These are heroes and heroines who originally acted badly, usually towards others, but redeemed themselves in the end, channeling what they did wrong into something positive. In most media or fiction, misbehaving characters also redeem themselves through various means:

- Love redeems: When the individual encounters someone he or she loves, that character can change from being evil by being good, if that lover helps that person which can help promote more good traits to surface and make a character find something to fight for.

- Realization: When a character discovers the villain's true actions that caused them to misbehave they will likely cause to rebel and assist the their heroic enemies by either joining their former enemies or making a heroic sacrifice. Sometimes if the character is misguided or oblivious to the greater evil scheme, he or she would redeemed themselves by doing the same thing. A common theme, is how a character learns through their loved ones or by hearing it from the villain themselves.

- Becoming the mask: Another reason why someone becomes good, is because of how that villain spends more time by being with the hero which because of the goodness of the hero causes that character to be good. This overlaps with how love can also redeem someone.

- Defeat: Sometimes when a character knows defeat by a hero, he or she may contemplate with how the hero was right with their motives and viewpoints which cause them to give up their viewpoints and motives to follow the right path. This overlaps with realization when the character learns about the truth about their descent.

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