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Sonic: Adventures in Equestria is a new series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and a re-imagining of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, featuring events that differ from the series canon and several fan characters, such as Nazo, Nyx, and Snowdrop.


After ending up in Equestria following an Eggman plot gone awry, Sonic and his friends team up with Twilight Sparkle and her friends to learn valuable friendship lessons, all the while battling numerous villains and saving the world from evil.


Team Sonic

A small group of Freedom Fighters led by Sonic the Hedgehog himself.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - A blue hedgehog, the leader of Team Sonic, and the Warrior of Courage. Well-known for his legendary cocky attitude, easy-going demeanor and somewhat short temper, yet strong sense of justice, compassion, and love for freedom and adventure, Sonic uses his superspeed to protect the innocent from his world and those beyond from the forces of evil, especially his arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman. Ever since stepping into the battle against iniquity, Sonic has been the champion of peace and is renowned all over the world for saving it countless times. During his many adventures, Sonic has traveled from the ends of the world to the far reaches of space and time, facing countless trials that have tested him to the fullest, earning him many titles, allies and the scorns of several foes, he also sometimes wields a sword in battle.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (voiced by Kate Higgins) - A two-tailed yellow fox, Sonic's best friend and sidekick, and the Warrior of Knowledge. Sporting two tails, which is uncommon for his species, Tails is able to to achieve flight like a helicopter, he also serves as Team Sonic's mechanic, pilot, and technology expert. A gentle and sweet-natured soul, Tails was initially timid and lacked courage. After meeting Sonic, however, Tails has become more confident, eventually growing into a more outgoing, brave, independent individual and a hero in his own right. Since encountering Sonic, Tails has looked up to him and stood by his side, helping him whenever he can during their adventures.
  • Knuckles the Echidna (voiced by Travis Willingham) - A red echidna from Angel Island, the current guardian of the Master Emerald, and the Warrior of Reliability. Knuckles serves as the muscle of Team Sonic, capable of smashing boulders and asteroids to pieces with a single punch. A loner by nature, Knuckles is independent, headstrong and serious, yet gullible, short-tempered and sometimes dimwitted to a fault. He is entirely devoted to his duty, spending most of his time on Angel Island protecting the Master Emerald, and rarely cares for anything that is of no importance. When his friends and others are in need of his help, however, Knuckles can always be relied on being willing to leave his post and prove himself a faithful and good-hearted hero. He is also one of Sonic's oldest friends and rivals.
  • Amy Rose (voiced by Cindy Robinson) - A pink hedgehog, the eventual co-leader of Team Sonic, and the Warrior of Enthusiasm. Serving as the team's organizer and archeologist, and wielding the piko-piko hammer, which is her most prized possession, in battle, Amy is a cheerful, though slightly erratic girl, with a positive attitude and boundless energy. However, she has a scary temper and her infatuation with Sonic makes her shortsighted and a bit obsessive about him, though she's mellowed down as of recently, resulting in Sonic liking her more. Nevertheless, she has a pure heart and will not let anything stop her. She is also more emotionally mature than her friends, often offering common sense when the rest of the team gets carried away. She's also Sonic's love interest and later girlfriend.
  • Cream the Rabbit (voiced by Michelle Ruff) - A peach rabbit, the daughter of Vanilla, and the Warrior of Sincerity. While the youngest member of the team, Cream is sweet, honest, innocent and has a generally happy attitude. She is similarly very considerate, charitable and friendly, always eager to lend her friends a hand whenever the situation calls for it. Not afraid to face danger for the sake of those she cares about, Cream is also not afraid to voice her anger and disgust, but never does so in a rude way. A spirited go-getter, Cream is very hardworking and always tries her best in everything she does. She is also a pacifist and detests violence of all forms. However, she is willing to fight to protect her friends if their safety is threatened and there is no telling what she would do in such cases.
  • Cheese (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - Cream's pet chao and best friend, who goes everywhere with her, and is rarely seen apart from her. Cheese is a very loyal Chao and is always ready to help Cream. Cheese's mood also tend to reflect Cream's: whenever Cream is happy or upset, so is Cheese.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (voiced by Kirk Thornton) - A powerful black hedgehog, a agent of G.U.N., and the Warrior of Faith. Created over 50 years ago as the Ultimate Life Form, Shadow is sharp-witted, always on edge, and has a strong sense of purpose, willing to accomplish his goals by any means. Essentially a dark version of Sonic, Shadow can match him in both speed and skill, and can use Chaos Control with a Chaos Emerald. While preferring to work alone, he eventually grows to appreciate the rest of Team Sonic. He is also idolized by Eggman for his popularity within the series, but Shadow does not share his enthusiasm.
  • Rouge the Bat (voiced by Karen Strassman) - A white bat, a part-time spy, and the Warrior of Compassion. Rouge is in short, an enigma, as her motivations are always in question. In truth, she is usually just out for herself. She is smart, sassy and seductive, and knows how to get what she wants. Once she has a target in mind, she always goes for it, regardless of the costs. Beneath her ditsy exterior though, she is a calculating realist and her motives are always mercenary in nature. Regardless, she is loyal to her closest friends.
  • Silver the Hedgehog (voiced by Quinton Flynn) - A white/silver hedgehog hailing from two hundred years into the future where his role is to protect his time by changing the catastrophes of the past, thus preventing the ruining of his era, and the Warrior of Hope. Silver is a kindhearted and well-meaning individual, driven by a strong sense of justice to right the wrongs of the past to uphold peace, though he is somewhat naive and immature. Despite the monumental tasks he may have on hand, he is an optimist and will do whatever is required to protect the world. He also makes use of his psychokinesis, an ability from his time that is considered the norm, which allows him to move objects with the power of his mind.
  • Blaze the Cat (voiced by Laura Bailey) - A purple cat, the guardian of the Sol Emeralds, and the Warrior of Wisdom. As a princess hailing from other dimension, Blaze is normally calm and elegant, but tends to conceal her true feelings. Devoted to her position, she sometimes gets herself bogged down by her own strict discipline, which made her anti-social, shy, and unfamiliar to the concept of having friends. After spending time with Sonic and Cream, however, Blaze has discovered the true meaning of friendship, allowing her to accomplish tasks for the good of her people and the innocent which she could never do alone. As her name suggests, she is gifted with the power of pyrokinesis, which lets her create and manipulate fire in any way she pleases. She is also Silver's love interest and later girlfriend.

Mane Six (later Mane Nine)

The bearers of the Elements of Harmony, The Mane Six would later become alicorn princesses, and would become the Mane Nine once Trixie, Sunset, and Starlight joined their ranks in Season 5, with the three of them also becoming alicorn princesses by the end of said season. As of the end of Season 9, the Mane Nine now rule Equestria.

  • Twilight Sparkle (voiced by Tara Strong) - A purple alicorn (seasons 1 through 3 showed her as a unicorn), the Bearer of the Element of Magic, and the Princess of Friendship. The most intellectual member of the Mane Nine who leads them during their adventures and helps resolve her friends' differences, very talented one when it comes to performing magic, Twilight's most defining character trait is her humility. She is a natural-born leader, an intelligent and dutiful scholar, wise beyond her years, with an avid love of learning and scientific discoveries. Very talented when it comes to magic, her skills rival that of Starswirl the Bearded, having already mastered various advanced spells before her ascension to alicornhood.
  • Spike (voiced by Cathy Weseluck) - A purple dragon and Twilight's number #1 assistant. Being one of Twilight's oldest friends and companions, his loyalty and skill at helping Twilight solve problems and learn lessons knows no bounds. His ability to magically deliver scrolls to and from Princess Celestia with his green fire-breath is featured in many episodes, as is his crush on Rarity. He also gained wings in Season 8.
  • Pinkie Pie (voiced by Andrea Libman) - A pink alicorn (seasons 1 through 3 showed her as an earth pony) and the Princess of Laughter. Pinkie Pie is very jolly, giggly, hyperactive, but also very friendly. She enjoys playing pranks on her friends but makes sure that whoever she's pranking isn't hurt and just gets a laugh out of it. Her friends often don't take her seriously, but Pinkie begs to differ when the situation demands it. An example is when Ponyville was being invaded by the tiny parasprites and while everyone was frantically thinking of ways to stop them, Pinkie was searching for her instruments because she knew that they can be lured with the help of music. Pinkie Pie enjoys throwing parties and loves sweets.
  • Applejack (voiced by Ashleigh Ball) - An orange blonde-haired alicorn (seasons 1 through 3 showed her as an earth pony) and the Princess of Honesty. Applejack is a very hard-working pony who works as a farmer on Sweet Apple Acres in Ponyville with her grandmother Granny Smith, big brother Big McIntosh, little sister Apple Bloom, and dog Winona. She's been known to be headstrong and insist on doing things by herself since she's very hard working. Despite this, she's kind and considerate.
  • Fluttershy (voiced by Andrea Libman) - A yellow alicorn (seasons 1 through 3 showed her as a pegasus) and the Princess of Kindness. Fluttershy is the most timid and shy. She's very nervous, but she's also incredibly kind. She's great at taking care of animals, and shows her gentle and friendly nature when helping them. She is also easily scared, but she can find the courage when needed.
  • Rarity (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) - A white alicorn (seasons 1 through 3 showed her as a unicorn) and the Princess of Generosity. Rarity is a fashion designer/seamstress at her own dressmaking shop, the Carousel Boutique. She is very stylish and beautiful, takes great interest in fashion and clothing design, and often tries to make herself the center of attention. She considers herself a lady and often acts sophisticated. She can also be very dramatic, often when a disaster occurs to her.
  • Rainbow Dash (voiced by Ashleigh Ball) - A blue/cyan alicorn (seasons 1 through 3 showed her as a pegasus) and the Princess of Loyalty. She is responsible for maintaining the weather and clearing the skies in Ponyville. As a huge fan of the Wonderbolts, she dreams of one day joining their elite flying group, a dream she would eventually achieve in Season 6.
  • Trixie Lulamoon (voiced by Kathleen Barr) A cyan alicorn (seasons 1 through 5 showed her as a unicorn) and the Princess of Humility. As a traveling magician, Trixie tends to speak in the third person and refers to herself as "The Great and Powerful Trixie," though this tendency would slow down a bit in Season 5. Starting off as a show-off, boasting about her abilities, Trixie would quickly become more humble as the series progressed, even hanging out with the main cast more.
  • Sunset Shimmer (voiced by Rebecca Shoichet) - An orange alicorn (seasons 4 through 5 showed her as a unicorn) and the Princess of Empathy. A former student of Princess Celestia, Sunset was once extremely arrogant, self-centered, and antisocial, thus her mentor's short patience with her. Though after realizing her cruel and dishonest ways not long after leaving Equestria, she would eventually return to Equestria following the events of Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Equestria Girls, even making amends with Princess Celestia. Since then, Sunset has been a major ally for the heroes, even becoming somewhat of a mentor to Trixie.
  • Starlight Glimmer (voiced by Kelly Sheridan) - A pink/purple alicorn (season 5 showed her as a unicorn) and the Princess of Peace. Starlight was originally a sinister figure who wished to build a "perfectly equal society" by magically removing other ponies' cutie marks because she believed that differing degrees of ability cause disharmony between friends, which stemmed from her anger at her childhood friend Sunburst after he earned his cutie mark before her. Starlight would quickly change her demeanor once she learnt about the Mane Six and their accomplishments, after meeting Twilight and the others, Starlight would go onto to become one of the heroes' most trusted allies, being a talented magic user that rivals that of Twilight and Sunset, she is also Trixie's best friend.

Jewel Pixie Animals

The cute magical partners of Team Sonic introduced in Season 2, the Mane Nine would also get their Jewel Pixie Animals during Season 5.

  • Sapphire (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Tunette (voiced by Jennifer Hale)
  • Digit (voiced by Tom Kenny)
  • Ruby (voiced by John DiMaggio)
  • Moonlight (voiced by Steven Blum)
  • Caramel (voiced by Hynden Walch)
  • Diamond (voiced by Grey DeLisle)
  • Salt (voiced by Benjamin Diskin)
  • Pearl (voiced by Ashley Johnson)
  • Shine (voiced by Lisa Ortiz)
  • Gem (voiced by Amy Palant)
  • Sweetie (voiced by Matt Hill)
  • Tart (voiced by Samuel Vincent)
  • Weather (voiced by Jason Griffith)
  • Amour (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald)
  • Majesty (voiced by Dan Green)
  • Fauna (voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent)
  • Gleam (voiced by Kazumi Evans)

Team Overlander

Overlander allies of Team Sonic that occasionally help them and their friends with different threats to their world.

  • Reaper (voiced by Sean Schemmel) - A mysterious Overlander, a member of a ancient ninja clan, the leader of Team Overlander. and a freelance warrior and ninja. Although Reaper is seen as having a calm personality as a result of his indifference to strangers due to his taciturnity, in actuality, he loves conflict more than anyone else, but doesn't resort to killing unless it's a last resort. In his youth, he trained relentlessly with his clan in order to combat evil threats, this was until the day the entire clan was put under a spell that enhanced their aggression. They began attacking each other in earnest, and Reaper was forced to slay all of them, even his beloved mentor, in self-defense. Reaper swore to discover who engineered his clan's destruction, sometimes willing to work with Sonic and the others in order to find answers. Energetic and adventurous, Reaper can sometimes acts impulsively and rush in to battle without thinking of the consequences. Despite his flaws, Reaper is very caring and considerate of others, even if his actions may cause some people to think otherwise. Deep down, he has hidden feelings for Vanessa that he didn't got the chance to tell her as she has cut all ties with him.
  • Hawkeye (voiced by Nolan North) - Reaper's pet eagle, who despite not being a mobian, is capable of speech.
  • Yukimura (voiced by Josh Keaton) - Reaper's royal pet dragon and steed.
  • Jayden (voiced by Kyle Hebert) - An Overlander who resides in Green Hill, a skilled martial artist, and the second-in-command of Team Overlander. Jayden is a silent, meek, humble, submissive, self-deprecating, and respectful individual, he wanders the world with the desire for complete mastery of his martial art, and takes both his travels and training seriously. Though he does not actively seek the role of a hero, Jayden possesses a strong sense of justice as well; protecting the innocent against the predations of bullies and tyrants is the one of the few things that Jayden will prioritize over a satisfying fight.
  • Kristy (voiced by Colleen Villard) - An Overlander who is a member of G.U.N. and Jayden's younger sister. Kristy is a resourceful and dedicated officer of the law with a strong sense of justice that rivals that of her brother, as she strongly believes in protecting the innocent and saving the lives of others. Because of her devotion to justice, she often allies herself with other heroes, such as Team Sonic. Additionally, she has shown great resilience and determination in pursuing intense crime organizations.
  • William (voiced by Robbie Daymond) - A skilled Overlander and Jayden's protege. William has an overly outgoing personality. He is always happy, and often tries to see the good in his enemies, much to Jayden's chagrin. William cares for pretty much everyone, and wishes for an all good world where no one is evil. He has a tendency to never refuse a favor asked to him and often overexerts himself to the point of collapse and even endangering himself. William is however, shown to be a natural leader, looking out for his friends, as well as complete strangers. William is a child prodigy, being very athletic and a highly skilled strategist. He participates in many sports like basketball and kendo while showing immediate expertise. Using these abilities, he is able to adapt to any situation in order to turn the tide of battle.
  • Terence (voiced by Max Mittelman) - William's pet owl, who like Hawkeye, is capable of speech despite not being a mobian.
  • Marcus (voiced by Christopher Sabat) - A somewhat "cold and calculated" Overlander and an expert knight. Marcus is someone that shows very little empathy towards others, he also seems to be obsessed with strength and shows interest in Team Sonic because of their strength and abilities. Despite this, he is a deeply caring person who will do anything to stop evil, even if it means risking his own life.
  • Bullseye (voiced by Derek Stephen Prince) - Marcus' pet hawk, who like Hawkeye and Terence, is capable of speech despite not being a mobian.
  • Damian (voiced by Xander Mobus) - A well-respected Overlander, an experienced cowboy, and Marcus' best friend. Being the sole reason why Marcus hasn't gone to the side of evil, Damian is considered the opposite of his best friend in many ways, he also has a fairly goofy side and spends half of his fights with the forces of evil enjoying having outsmarted his current enemy with incredibly zany schemes, which take his opponents by surprise by how silly his plans are at first sight.
  • Fireheart (voiced by Patrick Seitz) - Damian's pet falcon, who like Hawkeye, Terence, and Bullseye, is capable of speech despite not being a mobian.
  • Angela (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) - A young Overlander that resides in Station Square. Angela often appears to be a strict preteen trying to keep things in perfect order. She has shown a cheery side however, and often worries about her friends when they do reckless stunts without thinking.
  • Lilly (voiced by Cristina Vee) - An enigmatic Overlander that fights against the darkness with strong determination and Angela's younger sister. While Lilly is a very shy and gentle girl, often apologizing for her social awkwardness when meeting new people. She has a strong sense of what's right of wrong and is willing to help her friends when they need help.
  • Vanessa (voiced by Veronica Taylor) - An anti-heroic Overlander. Vanessa is described as very bitterly hostile as a result of her teammates leaving her. She is very aware that she comes across as unfriendly and prefers to be alone. In general, she dislikes people due to her trust issues and thus she is not very cooperative and can be stubborn. She talks very little, so when she does, she states things clearly and she appears to be very confident about her arguments. She is cynical and negative with a sharp tongue and sometimes talks in a cold sarcastic manner. While not the type to assertively act on her own, she is stated to have guts and willing to take action when it suits her. She has no problem blaming others coldly, harshly, and rudely to others about friends shunning and abandoning their own friends multiple times. She was also shown to be very openly irritated by people who believe in the supernatural. Despite her cold, aloof, snarky, and cynical personality, she has helped Sonic and his friends on more than one occasion.
  • Wormwood (voiced by Todd Haberkorn) - Vanessa's loyal pet raven, who like Hawkeye, Terence, Bullseye, and Fireheart, is capable of speech despite not being a mobian.
  • Midnight (voiced by Tony Hale) - Vanessa's loyal pet dragon and steed.
  • Troy (voiced by Eric Vale) - An Overlander and resident of Hedgehog Village. Troy practices kendo and is very principled, hating immorality and injustice. He calls himself "William's eternal rival." He is afraid of heights, but is a capable leader. He is also an avid gamer, constantly making jokes and references to video games and pop culture.
  • Noah (voiced by Richard Epcar) - An adventurous Overlander, a private detective, and Troy's twin brother. Noah is shown to be an intelligent person and a very competent thinker during battles, constantly coming up with new strategies mid-combat to defeat foes. He'a also shown to be a competent boxer and has also performed incredible feats of strength.
  • Orion (voiced by Vic Mignogna) - An Overlander and a skilled samurai. Orion is loud and abrasive, and has a penchant for getting in trouble. However, for all his bluster, he is a deeply caring and loving person who is extremely loyal to his friends. He is a firm believer in second chances, willing to even forgive Vanessa after everything she did as he knew that Reaper has hidden feelings for her. He refuses to give up even when all seems lost.
  • Icarus (voiced by Aaron LaPlante) - Orion's pet phoenix, who like Hawkeye, Terence, Bullseye, Fireheart, and Wormwood, is capable of speech despite not being a mobian.

Princesses of Equestria and Close Allies

The three royal princesses of Equestria, along with some close allies.

  • Princess Celestia (voiced by Nicole Oliver) - The Princess of the Sun and the ruler of Equestria. Celestia is the eldest of the two Royal Sisters, the longest-lived and longest-reigning Equestrian monarch—older than anyone would dare guess—acting as head ruler of Equestria for over one thousand years due to the timeless aging of alicorns. Additionally, she is responsible for the raising and lowering the sun, working in tandem with her sister Luna to ensure a night and day cycle. She is perhaps the most beloved creature in the world, being a staunch proponent for international peace, kindness and cooperation. Very little of her past before Celestia's victory over Discord is known, except that she and Luna discovered the Elements of Harmony. With these artifacts and their bearers, Princess Celestia has secured millennia-long, relative peace for a nation.
  • Princess Luna (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) - The Princess of the Moon and Celestia's younger sister. Luna serves as co-ruler of Equestria alongside Celestia, using her magic to maintain the moon and safeguard her subjects' dreams during nighttime. Luna was introduced as Nightmare Moon, a malevolent black mare who was transformed by bitterness and jealousy towards her sister; her alter ego is a creation of the Nightmare Forces, a dark lunar miasma that preys on Luna's insecurities to convince her to become their host. Banished to the moon by Celestia in the series' past, Nightmare Moon returns from a thousand-year exile to create eternal night. The Mane Six use the Elements of Harmony to purify and reform Luna, who reconciles with her sister and resumes her royal duties.
  • Princess Cadance (voiced by Britt McKillip) - The Princess of Love and the ruler of the Crystal Empire. Cadance is Celestia's adopted niece and Twilight's childhood "foal-sitter", who she shares a special bond with. She is also the wife of Shining Armor and the mother of Flurry-Heart.
  • Shining Armor (voiced by Andrew Francis)
  • Flurry-Heart (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain)
  • Sunburst (voiced by Ian Hanlin)
  • Discord (voiced by John de Lancie) - A draconequus and the spirit of chaos and disharmony. Once on the side of evil. Celestia and Luna opposed him for tormenting ponies with his reality-bending powers and used the Elements of Harmony to turn him into stone. He would later get free and resume his chaotic ways, though he would be defeated a second time by the Mane Six and Team Sonic. Discord is eventually released once again from his stone imprisonment by the Mane Six under Celestia's orders to change for the better, which succeeds after Fluttershy and Cream befriend him. Following this, he appears in subsequent episodes as a reluctant ally of Team Sonic and the Mane Six (later the Mane Nine), occasionally still causing mischief whilst struggling to become a better friend to them.
  • Delta Brony (voiced by Jason Marsden)
  • Omega Brony (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes)
  • Thorax (voiced by Kyle Rideout)
  • Tempest Shadow (voiced by Emily Blunt)
  • Grubber (voiced by Michael Peña)

Team Chaotix

The detective agency of the Freedom Fighters, originally consisting of Espio, Vector, and Charmy, Mighty, Ray, Julie-Su, and Saffron would join during Season 8, it was also once led by Knuckles.

