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Darla Dimple
is a movie star actress voiced by Ashley Peldon (sung by Lindsay Ridgeway) in Pooh's Adventures of Cats Don't Dance, where she is the principal antagonist. Being referred to as America's Sweetheart/ Lover of children and Animals (as well as a caricature of Shirley Temple, Jane Withers and Darla Hood), she fears her reputation will fall if any of the animals were in the main cast, including Danny. So she has her butler, Max, to make sure that no one gets in her way. She also hated animals and anyone who makes friends with animals (AKA Pooh and Friends). In fact, she almost drowned Mammoth Pictures in front of L.B. Mammoth and having all the animal blamed for all this and expelled from the studio. Unfortunately, Danny along with the other animals and Pooh and Friends out staged her and reveals herself as a fraud in front of a live audience after saying that she flooded the stage, so she lost her fame and ended up as a janitor.

A month and 11 days later, she met Sir Ruber and allied with him to get revenge on Winnie the Pooh and his feline friends and to conquer Camelot. In fact, she created a potion that turns Ruber’s thugs into Iron soldiers. Unfortunately, she was electrocuted along with Ruber when he accidentally stabbed Excalibur into its stone and was never heard from again, or so it seems.

It turns out, she was ressurected by Dr. Greed so she can get revenge. She also wears a silly disguise just to hide her identity. Unfortunately, her plans were foiled by Pooh and the others as she was frozen to an Iceicle by Metalgarurumon's Ice Wolf Claw and was throwwn into the pit along with The Mix Max Company, never to be seen.

in the spongebob verson of cats don't dance, she was long tainted and poisoned by ratigan, who made her worse outside of her spoiledness, making her sepitable enough to take Fagin's offer to join the villain leage. after the plan to flood the stage backfired, (which did not happened in the real film, or other crossovers) Darla, in a fit of rage, unknowingly blow her secret partnership with Fagin and the attempt of flooding the stage infront of L.B. Mammoth and many others. in a hopeless atempt to get people to forget what she said, she hugs danny, only to have Squidward (in the real film, and other crossovers, it was pudge) to pull the lever leading to a trap door.