Here is the transcript of Mayhem at the Music Festival

(A short opening of Power Rangers Data Squad started as the logo saids Mayhem at the Music Festival)

The short begins at the Egg Carrier, in control room, Drake was helping Dr. Eggman with his ultimate plan.

Drake: So, Doctor, what exactly is your new master plan?

Dr. Eggman: You'll see, Drake, this next plan is gonna be flawless.

Drake: Hmm, okay, if you say so.

???, ???.

Crusher: Just one question, boss, why do we have to wear these clothes for?

Dr. Eggman: It's simple, the Star Carnival is going to have a Music Festival that's coming in two days left.

Zeke: Oh yeah, I think I heard about that before.

Drake: But one question, ???.

Dr. Eggman: ???, ???.

Ivy: ???, ???.

Dr. Eggman: ???, ???.

Zeke: No offense, Doc, but they might find you a little bit scary.

Crusher: Oooh, scary.

Dr. Eggman: ???,.You forget, ???

Crusher: ???,.???

Dr. Eggman: ???,.???

Drake: ???,.???

Dr. Eggman: ???,.???

Then, Dr. Eggman started to laugh, the Black Snakes joined in.

Dr. Eggman: What are you all standing around for, get to work!

Zeke: Yes, your royal heinous highness.

So, ???, ???

The next morning, everyone was lined up at the music store, waiting to see Angus Scattergood, Robbie, Callie, Spongebob, Rainbow Dash, Mordecai and Rigby were in line too, Darrel came out of the store and is about to introduce Angus to everyone.

Darrel: I hope you folks are ready, because here he is! the guy who'd sweep a girl off her feet if he didn't have such scrawny little arms, your favorite celebrity and rock legend... Angus Scattergood!

Angus walks out, and waves at his fans as they start screaming. He's soon seated and signing photographs.

Amy Rose: Oh, boy, this is so exciting, isn't it exciting?

Callie Jones: Yeah, it sure is.

Spongebob Squarepants: Angus is the coolest rock star ever.

Robbie Diaz: (laughs) You guys must too excited to see him, aren't ya?

Amy Rose: Of course, i bet he'll be giving some free t-shirts too.

Callie Jones: Maybe we'll see what happens, Amy.

Angus started sighing some photos, the first one in line was Lyra Heartstrings.

Angus Scattergood: There you go, love.

Lyra Heartstrings: (squeals) Thank you, Angus.

Angus Scattergood: You're welcome.

Lyra sighs and moves off. next up is Davide.

Angus Scattergood: Here's a photograph for you, mate.

Davide: Whoa! Thanks, Angus.

Then, Davide grabs the photo and walks off, next one in line was Melanie.

Angus Scattergood: Here you are, mate.

Melanie: Thank you, Mr. Scattergood.

Angus Scattergood: You're very welcome, little lady.

Melanie giggles and walks off. Next is Mr. Ruff

Angus Scattergood: And here's one for you, mate.

Mr. Ruff: Oh, be still my heart, (faint)

Larry: Hey! move out of the way, bozo!

Darrel: Just step over him! (aside to Cleo) we're not selling enough merch. turn up the track!

Cleo: Don't worry about it, Darrel, i'll take care of that.

Angus Scattergood: Hold that thought, Cleo, i have a better idea, how about i entertain them with some music.

So, Angus jumped on the stage as he got out his guitar.

Angus Scattergood: Ozzie.

Soon, Ozzie turned on the music as the song "Hollywood Girl" started to play.

[Angus Scattergood]
Hollywood girl
Is lost again
All of her hopes left her stranded
Seasoned dreams
Are just pretend
She can't stand it
[Angus and the band]
Why'd it have to happen to me
Why'd it have to hurt so bad
Cause in this town
Can't find up but I found down
In the city life
Can't turn around
Can't give up I feel too proud
Under the city lights
[Angus Scattergood]
She doesn't believe
In believing
Miracles have died in her mind
She knows the world
Is deceiving
Everything is wastin' her time
[Angus and the band]
Why'd it have to happen to me
Why'd it have to hurt so bad
Cause in this town
Can't find up but I found down
In the city life
Can't turn around
Can't give up I feel too proud
Under the city lights
[Angus Scattergood]
Get in line and hold your head high
Pretty face will help you get by
Step inside I'll make your tears dry
So put on your smile

Angus Scattergood: Ha

[Angus and the band]
Cause in this town
Can't find up but I found down
In the city life
Can't turn around
Can't give up I feel too proud
Under the city lights

Fans: (cheers)

Angus Scattergood: Thank you, you've been a great audience.

Fans: (screams)

Mr. Ruff: Whoo, best day ever!

The crowd in line are sent into a buying frenzy, Robbie and the others went to buy some merchandise too.

Amy Rose: (sighs) Isn't Angus just the greatest musician you've ever seen.

Callie Jones: He sure is, Amy.

Robbie Diaz: I second that.

Suddenly, a poster boy arrives with a handbag of posters for the Music Festival.

Poster Boy: Poster, get your poster, come on down to the Music Festival at the Star Carnival tomorrow.

Mordecai: Whoa! check this out, guys, they're giving out posters for the Music Festival at the Star Carnival!

Robbie Diaz: Wow, that's pretty cool.

Rigby: That is cool.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, I seriously can't believe that there isn't anyone else that knows about Angus better than us.

Yoshi: I agree, I also heard that the Milton Brothers are going to be at the Star Carnival.

Amy Rose: (gasp) The Milton Brothers, (squeals) that's the best news ever.

Rainbow Dash: We can invite all our friends over.

Callie Jones: And I can bring Nicole and my little cousin, Danny to enjoy the fun.

Robbie Diaz: That's a good idea, Callie.