  • Vector the Crocodile (voiced by Keith Silverstein) - A crocodile who works as a private detective and the leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency. Known for his great love of music, Vector's trademark is a pair of headphones which he always listens to, and is likewise never seen without a huge gold chain around his neck. Despite his rough appearance and sometimes rude manners indicating otherwise, Vector is a capable detective and natural leader with a clear, deductive mind who will always see cases through until he deems them solved. While money-minded, Vector has a strong sense of justice and is dedicated to solving his cases.
  • Espio the Chameleon (voiced by Troy Baker) - A purple chameleon, who mainly serves as an intelligent ninja warrior and a member of the Chaotix Detective Agency. There, he works together with Vector the Crocodile and Charmy Bee to solve whatever cases they are given, where he puts his skills to good use. While initially a hothead when introduced, Espio has since become a calm, soft-spoken, serious, and disciplined person whose wariness and soulful character makes him a vital member of his team, and balances out the foolishness of his friends.
  • Charmy Bee (voiced by Colleen Villard) - An extremely hyperactive bee with a big heart and the youngest member and co-founder of the Chaotix Detective Agency. While Charmy is always hyperactive, bee-brained, loud, immature and often annoys his teammates a lot, his tracking skills are nonetheless an invaluable assist to the Chaotix Detective Agency and a crucial part of their team. As such, both Vector and Espio treat Charmy as their equal.
  • Mighty the Armadillo (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) - A red and black armadillo and a old friend of Sonic and Knuckles. Mighty is a friendly and welcoming person. He is a natural pacifist, but is sometimes forced to fight to protect those he cares about. He can also be irritable, especially when under pressure. Mighty is also a loyal and trustworthy companion who values his friends' lives more than anything. Such was the case when he surrendered a Chaos Emerald to Neo Metal Sonic in exchange for the safe release of his best friend Ray.
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel (voiced by Bryce Papenbrook) - A yellow flying squirrel and Mighty's best friend. Ray is friendly, eager and very energetic. What he lacks in raw strength, he makes up for with pure enthusiasm and excitement.  Ray loves adventure, and often glides to high places to get a view of the land below. Ray is also shown to be highly curious (if not scatterbrained).
  • Julie-Su the Echidna (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) - A pink/lavender echidna and the girlfriend and distant relative of Knuckles. Julie-Su is very similar to Knuckles in personality, acting tough most of the time while really being quite caring underneath. This similarity often caused them to butt heads, given that they were both stubborn and temperamental. She is an advocate of "girl power". Julie-Su is always willing to go into any danger, particularly when it involves saving Knuckles, whom she always attempts to aid despite his assurances that he doesn't need it. Julie-Su, known to her friends as Julie, Jules, or 'Su, prefers to go into battle with her friends rather than wait on the sidelines. She is also even more of a tomboy than Sally, and refuses to be seen in a dress, though she does wear them on special occasions. Despite this, she and Sally do share a number of feelings, including a deep desire not to see the men they care about-namely Knuckles and Sonic-get hurt. Julie's concern for Knuckles is one of the few things that gets her truly emotional, particularly when she sees that he is troubled or she believes that he is in danger.
  • Saffron Bee (voiced by Debi Derryberry) - A yellow bee and the girlfriend of Charmy. Somewhat similar to Cream in personality, she is more timid than most of the other characters, not to mention a bit girly and slightly naive, but despite this, she's extremely brave and supportive, especially to Charmy. Though sometimes easily upset, she shows great loyalty and devotion and does not easily back down from a dangerous situation despite her inexperience.

Cutie-Mark Crusaders

Fonded by Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, who eventually gained their cutie-marks by Season 5, this group would expand its' members with Gabby in Season 6, before adding in Nyx, Snowdrop, and Cozy Glow in Season 8.

  • Apple Bloom (voiced by Michelle Creber)
  • Sweetie Belle (voiced by Claire Corlett)
  • Scootaloo (voiced by Madeleine Peters)
  • Nyx (voiced by Tara Strong) - An alicorn filly of unknown origin and a good friend and supporter of the CMC. Nyx has a nearly insatiable appetite for learning and loves to read as much as Twilight does. She is also extremely sensitive and prone to crying fits when she thinks she has done anything to disappoint her friends. Her love of learning makes her unpopular with the colts and fillies in her class, but she manages to befriend the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Twist. As an alicorn, Nyx possesses incredible magical ability, being able to master high level unicorn spells with relative ease. She also seems to be on good terms with Princess Luna, welcoming her with open hooves in Luna Eclipsed.
  • Snowdrop (voiced by Kira Buckland) - A light blue blind pegasus filly. While blind, Snowdrop's great sense of hearing makes up for this. Often bullied at school because of her disability, he is very timid and sensitive, having a quiet demeanor most of the time. She views both winter and the night as underappreciated. She also has the unique ability to create snowflakes by molding snow into what she considers to be stars. Snowdrop is also shown to be really great friends with Princess Luna due to their shared appreciation for the night.
  • Cozy Glow (voiced by Sunni Westbrook) - A pink pegasus filly and Twilight's assistant at the School of Friendship. While sweet, cute, innocent, and naïve, Cozy can be a bit mysterious in her motives constantly displays a supposed fear of failing the class. A skilled liar and faker, she once convinced the CMC that she needed help with her exam, only to fail it on purpose and getting the CMC banned from the School of Friendship in the process, though she quickly expressed remorse for her actions and confessed to everything.
  • Gabby (voiced by Erin Matthews)

Team Robot

The tech division of the Freedom Fighters, it is mainly led by Emerl, though Shard the Metal Sonic would also lead the group on occastion.

  • Emerl (voiced by Scott Menville) - An ancient combat Gizoid that originates from the Nocturnus Clan. Originally classified as a superweapon due to his destructive programming, Emerl was given another chance at life after being rebuilt by Tails, being the leader of Team Robot, he always expects the best for his teammates and always tries to stay on the mission at hand.
  • Gmerl (voiced by Matthew Mercer) - A Gizoid created by Dr. Eggman from Emerl's data, making him a revised version of his predecessor. Gmerl once aided the doctor in his attempts to stop Sonic and his friends from foiling one of his plans, but wound up betraying Eggman to cause mayhem. After his defeat, he was reprogrammed in the image of his predecessor, becoming somewhat of a brother figure to Emerl.
  • Chocola (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - Gmerl's chao companion and the twin brother of Cheese.
  • E-123 Omega (voiced by Vic Mignogna) - An E-Series robot created by Dr. Eggman and one of the most powerful robots ever created. Omega's only goals in life are to take revenge on Eggman for wasting his potential and destroy the doctor's other robots to prove himself superior. These two goals are absolute above all else in Omega's eyes. As a result, he tends to be extremely headstrong and reckless, unlike his teammates on Team Robot who have more common sense. Though he destroys anything that could possibly pose any kind of threat to himself or his mission, Omega is fairly loyal and dependable to his friends, a bit of a holdover from his original purpose as a servant, and he's not incapable of looking past differences to forge alliances. He also genuinely cares for Shadow and Rouge and sees them as friends, and trusts their word over everyone else's. In addition, he will temporarily abandon his vengeful quest against Eggman (or even indirectly work with him) if he detects a bigger threat.
  • E-102 Gamma (voiced by Aaron LaPlante) - An E-Series robot created by Dr. Eggman who gained sentience when he learned of friendship from Amy Rose and turned on his creator. Gamma originally assumed his own mission to 'free' his robot brethren from Eggman, and succeeded, though at the cost of his own life. He was eventually given a second shot at life after being rebuilt by Tails. He is noticeably noble, destroying only what needs to be destroyed, and holding a sensible and rational manner towards his enemies. He also considers his life less important than his friends' and is shown to fight selflessly for them to the brink of sacrificing himself.
  • Shard the Metal Sonic (voiced by Benjamin Diskin) - A robotic clone of Sonic and the first Metal Sonic ever created. Though arrogant and extremely self-confident in his abilities, Shard is fairly easy going, though he is also not above playfully (or cruelly) taunting or mocking others. Despite being modeled after a Hedgehog, Shard hates being buried, most likely as a result of his near destruction at mercy of a tidal wave of lava. He also has Sonic's knack for finding unexpected solutions to problems. Despite his ego in battle, Shard is actually rather insecure, weighed down by both his past misdeeds and the negative image created for robots by Eggman's villainy. He is eager to change this impression, and is willing to sacrifice himself for the very people that he believes would fear him if they knew of his existence. Furthermore, while he wishes to help his fellow artificial beings, he is more than willing to destroy anything who are incapable of moving beyond their destructive programming.
  • Heavy (voiced by Eric Bauza)
  • Bomb (voiced by Khary Payton)
  • FriendBot (voiced by Mark Hamill) - An Eggman robot who went rogue and defected to the Freedom Fighters. He initially took up the job of protecting the Cubot prototypes.
  • Mighton (voiced by Phil LaMarr)
  • Bolts (voiced by Billy West)
  • D-Fekt (voiced by Wally Wingert) - A robot capable of manipulating objects using eco-magnets. Originally created by Eggman to look for Ragnium, D-Fekt immetiently switched sides when he learnt what Eggman thought of him, though he would soon get confused about his true purpose in life, with many questions that needed answers before eventually becoming the protector of the Cubots along with FriendBot.

The Young Six

The students of the School of Friendship.

  • Sandbar (voiced by Vincent Tong)
  • Gallus (voiced by Gavin Langelo)
  • Yona (voiced by Katrina Salisbury)
  • Smolder (voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent)
  • Silverstream (voiced by Lauren Jackson)
  • Ocellus (voiced by Devyn Dalton)

The Freedom Fighters

[An organization of collective or independent militia/rebel forces that originally formed to oppose the tyranny of Dr. Eggman and other enemies]

  • Sally Acorn (voiced by Kath Soucie) - A brown chipmunk and the lead commander of the Freedom Fighters. Sally is strong-minded and is very opinionated. She is often logical and focused with a playful side and prefers to plan ahead in almost all situations. She often takes the role of a leader, not only in directing and organizing people en masse but also through mediation and offering suggestions or compromises to difficult situations. Despite being a princess, Sally is a bit of a "tomboy", not hesitating to get into rough or messy situations if needed. Sally is known to be kind but headstrong and has a tendency to put too much pressure on herself to react in the most wise way. She can be somewhat insecure at times and should she think herself to have failed or misjudged a situation in the past, she will often have tremendous self-doubts in herself at the frustration of her perceived inability.
  • Bunnie Rabbot (voiced by Nicole Sullivan) - A partially robotic rabbit and one of Sally's best friends. Bunnie has always been kind and friendly, and grew up with the expectation that she would marry a gentleman and settle down to a calm life as a hair stylist. That all changed during Dr. Eggman's takeover, when grievous injuries to Bunnie's body forced Uncle Chuck to partially Roboticize her. This change proved quite the struggle in Bunnie's life, but her fellow Freedom Fighters helped her to find a sense of normalcy by embracing her regardless of her cyborg nature. Bunnie thus developed into a fiery but good-natured individual with a firm desire to help save her world from evil and prevent the suffering of others. She is incredibly courageous and self-sacrificing, but not to the point of recklessness; her greatest fear is that something might befall her husband or their friends.
  • Antoine D'Coolette (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - An English/French speaking coyote and the wife of Bunnie Rabbot. Antoine was described as a skittish and conceited soldier when he first joined the Freedom Fighters. Ashamed of himself, Antoine originally tried to hide his cowardliness with bravado and confidence, but it did not work. However, after meeting Bunnie, he slowly grew more confidence with her on his side, and has since grown into a dutiful soldier and valiant fighter who attempts his best to do his best to save innocent lives. There are still moments where he manages to be in vain and easily frightened and anxious, but those are far and few in between and he is quick to put it aside when needed. Speaking both French and English, he struggles occasionally with the latter, particularly during intense situations, and will sometimes use an incorrect word. Apart from his wife Bunnie and his efforts to defeat the evils that threaten his planet, Antoine's greatest passion seems to be cooking.
  • Rotor the Walrus (voiced by Will Friedle) - A purple walrus and one of the more stronger members of the Freedom Fighters. Rotor is more gruff than several others, showing a slightly more confident attitude than others, to the point that he shows little hesitation in combating Eggman's robots head-on, although he is also quite friendly and laid-back. Rotor is more pragmatic than most of his teammates, placing priority on accomplishing their mission with regard for little else, whether the misfortune of others or the Freedom Fighters' heroic reputation. As such, he at times clashes with the others, but is always by their side in a pinch.
  • Nicole the Holo-Lynx (voiced by Kath Soucie) - An artificial intelligence created by Dr. Ellidy who can create a complex holographically simulated body-based on that of a Mobian lynx projected from her hand-held. Back when the Freedom Fighters were formed, Nicole's behavior was completely logic-orientated, with logic being the only motivation behind any decision, and she seemed lacking in autonomy. As time went on though, Nicole became more lifelike, and currently possesses many of the traits of a living being which she is fully regarded as by her friends. She is friendly, helpful, and a loyal member of the Freedom Fighters, having helped her friends at her own risk more than once. She is also able to express concern and support for others. She is also capable of appreciating beauty as she experiences the wonders of having an actual body, and of helping others in times of difficulty. In addition, Nicole has become somewhat philosophical, realizing how important it is to preserve the wonders of the world they are fighting for.
  • Dulcy the Dragon (voiced by Cree Summer)
  • Sonia the Hedgehog (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - A pink/purple hedgehog and Sonic's sister. Sonia tends to be quite high maintenance, spoiled and snotty. She hates getting dirty and constantly worries about the condition of her hair and clothes. Although she appears to be selfish, she is generally good-natured and helps those that are in need. Sonia is known to occasionally talk like a valley girl. Despite all this, Sonia has been shown to like performing daring acts, such as walking on a high brick wall. She is also very athletic, and appears to be good at gymnastics. Sonia is very self-sufficient and does not hesitate in taking on any threat or challenge that she may encounter, often coming out on top. She likes to think things through and on many occasions, has helped her friends out of their own troubles.
  • Manic the Hedgehog (voiced by Greg Cipes) - A green hedgehog and Sonic's brother. Manic is thought of as "laid back", and often uses slang. He has a sort of "valley boy" accent, he also has a good sense of humor, and like Sonic, he's also a bit of a thrill seeker. He also has a mastery with computers and machines and can repair auto-machinery.
  • Big the Cat (voiced by Kyle Hebert) - A large purple cat who is a expert fisherman. Though imposing of stature, Big is a gentle and easy-going, though somewhat dim-witted person with a heart of gold. He also possesses incredible strength and toughness that makes him one of Sonic's strongest allies. Big spends most of his time fishing in tranquility with his best friend, Froggy. Not one for going on grand adventures, Big prefers his peaceful and quiet lifestyle in the jungle. However, should his friends be in danger or in need of his aid, Big will not hesitate to leave his home to help them out and protect them in any way he can.
  • Froggy (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Tikal (voiced by Kari Wahlgren)
  • Chaos (vocal effects by Frank Welker)
  • Omochao (voiced by Laura Bailey) - A robotic Chao with virtually unlimited knowledge about the world. A close friend and ally of the Animals and Chao, Omochao is a friendly, helpful and happy robot who is always willing to provide aid to those who seeks his help. He is also a television personality, working as both a news reporter and commentator for Extreme Gear competitions.
  • T-Pup (vocal effects by Frank Welker) - A small canine-like robot built by Tails, and a pet and useful companion to the fox.
  • Vanilla the Rabbit (voiced by Kate Higgins) - A peach rabbit and Cream's mother. As a beloved mother and respected elder, Vanilla is a calm and composed woman, never raising her voice. Like her daughter, she is nice, polite and kind to others, and always ready to help those in need. Apparently possessing a strong faith in Cream and her friends, Vanilla is not bothered by how Cream goes out on dangerous adventures with Sonic and his friends. However, she does seem to prefer a quiet lifestyle, as she has been known to get somewhat frazzled by Sonic and his friends' adventurous ways.
  • Sir Charles Hedgehog (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - A blue hedgehog and Sonic's uncle. An intellectual and patriotic Mobian, Charles cares for his family more than he does himself. However, he is quick to be hard on himself for his mistakes, often to a point far beyond what he should lay on his shoulders even when it's not his fault in the first place. Always willing to provide advice to Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, he is something of a father figure to his nephew and shares a close relationship with the other young heroes as well. Bound by a high sense of duty, he is willing to put himself on the line if it means helping the heroes.
  • Rob o' the Hedge (voiced by Alan Tudyk)
  • Marine the Raccoon (voiced by Hynden Walch) - An orange/brown raccoon and a sailor from Blaze's dimension. Always energetic, Marine is talkative, but rarely listens. A spunky yet lovable rascal, she is a lover of excitement and constantly seeks adventures. She aspires to become the captain of her own ship so she can travel the world, but can be quite the handful. During her adventures with Sonic though, she has matured and has promised to grow more up.
  • Shade (voiced by Kate Miccichi) - A tomato/peach echidna and a former member of the Nocturnus Clan. Shade is a tough, disciplined, and somewhat noble figure, the polar opposite of Rouge She is very loyal and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right. Trained in the arts of stealth and the use of powerful, high-tech weaponry, Shade is a deadly force in combat.  As a former denizen of the Twilight Cage and high-ranking officer of the Nocturnus Clan, she is very knowledgeable about the races and places of that alternate dimension, and she is willing to help the team by telling them what she knows of Ix's secrets.  She is quite impressed with both Sonic and Knuckles, and she fights alongside them to redeem herself for unknowingly contributing to Ix's plans for world domination.
  • Mina Mongoose (voiced by Dove Cameron) - A yellow mongoose and a famous singer. A heroine in her own right, Mina is very kind and loving, especially toward her fellow Freedom Fighters, though he can be rather timid and shy at times. She has also enjoyed a highly successful singing career, being one of Mobius' biggest celebrities.
  • Ash Mongoose (voiced by Max Mittelman)
  • Max the Monkey (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Mach the Rabbit (voiced by Ben Schwartz)
  • Sharps the Parakeet (voiced by Derek Stephen Prince)
  • Sonar the Fennec (voiced by Ashley Johnson)
  • Spikey the Porcupine (voiced by Robbie Daymond)
  • Trevor Burrow the Mole (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Bea the Beebot (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - A Bee Bot unit created by Eggman that was reprogrammed by Tails and adopted by Amy Rose as a pet.
  • Sticks the Badger (voiced by Nika Futterman) - An orange and brown free-spirited badger that comes from the jungle. She is an efficient combatant and is skilled in the usage of boomerangs and other weapons of her own design. Sticks is a paranoid individual of wild habits, who enjoys digging through garbage and looking at shiny objects. While she may at times seem off-kilted, obtuse, mental, and just plain nutty, her madness often proves correct and will occasionally stray into genius, allowing her to find solutions that no one else could have thought of.
  • Zooey (voiced by Colleen Villard) - A vixen who lives in Hedgehog Village and Tails' girlfriend. Zooey is a gentle and soft-spoken person. She is very considerate, as she was worried about Tails' strange behavior when he tried to talk to her. She is likewise grateful to those who help her.
  • Perci (voiced by Cindy Robinson) - An independent bandicoot who lives in Hedgehog Village and is famous for her beauty. Perci is a friendly, yet tough as nails kind of girl. Having a strong sense of responsibility, she is a brave and outgoing individual who stands up for what she believes in, not afraid to take action no matter what people around her think. She has both street smarts and a tough exterior that allows her to be ready to protect the town when the time comes. Despite her good looks, Perci is a very independent and practical young woman who likes taking care of herself and is not afraid to buckle down and get her hands dirty. That said, she will not reject other people's attempts to help her and appreciates the aid she does get. She is also not above flirting with others. She is also Shadow's love interest and later his girlfriend.
  • Staci (voiced by Nika Futterman) - A bandicoot and Perci's younger twin sister. While strong of character like Perci, she has a more self-centered and independent mindset. Somewhat archaic, Staci has a preference for manly and macho men. While possessing a feminine demeanor, she has a self-centered and independent mindset, believing that teammates can only hold a successful individual back. Like her sister, Staci is also confident and not afraid to speak her mind. She is also shown to be very fond of spreading gossip.
  • Comedy Chimp (voiced by Jamieson Price)
  • Wolverton D. Sidekick (voiced by Scott Porter)
  • Soar the Eagle (voiced by Travis Willingham)
  • Mike the Ox (voiced by Kirk Thornton)
  • Wolfie (voiced by Jason Marsden)
  • Tommy Thunder (voiced by Wally Wingert)
  • Wild Cat (voiced by Rob Paulsen)
  • Geoffrey St. John (voiced by Corey Burton)
  • Hershey St. John (voiced by Jennifer Hale)
  • Cliff (voiced by Kirk Thornton)
  • Q-N-C (voiced by Benjamin Diskin)
  • MAIA (voiced by Cindy Robinson)
  • Cosmo (voiced by Tara Strong) - A seedling whose homeworld was destroyed by the Metarex and originally gave her life to stop them. Cosmo is kind and gentle, though she often feels guilty due to being unable to save the rest of her species from destruction at the hands of the Metarex. She also seems to suffer from low self-esteem, often calling herself "unworthy" or blaming herself for the hardships that she and her friends have to endure. Cosmo also dislikes violence, but acknowledges that fighting is sometimes a necessity, despite herself being unable to fight. Cosmo can be somewhat clumsy, but she is also quite resourceful. She also has a penchant of getting into trouble.
  • Lupe the Wolf (voiced by Vanessa Marshall)
  • Honey the Cat (voiced by Ashly Burch) - A yellow cat and a famous fashion designer. Honey is upbeat and friendly, but also a determined businesswoman; going to such lengths to hire her fellow Freedom Fighters as modelers in an effort to advertise her products. She has a very strong drive toward accomplishment, even taking up martial arts just for the sake of giving herself more to do between her work as a fashion designer and CEO of Honey Clothing. Even when facing a problem, she has enough confidence to somehow get around it.
  • Chip/Light Gaia (voiced by Josh Keaton) - A primordial entity from the dawn of time. Many years before Mobius was merged with Equestria, Chip was awoken prematurely by Dr. Eggman when he tried to harness Dark Gaia, losing his memories as a result. He later met Sonic and the two of them worked together to recover Chip's memories and bring the planet back together after Dark Gaia shattered it. While he takes his role as a guardian seriously, Chip has a bright personality; he is playful, merry, carefree and very goodhearted, though also somewhat goofy. He is likewise naïve and very curious about the world, often asking simple but ponderous questions, and enjoys the slower things in life. Though he is never mean of intention, he sometimes comes off as a little annoying and blunt.
  • Eclipse the Darkling (voiced by Steven Blum) - A super soldier originally created by the Black Arms as Shadow's equal. Originally, Eclipse was fiercely loyal to his race and was willing to do whatever he can to make sure that they will not go on the verge of extinction, though when the Black Arms and the Metarex join forces, he undergoes an existential crisis and reluctantly leaves the Black Arms before joining forces with Team Sonic to defeat them, he eventually joined the Freedom Fighters and became one of their best allies.
  • Og (voiced by Eric Bauza)
  • Griff the Goat (voiced by Charlie Schlatter)
  • Monkey Khan (voiced by James Arnold Taylor)
  • Dr. Quack (voiced by Clancy Brown)
  • Relic the Pika (voiced by Stephanie Sheh)
  • Fixit the Robot (voiced by Sean Chiplock)
  • Buster (vocal effects by Frank Welker)
  • Echo the Dolphin (voiced by Jill Talley)
  • Razor the Shark (voiced by Bumper Robinson)
  • Crusher the Chao (vocal effects by David Kaye)
  • Coral the Betta (voiced by Cristina Vee)
  • Pearly the Manta Ray (voiced by Candi Milo)
  • Princess Undina (voiced by Tara Platt)
  • Gold the Tenrec (voiced by E.G. Daily) - A mobian tenrec from an alternate reality, who wound up living in Silver's time period after her home was ravaged by the Second Devourer. Gold is supportive, intelligent, observant, caring, and easily impressed (she makes a lot of noise when watching movies). However, she is also nosy, neurotic, and nagging. She is the type to keep her head down and not get caught. Currently, she is beginning to learn how to be her own person, and that that person has value and power.
  • Doctor Ellidy (voiced by Diedrich Bader)
  • Nikki the Lynx (voiced by Jessica DiCicco)
  • Gadget the Wolf (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) - A red wolf and the rookie that helped Sonic take down Infinite. An ordinary citizen, Gadget took part in the war against the Eggman Empire after it began gaining ground. After months of service in the field, Gadget joined the Freedom Fighters as the group's newest recruit. Although initially lacking in courage, their burgeoning sense of heroism allowed them to rise to prominence among heroes like Sonic the Hedgehog, with whom they formed a strong partnership with, and, in the final days of the war, be a crucial element in helping the Freedom Fighters reclaim the world from Dr. Eggman’s domination.
  • Tangle the Lemur (voiced by Cathy Cavadini) - A grey ring-tailed lemur with a highly prehensile tail that she can use and manipulate in various ways as if it was a third arm. Heroic and just as fearless as Sonic, Tangle is scrappy and loves to tangle with bad guys. Not intimidated by danger in the slightest, she has a thirst for adventure and excitement. As such, she is capable of heading into mortal peril and face deadly odds, all while wearing a smile on her face and having the time of her life. However, her desire for adventures makes her reckless and prone to jump head-first into danger without a care in the world. She can also be somewhat careless in battle, like using her tail in a way that gets it injured and focusing more on cheering than watching out for enemies.
  • Whisper the Wolf (voiced by Erica Lindbeck) - A biscotti/brown wolf who was the Guardian Angel of the Freedom Fighters during their fight to take back Mobius. Whisper is a rather mysterious individual with a quiet and withdrawn personality. Very soft-spoken, she speaks infrequently and, true to her name, in a very low volume, rarely uttering more than a few words at a time. Whisper used to be more outspoken and cheerful, but due to the trauma that Dr. Eggman and Mimic had caused her, she grew much more silent and reserved. When in social situations, Whisper usually exhibits a rather bashful side of herself. During battles or missions, Whisper is very focused and determined, preferring not let her emotions get the better of herself to complete her goals. However, she has shown hints of a greater temperament beneath her calm facade, namely when confronted with something or someone associated with Dr. Eggman.
  • Yacker (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - A White Wisp and the ambassador of the Wisps. Yacker is very sociable and friendly. He has a generally happy attitude and enjoys talking and playing around. He also cares very much for his friends and family, showing general worry when his fellow Wisps were captured by Eggman and sadness when he had to leave Sonic and Tails. After the war to take back the planet, Yacker returned to Mobius and became Whisper's compainion.
  • Jewel the Beetle (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - A light blue beetle and Tangle's best friend. Jewel is a well-mannered person with a bright sense of humor and a passion for minerals. Whereas Tangle is reckless and loud, Jewel is more reserved and cautious. Jewel is also quite fearful and dislikes violence very much.
  • Kyle the Gorilla (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - An brown gorilla and one of the Freedom Fighter's stronger members. Kyle is a relaxed and good-hearted person, but also extremely clumsy. Coupled with his size, he usually ends up destroying everything around him as a result. Nevertheless, he is quick to apologize and acknowledge his mistakes. When flipping out though, Kyle becomes extremely aggressive and destructive, entering a berserker-like rage where he attacks everyone and everything around him.
  • Galaxina (voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris)
  • Lina the Wolf (voiced by Cherami Leigh) - A pale gray wolf dressed in goth and capable of witchcraft and magic spells. Originally a spy for the Black Wizards of Dark Nature, she joined the Freedom Fighters full time once she realized the Black Wizards are using her as a mere tool.
  • Maria Robotnik (voiced by Alyson Stoner) - A yellow hedgehog/former Overlander, a close friend of Shadow, and the distant cousin of Eggman. Born and raised on the Space Colony ARK, Maria suffered from a terminal illness that made her unable to leave the place of her birth and go down to Mobius. To save Maria, Gerald worked on Project Shadow in hopes of finding a cure for her. Gerald's research produced Shadow, who Maria became close friends with. When GUN later shut down the ARK, Maria was killed by a GUN Soldier while trying to assist Shadow in his escape from the colony. Her passing had a big impact on Shadow's psyche and proved to be an event that would strongly influence the fate of the world in the decades that followed. Many years later, a hedgehog version of Maria from a alternate timeline where she survived but had lost her world's version of Shadow in the process would arrive in the main universe, leaving Team Sonic (especially Shadow) completely shellshocked, this Maria would choose to live in the main universe after helping Team Sonic and the Mane Nine defeat Mephiles, Black Doom, and Seelkadoom.
  • Infinite (voiced by Liam O'Brien) - A black jackel and the former captain of the Jackal Squad mercenary group. originally one of the most powerful members of the Eggman Empire, Infinite was much more aggressive and vengeful, considering friendship a sign of weakness and was determined to defeat Sonic at all costs, though after being defeated in Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: The Movie, he expresses deep remorse for his actions, and joins the Freedom Fighters to make things right. He mainly uses the Phantom Ruby in battle, which allows him to warp reality to his will, and or even open portals up to Null Space, but even without the Ruby, Infinite is a strong fighter in his own right, his skills having earned him the title as the "ultimate mercenary". He's also rarely seen without his mask on.
  • Johnny Lightfoot (voiced by Jesse McCartney)
  • Porker Lewis (voiced by Quinton Flynn)
  • Shortfuse the Cybernik (voiced by Sam Riegel)
  • Tekno the Canary (voiced by Michelle Ruff)
  • Tiara Boobowski (voiced by Alyson Stoner)
  • Leeta Wolf (voiced by Lara Jill Miller)
  • Lyco Wolf (voiced by Philece Sampler)
  • Larry Lynx (voiced by Richard Epcar)
  • Blade the Shark (voiced by Mae Whitman)
  • Matilda the Armadillo (voiced by Laura Bailey)
  • Liza the Chameleon (voiced by Grey DeLisle)
  • Smithy (voiced by Greg Eagles)
  • Claire Voyance (voiced by Ashly Burch)
  • Slinger (voiced by Michael Sorich)
  • Molly (voiced by Lacey Chabert)
  • Leon (voiced by Benjamin Diskin)

