This is where they first explore Lyoko and Kadic Academy and Tino learning the secret of X.A.N.A and Aelita in Code Lyoko: The Lost Laboratory.

Jeremie: First you got to see Kadic Academy.

[As they all go through the academy, many of the students are stopping and admiring the newcomers to the academy]

Zoe Trent: Oh, the civilians are admiring us.

James: It's probably because we're the first visitors of Kadic Academy to ever arrive for months.

Korso: Well, this is quite the place. [then speaks on radio] I'm here.

???: We're tracking your location.

Sora: Captain, who you talking to?

Korso: [puts his radio away] No one.

Sora: Okay then.

Percy: Hey, not to be offensive but I don't have full belief that King is really the Princesses' father.

Thomas: What makes you say that?

Percy: Well, I can see him being Princess Celestia' father because he has the same style as her, but I don't see any recumbence to Luna.

[Then soon they come to the academy building]

Tino: This is where I used to attend when I was young.

Spike: Wow!

Serena: I didn’t know you used to attend her, Tino.

Ash: Yeah, that’s so awesome. Right Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika, Pika.

Pinkie: This place's even bigger than the one in Canterlot and the University of Ponyville!

Rarity: It's more like a combination of the 3!

Shining Armor: Well, this was the academy where Tino is used to attend.

[They come in]

Cadance: Hey, this academy way nicer than any of ours!

Ash: Yeah. 

Pikachu: Pika!

Penny Ling: Have you ever seen anything so amazing?

Todd: I don't think I have.

Maurecia: Amazing!

[Soon they come into the main science class room]

???: Ulrich, would you sit with me.

[We now see a girl named Sissi, who has a crush on Ulrich, she even has plans to win his heart]

Ulrich: Ah man, Sissi.

Tish: who's that?

Yuma: Who? Her. That’s Sissi, the annoying girl in our class.

Tish; Oh, I didn’t know she had a crush on Ulrich.

Tino: I know.

Ash: I can’t believe it.

Brock: I know Ash. I even know that Serena has a crush on you Ash. Just like Fluttershy is having a crush on Tino.

Littlefoot: Yes! That right.

Percy: Okay, now I have proof.

Sissi: I dreamed to see you being with me, Ulrich.

Ulrich: Yeah, well I’ve dreamed about getting my butt kicked by some jealous boys.

Lor: Okay, Ulrich take it easy on Sissy because she does love you after all.

Ulrich: Ah, Okay I go easy on her.

Lor: Much better

Sissi: I’ll take Ulrich as my future husband, how fitting.

Tish: [comes up] Hello. My name is Tish

Sissi: Hello there.

Tish: Nice to meet you.

Tino: This is my friends, Carver, Lor, and Tish.

Carver: Hi.

Sissi: Hello there.

Bubbles: This is such a proud day.

Buttercup: Yes.

Aelita: Indeed!

Akima: [takes a camera out of nowhere] This calls for a group photo! [takes the picture]

Aelita: Of course guys.

[Our heroes explore the academy]

Aelita: Please, go around and check out this great city.

[They all do so]

Bonnie: Look at this Clement, Kadic Academy' famous inventions!

Aelita: Aw yes. One the greatest attractions here. Many of the students are always getting their photo in front of it, these inventions also has a magical touch to it. Feel free to get a photo!

Bonnie: Thanks!

[the 2 jump in front of it and the camera snapshots a photo]

Clement: Awesome!

Aelita: Good. James, Rarity, and Zoe. You'll love this. [He takes them to a building and opens the door revealing a luxurious SPA]

Rarity: Oh my stars! It's a magnificent SPA!!

Zoe Trent: [squeals] It's beautiful!

Lor: This is fantastic!

James: May we?

Aelita: Go ahead.

Rarity: [squeals in delight as the 4 race in]

Aelita: [chuckles]

Rarity: [steps in]

May: I love it.

Dawn: Me 2.

Piplup: Piplup.

Lor: [gets in] Ah relaxing.

Zoe Trent: It's absolutely marvelous. [she gets into the tub] [sighs as she lies in the warm water]

[Then 2 SPA attend ends start giving each guest a different treatment as they lie in the tub]

[Meanwhile in a pizza place]

Carver: [sets down a glass] [burps] Oh man, this pizza is good!!

Lor: Yeah! [munches her slice of pizza of his own] Way better than the pizzas back home!

Tish: [munching her slice of pizza]

Maurecia: This is the life, uh Todd.