Callie Jones: Thanks, Rob.

Then, Bodi came up to see everyone.

Bodi: Hey, you guys.

Callie Jones: Hi, Bodi.

Amy Rose: Hi, Bodi, how are you doing?

Bodi: I'm doing great, thanks for asking, Amy.

Amy Rose: You're welcome.

Rigby: Oh yeah, have you heard the news about the Music Festival?

Bodi: Of course I did, they're going to have a big stage inside the Carnival.

Rainbow Dash: Sweet.

Applejack: Well that's good to hear, sugarcube.

Bodi: Thanks, Applejack.

Then, Angus came to see Robbie and his friends.

Angus Scattergood: Hello everyone, glad to see you could make it.

Callie Jones: Thanks, Angus, we're glad to be here.

Bodi: Hi, Mr. Scattergood.

Angus Scattergood: Oh, hello, Bodi.

Bodi: So, are you ready for the festival tomorrow?

Angus Scattergood: Yes, mate, I haven't forgotten.

Robbie Diaz: Huh, what's this all about, Angus?

Angus Scattergood: Oh well, I promised Bodi that I would ???.

So, Angus went inside his tour bus and drives to Pinky's studio, ???, ???.

Pinky: ???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: So, what's the important news, ???,.???

Pinky: ???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: ???, ???.

Pinky: ???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: ???, ???.

Cleo: ???,.???

Pinky: ???, ???.

???, ???.

Eggbert: Hello, everyone.

Pinky: Angus, meet, ???,.???

Eggbert: Well, my name is Eggbert, ???.

Pinky: ???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: ???, ???.

Pinky: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

The day is finally here, the preparations for the Music Festival has started, ???,.???

Robbie Diaz: ???,.???

Pinkie Pie: (squeals) I am so excited!

Yoshi: ???,.???

Callie Jones: ???,.???

Danny Jones: ???,.???

Serena: ???,.???

Robbie Diaz: Yep, ???,.???

Nicole Northwood: ???,.???

Applejack: ???,.???


Shaggy Rogers: Scooby, come back!

Callie Jones: He's running way too fast!

Emerl: Hurry, we gotta catch up!



Brett: Alright, everyone, ???.


Female Music Label Worker 1: ???, ???.

Pinky: ???, ???.

???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: ???, ???.

Pinky: ???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: ???, ???.

???, ???.

Cleo: Pinky, do you hear that?

Pinky: Hear what?

???, ???.

Max: Heads up, there's a dog on the loose!

Scooby was running fast, ???,.???

Pinky: (yelps) Take cover, everybody!

???, ???.

Cleo: Whoa!

Then, Scooby jumped on the stage and, ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: (screams)

Scooby pounces on Angus and, ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: (laughs) ???,.???


Pinky: Hey, you mangy dog, get off of him!

Max grabbed Scooby and, ???,.???

Max: I got him, boss.

Pinky: ???,.???

Cleo: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???


Shaggy Rogers: Scooby Doo, where are you?

Callie Jones: There he is!


Ratchet: Hey, Angus!

Callie Jones: Are you okay?

Angus Scattergood: Yes, i'm alright, ???,.???

Pinky: ???,.???

Twilight Sparkle: ???,.???

Pinky: ???,.???

Callie Jones: We're sorry about about that, Pinky, ???,.???

Pinky: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

After the tour, Angus showed Robbie and the others to meet the Milton Brothers, however.

Robert Zabrinski: Alright, I'm leaving. you know where to reach me if you change your mind.

The man walked forward as they looked.

Yoshi: Whoa.

Callie Jones: Well, that was unexpected.

Gmerl: No doubt about it.

???, ???.

Doug Milton: I'll never sell to you, Zabrinski!

???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: Ah, Doug Milton, just the man I was looking for, now listen, I know that you will be able to start the preparations for the Music Festival that's going to be tonight and I thought that you could fill out the applications for this special occasion.

As Angus gave Doug some papers, he looked at them, but gives him a unhappy look.

Doug Milton: Oh yes, for the Music Festival... but I'm sorry, Angus, visits are off today... (sighs) and forever. 

Angus Scattergood: What?!, b-but this is really important for the Music Festival to be at it's best, ???,.

Earl Milton: Don't worry, Angus, my brother, Doug's a little ,uh.... (whistles) down, the carnival is crawling with robots.

Robbie Diaz: Well don't you worry, sir, we're the Data Squad Rangers and we'll get rid of your little problem in no time.

Amy Rose: Mr. Milton, my name's Amy Rose, I'm a big fan of your films, my favorite has gone with the tin roof!

Nicole Northwood: Me too, oh yeah, that reminds me, can we get your autograph?

Amy Rose: Yeah, pretty please?

Doug Milton: (chuckling) Why sure, you know I was almost nominated for best director on that one.

Then, Doug sees Bodi at the middle.

Doug Milton: Oh, and who might you be?

Bodi: I'm Bodi, it's very nice to meet you.

Doug Milton: Bodi? (to Angus) Angus, is he a friend of yours?

Angus Scattergood: That's right, mate, believe or not, he's the one that appreciates my work with music.

Doug Milton: Really? (to Bodi) was he also the one who inspired you to be a musician?

Bodi: Yeah, Mr. Scattergood and I wrote a song called Glorious together.

Angus Scattergood: It's true.

Doug Milton: Oh, this is fantastic! (to Earl) Earl, do you call these kids?

Earl Milton: Right-o, Daddy-o, I heard about these cats from Jimmy over at Sunshine Studios.

Alice Diaz: Wow, that's really awesome! 

Mordecai: Yeah, it is!

Yoshi: Cats?

Pinkie Pie: Cats?

