Oggy is a cartoon cat and is the main protagonist of "Oggy and the Cockroaches"



Oggy is a diplomatic, sometimes lazy and an easy-natured cat who is the constant victim of the Cockroaches. Of all of his life, he spends his life chasing and catching them, but somehow developed a certain love/hate relationship with them and also learn without the cockroaches, no fun will be invented in his life.

He also displays a love for gardening and eating food, Oggy seems to have a calm-demeanor but when provoked by the Cockroaches or someone, he would go and attack them. He sometimes do cross-dressing, because in one episode, the cockroaches steal his laundry bag and leaving trail of clothes and when he picks the clothes, he became embarrassed because there is a brassiere visible among the boxers and socks. He is scared of mice, which means he is murophobic. This is ironic because real life cats aren't afraid of mice.