Close Friends and Allies

Good friends and close allies of the Mane Nine and Spike.

  • Zecora (voiced by Brenda Crichlow)
  • Big Mac (voiced by Peter New)
  • Cheerilie (voiced by Nicole Oliver)
  • Granny Smith (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain)
  • Moon Dancer (voiced by Kazuni Evans)
  • Lightning Dust (voiced by Britt Irwin)
  • Firefly (voiced by Natalie Lander)
  • Gilda (voiced by Marÿke Hendrikse)
  • Ember (voiced by Ali Milner)
  • Megan Willaims (voiced by Kira Buckland) - An adolescent American girl from the human world, and the eldest of three children. Gentle, beautiful and motherly, but also mature and resourceful, she acts as the guardian angel of Equestria, and in times of crisis the ponies often fly across the rainbow to find her.
  • Prince Rutherford (voiced by Garry Chalk)
  • Spitfire (voiced by Kelly Metzger)
  • Soarin' (voiced by Matt Hill)
  • Party Favor (voiced by Samuel Vincent)
  • Sugar Belle (voiced by Rebecca Shoichet)
  • Double Diamond (voiced by Brian Drummond)
  • Night Glider (voiced by Rebecca Shoichet)
  • Braeburn (voiced by Michael Daingerfie)
  • Daring Do (voiced by Chiara Zanni)
  • Babs Seed (voiced by Brynna Drummond)
  • Diamond Tiara (voiced by Chantal Strand)
  • Silver Spoon (voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent)
  • Rumble (voiced by Vincent Tong)
  • Dinky Doo (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald)
  • Pipsqueak (voiced by Graham Verchere)
  • Button Mash (voiced by Scott Menville)
  • Twilight Velvet (voiced by Patricia Drake)
  • Night Light (voiced by Charles Demers)
  • Fancy Pants (voiced by Trevor Devall)
  • Mayor Mare (voiced by Cathy Weseluck)
  • Lyra Heartstrings (voiced by Ashleigh Ball)
  • Sweetie Drops (voiced by Andrea Libman)
  • Dr. Hooves (voiced by Peter New)
  • Derpy (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain)
  • Minuette (voiced by Rebecca Husain)
  • Lemon Hearts (voiced by Ashleigh Ball)
  • Twinkleshine (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain)
  • DJ Pon-3 (voiced by Cristina Vee)
  • Chancellor Neighsay (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - The head of the Equestria Education Association, or EEA, a board of scholars who oversee all schools in Equestria. At first, Neighsay expressed distrust towards non-ponies as he considered them to be unpredictable (though he respects Team Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters for everything they had done), but he changes his mind after the events of School Raze.
  • King Sombra (voiced by Alvin Sanders) - A grey unicorn and the former evil ruler of the Crystal Empire. Back when he was a member of the evil Umbrum, Sombra's heart was said to be as black as night, seeing as how he took over the Crystal Empire after shattering Princess Amore, and enslaved the crystal ponies before Celestia and Luna defeated him. After being restored following his descruction, Sombra soon freed the Umrbum and declared himself emperor before preparing to invade the rest of Equestria, but his friend, Hope's words about choosing one's own destiny deeply affected him. After a change of heart, he saves the Crystal Empire from the Umbrum, and Hope and the princesses use their magic to turn him into a real unicorn. In the end, Sombra sets out with Hope to find the fragments of Princess Amore's statue and restore her.
  • Radiant Hope (voiced by Kristen Wiig)
  • Flash Sentry (voiced by Vincent Tong)
  • Snips (voiced by Lee Tockar)
  • Snails (voiced by Richard Ian Cox)
  • Twist (voiced by Alexandra Carter)
  • Bulk Bicpes (voiced by Michael Dobson)
  • Coco Pommel (voiced by Cathy Weseluck)
  • Mudbriar (voiced by Adam Kirschner)
  • Sassy Saddles (voiced by Kelly Sheridan)
  • Iron Will (voiced by Trevor Devall)
  • Muad Pie (voiced by Ingrid Nilson)
  • Seabreeze (voiced by Brian Drummond)
  • Mayor Sunny Skies (voiced by Ian Hanlin)
  • Petunia Petals (voiced by Kelly Metzger)
  • Larry/Shadowfright (voiced by Paul St. Peter)
  • Jerome (voiced by Mark Hamill)
  • Gaiman (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui)
  • Doran (voiced by Tom Kenny)
  • Autumn Blaze (voiced by Rachel Bloom)
  • Buck Withers (voiced by Patrick Warburton)
  • Poindexter (voiced by Charlie Alder)
  • 8-bit (voiced by Ben Schwartz)
  • Gaffer (voiced by Xander Mobus)
  • Inkwell (voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
  • Kibitz (voiced by Keith Silverstein)
  • Raven (voiced by Kate Miccichi)
  • Shadow Lock (voiced by Chris Pratt)
  • Cheese Sandwich (voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic)
  • Quibble Pants (voiced by Patton Oswalt)
  • Scorpan (voiced by Paul Dobson)
  • King Aspen (voiced by Will Arnett)
  • Prince Bramble (voiced by Elijah Wood)
  • King Of Abssinya (voiced by Keith David)
  • Twivine Sparkle (voiced by Tara Strong) - A clone of Twilight Sparkle from a alternate reality overrun by the Plundervines. Originally a enemy of the heroes, Twivine thought of nothing than taking the alicorn magic from the princesses and completely taking over their world, having mastered Tirek's abilities, including magic draining. Following her first defeat, she would later return and form a alliance with Tirek after freeing him from Tartarus, but upon realizing what Twilight and the others were telling her the first time, she immediently disbanded the alliance and joined the side of good, even helping in re-imprisoning Tirek once all was said and done.
  • Glitter Drops (voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris)
  • Spring Rain (voiced by Lacey Chabert)
  • Hoo'Far (voiced by Tariq Leslie)
  • Dr. Caballeron (voiced by Michael Dobson)
  • Ahuizotl (voiced by Brian Drummond)
  • Swift Foot (voiced by Kath Soucie)
  • Blonn Di (voiced by Erica Lindbeck)
  • Shining Light (voiced by Rachel Bloom)
  • King Diomedes (voiced by Steven Blum)
  • Terri Belle (voiced by Tara Platt)
  • Strife (voiced by John Oliver)
  • Chummer (voiced by Mark Hamill)
  • Capper (voiced by Taye Diggs)
  • Captain Calaeno (voiced by Zoe Saldana)
  • Boyle (voiced by Max Martini)
  • Mullet (voiced by Mark Oliver)
  • Lix Spittle (voiced by Nicole Oliver)
  • Squabble (vocal effects by Frank Welker)
  • Princess Skystar (voiced by Kristin Chenoweth)
  • Queen Novo (voiced by Uzo Aduba)

Other Sonic Groups

The Babylon Rogues, Team Hooligan, and the Lighting Bolt Society.

  • Jet the Hawk (voiced by Michael Yurchak) - A green hawk and the leader of the Babylon Rogues. Cocky and brash, Jet is very arrogant, prideful, and always seeks riches and fortunes. While also the Babylon Rogues' leader, Jet rarely takes his responsibilities seriously, though he knows how to assert his authority. For all his shady characteristics though, Jet is an honorable Extreme Gear rider.
  • Wave the Swallow (voiced by Kate Higgins)
  • Storm the Albatross (voiced by Travis Willingham)
  • Fang the Sniper (voiced by JB Blanc) - A purple weasel and the leader of Team Hooligan. Fang (real name; Nack) is largely a greedy, self-serving individual; his loyalties and morals are flexible so long as he gets what he wants. He is quick to betray when it suits him, and though he is somewhat clever and wily, he often seems plagued with bad luck. Despite his line of work, it especially hurts his pride when things do not go his way; this often leads to him losing his temper or becoming indignant. Along this line, he tends to hold grudges for those he feels have wronged him, though his greed can still overcome this in the right situation (and vice-versa). Easily capable of violence and cruelty, he cares for little besides riches and his bike, the Marvelous Queen.
  • Bark the Polar Bear (voiced by Dave B. Mitchell)
  • Bean the Dynamite (voiced by Jess Harnell)
  • T.W. Barker (voiced by Tom Kane) - A grey dog, the villainous ringmaster of T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders, and the current leader of the Lightning Bolt Society. T.W. Barker is very sly, sinister, greedy and devious. An educated, smooth and charismatic charlatan, he is quite sharp, intelligent and manipulative: he has managed to portray himself as a proper gentleman and selfless entertainer in spite of his malicious nature, and even tricked Orbot and Cubot into letting him steal the Eggmobile at one point. He is also an organized fellow and a very competent strategist who can turn even the usually useless Badniks into a nearly unstoppable fighting force.
  • Dave the Intern (voiced by Bryce Papenbrook)
  • Chameleon (voiced by Keith Ferguson)
  • Willy Walrus (voiced by Christopher Sabat)
  • Weasel Bandit (voiced by Todd Haberkorn)
  • Charlie (voiced by Debi Derryberry)
  • Belinda (voiced by Erica Lindbeck)

Pillars of Old Equestria

Equestria's Oldest Heroes

  • Star Swirl the Bearded (voiced by Chris Britton)
  • Stygian (voiced by Bill Newton)
  • Mistmane (voiced by Ellen-Ray Hennessy)
  • Flash Magnus (voiced by Giles Panton)
  • Mage Meadowbrook (voiced by Mariee Devereux)
  • Somnambula (voiced by Murry Peeters)
  • Rockhoof (voiced by Matt Cowlrick)

Other Allies of Team Sonic

Allies that, while not part of the Freedom Fighters, still support them in some way.

  • Elias Acorn (voiced by Gary Anthony Williams)
  • Megan Acorn (voiced by Erica Lindbeck)
  • Alexis Acorn (voiced by Candi Milo)
  • Jules Hedgehog (voiced by Xander Mobus)
  • Bernadette Hedgehog (voiced by Ashley Johnson)
  • Amadeus Prower (voiced by Matthew Mercer)
  • Rosemary Prower (voiced by Cherami Leigh)
  • Locke the Echidna (voiced by Sean Chiplock)
  • Lara-Le (voiced by Tara Platt)
  • Knecapeon Mace (voiced by Cherami Leigh)
  • King Maximillian Acorn (voiced by Keith David)
  • Queen Aleena Hedgehog (voiced by Jennifer Hale)
  • Lady Alicia Acorn (voiced by Karen Strassman)
  • Isabella Mongoose (voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris)
  • Oracle of Delphius (voiced by Paul Dobson)
  • Harvey Who (voiced by Keith Ferguson)
  • Feist (voiced by JB Blanc)
  • Moss the Sloth (voiced by Eric Bauza)
  • Ceneca-9009 (voiced by Jennifer Hale)
  • Old Man Owl (voiced by David Tennant)
  • Longclaw the Owl (voiced by Nicole Oliver) - A mobian owl and Sonic's mentor during his early days fighting Dr. Eggman.
  • Imperator Ix (voiced by Jeffrey Combs)
  • Nester the Wise (voiced by Cam Clarke)
  • Bride of the Conquering Storm (voiced by Laura Bailey)
  • Rosie Woodchuck (voiced by Carolyn Lawrence)
  • G.U.N. Commander (voiced by Tom Kane)
  • Topaz (voiced by Bella Hudson)
  • Hugo Brass (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • Professor Pickles (voiced by Paul St. Peter) - An Overlander cademic based at Spagonia University and a world-renowned scholar and expert in ancient literature. Professor Pickle is wise, calm and well mannered, but is not without his own eccentricities as his mind tends to beat at his unique pace. As such, he is easy-going and aloof in even those most dire of situations, like when he was more incensed about the poor sandwiches Eggman made than about being kidnapped and trapped inside Eggman's base. Pickle's favorite food is cucumber sandwiches and will happily share his knowledge over them. He is somewhat of a perfectionist about such sandwiches, as he has a very firm and precise opinion on how they should be and will fuss over the smallest of details. He has also acquired a variety of interests from his studies across the globe.
  • Gregorios (voiced by Rob Paulsen)
  • Zonshen (voiced by Mike Pollock)
  • Dodan Pa (voiced by Kyle Hebert)
  • Zonic the Zone Cop (voiced by Jaleel White)
  • Warden Zobotnik (voiced by Tom Kane)
  • Znively (voiced by Roger Bumpass)
  • Zouge the Bat (voiced by Kari Wahlgren)
  • Zector the Zone Cop (voiced by Jeffrey Combs)
  • Zespio the Zone Cop (voiced by Matthew Mercer)
  • Professor Von Schelmmer (voiced by Cam Clarke) - An Overlander scientist native to Silver the Hedgehog's time period and a member of the Science Center who has been researching the Ring Portals the Freedom Fighters use. Von Schlemmer is a brilliant scientist with a strong moral sense.
  • Beauregard Rabbot (voiced by Eric Bauza)
  • Sir Connery (voiced by Vic Chao)
  • Tommy Turtle (voiced by Rob Paulsen)
  • Mello Bee (voiced by Will Friedle)
  • Elder Scruffy (voiced by David Kaye) - A mobian goat and the head of Windmill Village. Elder Scruffy is a wise and polite man who priorities his village and its inhabitants over himself. He is also extremely compassionate and willing to forgive and forget. Noticeably, he wanted Eggman to be free to do some good after the doctor had lost his memory following the war to take back Mobius and became a reformed man that would help out Elder Scruffy's village in wondrous ways in spite of having heard stories of the doctor's horrendous acts that he could hardly imagine.
  • Nate Morgan (voiced by Phil LaMarr)
  • Mayor Fink (voiced by Mike Pollock)
  • Salty (voiced by Patrick Seitz)
  • Earthia (voiced by Cristina Vee)
  • Lucas (voiced by Matthew Mercer)
  • Daisy (voiced by Hynden Walch)
  • Starla (voiced by Kelly Hu)
  • Professor Kingsford (voiced by Jamieson Price)
  • Fastidious Beaver (voiced by Tom Kenny)
  • Diane Aardvark (voiced by Mae Whitman)
  • Gunther (voiced by Todd Haberkorn)
  • Norman the Viking (voiced by Roger Bumpass)
  • Doctor Ovi Kintobor (voiced by Xander Mobus)
  • Monk the Gorilla (voiced by Tom Kenny)
  • Swifty the Shrew (voiced by Robbie Rist)
  • Mark the Tapir (voiced by Roger L. Jackson)
  • Leroy the Turtle (voiced by Sam Riegel)
  • Redd Heron (voiced by Jamieson Price)
  • Muckfoot (vocal effects by Steven Blum)
  • Colin Kintobor (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke)
  • Hope Kintobor (voiced by Ashly Burch)
  • Robotnik Jr. (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Breezie the Hedgehog (voiced by Kate Miccichi)
  • Tania the Hedgehog (voiced by Tara Sands)
  • Nicky the Hedgehog (voiced by Xander Mobus)
  • Gerald Robotnik (voiced by Mike Pollock)
  • Professor Cheddermund (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • Lady Agnes Hopkins (voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
  • Lumina (voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris)
  • Void (voiced by Cree Summer)
  • Tundra the Walrus (voiced by John DiMaggio)
  • Nephthys the Vulture (voiced by Kira Buckland)
  • Cassia the Pronghorn (voiced by Lacey Chabert)
  • Clove the Pronghorn (voiced by Vanessa Marshall)
  • General Helmut Von Stryker (voiced by Liam O'Brien)
  • Ebony (voiced by Kate Miccichi)
  • Omen (voiced by Patrick Seitz)
  • Wes Weasely (voiced by Billy West)
  • Pyjamas (voiced by Bumper Robinson)
  • Gazebo Boobowski (voiced by James Woods)
  • Princess Elise (voiced by Lacey Chabert)
  • Shahra (voiced by Nicole Oliver)
  • Merlina the Wizard (voiced by Lara Jill Miller)
  • Caliburn (voiced by John Oliver)
  • Chris Thorndyke (voiced by Eric Vale)
  • Helen (voiced by Britt McKillip)
  • Danny (voiced by Phil LaMarr)
  • Frances (voiced by Kath Soucie)
  • Chuck Thorndyke (voiced by William Salyers)
  • Nelson Thorndyke (voiced by Samuel Vincent)
  • Lindsey Thorndyke (voiced by Kate Miccichi)
  • Sam Speed (voiced by Pete Capella)
  • Mr. Tanaka (voiced by Richard Epcar)
  • Ella (voiced by Mona Marshall)
  • Mr. Stewart (voiced by Robbie Daymond)
  • Hawk (voiced by Eric Bauza)
  • Doctor Cadberry (voiced by Garry Chalk)
  • Tom Wachowski (voiced by Crispin Freeman)
  • Maddie Wachowski (voiced by Natalie Lander)

Equestrian Residents of the Future

Residents of Equestria 20 years in the future, including the children of some of the older MLP characters.

