This is where Jeremie tells the story of Aelita and Lyoko and where our heroes go after Korso and his men in Code Lyoko: The Lost Laboratory.

[Back on the surface Korso’s men load Aelita into a metal crate]

Korso: Colonel, keep those people back.

Colonel: You heard him. Stand back!

Adagio Dazzle: It won't be long. Won’t be long before Tino joins me and the Dazzlings.

Ichy: Yeah. With X.A.N.A in our hands we’ll be rich!

Korso: Men, tell those people to get back!

Men: You heard him. Get back!

[Team Rocket then loads the crate onto one of the trucks]

Thomas: So, this is how goes? Well, fine. You win, you're taking away X.A.N.A all for money.

Korso: Afraid so.

Brittany Biskit: We're ready!

Korso: Yeah, yeah, just give me a minute. I feel like I'm missing something. What was it? Oh, yeah! 

[then he punches Tino]

Sunset Shimmer: TINO!! [runs up to Tino, crying]

Korso: Leave it this way kid, you’re the guy who discovered Lyoko and now you’re part of the museum [turns around] Alright, have it your way. More moolaw for me and the others. [gets into a truck] Let's go. 

[The villains then all drive away]

Tino: We can't let him do this!

Ulrich: Wait!

Korso: [blows up the trees and made a block way around Kadic Academy]

Sora: Guys! Report to Jeremie’s dorm room!

[In Jeremie’s dorm room, the medics are doing all they can with Jeremie]

Tino: Well, how is he?

Dana: Not so good. A wound.

Maurecia: Not much more we can do.

Fluttershy: You mean he'll die?

Sora: No, not this year. That dumb idiot gave him quite a hard beatin', almost like how the Nazis did to the Jews back in 43'.

Tino: Jeremie?

Jeremie: Where's Aelita?

Tino: She.. she.

Jeremie: she has passed out, like before.

Sunset Shimmer: What?

Jeremie: In the time that I told her about that we’re waiting for her here, she is surprised. She was too excited to know about it. 

Twilight: Wait a minute, so Aelita is not really human?

Jeremie: Yes. Then XANA implanted a virus in her, so she could be linked to him. When I deactivated XANA. She’d passed out. As she as resting, by the time I turned XANA back on, she woke up.

Thomas: So that's why you turned XANA back on. To keep Aelita live so you can create an anti-virus.

Sunset Shimmer: Wait, what's happened to Aelita?

Jeremie: If someone turns off XANA, she die. The love of her is all I have left. My burden would've gone to Aelita, but now it falls to us.

Tino: Us? Oh Jeremie, how? Hey, how about we team up.

Jeremie: Good idea. We got to save Aelita from Korso, turn on XANA and she will live.

Ulrich: So what's your plan, Tino?

Tino: Oh my plan? Well, I think we've seen how effective my decisions have been. Let's recap. I lead a band of plundering vandals to the greatest archeological find in recorded history, thus enabling he kidnap and/or murder of the team of heroes, not to mention personally delivering the girl from a digital world and supercomputer in history... IN THE HANDS OF A MERCENARY NUTCASE WHO'S GOING TO SELL THEM TO THE KAISER!!! HAVE I LEFT ANYTHING ELSE!!!!?

Thomas: I'm sorry Tino, but we have to save our friend.

Serena: I'm sorry Tino, I really am.

Tino: Thanks Serena. And Thomas is right. We've must save Aelita!

[The 2 get up and start walking to the academy’s limits]

Blythe: Tino, where you going?

Tino: I’m getting our friend back.

Cale: Whoa, whoa, whoa! If you’re gonna go fight Korso. He's got guns and he's never surprised. But if you're serious about this. I'll go.

Dana: We might have some perfect way of getting there.

[She leads them to one of the Lyoko vehicles]

Tino: What are these things?

Dana: It looks like they’re vehicles from Lyoko. Let’s give them a test.

Tino: Okay.

Ash: Wow, I'm impressed.

Dana: And it's safe. All you have to do is.

Serena: Yeah, yeah. We get it.

Myron: No wait!

[Serena hits the pad and the ship then flies backward into a wall and stops, Serena falls, but Ash catches her]

Serena: Thanks Ash.

Ash: You’re welcome

Tish: Gently, gently.

Maurecia: Hey Dana, is there one that looks like a drake?

Utonium: How is this done?

Tish: Use your focus. "Materization vehicles."

[Tino and Jeremie then start up a vehicle of their own, as many of the equine soldiers do the same thing]

Odd: While they use those vehicles, we might have something that the rest of you that are more simpler.

[He then activates a teleportation ray and our heroes' planes appear]

Brian: Alright our planes!

Littlefoot: We need more help. 

[Robots and the Box Bots come out]

Box Bot: [transforms into his Titan mode]

Rich O’Connell: [cocks his gun] Alright let’s do it.

Elsa: [creates a canon plane for her and Ana] Rock ‘n Rolling!

{Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup transform into the Powerpuff Girls Z]

[Ash chose all of his Pokémon from the regions]

Ash: Let's move!

[They have lift off]

Myron: I’m so excited!

Tino: Alright this is it. We’re going to rescue Aelita! We’re going to save Lyoko! We might die trying, but we’ll do what we can!

Jeremie: Now let's do it!

[They took off]

[students cheer for them as they fly above]

[The villains turn on a portal to Equestria]

Korso: I love it when I win.

[our heroes then fly into the forest]

Tino: Alright here’s the plan. We going in 4 groups to make a distraction. And Jeremie and I will free Aelita.

Cale: Like I said. Korso is never surprised with a lot of guns.

Tino: Well, any other suggestions.

Serena: Yeah, not get shot.

Tino: Alright. Let’s do it!