This is the scene of how Sunset Shimmer is happy to see Tino risen from the dead in Tino's Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Sunset Shimmer: Tino...

[a strange figure spies on her, and walks toward her]

Sunset Shimmer: Oh, Tino...I...I love you [cries]

???: I love you too, Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset Shimmer: Who...who's there?!

???: It's me.

[Sunset turns around seeing something walking up. Revealing to be: Tino!]

Sunset Shimmer: Tino! [runs to Tino and hugs him]

Tino: You'd missed me?

Sunset Shimmer: Yes, your my boyfriend. [kisses him on the lips] And I won't forget it. How can you be risen from the dead.

Tino: Well... it's a long story. After Kurumi was about to kill Yoshino, I saved by getting between the bullet and Yoshino. I was dead. When suddenly Princess Celestia came and used her magic to heal me from the wound where Kurumi had shot me. I wake up and Princess Celestia had told me to never stop the quest to save Earth and I must protect the ones I loved. I understood that and on my way to find the others. When I saw you my way would be possible if we could go find the others.

Sunset Shimmer: Let's go on a date together.

Tino: I would do that but, we have to stop Lockdown from killing more people and the extinction of humanity.

Sunset Shimmer: Right, let's go. We running out of time.

Tino: Right.

[Tino gets in Sunset Shimmer's motorcycle and ride the way find the others]

Athena: So, Tino is risen from the dead, huh? Well, I'll see about that. [disappears]