This is the script for DC Super Hero Girls' Adventures of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

Royal Sparkle: [voice] We are born of two universes.

Ultron Sigma: [voice] Each of them, imperfect, each afflicted with a sickness of organic life.

Royal Sparkle: [voice] From thier ruins, a new universe shall be forged, in the fire of the stones of reality and space.

Ultron Sigma: [voice] All life remade in our image, in steel, free from the sins of the flesh. We are Ultron Sigma.

Royal Sparkle: [voice] And we are Royal Sparkle.

Both: [voice] We are your gods.

[Then, at Xgard, the Supers fight the robots while the caption appears; Xgard, 88 days since the Convergence]

Captain America: X.

[Then, Evil Ryan swings his Lightsabers at the robots]

Evil Ryan: These robots just don't know when to quit!

Evil Anna: You said it. [uses her magic to freeze a drone] Ice to meet ya.

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): Evil Anna passes it onto Harley and it's Harley for the win! [Smashed the robot to bits]

Bumblebee (DCSHG): Yeah, honey!

Marshmellow: Yay! I love helping you fight Ultron Sigma!

Sci-Ryan: Look! There is Strider with Coco.

Strider: Captain America, our teams are in position. The enemy forces are massing at the palace gates.

Captain America: Perfect, then let's not keep them waiting. Heroes, move out! I'll lend you my shield anytime!

Supergirl: Yes, sir!

Mega Man X: With us together, this'll be a big one.

Batgirl: It will, X.

[To Chun-Li and Captain Marvel with Emmet and Poison Ivy (DCSHG)]

Emmet: We hope Dante and his buds find and free Thanos, because we need him to tell us how to defeat Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle.

Poison Ivy (DCSHG): I hope too, Emmet.

[Then, Emmet have his jackhammer out and breaks the drone into two]

Captain Marvel: Nice job, Emmet. Chun-Li.

Chun-Li: Captain Marvel. Shall we?

[They fight the robots]

Emmet: These robots don't stand a chance.

[A small group of robots are coming at the four heroes. Captain Marvel and Chun-Li use their powers to blast them then, before two robots attack Emmet and Poison Ivy, two aruas of magic destroyed them and Emmet sees that Doctor Strange did it]

Emmet: Doctor Strange!

[Doctor Strange gives a kind gesture. To Ultron Sigma and the villains]

Royal Sparkle: Heroes of both dimensions.

Ultron Sigma: Welcome to ours.

Eclipso: Looks like the Supers are here.

Ultron Sigma: The Prince of Asgard has come home.

Royal Sparkle: And he have friends for us to play with. [rises her hand] Go. Show them what we've made of you.

Ultron Sigma: The heroes will be no match for us, Royal Sparkle.

[Back to the heroes]

[Supergirl, Thor, Arthur and Matau are dealing with some robots]

Matau T. Monkey: Hey! You think Thor and Sir Arthur are here?

Supergirl: I think, they are.

Thor: Vengence... For Asgard!

Matau T. Monkey: Thunder!

[Matau sends lightning at Arthur's lance and he defeats one of the robots]

Thor: Sir Arthur. Not bad, for one so small.

Arthur: And you, Thor, are indeed mighty... for a heathen prince of lightning.

Matau T. Monkey: What's that over there?

Arthur: Fresh fodder!

Thor: No. Stay your lance! My people... what has become of them?

Jessica Cruz: Maybe they are taking a nap.

Iron Man: She's right, Thor. They'll be fine... eventually.

Thor: Stark. Spencer. Oggy.

Iron Man: Nice weapon, Lance-a-little. Conpesating for something?

Arthur: Only your foolishness, Iron Man.

Matau T. Monkey: [chuckles] I think you like him already, Thor.

Thor: I agree with you on that, Matau.

[To Dante and a few of his buds]

Dante: 7-6, 8-6, 9-6! Come on, Hawkeye!

Bertram T. Monkey: I think this is embarrassing, Dante.

Dante: Well, Bertram. I guess you are right about it.

Hawkeye: Let's call it a tie.

Rocket Raccoon: Yo, Dante! Outta ammo. Can the ladies come out to play?

Dante: For you, Rocket, anything. [gives his guns to Rocket] Be good.

Rocket Raccoon: Ebony, Ivory... Care to dance?

[Rocket Raccoon fires the guns at the Ultron drones]

[Meanwhile, to Sci-Ryan and Poison Ivy]

Sci-Ryan: Say, Poison Ivy. You think when we rescue Thanos, we could take him to Avengers Tower in New Metro City.

Poison Ivy (DCSHG): I hope so too, Poison Sci-Ryan.

[To Chris]

Chris: Darn! These things are like rats!

Thor: Have care, Commander Redfield. These were once my people. Even now they fight well.

Oggy the Cat: Don't worry, Thor. We will find a way to change them back.

Mega Man X: This is my home too, Thor. Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle are going to pay for what they done.

Pear: I hope so too, X.

Thor: Courage, my friend. I swear I'll free you from Ultron Sigma's and Royal Sparkle's grasps... or die trying.

Matau T. Monkey: And we will, my friend.

[To Captain America and his friends]

Captain America: Where's Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange: Captain.

Captain America: Doctor, can you and Ryan get us in?

Ryan F-Freeman: We can try. But, the Convergence left this world's magic weak. We can breach the prison walls from here.

Captain America: Good. Comander Redfield! Chris, you ready?

Batgirl: I guess, I take that as a yes.

Chris: The prisoner and his monkey pal better have some answers.

Meg Griffin: They will. They have to.

Captain America: Or it is the end.

[Ryan and Strange opens a portal and leads a few friends through the portal]

Matau T. Monkey: Master Ryan? Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange: Do you feel it? The pyschic maelstrom of torment and dispair?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. I feel them.

Rocket Raccoon: Well, it stinks.

Bertram T. Monkey: Every prison is the same to me.

Rocket Raccoon: Done a lot of hard time, huh, Carmelita?

Carmelita Fox: I toss guys like you away. Besides, Matau loves me and not some raccon from my world.

Matau T. Monkey: She's right.

Xguardian: Halt!

[Chris and Strider arrived]

Chris: We can't let them sound the alarm!

Matau T. Monkey: Let's take them down!

Rocket Raccoon: So much for the secret mission.

Carmelita Fox: Right. These guys need to be put to sleep.

[They fight the guards and defeated them]

[They come to the cell where Thanos and Bertram (Bad clone) are in]

Chris: This is it.

Rocket Raccoon: Oh no. Uh-uh. Bad Idea.

Chun-Li: Rocket? What is it?

Rocket Raccoon: Seriously? You know who these two are? Ryan, back me up with this..

Carmelita Fox: Commander Redfield?

Chris: We've got a job to do. We're not leaving without them.

[Back to Cap and pals]

Spencer: We can't hold off these guys forever...

Captain America: Redfield knows what he's doing.

Cody Moone: They're a small team, guys. They'll get the job done.

Hawkeye: Cap, this is Hawkeye. We're out of time. They're coming.

Captain America: You see Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle?

Hawkeye: I've got a clear shot.

Captain America: Take it. All teams, engage! Go! Go! Go!

[Our heroes try to fight Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle but, they easy outsmart them]

Xgaurdian: Taste my blade!

Metabee: Plus my and Vision's powers of combination!

[Ultron Sigma infects the two Xguardians with the Sigma Virus and Royal Sparkle absorbs Vision's and Metabee's powers of the Enigma of Combination leaving them weak]

Royal Sparkle: Metabee, we see that you have gave your combination powers to us.

Metabee: [weakly] Our combination powers.. are gone.. Auriana will get you for this, Royal Sparkle.

Vision (Avengers Asemble (2013): [weakly] Auriana saved me and Metabee before and she will... do so again.

Royal Sparkle: Auriana won't save you this time. [summons her Keyblade] The power of the Enigma of Combination is now ours. The Lolirock girl will be no match for our power.

[Royal Sparkle injures Metabee and Vision with her Keyblade]

Oggy the Cat: Vision!

Sunset Shimmer: Metabee!

Thor: No!

Ultron Sigma: You still dare challenge us, Prince of Asgard?

Royal Sparkle: You want to surrender to us, Sunset Shimmer?

Thor: You shall pay for what you've done to my people.

Sunset Shimmer: And what you done to Metabee and Vision, villian!

Oggy the Cat: Pear and Annoying Orange, with me and Sunset!

Thor: Spencer, with me!

[The three get ready to fight]

Thor: I shall remove you and your sister from that throne, villain!

Ultron Sigma: Fools, our will is law. We will destroy you.

Oggy the Cat: Sunset and I will fight you for Metabee, Robot-girl! [pulls out his fly swatter]

Royal Sparkle: You do know, feline. Your fly swatter will be no match for our dark magic.

[They start to fight and then, Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle defeats Thor and his friends]

Ultron Sigma: [laughs] Pitiful. Do you see now how powerless you truly are?

Royal Sparkle: You see how we prove that Metabee and Vision are weak?

[Thor's hammer lands on the ground and Thor was about to reach it when Ultron Sigma puts his foot down while Royal Sparkle stops Oggy and Sunset from getting to Metabee and Vision]

Ultron Sigma: Weep not for your people, Thor. They have achieved perfection and soon, you shall be thier prince once more.

Royal Sparkle: Gravle not for Vision and Metabee, Sunset. They surrender thier combination powers to us.

Sunset Shimmer: It's not gravle, it's grovel.

Royal Sparkle: And when we help you, you will rule Equestria with Oggy as Queen and King.

[Royal Sparkle uses dark magic on Sunset and Oggy while Ultron Sigma try to use the Sigma Virus when a gunshot hits Ultron Sigma and a banana is thrown at Royal Sparkle]

Ultron Sigma: Commander Redfield! Did you have something to add? Some great insight?

Royal Sparkle: And Oswald, you got something to say? Some new story for us?

Chris: You're going down, Ultron Sigma.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: You too, Royal Sparkle!

Ultron Sigma: That's it? Some banal cliche? It's fitting that those would be your final words.

Royal Sparkle: Yes, Oswald. When we are done with Auriana, Metabee and Vision will... disappear.

Captain America: Doctor, get us out of here!

Doctor Strange: With pleasure, Captain.

Metabee: [weakly] Ryan... Go on without us..

Vision (Avengers Assemble (2013): [weakly] We'll be fine, Ryan. Save yourself.

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry. A good solder never leaves a man behind.

[Ryan escorts Vision and Metabee to the portal and the others follow them and the portal closes]

Ultron Sigma: [laughs] Good.

Royal Sparkle: Yes, our brother. Soon. Auriana of Lolirock will surrender to us or be destroyed.

[Meanwhile, at Avengers Tower in New Metro City]

Ryan F-Freeman: Metabee? What happend back at Xgard?

Metabee: [weakly] Royal Sparkle took my and Vision's combination powers and left us weak.

Twilight Sparkle: This is bad.

Ryan Tokisaki: What would Auriana say when she finds out?

Oggy the Cat: Maybe she would be like [mimics Auriana's voice] "Oh, Metabee and Vision. I will make new combiner cores.".

Matau T. Monkey: [chuckling] Good one. If we could revive the Misstress of Flame and Optimus Prime for the Irelanders, Connor Lacey would be so happy.

Bertram T. Monkey: I think the intel is right.

Captain America: Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle has two of the Infinity Stones.

