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This is the episode script for Same Old Song and Dance (RAoP:MQ).

[The episode starts]

Narrator: As our heroes continue their journey in search of the Blackthorn City gym, Ash is just in search of something to eat!

Ash Ketchum: Man, I'm so hungry.





Amanda Tyson:

Alison "Alice" Diaz: Like Miki don't know Ace already?

Miki Sunshine: (in tears) Don't mention that name.

Bertram T. Monkey: You are sensitive about it. And what would Ryan do with a dusty old lamp he found?

Dave Tyson: I think so. At least Miki will meet a little chicken someday. Who would Miki think will call him? Ace or something?

Miki Sunshine: [in Batman's (Batman V Superman) voice] Why did you say that name!?

Alison "Alice" Diaz: Are you okay, Miki?

Bertram T. Monkey: Would you like to talk about it, Mik?

Dave Tyson: Calm down, Miki. I know it is a nickname for Chicken Little's father. There must be someone who love you. Ever seen Chicken Little?!

Miki Sunshine: No. [sniffs]

Orla Trayson: Miki, Ryan was so sorry for your loss. He will always be with you, since there are hearts all around us, connected to each others.





Ryan Freestar: Well, Miki. Since I know we did find some treasure to help us with my and Meg's love. While looking in a cave, I stumbled upon a dusty old lamp so, I thought I take it with me. I am curious if there is a genie inside this lamp.

Miki Sunshine: You think that someone is looking for that lamp, do you, Ben?

Ben Starbeam: Miki, that lamp is in a cave for years. Anyone who got it is properly gone on holiday.

Nicole "Nikki" Moonbeam: Kenna and her bro mentioned something about a story of a boy who finds a magic lamp. Legend says that it has a genie inside who would grant him 3 wishes. And it once changed the course of the boy's life. Like Ryan, a boy who finds the lamp is more than what he seems. [whispers in Miki's ear] A diamond in the rough.

Miki Sunshine:

Cody Starshooter: Yeah. It would be cool if it had a genie in this lamp.

Kath: Eva vui. (I agree.)

Sci-Ryan: Say, Miki. You think this lamp will be like an ace of hearts for you.

Miki Sunshine: [] That name…

Sci-Ryan: Miki? What’s the matter?

Miki Sunshine: [in Brock's voice] I don't wanna talk about it.

Ryan Freestar: Yeah. It got me curious on this lamp I found.