  • Nova Sparkle (voiced by Kira Buckland)
  • Luster Dawn (voiced by Sabrina Pitre)
  • Apricot Apple (voiced by Erin Matthews)
  • Flare Blitz (voiced by Bella Hudson)
  • L'll Cheese (voiced by Kate Miccichi)
  • Lavender (voiced by Melissa Fahn)
  • Buttercream (voiced by Amy Birnbaum)
  • Sunlight Essence (voiced by Nicole Sullivan)
  • Sunny Star (voiced by Kelly Metzger)
  • Big Sugar (voiced by Dan Green)
  • Honeycrisp (voiced by Lisa Ortiz)
  • Strawberlly (voiced by Debi Derryberry)
  • Arhey (voiced by Amy Palant)
  • Mitchi (voiced by E.G. Daily)
  • Luck (voiced by Jason Griffith)
  • Veronica (voiced by Cathy Cavadini)
  • Sulfur (voiced by Britt McKillip)
  • Stonelart (voiced by Matt Hill)
  • Gallop J. Fry (voiced by Wally Wingert)
  • Yelena (voiced by Ashley Johnson)
  • River Song (voiced by Erica Lindbeck)
  • Georgia (voiced by Philece Sampler)

Freedom Fighters of the Future

Members of the Freedom Fighters 20 years into the future, including the children of some of the older Sonic characters.

  • Emilia the Hedgehog (voiced by Haven Paschall)
  • Ricky the Hedgehog (voiced by Sarah Natochenny)
  • Rhythm the Chinchilla (voiced by Kelly Hu)
  • Lara-Su the Echidna (voiced by Grey DeLisle)
  • Sonya Acorn (voiced by Kari Wahlgren)
  • Manik Acorn (voiced by Marc Thompson)
  • Argyle the Crocodile (voiced by Patton Oswalt)
  • Belle D'Coolette (voiced by Rachel Bloom)
  • Jacques D'Coolette (voiced by Andrew Francis)
  • Melody Mongoose (voiced by Tara Platt)
  • Terry Mongoose (voiced by Sean Schemmel)
  • Skye Prower (voiced by Joshua Seth)
  • Rachel Prower (voiced by Veronica Taylor)
  • Rutan the Echidna (voiced by Benjamin Diskin)
  • Lucinda the Hedgehog (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald)
  • Rian the Hedgehog (voiced by Dave Wittenberg)
  • Mikey the Hawk (voiced by Tom Fahn)
  • Tai the Jackel (voiced by Brian Beacock)
  • Nya the Wolf (voiced by Tara Sands)
  • Angie the Rabbit (voiced by Cherami Leigh)
  • Flora the Seedling (voiced by Lacey Chabert)
  • Davis the Bat (voiced by Steven Blum)

Eggman Empire

The empire bent on world domination, led by Dr. Ivo Robotnik/Dr Eggman, and co-led by Eggman Nega, and Morpho following their introductions into the series, this group would later be re-branded as a force of good after Season 9, Infinite was also a member of the Empire prior to his reformation.

  • Dr. Eggman (voiced by Mike Pollock) - A middle-aged, mad Overlander scientist who is the arch nemesis of Team Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. While the doctor's plans initially consisted of building incredible armies by turning animals into robots and using them to dominate the land, Dr. Eggman's schemes can branch into much more global threats as he has built war machines, used nuclear devices to threaten entire nations, and even relied on mythological and ancient deities bent on destruction to achieve his goals. The mad scientist has even gone as far as to target the entire universe and cook up schemes to control time and space itself. While all these plans end in failure thanks to the continued efforts of Sonic and his friends, the mad doctor is somehow always able to slip away from certain death or imprisonment and escape at the last moment, making him a constant threat to the universe and a thorn in Sonic's side.  While really threatening, he can sometimes be rather buffoonish, with his schemes sometimes being more zany than threatening. As of the end of Season 9, he appears to be on friendlier terms with the heroes.
  • Cluck (vocal effects by Frank Welker) Eggman's pet robotic bird, who can sometimes be seen on his shoulder.
  • Metal Sonic (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - A robotic clone of Sonic and one of Eggman's most royal minions. While mostly serving as Eggman's obedient enforcer, Metal Sonic is an rather intelligent machine who is obsessed with proving his superiority to Sonic, with him stating that he even wants to outright kill him to prove his superiority, however, after the events of The Cutie Map, Metal appears to have mallowed out a bit, having given up on proving who's the real Sonic, he also no longer wants to kill the blue blur, knowing the task is almost impossible, now he justs wants to beat him, kinda like what Knuckles wanted to do at first, he's also relativly more calm and mature than before, regardless, he still continues to serve as Eggman's best troops in the Eggman Empire.
  • Snivley (voiced by Charlie Alder) - The Overlander nephew to Eggman and his second in-command. Despite being family to Eggman, Snively gets treated more as a servant by his uncle than an equal as he had hoped. Despite this, he often pilots and manages Eggman's machines or designs badniks for him.
  • Orbot (voiced by Kirk Thornton) - Eggman's red orb-shaped service robot. Serious and intelligent, Orbot is loyal to Eggman, being wise, blunt, and formal. However, he does not like him very much, and his spiteful sarcasm and honesty sometimes provokes the anger of his creator. He is also the final unit in the Orbot Series.
  • Cubot (voiced by Wally Wingert) - Eggman's yellow cube-shaped service robot. While loyal to Eggman, Cubot is dim-witted and lazy, which usually leads to him misunderstanding the meaning of other characters' statements. Also, depending on the voice chip inserted into him, his accent and personality changes. He is also the final unit in the discontinued Cubot Series.
  • Decoe (voiced by Nolan North) - One of Dr. Eggman's personal humanoid assistant robots, whom he aids in his schemes for domination. Decoe does not have much in the way of personality, but is somewhat absent-minded, clumsy and stupid, often providing comic relief. He tends to constantly reflect on their constant failures and insult Dr. Eggman behind his back and is constantly irritated by Bokkun.
  • Bocoe (voiced by Troy Baker) - One of Dr. Eggman's personal humanoid assistant robots, whom he aids in his schemes for domination. Like Decoe, Bocoe does not have much in the way of personality, but is somewhat absent-minded, clumsy and stupid, often providing comic relief. He tends to constantly reflect on their constant failures and insult Dr. Eggman behind his back and is constantly irritated by Bokkun.
  • Bokkun (voiced by Tom Kenny) - A messenger robot who loves explosions and desserts. Very childish and immature, Bokkun is slightly sadistic and loves to pull pranks. His primary job is delivering messages, but he also completes the occasional odd job such as breaking Eggman out of prison or piloting mechas. Bokkun often tries to get Decoe and Bocoe to be his subordinates, which they have not ever gone along with.
  • Scratch (voiced by Phil Hayes) - A chicken badnik and one of Eggman's first henchmen. While taking pride as one of the first elite badniks created, Scratch is very incompetent and stupid, possessing an IQ of 40, and usually fails at almost everything he does. He is also quite persistent and is also incredibly short-tempered and would take his anger out on Grounder invariably. He is distinct by his prominent cock-a-doodle-like laugh, "Ba-ha! Ha-ha!"
  • Grounder (voiced by Garry Chalk) - A badnik and one of Eggman's first henchmen. Easily the most dim-witted member of the Eggman Empire, Grounder is amazingly stupid, possessing an IQ of 25, and fails at almost everything he does. He is highly gullible, easily being deceived, and falling for practically any trick. Regardless of all his failures, however, Grounder is quite persistent and keeps trying no matter what. Although he is typically able to re-assemble himself, Grounder is prone to losing pieces of himself, especially his own head. He can also be kind of sensitive, having a fear of being turned into a paper-weight.
  • Coconuts (voiced by Ian James Corlett) - A monkey badnik and one of Eggman's first henchmen. Coconuts is grumpy, cynical, hyperactive and obsessive over proving himself better than others like Metal Sonic. He has a lot of tenacity and does not back down easily. Despite his low status and general disrespect by his peers, Coconuts is considered the smartest of his trio (which consists of him, Scratch, and Grounder), often being the only one to see through a trick or delusion. He also despises his role as Eggman's janitor.
  • Eggman Nega (voiced by Mike Pollock) - An Overlander scientist and Eggman's descendant from Silver's timeline. While Eggman Nega is eerily polite in both manners and speech yet cruel and calculating, he is just as ruthless and violent as Dr. Eggman himself; though he appears to be slightly more unstable, as he does not seem to care should the world perish if his plans to conquer it do not proceed as initially designed, although he is composed and calm when facing his enemies. Eggman Nega appears to also be insane, maybe even more than Eggman himself, trying to destroy the whole world along with himself on numerous occasions without caring for his own welfare, as his main goal is utter and complete destruction of order and life. He has also been described as very sneaky, even disguising himself as Eggman on several occassions. Ironically, his downside, however, is that he can sometimes lose track of important details while making unnecessary speeches much like his ancestor Eggman.
  • Biolizard (vocal effects by Fred Tatasciore)
  • Lien-Da the Echidna (voiced by Carolyn Lawrence) - A red echidna and the leader of the Dark Legion. Lien-Da is a ruthless, sadistic, and a femme fatale-style character, and seems to care only for herself. She knows how to seize power and can be quite sneaky. Despite this, she actually cares deeply for the echidna people. Her hatred of her half-sister Julie-Su seems to stem from the fact that their father possibly loved Julie-Su more, but as of Season 8, they seem to be on speaking terms.
  • Sleet (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - A grey wolf and one of Eggman's bounty hunters. Sleet is a ruthless, sadistic, and greedy bounty hunter. He is a manipulative, cunning and surprisingly competent villain, often remaining level-headed and is genuinely dangerous to Team Sonic and the others, although this danger is often counteracted by Dingo's stupidity. On at least one occasion he's shown he's willing to turn on Dingo for a higher profit.
  • Dingo (voiced by Jim Cummings) - An orange dingo (his namesake) and one of Eggman's bounty hunters. Dingo is very gullible and incompetent, doing whatever Sleet tells him to do, and frequently does not understand an insult or parts of a sentence. Despite (or even due to) his incompetence, however, Dingo can be quite dangerous. However, while, Dingo's outward demeanor denotes a tough person, deep inside he is quite soft. He also appears to get scared very easily.
  • Duck "Bill" Platypus (voiced by Jeff Nimoy)
  • Dimitri/Enerjak (voiced by Corey Burton)
  • Doctor Finitevus (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes)
  • Xenin (voiced by David Tennant)
  • Axel the Water Buffalo (voiced by J.K. Simmons)
  • Thrash the Tasmanian Devil (voiced by Michael McConnohie)
  • Razorklaw (voiced by Benjamin Diskin)
  • Akhlut the Orca (voiced by Paul St. Peter)
  • Captain Whisker (voiced by Clancy Brown) - A robotic pirate captain created by Eggman Nega. Captain Whisker is a downright evil, but bumbling pirate. He has a short temper, which can make him literally steam with anger and get the better of him, and he is known to hold life-long grudges. He has no qualms about harming or even torturing those that stand in his way and does so without any sense of remorse. He also possesses various stereotypical pirate mannerisms, particularly speech patterns. For all his evil ways, Whisker is very much a clown. Though a bit smarter than the rest of his crew,[3] Whisker's behavior borders on being dimwitted, and people such as Blaze has a hard time taking him seriously. He is also quite absentminded, often forgetting various and important facts, is clueless on certain subjects, and can make threatening demands that he has no idea of what means. As such, he relies on his crew to remind him of what he has forgotten and tell him what he cannot figure out himself. Whisker is also very gullible, given that he completely fell for Tails simply claiming the Jeweled Scepter was elsewhere. He also tends to talk too much, usually giving away important information, like how to unlock the door in the undersea cavern leading to Pirates' Island while gloating.
  • Captain Metal (voiced by Lex Lang)
  • Captain Johnny (voiced by Sean Astin)
  • Mini (voiced by Tom Kenny)
  • Mum (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • E-100 ZERO (voiced by Vic Chao)
  • E-101 Beta (voiced by Sean Chiplock)
  • E-103 Delta (voiced by Eric Stuart)
  • E-104 Epsilon (voiced by Tony Salerno)
  • E-105 Zeta (voiced by Sean Schemmel)
  • E-106 Eta (voiced by Marc Thompson)
  • E-107 Theta (voiced by David Sobolov)
  • E-113 Xi (voiced by Rob Paulsen)
  • Neo Metal Sonic (voiced by Jim Meskimen) - The upgraded version of Metal Sonic who once tried to overthrow Eggman. Neo Metal is seen as the more intelligent version of Metal Sonic, being able to copy the bio-data of his opponants and use their moves. Unlike the canon, Neo Metal Sonic is a completely different character to Metal Sonic, being much more evil and cunning, Metal Sonic doesn't really like Neo Metal that much, as he considers his design bulky and insignificant.
  • Silver Sonic (voiced by David Kaye)
  • Metal Sonic 3.0 (voiced by Max Mittelman)
  • Pseudo-Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz)
  • Metal Tails (voiced by Kate Higgins)
  • Metal Amy (voiced by Cindy Robinson)
  • Metal Knuckles (voiced by Travis Willingham)
  • Tails Doll (voiced by Colleen Villard)
  • Mecha Sonic (voiced by Sean Astin)
  • Mehca Knuckles (voiced by Dave B. Mitchell)
  • Mecha Sally (voiced by Kath Soucie)
  • Metal Robotnik (voiced by Dave Wittenberg)
  • Crocbot (voiced by David Sobolov)
  • Hunter (voiced by Terry Klassen)
  • Doctor Starline (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - A white platypus and and a shadowy scientist who is highly interested in Dr. Eggman and his work. Starline is calm, suave and sophisticated most of the time, exuding an arrogant sense of pride in his intellect and abilities. Rather formal in behavior, he often addresses others as "gentlemen". However, he is also ruthless, sinister, and cruel, showing contempt for weakness, he possesses exceptional willpower and an incredible drive. Despite possessing a calm demeanor, Starline occasionally bouts of anger and frustration. In addition to his intellect, Starline is quite manipulative. He can expertly use other people to his advantage in order to lure them into traps and knows exactly where to strike his foes where it hurts the most. He also wields a stone called the Warp Topaz, which is capable of warping space to open gateways to other places.
  • Rough the Skunk (voiced by Trevor Devall)
  • Tumble the Skunk (voiced by Brian Drummond)
  • Mimic (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz)
  • Hypnobot (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) - A robot with the abilitiy to mind control other machines. Hypnobot is intelligent and usually maintains a calm and polite demeanor. He also behaves rather condescending when mocking someone. Behind this formal facade though, he is a remorseless and unscrupulous person who cares nothing for whoever he seeks to hurt, manipulate or destroy, no matter how many it may involve, in order to see his goals fulfilled.
  • Morpho (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - A shapeshifting robot from another dimension built by his native Dr. Eggman. Morpho is an evil, yet intelligent, manipulative and shrewd Eggman robot with self-awareness, sentience and a bit of an ego. Highly devious, he knows how to take advantage of people and their personality traits, and takes delight in tearing friendships apart by preying on peoples' vulnerabilities and disagreements. Normally, Morpho stays completely incognito while misleading people with his shapeshifting. Ironically though, he is not a very good actor and has trouble emulating those he impersonate. When he can make his disguise work however, he becomes very dedicated to preserving his cover.
  • Dreamcaster (voiced by Robert Englund) - A phantom-based robot with hypnotic powers. Preferring to work under the cover of night, Dreamcaster possesses a calm and bewitching demeanor and has a silky smooth voice which he uses to hypnotize others. However, he also seems to be savage and prepared to leap into a fight.
  • Mombot (voiced by Jill Talley)
  • Grimer Wormtongue (voiced by Eric Bauza)
  • Sleek the Panther (voiced by Todd Haberkorn)
  • Badniks (voices by Dee Bradley Baker, Frank Welker, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jess Harnell, Tom Kenny, Nolan North, Benjamin Diskin, Steven Blum, Patrick Seitz, Matthew Mercer, Richard Epcar, Billy West, Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche, Yuri Lowenthal, David Kaye, Josh Keaton, Troy Baker, Fred Tatasciore, Brian Drummond, Trevor Devall, John DiMaggio, Richard Steven Horvitz, Garry Chalk, Carlos Alazraqui, Phil LaMarr, Jim Cummings, Tom Kane, Clancy Brown, Eric Bauza, Liam O'Brien, Travis Willingham, Kirk Thornton, Quinton Flynn, Roger Craig Smith, and Jeff Bennett)

Eggman's Robot Minions

The most prominent minions of the Eggman Empire.

  • Burnbot (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Obliterator Bot (voiced by John DiMaggio)
  • Fire Bot (voiced by Steven Blum)
  • Ballot Stuffer Bot (voiced by Fred Tatasciore)
  • Decimator Bot (voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Mega Bot (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Eggman-Bot (voiced by Mike Pollock)

The Hard-Boiled Heavies

An team of elite Egg-Robos powered by the Phantom Ruby, and some of Eggman's finest creations.

  • Heavy King (voiced by John DiMaggio)
  • Heavy Gunner (voiced by Nolan North)
  • Heavy Shinobi (voiced by Troy Baker)
  • Heavy Magician (voiced by Grey DeLisle)
  • Heavy Rider (voiced by Colleen Villard)

The Deadly Six

An villainous gang of six menacing Zeti, usually works with other villains like Chrysalis and Eggman.

  • Zavok (voiced by Travis Willingham) - An red zeti and the leader of the Deadly Six. Zavok is a merciless and cruel being. He is very serious, ferocious, brutal and dark, often deploying graphical threats of death and destruction, and he has little tolerance for failure. Power-hungry and ever focused on his goals, Zavok does not let anything stand in his way. Despite his intensiveness though, Zavok has occasionally displayed a sarcastic, dry sense of humor. For all his brutish intensiveness, Zavok keeps a calm demeanor and has a penchant for quick-thinking which makes him well-suited to leadership. Even as his temper flares up, he manages to keep his emotions in check. Zavok is likewise quite cunning and intelligent. Always observant, he studies his opponents in advance and knows how to use a situation to his advantage.
  • Zazz (voiced by Liam O'Brien)
  • Zomon (voiced by Patrick Seitz)
  • Master Zik (voiced by Kirk Thornton)
  • Zeena (voiced by Stephanie Sheh)
  • Zor (voiced by Sam Riegel)

The Destructix

A group of villains, all of whom have done battle with Sonic and his allies at various times, led by Sonic's evil green doppelganger, Scourge.

  • Scourge the Hedgehog (voiced by Eric Bauza) - A green hedgehog and Sonic's evil doppleganger. Scourge has all of Sonic's traits, just darkened and at times, turned on their head. While Sonic enjoys the company of his friends, Scourge has none, and sees his allies as pawns to help him prove he's the best. In addition, where Sonic often considers his battles as sport, Scourge fights to prove that he is the greatest by introducing his opponents to excruciating pain, and, if given the chance, killing them. However, his arrogance, amplified from Sonic's usual cockiness, makes it easier to defeat him, but also making him quite dangerous and psychotic by nature.
  • Fiona the Fox (voiced by Jennifer Hale) - A red fox and Scourge's girlfriend. Fiona is a determined fighter, eager to oppose anyone who gets in her way. Somewhat prideful, she tends to hold grudges, she has a history of mild illegal activity, including robbery. She is also extremely clever, and has an acute memory. However, she is clearly reluctant to talk about her past. It was later revealed that she chose to follow this darker path in life (likely due to her past). She is also great at gymnastics for example once performing a back-flip off a bamboo tree.
  • Rosey the Rascal (voiced by Candi Milo)
  • Lightning Lynx (voiced by Corey Burton)
  • Sergeant Simian (voiced by Kyle Hebert)
  • Flying Frog (voiced by Jess Harnell)
  • Predator Hawk (voiced by Josh Keaton)
  • Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Drago Wolf (voiced by Greg Cipes)
  • Kodos Lion (voiced by Ike Amadi)
  • Uma Arachnis (voiced by Lacey Chabert)

The Metarex

A large army of cyborgs and robots bent on ruling the galaxy.

  • Dark Oak (voiced by Corey Burton)
  • Red Pine (voiced by Phil LaMarr)
  • Black Narcicuss (voiced by Quinton Flynn)
  • Pale Bayleaf (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui)
  • Yellow Zelkova (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes)
  • Scarship (voiced by David Kaye)
  • Metarex Carrer (voiced by David Sobolov)
  • Metarex Spike (voiced by Eric Bauza)
  • Gillman's Boss (voiced by Steven Blum)
  • Metarex Jumpee (voiced by Michael Yurchak)
  • Metarex Crystal (voiced by Scott Porter)
  • Metarex Kingape (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Metarex Deserd (voiced by David Tennant)
  • Metarex Viper (voiced by Greg Cipes)
  • Metarex Gigatail (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz)
  • Metarex Pinchershead (voiced by Pete Capella)
  • Metarex Pterano (voiced by Ike Amadi)

The Black Wizards of Dark Nature

Masters of dark magic. Lina the Wolf was also a member of them but soon left them once it was revealed that the Black Wizards were just using her as a mere tool.

