This is where the rest of our heroes encounter Changlings and they all escape from the T-1000 in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[we now return to the condo]

Twilight: Are you guys sure you don't know where Nyx went?

Yuna: Positive.

Button Mash: All we know is she went a different way than we did.

Shining Armor: Nyx's a smart filly Twily, I'm sure she can find her way back to the condo.

Twilight: I know, but I can't help being worried for her.

Cadance: Well, sometimes I worried about Skyla in these things too. I know just how you feel.

Twilight: That's true, but this is my foal.

Brian: Not to worry, Twi. Nyx is sure to turn up soon.

[we see the T-1000 in the condo]

[We see the Terminator and Nyx on the motorcycle heading toward the condo]

Nyx: Come on, come on. Hurry!

[back at the condo]

T-1000: [walks up to the main desk] Hi, do you have a "Twilight Sparkle" here?

Deskman: Yes, she's out on the seaside with her family. Hang on, I'll buzz ya an esscort.

[then some of the bellboys and guards come in]

Deskman: Oh, here it comes now.

[but when he looks the T-1000 isn't there.]

Deskman: That's strange, where did he go?

[one of the guards knocks on the door]

Deskman: [opens the door]

[outside our heroes are starting to head back to the condo]

Twilight: I sure hope Nyx is alright.

[back inside the condo, the bellboys head back to their jobs as one of the guards goes to grab a coffee]

Guard: Hey, Termin. You want some coffee?

Termin: Yeah, sure. How bout a super milkshake?

Guard: yeah right. [inserts some coins]

T-1000: [gets off the floor and takes the form of the guard]

Guard: [takes his coffe and looks at the cup] Hey, I got a full house.

Termin: That's good.

Guard: Must be my lucky day. [he turns around and is surprised to see an exact copy of himself]

T-1000: [puts his hand and then forms his finger into a small spear and he stabs the guard] [then he takes out the spear and the guad drops to ground, dead. He then takes the guard into a closet. Then he takes the guard's Browning Hi-Power pistol and cocks it]

[our heroes are now heading back to their room]

T-1000: [is walking down the halls searching for any of our heroes]

[Our heroes then get into the elevator]

[outside, the Terminator and Nyx pull up]

Terminator: Why do we stop now?

Nyx: Now you got to promise me, you won't kill anyone, right?

Terminator: Right.

Nyx: You swear?

Terminator: What?

Nyx: Just put up your hand and say: "I swear I won't kill anyone, unless I'm told."

Terminator: [does so] I swear I will not kill anyone, unless I'm told.

Nyx: Good, let's go.

[The Terminator then drives the motorcylce into the parking garage]

[our heroes reach their floor and head down the hallway]

[the T-1000 is on the same floor but somewhere else, and he returns to his normal form]

Twilight: I hope Nyx gets back, it's getting late.

[but then when they came into the lounge room, who should they meet but]

Captain Thorn: Hello, my friends. Remember us?

Spongebob: [as Alan Grant] Run.

[our heroes start to run back down the hallway]

Captain Thorn: Get em'!

[the Changlings give chase]

[Then T-1000 soon comes to the room and he pulls out the pistol]

Shining Armor: Hurry! We've got to get to the elevator!

[as they race through the halls, the Ghost Crew happen to be walking through another ahllway when they notice the team being chased by Changlings]

Kana Jarrus: Come on, let's cut them off! (they race down a different hallway)

[they race through the doors and but Mike closes the doors]

Sully: Come on!

Steam Driller: That won't help much, they'lll easily get through!

Mako: Wait, I got it!

[the Changlings then hit the door as Thorn works to open it]

Mako: [stops in his track and takes out something]

Human Applejack: What in tarnation is that thang'?

Mako: Instant prison wall. [he then sets up a huge prison wall thing inbetween them and the door] That should hold them!

[The Changlings race toward them but slam into the prison wall]

Captain Thorn: What the?

Eddy: So long, suckers!

[they race for the elevator]

Captain Thorn: Come on, let's go around!

[They do so]

[our heroes then reach the elevator to come up]

Edd: It better hurry!

[the second elevator then arrives]

Minka Mark: Yes, we're free!

