Pooh's Adventures of The Little Mermaid 2 - Return to the sea Poster

The poster for "Pooh's Adventures of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea".

Pooh's Adventures of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea is the sequel to Daniel Esposito's Pooh's Adventures of The Little Mermaid. It was created by David Graham (aka BowserMovies1989). It appeared on YouTube on 7-1-2009. A new remake version will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


Set some unspecified time after the events of the original film, (possibly ten years since the events of Pooh's Adventures of The Little Mermaid) the film begins with a celebration for Ariel and Eric's newborn daughter Melody on a ship at sea. Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Eeyore, Stay Puft, Slimer, the Good Fairy, and Mewtwo, have all been invited to celebrate. Even SpongeBob and Patrick are invited. Ariel's father King Triton presents baby Melody with a magic locket. The party is interrupted by The Grand Duke Of Owls & Morgana, sister of the deceased Ursula, who threatens to cause Melody harm, using her as leverage to get Triton's trident. Pooh And His Friends & Ariel and Eric work together to foil Morgana & The Duke's plan. In addition to knocking the villains off the ship, Slimer bites, and possibly even slimes, The Grand Duke on the leg.

Fearing Morgana and The Duke and remembering Ursula, Ariel decides to withhold all knowledge of the sea world from Melody. The locket is tossed into the ocean, and a massive wall is built to separate the royal castle from the sea.

Twelve years later, Melody remains unaware of her mother’s mermaid heritage and is forbidden from ever going into the sea. However, she has been sneaking out the castle regularly to swim and one day finds her locket. Seeing her name on the locket, Melody confronts her mother in an explosive argument. Angry at her mother's refusal to answer her questions, Melody takes a boat and sails away from home. Her parents soon learn that she is gone, and Triton uses his magic to transform Ariel back into a mermaid to search for Melody and Pooh and his friends put on their scuba gear to go help Ariel find Melody.

Melody is lured to Morgana’s lair by her manta rays, and Morgana uses the remains of Ursula's magic to temporarily transform Melody into a mermaid. Morgana says that the transformation will be permanent if Melody can get hold of the trident, which she claims was stolen by Triton. With the help of Tip the penguin and Dash the walrus, Melody successfully returns to Morgana & The Duke with the trident. Ariel, Pooh, and the others try to stop Melody, but before they can explain that Morgana and the Duke are evil, Melody gives the trident to Morgana. With the trident in her grip, Morgana reveals her true intentions and grabs Ariel with her tentacle and holds her hostage.

Morgana uses the trident's magic to lord over the ocean, rising to the surface to gloat. Scuttle, Triton, Sebastian, and Eric arrive, and a battle ensues against Morgana and her minions. Melody manages to grab the trident and throw it back to Triton by climbing up the cliff on which Morgana is standing and sneaking up on her. Triton uses his trident to encase Morgana in a block of ice, which sinks underwater. The Grand Duke says that he doesn't need the trident to get rid of Pooh and the others. Suddenly, Triton frightens the Duke and his minions with the light from his trident. Using the trident, he banishes the Grand Duke and his Owl minions to the outer space.

Melody reunites with her family, and Triton offers his granddaughter the option of becoming a mermaid permanently. Instead, she uses the trident to disintegrate the wall separating her home from the sea.