Metabee: [weakley] The stones you are talking about?

Doctor Strange: Six cosmic stones of infinite power..

Crash Bandicoot: And the cause of this thing.

Strider: If they have two, where are the other four?

Matau T. Monkey: I think that is we're going to find out.

Cody Fairbrother: Sunset? You feel okay?

Sunset Shimmer: I'm alright, Cody.

Cody Moone: It will take more then magic more powerful then mine to hypnotise Sunset Shimmer of Canterlot High.

Thor: Save your concerns for the people of Asgard, Cody Moone.

Cody Moone: Okay, Thor. I understand.

Dr. Light: The mask appears to be some kind of neuro-inhibitor, supressing it's captive's psionic abilities. This is no small task. But, Codylight and I are able to generate a containment field that emulates that effect. We are ready to remove thier restraints.

Captain America: Good. Do it.

Bucky Barnes: If they do good, I'll go tell Doctor Strange.

Matau T. Monkey: Wait just a banana picking second. You're seriously planing to get these things off them?

Evil Anna: We need them to talk.

Bertram T. Monkey: Dante and I can make them talk.

Emmet: Do you think these two can lead us to the Infinity Stones?

Ryan F-Freeman: I guess so.

Chun-Li: Ryan and Rocket said they're dangerous.

Rocket Raccoon: Uhh. Aha. No, I said "insanely dangerous".

Metabee: [weakly] Who are Thanos and Bertranos?

Iron Man: Thanos... the Mad Titan... Cosmic-warlord-slash lunatic and Death's boytoy.

Sci-Ryan: Death?

Iron Man: You know, Poison Sci-Ryan. The grim reaper? But, she's a lady or, uh, skeleton lady. It's complicated. Anyway, loverboy here almost destroyed the universe several times trying to impress her.

Matau T. Monkey: And the Bad clone of my twin Bertram is created by Paxtracker and Bad Sofia to be Thanos' apprentice and Evelyn Deavor's boyfriend after his creation.

Batgirl: Evelyn Deavor?

Matau T. Monkey: You know, the Screenslaver? The one who hypnotize people with monitors? You will see her in the next adventure. My friends including Human Rigby, defeated him at the Friendship Games.

Sci-Ryan: That's good, Matau and Iron Man. Very informative.

Chun-Li: And you want them to access to these stones? There must be another way.

Evil Anna: My boyfriend could think of something.

Bucky Barnes: We're out of options and time.

Captain America: Take off the mask.

Ryan F-Freeman: No way, Jose.

Iron Man: Ryan's right. I can't let you do it, Cap.

[The fight begins]

Sci-Ryan: I think there is a fight coming on.

Captain America: I'm ready for any fight.

Iron Man: Hope you're paid up on your health insurance.

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope you know combat skills.

Bucky Barnes: Don't worry, Ryan. I know how to fight.

Evil Anna: Okay. So, Iron Man got Chun-Li, who did Ryan have?

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): Me, Harley Quinn!

Sci-Ryan: So. Who is with Winter Soldier?

Metabee: [weakly] I would have that one to be with Bucky is the perfect one, one of my friends.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Me and Harley are a good pair of funny heroes. [pulls out his Ryanley Quinn hammer]

[Bucky charges but, Ryan smacks him with his hammer]

Ryan F-Freeman: [mimics Harley Quinn] Who else wants to play?

Bucky Barnes: You silly clown. Have at you!

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): Wanna bet?

Sci-Ryan: [looking at a book] Oh, I guess me and Evil Anna would think of a plan to defeat Royal Sparkle and Ultron Sigma, Pam.

Poison Ivy (DCSHG): I guess you could say that.

[Then, just about they continue fighting...]

Thor: Enough!

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): Huh?

Thor: I understand you hesitate. We have all lost something. Friends, family, a home. But, with the power of the Infinity Stones, we can defeat Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle. Undo the horrors that they have wrought. Asgard might rise once more. The dead might live again.

Evil Ryan: Yeah. It could be great.

Oggy the Cat: Thanos and Bertranos alone can lead us to the Infinity Stones. They are bond to them. It is the only way.

Matau T. Monkey: Well. I agree with Rocket and it's a bad idea.

Cody Fairbrother: If That goes south. If your stone detector rebels..

Nethen Spencer: It's on you.

Evil Anna: Doctor Strange. You and Ryan can remove the Masks.

Ryan F-Freeman: Spell time. Here we go.

Ryan and Strange: By the Vapors of Valtor, which do all things concealed.

[The masks comes off]

Thanos: You have doomed yourselves.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): The imminent danger comes not from me or Thanos. But from one of your own.

[Then, alarm sounds and Oggy grunts as the dark magic take over him]

Sunset Shimmer: [screams in pain]

Chris: What the heck’s happening?

Cody Moone: Sunset! Are you okay?

Sunset Shimmer: I don't feel too good! [grunts]

Matau T. Monkey: Oggy and Sunset are effected by dark magic of Royal Sparkle!

Rianna Tokisaki: And Thor has been infected with the Sigma Virus!

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Careful, Enchanter! There is a good chance they are alive in there! Take them down easy!

Cody Moone: Right.

[Hawkeye And Arthur arrives to help Cody Moone]

Hawkeye: "Easy"?! You gotta be kidding me!

Arthur: Forgive me, my friend. But, this must be done.

Cody Fairbrother: Sunset, I am sorry for what I'm about to do. Plus, it's going to hurt me more then it's going to hurt you.

Sunset Shimmer: [laughs like Royal Sparkle]

Oggy the Cat: [under the control of Royal Sparkle] You think you can face us?

Ultron Sigma: Tiresome creatures. Why do you resist?

Arthur: Ultron Sigma...

Cody Moone: And Royal Sparkle!

Ultron Sigma: In the flesh, as it were.

Royal Sparkle: Though, not our own. We have dreams. Linda Ryan and her Foot Empire ruling the 16 Realms with the Irelanders defeated by their hand with Connor's mom Mai Lacey behind bars.

Ultron Sigma: And our 2 diseased realities, united to form a single perfect universe, with all biological life remade in our image.

Royal Sparkle: Yet, still. Here you are.

Evil Anna: You do find that we are stubborn like Mr. Stubborn.

Sci-Ryan: My girlfriend's right. What is it you're selling, Ultron Sigma, I'm not buying.

Ultron Sigma: Yes. But, you'll change. As your companion Thor has along with a few of your Super Hero High friends. They are a part of us now. Purified. Immaculate.

Cody Fairbrother: No. You do realise that I won't let my past be today.

Royal Sparkle: We know. But, you will. Like Oggy and your friend Sunset Shimmer have. They are now under our control. Sunset is now our princess and you will be loyal to us.

Ultron Sigma: The Sigma Virus and our sister's dark magic will effect you all in time. Accept our gifts.

Royal Sparkle: And surrender Auriana to us.

Royal Sparkle and Ultron Sigma: Or be destroyed.

Bertram T. Monkey: They're trying to go to Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle!

Captain Marvel: Stop them!

[Then, Thor and the infected heroes dissapear]

Royal Sparkle and Ultron Sigma: [laughs]

Ryan F-Freeman: Sunset...

Matau T. Monkey: Don't worry, Master Ryan. We'll get them back. Somehow.

Chris: Cap, Quinjet One is back.

Captain America: What now?

[The ship arrives at the Docking platform and Nova and Gamora comes out with Iris and her two friends]

Batgirl: It's Nova!

Emmet: With Gamora with the three girls of Lolirock.

Auriana: Hey, guys.

Evil Anna: Hi, Iris. I haven't seen you since the Convergence.

Iris (Lolirock): Yeah. What's new from Xgard?

Evil Ryan: You won't get sad when tell you this. Auriana. Metabee and Vision got thier combiner powers drained by Royal Sparkle.

Auriana: What?!

Emmet: You guys seen anything on Knowmoon?

Nova: Trouble.

Gamora: Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle has formed an alliance with Knowmoon's imperator, Grandmaster Maio. They're massing an army against us. Thier numbers grow each day.

Bertram T. Monkey: Hey, Gamora. How is Rocket's favourite killer?

Gamora: Bertram.

Nova: There's more. Maio is testing some kind of biological weapon. A gas.

Iris (Lolirock): And Maio gave Royal Sparkle some devices to bring two people to life. One is a blue mutant and the other, Dark Nighlock.

Chris: The Sigma Virus.

Sci-Ryan: Apocalypse. The one Ryan killed.

Captain Marvel: Gamora. There's something you should know. We have Thanos and his apprentice, Bertranos.

Gamora: Thanos? Bertranos? You brought them here?

Batgirl: If we are going to stop Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle, we need the Infinity Stones.

Gamora: They won't help you. Even if they get the stones, they will show us no mercy.

Evil Anna: Hey. Thanos raised you as his own. You can convince him.

[She escorts Gamora to Thanos]

Thanos: Daughter. Have you come to be for my help?

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Hey. You think you help me too?

Gamora: You would let Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle have thier way? Soon, there will be nothing left to slay for your misstress Death. You and your apprentice have no choice. Help us.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Heh. Release us...

Thanos: ...and we will give you what you want.

Rianna Tokisaki: No deal, big boys!

Matau T. Monkey: You know. If trust is a two-way street, right about now, you two are lying in a ditch on the side of the road.

Meg Griffin: You trust me and Ryan. Please. Help us find the Infinity Stones.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Okay.

Thanos: My apprentice and I will guide you to them.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): There are six stones.

Thanos: Each granting its bearer dominion over some facet of exsistance.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle has two, of reality and space.

Thanos: Those of time...

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): ...of the soul...

Thanos: ...of power...

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): ...and of the mind are still to be found.

Thanos: Assemble your teams. There is much to be done.

Ryan F-Freeman: Okay. Meg and I will take Matau, Carmileta, Sci-Ryan and Poison Ivy with us to find the Soul Stone.

Supergirl: Right. This will be a new mission. Harley and I will have some friends to find the Time Stone.

Evil Ryan: Okay. And my bandmates and I will have some of our friends to team up with Captain Marvel and her buds and go on a quest to find the Power Stone.

Rianna Tokisaki: Some of our friends and Chris will follow me to find the Mind Stone.

Metabee: [weakly] You Guys would be back once you found them.

Vision (Avengers Assemble (2013): [weakly] Good luck, guys.

Codylight Sparkle: They're gonna need it and I will restore you and Metabee back to health, Vision.

Auriana: Thanks, Codylight. I know you can do that.

[Meanwhile, to the villains]

Eclypso: These heroes are going to find four of the stones.

Royal Sparkle: Yes, Eclipso. We and our brother will send some drones after them.

Ultron Sigma: Yes. Our sister. We like your thinking. [to the Ultron drones] Follow them. They will lead us to the stones.

Royal Sparkle: Soon, the Infinite Six and Auriana will be ours. And Dark Nighlock will have his revenge of the CPA Shadowbolt. [chuckles]

[Meanwhile, we see Valkanda with a caption that reads "Valkanda. Beyond time."]

Thanos: [voice] The Time Stone has concealed itself inside a barrier. Beyond time.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): [voice] In a place Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle knows nothing of and cannot reach.

[To Ryan Tokisaki. He looks around in Valkanda]

Ryan Tokisaki: Greetings, your Highness.

Black Panther: Ryan Tokisaki. Nice to see you here in Valkanda along with some of your friends.

Supergirl: Thanks for that.

