This is where our heroes arrive at Dracony Land in Stardust: The Wish Creator.

[the bus continues on the mountain and then stops]

Marry: Dracony land!

Rainbow: It's awesome!

Pinkie: Stardust's home!

[We see the land]

Mucker: Amazing!

Edd: Look at the size of those rock formations! It must've taken years for them to form that way!

[It fades to them exploring around]

[and we see many of the animals in the forest]

Stardust: Do you like it?

Rarity: What's not to like?

Sweetie Belle: We love it!

Fluttershy: It's all beautiful and all the animals here are so cute!

[that  night, we see Rarity close the sixth panel]

Rarity: One more night.

[then down at the our heroes camp site we see Apple Bloom and Stardust in tug-of-war]

Stardust: I'm stronger than you, Apple Bloom!

Apple Bloom: No, ya' ain't!

[they continue pulling till apple Bloom pulls the rope out of Stardust's grip]

[both laugh]

Applejack: Come on, you 2. Y'all got a big day tomorrow.

Apple Bloom: Ah' know.

Scootaloo: Well, I doubt we can sleep knowing tomorrow's the last night with Stardust.

Smudger: Yeah.

Sweetie Belle: I wish we didn't have our time with Stardust end.

Rarity: Maybe this will cheer you up.

[she then starts humming the same tune from before]

[Next day Lucario is there]

Willy: It's Lucario.

Lucario: Lu.

Marry: Lucario's gonna lead the way.

[Lucario then takes them to another part of the land and some of the animals welcome them]

Fluttershy: Look at them.

Edward: They're welcoming Stardust home.

Henry: How nice of them.

[Then a Salamence flies in]

Salamence: ROAR!!!

Edd: Look, a Salamence!

Brian: Amazing!

Barney: Super-Dee-duper!

[soon enough as sunset approaches, they come to a huge cave]

[most of the engine turn on their headlights as they enter the cavern, and some of the Equines light up their horns]

Leon: Look at that!

[We see a hole on the top]

Zip: What's that for?

Marry: It's where Stardust can open his true eye and absorb the comet's energy.

Mr. Great White: [as Jack Sparrow] That's interesting.

Lucario: [runs out]

Stardust: [turns to look to his friends]

Apple Bloom: Well, this is it.

Sweetie Belle: Yeah.

Stardust: The star. It calls me.

Scootaloo: I wish you didn't have to go!

Apple Bloom: Ah' realla' wish y'all could stay with us, please don't leave us!

Stardust: I have to.

Sweetie Belle: No! [hugs him] If you do make wishes, we want one wish.

CMC: Please stay with us!

Stardust: Girls, Brian said I'll be with you. I always will.

Smudger: Yeah.

Stardust: Smudger?

Smudger: [start crying a little too] I wish you didn't have to go either, we never had a proper chance to get to know each other better. And I've treated you very badly when you first came to us and I wanna make up for it.

Stardust: You said sorry.

Smudger: I did? Oh, I did.

Stardust: [chuckles] Good bye.

[Stardust then lays on the ground and prepares for the comet's arrival]

Willy: [checks his watch] The Comet will be here very soon. [closes his watch]

[after a little while, they was the comet!]