Here's how Chris notices that Tino's dead in Tino's Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

[Cut to Chris to find the others]

Chris: Man, I wonder if the other are okay.


Tino: CHRIS!!! LOOK OUT!!!

[Tino takes Chris out of the way from the bullets]

Tino: Chris! Are you alright?

[flashback ends]

Chris: I got to find the others fast!

[with the others around Tino's dead body, after his death]

Knuckles: This can't be possible, it just can't!

Carver: Well, it did!

Scooby: I can't believe Tino's dead.

Shido: I'd missed him already.

Mana: Me too, but we need to stop Lockdown.

Lor: She's right. Oh, we better not tell Chris what happened? Agreed?

Star: Agreed.

Arnold: Good.

[they heard a gun drop, and they looked and they see Chris, who heard what happened]

Chris: Tino is not dead.

Sonic: Chris!

Shaggy: You've been listening?

Chris: Yes I have. I heard it all. And I don't care what you guys said, it's good that Tino's here.

Carver: Chris. What the heck are you saying?!

Chris: Tino. Tino always helps people when ever they're in trouble. He saved USA even its attacked by the Decepticons, don't you remember? This whole planet would have been wrecked if Tino hasn't came to the rescue! TINO IS NOT DEAD!! If he dies, YOU'LL BE SORRY!!

Fred: I'm sorry Chris we're in danger. It's not Tino's fault, we have to keep fighting. Even with or without Tino.


Tohka: Are you sure?

Chris: Lockdown must be behind all this! He's fooling everyone to think Tino's dead!

Shido: Chris might be right, it's probably one of Lockdown's tricks.

Carver: We can't wish away the situation Chris. I know is hard to hear but we have to keep fighting. We must stop Lockdown and the KSI robots. There's no other choice.


[Chris runs off]

Noby: Chris, wait!

[Chris continues to run]

Hound: What's up with him?

Drift: I never saw him this upset.

Carver: I know how he feels. [while Chris is running] I'm upset about this to.

Cosmo: If Lockdown find Optimus Prime he'll...

Carver: He'll kill him. That's why we have to stop quick!

Tohka; Right! And I shall avenge Tino's death even I have to kill each of the KSI robots!

Carver: Tohka, violence its not the answer to how to do things for Tino. We have to keep fighting.

Tails: But what about Chris?

Mana: We can't keep fighting without him.

Cross-Hairs: Let him go. He just sad that Tino's dead, that's all.

Lor: I suppose you're right.