Scooby Doo: Cats? where? (looking around)

Emerl: Oh yeah, cats is another cool way of saying "guys".

Yoshi and Pinkie Pie: Oh... I don't get it? me neither! (laughs)

Everyone started laughing too, including Angus and Bodi.

Angus Scattergood: (laughs) Well, I should probably head back to the carnival, Pinky's coming to see how the preparations are coming along.

Bodi: Hey, Mr. Scattergood, are we gonna do ???.

Angus Scattergood: Ah, yes, about that, it's probably gonna have to wait a while, but we will get to it soon, I promise you that.

???, ???.

Eggbert: Ah, hello, everyone, hope I'm not interrupting your conversation?

Angus Scattergood: Oh no, it's no trouble at all, mate.

Danny Jones: That guy looks funny.

Callie Jones: Danny, that's rude. (to Angus) Angus, who is that guy?

Angus Scattergood: Well, you see, this is Eggbert, he's the new talent scout from Radiant City whose come to help with the Music Festival.

Rarity: (gasp) A talent scout, from Radiant City?

Angus Scattergood: Indeed

Bodi: Huh? How come you need a talent scout for, Mr. Scattergood?

Angus Scattergood: ???, ???.

Doug Milton: Hmm, ???,.???

As Angus and Eggbert head back to the carnival, Bodi started to wonder about that talent scout.

Meanwhile, the Milton Brothers showed Robbie and his friends to Studio A.

Doug Milton: Studio A is where it all has started, though I fear to spread the entire lot by now.

Twilight Sparkle: What about that man we saw when we arrived?

Earl Milton: Oh, that's just Robert Zabrinski from Greenwood Development, he's been trying to buy to this carnival from us.

Serena: That's terrible.

Robbie Diaz: Well if that's true, there's no way we're gonna let that happen, not with us on patrol.

Sunset Shimmer: So, Robbie, you got any ideas?

Robbie Diaz: Okay here's the plan, Me, Mordecai, Yoshi, Sonic, Scooby, Shaggy and the guys will scout Studio A, Sunset, Twilight and the rest of the girls will look for clues in Studio B.

Callie Jones: And Nicole and i will check out the rest of the Star Carnival with the Milton Brothers.

Nicole Northwood: That's a good plan, Callie.

Ratchet: Yeah, and after we find some clues, we'll meet back here at the carnival.

Shaggy Rogers: Like, what about the cafeteria?

Doug Milton: (laughs) We don't have a cafeteria, we use caters.

Earl Milton: I think there's some food left in the...

So, Scooby and Shaggy ran inside the door, leaving everyone very surprised.

Gmerl: (sighs) Something's never change.

Emerl: Well, that's just the way they do things in life.

Alice Diaz: I'll say.

And so, the rangers, including Callie, Nicole, Danny and the Milton Brothers begin the case.

From inside Studio A, Robbie and the rest of the guys start the case by looking for some clues.

Robbie Diaz: Okay guys, let's look for something really odd.

Yoshi: Right, Rob.

With that said, the guys, ???, ???.

Mordecai: Hmm... (to Robbie) Hey Rob, look at this.

Robbie Diaz: What's up, Mordo?

Mordecai: There's something you gotta see.

As Mordecai showed Robbie something, the first clue, ???, ???.

Robbie Diaz: What's this here?

Mordecai: I don't know, but it might have something to do with this Robert Zabrinski guy that just left.

Robbie Diaz: Hmm, that's really strange.

Gmerl: You said it.

???, ???.

Scooby Doo: ???, ???.

Robbie Diaz: ???,.


Rigby: ???,.???

???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: (laughs)

Eggbert: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Eggbert: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Eggbert: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood & Eggbert: (laughs)


Bodi: Um, Mr. Scattergood.

Angus Scattergood: Hmm, what is it, mate?

Bodi: I was wondering if, ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Bodi: ???,.???

Bodi: (sighs)

Callie saw Bodi feeling very upset, then she sat next to him.

Callie Jones: Hey, Bodi, are you feeling okay?

Bodi: Not really.

Callie Jones: How about you tell me about what happened.

Bodi: ???,.???

Callie Jones: That talent scout?

Bodi: Yeah, ???,.???

Callie Jones: ???,.???


Robbie Diaz: ???,.???

Rigby: ???,.???

Mordecai: ???,.???

Shaggy Rogers: ???,.???

Rigby: ???,.???

Robbie Diaz: ???,.???


Digit: Hi there, Rangers.

Robbie Diaz: Digit! boy, are we glad to see you.

Digit: ???,.???

Mordecai: ???,.???

Back at the carnival, Angus gets too busy with the preparations for the Music Festival.

Bouncer 1: Hey, Mr. Scattergood, ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Bouncer 1: Yes, sir.


Bodi: Mr. Scattergood, Mr. Scattergood.

Angus Scattergood: What's wrong now, Bodi?

Bodi: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Bodi: ???,.

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Bodi: Please, Mr. Scattergood, you has to listen to me, it's going to be a disaster.

Angus Scattergood: How could it be?, ???,.???

Bodi: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???


Bodi: (sighs)



Shaggy Rogers: Here you go. Gmerl.


Gmerl: Finally.

Scooby Doo: You're welcome.


Earl Milton: Hey, you did it!

Emerl: All in a day's work.

Callie Jones: ???,.???

Gmerl: ???,.???

Callie Jones: There is definitely something weird going on here, come on, Nicole, we have to meet up with Robbie and the others.

Nicole Northwood: Okay, Callie.

Earl Milton: Good idea, I'll go with you, meanwhile, you guys take care of those Egg Pawns.

Emerl: Wait, did he just say, Egg Pawns?

Gmerl: ???,.???



Max: Uh, boss, we've got a problem.