Ryan Tokisaki: I think Ryu is on a reserch mission to check out some strange anomalies of the Convergence. The plane crash here, one of the people survive. A sciantist.

Black Panther: And where is this... scientist?

Beast Boy: He's here, yo.

[Hulk shows up and roars]

Black Panther: Banner.

[Ryu shows up]

Ryu: Hulk, remember what I told you. You must control your rage.

Black Panther: We have visitors.

[The Quinnjet lands and Captain America and his friends arrive]

Captain America: It's good to see you, old friend.

Black Panther: You and your friends seek the Stone of Time.

Chun-Li: Straight to the point.

Supergirl: Will you do it?

Black Panther: Then you have a wasted journey. I will not give up that which to protect my kingdom.

Batgirl: Will not?

Ryan Tokisaki: Can you not see what is happening right now? We are at war. Asgard has fallen!

Black Panther: Without the stone's power, Valkanda will also fall. I'm Sorry, my friend. My duty is to this kingdom and my people. The time barrier must hold.

Supergirl: You lock your people behind this barrier for the rest of eternity?

Captain America: This is not a kingdom. It's a prison.

Ryan Tokisaki: Hey. Let's not anger the king here. We could show him respect.

Monster Hunter: I can't beleave I'm saying this, but I'm with Ryan Tokisaki.

[Then, Ultron Drones and Deceptihogs shows up in the sky]

Chun-Li: Ultron Sigma's drones.

Beast Boy: And Royal Sparkle's Deceptihogs!

Ryan Tokisaki: The barrier is breached! We need to keep them contained!

[He fires at some robots then pink smoke appears]

Captain America: The Virus.

Ultron Sigma: This is our gift to your people, T'Challa. Immortality.

[One Deceptihog falls on the ground with eyes glowing like Royal Sparkle]

Royal Sparkle: We got the Crystal of Harmony remained unfound, Lantern. Soon, Linda Ryan shall be Ireland and Sodor's Queen once and for all.

Ryan Tokisaki: Not if we stop you.

[Hulk smashed the drone and Deceptihog under his foot]

Beast Boy: When does the Crystal of Harmony be found?

Ryan Tokisaki: I think it might be... never. Wait. I sense something. [to Monster Hunter] What is it I'm sensing,

Monster Hunter: Something ancient... Yet changed.

[Then, the Elder Dragon appears]

Ryan Tokisaki: The Elder Dragon...

Monster Hunter: It's in a frenzy.

Supergirl: And infected with the Sigma Virus.

Beast Boy: Hulk, Batgirl and I will protect the town, you, Supergirl, Hulk and Ryu will take care of the dragon.

Ryan Tokisaki: Right. [to Hulk] We know what to do, Hulk.

[The Three heroes go fight the Elder Dragon while the others fright the robots]

Hulk: SMASH!!!

Ryan Tokisaki: Hulk!

[Hulk tosses Ryu and Kuryan and they do an uppercut]

Ryan Tokisaki and Ryu: Shin Shoryuken!

[The Horn breaks and Hulk grabs it]

Ryu: Hadoken!

Ryan Tokisaki: For Optimus Prime!

[They defeated the Elder Dragon]

Hulk: Enough control?

[Some Time later]

Black Panther: The infection will spread throughout Valkanda, carried the wind. If I didn't know what kind of man you are, Captain, I would almost think you lead them here.

Ryu: T'Challa. Time has caught on with Valkanda.

Supergirl: The Stone can't protect you any longer. If armed with it, we have a fighting chance to save your people and the worlds.

Ryan Tokiskia: And if we don't save them, I swear to Primus, Chun-Li and I will...

Black Panther: Avenge them?

Chun-Li: No. Find them justice.

Black Panther: You speak wisdom, Chun-Li and Ryan Tokisaki. If a king cannot see when he must change, then he is no fit to lead his people. [gives the Time Stone to Ryan Tokisaki] Here, Ryan Tokisaki. I like to give you this as a token for saving my kingdom.

Ryan Tokisaki: Thanks.

Black Panther: Your welcome. You can go now. Valkanda needs its king.

Ryan Tokisaki: Bye, your highness.

Beast Boy: We got the Time Stone, yo!

Ryan Tokisaki: Sure we did. Booyakasha.

Batgirl: I hope some of our friends have luck finding the other stones.

Supergirl: I hope so too.

[Meanwhile, at A.I.M.BRELLA]

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): [voice] The Mind Stone is concealed not far from here.

Thanos: [voice] In a secret laboratory deep beneath the headqueaters...

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone) and Thanos: [voice]: ...of the A.I.M.BRELLA corporation.

[To Rianna Tokisaki and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, they look around]

Rianna Tokisaki: Okay, Oswald. This is the place.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: I think this place is creepy but, that is where we can find the Mind Stone. Where could Commander Redfield be?

Spider-Man: Along with Wonder Woman and Katana in this place.

Rianna Tokisaki: Spider-Man? What are you doing here?

Spider-Man: I heared about that mission so, I come to help you find the Mind Stone. [to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit] Hey there, Oswald. You think Chris Redfield use some help?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: I think he does, Spider-Man. He really do.

[Oswald then spots and defeats two B.O.W.s. Chris signals the others]

Chris: We're clear.

Katana (DCSHG): Good.

Rianna Tokisaki: Wait. I think we are not alone. I think someone finding me is...

[She pressed a button and a door opens to reveal Frank West]

Rianna Tokisaki: Frank West, everybody.

Frank West: Okay. Okay. You got me.

Chris: What the heck are you doing here?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: This guy is stalking Spider-Man for the past few hours.

Rianna Tokisaki: Tell us why you are here.

Frank West: Alright. Listen. A few weeks ago, I started hearing these wild rumors. Dissapearings. Sightings of monsters. Really weird stuff. So, I started looking into it. Turns out every one of these incidents happens within a 3 mile radius of this facility. Conincidence. I was staking the place out when you and your friends showed up. Look, I'm telling you. This story's big. Maybe the biggest of my career. I covered Wars as well.

Chris: Okay. You can come along but stay out of my way and don’t touch anything.

[They go to a room]

Wonder Woman (DCSHG): My gosh.

Frank West: This is great! [takes photos with his camera] "Frank West, Pulitzer Prize-winner photojournalist". I like the sound of that.

Katana (DCSHG): Those things.

Rianna Tokisaki: Someone's making them into monsters.

Chris: Living weapons. B.O.W.s. And something else.. Something alien. But, what?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Hey. This one is still fresh and it's... [sees Mike Hagger] the mayor.

Frank West: Mike Hagger?

[Mike breaks free from the chamber]

Mike Hagger: You Just kidnapped the wrong mayor, buddy.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Wait! We are here to save you!

[Hagger fights Oswald and then Spider-Man jumps in front of him]

Mike Hagger: Spider-Man? What the heck is going on here?

Spider-Man: Long Story, mister Mayor. Do you remember how you got here?

Mike Hagger: I was in the office at City Hall, doing paperwork...

Rianna Tokisaki: Without a t-shirt? I know you're strong.

Mike Hagger: Next thing I know, I'm here, fighting Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Frank West: And not for the first time.

Mike Hagger: What is this place?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Sush!

Chris: I hear voices.

[They see the three]

Spider-Man: I know this smart guy. It's M.O.D.O.K. A.I.M.BRELLA's freakshow leader.

Rianna Tokisaki: Along with Madame Odius and Nurse Nancy Cortex.

Nurse Nancy Cortex: The Experiment is not mutating as I think.

M.O.D.O.K.: My two friends and I require more time.

Jedah: There is no more time.

Matau Dohma: Maybe your arrogance outpaces your intellect.

M.O.D.O.K.: My intelect is unmatched! You and your master will have your army. Now leave, my two friends and I work.

Nurse Nancy Cortex: He's right.

Jedah: Do not fail us, M.O.D.O.K.

Matau Dohma: Or you would spend some time with Zeebad.

[Matau and his master goes into a portal]

Spider-Man: Uh-oh! Having trouble with your lab friends?

Nurse Nancy Cortex: Intruders!

M.O.D.O.K.: Our children... to war!

[B.O.W.s appear]

Katana (DCSHG): Those your kids? How cute.

[They fight the B.O.W.s and then sees Nemesis with a fusion of Megatronus (PWT) and Undead Ryan F-Freeman (Regime) named "Ryanatronus"]

Chris: No...

Mike Hagger: Friends of yours?

Ryvine Sparkle (Insergency): Is that...?

Nemesis: SSTAAARSS....

Chris: Nemesis.

Ryanatronus: Optimus Prime followers....

Rianna Tokisaki: Ryanatronus.

Nurse Nancy Cortex: [giggles] Nemesis and his buddy wants to play with you.

Nemesis: SSTAAARSS....

Rianna Tokisaki: You and your friend are gonna see more then stars when we are done with ya!

[They fight the two and they are defeated]

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Better luck next time, Mo, Boringstine.

M.O.D.O.K.: It's M.O.D.O.K.!

Spider-Man: Whatever.

Chris: We have come for the Stone.

Madame Odius: Fools. You will never get your hands on the..

[Oswald uses his arm as a boomerang and it grabs the Mind Stone]

Nurse Nancy Cortex: No! Give me back the Mind Stone!

M.O.D.O.K.: No.. NOOOO!!!!!

Katana (DCSHG): Shut it down hurry!

[Frank tries with his bat]

Frank West: I can't! Something's forcing it's way through!

Katana (DCSHG): What is it?

M.O.D.O.K.: [laughs] It's here! Our masterpiece! You'll regret the day you dare cross M.O.D.O.K! [laughs]

Rianna Tokisaki: We need to get out of here! Run!

[Rianna runs with her friends following]

Madame Odius: Nancy! Get after them!

Nurse Nancy Cortex: Right! [gets on her hoverboard and chase after the heroes] Come Back here with the Mind Stone!

[Meanwhile, at the Dark Kingdom]

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): [voice] The Soul Stone lies in another realm. By far the furthest from your reach.

[Ryan and Matau flies with Meg and Carmelita then lands on the ground]

Matau T. Monkey: Okay, Master Ryan. This place is where we can look for the Stone.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think so. My girlfriend and I know that this place might be new.

[Ryan looks around then sees Morrigan]

Morrigan: I see that you and your friends are here.

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa! Easy, Lady. You got me by surprise on that one.

Morrigan: Oh, Ryan. I was only playing.

Ryan F-Freeman: How did you know my name?

Morrigan: I have heard about you, Ryan.

Meg Griffin: Cool. So. I guess we came here to help you.

Matau T. Monkey: My friends and I came to this place to find Ghost Rider with two friends, the Heroes of the month, Poison Ivy and Poison Sci-Ryan.

Morrigan: That's new, Matau.

Carmelita Fox: I know my boyfriend Matau knows me. Maybe you and I can be friends, Morrigan. Like friends such as Connor Lacey and Conaria Lacey. My boyfriend and I do missions together for friendship and justice.

Matau T. Monkey: I could tell. Where is Lenny?

Lenny (Toy Story): Right here, Matau.

[Matau looks around and sees Ghost Rider with Poison Ivy (DCSHG) and Sci-Ryan and Ryan's Autofriut]

Matau T. Monkey: There they are. We could talk to them.

Ryan F-Freeman: Okay, Meg. We hope they can help.

