This is the script for The Irelanders' Adventures of Bob the Builder: Race to the Finish.

[We view squirrels running past sunflowers and up a tree. A purple butterfly flies through the air before landing on a sunflower. Mr Beasley appears, looking amazed by it and holding a butterfly book in his hands]

Mr Beasley: Beautiful.

[He followed the butterfly as it flew over to a bush]

Mr Beasley: Hey, hey, hey... Oh. Ohh!

[The title "The Irelanders' Adventures of Bob the Builder: Race to the Finish" comes up in front of Sunflower Valley behind it. Mr Beasley is so busy following the butterfly that he collided with Sandy Beach riding on his bicycle] 

Mr Beasley: Oh!

[He waves at Sandy before picking up his book and resume following the butterfly. The scene changes inside the woods of Sunflower Valley as rabbits hop along the ground. Bob's dad, Robert came walking into view and the rabbits followed him] 

Robert: Ha, oh dear, oh dear. A nice quiet day in the country with no interruptions. 

[He walk along, looking through his binoculars for birds who chirps. He came to a bird hide and went inside] 

Robert: Phew. Now then. (pull out his lunchbox, flask and a book as he whistles) Oh, yes. This is the life.

[He look out through his binoculars to see a bird chirping on a tree. He puts them down and open the flask top to pour some tea but as he drink it and put it down to watch the birds again, a rumbling sound makes the cup shake and scared the birds as they fly off. Robert wobbled outside to see what was going on] 

Robert: My word, what's been...?

[The scene changes to the water mill and a man watching some ducks swimming under the bridge nearby and waved to them. He walk up to his water mill and yawns]

Man: (yawning)

[He patted his pockets for his keys and was just putting them in the door lock when the rumbling sound is heard again, making the keys rattle. The man saw something roll by before hiding behind the mill til it's gone. Beavers, rabbits and squirrels peek out from behind the bridge and some bushes. The miller peek out, wondering what just happened. The scene changes to the dome where everyone is gathered around for an announcement. Mr Bentley uses a remote to turn on a screen though it went static but he manages to get the sunflower symbol to appear on it before turning to the microphone to make sure it's on] 

Mr Bentley: Is this on? 

[He taps the microphone and it feeds back loudly, making him held his head] 

Mr Bentley: Ooh! Oh, that'll be a yes, then.

Connor Lacey: Ow, that's a bit loud. 

Twilight Sparkle: Tell me about it. 

Muck: I wonder what's going on.

Lofty: Oh, I don't know but it must be something big!

[In the sunflower oil factory, Marjorie is watching the sunflower oil bottles being filled and stacked up in boxes on conveyor belts and was just about to walk back to another room when the rumble sound is heard again, making the bottles on the shelves shake. One of them fall off the shelf and onto the ground, shattering into pieces. Marjorie quickly press a button, switching the machines off. Wondering what is going on, Marjorie run outside and gasps, seeing something that rolls by. Back at the dome, Mr Bentley is ready to make his announcement] 

Mr Bentley: (clears his throat) Ladies, gentlemen, machines and other worlders, I have very exciting news.

Roley: Rock and roll! 

Mr Bentley: As you know, Sunflower Valley is home to some of the finest athletes in the world.

Dizzy: Like Wendy, she's really sporty, you know.

Wendy: (laughs) Oh, Dizzy.

Ash Ketchum: Yeah. Throughout our adventures here, we've learned that Wendy likes doing all sorts of sports. 

Pikachu: Pika. 

Muck: Yeah, Wendy. You do jogging and skiing...

Mr Bentley: Yes, yes, we can all see Wendy's very fit, but without further ado, I am proud to announce the very first Sunflower Valley Games!

Everyone: [cheering] 

Mr Bentley: Our star event will of course be the heptathlon.

Percy: What's a heptalon? 

Thomas: A heptathlon is a series of sport challenges. 

Fireman Sam: That's right, Thomas. It's one of the important parts of any sporty games. 

Scoop: You mean, like, running?

Mr Bentley: Yes, Scoop, and throwing and jumping.

Scrambler: What about off-roading?

Bob: Maybe, Scrambler.

Discord: Well, whatever this event is, I simply can't missed since I first came here after I join the Irelanders.

Shi La Won: That's true. We're glad that you fully reformed after we help Twilight and her friends defeat Tirek when he tried to steal all pony magic from Equestria. 