Pinky: ???,.???

Max: Actually, it's very bad news, Doug's gone missing and we can't find all the costumes for the kids.

Pinky: Ugh, not again!


Cleo: (sighs) Don't worry, it happens all the time, please excuse me.


Twilight Sparkle: Hmm.

Robbie Diaz: What's wrong, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: There was trouble with one of the costumes when we first arrived. the stage that was fine yesterday got all messed up and now, Doug Milton, the movie director is missing, I don't think these are just coincidences.

Sunset Shimmer: Me neither, all the things that have gone wrong on the stage have put the preparations on hold. It seems to me like someone is going to a lot of trouble to make sure that the Music Festival gets canceled.

Spike: Who would want to...?

Fluttershy: (gasps) Oh, dear! you don't think...

Rarity: Oh, no-no-no-no. certainly not!

Altogether: Huh?

???, ???.

Fluttershy: When Rarity and I followed Pinky and Mr. Zabrinski to his trailer, we overheard them saying something about shutting down the Music Festival and selling the Star Carnival to his client.

Rarity: Yes, but he said he wanted something shut down. we don't know that he was talking about the Music Festival.

Pinkie Pie: Maybe Pinky's really upset because that they're always running out of his imported butter praline crunch bars.

Callie Jones: You mean, Bon Mot butter praline crunch bars?

Pinkie Pie: Those are the ones.

Spike: We may have tried a few ourselves, (nervous chuckle)

Ratchet: Where did you get that, Callie?

Callie Jones: I found this next to the ferris wheel, right before we started the case.

Twilight Sparkle: It sure seems like all signs are pointing to Eggbert and Robert Zabrinski as the ones causing all the problems around here.

Rainbow Dash: I don't know who's behind this or what's going on, but the first thing we need to do is finding more clues.

Twilight Sparkle: I agree. The blueprints were here earlier, and if Eggbert is behind this, then they must still be around here somewhere.

Rarity: Eggbert is an acclaimed talent scout from Radiant City! he'd never do something so dramatic!

Ratchet: (sarcastically) A talent scout? dramatic? not likely.

Clank: (laughs)

Applejack: Well, he might do somethin' like this if he was tryin' to get out of workin' on the Festival he didn't want to do.

Sunset Shimmer: Why don't Fluttershy, Alice, Pinkie, DK, Spike and I follow that talent scout and see if we can find anything out?

Donkey Kong: Good idea, Sunset.

Pinkie Pie: Let's do it!


Callie Jones: You do that, in the meantime, we should look for some more clues.

Mordecai: But how, where do we even start?

Rigby: Yeah, It's not like there's some mysterious, thieving', cloaked figures we can chase after and say, "Hey, tell us where you're keeping' your boss's plans!"

Nicole Northwood: You mean that one, next to the wall.


Rainbow Dash: (gasp) Hey! stop right there!


Rainbow Dash: (uses her morpher) It's Morphin Time!


Rainbow Dash: Harmony Power, Unite as one!


Rainbow Dash: Data Squad, Loyalty Ranger!


Callie Jones: Is it too late to go after her?

Ratchet: Nope.

Robbie Diaz: Come on, let's go.

So, ???,.???

Meanwhile, back the Star Carnival, Bodi was playing a tune, when suddenly, he saw Eggbert and his assistants walking to, ???,.???

Bodi: Hmm, ???,.???



Bodi: He's gotta be around here somewhere.


Bodi: Huh?, what's that?


Eggbert: Ah, ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: Um, Eggbert, can i ask you something?

Eggbert: Why, of course.

Angus Scattergood: I was thinking about what Bodi said, ???,.???

Eggbert: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Eggbert: Why don't we forget about the, ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: But, ???,.???

Eggbert: ???,.???


Angus Scattergood: (sighs) ???,.???


Angus Scattergood: Hello.


Angus Scattergood: Those footprints, ???,.???



Rarity: (pants)

Callie Jones: ???,.???

Rainbow Dash: Ugh, i can't believe i lost them, my Data Morpher gives me super speed, but I guess being awesomely fast doesn't help when the person you're chasing knows their way around better than you do.


Gmerl: Hey, guys.

Applejack: Any luck findin' Eggbert?

Alice Diaz: We couldn't find him or Bodi.

Pinkie Pie: But we did find a cupcake fountain! (chomp)

Sunset Shimmer: Then we got lost and somehow ended up here. what have you guys been doing?

Rainbow Dash: We spotted some super-suspicious cloaked figures, but they got away. (sighs) they're here somewhere.


Nervous P.A.: There you are! w-where are your costumes? we've got to hurry! i-i-i'm so gonna be fired if you aren't ready. the director wants to shoot in three minutes!


Robbie Diaz: Uh, I think there's been some kind of mistake.


Movie Director: Wait, wait. who are these people?

Nervous P.A.: They're the Power Ponies!


Nervous P.A.: I'm fired, aren't i?

Movie Director: So fired.


Callie Jones: This is a bit awkward, don't you think?

Gmerl: Yep, ???,.???


Applejack: Hey! There they are!

Yoshi: Let's get them!

So, they started chasing after the mysterious thieves around the Star Carnival, ???,.???,.???


Altogether: (panting)

Ratchet: Phew, that was rough.

Emerl: But too close for comfort.

Yoshi: (breathing in and out) I'm so tired, i can't run another step.

Serena: ???,.???

Robbie Diaz: ???,.???


Mordecai: Whoa, what the heck is this place?

Amy Rose: And, where did they go?

Callie Jones: They have to be around here somewhere, wherever here is.

Pinkie Pie: (gasps) Are you kidding?! this is the set of Stormy with a Side of Pudding!

Applejack: Stormy with a side of what, now?