  • Ulric (voiced by Richard Epcar)
  • Viper (voiced by Vanessa Marshall)
  • Brute (voiced by Patrick Seitz)
  • Sonata (voiced by Jessica DiCicco)
  • Drums (voiced by Sean Astin)
  • Captain Claw (voiced by Corey Burton)
  • Katana (voiced by Kelly Hu)

Enemies of Team Sonic

Other enemies in Sonic's rogues gallery.

  • Lyric the Last Ancient (voiced by Patrick Seitz) - A ancient snake who existed over a thousand years. Lyric is an evil, ruthless, dangerous, pitiless and remorseless monster, a profound sociopath, Lyric is devoid of any sense of compassion and will do anything to accomplish his goals, even if it means taking the lives of countless innocents. At his core, Lyric is one who relishes death and destruction as he would slither in glee at the prospect of destroying everyone on the planet. Lyric's most prominent traits are his deep-seeded hatred for organics and love of technology. Extremely tech-savvy, he loathes organics for their unreliability and considers them no more that useless wastes of carbon. This has lead him to dopt the philosophy that technology is the only thing that can be trusted. As his hatred evolved into rage, Lyric became a strict person of technology with no care for the environment or other living creatures, and made it his mission to wipe out all organic life and remake the planet into a "glorious world of metal", completely blind to the balance needed between technology and the environment.
  • Mephiles the Dark (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - A black/purple hedgehog and the conscience, mind and will of the sun god Solaris. Mephiles only seems to crave nothing more or less than violence and destruction. He is portrayed as a murderous, heartless, malevolent, vicious, and ruthless sadist with no sense of compassion or empathy, and would do anything to accomplish his goals, even if it means taking innocent lives. Mephiles happens to take great sadistic pleasure and delight in hurting others and has been shown to have a very warped and twisted sense of humor, making him a very remorseless and unsympathetic being. The Mephiles of Sonic's universe was destroyed long ago, but a Mephiles from another timeline where he had completely destroyed all life in the universe migrates to the main universe. Unlike his canon counterpart, Mephiles is already bonded with Iblis, and can in term transform into Solaris at anytime, however, he tends not to as to make his battles with the heroes fair.
  • Nazo the Hedgehog (voiced by David Kaye) - A silver/cyan hedgehog and one of Sonic's most powerful foes. Evil and psychotic, Nazo is determined to complete his goal of destroying the planet by any means necessary, even if it means killing Sonic and his friends should they stand in his way or draining the world of its' magic to render the Ponies of Equestria powerless. He is able to absorb the negative power of the Chaos Emeralds in order to gain access to his more powerful/dangerous forms.
  • Seelkadoom the Hedgehog (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - A black/blue hedgehog who was created using the DNA of Sonic and Shadow. One of Team Sonic's more dangerous enemies, Seelkadoom is a evil, remorseless monster who enjoys making other people suffer for his own amusement, he is a master of using chaos energy, with only Nazo out-powering him in terms of strength.
  • Black Doom (voiced by Keith David)
  • Black Death (voiced by Greg Eagles)
  • Nominatus (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Beta (voiced by Brian Beacock)
  • Retro (voiced by Billy West)
  • Mammoth Mogul (voiced by Tom Kane)
  • Ixis Naugus (voiced by D. C. Douglas)
  • Wendy Naugus (voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
  • Bearenger the Grizzly (voiced by Nolan North)
  • Carrotia the Rabbit (voiced by Michelle Ruff)
  • Falke Wulf (voiced by Quinton Flynn)
  • Phage (voiced by Jill Talley)
  • King Boom Boo (voiced by Greg Eagles)
  • Anton Veruca (voiced by James Arnold Taylor)
  • Mad (voiced by Phil Hayes)
  • Dixon (voiced by Josh Keaton)
  • Gogoba Chief (voiced by Michael Sorich)
  • Dark Gaia (vocal effects by Fred Tatasciore)
  • Lord Mordred Hood (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui)
  • Captain Shellbreaker (voiced by Mark Hamill)
  • Mr. Bristles the Yeti Crab (voiced by Clancy Brown)
  • Opal (voiced by Ashly Burch)
  • Dive (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui)
  • Abyss the Squid (voiced by Cree Summer)
  • Kage Von Stryker (voiced by John DiMaggio)
  • Thunderbolt the Chinchilla (voiced by Jess Harnell)
  • Maw the Thylacine (voiced by David Kaye)
  • Second Devourer (voiced by Jeffrey Combs)
  • Horizont-Al (voiced by Gibert Gottfried)
  • Verti-Cal (voiced by Jim Carrey)
  • Erazor Djinn (voiced by David Kaye)
  • King Arthur/Black Knight (voiced by Keith David)
  • The Foreman (voiced by Michael McConnohie)
  • Renfield the Rodent (voiced by Jim Cummings)
  • Downtown Ebony Hare (voiced by Sam Riegel)
  • Grand Battle Kukku XV (voiced by Lex Lang)
  • Speedy (voiced by Charlie Alder)
  • Iron Queen (voiced by Mae Whitman)
  • Iron King (voiced by Keith Silverstein)

Enemies of the Mane Nine

Other enemies of Equestria.

  • Queen Chrysalis (voiced by Kathleen Barr) - The former queen of the Changelings, back when they were a race of shapeshifting pony-like insects that feed off of love.
  • Lord Tirek (voiced by Mark Acheson) - A red centaur with the ability to steal magic from the ponies of Equestria, growing progressively larger and more powerful with each attack.
  • The Storm King (voiced by Liev Schreiber)
  • Cosmos (voiced by Jennifer Hale)
  • Princess Dark Matter (voiced by Kira Buckland)
  • Princess Eris (voiced by Kelly Hu)
  • Pony of Shadows (voiced by Roger L. Jackson)
  • Rabia (voiced by Paul St. Peter)
  • Goldstone (voiced by Steve Buscemi)
  • Flim (voiced by Samuel Vincent)
  • Flam (voiced by Scott McNeil)
  • Verko (voiced by Brian Dobson)
  • Grogar (voiced by Doc Harris)
  • Lavan (voiced by Gary Antony Williams)
  • Squirk (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Erebus (voiced by Jim Cummings)

G1 MLP Characters

Characters based on the G1 MLP Series.

  • G1 Twilight (voiced by Kira Buckland)
  • G1 Applejack (voiced by Nicole Sullivan)
  • G1 Spike (voiced by Charlie Alder)
  • G1 Firefly (voiced by Kari Wahlgren)
  • G1 Scorpan (voiced by Corey Burton)
  • G1 Tirek (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson)

Classic Sonic Era Characters

Characters based on the designs found in Sonic Mania.

  • Classic Sonic (voiced by Jason Griffith)
  • Classic Eggman (voiced by Jim Cummings)
  • Classic Tails (voiced by Amy Palant)
  • Classic Amy (voiced by Lisa Ortiz)
  • Classic Metal Sonic (voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Classic Knuckles (voiced by Dan Green)
  • Classic Mighty (voiced by Billy West)
  • Classic Ray (voiced by Rob Paulsen)

G3 MLP Characters

Characters based on the G3 MLP Series.

  • G3 Pinkie Pie (voiced by Tara Strong)
  • G3 Rarity (voiced by Grey DeLisle)
  • G3 Rainbow Dash (voiced by Cathy Cavadini)
  • G3 Spike (voiced by Debi Derryberry)
  • G3 Scootaloo (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain)
  • G3 Sweetie Belle (voiced by Andrea Libman)
  • G3 Cheerilie (voiced by Kelly Sheridan)

Sonic Boom Universe Characters

Character based on the Sonic Boom Series.

  • Boom Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz)
  • Boom Tails (voiced by Colleen Villard)
  • Boom Knuckles (voiced by Dave B. Mitchell)
  • Boom Amy (voiced by Ashley Johnson)
  • Boom Eggman (voiced by Corey Burton)
  • Boom Orbot (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • Boom Cubot (voiced by Samuel Vincent)
  • Boom Metal Sonic (voiced by Josh Keaton)
  • Boom Shadow (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Boom Vector (voiced by John DiMaggio)


Main Forms

  • Super Forms: This form is mainly used by Team Sonic, while in this form, all of their powers and abilities are made more powerful and they can use chaos energy attacks like Shadow. Sonic has access to his super form at the start of the series, Shadow and Silver were shown to use their super forms during Season 2, and the rest of Team Sonic unlocked their super forms during Rise of the Nightmare Mane Six. Other known characters with super forms are Mighty, Ray, Mina, Sticks, Sally, Gadget, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Tangle, Whisper, Zooey, Perci, Scourge, Metal Sonic, and Neo Metal Sonic.
  • Rainbow Power Forms: This form is mainly used by the Mane Nine. While in this form, their magic is more powerful and their manes and tails are noticeably longer. The Mane Six first used this form in The Kingdom of Harmony, with Sunset, Trixie, and Starlight unlocking their Rainbow Power forms during Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?. Other known characters with Rainbow Power forms are Spike, Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Shinnig Armor, Sunburst, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Nyx, Snowdrop, Cozy Glow, Discord, Twivine, Sandbar, Gallus, Silverstream, Smolder, Ocellus and Yona.
  • Hyper Forms: This is mainly used by Team Sonic, this form requires the Chaos Emeralds to turn into their Super Emeralds states in order for the forms to be used. Team Sonic first used their hyper forms in Equestria Girls, and Espio, Vector, Charmy, Sticks, Zooey, Perci, Mighty and Ray have also been showned to have access to this form, Nazo has acess to his Hyper Perfect form when the Emeralds are in their Super states.
  • Daydream Forms: This form is mainly used by the Mane Nine, this form requires the Mane Nine to channel their friendship magic in order to use. This form was first used by Sunset and Starlight in Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, with the Mane Six and Trixie unlocking theirs during The Cutie Re-Mark. Spike, Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Twivine, Sandbar, Gallus, Silverstream, Smolder, Ocellus and Yona have also been shown to have access to this form.
  • Friendship Princess/Prince Forms: This form is mainly used by Team Sonic, this form requires Team Sonic's Jewel Pixie Animals to turn into their jewelry forms into order to work. While in this form, they wear vibrant-colored outfits that resemble figure-skating outfits. All their powers and abilities are also supercharged while in this form. This form was first unlocked in The Kingdom of Harmony.
  • Twinkle Rainbow Style Forms: This form is mainly used by the Mane Nine, this form requires the Mane Nine's Jewel Pixie Animals to turn into their jewelry forms into order to work. While in this form, they wear regal princess outfits detailed to resemble their cutie marks. All their powers and abilities are also supercharged while in this form. This form was first unlocked in Shadow Play.

Other Forms

  • Dark Form: This form is mainly used by Sonic, but Shadow has been known to use it on occasion, it only activates when Sonic is angry enough. Sonic originally had problems controlling the form, but by Season 5, he has since mastered it and can keep his emotions in check when doing so. The Mane Nine also seen to have some sort of dark forms, as shown in Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Darkness Rising, though the Mane Nine's dark forms only activate when they succumb to the darkness within their heart.
  • Chaos Form: This form is exclusive to Shadow, it activates when Shadow takes off his Inhibitor Rings, while in this form, he gains unlimited Chaos energy. He usually uses this form when taking off the Inhibitor Rings for something other than Chaos Blast.
  • Shadic Form: The fused form of Sonic and Shadow, using this form requires Sonic and Shadow to be in their Hyper Forms, it requires useage of the Chaos Fusion technique, which by itself is difficult to master, so the fact that Sonic and Shadow were able to master it in term for the battle with Perfect Nazo is a accomplishment by itself. When combining the power of all nine Team Sonic members, Shadic enters his Merciful Mode, this mode was first used in Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Darkness Rising, and when combining the power of both Team Sonic and the Mane Nine, Shadic enters his Superior Mode, this mode was first used in Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Princess Dark Matter's Revenge.
  • Burning Form: This form is exclusive to Blaze, using this form requires the use of the Sol Emeralds, while in this form, Blaze's fire abilities are supercharged.
  • Enerjak Form: This form is exclusive to Knuckles, using this form requires Knuckles to channel the Master Emerald's power into himself, giving him a temperoily power boost.
  • Elemental Form: This form is exclusive to Cosmo, using this form requires Cosmo to use her amulet, while in this form, Cosmo's power to control plants is increased to super form levels.
  • Overclocked Form: This form is exclusive to Nicole, it activates when Nicole hooks up a Red Star Ring to her handheld, Nicole possesses the same abilities as her usual form, but greatly enhanced, Nicole only uses this form when things get to difficult as the strain from the form causes her handheld to overheat.
  • Phantom Form: This form is exclusive to Infinite, using this form requires the Phantom Ruby to be in its' overclocked state, while in the form, Infinite's Phantom Ruby powers are increased.
  • Fusion Form: The fused form of Emerl and Gmerl.
  • Nightmare Form: This form is exclusive to the Mane Six, during Rise of the Nightmare Mane Six, the Mane Six were possessed by the Nightmare Forces and transformed into the Mane Six, thankfully, Team Sonic were able to return them to normal, though the Mane Six found out they still some of the nightmare energy within them, though without the evil of the energy, they can transform into their Nightmare Forms at will and keep their personalities in tact.
  • Midnight Form: This form is what the HuMane Six were unwillingly transformed into during Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, though the Mane Six end up transforming into the pony versions of the Midnight HuMane Six after getting corrupted by the magic contained within the Hu-Mane Mane Six's amulet upon it arriving in Equestria.
  • Dark Princess Form: This form is exclusive to the Mane Nine, during Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Darkness Rising, the Mane Nine were beginning to lose control over their magic due to the darkness within their hearts slowly corrupting their very souls, with Celestia even stating that if they ended up turning evil, they would not only destroy Equestria, they would destroy themselves. Though the Mane Nine went into exile to prevent hurting anyone, their self-control slowly began deteriorating due to them regretting their decision to leave their loved ones, not to mention Rabia and his Umbrum minions taunting them at every turn upon their escape. When Team Sonic eventually found them, the Mane Nine were already on the verge of getting corrupted by the darkness within their hearts and begged for their friends to run before they fully lost control of their bodies, though after a battle with Team Sonic, the Mane Nine are reminded of all the good times they've had with them by all their friends, allowing them to return themselves to normal, banish Rabia and the Umbrum back to their home dimension and reunited with their loved ones before going on to help stop Solaris.
  • Seraphic Form: This form is exclusive to Delta Brony.
  • Angel Sigma Form: This form is exclusive to Omega Brony.
  • Perfect Form: This form is exclusive to Nazo, while in this form, Nazo's powers are pushed to godlike levels, making him almost unstoppable.
  • Disharmonious Emperor/Empress Form: This form is is the opposite of Team Sonic's Friendship Princess/Prince power-up forms and is exclusive to Team Sonic and the Mane Six (later Nine)'s enemies.


Season 1

(Episodes 1 - 30)

  1. Friendship is Magic: [At the end of the battle for the Chaos Emeralds with Dr. Eggman, Sonic crosses time and space and ends up in the land of Equestria, now the world's fastest hedgehog must team up with the Mane Six to find his friends and defeat the evil Nightmare Moon]
  2. The Ticket Master: [Princess Celestia gives Twilight Sparkle two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala. However, all of Twilight’s friends want to attend the gala]
  3. Green Hill Calamaty: [While Sonic shows the Mane Six around Green Hill, Tails and Shadow try to figure out the dimensional anomaly that sent their majority of their world to Equestria. Meanwhile, Eggman tries to steal the Master Emerald from Angel Island, only to come face to face with Shade, Tikal and Chaos]
  4. Applebuck Season
  5. Griffon the Brush-Off
  6. Boast Busters
  7. Dragonshy
  8. Look Before You Sleep: [Applejack and Rarity are forced to stay at the library with Twilight and Team Sonic for the night due to a thunderstorm. Twilight takes this opportunity to drag them into having a slumber party]
  9. Bridle Gossip
  10. Swarm of the Century
  11. Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair
  12. Winter Warp Up
  13. Call of the Cutie
  14. A Chaotix Mystery: [Vector, Espio, and Charmy sneak into Eggman's base in order to get intel on his latest plan, while Team Sonic have a run with the mysterious ninja, Reaper]
  15. Fall Weather Friends: [Applejack and Rainbow Dash's sportsmanship are put to the test as they face off in an Iron Pony competition to see who the better athlete is]
  16. Suited for Success [Rarity wants to make dresses for her friends for the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala, but has trouble satisfying all their requests]
  17. Feeling Pinkie Keen: [Team Sonic and Twilight learn that Pinkie Pie has an unusual ability to sense happenings in the immediate future called "Pinkie sense"]
  18. Sonic Rainboom
  19. Stare Master
  20. A Badnik's Job is Never Done: [Orbot, Cubot, Decoe, Bocoe, Bokkun, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts try to come up with their own plans to try and capture Team Sonic]
  21. The Show Stoppers
  22. A Dog and Pony Show [Rarity is searching for a new load of gems with Spike and Amy's assistance. However, when a group of creatures called the Diamond Dogs abduct Rarity and with Amy going alone to rescue her, Spike, the other ponies, and the rest of Team Sonic, along with allies William, Jayden and Lillie head into the Dogs' underground burrows to rescue Rarity]
  23. Green Isn't Your Color
  24. Over a Barrel [The Mane Six, Team Sonic, and Spike got separated and are caught in a dispute between a western town's settler-ponies and the native buffalo herd]
  25. A Bird in the Hoof
  26. The Cutie Mark Chronicles: [Sonic and Tails accompany the Cutie Mark Crusaders as they find out how the Mane Six got their cutie marks]
  27. Owl's Well That Ends Well
  28. Party of One
  29. Robotic Mayhem: [Emerl, Gmerl, Omega, Gamma, and Shard are sent in to go after Metal Sonic while the rest of the Freedom Fighters are busy]
  30. The Best Night Ever: [Team Sonic accompany the Mane Six to the Grand Galloping Gala, chaos and hilarity ensues. Meanwhile, faced with eviction by the homeowner's association, Eggman must convince them that there are no robots in his lair]

Season 2

(Episodes 31 - 60)

  1. The Return of Harmony: [Discord is freed after a thousand years trapped as a statue and with the Mane Six corrupted by him. Team Sonic must find a way to re-imprison him and save the world from eternal chaos]
  2. Lesson Zero: [Thinking she'll end up back in Magic Kindergarten if she doesn't write her weekly friendship report to Celestia on time, Twilight tries desperately to find a friendship problem, but Sonic and the others realize that Twilight plus stress is never a good combination]
  3. A Bonding Experience: [Team Sonic spend the day bonding with their new Jewel Pixie Animals while the Mane Six wonder what would've happened had Discord won]
  4. Luna Eclipsed: [During a Halloween-like celebration called Nightmare Night, which revolves around the legends of Nightmare Moon. Twilight, Sonic, and Cream help Princess Luna change her frightening demeanor and become accepted by the other ponies]
  5. Sisterhooves Social
  6. The Cutie Pox
  7. May the Best Pet Win!
  8. The Mysterious Mare Do Well
  9. Sweet and Elite [Rarity visits Canterlot and enjoys socializing with the elite. She neglects the dress she had planned to complete for Twilight Sparkle's birthday and chooses to attend a Canterlot garden party rather than Twilight's birthday party. When Rarity's friends move the party to Canterlot, Rarity tries to mingle with her friends and the high-class ponies at the same time]
  10. Secret of my Excess [Spike becomes greedy, which magically causes him to grow to a monstrous size]
  11. Shadow Fall: [Team Sonic, the Mane Six, Omega, Lillie, and Reaper investigate the mysterious return of the Black Arms, who were previously thought to have been defeated by Shadow years ago]
  12. Hearth's Warming Eve [The Mane Six, Team Sonic, and Spike put on a play in Canterlot about the founding of Equestria.]
  13. Family Appreciation Day
  14. Baby Cakes
  15. Friendship Ahoy!
  16. Bookworm Havoc
  17. The Last Roundup [After Applejack sends a note to her family and friends that says she will not return to Ponyville after competing in the Equestria Rodeo Competition in Canterlot, her friends decide to find her and understand her motives]
  18. The Dark Brotherhood: [Team Sonic, Tikal, Chaos, and Shade come head to head with the recently resurfaced Nocturnus Clan]
  19. The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 [The Flim Flam brothers challenge the Apple family to a cider-making competition.]
  20. Read It and Weep
  21. Hearts and Hooves Day
  22. A Friend in Deed
  23. Putting Your Hoof Down: [Fed up with being pushed around and ignored, Fluttershy takes a class on assertiveness taught by Iron Will. However, instead of just becoming more assertive, she becomes bossy, pushy and mean, threatening to end her friendship with Cream, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity]
  24. It's About Time
  25. Dragon Quest [Spike decides to join the Great Dragon Migration to discover his true identity]
  26. Hurricane Fluttershy: [With support from Cream, Fluttershy tries to overcome her self-consciousness in order to help Rainbow Dash and the other Pegasi create a tornado powerful enough to lift the water required for the rainy season up to Cloudsdale]
  27. Ponyville Confidential: [In a very hard attempt to get their cutie marks, the Cutie Mark Crusaders start a gossip column under the name Gabby Gums, though they soon find it not worth the embarrassment and misery they cause to other ponies with their stories, especially not when the whole town turns against them]
  28. MMMystery on the Friendship Express [After a cake Pinkie had been guarding for a contest is partially eaten on the way to Canterlot, she and the Chaotix start out an investigation to find out the culprit]
  29. Double Trouble: [Team Sonic, the Mane Six, and fellow Freedom Fighters, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor, and Nicole infiltrate the base of the Destructix, led by Sonic's evil clone, Scourge]
  30. A Canterlot Wedding: [Team Sonic and the Mane Six get invited to the wedding of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, but will the plans of Eggman and a new enemy cause it to not happen?]

