Here is how Genesis Park is saved and back in business and Ends with the Biggest Grand Opening Ever goes in Genesis Park.

One week later.

Professor Mosquito Amber: Welcome, Ladies and Gentleman, Mares and Gentlecolts and Children of all ages! I hereby announce a welcoming committee of my own theme park, filled with Prehistoric Animals that has not been seen for 60,000 years! Welcome to Genesis Park!

The crowd cheered.

Professor Mosquito Amber: Princess Yuna, (gives the golden scissor to her) Will you do the honor of cutting the red ribbon with this golden scissor?

Princess Yuna: (nods) As Princess of Equestria, Daughter of Princess Luna, Niece of Princess Celestia and Ruler of Skylands, I declare Genesis Park Officially Open for Business! (cuts the ribbon)

The crowd cheered.

Princess Luna: That's our little filly!

Hiro: The Heroine of Genesis Park!

Prince Isamu: (embraces Yuna)

Princess Celestia: We're so proud of you and Yuna leading her friends, Sharon!

Duck: Well done!

Princess Sharon: Thank you, Mother! Thank you, Duck!

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (embraces their big sister)

The Sodor Engines, the narrow gauge engines and the Fantasyland engines whistles.

Human and Pony Mane 6: (cheering)

Jim: Well, It sure is great to join Yuna.

Alexis: I'll say, Little brother.

Emmet: Best Grand Opening Ever!

Wyldstyle: No doubt!

Princess Yuna: Okay, Mama. We're going on our Jeep Tour!

Princess Luna: Good luck, Children!

The Jeep Tour begins as the film ends.

                                                                                                The End