Pinkie Pie: (grunts) It's only my all-time favorite movie!

???, ???.

Vegeta: (groans)

Pinkie Pie: I've tried to get you all to watch it, like, a kazillion-billion times! I've heard they use real pudding!

So, Pinkie tasted the, ???,.???

Pinkie Pie: (tastes) Oh, they do! (slurp)

Then, Nicole tried, ???,.???

Nicole Northwood: Mmm, this is really good.

Rainbow Dash: Ugh! we're running out of time! we're supposed to be hunting down some clues, finding Bodi and catching the bad guys, not eating pudding!

Twilight Sparkle: We're trying. maybe we should make our way back to the Star Carnival, there might have been some clues we missed.

The spies caught Robbie and the others in a big net, ???,.???

Amy Rose: Hey!

Yoshi: We're trapped!


Ratchet: They're getting away!

Rainbow Dash: Don't worry, i've got this!

So, Rainbow Dash ran fast to catch the spies, ???,.???

Serena: Rainbow, wait!

Robbie Diaz: ???,.???

Yoshi: ???,.

Callie Jones: I've got it, Robbie, do you think you can use your omega sword to cut through the ropes?

Robbie Diaz: No problem, (uses his morpher) Data Squad, Initiate!


Robbie Diaz: Omega Sword, Fire Slash!


Rigby: Whoo, we're free.

Yoshi: Yay.

Donkey Kong: Nice one.

Nicole Northwood: But, where's Rainbow Dash?

Danny Jones: ???,.???

Robbie Diaz: ???,.???


Rainbow Dash stopped at the backstage area, ???,.???

Rainbow Dash: I saw them come in here.


Rainbow Dash: Bodi, Bodi, where are you?


Rainbow Dash: (whimpers)

With no hesitation, Rainbow Dash bravely went inside the supply closet, ???,.???

Rainbow Dash: (screams)

As she, ???,.???

Rainbow Dash: (sighs)

Then, she saw Callie's concert outfit in the locker.

Rainbow Dash: Hey, this is just like the outfit Callie wears when she did her first concert, what's it doing in here?


Rainbow Dash: Hey! (grunts)


Rainbow Dash: (grunts) Hello? anybody out there?


Rainbow Dash: (sighs) No problem, i'll just call the others to let them know... aw, expect i can't because security took all our phones when we got here, (groans) help, i'm trapped in here!


Meanwhile, Angus kept following the footprints, ???,.???,.???

Angus Scattergood: Hmm, i wonder where all those footprints are coming from?


Angus Scattergood: They must lead to Studio D, ???,.???

When Angus went inside Studio D, he saw some Egg Pawns, ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: Hello, ???,.???


Angus Scattergood: Bodi?


Bodi: Mr. Scattergood.

Angus ran, ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: Bodi, where have you been, mate? I was searching all over for you.

Bodi: I know, I'm really sorry.

Angus Scattergood: Why did you run off like that?! You had us all worried sick about you!

Bodi: I didn't mean to, I just had to figure out what was going on with the mystery.

Angus Scattergood: Really, and why would you think about doing that?

Bodi: When i was looking around in Studio D, i got caught in this cage, and I think that the talent scout might be the cause of this whole mess.

Angus Scattergood: Eggbert was behind the sabotage?

Bodi: Yeah, he was.

Angus Scattergood: But, how can you be so sure about that?

Bodi: Well, I just thought the you haven't forgotten the promise you made before he came here, but you didn't let me have any time to explain the situation.... I'm so sorry, Mr. Scattergood.

Angus Scattergood: Bodi... i... i don't understand, why didn't you tell me?!

Suddenly, there was a laser gun shot that was fired as they looked behind.

Crusher: Because he wasn't supposed to.

Angus Scattergood: (gasp)

The Black Snakes took off their disguises and got Angus surrounded, then, Eggbert came in.

Eggbert: Well well well, it seems that a pesky cat has stuck its nose where it doesn't belong. well, a rock legend to be more precise...

Angus Scattergood: Eggbert? what's going here and why is Bodi in a cage?!

Eggbert: (laughing) Did you really think that I would've found out?

Angus Scattergood: W-what do you mean?

Eggbert: I'm talking about you and your little mastiff friend, and you played right into my trap.

Angus Scattergood: Wait, what trap?

Eggbert: I'll show you.

Then, Eggman took off the disguise as he laughed.

Dr. Eggman: (laughs) Surprise!

Angus Scattergood: What, Dr. Eggman?!

Dr. Eggman: The one and only as if were.

Angus Scattergood: So, all this time, that was you?

Dr. Eggman: Exactly.

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Dr. Eggman: Since you asked so nicely, ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Bodi: Don't listen to him, Mr. Scattergood!

Dr. Eggman: Be quiet! (to Angus) ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: Never!

Dr. Eggman: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???


Dr. Eggman: Ahh, get this bucket off my head!

Angus Scattergood: Ugh, I can't believe I listened to you over Bodi!


Black Snakes: Whoa!


Crusher: Ow! that smarts!


Bodi: Mr. Scattergood!

Angus Scattergood: Don't worry, Bodi, I'll be back soon, I'm going to get help and we'll get you out of there, I promise!


Drake: You guys go after him, I'll stay here and help Eggman.

Crusher: Right!

Zeke: Let's go, guys.


Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Ivy: ???,.???

Crusher: ???,.???


Ivy: Where did he go?

Crusher: That way!


Angus Scattergood: ???,.???


Zeke, Ivy and Crusher: Whoa!


Ivy: Hey!

Zeke: Come on!

Crusher: Let us out of here!

Angus Scattergood: (laughs) That should keep them off my tail, now then, i've got to find Robbie and his mates.