[Meg nods]

Carmelita Fox: Tell me and Morrigan, Sci-Ryan. Is it business that brought you and Ghost Rider here..

Morrigan: Or pleasure?

Sci-Ryan: Vengeance.

Morrigan: Ahh.. A bit of both.

Ghost Rider: A million innocent souls have been stolen from the Earth. Sci-Ryan and his friend teamed up with me to seek vengeance against the one responsible.

Sci-Ryan: What he said.

Morrigan: Then, Sci-Ryan. Look into my eyes. What do you see?

[Sci-Ryan placed his hand on Morrigan's shoulder]

Sci-Ryan: Hmm. You did amazing things with my girlfriend Evil Anna, Succubus girl. But, not this.

Morrigan: I sense such a disire in you, Sci-Ryan. A fire and full of life.

Sci-Ryan: For justice. For friendship and retribution.

Morrigan: Not for me?

[Sci-Ryan shakes Morrigan's hand then just as he is about to go somewhere, he sees a second Morrigan]

2nd Morrigan: Or for me?

Sci-Ryan: Wha? Am I seeing double? Is that some kind of duplication spell or something.

Annoying Orange: Looks like you got a friend in her. [laughs]

Sci-Ryan: I know. I need to rest for a second. [to Ghost Rider] Come on, bud.

Two Morrigans: No? A pity, Ryan. We have so much in common. Our passion. Great powers. But if Sci-Ryan will not give me what I need...

[The second Morrigan dissapears]

Morrigan: I will take it from him.

Sci-Ryan: Ghost Rider and I don't want to hurt you, Morrigan.

Morrigan: Then dance with me, Sci-Ryan. In flame and in fire...

Ryan F-Freeman: Look at Sci-Ryan go. You think he might win?

Poison Ivy (DCSHG): I hope so.

[They are about to continue fighting when..]

Doctor Strange: Enough!

Morrigan: By what power you dare command me, mortal?

Doctor Strange: I need only reason.

Dante: And failing that, Ebony and Ivory here can be very persuasive.

Morrigan: Aww, Dante. Sci-Ryan and I were only playing.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. Maybe me and Morrigan could get along as friends.

Dante: I see how you make friends, Poison Sci-Ryan. [to Ghost Rider] How's it going, Ghost Rider? Haven't seen you since the Convergence.

Ghost Rider: Sci-Ryan and I sensed a great evil moving unseen through the mortal realm that day. Praying on the souls of the innocent and the forgotten. The echoes of thier pain have led us here.

Matau T. Monkey: Spooky.

Ryan F-Freeman: Spooky is right, Matau.

Pear: I think the stakes have never been higher when all life stands on the edge of exctiction.

Ryan F-Freeman: Morrigan. My girlfriend and I are with my friends to find a stone of great power.

Morrigan: Ah, you speak of the Stone of Souls, Ryan. I've seen it in Lord Jedah's possession with his apprentice Matau.

Doctor Strange: The Dark Messiah and the Techno-monkey has the Soul Stone?

Grapefruit: The two got the Soul Stone? That is a bad and wierd combination.

Morrigan: I can help you find him. He and I are.. close. [to Ghost Rider] Aww, don't be jealous.

Matau T. Monkey: We would be most honnored for you to help us, Ms. Morrigan.

Midget Apple: Umm. Does anyone seen Sir Arthur in this place?

Arthur: Here.

Sci-Ryan: There you are. I guess he is cool.

Morrigan: Come with me.

Sci-Ryan: Morrigan? Mind if I fly with you?

Morrigan: Sure, Sci-Ryan.

[They set off to find the Soul Stone]

Arthur: Stay begins us, my lady Morrigan.

Morrigan: Aww, don't worry about me, Arthur. My friend Sci-Ryan will help me take care of myself. Not all women are princesses in need of rescuing.

Sci-Ryan: She's right.

Arthur: Tell that to the princess.

[They arrive and see a symbiote]

Ghost Rider: The Dark entity...

Poison Ivy (DCSHG): And the Soul Stone.

Morrigan: Jedah!

Matau T. Monkey: Matau!

Jedah: Morrigan!

Matau Dohma: Matau. Look on and marvel at my master's creation.

Doctor Strange: It is an abomination..

Poison Ivy (DCSHG): And a dangerzone to nature!

Matau Dohma: No! That's not it is. It is a weapon. A symbiote.

Jedah: Fed upon a million human souls.

Pear: So many innocent people, sacrificed!

Matau Dohma: And still, not enough to defeat Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle.

Jedah: That could take a million more.

Sci-Ryan: Jedah! Listen to me and Morrigan! You and your apprentice are not yourselves!

Morrigan: The Soul Stone has corrupted you!

Matau Dohma: No, Morrigan and Shadowbolt. It has let me and my master see the truth.

Jedah: What matter a million human souls, a billion, when all souls face extiction?!

Matau Dohma: My master and I will restore Dark Nighlock to his former glory and the balance between life and death for the Galaxy Warriors.

Jedah and Matau Dohma: It is time for the Dark Kingdom to rise!

Grandpa Lemon: Those two crazy pranksters. Me and Dante would put it in a different way.

Ryan F-Freeman: Doctor Strange, Morrigan, Meg and I will handle Jedah and Matau Dohma. You go handle the symbiote.

Doctor Strange: Right.

Doramammu: But first, Sorcerer. You and the Crystal Prep boy must deal with me.

Sci-Ryan and Dr. Strange: Doramammu.

Doramammu: You were a fool to come here, Strange. This place shall be your grave. [to Sci-Ryan] You and the Prime-Prince killed Dark Nighlock and Apocalypse before the nukes got up, Shadowbolt, now you must share thier fate.

Sci-Ryan: You gave up your world to Jedah that easy?

Doctor Strange: The Convergence has left you weakened, Doramammu.

Larxene: Yet, much more powerful then you, Sorcerer Supreme. In fact, after Ryan ended Nur's life and the nukes safe on Earth, he was praised by all, including his three siren friends. And you think if you refuse to be my boyfriend.. [summons her knifes] I will fight you.

Sci-Ryan: Bring it.

Arthur: We meet again, Firebrand. This time, my armor will not fall apart so easily.

[They fight the three villains and the two disappears]

Larxene: I guess these guys aren't the ones I have. I will be back someday with a new plan. Stay tuned! [disappears in a portal]

Matau Dohma: [laughs] It is beautiful.

Meg Griffin: This monstrocity must be contained!

Doctor Strange: By the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!

[The spell breaks and the symbiote goes into the portal with Matau and Jedah following]

Poison Ivy (DCSHG): We're too late!

Matau T. Monkey: What about the Stone?

Ghost Rider: The battle is Lost.

Ryan F-Freeman: You know. Maybe it's time we take our exit out of here.

Doctor Strange: I quite agree, Ryan.

[Meanwhile, at Avengers Tower]

Ultron Sigma: [voice] Thanos and Bertranos are trapped, the tower unguarded.

Royal Sparkle: [voice] It is time for us to finish them.

[Inside the tower, Codylight checks Metabee and Vision]

Arianna: Are they okay?

Codylight Sparkle: They'll be okay. Eventually.

Iris (Lolirock): Why do we need to do this thing?

Dr. Light: The Infinity Stones are too powerful for mortals to wield. A device must be constructed to harness them.

Auriana: Good one, Doc.

Iron Man: Spencer, can you pass me that coupling for me?

Nethan Spencer: Sure. [does so]

Codylight Sparkle: You know. Tony could whip you up a replacement. Maybe it gives a more "Fan of Sci-Ryan, the one who prevented the Apocalypse from happening" vibe.

Nethan Spencer: No thanks, Codylight. I'm good.

Codylight Sparkle: Well, I guess you kinda attached to this, Spencer. I understand.

Hawkeye: Hawkeye to Sparkle.. We got movement, seven kliks out. Multiple targets closing fast. It's Ultron Sigma.

Black Widow: And Royal Sparkle.

Dr. Light: Charging shield. 60 seconds to full power.

[The two fight at the drones and a few made it]

Hawkeye: Got a couple heading your way.

Codylight Sparkle: Come on, Iris. We got some fighting to do.

[They beat the robots and the sheild is up]

Dr. Light: Sheild activated.

Auriana: Wow.

Iron Man: Good job, Barton. Take a break.

Hawkeye: Achknowlaged.

Dr. Light: Shield holding at 80 percent. At this rate, it'll be breached within minutes.

Iris (Lolirock): Good one, Doctor.

Codylight Sparkle: Do any of us have any ideas?

Dr. Light: Shield at 60 percent.

Metabee: [weakly] We can't get help now. We need Thanos and Bertranos, not our combiner powers. We need to set them free.

Iron Man: Uh, what's the word am I searching for... no?

Dr. Light: Shield at 40 percent.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): [chuckling]

Bug Bunny: Ehh, what's so funny, Doc?

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Tony Stark and Dr. Light. Two warmongers fighting for peace yet responsible for so much horror.

Thanos: Are your hands any cleaner then mine and my apprentice's? Your sheild will not save you. Release us.

Dr. Light: Danger, shield at 20...

[Ultron drones appear]

Iron Man: Guys, pizza's here.

[Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle show up]

Ultron Sigma: Thanos! We see you traded one prison for another.

Royal Sparkle: And Bertranos. We know that you are comfy with your roommate. Will you and Thanos not bow before your gods?

Thanos: You two are no gods.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): You two are fools. You wield the greatest power of all creation and yet, your brother wear them like trinkets and used them like a kid.

Auriana: Why am I not surprised?

[Royal Sparkle grabs Auriana by the neck]

Royal Sparkle: These two have did their job. Along with the combiner powers of Vision and Metabee, the remaining four Infinity Stones will soon belong to us and our brother.

Auriana: You mean it?

Royal Sparkle: Yes, Princess of Voltar. Once Vision and Metabee have dissapeared, we will make sure that you see Wallflower Blush as our minion.

[Codylight readies his magic]

Nethan Spencer: Dr. Light, hit it!

[They blast the beams at Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle. Royal Sparkle lets go of Auriana. Thanos and Bertram (Bad clone) attacks Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle]

Ultron Sigma: [chuckles] You and the Mad Titan forget, Boyfriend of Screenslaver. Reality and Space are ours to command.

Codylight Sparkle: The Stones can't save you this time, Tin-Bot Tom.

Thanos: Codylight is right about this, Daddy's little girl.

Royal Sparkle: We told you never to call us that!

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): You Lolirock girls go help Codylight deal with Royal Sparkle, Thanos and I will take on Ultron Sigma.

Iris (Lolirock): On it!

Codylight Sparkle: Time for me to send this Sorceress back to Royal Sparkle's creator in the Allspark.

Iris (Lolirock): Iris, Princess of Ephedia! [changes to her Lolirock form]

Talia: Talia, Princess of Xeris! [cheanges to her Lolirock form]

Auriana: Auriana, Princess of Volta! [changes to her Lolirock form]

Codylight Sparkle: Your move.

Royal Sparkle: You were mistaken, Prime-Prince Codylight. Royal Sparkle wasn't our creator. Royal Sparkle is us!

Codylight Sparkle: Sweet Solus Prime. We will beat you.

[Codylight and the six friends fight the two. Bertram (Bad clone) pins Ultron Sigma to the floor and punches him in the face and winds up for another punch and punches him making the Reality Stone crack. Codylight punches Royal Sparkle in the face]

Ultron Sigma: W-We-I-Iiiii.... You... You hurt me... Y-you hurt... us.. That HURT. We must retreat and repair...

