Gmork is one of the last of the extinct giant wolves known as the Raum clan and is "a servant to the power behind the Nothing". His physical appearance is that of a large, wolf like creature, which is capable of speech. He’s short, more darkly; blue black fur and bright green eyes, as well as more fangs than a usual wolf. In fact, his appearance is so scary, that it made Rjane faint by one look.

Atreyu, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, SpongeBob SquarePants, Eeyore, Patrick Star, Piglet, Sandy Cheeks, Rabbit and Rjane confront him in Spook City, although the wolf does not recognize Atreyu without the Auryn nor of Pooh and friends. G'mork explained that Fantasia does not have borders, because it is humanities' Hopes and dreams, but that the nothing, represent apathy and despair, eat away to it. Further G'mork turns out to have found Jafar's Lamp and freed Jafar, Maleficient, and Iago to wish for the nothing to exsist and for them to get their revenge on Pooh and Friends and that they were hunting Fantasia's only hope a boy called Atreyu and his fellow followers, but lost them in the sumps of sadness. If Atreyu reveals himself to Gmork, the wolf attacks him, but Atreyu somehow, defeat G'mork, by using a Stone knife, while Pooh and Friends turn chicken and hid in the “Avoid Getting Eaten by a Giant Wolf” Cave.