This is how the beginning and putting up decorations for Spring Fairest goes in Connor Lacey goes to Ever After High: Spring Unsprung (full movie).

[The story starts in Springtime]

Male Narrator: Springtime at Ever After High.

Female Narrator: And Lizzie Hearts was looking for inspiration.

Brooke Page: Ooh, is that the map book her mother, the Queen of Hearts, gave her? Is she gonna find he...

Ryan F-Freeman: [voice] Brooke! No spoilers. Narrators never give away the story.

Brooke Page: Huh? Are you here for the narrator job?

Ryan F-Freeman: [voice] Well, yes. I'm Ryan. You must be Brooke Page, daughter of the narrator. Am I right?

Brooke Page: Yes. I hope you do well.

Ryan F-Freeman: [voice] Yeah. Should we continue with the story?

Male Narrator: Yes.

Female Narrator: Lizzie found the Well of Wonder...

Male Narrator: The source of all magic and inspiration at Ever After.

Brooke Page: Is that the same well Briar threw the real Storybook of Legends? [gasps] Are we going to Wonderland?

Female Narrator: What did Ryan just say?

Brooke Page: That's not a spoiler, that was a recap.

Ryan F-Freeman: [voice] She's right, you two. When Briar found the real Storybook of Legends, she tossed it down the Well of Wonder so she don't have to sign it.

Female Narrator: So, she could write her own destiny and not follow in her fairytale parents' footsteps.

Male Narrator: Little does she know that the book would end up in...

Brooke Page: Wonderland!

Male Narrator: Yes. Wonderland.

Ryan F-Freeman: [voice] Oh my gosh! We are here, Brooke!

Brooke Page: You're right, Ryan.

[Inside the palace, several guards stand around Alistair and Bunny as they've been captured by the Queen]

Female Narrator: And the Palace of the Queen of Hearts, separated from Ever After by an evil curse.

Ryan F-Freeman: [voice] Oh. That is Alistair Wonderland; son of my niece, Alice from Wonderland.

Male Narrator: And, Bunny Blanc; daughter of the White Rabbit.

Queen of Hearts: The baby bird flies; the snake, it slithers. But the cage holds both, to die... and to wither.

Alistair Wonderland: What?

Queen of Hearts: This is your [runs towards them] LAST warning! Next time my guards catch you "exploring", it's... OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!!

[The words "Your heads" echoes. A snack table rolls in and the Queen claps in delight]

Queen of Hearts: Ooh, afternoon tea. Would that be one lump, or two?

[Meanwhile, at Ever After High]

Female Narrator: Now, isn't it time to check in on the school?

Male Narrator: Oh, yes! That day, Ever After High was holding a festival worthy of Wonderland.

[Everyone is decorating the trees in white and black ribbons]

Bertram T. Monkey: [whitles a tune]

Evil Ryan: Look at Ryan helping Apple, Connor. It is so nice.

Connor Lacey: Yeah. I guess Raven loves the part about Spring Fairest. Tree-fitti.

Ryan F-Freeman: Black and white to represent winter.

Madeline Hatter: And, a dash of floral colour to show that spring has sprung.

Matau T. Monkey: That's right, Maddie.

Evil Ryan: Wow. I hope I can see Kitty Cheshire. She is a nice girl.

Connor Lacey: Yeah, even though she can cause some mischief.

Crash Bandicoot: At least, Sci-Ryell is ok with the swimming as a merman.

[At the Warrior Dome]

Cosmo Royale: Welcome to the show. Causing some best chaos ever after is today's contestant, the Cheshire Cat!

[Then, the Cheshire Cat appears next to Cosmo Royale]

The Cheshire Cat: [Purrs] This is going to be such a blast. Once I defeat the Rebels and the Rangers, I'm going to add them to my army to cause some chaos.

Cosmo Royale: But, how will the students of Ever After High help you cause some chaos?

The Cheshire Cat: My topsy-turvy book has the perfect disguise.

[The book of Wonderland riddles have been turned into the replica of the Storybook of Legends]

Cosmo Royale: Ooh! Now, that's scary.

The Cheshire Cat: Once they read the riddles of this book, they'll be begging to make some chaos with me.

[She disappears]

Galvanax: Whoa. That cat knows how to make an exit. Let's get the show on the road.

[Back to the Ever After High world]

Crash Bandicoot: Connor? Where is Cody anyway?

Connor Lacey: I think, he is over there with Evil Anna.

Crash Bandicoot: Thanks, mate. At least back in Thronecoming, I did help Raven get ready for that event.

[Something tickled Ryan's nose]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ah-ah... Ah... Achoo!

Connor Lacey: Bless you, Ryrise.

[Cody appears like Kitty Cheshire]

Cody Fairbrother: [laughs] That was funny. I wonder who I will prank, Conboy?

Connor Lacey: Maybe you could prank

Cody Fairbrother: Cool.

Ryan F-Freeman: Go for it, my brother. Son of the Cheshire Cat.