This is how Part 2 goes in A Friendship to Remember.

[On Earth, Sci-Ryan snaps a photo]

Sci-Ryan: Thanks. This'll be perfect for the year book.

Fixit: That's right, Sci-Ryan. I guess everyone is happy to be part of the Peer Cominity... Smee Complumentery...

[Bumblebee smacks Fixit]

Fixit: Yearbook committe! Thank you.

Bumblebee: You're welcome, Fixit. But this one could be the best one yet.

Sci-Ryan: I know. [spots the Shadowbolts] Look there are my friends, the Shadowbolts.

Sour Sweet: Do we know you?

Sci-Ryan: Pfft. Very cute, Sour Sweet. First I wished we never knew each other and now you're pretending you don't know me. You're hailarious.

Indigo Zap: No seriously do we know you?

Sci-Ryan: I... uhhh..... [goes to touch Lemon Zest's arm]

[He touches it and his eyes turn white. Inside one of Lemon Zest's memories]

Lemon Zest: Dude, you have got to try it!

[She puts her headphones on Sci-Twi and where Sci-Ryan is sat is a vacant space. Cut to the Friendship Games]

Evil Anna: Come on!

Cody Fairbrother: Go faster!

[Again there is a vacant space]

[Cut to the Midnight Sparkle incident]

Midnight Sparkle: Imagine the magic we could understand!

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Sci-Twi, this is your last warning!

[Again there is a vacant space]

[Cut to Camp Everfree]

Everfree Prince Gale: Nice move!

Gaia Everfree: Thanks.

[Once again, there is a vacant space]

[Sci-Ryan's eyes return to normal and he lets go]

Sci-Ryan: It's like I've been... Erased!

Fixit: Sweet Solus Prime! Is that true?

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. [] Cousin. You remember me? Beleave me.