Season 3

(Episodes 61 - 90)

  1. The Crystal Empire: [When the Crystal Empire returns after being cursed by King Sombra, Celestia enlists Team Sonic and the Mane Six to help Shining Armor and Princess Cadence protect it and find the Crystal Heart, with the Mane Six given a important test that might hint towards their destiny, but when the newly resurrected Metarex get involved, things may take a dark turn]
  2. Too Many Mane Sixes: [After Pinkie Pie shows her friends the mirror pool, which allows the user to create clones of themselves, the Mane Six use it in order to do multiple jobs at once, it goes about as well as you would think. Meanwhile, Tails falls in love with a vixen named Zooey, and his friends attempt to give him relationship advice]
  3. Arabian Dreams: [In the world of the Arabian Nights,the arabian counterparts of Team Sonic and the Mane Six help Shahra take on the recently resurfaced Erazor Djinn]
  4. One Bad Apple
  5. Magic Duel: [After being fooled by Eggman into wearing the Alicorn Amulet, Trixie kicks Team Sonic and the Mane Six out of Ponyville and takes over, but due to the Amulet's corruptive nature, Trixie goes mad with power and ends up taking Eggman hostage, with help from new allies Angela and Lilly, as well as Tikal and Zecora, Sonic and Twilight might just be able to save Trixie from herself while the Chaotix and the Cutie-Mark work with the mysterious Delta Brony to figure out how Trixie became so powerful]
  6. Sleepless in Ponyville
  7. Wonderbolts Academy [Rainbow Dash gets an invitation to the Wonderbolt Academy but questions whether or not she is Wonderbolt material]
  8. Extreme Gear on the Lost Hex: [Team Sonic and the Mane Six ally themselves with the Babylon Rogues to take on Eggman's latest scheme over at the Lost Hex, though could Sonic and Jet's rivalry get in the way, and why are the Deadly Six working with Eggman after previously turning on him?]
  9. Chrysalis' Revenge: [Wanting revenge for her past defeat, Chrysalis kidnaps the Cutie Mark Crusaders, while replacing everyone in Ponyville with changelings, can Team Sonic, the Chaotix, the Mane Six, Reaper and mysterious new allies, Marcus and Damian reach the Changeling Hive and save the day?]
  10. Rise of the Nightmare Mane Six: [The Mane Six are abducted by the dark forces that once turned Luna into Nightmare Moon and are dubbed their new queens by them, will Sonic and his friends' inner friendship be enough to save the world from eternal night again?]
  11. Neigh Anything [Shining Armor and Princess Cadance relate the story of how they meet as high-school students at Canterlot Academy to the Mane Six and Team Sonic]
  12. Manehattan Mysteries
  13. The Good, the Bad and the Ponies
  14. The Root of the Problem
  15. Ponymania XXIX
  16. Ponyville Days [An argument over the founding of Ponyville splits the town into two disputing factions]
  17. Don’t You Forget About Us
  18. Rainbow Dash and the Very Bad Day
  19. Origins of Spike [Twilight recalls her first day attending the School for Gifted Unicorns and meeting Spike for the first time]
  20. A Pinkie Pie Story That Pinkie Pie Kinda Sorta Remembers
  21. Queen for One Less Day: [Using a magical amulet, Celestia transforms herself into a Pegasus so she can go about unrecognized, though when it gets stolen, leaving her stuck in her powerless form, she'll have to get help from the Chaotix, Shadow, Omega, and Rouge to get the amulet back]
  22. From the Shadows: [A mysterious stallion steals and erases Equestria's most important historical records, leaving Team Sonic and the Mane Six to figure out what he's up to]
  23. The Vengeance of Lyric: [Team Sonic, the Mane Six, and Sticks are sent out to defeat the banished Ancient Lyric, who plans on conquering the world with an army of machines]
  24. Apple Family Reunion [Applejack has been granted permission by Granny Smith to organize the upcoming Apple family reunion. However, she soon loses focus of the important things, such as spending time together as a family enjoying each other's company, in her haste to put together extravagant activities. Meanwhile, Amy forces Sticks to have a garage sale, but accidentally sets free a horde of Froglodytes locked in Sticks' burrow]
  25. Spike at your Service
  26. Keep Calm and Flutter On: [Celestia tasks Team Sonic and the Mane Six with reforming Discord, though Fluttershy and Cream seem to be the only ones willing to give him a chance]
  27. The Black Knight Returns: [In the medieval world of Camelot, the medival counterparts of Team Sonic and the Mane Six assist Melina the Wizard in preventing the return of the Black Knight]
  28. Just for Sidekicks
  29. Games Ponies Play
  30. Magical Mystery Cure: [After discovering that Twilight accidentally mixed up her friends' cutie marks, Sonic and his friends must find a way to help her restore them to normal, along the way, the Mane Six will ultimately discover their destiny]

Season 4

(Episodes 91 - 120)

  1. The Princesses of Harmony: [When Princesses Celestia and Luna mysteriously disappear right before the Summer Sun Celebration and mysterious vines invade Ponyville and take control of Eggman's robots, the newly crowned Mane Six and Team Sonic, along with Sunset Shimmer and Discord must figure out what's going on, during all of this, the Mane Six discover the origins of the Elements of Harmony, and a old friend of Tails finally returns]
  2. Castle Mane-ia: [The Mane Six go to the Celestia and Luna's old castle to research the chest from the Tree of Harmony, finding a diary kept by the sisters that explains the workings of the castle. Meanwhile, Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Silver and Knuckles challenge each other to stay the night in the castle, while Amy takes Cream, Rouge, and Blaze along to the castle to look for old tapestries for Rarity to repair]
  3. Daring Don't [When the release of the next Daring Do book is delayed, Rainbow Dash takes matters into her own hooves, leading her and her friends to make a shocking discovery about the series' author]
  4. Flight to the Finish
  5. Power Ponies: [Spike, Team Sonic, and the Mane Six are sucked into a comic book world and must defeat a maniacal supervillain in order to escape, though when his friends get captured, Spike may just be the only one who can save the day]
  6. Bats!: [Desperate to stop vampire fruit bats from eating her apples, Applejack enlists her friends to help get rid of the bat's apple eating desires, but what happens when the spell the Mane Six conjure up ends up backfiring? Bat Ponies and total mayhem, can Sonic and company find a way to restore their friends to normal]
  7. Rarity Takes Manehattan: [Rarity gets into a fashion show competition in Manehattan against another designer]
  8. World Tour Adventure: [Mina, Ash, Max, Mach, Sharps, Sonia, and Manic try to figure out a location to hold Mina's latest concert. Meanwhile, Team Sonic confront mysterious new foe, Seelkadoom]
  9. Pinkie Apple Pie
  10. Rainbow Falls: [Rainbow Dash is torn between choosing the Ponyville team and the Cloudsdale team for the Equestria Games]
  11. Three's a Crowd: [Princess Cadance visits Ponyville to spend the day with Twilight, but could Discord's antics ruin it?]
  12. Double the Eggman, Double the Trouble: [Team Sonic and the Mane Six team up with Cosmo, Mighty, Ray, Sonia, and Manic to take on Eggman and Eggman Nega]
  13. Pinkie Pride: [Pinkie Pie's plans for Rainbow Dash's "birth-iversary," as well as her reputation as a super duper party pony, are put in jeopardy when another party thrower comes to town]
  14. Simple Ways: [Rarity tries to dress and act like Applejack in order to win the heart of a famous travel writer. Meanwhile, Vector, Espio, and Charmy find themselves working with Fang, Bark, and Bean to escape an ancient temple where teamwork and friendship are required in order to escape]
  15. Reflections: [Celestia enlists Team Sonic and the Mane Six to go to another dimension to help that dimension's version of King Sombra defeat the evil counterparts of her and Luna]
  16. Discord in Time
  17. Filli Vanilli
  18. Twilight Time
  19. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies: [Fluttershy finds herself catering every whim upon the request of the Breezies]
  20. Scourge: Lock Down: [Fiona Fox leads the rest of the the Destructix on a mission to rescue Scourge from Freedom Fighter HQ]
  21. Somepony to Watch Over Me: [Apple Bloom tries to show Applejack that she doesn't need to be constantly watched. Meanwhile, when Team Sonic learn that Shadow is crushing hard on Perci, Shadow learns to be himself when he is around her]
  22. Maud Pie: [Team Sonic and the Mane Six meet Pinkie Pie's older sister, but they have trouble becoming friends with her]
  23. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils: [When the dresses Rarity makes for Sweetie Belle's play get more attention than the play itself, Sweetie Belle ruins the dress Rarity made for Sapphire Shores in bitter retaliation]
  24. Leap of Faith: [Applejack's honesty is tested when Flim and Flam's miracle tonic appears to relieve Granny Smith of her aches and pains]
  25. Treasure Team Tango: [The Babylon Rogues and Team Hooligan find themselves trying to steal the same treasure from Scourge's castle]
  26. Testing Testing 1, 2, 3
  27. Trade Ya!
  28. Inspiration Manifestation: [When Rarity loses her creative mojo, it's up to the unlikely team of Amy, Rouge, Cosmo, Zooey, Perci, and Spike get it back]
  29. Equestria Games
  30. The Kingdom of Harmony: [Lord Tirek escapes from Tartarus and plans on draining all of Equestria of its' magic, Celestia enlists Discord to go stop him, but when Eggman teams up with Tirek in order to finally take down Sonic, Celestia, Luna and Cadence may have to give their power to the Mane Six in order to save everyone]

Season 5

(Episodes 121 - 150)

  1. The Cutie Map: [Lyric escapes from his imprisonment and forms an unlikely alliance with Eggman and Zavok to destroy all organic life on the planet, though when Lyric takes control of Eggman's army, it'll take the work of the Team Sonic, the Princesses of Harmony, Trixie, Sunset, the Babylon Rogues and new ally Starlight Glimmer to stop the last ancient from achieving his goals]
  2. Castle Sweet Castle: [When Twilight's friends realize that she's been avoiding the castle since she still misses the Golden Oak Library, which was destroyed by Tirek, they redecorate the castle to help their friend feel more at home]
  3. An Eclipsing Day: [Now a member of the Freedom Fighters, Eclipse joins Sonar, Spikey, Trevor Burrow, Lupe, Honey, and twin brothers Troy and Noah on a mission to take down Mammoth Mogul]
  4. Bloom & Gloom
  5. Tanks for the Memories
  6. Appleoosa's Most Wanted: [With help from Team Chaotix, The Cutie Mark Crusaders try to bring an infamous outlaw to justice in hopes of earning their cutie marks]
  7. Make New Friends but Keep Discord
  8. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone: [Tails, Silver, Knuckles, Rouge, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash have conflicting ideas of fixing a problem after being called by the Cutie Map to the city of Griffonstone]
  9. Slice of Life: [While Team Sonic and the Mane Six are busy battling a monster, the citizens of Ponyville rush and try to get to a wedding on time. Notable characters in the episode include Derpy, Dr. Hooves, Lyra, Sweetie-Drops, Soar the Eagle, the Lightning Bolt Society, Mike the Ox, and Tommy Thunder]
  10. Princess Spike: [Things go haywire when Spike starts making decisions under Princess Twilight's name. Meanwhile, when Orbot and Cubot discover a group of rejected Cubot prototypes hiding in the jungle, they seek the help of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray to protect them from Eggman]
  11. Party Pooped
  12. Amending Fences: [Twilight returns to Canterlot with Spike to rekindle some old friendships from before her move to Ponyville. Meanwhile, Eggman calls it quits on technology after Team Sonic manage to use his own tech against him, allowing the Lightning Bolt Society to takeover his lair]
  13. Back to the Basics: [Now back in the Eggman Empire, Sleet and Dingo undergo a training course since it's been so long since they've helped Eggman Meanwhile, Team Sonic learn that their old enemy Mephiles has returned]
  14. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?: [Princess Luna enlists the Mane Six and Team Sonic to hunt down a magical force that turns dreams into nightmares before it can grow powerful enough to spread its influence into the waking world]
  15. Bonding Strategies: [While Sonic is busy celebrating his birthday with his friends, the Mane Nine take the time to bond with their Jewel Pixie Animals]
  16. Canterlot Boutique: [Rarity's dream of owning a boutique in Canterlot finally comes true, but it comes at a price she isn't sure she's willing to pay]
  17. Rarity Investigates! [Rarity, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Kristy, Orion, and Team Chaotix try to prove Rainbow Dash innocent when she is accused of committing a crime]
  18. Made in Manehattan: [Blaze, Amy, Rouge, Cream, Applejack, and Rarity are called by the map to the city of Manehattan to help Coco Pommel on a big project]
  19. Brotherhooves Social
  20. Night of the Living Apples: [When debris tainted by Nightmare magic starts making all the apples in Sweet Apple Acres sentient, also giving them a desire for conquest, the Mane Six may have to consider going into their bat pony forms if they want any chance at saving Ponyville]
  21. Siege of the Crystal Empire: [As Team Sonic and the Mane Nine help set up for the next Crystal Faire, an mysterious cloaked pony convinces Chrysalis and her changelings, the Deadly Six, the Black Arms, the Metarex, and Eggman to stand by her in exchange for things they want the most. But things soon go from bad to worst when King Sombra is resurrected, all the while, the mysterious girl finally reveals herself]
  22. Crusaders of the Lost Mark: [Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo discover another side to Diamond Tiara when they help Pipsqueak run for class president against her]
  23. The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
  24. Hearthbreakers
  25. Scare Masters: [With assistance from Cream and Blaze, Fluttershy finally decides to face her fears and take part in Nightmare Night with her friends for once]
  26. What About Discord?: [Twilight comes back from a short break to find that her friends have spent a memorable and hilarious bonding activity with Discord during her absence, will Twilight's jealousy end up getting the better of her? Meanwhile, Orbot and Cubot wake up with no memory of the previous day's events. On top of that, Eggman is missing. The two bots set out to find Eggman by figuring out exactly what happened the day before]
  27. The Hooffields and McColts [Sonic, Blaze, Shadow, Cream, Twilight, and Fluttershy are called by the map to settle a feud between two families who can't remember why they're fighting against each other]
  28. Spark of Life: [Shard goes with Nicole to the digital world to help combat the malevolent computer program Phage. Meanwhile, after the Master Emerald is stolen yet again, Knuckles reluctantly teams up with Team Chaotix, Echo, Razor, Coral, and Pearly to help get it back]
  29. The Mane Attraction
  30. The Cutie Re-Mark: [After sending the Chaos Emeralds to different dimensions to prevent them from being taken by a powerful new enemy, Sonic and company must get the Emeralds back before he does, along the way, Starlight, Trixie and Sunset are able to discover their destiny]

Season 6

(Episodes 151 - 180)

  1. The Crystalling: [Sonic and company return to the Crystal Empire to see Shining Armor and Princess Cadence's foal, though when the Crystal Heart gets shattered, a ferocious snowstorm threatens to submerge the empire in Eternal Winter. Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer and Trixie help Starlight Glimmer reunite with her old friend, Sunburst]
  2. Pirate Plunder Panic: [Blaze allows Silver, Marine, Amy, Cream, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, and Gilda to accompany her as she goes against Captain Whisker in a race to claim the find the Sol Emeralds and save her dimension from total destruction]
  3. The Gift of the Maud Pie
  4. On Your Marks: [The Cutie Mark Crusaders struggle with the question of what's next after receiving their cutie marks. Meanwhile, Eggman builds a new robot to defeat Sonic and programs it to know everything about the Blue Blur, but things don't go as planned]
  5. Gauntlet of Fire: [Spike takes part in a perilous Gauntlet for the title of Dragon Lord in order to protect his friends]
  6. No Second Prances: [Starlight opts to help Trixie as her assistant for a magic stunt. Meanwhile, when Sticks' friends tell her to be nicer to animals, she becomes attached to a slime-belching robot dog named Buster]
  7. Newbie Dash: [When Rainbow Dash makes a bad first impression after joining the Wonderbolts, she is saddled with a mortifying nickname. Meanwhile, Morpho, a shapeshifting robot from another dimension, arrives at Eggman's base following his universe's destruction]
  8. A Hearth's Warming Tail [When Starlight Glimmer comes down with the holiday blues, Princess Twilight tries to help by reading a Hearth's Warming story to her]
  9. The Great Chaos Caper: [Vanessa captures Team Sonic to demand them to give her the power of the Master Emerald, leaving it up to the Mane Six, Reaper, Jayden, Kristy, William, Marcus, Damian, Angela, Lilly, Troy, Noah, and Orion to help rescue them]
  10. The Saddle Row Review
  11. Applejack's "Day" Off
  12. Flutter Brutter
  13. Spice Up Your Life: [Blaze, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie are called to Canterlot by the Cutie Map to help a struggling father-daughter family restaurant]
  14. Forged In Fire: [After being invited to Roboken by Mighton and Bolts, Team Sonic and Team Robot join forces with them when Dreamcaster, Metal Sonic, and Hypnobot attack]
  15. Eggman's Dozen: [After returning from a long vacation, Eggman has Lien-Da, Snivley, and Metal Sonic work together in order to reclaim his lair from from the Naugus Twins]
  16. Stranger Than Fan Fiction
  17. The Cart Before the Ponies
  18. 28 Pranks Later: [Rainbow Dash's pranking gets out of hand, so the other ponies decide to give her a taste of her own medicine]
  19. The Times They Are a Changeling: [The Mane Nine, Spike, and Team Sonic travel to the Crystal Empire only to find the Crystal Ponies in a panic over the possibility of a changeling spy]
  20. Dungeons & Discords
  21. Buckball Season
  22. The Fault in Our Cutie Marks
  23. Viva Las Pegasus: [Tails, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Applejack, and Fluttershy are summoned to Las Pegasus by the Cutie Map to investigate suspicious goings-on at Gladmane's resort]
  24. Every Little Thing She Does: [Still coming to terms with her new role as princess, Starlight tries to impress the Mane Six by taking on multiple friendship problems at once]
  25. Ponies of Dark Water: [When the Mane Six get turned evil by waters tainted by Dark Magic, Team Sonic, the CMC, Spike and Princess Luna must figure out a way to return them to normal before all is lost]
  26. Chaos Theory: [An astronomical event causes Discord to transform from a creature of chaos to a being of pure order]
  27. P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)
  28. Where the Apple Lies
  29. Top Bolt: [Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash are called to the Wonderbolt Academy by the Cutie Map to help academy hopefuls Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail with a friendship problem]
  30. To Where and Back Again: [With help from the Metarex, Chrysalis kidnaps Team Sonic and the Royal Family, and uses a mind control spell on the Mane Six, making them her slaves, can the unlikely team of Starlight, Trixie, Sunset, Moon Dancer, Lightning Dust, Firefly, Spike, Gabby, Gilda, Discord, Thorax, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Nyx, Snowdrop, Ember, Maud Pie, Mighty, Ray, Sticks, Cosmo, Tikal, Chip, Jet, Storm, Wave, Fang, Bark, Bean, Heavy, Bomb, Shade, Perci, Zooey, Saffron, Julie-Su, Sonar, and Mina rescue their friends and save the world from changeling mayhem?]

Season 7

(Episodes 181 - 210)

  1. Celestial Advice: [Realizing she and her friends have nothing left to teach Sunset, Trixie, and Starlight because of their recent accomplishments, Twilight turns to Princess Celestia for advice]
  2. Cosmos Rising: [Team Sonic tries to figure out why Eggman is harnessing Ragnium for his latest plan. Meanwhile, the Princesses of Equestria find themselves possessed by a mysterious entity who seems to have some history with Discord, all the while, D-Fekt, a rejected robot Eggman created to search for Ragnium, finds himself teaming up with Emerl, Gmerl, Gamma and Omega to defeat Neo Metal Sonic]
  3. All Bottled Up [Starlight Glimmer and Trixie accidentally make the Cutie Map disappear while the Mane Six are on a friendship retreat, so Starlight uses a spell to bottle up her anger until the map is retrieved]
  4. The Return of Infinite: [Team Sonic and the Mane Nine team up with Gadget, Tangle, Whisper, and Jewel to battle a recently resurfaced Infinite, who's now more powerful than ever, other old enemies such as Doctor Starline, Rough, and Tumble also appear]
  5. A Flurry of Emotions: [Shining Armor and Princess Cadance appoint Twilight, Sonic, Tails, and Cream to babysit Flurry Heart while they attend an art show to take a break from raising their infant daughter. Twilight gladly accepts the chance to spend time with her niece, despite her commitment to visiting sick foals at the hospital. Meanwhile, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Decoe, Bocoe, Bokkun, Orbot, and Cubot have finally had enough of Eggman's abuse and go on strike, so Eggman has Doctor Starline, Lien-Da, Infinite, and Morpho try to figure out how to end the strike]
  6. Rock Solid Friendship: [Maud Pie considers moving to Ponyville after graduating from geology school, and Pinkie Pie tries to help her see that the town has more to offer than just rocks. Meanwhile, after being invited to the "Awardy Award" Ceremony, Sticks admits she does not know how to behave like a lady, so Amy decides to teach her]
  7. Fluttershy Leans In
  8. Forever Filly
  9. Parental Glideance
  10. Hard to Say Anything [When Big McIntosh develops his first crush on Sugar Belle, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Chaotix try to help him win her heart before rivaling stallion Feather Bangs does]
  11. Wizards and Nature: [Sticks, along with Zooey, Perci, Cosmo, Mina, Sonar, Tangle, Whisper, and Jewel show mysterious new Freedom Fighter recruit Lina the Wolf around Ponyville and other areas, though could Lina actually be working for the recently surfaced Black Wizards of Dark Nature? Meanwhile, the mastermind behind the fall of Reaper's ninja clan is finally revealed]
  12. Honest Apple
  13. A Royal Problem: [Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Cream, and Blaze tag along with Starlight, Sunset, and Trixie when the Cutie Map summons them to Canterlot to help solve a feud between Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Meanwhile, Orbot and Cubot enter the cyber world to defeat Nominatus, who has taken over all of Dr. Eggman's technology]
  14. Not Asking for Trouble
  15. Encounters of the Seedling Kind: [Cosmo takes a blast from the past when she and her friends discover that her long lost family are all alive and well]
  16. Discordant Harmony: [Discord invites Fluttershy and Cream to his realm for tea, but he worries they won't be comfortable there and begins to change it—and himself]
  17. The Perfect Pear [Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big McIntosh learn about their parents' love story and discover that they are half-Pear]
  18. Fame and Misfortune: [When Twilight publishes her and her friends' friendship journal, it has unintended consequences when ponies start to argue over who wrote the best lessons]
  19. Triple Threat
  20. Campfire Tales: [Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash tell Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Julie-Su, Shadow, Perci, Soar, Mike, and Team Chaotix about their favorite legends after their camping trip is ruined by Fly-ders]
  21. To Change a Changeling: [Starlight, Trixie, Gilda, Spike, Cream, Silver, Blaze, and Sticks take a visit to the Changeling Kingdom, only to run into Thorax's unreformed brother, Pharynx, who's the only other changeling aside from Chrysalis who refuses to adopt the hive's new, peaceful ways. Meanwhile, Lina tries to conduct a seance but a series of mishaps keep getting in the way]
  22. Miracles of Doom: [Seelkadoom, Black Doom, and Mephiles decide to work together in order to take down Team Sonic. Meanwhile, a hedgehog version of Maria from another dimension arrives in order to help the heroes defeat the three villains]
  23. Daring Done?
  24. It Isn't the Mane Thing About You
  25. A Health of Information
  26. Marks and Recreation
  27. Once Upon a Zeppelin: [Twilight learns that her parents have won a free zeppelin cruise and joins them to take a break from her royal duties. Meanwhile, Sonic and Spike offer to take care of the castle while she's gone, which would go along smoothly if they didn't have to protect D-Fekt from Eggman as well]
  28. Secrets and Pies
  29. Uncommon Bond
  30. Shadow Play: [After discovering that Star Swirl and Equestria's other legendary heroes—known as the Pillars of Old Equestria— may still be alive after they sacrificed themselves to defeat the monstrous Pony of Shadows one thousand years ago. Twilight and her friends gather the Pillars' magical artifacts and release them from Limbo, but they also accidentally release the Pony of Shadows as well]

