Philmac the Unknown (Scars) 1

Philmac the Unknown is a mysterious ally or enemy to Team Robot and one of the most dangerous adversaries. He wants revenge on the forces of darkness for destroying his home world, killing his team and his leader/teacher five years ago, he suffers a lot of pain in the past, as the result, he turn cruel and emotionless and become a ruthless anti-hero. He doesn't get along with Emerl and his friends, gets very angry sometimes and he's also a little silent around them, but he always there to assist them.



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Twilight Sparkle

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Sonic the Hedgehog 

When Philmac first met Sonic the Hedgehog he was kinda impressed seeing Sonic is the fastest Hedgehog in the world.


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Starlight Glimmer 

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Ash Ketchum

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Emerl's Adventures Of Power Rangers Super Megaforce

In Emerl's Adventures Of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, Philmac appears when he followed Dr. Eggman and his robots to earth where Team Robot and friends battling the Armada. Philmac disguise himself as a hooded figure and went rogue to defeat his enemies with massive power. when he saw Xion with Emerl and friends, he thought they're one of Xehanort's and the Armada's allies and began attack them with uncontrollable rage. Emerl manage to defeat Philmac and tell him what's going on, Philmac apologize to them and ask him if he could join Emerl's team, in hopes of getting a second chance to get strong to protect his new friends. But he doesn't really sure if he does have a chance.   

G-Merl's Eternal Quest

Team Robot In Pokemon XY The Series 

In Team Robot In Pokemon XY The Series, Philmac appears in Mega-Mega Meowth Madness inside Professor Sycamore's lab very upset that Team Robot and friends arrived in Kalos. Then he sees Team Rocket along with Team Robot's enemies kidnapped him and joins Emerl and the rest of the Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1 to save him and the other captive heroes. Later he joins the heroes on an adventure in the Kalos region. However, through out the series, Philmac gets very stubborn between heroes and villains, and tries to around Kalos alone. Which it was a big problem for Team Robot.

Team Robot In Pokemon Sun & Moon The Series 

Legendary Keyblade War (Seven Light's VS Thirteen Darkness's)