Here is how The Four Royalties arrived goes in Celestia, Indy and Anna.

Later, After Discord and the Smooze arrived, The Four Royalties came last.

The White Rabbit: (fanfare) Announcing the spirit of chaos, Discord, The Smooze and the Four Royalties! Princess Cornelia, Queen Georgina, Duchess Petunia and Empress Samantha!

Princess Cornelia: Hello.

Queen Georgina: Good to see you again, Princess Celestia.

Duchess Petunia: Such a beautiful night for a Grand Galloping Gala.

Empress Samantha: Isn't it wonderful?

Princess Celestia: Indeed it is, Samantha.

Princess Cornelia: And I see you brought your adorable babies!

Princess Celestia: Yes, It's they're first time in the gala.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (hugging their mommy)

Discord: Oh, Celestia, They are so cute. May we?

The Smooze smiles.

Princess Celestia: Sure thing.

Discord: Do you here that, Smooze. (magically barrow the twins) We get to play with these adorable little twins!

The Smooze jumps excitedly.

Princess Cornelia: You sure take their appearances very well.

Duchess Petunia: So, Tell us how're your twins were born.

Princess Celestia: Well, Petunia. It was a long time ago just after the great boat race.

The flashback begins.

Princess Celestia: (was pregnant and packing her bags)

Duck: Almost done packing, M'Lady?

Princess Celestia: I'm just about, Duck. I just needed to pack my... (wailed after the felt of her pain)

Duck: Celestia? Are you alright?

Princess Celestia: Duck, I think it's time!

Duck: Oh my! We better get you to the hospital right away!

Princess Celestia: (as her water broke) Oh dear!

Princess Sharon: Mother?

Princess Celestia: Don't worry about me, Sharon. I'll be fine.

Duck: We'll be at the hospital! We'll see you soon.

So they left to the Ponyville Hospital.

At the hospital.

Dr. Stables: Okay, Your highness. Nurse Redheart and I are ready to deliver your babies.

Princess Celestia: (breathing)

Duck: Keep breathing. You can do it.

Princess Celestia: (breathing) I'm breathing is best I can!

Nurse Redheart: Now, push!

Princess Celestia: (breathing and pushing)

Duck: You're doing fine, Celestia. Almost there. Keep pushing.

Princess Celestia: (wailed in pain and pushed)

At last, The babies were born.

Prince Indy: (crying)

Princess Anna: (crying)

Dr. Stables: It's a Colt!

Nurse Redheart: It's a Filly!

Princess Celestia: Twins!

Duck: Well done, Celesita!

Princess Celestia: May we see them?

Dr. Stables: Of course, Your Majesty. (hands the babies to their parents)

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (opening their eyes for the first time)

Princess Celestia: (gasps with tears in her eyes) Look at them, Duck! They're looking right at us! They're perfect!

Nurse Reheart: Do we have names for them?

Duck: Yes, "Indy and Anna". After the state of the United States of America, "Indiana".

Princess Celestia: Indy and Anna are such wonderful names!

Prince Indy: (embraces his mother)

Princess Anna: (embraces her father)

The flashback ends.

Princess Celestia: And that is when Sharon and Yuna informed their friends about the news.

Princess Cornelia: Amazing!

Queen Georgina: Stupendous!

Duchess Petunia: Wonderful!

Empress Samantha: Lovely!