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Pooh's Adventures Armada: Hunt for the Chaos Emeralds is an upcoming Pooh's Adventures mini-series of movies made by BowserMovies1989. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.


Winnie the Pooh, his Friends, and their associates, are on a hunt for the Chaos Emeralds, seven gemstones containing the ultimate power. However, they are not the only ones hunting for the Emeralds. Bowser and his associates, are also after the Chaos Emeralds. If they succeed in obtaining all seven Emeralds, they will control the universe. Our heroes must now stand united to get the Emeralds and save the universe from total domination.

Episode Guide

Season 1:

Episodes 1-2: The Adventure Begins

Episode 3: Fear Itself

Epsiode 4: Trouble at the DigiWorld

Episode 5: Cybertron Chaos

Episode 6: Never in Neverland

Episode 7: The Great Valley Adventure

Episode 8: Dimmsdale's in Dimmadanger

Episode 9: Under the Sea Peril

Episode 10: Pallet Panic

Episode 11: Gotham Goes Gassy

Episode 12: Almost Got'em

Episode 13: Little Chaos Lost

Episode 14: Cruise Blues

Episode 15: Mighty Morphin meets in Space

Episode 16: Emerald Anniversary

Episode 17: Tale Of Master Yoshi

Episode 18: Last Emerald Found

Episode 19: Epic Showdown

Episode 20: Pure Chaos

Episode 21: A Chaotic Day

Episode 22: A Robot Rebels

Episode 23: Heads Up, Tails

Episode 24: Revenge of the Robot

Episode 25: Flood Fight

Season 2:

Episode 26: The Lights of Orion

Episode 27: The Magna Defender

Episode 28: The Sunflower Search

Episode 29: Silent Sleep

Episode 30: Orion Rising

Episode 31: Orion Returns

Episode 32: Shark Attack

Episode 33: Redemption Day

Episode 34: Destined for Greatness

Episode 35: True Blue to the Rescue

Episode 36: A Rift in the Rangers

Episode 37: Five of a Kind

Episode 38: Silence is Golden

Episode 39: The Enemy Within

Episode 40: Revenge of the Dark Masters

Episode 41: Mission to Secret City

Episode 42: Ghosts in the Machine

Episode 43: Decepticons to Battle!

Episodes 44-45: Dark Specter’s Revenge


Spirit Journey parts 1-4

Season 3:

Episode 46: A Cosmic Call

Episode 47: Rumble in Agrabah

Episode 48: Trouble in Chanticleer's Farm

Episode 49: The Gaul of Hedgehogs

Episode 50: In The Dark of The Night

Episode 51: Nightmare on Notre Dame

Episode 52: Darkly Dawns Angel Grove

Episode 53: Revenge of the Decepticons

Episode 54: The Evil Queen's Masquerade

Episode 55: Vengeance of the Forbidden Arts

Episode 56: Queen Beryl's Prophecy of Doom

Episode 57: Witchy Woman

Episode 58: Dream Battle

Episode 59: Hexuba's Graveyard

Episode 60: Olympus Unbound

Episode 61: Jason's Return

Episode 62: Mission PAW Returns

Episode 63: Nightmare on the Haunted Mansion

Episodes 64-65: Back to the Saddle

Season 4:

Movie: The Return of Evil (guest starring Dark Oak and the Metarex)

Episode 66: Spark of Darkness

Episode 67: Return of the Evil Queen

Episode 68: Missing Crime

Episode 69: Batgirl Returns

Episode 70: Return to the Hidden Temple

Episode 71: The Call of the Lion

Episode 72: Cassandra’s Return

Episodes 73-74: Trakeena’s Revenge

Episode 75: Enter the Dragon

Episode 76: Fright Night

Episode 77: Night of the Sailor Scouts

Episode 78: Unfinished Business

Episode 79: The Engagement Ring

Episode 80: The Return of Sly Cooper

Episode 81: Honor Among Phantom Thieves

Episode 82: Ultra Guardians Unite!

Episodes 83-84: The Final Confrontation

Episode 85: Other Victories