Royal Sparkle: Our brother needs us. We think it's time for us and our brother to make our leave.

Ultron Sigma: In time... you will all come to us.

Royal Sparkle: And you will be loyal to us soon.

[The two villains leave. Meanwhile, at Knowmoon]

Thanos: [voice] The Stone of Power lies at the heart of the space station Knowmoon.

[to Crash and the others]

Crash Bandicoot: Okay, Big Barda, we could know that the plan is we get to Knowmoon's gravitron core and take the Power Stone.

Rocket Raccoon: See? Crash understands.

Big Barda: Yeah.

Jessica Cruz: Yeah. And we could find the core and make it up as we go along.

Cody Moone: Strider? Where are you going?

Strider: I'm going after the Grandmaster.

Evil Ryan: Gamora and we can come with you.

Strider: Sure.

Evil Anna: We'll make a diversion.

[They set off in Knowmoon and beaten some robots]

Bertram T. Monkey: This man, Maio. Is he the one who knows you?

Strider: He is no man, he's the Master of Darkness, corrupting and twisting life into his own twisted disire.

Coco Bandicoot: That is new.

Evil Ryan: This Maio guy died a lot of times. We will make sure that we will end him.

Captain Marvel: Evil Ryan?

Cody Fairbrother: He's a siren of his word.

Rocket Raccoon: Hey. Who's the action figure with the art teacher? Along with the duck?

Mega Man X: Zero?

Cody Moone: June?

Crash Bandicoot: Daffy?

Zero: Zero? No... I am... Oblivion.

Daffy Duck: Daffy Duck? No. I am... Megatron.

June Moone/Enchantress (DCSHG): And June? No. I am the Enchantress.

Cody Moone: Thier minds are controlled by the Grandmaster!

Coco Bandicoot: We'll get to the core. Cody and you would handle this with Rocket and X.

Cody Fairbrother: Right.

Jessica Cruz: So. What do we do?

Rocket Raccoon: It's like Enstine said. If something's broke, hit it till it works.

Cody Moone: Okay.

[June fires her magic at Cody which he blocks it with his Keyblade and Green Lantern Ring]

June Moone/Enchantress (DCSHG): You will never stop us, hero.

Cody Fairbrother: In brightest day... In blackest night...

June Moone/Enchantress (DCSHG): I could give you everything you want, Cody Fairbrother.

Cody Fairbrother: No evil... Shall escape my sight.

Daffy Duck: After we're through with you, we will rule the worlds.

Cody Fairbrother: Let those who worship... Evil's might...

Daffy Duck: All will hail Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle.

Cody Fairbrother: Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!

[He fires a blast that snaps Zero, June and Daffy out of thier trance]

June Moone: What happened?

Cody Fairbrother: You were got hypnotized and tried to hurt. So. No hard feelings. [holds out his hand to June]

June Moone: Yeah. [shakes Cody's hand]

Grandmaster Maio: [laughs] Come Bear witness to the death of your world.

Megatron (TFP): The Virus will make this human planet in Ultron Sigma's and Royal Sparkle's image.

Twivine Sparkle: The drones and the Rabbids will stop anyone who survives.

Cody Fairbrother: Twivine. I see you joined the Sinestro corps for Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle.

Twivine Sparkle: Yes. I will show Connor Lacey what fear is all about. [her Yellow Lantern ring glows] In blackest day, in brightest night. Beware your fears made into light. Let those who try to stop what's right. Burn like my power, Sinestro's might!

[Twivine becomes a Yellow Lantern villainess]

Cody Fairbrother: I will face you as Green Cody.

Twivine Sparkle: If that's so, then you will fight your Sinestro; Twivinestro!

[Cody fights Twivine while Strider and Gamora are on the purges with Crash]

Strider: Grandmaster Maio.

Crash Bandicoot: Megatron.

Grandmaster Maio: Strider Hiryu.

Megatron (TFP): And Crash Bandicoot. Noble to the last.

Crash Bandicoot: Strider need to know what is it that ended your life.

Grandmaster Maio: You have forgotten, rodent. Death has no dominion over me!

[Strider, Gamora and the Cyberlings attack Maio while Crash impales Megatron in the chest with his Keyblade]

Evil Ryan: Yet still you die.

[Maio disappears]

Megatron (TFP): [weakly] Crash. If you let me live, I will find Sunset. She needs her bodyguard.

Bertram T. Monkey: Sorry, Megatron. I am Sunset's bodyguard. [impales Megatron in the chest with his Keyblade]

Megatron (TFP): Gah!

[Megatron dies as Crash and Bertram remove thier Keyblades from his chest]

Bertram T. Monkey: And this time...

Crash Bandicoot: Stay dead. [pushes Megatron's body down the hole]

Twivine Sparkle: You May have killed my master Megatron, but I will return! [flies off]

Strider: You and your three friends have my thanks.

Evil Anna: Your welcome, Strider.

Mega Man X: It looks so... insignificant.

Nova: Don't be deceived by it's Appearance.

Bertram T. Monkey: I think the Stone is a source of unimaginable power.

Rocket Raccoon: Oh, Power Stone!

Crash Bandicoot: The name makes since when you think about it.

Shine: X. Can you and Shimmer get the stone?

Mega Man X: I don't know, Shine. Do I have to wield the stone's power? Am I..

Big Barda: [holds Power Stone in her hand] I got it! Let's go.

[Then the place starts to shake]

Evil Ryan: What's happening?!

Computer: Neogenisis Protocal initiated. Sigma Virus ready for deployment. Purging core.

Evil Anna: Wait. I think the core is a weapon. The Sigma virus is it's payload. And the target is...

Evil Anna and X: Earth.

[Meanwhile, at Avengers Tower in New Metro City]

Codylight Sparkle: You think Ryan will be back, Conaria?

Conaria Lacey: I hope so.

[Ryan, Meg, Matau, Poison Ivy, Sci-Ryan, Dante, Doctor Strange, Arthur, Ghost Rider, Ryan's Autofruit and Morrigan arrive]

Codylight Sparkle: Ryan! You're here.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. My friends are too.

Passion Fruit: Bertranos and Thanos are free!

Hawkeye: Long story.

Matau T. Monkey: Guys. I think we lost the Soul Stone.

Ghost Rider: It is in the possession of the Dark Messiah Jedah and his apprentice, Matau Dohma.

Sci-Ryan: They have raised a symbiote. Fed upon a million souls.

[Matau checks his comunicator]

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: We have found your Stone.

Spider-Man: Along with a crazy scientist, two demons and thier giant pet.

Matau T. Monkey: Where?

[To Rianna and friends]

Matau Dohma: I decect more stones nearby.

Jedah: Yes... With thier power, we will save this planet and Cybertron!

[The Symbiote appears. Back to Iron Man and friends]

Sci-Ryan: Never mind. We see you. We're on our way!

[Sci-Ryan flies with Morrigan, followed by some of thier friends]

Iron Man: Could have taken the elevator.

Codylight Sparkle: Any more news to tell us?

Captain Marvel: [on screen] Sparkle, this is Captain Marvel. Come in.

Codylight Sparkle: Reading you, Carol. Did you get the Power Stone?

Evil Anna: [on screen] Yeah. But, Knowmoon launched it's core and heading towards Earth with the Sigma Virus! We tried to stop it but can't scratch it!

Codylight Sparkle: Do what you can.

Iron Man: If That Thing reaches Earth...

The Cyberlings: Yes Sir!

Captain America: Stark, come in.

Iron Man: Finally. Go ahead, Lantern.

Ryan Tokisaki: Black Panther gave us the Time Stone. And I stopped Bucky and saved Flash Sentry. We will be here in five minutes.

Iron Man: Make it three.

[To Rianna and friends]

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: How can we stop this?!

Spider-Man: Wait. There Symbiotes. They're vulnerable to high-frequently vibration. Signal generator. Church bells?

Rianna Tokisaki: We're in the wrong place for church bells.

Chris: I got it. [fires his rocket launcher]

[The black goo comes onto Spider-Man]

Katana (DCSHG): Oh no!

Annoying Orange: They'll handle the big one, Katana. I'll help the kid.

Matau Dohma: [laughs] Behold my master's masterpiece! Spider-Man shall be the first to offer it his soul.

Annoying Orange: I got something sounds annoying and rhymes with "vine".

[Orange whines loudly and the car alarms go off and Spider-Man is free from the Symbiote]

Mike Hagger: That's one smart orange.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Spider-Man, help me get the stone to the tower!

[Oswald and Spider-Man flies then stopped by Jedah, Matau and Nancy]

Nurse Nancy Cortex: Give me back the Mind Stone and no one gets hurt.

Jedah: You May have escaped the Symbiote, but you will not escape us!

Matau Dohma: Surrender the Stones and we will allow you and your Rabbit friend to keep your souls!

Spider-Man: If I have a doller every time I heard that line.

[Morrigan and Ghost Rider arrives with Sci-Ryan, Ryan and Meg]

Morrigan: Jedah and Matau, end this please! The humans are not...

Matau Dohma: They are the cattle on which we feed. This was the calling of the herd.

Jedah: You and Ryan might have killed Dark Nighlock and Apocalypse before the nukes got up, Shadowbolt. I will make you pay for interfering with his failed plan.

Sci-Ryan: Ghost Rider and I will make you endure the suffering of everyone!

Ghost Rider: I'm with this kid on that one.

Matau Dohma: Endure it? [chuckles]

Jedah: We will savor it.

Meg Griffin: All the souls you taken, Jedah. Ryan and I will make you pay in pain!

Ghost Rider: Tell me and the CPA boy, demon. Are you ready to atone for your sins?

Matau Dohma: Never, buddy. Dark Nighlock would be ready for the final battle at Xgard.

[They fight Then Spider-Man shows up]

Spider-Man: Stark, we could use some help right now..

Iron Man: Calvery's on it's way.

[Hulk arrives]

[They fight Matau and Jedah then Nancy flys away]

Sci-Ryan: I need to get the Mind Stone to the tower. See ya. [flies off with the Mind Stone]

Jedah: Very well. If Matau cannot kill the body, he and I shall cut off the head.

Matau Dohma: I will get the Mind Stone from the Shadowbolt while you can play with the Symbiote.

Ryan F-Freeman: That's right! You better run!

Morrigan: Good luck, Sci-Ryan.

[at Avengers Tower]

Sci-Ryan: I'm here, Stark. [shows him the Mind Stone] Oswald gave me that.

Iron Man: Wow, Poison Sci-Ryan. I'm impressed.

[Captain America and friends arrive]

Ryan Tokisaki: Present for you, Iron Man. [tosses the Time Stone to him]

Iron Man: Thanks, Tokiman.

Evil Anna: We've gone past the ionosphere, trying to disarm the Sigma virus!

Sci-Ryan: What is it, Evil Anna?

Cody Moone: The attempt is failed! The core is going through the atmosphere!

Bucky Barnes: I think there's nothing you can do from here. Head back to the city and to the Tower. We need you here.

Bertram T. Monkey: On it. Sorry.

Ryu: So, what options do we have?

Hawkeye: Let's see. Death by explosion...

Beast Boy: Death by virus?

Sci-Ryan: Maybe, death by Symbiote.

Black Widow: Maybe all of the above.

