This is where our heroes destroy the Fake Alidragon in Stardust: The Wish Creator.

Tinkerputt: The monster will continue chasing Stardust. Distract it, and I'll set everything up.

Vinny: Got it!

Apple Bloom: Let's save our sisters, Marry, and Gail!

[they fly for the beast as the planes do the same]

[Then "Battle (from The Chronicles of Narnia)" starts playing]

[Tinkerputt then flies back for his machine.]

[but then beast tries to grab him]

Tinkerputt: Whoa!

[then Stardust teleports him away]

Button Mash: You saved Tinkerputt!

Stardust: Tinkerputt isn't really bad, he just wants to save Marry.

[The machine tilts]

Tinkerputt: Whoa!

[the planes are now flying around the beast]

Thomas: Locked and loaded!

Percy: Ready to fire!

[soon Tinkerputt makes it to his machine in time]

Tinkerputt: Now, finally!

[we now view the beast from the Duel Banker's cockpit POV as Edward starts to fire]

Fake Alidragon: [snarls as the bullets hit]

Percy: He's in, but he's not out!

James: We must keep it up! [turns his plane around and fires at the beast.]

Brian: [as Obi-Wan] Oh, this is going to be easy.

[Tinkerputt then starts throwing the polarity switches back]

Tinkerputt: This should do the trick. [he turn is about to turn around the fossil of the Alidragon but the machine jolt and he drops it!] Oh! NO!!!

Apple Bloom: [grabs it]

Tinkerputt: Way to go! [he then puts it in] Put Stardust in that spot]

Sweetie Belle: Right.

Babs Seed: Ya' ready?

Stardust: Let's do it!

[the beast then starts approaching]

Smudger: [as Joshua Joyce] It's coming!

Tinkerputt: [is about to throw the main switch, but the machine shifts again and he almost falls off]

[Tinkerputt's Charizard and the Salamence then battle it but are eaten]

Scootaloo: It got the Salamence! [growls] [races for the main switch and tries to pull it] I'm not strong enough!

Brian: I got it! [pulls the switch]

[the machine then roars into life]

[the beat then tries to get Stardust but Tinkerputt shields him]

Brian: Tinkerputt!

Tinkerputt: This way, I can be back with Marry. [gets eaten]

Alidragon: ROAR!!!!!!!!

[the beast then moves towards the machine]

Stardust: Ah! [glows brightly as the beast then starts the same thing as it falls into the cliff side and begins to melt] AH!!!!! 

[the beast then flies up into the sky and then explodes!]

[the rest of the team land their planes and watch]

[back on the ground all the animals it ate reappear, unharmed]

Lucario: Lu?

[then Tinkerputt and Marry appear]

Tinkerputt: Marry! [races to her] Marry?

Marry: Oh, Dad!

[they hug each other]

[then Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow, and Gail appear]

Gail Trent: What just happened?

[then Brian, Vinny, The Crusader, Button, and Babs appear]

Vinny: Hey, we're back!

Zoe Trent: Gail!

Gail Trent: Zoe!

[they embrace]

Zoe Trent: I was so worried for you!