King Dedede is a corrupt penguin king of a race of blob creatures who ruthlessly ruins their fun and lifesytile and holds secret agreements with an organization that makes monsters. The only one that stands up to him is Kirby, a pink creature that copies powers. He is good friends with Bowser Koopa and his family. he serves as a primeary boss in most kirby games, but helped him only once in the nintendo 64 game, Kirby 64 the crystal shards. in the english verson of the kirby tv show, he appears to have a texas acsent, symbolising steriotypitcal texas people being unfair and corrupted, instead of only certen individuals will actselly resemble that. dispite being a main villain, he's somewhat of an idiot, and a cheap coward to be willing to have brutish monsters to try and get kirby.

he joined team nefarious to get even with the villain leage for rejecting his request to join, and to see what worlds are beyond his to oppressed.


  • King Dedede and Escargoon will team up with Bowser and his villains in Pooh's Adventures Armada: Hunt for the Chaos Emeralds.