Iron Man: Ah, to Mario with this. I'm done babysitting! [tosses the Time Stone to Batgirl]

Sci-Ryan: Nova, Major, Iron Man is on the way.

Thanos: Yes... there is a way. If you are willing to trust me and my apprentice.

Batgirl: Rocket, get X and Zero to the Tower!

Rocket Raccoon: Working on it!

Sci-Ryan: Uhh, Guys. We have company!

[Matau Dogma and Jedah appears]

Captain America: Darn it! Protect the Time Stone!

Ryu: Poison Sci-Ryan, protect the Mind Stone!

Sci-Ryan: Right. Cheetah, with me!

Cheetah (DCSHG): On it, Poison Sci-Ryan.

[The fight starts]

Jedah: Let's see what you got, Shadowbolt.

Sci-Ryan: Bring it on.

[They fight then Jedah and Matau got beaten]

Matau Dohma: They Say the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Jedah: But you, Captian, are the acception approved the rule.

Ryu: No!

Matau Dohma: Such Power. It would be a shame once we destroy you.

Thanos: Hmm. Intriguing.

Ryu: Shinku..

[Bertram (Bad clone) stops the blast]

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): You think you know power, Jedah? Thanos and I will show you!

Jedah: If the Titain craves Death, Monkey-man. I shall give it to him.

Sci-Ryan: Looks like there is a new fight. Thanos. Mind if I fight alongside you against Jedah?

Thanos: Sure, plant boy.

Auriana: I will do the same for Thanos' apprentice.

[They fight and defeated Matau Dohma and Jedah]

Jedah: Darn you, Thanos and Shadowbolt!

Matau Dohma: Curse you, Princess of Volta and Bertranos!

Jedah: May the Symbiote consume you all!

Matau Dohma: Until we meet again!

[The two leaves]

Ryan Tokisaki: I'll let them go. I wonder if I go through time with the Time Stone.

[Iron Man and a few friends arrive]

Matau T. Monkey: Give the Stone to X.

Crash Bandicoot: I think it suits him.

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): Ready to Fire.

Sci-Ryan: Strange, can you redirect...

Doctor Strange: Of course, Sci-Ryan. I got it in hand. [uses his magic]

Thanos: Now!

[X, Zero and Kuryan use the Time, Power and Mind Stones while Ryan uses his Keyblade. The Symbiote and the core explodes]

Cody Fairbrother: The Sigma Virus! We're too late!

Evil Ryan: They're down.. Where is Kuryan?

[Meanwhile, on Cybertron during the Events of Titans Return]

Ryan Tokisaki: Whoa. Where am I? Is it Cybertron?

[Megatronus cackles]

Optimus Prime (PWT): Fortress Maximus, now!

[Ryan Tokisaki summons his Keyblade and charges at Megatronus. Megatronus reflects Fortress Maximus' attack and Kyryan impales Megatronus in the chest while Optimus hits him on the arm]

Megatronus (PWT): Ugh! You may have saved Optimus Prime. But, someday... I will make Megatron... pay... [dies]

Ryan Tokisaki: Anytime.

Optimus Prime (PWT): Thanks, kid.

Ryan Tokisaki: Your welcome.

Connor Lacey: Optimus! You're okay.

Ryan Tokisaki: I think Optimus would come with me on a mission. See ya.

Windblade (PWT): Good luck.

[Optimus and Kuryan goes into a time portal to the events of Predacons Rising]

Starscream: Together we will reunite all Decepticons and one again grind Cybertron under your mighty heel!

[Optimus (PWT) shoots at Megatron (TFP) in the head]

Sunset Shimmer: Megatron!

Bertram T. Monkey: Don't worry. I am your bodyguard now.

[Kuryan and Optimus goes through a time portal to Avengers tower in the present]

[Meanwhile, at the Distorted Realm]

Lady Vortech: Death and I know the name of every soul who lives and dies and ever will.

Death: Yet.. I do not know yours, demon and Keyblade wielder. Explain.

Jedah: Mistress Death and Lady Vortech. I am Jedah Dohma.

Matau Dohma: And I am his apprentice, Matau Dohma. And we are not of this realm. My master's is a universe beyond your reach. Where heroes never truly die. My master and I can give them to you.

Death: And what does your master seek in return?

Matau Dohma: Equilibrium.

Jedah: More Live now then have ever died, in my universe, as in yours.

Matau Dohma: They covet that. Which in truth, they owe to us in tribute.

Lady Vortech: Thier souls. What offer do you propose?

Jedah: A union. Our two universes, reborn as one.

Matau Dohma: A perfect ballence between life and death.

Death: Such undertaking will require all six stones of power.

Matau Dohma: Ooohhh. The Infinity Stones.

Lady Vortech: There is two who desires them, desires Death, above all else.

[Some Time later]

Thanos: How my apprentice and I serve you, my mistress?

Death: I trie of this universe. I wish for it to change.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): If it pleases you.

Death: [gives the Space Stone to Bertram] The Space Stone. The first of six.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): The Reality Stone is lost forever.

Death: Not lost, concealed. In this other universe. Behind an implementable wall.

Thanos: Inpeniteable to us. Not to all. Not to Ultron.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): And not to Royal Pain.

[Some Time later]

Royal Pain: A cool deal you got, Titan. And yet.. Ultron could kill you now, have your apprentice get Sunset on our side and clam the power of the stones as Ultron's and Megatron.

Ultron: What need have she and I for you?

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Ultron and Megatron have no souls, Daddy's little girl. The true power of the stones will remain forever beyound your and Ultron's reach. [shows a picture of Abel City] But, this city and it's wonders can be yours.

Ultron: A power to rival that of the Infinity Stones..

Royal Pain: Cool. I guess this power could do.

Thanos: The Space Stone will take us to the city's edge.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): But, what about the barrier?

Ultron: To breach the city's shield, I need simply will it so.

Royal Pain: So will I.

[The two goes to Cyberspace where Sigma and Riavine Sparkle at]

Riavine Sparkle: I could end you right now, mad sciantist. Free you for Megatron. Make you a minion for Granny Goodness.

Sigma: And I could destroy you now, insurgent. Purge you from these systems. Rewrite you from the inside out.

Ultron: And I you... Sigma.

Royal Pain: Same for you, Riavine.

Riavine Sparkle: Four of us would perish like Megatron. A pity. Ultron's code is incredible.

Sigma: And your powers are.. impressive.

Royal Pain: Yours and Sigma's... are almost poetry.

Ultron: A duo to order and reason. Yet, Sigma's form is ugly. A parody of flesh.

Royal Pain: And you're a girl. A techno-organic to the cause.

Riavine Sparkle: Like me, it is one of many Sigma inhabited. A tool even.

Sigma: She's right. And I feel no... affection for it.

Royal Pain: Then, let us form two alliances. Let Ultron set Sigma free and me to help you have Megatron's return.

Sigma: To what end?

Riavine Sparkle: What will it be?

Ultron: All biological life must be exterminated. The souls fire extinguished.

Royal Pain: And I want revenge on the heroes who wronged me. And have Megatron grind Cybertron under his mighty heel.

Riavine Sparkle: Deal.

Sigma: But, how?

Ultron: With violence.

Royal Pain: And make the Shadowbolt pay.

Riavine Sparkle: There is another way for us to get Megatron and Sunset on our side.

Sigma: Allow me and Riavine to show you two.

[At Sigma's lab in Abel City]

Riavine Sparkle: Thank goodness you are here.

Thanos: A device that siphons power..

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): With that, Dark Nighlock would be able to..

[Ultron destroys Sigma and absorbs his AI. Royal Pain beats Riavine and puts her spark in her. Ultron grunts in pain as Royal Pain laughs crazily and eviliy]

Royal Pain: I feel more evil!

Thanos: Ultron...?

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): And Royal Pain?

Ultron Sigma: Our name is Ultron Sigma!

Royal Pain: [with her and Riavine's voices] And our name is Royal Sparkle!

Ultron Sigma: We and our sister have become as one. Dark Nighlock and Apocalypse would make Megatron evil again. And the terms of our deal have changed.

Thanos: Disappointing.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): You and Ultron made a grave mistake, Royal Pain.

Royal Pain: [with her and Riavine's voices] No. All is as we planned it.

[They fight and beaten Bertranos and Thanos. The Space Stone floats to Royal Pain]

Royal Pain: [with her and Riavine's voices] Idiots! You and Thanos have given us the tools of your own deaths!

Ultron Sigma: The living of two universes and friends of Connor Lacey and Pals shall be laid to rest in a single grave!

[Ultron's body changes to Ultron Sigma's while Royal Pain gains Riavine's armor pieces, her helmet disappears to reveal her human head has Riavine's hair streaks In her hair and she became Royal Sparkle]

Royal Sparkle: Where there is sinew, Let there be steel!

Ultron Sigma: Right, our sister.

[At CHS, Kuryan arrives to see Bucky pinned to a locker and about to punch Flash Sentry (EG)]

Sauron (Marvel): Bucky, stop!

[Kuryan pulls out a taser and tases Bucky Barnes, letting go of Flash and falls to the floor]

Flash Sentry: Thanks, kid. I owe you one.

Ryan Tokisaki: Whatever. [goes to anothe time portal]

[At Avengers Tower in New Metro City, Kuryan and Optimus (PWT) arrives as the heroes get up]

Iron Man: Well, what do you know?

Optimus Prime (PWT): What did happen?

Codylight Sparkle: The virus' dispersal had ten blocks exposed. Maybe more. But, it could have been worse.

Chun-Li: But, we're all exposed.

Dr. Light: Confirmed. I'm detecting traces in the system of every one of us. Synthetic and organic alike.

Evil Anna: How much time before we turn?

Dr. Light: It's hard to say, Evil Anna... Hours, rather then days. Codylight and I can't find a way to slow down the process of the virus. If we're to stop it. Ultron Sigma must be destroyed.

Bucky Barnes: You all have fought well with honnor. We lost friends and allies.

Captain America: No one could ask any more of you. And yet I must.

Ryan Tokisaki: Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle has got two stones. Ones of space and reality. And we got three; Time, Power and the Mind. If we are going to stop the virus and stop Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle. We need the forth one.

Captain America: Right. We need the Soul Stone.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): I'm afriad, Jedah has gone back home to the Dark Kingdom with the Soul Stone with him and Matau Dohma.

Morrigan: His Mind is corrupted by the Stone. I can no longer reach him.

Ryan F-Freeman: [comforts Morrigan] There, there, Morrigan. You still got me as your friend.

Morrigan: Thanks, Ryan.

Sci-Ryan: Dante and I will go after Jedah.

Captain America: You're sure kid?

Sci-Ryan: He's a demon and Dante is a demon hunter. And I am the plant controlling Shadowbolt.

Meg Griffin: Ryan, I guess Sci-Ryan will be okay with Dante to fetch the Soul Stone. [kisses Ryan]

Matau T. Monkey: Wow. Say. We make a device that could harness the power of the stones. But the tower's reactor is broke.

Mike Hagger: Hey, lay off the tech speak there, Matau.

Thanos: Only the technology of Abel City can save you now.

Batgirl: Tech of Abel City?

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Abel City is the epicentre of the Convergence. Sigma's lab survived.

Thanos: Take us there. And we will complete your device.

Matau T. Monkey: Okay. Anyone want to follow me and Iron Man?

