This is where Captain Korso shows his true colors in Code Lyoko: The Lost Laboratory.

[Tino and Aelita return to science class, and then are shocked at the sight before them]

Korso: You have a nice battle?

[The camera then zooms out showing some old villains and Korso's soldiers' still armed with M16's as well as bazookas]

Tino: What, what is this? Why are the Dazzlings here!?

Ash: Guys! You're back!

Tino: What's going on?

Serena: We don't know, we just saw Korso's men armed with rifles and standing here so we came to see what was up.

Tino: Hold on. I am such a fool! This is a treasure hunt for you isn’t it? You're after X.A.N.A.

Korso: Oh, you mean this? [shows the picture]

Pepper Clark: Hey! He's got the missing page to the journel!

Aelita: You tricked me?

Tino: Me?! No! No! I didn’t trick you, he used me!

Korso: Well, Tino, If it hadn't of been for you and your friends. We wouldn't be here by now, welcome to the club, kid.

Adagio Dazzle: Yeah, I say that you will join us Tino.

Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze: Yeah!

Tino: No! You have no idea what you're dealing with! 

Korso: What's to know, Tino? It's big and shiny, and it's gonna make us all rich.

Tino: You think it's a treasure, I thought it was a battery. But we're all wrong, it's their power, their lifespan! X.A.N.A is the only one keeping Aelita alive!

Aelita: If you deactivate X.A.N.A, I get destroyed as well!

Korso: So what? [to Tino] Now! Let’s try this again.

Aelita: Come on!

[When they arrive in the lab, Korso's men are searching for anything that could lead to X.A.N.A]

Korso: Ah, just who I wanted to see.

Sissi: Who did you expect? The Grinch?

Korso: Talk to me Tino, where is it kept?

Tino: I don't know, all is says, "The heart of X.A.N.A lies within the supercomputer in the bottom floor of the factory."

Korso: Okay. Maybe Professor Cole here can shed some light. So where is that supercomputer?

Jeremie: You will destroy yourself.

Korso: Maybe I'm not being clear. [punches Jeremie]

Dana: [gasps]

Aelita: Jeremie!

Korso’s soldier #1: Commander, this wasn't part of the plan.

Korso: Well, plans change. Alright, [takes a seat] we'll do something different. [pulls out his pistol]

Twilight: Oh no.

Aria Blaze: Oh yes!!

Korso: I'm gonna give you 10 seconds, Einstein. 1, [cocks pistol] 2, 3,

[but as Korso's counting, Tai's sliding one of her leg rings off]

Korso: 9,

[But before he can say "10"]

Tai: [throws his ring]

[the ring hits Korso's pistol, causing it to misfire and fly out of his grip]

Korso: Ahh! [growls] You darn ze... [sees something and then looks at the cover of the journal]

Korso's soldier #3: What is sir?

[the big symbol on the map matches the one on the book's page]

Korso: “The heart of X.A.N.A lies within the supercomputer in the bottom floor of the factory" This is it! We're in!

Tino: What?! Korso, you really don't know what you're dealing with!

[Korso goes the elevator and presses the button that'll take them to the bottom floor.

Korso: Hurry, get on!

[They went down and there was thee Supercomputer, appearing from the bottom]

Cale: Whoa.

Korso: There it is.

[they hit the bottom]

Korso: Jackpot.

Aelita: It can't be. [hugs Tino, crying]

Korso: Tino, could you tell your friend to postpone that for a while?

Tino: Aelita. I'm sorry.

Korso: [sees X.A.N.A]

[the Supercomputer starts to glow]

Cale: Okay, can we leave? I don't like this place.

Korso: Yeah, yeah, just a second.

Tino: Okay, there's a Supercomputer is 5 feet toward us, over the ground. Doesn't that seem Strange?

Korso: Like how strange?

[Aelita was scared]

Aelita: [gasps]

Korso: So how do we turn it off?

Tino: By pull the lever down, you dumb birdbrain! I don't even know how it's coming up there!

[Aelita holds Tino’s arm tight]

Korso: What's going on?

Tino: All the journal says is, "The power source of X.A.N.A is controled by an Supercomputer." I don't know how to explain it.

Korso: Could you simplify that?

Tino: I can't! I were sent away from here months ago! I don't know anything about it! I’m doing the best I can here!

Korso: Well, please do better. [reaches for his pistol]

Sora: I got a better idea captain, why don't you read and they'll wave the guns around!

Aelita: [frightened]

Sora: What's up with her?

Tino: I don’t know, Sora.

[Korso heads up to X.A.N.A]

Cale: Oh, my Gosh!

{X.A.N.A open up a lever]

Cale: Now, I'm freaked out.

Korso: X.A.N.A, I am Captain Joseph Korso. I’ve been after you for six years. But now, I’ve found you,

Tino: Korso! Don’t do this!!

Korso: Hold your horses. [to X.A.N.A] Now, it is time to end your plans to rule Earth. It’s time for you to say goodbye and good riddance. [turns off X.A.N.A]

Aelita: [passed out]

Tino: Aelita!

Sora: She doesn’t look to good.

Korso: [takes Tino, Sora, Cale, and Aelita to the elevator back to the supercomputer lab] MEN! It’s time to pack up! XANA is gone for good. Lock up Aelita in the crate!

Korso’s soldier #4: Yes sir!

Korso: We’re going to be rich.