Ritsu Tainaka anime

Ritsu Tainaka is one of the main protagonists of the K-ON! series, she plays the drums.


In the show, Ritsu is a tomboyish determined young girl who has a love for anything scary, which always gets her in trouble with Mio, who dislikes anything scary or blood and gore. She is also considered a bit of a tomboy according to Mugi.

It is revealed that she hates being insulted and laughed at by Azusa and often choke-holds Azusa because of it, she once tried to bonk Tsumugi on the head but she couldn't bring herself to do it, it wasn't long until Mugi states to her if she was a boy, then she would be pretty popular among girls, which she got offended and very embarrassed by that, and bonks Mugi spontaneously.


Mio Akiyama

Tino Tonitini

Gary Oak

She originally hated Gary due to calling everyone losers which was stated in Dig Those Diglett!, she even blew her top at Gary that she almost swore but she was droned out by the Diglett, but after Ash defeated Gary in the Silver Conference, she gained respect for him after she learned that Gary is going to become a professor.

Ritsu Tainaka's Pokemon

In Liam's Adventures of Pokemon the Series

At Storage


Digimon Partner


  • In Liam's Adventures of Pokemon the Series, Ritsu will appear in Securing the Future! where she, along with Mugi, Azusa, Mio, Sawako, Nodoka Manabe, Ui, Yui, and Jun is shown to join the rest of Alola in showering Necrozma with light so it could return to its normal form.
  • In both versions of Traumio (episode), Ritsu found a kwami which revealed to be a ??? when she first encountered Ryan and the group, when Mio got akumatized, the kwami tells her the words to transform so that she can remove the akuma from Mio and de-evilize her.


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