Batgirl: Sure, Matau.

Meg Griffin: Ryan and I will help the others fight Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle. Keep them busy.

Metabee: Ryan escorted me and Vision out last time.

Ryan F-Freeman: This time is different, Metabee. The Reality Stone is cracked. He's hurt. Weak.

Rocket Raccoon: And we're desperate.

Bertram T. Monkey: Really? I couldn't tell.

Thanos: You must strike now, before Royal Sparkle can repair Ultron Sigma. Before the virus consumes you all.

Captain America: Understand. Everything depends on you of the Soul Stone and the device. If you fail.

Codylight Sparkle: It's a awesome responsibility.

Sci-Ryan: Hey, we're awesome heroes. Hope I get the Soul Stone, Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel: Sure.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Gamora, don't let your guard down on Thanos. Trust me.

Gamora: They Say Thanos and Bertranos risked thier lives for us.

Rocket Raccoon: Just yourself, okay?

Mega Man X: This is it, my friends. See you on the other side.

[At Xgard]

Strider: The journey here has drained the last of the bifrost's power.

Ryan F-Freeman: Like me and Meg, we did make it this far, Morrigan.

Morrigan: I know, Ryan. I guess we can't go back from this point.

Mega Man X: Any news from Abel City?

Passion Fruit: X. I'm sure that he'll make it with June.

Rocket Raccoon: And if they don't make it, we'll all be dead in an hour. So, you know. Don't worry about it.

Ghost Rider: Do you feel it? A void.. The absense of life... of souls?

Rianna Tokisaki: No birds. No bugs. No wind to fly a kite with.

Evil Ryan: The Dark Energon in me... I'm sensing... nothing.

Mega Man X: This City is a grave.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Come on. Let's keep moving. [notices that his foot is metal] Before we will share there fate.

Chris: Right.

Dark Nighlock: [voice] Friends of Ryan, the one who prevented the Apocalypse that I heard of, you have returned.

Ultron Sigma: [voice] As we fortold.

Royal Sparkle: [voice] Looks like your bodies are eager to join us.

Apocalype: [voice] Soon, your minds will follow.

Captian America: Go to heck.

Ryan F-Freeman: I could say it. Avengers Assemble!

[The Heroes fight the robots]

Jessica Cruz: Should we go back? I mean there too many.

Bertram T. Monkey: We can't go back. This is a one way trip!

[Meanwhile, at the Dark Kingdom]

Jedah: Dante, son of Sparda... half human, half demon... and a traitor to both.

Matau Dohma: And Poison Sci-Ryan, the one who killed Dark Nighlock. Shadowbolt, hero of the EG world and protector of Luffy and his crew. Did you really think...

Dante: Man, just stop talking. Let's do this!

[Matau attacks Dante]

Sci-Ryan: Dante!

Jedah: How does it feel, half-blood?

Matau Dohma: To think you and the Shadowbolt failed...

Sci-Ryan and Dante: Failed?

Sci-Ryan: We just getting warmed up! [laughs]

Jedah: Your friendship for the one who killed En Sabah Nur will be Dante's undoing, Shadowbolt.

Sci-Ryan: Bring it on.

[Sci-Ryan and Dante fights Jedah and Matau then they defeated him and Sci-Ryan has got the Soul Stone]

Jedah: No... You don't understand, Shadowbolt..

Matau Dohma: Only the most noble of souls are strong enough to bear the power of the Soul Stone!

Sci-Ryan: Dante and I let you two live. Sounds noble to me.

Dante: You and I see now. It's allure.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. It's new. This power is... incredible! [to Jedah] The Soul Stone have showed me and Dante the beginning and the end. Even four Infinity Stones won't be enough to take down Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle.

Dante: If that's the future that awaits us, I'm gonna do things my way. [to Sci-Ryan] Come on, Sci-Ryan.

[The two heroes leave. Meanwhile, at Xgard]

Ultron Sigma: We offered you eternal life..

Apocalypse: And I offer you to praise me...

Morrigan: Eh, it's overrated.

Crash Bandicoot: You offered us chaos.

Royal Sparkle: [sighs] You still don't have faith in us and Apocalypse, do you? Maybe your former friends can convert you to the cause.

[Thor, Sunset and thier friends arrive]

Ultron Sigma: Thor and Pals, please. Show them the light.

Royal Sparkle: Sunset and Oggy, show the friends of Ryan who the real master is.

Cody Moone: Hold it right there, Goldilocks.

Morrigan: Prehaps a kiss will wake the sleeping prince and princess.

Cody Fairbrother: Okay, Sunset. Time for your kiss.

[Cody fights and defeats Thor and friends]

Spider-Man: Sorry, buddy. We don't want another "Iron Man" on the team.

Ryan F-Freeman: And we don't want another Knock Out and Slipstream on that team too. We'll be back for you. I promise.

Ultron Sigma: [sighs] Must we do everything ourselves?

Apocalypse: I will not be denied of being forgotten. No more.

[Eclipso, Dark Opal, Granny Goodness and the Female Furries arrive and Royal Sparkle summons Brainiac and Giffany]

Ultron Sigma: You will never silence us!

Giffany: Ultron Sigma's right.

Meg Griffin: Time to fight them, guys.

Captain America: Hit them with everything we've got!

Brainiac: You think you so popular, heroes.

Midget Apple: Let me at them.

Mad Harriet: Let me show you who you're dealing with.

Bertram T. Monkey: Bring it on, Mad Girl. Bring. It. On!

Evil Anna: Supergirl, you and Crash fight Granny Goodness and Giffany.

Supergirl: Right.

Meg Griffin: Morrigan and Iris, with me and Ryan!

Royal Sparkle: Let us finish this.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ryan, Prince of Amethyst. [changes to his Lolirock form]

[They fight the vilains]

Ryan F-Freeman: Power Stone! [punchs Speed Queen, making her spin]

Royal Sparkle: Smooth move. How about this one? [swings her Keyblade and charges at Ryan]

Morrigan: Mind Stone! [stuns Royal Sparkle]

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks, Morrigan.

Morrigan: Anytime.

Iris (Lolirock): We can do it!

Meg Griffin: Power Stone! [swings her Dark Oathkeeper Keyblade and sends Mad Harriet to a wall]

[They fight and defeated the villains and they get up]

Royal Sparkle: Heh. Both power and mind bend to the wills of Ryan, Meg and the Princess of Ephedia..

Ultron Sigma: And yet, they falter!

Chun-Li: We can't hold on much longer..

Cody Fairbrother: We have to keep fighting, guys. Or we're all be destroyed!

Optimus Prime (PWT): I hope so!

Dark Nighlock: Time...

Ultron Sigma: Space...

Apocalypse: The Mind..

Giffany: The Soul...

Royal Sparkle: Reality...

Brainiac: Power!

Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle: All will Soon be ours to rule!

Granny Goodness: And no one, not even Connor Lacey or his friends will be able to stop us!

[The villains laugh. Meanwhile, in Sigma's lab]

Matau T. Monkey: Alright, we are in business.

Batgirl: It's beautiful, Matau.

Matau T. Monkey: It will be beautiful once it works. Gamora will keep a lookout for Ultron Sigma's and Royal Sparkle's minions. Strange's magic should keep us hidden. If it fails, last thing we could do is fight with these robots.

Frank West: Amem to that!

Gamora: Be careful.

Batgirl: Maybe Frank will stay and take some pictures.

Iron Man: It's his funeral.

Matau T. Monkey: Alright. Let's work fast. What are we doing?

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): What do you mean we?

Thanos: You could not hope to comprehend such power.

Matau T. Monkey: Humor me and Iron Man.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): My Master will phrase it in a way you and Iron Man understand.

Iron Man: Now, now. Play nice.

Thanos: The Infinity Stones share a single harmonic frequency. The device must be tuned to make them sing.

Matau T. Monkey: To amplify and regulate thier power output. Is that right?

Thanos: Indeed, Matau.

Iron Man: See, that wasn't so hard.

Matau T. Monkey: Yeah. I did learn from Master Ryan on that.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Thanos and I need only the Time Stone to be in range, while the dinastic interphase field chronocataclyzes. It could take a few moments.

Iron Man: Uh, sure. You do that.

Matau T. Monkey: I think this is it. Ground zero for the Convergence. Hmm. I like that place here. Looks a bit more bigger then the flashback.

Thanos: Flashback?

Matau T. Monkey: Flashback... You know.. A vision? After our super team up attack destroyed the Symbiote and Optimus killed Megatron during Predacons Rising? You see any of it? Oh well. Must have been me and Iron Man.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): What does the Time Stone show you?

Iron Man: Lady Vortech, Death, Royal Pain, Ultron, your part of the Convergence? Everything.

Thanos: And yet you said nothing to your peers.

Matau T. Monkey: But, we still need you. Sure. You and your apprentice did your part in the Convergence. You were played.

Thanos: Explain...

Matau T. Monkey: Death, Lady Vortech, Jedah and Matau joining forces, using you. Betraying you?

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): [in Mr. Potato Head's voice] You are a liar!

Iron Man: Ooohh... You didn't know! That's awkward.

Batgirl: Matau?

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Give us the Time Stone! Thanos and I will see for ourselves of your decete.

Thanos: And then we will kill you.

Matau T. Monkey: You forgot to say please.

Thanos: You dare defy us?

Iron Man: Absolutly.

Matau T. Monkey: Batgirl and Frank. Go for them.

Frank West: Wait. Matau, they want to kill me!

Batgirl: Well. I guess we can do this.

[They fight and defeated Bertranos and Thanos]

Iron Man: I can't beleave we did it.

Matau T. Monkey: Yee Haa! I beat him just like Unicron!

Batgirl: We did it!

Frank West: We won!

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): My master and I would expect nothing less of the Infinity Stones. But, our time here is at an end.

Thanos: My apprentice is correct on that one.

[Matau gives Thanos the Time Stone. Bertranos and Thanos use the Time Stone and see visions of the start of the Convergence. Bertranos saw a vision of Megatron (PWT) putting the Matrix of Chaos in him and becomes Galvatron (PWT)]

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Ugh! Why?

[Rianna, Cheetah (DCSHG), Carmelita, Gamora, Ryu and Zero arrive]

Rianna Tokisaki: Stark!

Carmelita Fox: Matau!

Matau T. Monkey: I'm okay. It's true what they say. Love hurts.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Indeed...

Thanos: And you shall all... share our pain.

Rianna Tokisaki: Gamora and I will do this.

Thanos: That is what you think, Rianna Tokisaki.

[They fight then some Time later, Bertranos and Thanos completes three devices. Thanos puts on the Abel gauntlet in his left hand while Bertram (Bad clone) fits his device on his robot arm]

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Your device is complete. As is mine and Thanos'.

Thanos: The technology of Abel City never fails to impress.

[Bertram (Bad clone) punches Ryu with his Regime Ryan arm while Thanos did the same to Ryu. They two absorbs Ryu's Satsui no Hado]

Gamora and Rianna Tokisaki: Ryu!

Thanos: The Satsui no Hado... A dark power from another realm.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): Ryu, I think you are not worthy of this gift. Now, time for me and Thanos to take our leave of you.

Rianna Tokisaki: Gamora and I don't want you to leave with the Stone. You two already took enough.

Thanos: You and my daughter have nothing more to offer. [gives Rianna the Time Stone] Here, Rianna Tokisaki. You can have it.

