This is the script for Connor Lacey's Adventures of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

[Theme song]

[The episode starts at Marinette's school]

Sci-Ryan: Hey, Connor. Is Ryan asleep?

Connor Lacey: Yup. I wonder what he is dreaming.

[In Ryan's dream, Ryan runs from two villains; Stoneheart and Dino Wifi]

Ryan F-Freeman: Help! Somebody help!

Stoneheart: Nobody is here, Ryan. It's just us and you.

Dino Wifi: He's right. No one can save you now.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ladybug! Save me!

[Then, Ladybug's yoyo grabs Ryan's leg and pulls him towards her just as Stoneheart punches the floor]


Ryan F-Freeman: