Here's how the Alidragon rises in Stardust: The Wish Creator.

[The drawing from the ground rises]

Tinkerputt: Yes, I've done it!

[but after the drawing comes to life, it reveals to be a fake version of an Alidragon!]

Tinkerputt: It can't be!

Applejack: What in tarnation is that?!

Marry: That's an Alidragon?

[the fake Alidragon then knocks over the machine and then it starts walking into the woods]

Tinkerputt: That creature's not an Alidragon!

[but as the fake Alidragon walks, several trees and plants die]

Timber: Yoew! What's going on?!

Splinter: All vegetation is dying!

Marry: The earth! It's sucking energy from the earth!

Lucario: Lu!

[Lucario races onto a cliff and uses aura sphere on the Alidragon but it does no affect]

Fake Alidragon: [as Godzilla (2014)] ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  [then he fires a fireball which Lucario is sucks into its mouth]

[Then the Alidragon starts shooting out fire balls which grabs the fleeing animals of the forest]

[Everyone watches the fake Alidragon's rampage as Tinkerputt lands]

Marry: Father, please tell me you have plan to stop this!

Tinkerputt: No, I don't. I have nothing up my sleeve.

[the Fake Alidragon continues as the Dazzlings come in]

Sonata Dusk: Maybe now's not the time to drop in unexpectedly.

Aria Blaze: Yeah.

[then they are engulfed in a fireball]

Ed: The Mutant's eating everyone with giant fireballs!

Tinkerputt: No, this wasn't suppose to happen! That's not an Alidragon! It's evil, pure evil!

Sargeant Calhoun: [hits Tinkerputt]

Tinkerputt: Ow!

Sargeant Calhoun: Hope you're happy, magician. This place is going down and it's all your fault!

Mucker: This is exactly what can happen when you mess with nature!

Peter: Are you kidding? Look at it, he's like Godzilla but with wings!

[then a fireball heads for Tinkerputt]

Marry: No! [shoves her father out of the way and gets eaten instead]

Tinkerputt: Marry!

Marry: Father, if this is the end, ten I'm glad the last thing I see is you. [gets eaten]

Tinkerputt: No, no. MARRY!!!!!!

Patrick: He's got Marry!

Rarity: Oh, no!

Uniqua: And now it's gonna eat us!

Eddy: RUN FOR IT!!!

Pablo: Whoa! AAAAAAHH!!!!

["Groudon attacks the group" begins playing

[they all run as a fireball chases them]

Gail Trent: [trips and falls] Ow. [gasps as the fireball reaches her] No! ZOE!!!!! HELP!!!!!!

Cybersquad: [gasp]

Digit: IT'S GOT GAIL!!

Zoe Trent: NOOOOOO!!!!! MY SISTER!!!!

Gail Trent: ZOE!!! RUN!!! SAVE YOURSELF!!!! GO!!!! [gets eaten]

Zoe Trent: NOOOOO!!!!!

[they continue running but Zoe cries over the lose of her sister]

[Then Charizard used flamethrower on the tentacles]

Tinkerputt: Be careful, it's after Stardust's energy!

[as they continue running, the Alidragon fires another fireball and it heads for Sweetie Belle]

Rarity: SWEETIE BELLE!!! [she then shoves her sister out of the way and is engulfed instead]

Sweetie Belle: RARITY!!!

Rarity: RUN, SWEETIE BELLE!!! [gets eaten]

Rainbow: Why that... I'm goin' in! [flies towards the beast]

Twilight: Rainbow, no!

Rainbow: Take this! [kicks it on the snout]

Fake Alidragon: [growls as it looks at Rainbow]

Rainbow: Sorry.

[but the Alidragon fires another fireballs and eats her]

Scootaloo: RAINBOW DASH!!

Alidragon: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[they continue running from the beast as it follows behind]

Spongebob: This is bad! First it eats Marry, then Gail, Rarity, and now Rainbow! Who could be the next victim be?

[after he stays that, Applejack trips and tumbles]

Applejack: Whoa Nelly! [she tries to get up, but is eaten]

Apple Bloom: APPLEJACK!!!

Squidward: You just had to say that didn't you?

Spongebob: Sorry.

Jolteon: [as Sunday (in his version)] Funny how a good monster chase. Could give you an energy boost!

Glaceon: [as Birdie] Less talking, more running!

[most of the team are screaming as they run]

[Soon the ALidragon fires another fireball]

Smudger: Here it comes!

Blackie: Can someone please do something?!

[Then there was a blast]

Spike: Look!

Salamence: [flies in]

Smudger: It's Salamence!

[the Salamence then starts using hyper beam at the fire balls]

Brian: Let's get on!

[some of the team hop on the Salamence]

[As the fire balls chase them Charizard and Tinkerputt appear]

Tinkerputt: Be careful! He's after Stardust! Warn your friends flying those planes!

Apple Bloom: Right!

Brian: Head up to the planes, Salamence!

Salamence: [flies to them]

Scootaloo: That thing is after Stardust!

Cody: Then we need to stop that thing!

Dusty: But how?!

Ishani: I'm not sure, but we got to be careful and not get eaten!

Tinkerputt: I'm going to need your help! Stardust should be able to absorb energy out of that beast if we put him back on my machine! All we have to do is reverse the polarity and it should work!

Twilight: I'm not willing to trust any plans of yours!

Tinkerputt: You got to! I just wanna save my daughter.

Brian: Well, I trust you.

Dusty: LOOK OUT!!

[A fire ball comes in!]

[Tinkerputt's Charizard then uses flamethrower to repeal it]

Edward: I have an idea! Maybe we can buy Tinkerputt time to reset his machine if we provide cover fire at that thing!

Tinkerputt: Good idea!

Edward: [into radio] Duel Banker, calling all planes! Draw fire at the beast! We need to give Tinkerputt a chance to reset his machine so we can destroy this thing! And avoid all fireballs at all costs!

[We see the Alidragon walking as we see Gail, the 3 ponies and marry inside]