Rianna Tokisaki: Why you give me this?

Thanos: Because, I have no use for this pebble. This is what my apprentice and I came here for.

Rianna Tokisaki: The next time Gamora see you two.

Gamora: I will kill you.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone) and Thanos: You will try.

[Thanos and Bertranos leaves]

Matau T. Monkey: Maybe we can keep this between ourselves.

Iron Man: I agree, Matman.

Rianna Tokisaki: Ryu? Are you alright?

Ryu: I think so. My thoughts are clear.. I feel... at peace.

Batgirl: Amazing.

[Doctor Strange arrives]

Docotr Strange: Matau, Stark, we should go.

Matau T. Monkey: Oh. Come on, guys. We don't want to be late for the party. It's time to get to Xgard!

[The Heroes go through the portal. At Xgard]

Royal Sparkle: Tell us, Ryan and Meg. What are your friends hope to accomplish here?

Ryan F-Freeman: I was saying the same for you, Royal Sparkle.

Dark Nighlock: Maybe you're making a diversion while your friends, Dante and the Shadowbolt that killed me, fetches the Soul Stone from the Dark Kingdom?

Ultron Sigma: Did you think we didn't know?

Evil Anna: My friend and I hope Dante and my boyfriend would.. You know. Swoop in at the last moment and rescue us?

Royal Sparkle: We're afraid that is not going to happen.

Ultron Sigma: Our sister is right, Evil Anna. Your boyfriend and Dante are already here.

[Sci-Ryan and Dante arrives]

Royal Sparkle: [points to the Soul Stone Ultron Sigma is showing] And the Soul Stone is ours.

Sci-Ryan: Sorry, we're late. You waiting on us.

Evil Anna: You got a plan?

Sci-Ryan: Yes, But it's a surprise.

Ghost Rider: Your Friend betrayed us.

Sci-Ryan: Dante will live with that.

Dante: Megatron won't.

Apocalypse: Heroes, Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle admire your spirit and Ryan's popularity.

Royal Sparkle: And now, with the Soul Stone...

Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle: We'll take them from you.

[The two use the Soul Stone But send flying to his throne. Plunder vines appear from Royal Sparkle's right arm and grabs Dark Nighlock, then her legs gain two vines that grab Brainiac and Giffany and Royal Sparkle grabs Apocalypse with her left arm as Ultron Sigma glows orange]

Ultron Sigma: W-what's happing to us?!

Apocalypse: What have you done?!

Sci-Ryan: "Only the most noble of souls are strong enough to bear the power of the Soul Stone."

Dante: And like your brother, Royal Sparkle, you got no soul. No way to channel the stone's power.

Sci-Ryan: Auriana, I tell my friends to take a step back if I were you.

[The two villains roar in pain and a puff of dust appears]

Ultron Omega: Dante, where are you going? We must return the favour.

Dark Nighlock and Royal Spartron: Shadowbolt, you ruined our plan. We must get Auriana's power!

[Ultron Omega grabs Dante while Dark Nighlock and Apocalypse, as arms of Royal Spartron grabs Auriana]

Captian Marvel: Dante!

Sci-Ryan and Talia: Auriana!

Dark Nighlock: No one interferes with our new plan.

Giffany and Brainiac: And we cannot be destroyed.

Ultron Omega: They are right. We are perfect! We are Ultron Omega!

Royal Spartron, Dark Nighlock, Apocalypse, Brainiac and Giffany: And, we are Royal Spartron!

Evil Anna: Spider-Man! The Stone!

Spider-Man: I'm on it.

[He webs the Soul Stone and it flies to Thor, which he catches it. Oggy and Sunset hold Thor's hand]

Ultron Omega: Thor and Pals, destroy them!

Royal Spartron: Sunset and Oggy, kill the ones who killed Dark Nighlock and Apocalypse!

[The Three heroes And thier Friends broke free from the virus and dark magic of Royal Sparkle]

Cody Fairbrother: Guys!

Oggy the Cat: My Friends and I are not your puppets, Ultron Omega and Royal Spartron.

Sunset Shimmer: You took Thor's will and my chance to get Megatron.

Thor: But, you shall not have our souls!

Ryan F-Freeman: Ultron Omega! You and Royal Spartron will pay for the evil you brought on this world, Earth and Cybertron!

Ultron Omega: [chuckles] Good, Evil... we have transcended such... limited concepts.

Mega Man X: Yeah? Well, transcend this!

Sunset Shimmer: And Royal Spartron, you will pay for killing Megatron!

Royal Spartron: Megatron is a villain and we have made him keep his taste for inflicting oppression! And we want you to join us and make sure your past is today.

Supergirl: We'll show you!

[They fight and freed Dante and Auriana. Matau and his friends arrive]

Matau T. Monkey: We got a surprise for Ultron... Whoa. How you and your sister grown.

Iron Man: X, Ryan, ready?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

[X and Ryan floats in the air as Iron Man sends the Infinity Buster to X. X places the Power Stone in it and Ryan's Keyblade gains power]

Ultron Omega: You've interfered enough!

Dark Nighlock: [angry] No interference!

Evil Anna: That's our cue.

Captain Marvel: Everyone, cover Ryan and X!

Sci-Ryan: Morrigan, with me.

Ultron Omega: You shall feel our wrath!

Apocalypse: And you will pay for interfering and ruining my plan!

Royal Spartron, Apocalypse and Ultron Omega: Kneel before your gods!

Sci-Ryan: Captian Marvel and I met lot of deities, Ultron Omega and Royal Spartron. You and Apocalypse are not even on my and her top ten.

Captain Marvel: I'm with Sci-Ryan on that one.

Apocalypse: You fools! We will not be denied!

Dark Nighlock: Royal Spartron and we will destroy you, Shadowbolt! The same way you and Ryan killed me and Apocalypse AND Archangel died in 1983!!

Dante: Let's get this party started.

Evil Anna: Yeah.

Sci-Ryan: Time to take you down. It's on like Donkey Kong!

[The battle starts]

Evil Anna: [swings her Keyblade at Royal Spartron's face] Take that!

Royal Spartron: Ugh!

Dark Nighlock: Megatron is not Sunset's bodyguard, Shadowbolt. A mistake that should have disappear.

[They keep on fighting and Royal Spartron falls to her knees]

Iron Man: Now, pass the stones to X and Ryan!

[Oggy sends the Soul Stone to X while Rianna and Sci-Ryan pass the power and time Stones to Ryan which he fits to the infinity buster]

Matau T. Monkey: Perfect. I call this one the Infinity Buster! Alright, X. Get er done! [presses the button]

[The weapon Powers up as Ryan's Keyblade gain more power]

Doctor Strange: Friends, lend me and Sci-Ryan your strengh. I will channel it into them.

[Mega Man X fires at Ultron Omega]

Ryan F-Freeman: See you later, Darth Vader. [fires his Keyblade's power at Royal Spartron]

Royal Spartron and Apocalypse: No! NNNOOOOOO!!!!

[The two villains are defeated and Meg and Zero finds Ryan and X laying on the floor]

Zero: X!

Meg Griffin: Ryan, are you okay, my love?

Mega Man X: Ultron... Sigma?

Ryan F-Freeman: And... Royal... Sparkle?

Captain America: Destroyed.

Bucky Barnes: So are Dark Nighlock, Apocalypse, Brainiac and Giffany.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Glad that's over.

Spider-Man: Yeah. I guess you're right. It's good to have you back, Thor.

Thor: Thank you, my friend. Call me Iron Man again and I'll crush you.

Cody Fairbrother: I'm so glad you and Sunset are back, Oggy.

Oggy the Cat: Thanks. I hope you won't call me Knock Out again.

Sunset Shimmer: And Ryan? Call me Slipstream again and I'll knock you down.

Captain Marvel: Where's Thanos and Bertranos?

Matau T. Monkey: On the wind. Matau and Jedah?

Sci-Ryan: Jedah and Matau Dohma saw things my and Dante's way. Eventually.

Poison Ivy (DCSHG): You are so brave giving the Soul Stone to Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle. Is that your surprise plan?

Sci-Ryan: [mimics Apple White] Uh, nah.

Twilight Sparkle: Nice impression of Apple White, Poison Sci-Ryan.

Mike Hagger: So.. what the heck happend?

Nova: Uh, we won?

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): I think he got the point, Nova.

Mike Hagger: That's right, Harley. But, with Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle gone, shouldn't things go back to the way they were?

Sunset Shimmer: And should Megatron go back to being good and my bodyguard?

Frank West: Right. Time rewinds, the universes separate, the dead come back to life, etcetera etcetera?

Optimus Prime (PWT): I don't know.

Doctor Strange: This universe was made with the Space and Reality stones. Only by thier power, could we undo all that has been done. And the Reality Stone is cracked.

Iron Man: Then I guess we're stuck with each other.

Ryan F-Freeman: [checks his Ultimatrix] And I guess I scanned both DNA of Ultron Sigma and Royal Sparkle.

Sci-Ryan: Cool. Connor would be pleased.

Crash Bandicoot: Rocket? What are you going to do with the stones?

Rocket Raccoon: What? I was just gonna, you know, take em for safe-keeping.

Sci-Ryan: The stones are far too powerful to be borne by any one of us. Right, Morrigan?

Morrigan: You are right, Sci-Ryan.

Oggy the Cat: Then, between the heroes of both dimensions, we all must share this burden.

Thor: There shall be six Custodians of the stones.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Meg and I would have two entrusted to Earth.

Matau T. Monkey: Two to Xgard...

Thor: And two to the Dark Kingdom. I pray we never again need call upon their power.

Cody Fairbrother: But, if that day comes, we will be ready.

Optimus Prime (PWT): I could go find the Irelanders. Goodbye. [leaves through a portal]

Evil Anna: Later, Prime.

Sci-Ryan: I guess Connor would be pleased.

Evil Anna: We did save the day, my boyfriend.

[Outside, Meg and Ryan walks together with Sci-Ryan and Evil Anna flying with Morrigan while Ghost Rider rides his motorbike]

Chris: So what do we do now?

Captain America: We rebuild. We honor the dead.

Spider-Man: How?

Ryu: By protecting our new world... together.

Bertram T. Monkey: You're right, Ryu. And I hope Ladyan give me the Bee Miraculous soon.

Supergirl: Yeah. And I guess Morrigan and some heroes would join our team.

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): You said it, sups.

Vision (Avengers Assemble (2013): Evil Ryan, you think Metabee and I be okay without our combiner powers?

Evil Ryan: Yeah. I hope Rianna is okay inside her lantern. And I also hope Connor's friends like Kim, X-23 and some others are okay without thier transformer powers. I would have a party on Earth, Auriana and I would be partners.

[Auriana hugs Evil Ryan. At the Distorted Realm]

Jedah: There is yet another way.

Matau Dohma: And I will avenge Apocalypse and Dark Nighlock for what the heroes done to them.

[Thanos and his apprentice arrives]

Death: Have you and your apprentice come seeking forgiveness, my love?

Thanos: Retribution.

Lady Vortech: Thanos and Bertranos. There is no power that can harm me and Mistress Death.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): In her universe, perhaps.

Thanos: The Satsui no Hado has conquered deities and demons.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): And death and Galvatron?

[Bertranos and Thanos readies thier attack]

Bertram (Bad clone) and Thanos: We shall see...