Boone is one of Penn Zero's best friends and part wise man on missions.


Boone is tall and broad with brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears a black baseball cap with the bill pointed backwards, and he has braces. Also, he wears sleeveless shirt with pale green stripes, camouflage cargo shorts, and black flip-flops.


Boone is easygoing, optimistic, and imaginative. he loves to have fun and come up with unusual, crazy ideas. He doesn't often think his actions through or act responsibly, leading to him making some situations worse. He enjoys doing his own thing, thought it often affects his focus on the mission and how helpful he is. He can be rude, inconsiderate, and stubborn, but he usually means well and comes through for others when they need him.

Despite being full of creativity and passion, Boone isn't always confident in his skills and what people will think about them, admitting that he knows he isn't a very good wise man. Although usually relying on Penn and Sashi to figure things out, Boone occasionally has clever and useful insight that helps him and/or his friends in a situation.