So, Angus ran faster to the exit, ???. ???,.

Angus Scattergood: Whoa!

He slipped on the wet floor and went unconscious, moments passed as Scooby licked him the first time.

Angus Scattergood: (moans)

Pinkie Pie: Hey, look guys, he's waking up.

Spongebob Squarepants: Scooby, it's working, do it again.

So, Scooby licked at him again.

Angus Scattergood: (groans) Wha... huh?

When Angus woke up, Scooby kept licking him many times.

Angus Scattergood: (laughs) Alright, alright, that's enough, stop it, i'm awake.

Then, Scooby got off of Angus as he got up.

Angus Scattergood: Honestly, mate, one step at a time.

Scooby Doo: Sorry.

Angus started wiping off the drool on his face.

Rarity: Oh, thank goodness you're safe, darling.

Twilight Sparkle: Are you okay?

Angus Scattergood: I'm fine, just a little lightheaded.

Callie gives Angus a hand, he grabbed her hand and got on his feet.

Angus Scattergood: Cheers, love.

Callie Jones: You're welcome.

Angus Scattergood: But, how did you find me?

Robbie Diaz: Digit gave us this radar that helped us find you around the carnival, plus, Earl helped us out a lot too.

Earl Milton: I told them about your cool rescue skills, don't worry, it's all in here, real dynamite stuff.

Twilight Sparkle: So, were you able to finish the preparations for the Music Festival?

Angus Scattergood: Some of them are halfway done, but the rest was unfortunately had to be put on hold.

Then, Angus looked at Robbie, Callie and the others in their costumes.

Angus Scattergood: Uh, why are you all wearing those costumes?

Twilight Sparkle: (nervous chuckle) Well, it's kind of a long story.

Sunset Shimmer: Some guy thought that we're like the Power Ponies over at another studio set.

Yoshi: Yep, it's kinda hard to explain.

Callie Jones: So, Angus, what happened?

Angus Scattergood: Well, I've just found out that the talent scout was none other then that mustache twit, Eggman.

Robbie Diaz: What!?

Rigby: Eggman! seriously?!

Nicole Northwood: If Eggman is here, then where's Bodi?

Angus Scattergood: He was being held captive inside a cage when I escaped.

Gmerl: Boy, as if Eggman being here wasn't bad enough, meanwhile, Doug's disappeared.

Twilight Sparkle: Hmm, that's interesting.

Earl Milton: Whoa whoa whoa, are you suggesting...?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm not suggesting anything.

Donkey Kong: We also lost Rainbow Dash while we were looking for you.

Emerl: Yeah, I just hope that Rainbow and Bodi are going to be okay.

Yoshi: Me too.

Callie Jones: Don't worry, guys, we'll find them.

Angus Scattergood: I hope so, for my sake, this is all my fault.

Ratchet: Whoa whoa, hold on, Angus, how could this be your fault?

Angus Scattergood: It's because that I've listened to Eggman instead of Bodi, I'll won't be able to live it down.

Callie Jones: Well, maybe it's because he was trying to remind you about something, something that you forgot.

Angus Scattergood: Of course, the promise that I made to him. Bodi was right, the festival was going to a disaster, (sighs) I should have believed him, he tried to tell me, and i didn't listen to him.

Rigby: Yeah, you probably should have, but hey, we can't blame ya for something that you can't take back. (gets hit by Mordecai) Ouch! Whatcha do that for!

Mordecai: Would you knock it off already, he's really upset because he didn't listen to Bodi!

Rigby: You mind your own business!

Mordecai and Rigby started fighting as Vegeta came up and grabbed them both.

Vegeta: Alright, both of you, knock it off, we're not getting anywhere with you two with this ridiculous nonsense!

Goku: Vegeta's right, I'm pretty sure that Bodi couldn't have gotten far.

Amy Rose: I agree, there's gotta be a way for us to find him and stop Eggman's plan too.

Applejack: Not only just that, Amy, but we have to find Rainbow Dash.

Rarity: I don't see how. She moves so fast, she could be anywhere on the lot by now. Why she felt it necessary to wear her Data Morpher that gives her super-speed to a theme park, I'll never know.

Sunset Shimmer: I wish i had mine, One touch and I'd be able to see Eggman's memories and get to the bottom of this whole thing.

Pinkie Pie: I know how to find Rainbow Dash! Follow the pudding!


Pinkie Pie: See.


Spike: Follow me.


Twilight Sparkle: You're a genius, Pinkie Pie!

Pinkie Pie: I know!

Sunset Shimmer: C'mon, this way!


Nicole Northwood: Uh, why did you put that in your hair?

Pinkie Pie: Eh, for the road!

???, ???.

Spike: (sniffs)

Pinkie Pie: There's no more pudding. Which means she must be here somewhere.

Twilight Sparkle: Hello? Is anyone here?

Applejack: Rainbow Dash? Where are ya?


Rainbow Dash: (grunts) Help! somebody, i'm trapped in here!

Fluttershy: Hello, Rainbow Dash, are you in there?

Rainbow Dash: Yes! help, i'm locked in!

Fluttershy: It's okay, Dashie, we're here.


Sora: So... what are we going to do?

Nicole Northwood: There has to be something we can do to help Rainbow.

Callie Jones: You guys wait here, I'll go find someone with a key.

Twilight Sparkle: Wait.


Rainbow Dash: Boy, am I happy to see you!


Angus Scattergood: (laughs) yes, we're glad to see you too.

Rarity: Did you just make that lock unlock itself?

Sunset Shimmer: Nice!

Applejack: Thinkin' maybe we should all start wearin' our morphers around. Never know when our ranger powers might come in handy.

Rainbow Dash: How did you find me? I gave up banging on the door five minutes ago.

