Dave Felis the Cat main five

The Main Five. Making references of movies, poking fun at their favorite country, and pulling off Tokusatsu references at even the most extreme moments.

Dave Felis' Adventures
or in the Japanese title as Space-Time Jumper Dave Cat (時空ジャンパーデイブ猫, Jikū janpā deibu neko) is the next Pooh's Adventures crossover spin-off series that is created by Legoland1085, scripted by TheGr8estOne and Wrestlemaniac829. Unlike Pooh's Adventures, it became more action-based and have expanded characters, Online characters, and many transformations. As our heroes battle against the Evil Toad Empire And Travel Across The Worlds Meeting New Friends


This series starts with Dave Felis' Adventures of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It became an ordinary crossover until suddenly, it became more resembling Super Sentai using The Burger Brigade footage for fighting as their heroes mode while the Toad Empire became the main villians after breaking free from prison in the second episode And In The Fifth Episode Danny And Sawyer They Discover They Have A Son And It's Name Is Oliver The Cat But Mr. Sykes Owner of The Toad Empire's Vehicle And Toad Weapons Factory Have Other Plans For Dave And His Troop But With The Help of Dudley Puppy And Kitty Katswell 2 of T.U.F.F.'s Best Agents From Petropolis Destroy Their Plans Making Oliver More Like A Son A New Member of The Troop Turning Into The Mighty Bistojunior Making A Promise To Visit Jenny Soon

List of Movies

  • Dave Felis and Tweety's High-Flyin Adventure