Todd: Yeah, you’re right. This is the li… [punched Maurecia]OWW!

[Meanwhile in another part of the school]

Aelita: From first seeing you, I could tell you have a knack for science. Well, let me show you all something. [volunteers Ash with the scar from the fire in the camp]

Myron: Like wow!

Dana: It's, healing process.

Aelita: Indeed, however, I can't remember how to get it go.

Rainbow Dash: Well shoot, We can help y'all figure it out.

Aelita: Be my guest.

Blossom: [reading off inscription] "1. Insert Diamond necklace."

Aelita: Yeah, did that.

Blossom: [reading] "2. Place hand on pad" 

Aelita: Yeah, done that.

Blossom: [reading] "3. Turn diamond quarter to the right and then reverse motion..."

Aelita: Yes.

Blossom: While keeping your hand on pad?


Ash: Shoot, well there's yer' problem.

Aelita: [uses her land to heal Ash’s scar]

Dana: Whoa, this is amazing!

Aelita: Indeed, these powers were to heal the wound when I was only 10. These were a great way for me to get my memories back to far places without using my powers.

Buttercup: Whoa!

Edd: [takes out a notepad] This is worthy of a noble prize!

Rainbow Dash: This is fantastic Aelita

Aelita: Thank you.

Dazzling: Aelita, what a unique name.

[Back in the school]

[We view our heroes, Aelita, and Jeremie aright all having a meal in the cafeteria dining hall]

Twilight Sparkle: This is a great school! I've never been to anyplace like it!

Aelita: I glad you love my home. Oh, I would've loved to meet you.

Applejack: Listen, Aelita. Ah' know it ain't our bizniz', but what happened to your mother when gotten virtualized?

Aelita: My mother was lost, when I was young.

Thomas: Oh, I'm so sorry for you.

Jeremie: I know, she lost her mother when she got virtualized to Lyoko.

Aelita: I remember it vividly.

Ash: That is so sad, when my Pikachu passes out when he saved me from a flock of Spearows.

Cale: In a way, yes. I swam all the way to Cartton World and then collapsed on the beach. When I woke up, I was now in the Valkyrie. But being humanity’s great hero who created a new planet.

Fluttershy: And Cale’s the best guy I could ever meet in my whole life.

Aelita: [drinks her tea] And why is that, my dear?

Fluttershy: Because in Australia he told us what happen, so I decided to be his best friend.

[With Korso's men]

[Meanwhile, we see Korso's men unloading crates and then taking out M16 rifles]

Soldier: [takes out one of them and cocks it]

[Somewhere else]

Aelita: What do you think?

Tino: [has a firefly on his hand] You know, these guys are kind of cute when they aren't causing raging fires.

Aelita: Oh Lyoko is slowly falling apart, and we have lost my memories. And I wanted to find out more about the hidden powers of Lyoko, and get a clue about a huge machine that was once below the factory. But I could never get close.

Tino: Maybe I could help you out Aelita.

Aelita: Really?

Tino: Of course, so where is the info your memories back.

Aelita: Thank you Tino. [starts walking to the portal to Lyoko] Uh, you can go there, right?

Tino: Yes, we can go there.

Aelita: Oh, good. [goes in the portal]

[then Tino go into the portal]

Aelita: Alright, just follow my lead.

[They transported to Lyoko]

[They fight off X.A.N.A’s monsters]

Tino: Amazing!

Aelita: Follow me.

[They fight off X.A.N.A’s monsters again, and Aelita gets inside the tower and access her memories, and she shows the X.A.N.A project, Tino realizes something from Jeremie’s Journal]

Tino: So, it was the tower that you get in and get your memories back.

Aelita: Yes

[They fight off X.A.N.A’s monsters again and been have transported go back to Earth]

Tino: The history of Lyoko is amazing, Aelita!

Aelita: But the light I saw, the machine. What does it say about that? 

Tino: Let's find out.

[They have find the machine that makes X.A.N.A live, Tino have figured it out. They returned to the lab]

Tino: The heart of X.A.N.A! It's the heart of X.A.N.A! The secret power, the light you saw, it wasn't a star it was a diamond. [sees the king's necklace] Like this! I recognized that Jeremie was talking about, when anyone turns off X.A.N.A, you might die, because he affected you with a virus. Right?

Aelita: Yes but when someone turns X.A.N.A back on I wakened. How did you know that?

Tino: Well, I knew it because is in……the missing page.