Pinkie Pie: Pudding never lies.

Callie Jones: Hey, isn't that my concert outfit that went missing when we first got here?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah. But I didn't see the guys who locked me in, and there's still no sign of Bodi.

Applejack: Huh. I say we head back to the scene of the crime. Maybe there's somethin' there that could lead us to Bodi.

Twilight Sparkle: Or... we could let Eggman lead us to him!

Rainbow Dash: How? I just told you I didn't see who locked me in here.

Gmerl: Here's your answer, Rainbow, the guys who locked up was the Black Snakes.

Emerl: Yeah, he might have some new tricks up his sleeves, we gotta do something about it.

Twilight Sparkle: That's right, what we need is a strategy to outsmart Eggman and the Black Snakes.

Ratchet: Good thinking, Twilight, and i've got a plan.

Callie Jones: Knew you would.

???, ???.

Ratchet: (sighs) Okay, let's go through this one more time, you guys find the Egg-Knight and trick him into running after you, then I'll open the drawbridge and he'll follow you into the sci-fi set, Sunset, Amy, Earl and the others will take it from there, any questions?

Shaggy Rogers: Yeah, do we have to? 

Ratchet: Why are you two scared? this time you know that it's just another one of Eggman's robots.

Shaggy Rogers: Then like that supposed to make me less scared, who goes running around in a suit of armor?

Soon, Shaggy and Scooby looked at each other, then turned back to Ratchet.

Ratchet: Come on you guys, you'll do fine, I guarantee that this will work.

Clank: I believe Ratchet is right, it is our only option that we could come up with.

???, ???.

Robbie Diaz: Is everyone in position?

Serena: ???,.???

Rainbow Dash: ???,.???

Donkey Kong: ???,.???

Robbie Diaz: ???,.???


Danny Jones: Do you see them yet, Callie?


Callie Jones: Not yet, ???,.???



Egg-Knight: ???,.???

Robbie Diaz: ???,.???

Egg-Knight: ???,.???

Callie Jones: ???,.

Dr. Eggman: ???,.???



Ratchet & Clank: (screams)


Callie Jones: Ratchet, are you okay?

Ratchet: Yeah, i'm good, ???,.???

Alice Diaz: ???,.???

Goku: ???,.???

Clank: Ratchet, look!

Ratchet: What is it, pal?

???,.???,.??? there was Angus climbing up the ladder.

Ratchet: It's Angus!

Vegeta: That fool, what is he doing?!

Callie Jones: We've got to go help him.

Ratchet: Yeah, let's go.


Gmerl: Hold on, Robbie and the others might be closer than we are, we should probably let them handle this.


Angus Scattergood: ???,.???


Angus Scattergood: (sighs) ???,.???,.???



Angus Scattergood: Excuse me, mate, but i believe you're on the wrong flight.

Bodi: Angus.

Bodi hugs Angus, with joy in his face.

Bodi: I'm so sorry, I should have been more supportive for the Music Festival, but instead, I let you into this whole mess.

Angus Scattergood: It's alright, mate, at least we still got plenty of time before we start performing.

Bodi: Yeah, you're right.

???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: Come on, Bodi, let's get back to Robbie and his mates.

Bodi: Okay.


Bodi: Um, Mr. Scattergood?

Angus Scattergood: Yes, mate?

Bodi: Are you still mad at me for getting you into this whole mess?

Angus Scattergood: Not at all, mate, ???.

Bodi: Really?

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Bodi: Right.


Bodi: ???,.???

Dr. Eggman: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: You leave Bodi out of this, he's got nothing to do with your stupid plan!

Dr. Eggman: You cannot resist, Angus, The Eggman Empire cannot be defeated. With every passing moment, this big show provide us with power for my ultimate plan and provides me with unlimited control over Earth and Cyberspace.

Angus Scattergood: I will never join you!

Dr. Eggman: Ah, you'll have plenty of time to consider my offer you rot for eternity for a long trip to Tokyo Japan! (laughs evilly)


Ivy: All systems go!

Crusher: Preparing for takeoff!

Dr. Eggman: Good, now let's go.

Drake: Yes sir, let's move out, guys.


Bodi: What's happening?

Angus Scattergood: The plane's about to takeoff, how are we going to get out of here!


Bodi: Over there, come on.

So, ???,.???

Bodi: Quick, grab on to this!

Angus Scattergood: Alright.

They opened the hatch, ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: Bodi! are you sure about this?!

Bodi: Not really, but it's worth a shot, let's go!


Bodi: Come on, Mr. Scattergood.

Angus Scattergood: It looks rather dangerous, mate, i'm not so sure about this.

Bodi: It'll be okay, Mr. Scattergood, I'll be right beside you.


Bodi: Whoa! aahh!

Angus Scattergood: Bodi!

Angus grabbed Bodi's hand and holds on to the plane's front wheels.

Bodi: Ahh!

Angus Scattergood: Hold on, mate!


Robbie Diaz: Did someone call for some backup?

Bodi: Robbie, guys.

???, ???, ???

Ratchet: Uh-oh, the plane's gonna takeoff in a few minutes.

Callie Jones: I don't think we're gonna make it!

Robbie Diaz: We will! we have to!

???, ???.

Bodi: Ratchet! quick, get behind the tires!

Ratchet: Got it, Bodi!

Clank: Ratchet, what are you doing?

Ratchet: Relax, Clank, it's part of the plan!

???, ???.

Bodi: ???, ???.

Callie Jones: Bodi, here, catch this!

???, ???.

Bodi: Mr. Scattergood, let go of the plane!

Angus Scattergood: What? Are you crazy?!

Bodi: Just pretend that this is like when Robbie and the others saved you from Egg-Scarecrow!

