis: [roaring]

Johnathan: I hate mummies! They never play fair!

Qin Shi Huang: [climbs the tower]

Alex O'Connell: Dad! Dad, what are you doing?

Rick O'Connell: [climbs the tower] 

Alex O'Connell: Over here! Over here! Over here!

Qin Shi Huang: [prepares to shoot fire]

Alex O'Connell: Oh, no!


Everyone: Rick!

Qin Shi Huang: [makes an ice slide]

Rick O'Connell: [falls]

Qin Shi Huang: [shoots a fire ball]

[The light points the way]

Qin Shi Huang: Shangri-La.

Ling: [pulls out a sword]

Johnathan: That's a diamond. I could use a diamond like that.

[With our heroes]

[our heroes continue to fire at the villains]

General Dedrich: [firing his guns] Take them down!

Gordon: You will not provail!

Rainbow: [firing her M4] YAH!!!!

Princess Luna: [reloads her Thompson]

Nightmare Moon: [continues firing her Sten gun]

Princess Luna: [joins her sister]

Princess Celestia: Let's do this, Luna!

[the 2 fire their guns at the villains]

[then Cadance and Shining Armor join their Celestia and Luna, followed by Twilight, and finally Thomas]

Discord: [is a few feet behind Willy] Now, I've got you.