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Gypsy's Day Off is the seventeenth episode of the eighth season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


One of P.T. Flea's circus performers, Gypsy needed a break from doing her performance with Manny, So she and Arachna spend some time together while Arachna was home schooled for the time being.

One morning

One morning, Gypsy was getting tired of doing her circus act with Manny, So she asked permission from P.T. Flea if Vanessa could take over for her while she takes the day off and her permission was granted until tomorrow morning.

At the diner/Mud problem for Arachna

Later, Gypsy met with Arachna and ask if they could spend some time together as good friends do and she excepted now that she's home schooled, So she drank the shrinking potion Princess Jubilee gave her and shrunk down. When she used her wing, She was shocked, She accidentally fell into mud and Gypsy had to get her out of the mud. At Fluttershy's cottage, Arachna used the sink as her own shower.

Spending time together

Later, Arachna and Gypsy begins spending some time together like play Checkers, I Spy and Go Fish. At the bug spa, Gypsy had her feet polished and Arachna had her mane brushed and combed.

New bows for Arachna

Later, Arachna drank the grow potion and grew back to her normal self and Gypsy thanked Arachna for spending some with with her as she gave her a new bow she made for her very special pony friend. Arachna hugged Gypsy for her kindness as they head back to their homes happily.