Here is how Sharon helps out with the twins goes in Celestia, Indy and Anna.

Later, Sharon helps out Celestia with the twins.

Princess Celestia: Sharon, Did you pack their toys in the diaper bag?

Princess Sharon: Sure did.

Princess Celestia: (brought out the blocks) Indy, Anna! Look at the blocks. You want to play with them?

Prince Indy: (laughs as he plays with the blocks)

Princess Anna: (giggles as she started playing with her stuffed duck)

Princess Celestia: That's Alicorn magic. It come and goes when you wanting to use it.

Princess Anna: (embraces Celestia's magic on her horn)

Princess Celestia: Aren't they adorable, Sharon?

Princess Sharon: They sure are, Mother. (sniffs) Ugh, And they need their diapers changed.

Prince Indy: (laughs)

Princess Celestia: (brought out the changing equipments from the diaper bag) Sharon, Will you take care of Indy while I do Anna?

Princess Sharon: Sure thing.

Princess Celestia: (place Anna on the changing pad) Alright, Anna. Time to change you.

Princess Sharon: (place Indy on the spare changing pad) Okay, Indy. Time for your big sissy to change your diaper.

Princess Celestia: (started changing Anna)

Princess Sharon: (started changing Indy)

Prince Indy: (giggles)

Princess Sharon: There you go, Indy. All done.

Princess Anna: (laughs)

Princess Celestia: Okay, Anna. You're all clean and ready for mommy's kiss. (kisses her babies)

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (laughs)

Princess Celestia: (puts away the changing gear)

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (hugging their mommy)

Princess Celestia: (chuckles)

Princess Sharon: It sure was fun playing with the twins.

Princess Celestia: Yes it is.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (kissing Celestia by her cheeks)

Princess Celestia: (giggles) You've been a very helpful big sister, Sharon. Thank you.

Princess Sharon: You're welcome.