Angus Scattergood: This is a bit too risky, I'm not sure if we could make it!

Bodi: Well, then, let's find out together!

???, ???.

Bodi and Angus: (screams)

???, ???.

Ratchet: Gotcha!


Ratchet: You guys okay?

Bodi: Yeah, thanks for the help.

Angus Scattergood: Yes, thank you so much.

Clank: It was our pleasure.

???, ???.

Callie Jones: They're okay, they made it!

Goku: Alright!

Vegeta: Hmph.


Robbie Diaz: ???,.???

Ratchet: ???,.???

Bodi: ???,.???

Callie Jones: ???,.???

Bodi: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Back at the studio, Shaggy and Scooby were being chased Dr. Eggman, the Black Snakes and the Egg-Knight as their plan was in motion.

Scooby Doo: (screaming)

Shaggy Rogers: Help!

Dr. Eggman: We got you now!

???, ???.

Drake: Ahh!

Crusher: My eyes!

Earl Milton: Now!

???, ???.

Emerl: Alright, Ratchet's plan worked!

Applejack: Hee-yoo!

Twilight Sparkle: We did it!

Rainbow Dash: Heck yeah!

???, ???.

Pinky: Alright, what's all that racket!

Cleo: Looks like you guys have a lot of explaining to do.

???, ???.

Twilight Sparkle: Well, Pinky, we have just figure out what was going on from the beginning.

Cleo: Really now?

Sunset Shimmer: That's right, this whole thing was set up by Eggman disguised as a talent scout to lure Angus away from us.

Pinky: Is that so?

Donkey Kong: Yeah, but it looks like the tables have been turned.

Dr. Eggman: Oh, shut up.

???, ???.

Gmerl: Alright, let's see who's under that helmet... or box.

???, ???.

Everyone: (gasp)

Earl Milton: Robert Zabrinski, I should known that cat was up to no good.

???, ???.

Robbie Diaz: Hey guys, did we miss anything?

Serena: Robbie, you're back!

Robbie Diaz: Yep, we also got Angus and Bodi back safe and sound.

???, ???.

Amy Rose: Bodi, Angus, are you boys okay?

Angus Scattergood: Yes, we're just fine, Amy.

???, ???.

Pinky: Angus Scattergood! what in the hay is going on here?!

Angus Scattergood: Whoa, Pinky, wait, I can explain.

Gmerl: You don't have to, Angus, but we should explain for you. (to everyone) To start things off, Pinky, Eggbert was actually Eggman in disguise and almost turned this whole thing upside down.

Cleo: Really, how is it possible?

Angus Scattergood: ???, ???.

Pinky: ???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: ???, ???.

Twilight Sparkle: Dr. Eggman must have plan this from the beginning to scare away everyone from the Star Carnival.

Ratchet: Knowing this would force you to sell.

Robert Zabrinski: And I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for you meddling kids and your pesky dog.

Earl Milton: How did you figure it out?

Gmerl: Well, Shaggy and Scooby's Clues steered us in the right direction, but the real clincher was the helmet.

???, ???.

Rainbow Dash: ???, ???.

Gmerl: It's simple, Rainbow, it's oversize shape was perfect for the image-conscious Zabrinski who could wear it without messing up his impeccable hair.

Pinkie Pie: ???, ???.

Earl Milton: And what about my bro?

Doug Milton: (muffed) I'm over here!


Yoshi: Yikes!, it's a mummy!


Donkey Kong: Seriously, Yosh, you really have got to stop doing that.

Yoshi: Y-yeah... this is embarrassing.

???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: Doug! Thank goodness that you're alright, what happened to you?

Doug Milton: Dr. Eggman's goons ambushed me and wrap us in these... you scoundrels! have you any idea how much these mummy costumes cost?

Black Snakes: No.

Crusher: How much?

Gmerl: I would probably say... they're pretty much like a million bucks.

???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: I'm so terribly sorry, mate, I just thought that the Music Festival was going to be the greatest event, I thought I've always made the right decision, but I don't. I've made the worse decision ever, maybe we should cancel the Music Festival.

Doug Milton: Are you kidding? that was some great detective work, even better then the Big Nap or Death on the Run, (to Bodi) say, Bodi, have you ever thought about being on stage?

Bodi: Well, I have been to a concert with everyone back then, but I'm willing to try.

Doug Milton: Excellent. (to Amy) you know, you could make a good tambourine player, Miss Rose.

Amy Rose: Well. (giggling) now that you mentioned it.

Penny: Hold on a second, what should we do for the music festival?

Doug Milton: Well, we always need music writers.

Yoshi: Say, what about the rest of us, can't we do the catering?

Doug Milton: Actually, I had something better in mind.

Doug walked over to talk to Angus.

Doug Milton: Angus, I don't suppose that you could give Robbie and his friends a chance to be part of the Music Festival?

Angus Scattergood: Hmm... (to Robbie) Say, Robbie, ???.

Robbie Diaz: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: Pinky, ???,.???

Pinky: Hmm, well, ???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Bodi: ???,.???

Angus Scattergood: ???,.???

Bodi: ???,.???

Cleo: ???,.???

Pinky: (laughs) Angus, ???,.???

Then, Slasher and Boof ran to Angus, and they ???,.???

Everyone: (laughs)

Angus Scattergood: (laughs)


At last, the Music Festival has begun, ???,.???

Twilight Sparkle: Good evening, everybody! welcome to the opening night of Canterlot City's very first Music Festival! now it is my great honor to introduce you to our headlining act, Angus Scattergood!

Crowd: (cheering)

???, ???.

Angus Scattergood: Hello everyone, glad you all came to see this festival, ???.


Angus Scattergood: ???,.???