Mcbrusque 1
CChief Mc Brusque is the secondary antagonist in the direct-to-video animated movie An American Tail 3: Treasure of Manhattan Island. He is chief of New York Police Department.


In the movie Mc Brusque is chief of police, he is tall and fat mouse, and the tallest and fatest of all police mice. He is usually acompanied by other police mice, who are smaller and less fater than him (they size and weight varies).

Mc Brusqe works for three factory owners, who pays him bride to keep other mice under control. In one ocassion, when mice were on strike, Mc Brusque and one of his men beaten up one small glass wearnig mice, that starte strike (the sceen of brutality was censored by shadow play).

When factory owners disocvered Cholena the Indian girl, they started angry mob. Mc Brusque and his men helped angry mob get their revenge on Doctor Detrih, and factroy owners sentenced poor Doctor to death, that police tried to cary out, but Papa Maukewitz stoped them.

Mc Brusqe and his men than got asighnment to go to underground Indian village, and kill all Indian mice, and take their treasure. Luckily Fivel helped Indians to fight off police. All police mice escaped except Mc Brusqe and Scuttlebutt (he is not a policeoficer). They attacked Fivel and his friends, but in Fight Mc Brusqe and Scutllebut activated bomb that flooded underground passage, and they both died in flood.


  • Mc Brusque represents corrupt police officers from the end of XIX century in USA, that were responsible for causing problems to workers of that time.
  • Cheif McBrusque becomes Ed, Edd, n Eddy's enemy in