Here's how Stardust's goodbye and the happy ending goes in Stardust: The Wish Creator.

[We see Stardust floating down]

Smudger: Hey, Stardust is there! He's coming down!

[the Crusaders then catch him]

Apple Bloom: Stardust?

Sweetie Belle: Are you alright?

Stardust: [wakes up] Sweetie Belle!

Scootaloo: You're okay! You're okay!

Apple Bloom: Yer' the best!

Stardust: No guys, you're the best.

Brian: He's right. He made your wishes come true.

Sweetie Belle: And you brought our sisters back to us.

Stardust: Sleepy, very sleepy.

Scootaloo: Already?

Apple Bloom: Ya' have to?

Stardust: Yes.

Apple Bloom: Ah' wish ya' didn't have ta'.

Sweetie Belle: Please don't.

Scootaloo: Yeah.

Stardust: I have to. But I do have one last request. I'd like to hear Rarity's song again.

Rarity: Okay.

Zoe Trent: Why, how about I assist you?

Stardust: That'll make me happy.

Gail Trent: I could sing it too.

Fluttershy: I'd be willing to sing it too.

[They all start singing and the rest joined in]

[soon Stardust starts to get very sleepy but before he can turn into a cocoon again, the Crusaders hug him (knowing this is their last night with him) and he happily returns the hug]

Stardust: Thank you everyone, I'd never wish for everything better.

[he then turns back into his cocoon, then he goes into the ground to sleep in his 10 month slumber once again]

CMC: BYE!!! 

Smudger: You were the best Dragony I could ever meet!

Button Mash: It was fun while it lasted.

Babs Seed: Yeah. It sure was.

[Then the ground lights up]

Mako: Heh?

The CMC: Stardust, our hearts, that's where you'll be.

[We see the Dazzlings]

Sonata Dusk: Is this an illusion?!

Adagio Dazzling: You're just seeing things!

Aria Blaze: Yeah, but we don't get any wishes!

Sonata Dusk: Yeah, Stardust is now asleep!

Adagio Dazzling: Will you 2 just shut up?!

Aria Blaze: You shut up!

Adagio Dazzling: You're dead! [tackles Aria]

Sonata Dusk: Hey, wait for me! [joins in]

[the 3 are now in a rumble and then Aria and Adagio pop out as Sonata continues]

Adagio Dazzling: Hope she gets a concussion.

[back with our heroes]

[It is now day]

Pepper Clark: So what are you 2 gonna do now?

Tinkerputt: We've decided to stay here in Dragony land.

Marry: And we know our true place. We'll give you a ride back to town.

Shining Armor: Thank you.

James: Rarity, your comet wish!

Rarity: [gasp] (takes out her trinket) Oh no! We were so caught up in everything last night, I forgot to close the last panel!

Sweetie Belle: Now you won't get your wish.

Rarity: It doesn't matter. I will always have you. [hugs her sister]

Little Bear: You know guys. This adventure is similar to when we first met Jirachi.

Duck: Yeah!

Hen: It actually was!

Owl: I was about to suggest it, myself.

Glaceon: Who's Jirachi, Little Bear?

Little Bear: He's a part of the Legendary Pokémon, Glaceon. And he's said to have the power to grant wishes, and he only awakens every thousand years.

Emily: But unfortunately when we first met Jirachi, he can only teleport things. Not grant wishes, and causes him lots of trouble.

Duck: And he's already now fast asleep.

Cat: And I bet Jirachi is dreaming about us right now.

Smudger: [clears his throat]

Duncan: Smudger?

Smudger: Girls. [takes a deep breath] I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I know I shouldn't been mean to you, or Stardust. I know you don't like me for being rude to him, I was just worried he might put a dark spell on you. And that he's cool. And now, I think you're right. I am a generator. I hope you can forgive me. Will you still play with me?

Apple Bloom: Of course we can.

Scootaloo: Indeed.

Sweetie Belle: You are no generator. And we'll play with you, anyway you want. Right, Barney?

[But Barney is no where to be seen]

Sweetie Belle: Barney?

Penny Ling: Whoa! Why'd he go?

Kipper: He was here just a moment ago.

Skyla: Barney, wouldn't just leave.

Nyx: Yeah!

[they all look around and then Eevee sees something]

Eevee: Barney!

[they look back and see Barney (who has turned back into his doll form) sitting on the steps to Tinkerputt and Marry's bus]

Stardust: Girls! We will always be brothers and sisters, forever, and ever!

Apple Bloom: Thank ya' Stardust!

Sweetie Belle: Thank you, so much!

Scootaloo: We love you.

Brian: Come on, everyone. Let's go home.

[As everyone hops on the bus Barney winks at the audience as the screen goes black]

[The film ends with "Make a Wish"]