Ryan, Thomas, and Crash's Adventures of Mortal Kombat 9 is a new game to be made by Nighlocktheawesome.


The events of Armegeddon have just ended, and Shao Khan and Tirek have beaten Raiden and Thomas. But just before Raiden and Thomas can be finished, they send a message back in time to their younger selves during the first Mortal Kombat tournament.


Opening/The Message from the Future

The game opens up with the aftermath of the Battle of Armageddon, where nearly all of the Kombatants, Heroes, and Villains have been killed. Only two Kombatants, one Hero, and one Villain are shown to have survived: the Thunder God, Raiden, the Train-Prime, OpThomas Prime, the Outworld Emperor, Shao Khan, and the Centaur, Tirek. Khan's powers increased after killing Blaze while Tirek's powers increased after killing The Firebird and absorbing its magic, and are currently engaged in a fight with Raiden and OpThomas, where they easily beat them and taunt the Thunder God and Train-Prime, destroying their medallions in the process. Realizing that the battle is lost, Raiden and OpThomas gather the shattered pieces of their medallions and send a cryptic message to their past selves, including the words "They must win", moments before Shao Kahn and Tirek deliver the killing blows on them.

The first Tournament/Chapter 1: Johnny Cage and Nighlock

The message, alongside a series of mental images, travels back in time to the events of the first Mortal Kombat tournament covered in the series, held on Shang Tsung and Lord Shen's island. The Raiden and OpThomas of the past not only sense these events, but also see that their amulets are cracked. They think nothing of it at first, as the tournament is beginning. Shang Tsung and Lord Shen appear with their monks to greet the Kombatants, and welcome them to the Mortal Kombat tournament. They also introduce themselves as the final challenge. Johnny Cage, despite Nighlock's warnings, after insulting Shang Tsung and Lord Shen behind their backs, is called to fight alongside Nighlock against Reptile and The Lizard. Cage and Nighlock win, so Tsung and Shen call for Baraka and Lady Deathstrike to be their next opponent. Cage and Nighlock defeat Baraka and Lady Deathstrike, and are ordered to 'finish' them, but do not comply. Immediately afterward, Cage and Nighlock are congratulated on their victory by Raiden and OpThomas, who along with Liu Kang and Ryan, warn them that Earthrealm is in danger. Nighlock promises to keep an eye out, while Cage, on the other hand, ignores their warnings, however. Cage and Nighlock go look for Sonya Blade and Shadowcat, Nighlock to inform Shadowcat of Raiden,


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