Daniel LaRusso, the original Karate Kid.


Daniel LaRusso, one of Pooh's good friends.

Daniel LaRusso (played by Ralph Macchio in the first three films and voiced by Joey Dedio on the animated TV series) is Mr. Miyagi's student and another one of Pooh's friends. His mother is Lucille LaRusso. Some time before the events of the series, Daniel's father died of an unknown cause. This event is what caused Daniel and his mother to move to Los Angeles where Daniel became tormented by the "Cobra Kai", a group of karate students from the karate dojo Cobra Kai. After nearly being killed by the Cobra Kai's best student Johnny Lawrence, Daniel was saved by his apartment's maintenance man, Kesuke Miyagi. After saving Daniel, Miyagi began to teach him the ways of karate. Daniel later defeated Johnny at the "All Valley Karate Tournament". Daniel seemed to have won the respect of the Cobras. In the later movies of The Karate Kid Series, Daniel would eventually learn more from Mr. Miyagi about karate and face new and more highly skilled enemies. He first met Pooh and his friends in Pooh's Adventures of The Karate Kid.