[but then the Terminator emerges from the elevator, shotgun in hand]

[our heroes then stop in their tracks]

Twilight: No, NOOO!

[they take off running the other way]

Nyx: [emerges from the elevator] Mom, wait! Mom!

[The Terminator and Nyx follow them]

[but then the Changelings arrived]

Ed: AH! We're bein' taken by mutants!

Edd: HELP!

Nyx: Changlings! [to the Terminator] Kill those Changlings!

Terminator: Wait here.

Twilight: Get off!

[the Terminator then comes up and grabs one of the changlings and throws him into a window]

Changling: AAH!!

Terminator: [throws another one through door window]

Changling #2: [tries to hit the Terminator but is hit in the stomach with the shotgun, then thrown into the wall]

Terminator: [grabs another changling and throws him into the oppsite wall]

Changling #3: [hits the Terminator]

Terminator: [sends the changling flying back. Takes off the shades and drops them]

Twilight: [looks at the Terminator]

Russel Ferguson: Did that Terminator just save us from those changlings?

Nyx: Mom, are you okay? Mom!

Twilight: Nyx!

Terminator: Come with me, if you wanna live.

Nyx: It's okay, he's to help.

Applejack: Well, seein' how he done saved our necks from them' Changlings, Ah'm willin' ta' trust him.

[Then more Changlings race in]

Willy: Are you kidding!?

[but then Hiatt's engines and Jake appear]

Puffer: Get them! [fires his gatling gun]

Mighty Joe: [fires his vulcan]

Dolphy: [fires his rifle and shotgun]

Rachel: [fires]

Knocout: [fires]

Rattlesnake Jake: Rah! [fires]

Changelings: [squeal as they're hit and killed] 

Daylight: Yeah, get em' bro!

Jenny: [fires her Heckler & Koch HK G36C assault rifle]

[Then gun blasts]

Jenny: What the?

[We see Dile holding a Winchester 1887 lever-action, sawn-off Shotgun]

Dile: Get down, guys!

[They did]

Dile: Eat this... bugs! [fires]

[then Morley and Blitzer race in with the boxcar (that has Tronie)]

Tronie: [inside boxcar] Let me out! Let me out!

Morley: Meet Ol' Painless! [fires Ol' Painless]

Blitzer: Let's fix em' Lil' Blaster! [fires Lil' Blaster]

Duncan: Morley, Blitzer!

[but then more Changlings come in when all of sudden Zeb jumps out from a different hallway and tramples them]

Zeb: (as he punches them) I... REALLY.... HATE.... CHANGLINGS!!!

[Zeb grabs another and then throws it into the next troop causing them all to topple on top of each other, just as Chopper then zaps them as Kanan and Ezra ignite their sabers and kill them all before Sabine Wren shoots down some flying ones. As Hera then kicks another one down. As one changling reaches for his blaster rifle only to be hit with a blaster bolt from Zeb's Bo-Rifle]

Captain Thorn: (reaches for his pistol)

Sabine Wren: {points her blasters at him] Don't even think about it!

Brian: Thanks guys.


[Then we see the T-1000]

Ezra Bridger: Oh good, a Police officer!

Captain Thorn: [looks over]

Penny Ling: Wait a minute, Doesn't that guy look familiar?

T-1000: [morphs through the bars. His pistol gets stuck but he gets it loose]

Captain Thorn: (his jaw drops on the ground)

Zeb: What the?! Did that policeman just morph through those bars?!


Kanan Jarrus: A What?

Terminator: Go. [fires his shotgun at the T-1000]

Eddy: Quick, the elevator!

[The Terminator fires 3 more shots before joining our heroes]

T-1000: [chases them, firing his pistol, and steps on the shades]

Terminator: [runs into the elevator]

T-1000: [decards the pistol and then forms his arms into a pry bar and drives it in between the doors]

Rabbit: AAH!

[the T-1000 pries open the doors but then the Terminator blasts his face with his shotgun, spitting it in 2]

[The door closes]

Hera Syndulla: What is it? What is that thing?!

T-1000: [morphs his head back, opens the door and jumps down]


Quarmire: What was that?

