Beast pose

The Beast

The Beast (also known as Prince Adam) is the deuteragonist and one of two main protagonists of Beauty and the Beast. He is voiced by Robby Benson.

Adam is a prince who is spoiled, unkind and selfish who was put to the test by an enchantress disguised as a beggar woman to see his heart. When he pushed her away, she casts a spell on him to transform into a beast and everyone into objects. She gave him a rose as a deadline reminder that he has until his 21st year to learn to love and earn a woman's love in return. If not, then he'll remain as a beast eternally.

He took Belle prisoner in exchange for her father's freedom, believing that Belle is the one to break the spell. Later on, Belle and the Beast grew into friendship and slowly eventually fall in love. When the spell has broken, he is turned back into human and he and Belle are presumed married.