Season 8

(Episodes 211 - 240)

  1. School Daze: [When the Cutie Map expands to cover lands beyond Equestria, Twilight and her friends receive approval from the Equestria Education Association (EEA) to open a school to teach the benefits of friendship, but could letting other species attend be too risky?]
  2. Infinite Possibilities: [Seeking redemption for his past misdeeds, Infinite finally decides to join the Freedom Fighters and joins them on another mission to take down Eggman]
  3. The Maud Couple
  4. Fake It 'Til You Make It: [When Fluttershy looks after Rarity's Manehattan boutique, she takes on a series of characters to cope with the intimidating clientele]
  5. Grannies Gone Wild
  6. Surf and/or Turf: [The Chaotix and the Cutie Mark Crusaders get sent by the Cutie Map to Mount Aris to help a young Hippogriff figure out where he belongs]
  7. Horse Play [Twilight Sparkle casts Princess Celestia in her stage play commemorating Celestia's "ones-versary", only to discover that Celestia's talents lie elsewhere. Meanwhile, D-Fekt hangs out with Mighton and Bolts for the day while Dr. Eggman has trouble picking up a package from the post office]
  8. The Parent Map: [Sonic, Amy, Shadow, and Silver tag along with Starlight and Sunburst when the Cutie Map sends them to their hometown of Sire's Hollow to solve a friendship problem with their parents]
  9. Non-Compete Clause: [Applejack and Rainbow Dash (with help from Knuckles and Shadow) take their friendship students on a teamwork learning field trip and accidentally show the students how to not work together]
  10. The Break Up Break Down: [Big McIntosh has romantic plans for Sugar Belle on Hearts and Hooves Day, but he overhears her tell Mrs. Cake she's planning to break up with him. Meanwhile, the Cutie Mark Crusaders (now with Nyx and Snowdrop as official members) and the Chaotix try to find out who Sweetie Belle's "secret admirer" could be]
  11. Molt Down: [Spike undergoes a developmental stage for dragons called the "molt", and according to Smolder, its side effects compel a molter's family to kick them out of the house, which gets Spike worried]
  12. Convocation of the Creatures!: [The Mane Six, Starlight, Trixie, Sunset, Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and Celestia's aide Raven attend the Convocation of the Creatures, a gathering of delegates from Equestria and the neighboring lands]
  13. Tempest's Tale: [Tempest Shadow travels across Equestria to learn more about friendship and comes face-to-face with her past, though with Infinite, Eclipse, Kyle, and Gadget to accompany her, things should be alright]
  14. Marks for Effort: [The Cutie Mark Crusaders try to convince Twilight Sparkle to let them into the School of Friendship, even though it's clear they've already mastered the curriculum]
  15. The Mean 9: [Looking for revenge for losing her kingdom, Chrysalis creates evil clones of the Mane Nine and tasks them with getting the Elements of Harmony]
  16. Angel Island Mishaps: [Knuckles decides to take the Master Emerald elsewhere to keep Eggman from stealing it with the Chaotix (now with Mighty, Ray, Julie-Su, and Saffron Bee as members), Tikal, Shade, Chaos, and Ruby's aid]
  17. A Matter of Principals: [When Twilight leaves Starlight, Trixie, and Sunset in charge of the School of Friendship while she and her friends go off on another friendship mission, Discord gets frustrated and does his best to make their roles impossible]
  18. The Hearth's Warming Club
  19. Friendship University [When Twilight Sparkle discovers there's another School of Friendship, she and Rarity go to investigate and are shocked to discover that Twilight's idol and Pillar of Old Equestria, Star Swirl the Bearded, is enrolled at the school. Meanwhile, Lina, Sticks, Zooey, and Perci team up when Eggman employs the Froglodytes to force Gogobas to mine for a crystal that will power his giant new Mech Suit]
  20. The End in Friend [Rarity and Rainbow Dash begin to question why they are friends when they can't find anything they both like to do together. Meanwhile, when it's revealed that Eggman is not actually a doctor, he becomes a joke and must go back to school to finish his Ph.D. in evil]
  21. Yakity-Sax: [Pinkie Pie picks up playing a bizarre instrument as a new hobby, but her friends quickly get annoyed by her inability to play it. Meanwhile, when Dr. Eggman, Morpho, and Eggman Nega turn a family vacation in Roboken into an opportunity for evil. Mighton & Bolts enlist the help of D-Fekt, FriendBot, Johnny Lightfoot, and Porker Lewis]
  22. Road to Friendship [Trixie is invited to bring her magic show to Saddle Arabia, and she can think of no one better to bring along than her great and powerful assistant Starlight Glimmer. Meanwhile, Eggman's nemesis Nominatus returns. With the help of his two virus minions, he tries to take over the world outside the computer]
  23. The Washouts [Scootaloo becomes enamored with the Washouts, a touring group of stunt ponies, and Rainbow Dash is concerned for her safety and worries that Scootaloo's days as her number one fan are over]
  24. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place
  25. What Lies Beneath
  26. Sounds of Silence: [Tails, Silver, Cream, Blaze, Fluttershy, and Applejack journey to the edge of the map on a friendship quest to help a group of ponies called Kirin, who are so afraid of hurting each other's feelings that they've taken a vow of silence]
  27. Hard-Boiled Problems: [Eggman tasks the Hard-Boiled Heavies with stealing the Master Emerald, but Knuckles' new security system proves super tough to beat]
  28. Secret Freedom: [Gadget, Tangle, Whisper, and Jewel work with Johnny, Porker, Shortfuse, Tenko, Gold, and Relic to help rescue Whisper's old team, the Diamond Cutters, from Eggman Nega]
  29. Father Knows Beast
  30. School Raze: [When magic begins to fail all across Equestria, the Mane Six, Starlight, Sunset, Trixie, Spike, and Team Sonic head to Tartarus to seek answers from Tirek. Meanwhile, the Young Six, Gadget, Tempest, Infinite, Cozy Glow and several others discover that a resurrected Nazo has teamed up with Tirek and has been using the school's magical artifacts to drain Equestria of its' magic, wanting revenge for his defeat at the hands of Sonic]

Season 9

(Episodes 241 - 270)

  1. The Beginning of the End: [The Mane Six and Team Sonic are left in charge of Equestria after receiving news that Princesses Celestia and Luna are retiring. Meanwhile, an ancient evil ram named Grogar summons Chrysalis, Tirek, the Storm King, Cosmos, Rabia, Mephiles, Nazo, Dark Oak, Black Doom and Lyric to his lair, proposing that they all work together in order to defeat their enemies, though Rabia has other ideas]
  2. Uprooted: [The Young Six respond to a magical summons from the Tree of Harmony, only to learn it has been destroyed by the Umbrum, and it is up to them to figure out the best way to memorialize it, meanwhile, Eggman turns his lair into a luxury resort in order to pay a one time trash collection fee]
  3. Sparkle's Seven: [Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor pit their wits against each other to settle a long-standing sibling rivalry, but they may soon discover that they are not the only competitors]
  4. The Point of No Return [Twilight Sparkle realizes she never returned a book to the Canterlot Library and may have caused her favorite librarian Dusty Pages to lose her job]
  5. Return of Dark Nature: [The Black Wizards of Dark Nature try to convince Lina to rejoin their ranks, but her friends are pretty much having none of that]
  6. Common Ground
  7. She's All Yak
  8. Frenemies: [Grogar deploys his legion of doom on a mission to become allies, but his plan seems to work too well, as they almost become friends. Meanwhile, Eggman and his minions stay at the Castle of Friendship while his evil lair is undergoing repairs following a thunderstorm, all while Eggman Nega, Snivley, Lien-Da, Doctor Starline, and Morpho try to get the rest of the Eggman Empire to help repair the lair]
  9. Sweet and Smoky
  10. Going to Seed
  11. Student Counsel: [Starlight Glimmer relishes her role as school counselor and encourages the students to come to her anytime about anything, but always being available becomes too much for her]
  12. The Last Crusade
  13. Between Dark and Dawn: [Celestia and Luna take a "bucket-list" sister vacation while Twilight and her friends struggle to cover the princesses' many royal duties alone with the Jewel Pixie Animals aiding them as they can while dressed as maids]
  14. Cuckoo for Lina: [While on a mission in the Canterlot Caves for Dodon Pa, Infinite and Lina start developing mutual feelings for each other]
  15. Everything Old
  16. The Draytona Breach 500
  17. The Last Laugh [When Pinkie Pie seeks help from her old friend Cheese Sandwich in finding her life's purpose, she, Trixie, Sonic, Tails, and Sticks discover the unimaginable has happened]
  18. 2, 4, 6, Greaaat
  19. A Trivial Pursuit
  20. The Summer Sun Setback: [The Mane Nine and Team Sonic are determined to make Celestia and Luna's last Summer Sun Celebration memorable, but things start going horribly wrong]
  21. I Almost Had Them: [Stuck in the holding cells of Freedom Fighter HQ, Mammoth Mogul, Ixis and Wendy Naugus, and the Destructix all tell stories on how they almost defeated Team Sonic, but failed in the end]
  22. She Talks to Angel
  23. Dragon Dropped
  24. A Horse Shoe-In: [With the coronation only a few weeks away, Sonic and the others prepare to take over the School of Friendship from the Mane Nine]
  25. Babylon Rising: [The Babylon Rogues and Team Hooligan once again join forces to locate the Babylon Rogues' long lost homeland of Babylon Garden]
  26. Daring Doubt [When another author releases his own version of the events in A. K. Yearling's Daring Do books, Rainbow Dash and Knuckles are furious, while Fluttershy, Shadow, and Rouge are curious to know the truth]
  27. Growing Up is Hard to Do: [The Cutie Mark Crusaders are magically transformed into grown-ups, and they discover that growing up the right way means gaining experience and wisdom that simply can't be rushed]
  28. The Big Mac Question [When Big McIntosh and Sugar Belle decide to propose to each other, everything their friends do to help ends up making a mess of the whole thing]
  29. The Ending of the End: [The Legion of Doom unleash their ultimate power on Equestria. Can Team Sonic and the Mane Nine stop their most dangerous enemies before all hope is lost?]
  30. The Last Problem: [20 years into the distant future, the Princesses of Harmony and Team Sonic attempt to solve a star pupil/student of their own named Luster Dawn and the newest Freedom Fighter member Rhythm the Chinchilla's friendship problem]

Season 10

(Episodes 271 - 300)

  1.  ??? [The Mane Nine's first act as Queens of Equestria is to send our heroes to explore mysterious-and potentially dangerous-areas of the World. When Applejack, Knuckles, Trixie, Rouge, Starlight, Blaze, Zecora, Cosmo, Rockhoof, Storm, Tempest, Jewel, Cozy Glow, and Julie-Su travel to Zecora's home country, they meet a zebra named Marini-and learn exciting, surprising information about Zecora, the magical ponieskelpies and abada, and the not-so-magical zebras who live there!]

Films and Specials

Movies and Specials that expand on the world and lore of Sonic: Adventures of Equestria, often times introducing new characters:

  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Equestria Girls: [When the Elements of Harmony are taken to another world by Neo Metal Sonic, The Mane Six and Team Sonic must travel to this other world and team up with new ally Sunset Shimmer to retrieve them, though it seems Eggman has plans of his own to stop Neo Metal from accomplishing his goals of taking over the universe] (Takes place after Season 3)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Rise of the Plundering Six: [The Metarex are back, and teaming up with the Black Arms and Delta Brony's brother, Omega Brony, they bring back the Plundervines and corrupt the Tree of Harmony, and when the Mane Six end up falling under the control of the Plundervines' dark magic, Sonic and his friends, along with Spike, Discord, Delta Brony, Cosmo, and old friend Chip, will have to do everything it takes to save the day] (Takes place during Season 4)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks: [The Mane Six, Sunset, Spike and Team Sonic are called back to Canterlot High to take on the Dazzlings, evil sirens that were banished from Equestria thousands of years ago] (Takes place after Season 4)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Twivine Sparkle Strikes Back: [Twivine, a alternate version of Twilight from a world overrun by the Plundervines, plans to steal all the alicorn magic for herself, can Team Sonic and the Mane Six stop her before her plans become reality] (Takes place during Season 5)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games: [Team Sonic and Sunset return to Canterlot High along with Starlight to help the students win the Friendship Games, a sports competition that the school is competing against Crystal Prep, but things get awkward when Sonic and company realize that among Crystal Prep's sports team are the Mane Six's human counterparts, who have been investigating the magical activity around Canterlot High for quite some time] (Takes place during Season 5)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: The Rise of Princess Dark Matter [A powerful new evil with connections to Omega Brony plans on taking the Mane Nine's cutie-marks in order to conquer the planet, can Team Sonic, Delta Brony, Omega Brony, and new ally Megan Williams stop her?] (Takes place after Season 5)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree: [Team Sonic, Sunset, and Starlight join the Mane Six's human counterparts on a field trip to Camp Everfree, which becomes plagued with bizarre magical circumstances relating to a local urban legend. Meanwhile, the real Mane Six find the Human Six's amulet from Friendship Games and end up getting corrupted. Can the Chaotix, Delta Brony, Omega Brony, Mighty, Ray, Julie-Su, Saffron, Mina, Cosmo, Sticks, Zooey, and Perci save them before end up becoming what the pony versions of the Midnight Human Six?] (Takes place during Season 6)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: The Wrath of Tirek [Escaping from Tartarus yet again with help from Twivine, Tirek vows to drain all of Equestria's magic by any means necessary, though Twivine begins to have second thoughts and may have to consider going to her old enemies for help in defeating him] (Takes place after Season 6)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Darkness Rising: [The Mane Nine learn a shocking discovery that could somehow make them believe they're going to turn evil. Seeing themselves as a threat to everyone, the Mane Nine go into exile, hoping not to hurt their friends, though this threatens to forever separate the nine alicorns from everyone they have ever loved, on top of that, Rabia and the Umbrum have freed themselves prison, and now have their sights conquering the entire planet, not just the Crystal Empire. In a race against time, can Sonic and his friends find the Mane Nine, return them home safe and sound, and save the entire universe, and can the Mane Nine save themselves from their own darkness?] (Takes place during Season 7)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: The Movie: [When Equestria is invaded by a powerful new enemy who intends on using the magic of the alicorn princesses for evil purposes, Team Sonic, the Mane Six, the Princesses and their allies must seek help from beyond Equestria to save the world from a stormy fate] (Takes place after Season 7)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship: (Takes place after Season 7)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Nightmare Knights: [Princess Luna assembles a team with Stygian, Shadow, Gmerl, Trixie, Sombra, Radiant Hope, Lightning Dust, Omega Brony, Twivine, Discord, Gilda, Jet, Storm, Wave, Shade, Eclipse, Fang, Bean, Bark, Infinite, Tempest, and Grubber in order to face a new threat to Equestria] (Takes place during Season 8)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Adventures in Time: [After the Mane Nine accidentally get sent twenty years into the past, they must team up with their younger versions in order to return to their own time period. Meanwhile, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy have to team up with the Classic versions of themselves when Dr. Eggman joins forces with his past self to finally conquer the world] (Takes place during Season 8)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Equestria Girls: Rollercoaster of Friendship: (Takes place during Season 8)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Princess Dark Matter's Revenge: [Princess Dark Matter has finally returned more powerful than ever, with her even managing to defeat the Mane Nine before absorbing them to make herself more powerful, while allies new and old take charge to protect Equestria, Team Sonic, Spike, and the Jewel Pixie Animals enter Dark Matter's pocket dimension, when they first arrive, Team Sonic and the Jewel Pixie Animals easily find the Mane Nine, only to discover that the nine alicorns were turned into fillies and lost all of their memories, can our heroes find a way to make the Mane Nine remember who they are and stop Princess Dark Matter?] (Takes place after Season 8)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Best Gift Ever [Twilight Sparkle and her friends do a "Hearthswarming Helper" to get just one Hearth's Warming present for another pony, and they race all over Equestria to find the perfect gift] (Takes place after Season 8)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown: (Takes place after Season 8)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Spirit of the Forest: (Takes place during Season 9)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Rainbow Roadtrip: [The Princesses of Harmony have been invited to the Rainbow Festival at Hope Hollow as a guest of honor. They, along with Team Sonic and some of their friends and allies hop on a balloon, but when they crash landed, no one is there to greet them. The mystery grows at sunrise when the entire town and the ponies in it are revealed to have been drained of color. While Sonic and his friends try to find out what caused the town to fade, the Mane Nine help the local ponies plan a new rainbow festival, making new friends along the way, and restoring the hope missing from Hope Hollow] (Takes place during Season 9)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Equestria Girls: Sunset's Backstage Pass: (Takes place during Season 9)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Feats of Friendship: (Takes place during Season 9)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped: (Takes place after Season 9)
  • Sonic: Adventures in Equestria: Years Later: [Taking place after the events of The Last Problem, Luster Dawn, Rhythm the Chinchilla and their friends must work together in order to defeat a new threat to their world] (Takes place after Season 9)


Short Films featuring fan favorite characters from the Sonic and MLP franchises:


Sub-Series that take place in and/or outside the main Sonic: Adventures in Equestria universe:


  • Roger Craig Smith - Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, Morpho, Admiral Beaverton, UT, Firegem, Nosey News
  • Kate Higgins - Miles Tails Prower, Wave the Swallow, Vanilla the Rabbit, Metal Tails, Summer Mane
  • Travis Willingham - Knuckles the Echidna, Zavok, Storm the Albatross, Soar the Eagle, Metal Knuckles
  • Cindy Robinson - Amy Rose, Perci, Lady Goat, Justin Beaver, MAIA, Metal Amy, Morning Glory
  • Kirk Thornton - Shadow the Hedgehog, Orbot, Master Zik, Mike the Ox, Cliff
  • Michelle Ruff - Cream the Rabbit, Tekno the Canary, Citrine Spark, Carrotia the Rabbit
  • Karen Strassman - Rouge the Bat, Lady Alicia Acorn, Rough Diamond, Rosedust
  • Quinton Flynn - Silver the Hedgehog, Black Narcissus, Porker Lewis, Falke Wulf
  • Laura Bailey - Blaze the Cat, Omochao, Neightingale, Bride of the Conquering Storm, Matilda the Armadillo
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Cheese, Chocola, Yacker, Froggy, Burnbot, Bea the Beebot, Metarex Kingape
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Sapphire, Nominatus, Robotnik Jr., Boom Shadow, Max the Monkey
  • Jennifer Hale - Tunette, Hershey St. John, Fiona, Queen Aleena, Ceneca-9009, Cosmos
  • Tom Kenny - Digit, Bokkun, Mini, Old Monkey, Fastidious Beaver, Monk the Gorilla, Chili Pepper, Doran
  • John DiMaggio - Ruby, Heavy King, Obliterator Bot, Tundra the Walrus, Kage Von Stryker, Boom Vector
  • Steven Blum - Moonlight, Fire Bot, Eclipse the Darkling, King Diomedes, Gillman's Boss, Muckfoot, Davis the Bat
  • Hynden Walch - Caramel, Marine the Raccoon, Daisy, Posey, Patty Peppermint
  • Grey DeLisle - Diamond, Jewel the Beetle, Heavy Magician, Liza the Chameleon, Lara-Su, G3 Rarity, Chumley
  • Benjamin Diskin - Salt, Shard the Metal Sonic, Q-N-C, Razorklaw, Rutan the Echidna, Leon
  • Ashley Johnson - Pearl, Sonar the Fennec, Bernadette Hedgehog, Aqua Vine, Thestra, Boom Amy, Yelena
  • Tara Strong - Twilight Sparkle, Nyx, Twivine Sparkle, G3 Pinkie Pie, Lickety-Split, Cosmo, Stratford
  • Tabitha St. Germain - Rarity, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Granny Smith, Flurry-Heart, Derpy, Twinkleshine, G3 Scootaloo
  • Ashleigh Ball - Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Lyra Heartstrings, Lemon Hearts, Nurse Redheart
  • Andrea Libman - Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Sweetie Drops, Zipzee, G3 Sweetie Belle, Fleetfoot
  • Kathleen Barr - Trixie Lulamoon, Queen Chrysalis, Puzzlemint, Sweetberry, Kimono
  • Rebecca Shoichet - Sunset Shimmer, Sugar Belle, Night Glider, Minty
  • Kelly Sheridan - Starlight Glimmer, Sassy Saddles, Cotton Candy, G3 Cheerilie
  • Cathy Weseluck - Spike, Mayor Mare, Coco Pommel
  • Lisa Ortiz - Shine, Classic Amy, Honeycrisp
  • Amy Palant - Gem, Classic Tails, Arhey
  • Matt Hill - Sweetie, Soarin', Stonelart
  • Samuel Vincent - Tart, Flim, Party Favor, Boom Cubot, Nelson Thorndyke
  • Jason Griffith - Weather, Classic Sonic, Luck
  • Erin Fitzgerald - Amour, Lucinda the Hedgehog, Dinky Doo, Skywishes, Whimsey Weather
  • Dan Green - Majesty, Classic Knuckles, Big Sugar
  • Shannon Chan-Kent - Fauna, Silver Spoon, Smolder
  • Kazumi Evans - Gleam, Moon Dancer, Octavia Melody, Adagio Dazzle
  • Troy Baker - Espio the Chameleon, Bocoe, Heavy Shinobi, Sheriff Tumbleweed
  • Keith Silverstein - Vector the Crocodile, Iron King, Kibitz
  • Colleen Villard - Charmy Bee, Heavy Rider, Zooey, Rabbit Girl, Tails Doll, Wind Whistler, Boom Tails, Kristy
  • James Arnold Taylor - Mighty the Armadillo, Monkey Khan, Anton Veruca
  • Bryce Papenbrook - Ray the Flying Squirrel, Dave the Intern, Prancy Drew
  • Kari Wahlgren - Julie-Su, Tikal, Sonya Acorn, Zouge the Bat, G1 Firefly
  • Debi Derryberry - Saffron Bee, Charlie, Bow Tie, G3 Spike, Strawberlly
  • Nicole Oliver - Princess Celestia, Daybreaker, Cheerilee, Lix Spittle, Shahra, Longclaw the Owl
  • Britt McKillip - Princess Cadence, Rainbow Harmony, Tra La La, Helen, Sulfur
  • Andrew Francis - Shining Armor, Jacques D'Coolette
  • Ian Hanlin - Sunburst, Mayor Sunny Skies
  • John de Lancie - Discord, Accord
  • Mike Pollock - Dr. Eggman, Gerald Robotnik, Mayor Fink, Eggman Nega, Eggman-Bot, Zonshen
  • Frank Welker - Cluck, Chaos, Buster, Decimator Bot, T-Pup, Classic Metal Sonic
  • Charlie Adler - Snively, Poindexter, Speedy, Good Apple, G1 Spike
  • Wally Wingert - Cubot, D-Fekt, Tommy Thunder, Walrus Male, Gallop J. Fry
  • Nolan North - Decoe, Heavy Gunner, Bearenger the Grizzly, Hawkeye
  • Phil Hayes - Scratch, Mad
  • Garry Chalk - Grounder, Prince Rutherford, Fido, Doctor Cadberry
  • Ian James Corlett - Coconuts, Silver Shill
  • Maurice LaMarche - Sleet, Sir Charles Hedgehog, Chancellor Neighsay
  • Jim Cummings - Dingo, Renfield the Rodent, Dr. Robotnik, Erebus
  • Carlos Alazraqui - Hypnobot, Pale Bayleaf, Dive, Gaiman, Lord Mordred Hood
  • Jeff Bennett - Doctor Starline, Hugo Brass, Mum, Professor Cheddermund, General Dauntless, Boom Orbot
  • Diedrich Bader - Doctor Ellidy
  • Khary Payton - Bomb, Millerspoke
  • Bumper Robinson - Razor the Shark, Pyjamas
  • Michelle Creber - Apple Bloom
  • Madeleine Peters - Scootaloo
  • Claire Corlett - Sweetie Belle
  • Kira Buckland - Snowdrop, Megan Williams, Princess Dark Matter, Nova Sparkle, Nephthys the Vulture, G1 Twilight
  • Sunni Westbrook - Cozy Glow
  • Kyle Rideout - Thorax
  • Vic Mignogna - E-123 Omega, Orion
  • Kyle Hebert - Big the Cat, Dodon Pa, Sergeant Simian, Amadeus Prower
  • Vincent Tong - Flash Sentry, Prince Blueblood, Garble, Rumble, Sandbar
  • Nika Futterman - Sticks the Badger, Staci, Thistle Whistle
  • Mark Hamill - FriendBot, Captain Shellbreaker, Jermoe, Chummer
  • Jason Marsden - Delta Brony, Wolfie
  • Xander Mobus - Jules Hedgehog, Doctor Ovi Kintobor, Nicky the Hedgehog, Gaffer, Damian
  • Chris Britton - Star Swirl the Bearded
  • Bill Newton - Stygian, Pharynx, Bright Mac
  • Ellen-Ray Hennessy - Mistmane
  • Giles Panton - Flash Magnus
  • Mariee Devereux - Mage Meadowbrook
  • Murry Peeters - Somnambula
  • Matt Cowlrick - Rockhoof
  • Liam O'Brien - Infinite, Zazz, General Helmut Von Stryker
  • Johnny Yong Bosch - Gadget the Wolf
  • Mark Acheson - Lord Tirek
  • Alvin Sanders - King Sombra
  • Tom Kane - Mammoth Mogul, G.U.N. Commander, T.W. Barker, Warden Zobotnik
  • Paul St. Peter - Professor Pickles, Shadowfright/Larry, Akhlut, Rabia
  • Crispin Freeman - Tom Wachowski
  • Ali Milner - Ember
  • Jesse McCartney - Johnny Lightfoot
  • Charlie Schlatter - Griff the Goat, Trusty Splendor
  • Brenda Crichlow - Zecora
  • Joshua Seth - Skye Prower
  • Veronica Taylor - Vanessa, Rachel Prower
  • Alyson Stoner - Maria Robotnik, Tiara Boobowski, Sparkleworks, Surprise
  • Kristen Wiig - Radiant Hope
  • Candi Milo - Pearly the Manta Ray, Alexis Acorn, Beth the Shrew, Rosey the Rascal, Temperance Flowerdew
  • Eric Bauza - Heavy, Scourge, Og, Grimer Wormtongue, Beauregard Rabbot, Metarex Spike, Moss the Sloth, Hawk
  • E.G. Daily - Gold the Tenrec, Reindeer Girl, Mitchi, Cherry Blossom
  • Tariq Leslie - Hoo'Far
  • Melissa Fahn - Lavender
  • Tara Sands - Nya the Wolf, Tania the Hedgehog
  • Vanessa Marshall - Lupe the Wolf, Clove the Pronghorn, Viper
  • Scott Menville - Emerl, Button Mash
  • Will Friedle - Rotor the Warlus, Mello Bee
  • Graham Verchere - Pipsqueak
  • Cherami Leigh - Lina the Wolf, Rosemary Prower, Angie the Rabbit, Knecapeon Mace
  • Peter New - Big Mac, Dr. Hooves
  • Scott McNeil - Flam, Rover, Chief Thunderhooves
  • Phil LaMarr - Mighton, Red Pine, Buried Treasure, Nate Morgan, Danny
  • Jill Talley - Echo the Dolphin, Mombot, Phage
  • Brian Drummond - Tumble the Skunk, Double Diamond, Ahuizotl, Seabreeze, Sheriff Silverstar, Davenport
  • Trevor Devall - Rough the Skunk, Fancy Pants, Thunderlane, Iron Will
  • Bill Fagerbakke - Colin Kintobor, Distemper, Wheat Grass
  • Patrick Seitz - Lyric, Zomon, Brute, Omen, Salty, Fireheart
  • David Sobolov - Crocbot, Metarex Carrer, E-107 Theta
  • Gibert Gottfried - Horizont-Al
  • Cassandra Lee Morris - Isabella Mongoose, Galaxina, Lumina, Glitter Drops
  • Alexandra Carter - Twist
  • Sylvia Zaradic - Cherry Jubilee
  • Chantal Strand - Diamond Tiara, Tiddly Wink, Starsong
  • Sam Riegel - Zor, Downtown Ebony Hare, Leroy the Turtle, Shortfuse the Cybernik
  • Tara Platt - Princess Undina, Lara-Le, Princess Amore, Terri Belle, Melody Mongoose
  • David Tennant - Old Man Owl, Metarex Deserd, Xenin
  • Ellen Kennedy - Mane-iac, Daffidazey
  • Josh Keaton - Chip, Predator Hawk, Dixon, Yukimura, Boom Metal Sonic
  • Carolyn Lawrence - Lien-Da the Echidna, Rosie Woodchuck, Sunny Daze
  • Scott Porter - Metarex Crystal, Wolverton D. Sidekick
  • Dove Cameron - Mina Mongoose
  • Natalie Lander - Firefly, Maddie Wachowski
  • Michael Sorich - Slinger, Gogoba Chief
  • Max Mittelman - Ash Mongoose, Metal Sonic 3.0, Terence
  • Patrick Warburton - Buck Withers
  • Stephanie Sheh - Zeena, Relic the Pika, Angela
  • Derek Stephen Prince - Sharps the Parakeet, Fireheart
  • Patricia Drake - Twilight Velvet
  • Charles Demers - Night Light
  • Marÿke Hendrikse - Gilda, Sonata Dusk, Brights Brightly
  • Rena Anakwe - Sapphire Shores
  • Michael Yurchak - Jet the Hawk, Metarex Jumpee
  • Philece Sampler - Georgia, Lyco Wolf, Mrs. Vandersnout
  • Ingrid Nilson - Maud Pie
  • Kelly Metzger - Spitfire, Sunny Star, Storybelle, Sparkler, Petunia Petals
  • Rhona Rhees - Torque Wrench
  • Fred Tatasciore - Seelkadoom the Hedgehog, King Longhorn, Ballot Stuffer Bot, Biolizard, Dark Gaia
  • Clancy Brown - Captain Whisker, Captain Hoofbeard, Dr. Quack, Mr. Bristles the Yeti Crab
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Mephiles the Dark, Mega Bot, Trevor Burrow the Mole, Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg, G1 Tirek, Squirk
  • Marc Thompson - Manik Acorn, E-106 Eta
  • Haven Paschall - Emilia the Hedgehog
  • Sarah Natochenny - RIcky the Hedgehog
  • Amy Birnbaum - Buttercream
  • Mona Marshall - Ella, Lady Walrus
  • Gavin Langelo - Gallus
  • Katrina Salisbury - Yona
  • Lauren Jackson - Silverstream
  • Devyn Dalton - Ocellus
  • Todd Haberkorn - Weasel Bandit, Wormwood, Gunther, Sleek the Panther
  • Jessica DiCicco - Sonia the Hedgehog, Sonata, Whistle Wishes, Nikki the Lynx
  • Greg Cipes - Manic the Hedgehog, Drago Wolf, Metarex Viper
  • Lacey Chabert - Uma Arachnis, Molly, Cassia the Pronghorn, Princess Elise, Spring Rain, Flora the Seedling
  • Dave Wittenberg - Rian the Hedgehog, Metal Robotnik, Coach Klaus
  • Robbie Daymond - Spikey the Porcupine, Mr. Stewart, William
  • Brian Beacock - Tai the Jackel, Beta
  • Lex Lang - Grand Battle Kukku XV, Captain Metal
  • Jaleel White - Zonic the Zone Cop
  • Kath Soucie - Sally Acorn, Nicole the Holo-Lynx, Mecha Sally, Swift Foot, Frances
  • Erica Lindbeck - Whisper the Wolf, Belinda, Megan Acorn, Berry Bliss, Blonn Di, Arhey, River Song
  • Rob Paulsen - Antoine, Wild Cat, Tommy Turtle, E-113 Xi, Wind Sock, Gregorios, Classic Ray
  • Matthew Mercer - Gmerl, Lucas, Zespio the Zone Cop
  • Alan Tudyk - Rob o' the Hedge
  • William Salyers - Chuck Thorndyke
  • Jim Miller - Trouble Shoes
  • Vic Chao - Sir Connery, E-100 ZERO
  • Sean Chiplock - Fixit the Robot, E-101 Beta, E-101 Mark II, Locke the Echidna
  • Aaron LaPlante - E-102 Gamma, Icarus
  • Chiara Zanni - Daring Do
  • Eric Stuart - E-103 Delta
  • Britt Irvin - Lightning Dust
  • Tony Salerno - E-104 Epsilon
  • Robin Atkin Downes - Omega Brony, Doctor Finitevus, Yellow Zelkova
  • Sean Schemmel - Reaper, E-105 Zeta, Terry Mongoose
  • Tracey Moore - Flitter Flutter
  • Brynna Drummond - Babs Seed
  • J.K. Simmons - Axel the Water Buffalo, Well-To-Do
  • Rebecca Husain - Minuette
  • Cristina Vee - DJ Pon-3, Earthia, Coral the Betta, Star Catcher, Lilly
  • Michael Dobson - Bulk Biceps, Dr. Caballeron
  • Doc Harris - Grogar
  • Sabrina Pitre - Luster Dawn
  • Anna Cummer - Star Flight, Heart Bright
  • Rachel Bloom - Autumn Blaze, Belle D'Coolette, Shining Light
  • Christopher Sabat - Willy Walrus, Marcus
  • Terry Klassen - Hunter
  • Ike Amadi - Metarex Pterano, Kodos Lion
  • David Kaye - Nazo, Crusher, Maw the Thylacine, Silver Sonic, Scarship, Elder Scruffy, Erazor Djinn
  • Cam Clarke - Professor Von Schelmmer, Nester the Wise
  • Dave B. Mitchell - Bark the Polar Bear, Mehca Knuckles, Boom Knuckles
  • Jamieson Price - Comedy Chimp, Professor Kingsford, Redd Heron
  • JB Blanc - Fang the Sniper, Feist
  • Michael McConnohie - Thrash the Tasmanian Devil, The Foreman
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic - Cheese Sandwich
  • Jess Harnell - Bean the Dynamite, Flying Frog, Thunderbolt the Chinchilla
  • Patton Oswalt - Quibble Pants, Argyle the Crocodile
  • Meredith Salenger - Clear Sky
  • Alice Oswalt - Wind Spirit
  • Ryan Beil - Zephyr Breeze
  • Robert Englund - Dreamcaster
  • Jim Carrey - Verti-Cal
  • Ashly Burch - Honey the Cat, Claire Voyance, Hope Kintobor, Opal, Nock Pointe
  • Michael Daingerfie - Braeburn
  • Lena Hall - Countess Coloratura
  • Mae Whitman - Diane Aardvark, Iron Queen, Blade the Shark, Scarlet Petal, Twinkle Wish
  • Kelly Hu - Princess Eris, Rhythm the Chinchilla, Katana, Starla, Shadowfall, Wysteria
  • Sean Astin - Captain Johnny, Mecha Sonic, Winter Comet, Drums
  • Maggie Blue O'Hara - Strawberry Sunrise
  • Erin Matthews - Gabby, Little Strongheart, Apricot Apple, Lily Lightly, Toola-Roola
  • Felicia Day - Pear Butter, Downey Burn
  • Ben Schwartz - Mach the Rabbit, Boom Sonic, 8-bit, Pseudo-Sonic
  • Jan Rabson - Wind Rider
  • Cathy Cavadini - Tangle the Lemur, Cloverleaf, Veronica, G3 Rainbow Dash, North Star, Alder Brown
  • Will Arnett - King Aspen
  • Elijah Wood - Prince Bramble
  • Diana Kaarina - Aria Blaze
  • Richard Epcar - Ulric, Sendak the Elder, Larry Lynx, Mr. Tanaka, Noah
  • Tom Fahn - Mikey the Hawk
  • Keith Ferguson - Chameleon, Harvey Who
  • James Woods - Gazebo Boobowski
  • Enid-Raye Adams - Gloriosa Daisy
  • Richard Steven Horvitz - Mimic, Metarex Gigatail
  • Tony Hale - Midnight
  • Billy West - Retro, Bolts, Wes Weasely, Ponyacci, Classic Mighty, Flax Seed
  • Chris Pratt - Shadow Lock
  • Nicole Sullivan - Bunnie Rabbot, G1 Applejack, Sunlight Essence
  • Brian Doe - Timber Spruce
  • Steve Buscemi - Goldstone
  • Cree Summer - Dulcy, Abyss the Squid, Bride of the Conquering Storm, Void, Razaroo
  • Kate Miccichi - Shade, Leigh Stride, Raven Inkwell, L'll Cheese, Ebony, Breezie the Hedgehog, Lindsey Thorndyke
  • Adam Kirschner - Mudbriar
  • Roger L. Jackson - Pony of Shadows, Mark the Tapir
  • Paul Dobson - Oracle of Delphius, Scorpan
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Inkwell, Wendy Naugus, Lady Agnes Hopkins
  • Lee Tockar - Spot, Snips
  • Richard Ian Cox - Snails
  • Jim Meskimen - Neo Metal Sonic
  • D. C. Douglas - Ixis Naugus
  • Greg Eagles - Black Death, King Boom Boo, Smithy
  • Jeff Nimoy - Duck "Bill" Platypus
  • Corey Burton - Dark Oak, Geoffrey St. John, Dimitri, Captain Claw, Lightning Lynx, G1 Scorpan, Boom Eggman
  • Jeffrey Combs - Imperator Ix, Zector the Zone Cop, Second Devourer
  • Roger Bumpass - Norman the Viking, Znively
  • Pete Capella - Sam Speed, Metarex Pinchershead
  • Keith David - Black Doom, King Of Abssinya, King Arthur/Black Knight, King Maximillian Acorn
  • Gary Anthony Williams - Elias Acorn, Lavan
  • Janyse Jaud - Floribunda
  • Bella Hudson - Flare Blitz, Topaz
  • John Oliver - Strife, Caliburn
  • Lara Jill Miller - Leeta Wolf, Merlina the Wizard
  • Eric Vale - Chris Thorndyke, Troy
  • Dave Pettitt - Sludge
  • Robbie Rist - Swifty the Shrew
  • Michael Peña - Grubber
  • Liev Schreiber - Storm King
  • Emily Blunt - Tempest Shadow
  • Taye Diggs - Capper
  • Zoe Saldana - Captain Calaeno
  • Kristin Chenoweth - Princess Skystar
  • Uzo Aduba - Queen Novo
  • Sia - Soingbird Serenade
  • Adam Bengis - Code Red
  • Brian Dobson - Verko
  • Max Martini - Boyle
  • Mark Oliver - Mullet


  • The events of the series take place after the events of Sonic Forces and Team Sonic Racing.
  • The main Sonic cast at the beginning of Season 1 are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and Cream. Rouge, Silver and Blaze would minor appearances in Season 1 before becoming main cast members starting from The Return of Harmony.
  • The show contains a multitude of differences from the original MLP: FiM.
  • The majority of voice actors for the Sonic and MLP franchises reprise their roles from the respective series'.
  • The two parters of the series are just one episode in order to make room for more episodes, in addition, the second part contain recaps of the first part which are similar to the recaps found in Sonic X.
  • Some of the episodes are adapted from the MLP IDW comics.
  • Unlike the original MLP, all the seasons contain 30 episodes as opposed to 26 (or 13 in Season 3's case).
  • Some of the episode's plot elements were taken from Sonic Boom and the Archie Comics.
  • Characters from IDW's Sonic and MLP comics also appear, along with characters from Archie's Sonic comics and Sonic the Comic.
  • The Mane Six all become alicorn princesses in the Season 3 finale, not just Twilight. In addition, Starlight, Sunset, and Trixie also become alicorn princesses in the Season 5 finale.
  • Daniel Ingram, Steffan Andrews, Jun Senoue, Crush 40, Tomoya Ohtani, Wall5, Hyper Potions, Cash Cash, Tee Lopes, Richard Jacques, Tyler Smyth, Jaret Reddick, Zebrahead, Douglas Robb, Andy Bane, Naofumi Hataya, Kenichi Tokoi, Takahito Eguchi, Hidekuni Horita and TORIENA provide the music for the series, with guest contributers including Noam Kaniel, Yoko Shimomura, Brain Tyler, James Dooley, Vince DiCola, Kenny Meriedeth, Alan Silvestri, Steve Jablonsky, and Grant Kirkhope.
  • The series contains several references to other franchises, such as Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Digimon, One Piece, Winx Club, Pretty Cure/Glitter Force, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ninjago, Marvel, DC, Super Mario Bros., Super Smash Bros., Mario & Sonic at the Oylmpic Games, Transformers, Star Wars, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, NiGHTS, Kingdom Hearts, Super Sentai/Power Rangers, Looney Tunes, Mega Man, OK KO: Let's Be Heroes, Scooby-Doo, Super Mario Bros. Z, and more, including various Sega and Hasbro franchises.
  • Kate Higgins, Troy Baker, Travis Willingham, Quinton Flynn, Laura Bailey, and Vic Mignogna return to voice Tails, Espio, Knuckles, Zavok, Silver, Blaze, Omochao, and Omega respectively.
  • In regular episodes, The English Theme for the intro is "Gotta Go Fast" from Sonic X and the Ending Theme for the credits is the ending variation of Fastest Thing Alive from SaTAM.
  • "Prologue" from Digimon Fusion plays during the recaps.
  • "Eyecatch" from Digimon Fusion plays during the eyecatches.
  • "Subtitle" from Digimon Fusion plays during the title cards of Seasons 1 - 5.
  • "Subtitle 2" from Digimon Fusion plays during the title cards of Seasons 6 - 10.
  • The series uses a combination of traditional anime animation and the Adobe Flash style animation.
  • Noteable locations from the Sonic series include:
    • South Island [Locations include: Green Hill, Labyrinth, Splash Hill, Never Lake, Knothole Forest, Knothole Village, Freedom Fighter HQ, Imperial City, Mazuri, Winterburg]
    • West Side Island [Locations include: Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, Casino Night, Sylvania Castle, Metropolis, Holoska, Shamar, Orchardville]
    • Little Planet [Locations include: Palmtree Panic, Stardust Speedway]
    • Angel Island [Locations include: Mushroom Hill, Hydrocity, Flying Battery, Sandopolis, Sky Sanctuary, Mystic Ruins, Echo Mine, Ice Paradise]
    • Station Square [Locations include: Central City, Westopolis, City Escape, Speed Highway, Tails' Workshop, Emerald Coast, Twinkle Park, Prison Island, Sand Hill, G.U.N. HQ, Frozen Peak, Spagonia, Chun-nan]
    • Space Colony ARK [Locations include: Crazy Gadget, Cannon's Core, Tropical Resort]
    • Seaside Island [Locations include: Seaside Hill, Hedgehog Village, Seaside City, Grand Metropolis, Empire City, Casino Park, Floral Forest Village, Spiral Hill Village, Abadat, Vista View]
    • Soleanna [Locations include: Wave Ocean, Sunset City, Riverside, Apotos, Windmill Village, Dusty Desert, Barricade Town, Mystic Jungle]
    • Planet Wisp [Locations include: Sweet Mountain, Starlight Carnival, Aquariam Park, Asteroid Coaster]
    • Lost Hex [Locations include: Windy Hill, Desert Ruins, Tropical Coast, Frozen Factory, Silent Forest, Sky Road, Lava Mountain, Zeti Castle, Roboken, Babylon Garden]
    • Dr. Eggman's Island Fortress [Locations include: Scrap Brain, Death Egg, Egg Carrier, Final Egg, Final Fortress]


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