[the T-1000 then stabs through the roof]

Human Fluttershy: AAAH!!

Ezra Bridger: WHOA!!

Terminator: [fires at the roof] Get down.

[some of the shotgunners take out their shotguns]

[everyone is looking all around then a sword stabs through at the left side]

Skyla: GAAH!!!

Terminator: [fires]

Applejack: [fires]

[the a sword comes in from the other side]

Sheema: Sac' Labure!

Shining Armor: [fires]

Terminator: [fires]

Zeb: (fires his Bo-Rifle) Karabast! This thing's insane!

Anna: [grabs the Terminator's pistol, cocks it and fires at the roof]

Terminator: [reloads his shotgun]

Nick Wilde: (fires his revolver at the roof)

T-1000: [stabs the roof, and his sword slashes Anna's right shoulder]

Anna: AAH!!

Elsa: ANNA!!

Cadance: [fires]

Kanan Jarrus: (fires his blaster at the roof)

Luna: [fires]

[Nyx then hands Anna a fresh clip and she reloads the pistol and continues to fire at the roof]

[The elevator reaches the parking garage and they all run out]

Ezra Bridger: We need to get out of here, fast!

Silverstream: With what?! That aren't any cars here!

Sandbar: A car wouldn't be able to fit all of us!

Peter: There's a bus over there!

Princess Celestia: [as Dola] Make a run for it!

Dolphy: [uses his dagger to pry open the doors. gets in]

Eddy: (races in and jumps into a seat) Get in! Get in!

[They get in]

T-1000: [forms a large blob and "pours" itself into the lift's interior, reforming into a humanoid form]

Rainbow: GO!

Termiantor: [takes off in full reverse]

T-1000: [gives chase]

Sabine Wren: (fires her blasters at the T-1000) Kriff, this guy's a fast runner!

Anna: [fires the pistol at the T-1000 but runs out of ammo] I'm out.

Terminator: [fires his shotgun]

Hera Syndulla: (fires her blaster at the T-1000) Man, and I thought Stormtroopers and Droids were tough to fight, but this guy beats them to a "T"!

Nyx: [hands Anna another fresh clip and she reloads it]

Terminator: Reload. [hands the shotgun to Peter]

Peter: [reloads the shotgun]

Cadance: [Fires her shotgun]

Twilight: Faster! Faster!

Cadance: [reloads her shotgun]

Applejack: [fires her coachgun]

Human Applejack: [fires her coachgun]

Shining Armor: [fires his SPAS-12]

Anna: [empties the pistol]

Nyx: [hands her another clip]

Anna: [reloads and continues to draw fire]

SponegBob: [fires his rifle]

Human Fluttershy: [fires her shotgun]

Quagmire: Shoot him! [fires his MP5]

Erza Bridger: Why isn't he being effected?!

Mucker: Because he's a mimetic poly-aloy!

Zeb: A what?

Mucker: Liquid metal.

Zeb: Huh?

Mucker: We'll explain later.

Cleveland: [as Joshua Joyce] It's coming! It's coming! Its coming closer!

Terminator: Hang on!

[the Termiantor drives out of the garage and then turns around. But the T-1000 grabs on the back of the bus]

Peter: Here. [gives the shotgun back to the Terminator]

T-1000: [smashes the rear window with its sword hook trying to slash Nyx]

Nyx: AAH! [avoids most of the swings]

T-1000: [tries to hit Nyx]

Elsa: NYX!!! [grabs Nyx by her tail and pulls away from the T-1000's swings]

Terminator: [fires his shotgun] Here, drive!

Human Pinkie: [grabs the wheel]

[The T-1000 pulls himself back on]

Mighty Joe: Here, let me help you!

Terminator: [shoots one of the T-1000's hook swords]

Mighty Joe: [fires his Vulcan and knocks the T-1000 off the bus]

T-1000: [gets back up and runs after them]

[but soon they overtake the T-1000]

Terminator: [goes back to driving]

Ezra Bridger: (notices the still stuck hook) Hook! Hook! Hook!

Human Rarity: (shrieks) [throws the severed piece of hook sword off] 

T-1000: [walks up, then the peice morphs back onto him. He turns around and walks away]