Connor Lacey goes to Ever After High: Spring Unsprung (full movie) is a 2nd YIFM/Ever After High crossover made by Connor Lacey.


During the Spring festival, Connor Lacey and Pals have noticed a strange magic coming from the Well of Wonder and when the


It's springtime at Ever After High and using her map book, Lizzie Hearts visits the Well of Wonder as inspiration for her fashion designs. Following the path of the well, Alistair Wonderland and Bunny Blanc are in the said place, captured by the Queen of Hearts (EAH) due to wandering in her grounds. At Ever After High, the students decorate for Spring Fairest. Like usual, Kitty Cheshire pulls pranks and she sends them to her mother, the Cheshire Cat (Ever After High). Her mother describes her pranks to be preschool, boring and slapstick as she's expecting more from her daughter, leaving Kitty unsatisfied. In Wonderland, Alistair and Bunny sit by the lakeside. The reason why the Queen of Hearts is acting like this is her fear of Wonderland being consumed by a curse cast by the Evil Queen.

The two come across the Storybook of Legends which flowed downstream. Shocked by it's presence in Wonderland, Alistair and Bunny are determined to bring it back, due to theories Ever After is lacking the real book. Since the curse is about to hit Wonderland, the Grimm Brothers sentenced the Evil Queen to Mirror Prison and cut off all the links between Wonderland and Ever After, except for the Well of Wonder