Fu Fu: (chitters) 

Iago: Well, believe me, it took a lot of work with me and Fluttershy but it's worth it I suppose. 

Chris Kratt: Yeah, I have a feeling that there will be building involved.

Martin Kratt: Me too, bro.

[The scene changes to rabbit sitting then look back to see trees being shaken and two mechanical arms moving past behind them. Bob and Wendy walk up to Mr Bentley on the stage] 

Dizzy: Are you and Wendy going to be in the Games, Bob?

Bob: We won't have time, Dizzy.

Wendy: We're going to be far too busy!

Solo: They're right, Dizzy but I do wonder what are we're going to built. 

Mr Bentley: Bob, tell us where the Games are to be held.

Bob: Well, everybody, my team and the Irelanders will be building Sunflower Valley's brand new Sports Stadium at Bobland Bay!

Everyone: [cheering] 

[The screen shows a huge stadium being constructed]

Mr Bentley: A beautiful site for all our visiting athletes and visiting machines.

Brewster: [gasps] Visiting machines? You mean...?

Mr Bentley: Yes, Brewster. There will be a special machine event.

Scrambler: Oh, man, wicked!

Lofty: It's bigger than big. It's huge!

[Meanwhile the two strange shapes move through the countryside. At Scarecrow Cottage, Spud is sleeping in his bedroom] 

Spud: (snoring) 

[Just then his bedroom shakes by the rumbling noise, making everything shake and fall on top of Spud and make the ropes holding his hammock bed unravel and fall down. The cymbal hits the drum, making a loud bang which wakes Spud up] 

Spud: Hm, what? Oh.

[He went back to sleep. Back at the dome]

Mr Bentley: That's right, this way. Sign up here for a chance to represent Sunflower Valley in the upcoming game. 

[The people walk up to him to sign up] 

Mr Bentley: Ah, to wear the Sunflower logo, the yellow badge of glory! Yes, you, you could be our sporting hero!

Misty: I can't wait to see the Sunflower Valley Games in action.

Norman Price: Yeah. I bet it will be the best games ever.

Heidi: I'm sure they will, Norman.

Gordon: Well, I think I can bring important people here to the bay since I am an important express engine on the Island of Sodor you know.

Violet Parr: Yeah, yeah, Gordon. We get it.

Wilson: We have a lot of work to do before they can begin like building the stadium.

Maisie Lockwood: Yeah. First things first.

Dizzy: But will there be lots for me to do on the stadium, Wendy?

Wendy: Oh, yes!

Bob: There'll be loads to do for ALL my building machines!

Scrambler: What about machines that don't me?

Wendy: I'm sure there'll be something for you to do, Scrambler.

Scrambler: But what?

Mr Bentley: Any more volunteers? This way.

[Scrambler and Rainbow Dash zip up to him] 

Scrambler: Yes, me! I'm a volunteer!

Rainbow Dash: Me too! 

Mr Bentley: Ho-ho! Fancy yourselves an athlete do you, Scrambler and Rainbow?

Scrambler: No, we fancy ourselves an athlete trainer!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah. I'm usually an athlete but I can also train athletes too like the Ponyvile team for the Equestria Games in the Crystal Empire.

Mr Bentley: A trainer? But...

Scrambler: Please, Mr Bentley, we know all about going fast.

Rainbow Dash: And we can get those athletes in shape in no more than ten seconds flat. 

Scrambler: You've got to let us, please, please?!

Mr Bentley: Well...I...Oh, I suppose!

Scrambler: Wicked! Come on, everyone! Follow us! This way!

Rainbow Dash: Single file, everypony. Don't push. No shoving either. 

Mr Bentley: Oh, but I will still be in charge, you two! Scrambler! Rainbow!

Scamper: Looks like those two are gonna train the athletes for the games. 

Dusty Crophopper: Well, you know Rainbow, always so sporty and stuff.

Varian: Yeah. She'II do a good job along with Scrambler.

Lightning McQueen: (in Bagheera's voice) Well, that shouldn't take too long.

Scoop: So, this stadium's going to be massive, right, Bob?

Bob: Enormous!

Scoop: Enormous? All that digging will take ages!

Lofty: Oh, em, and lifting! What if we can't do it in time?

Everyone: Oh, yeah! Yeah, what if we can't? 

Wendy: Calm down, you lot!

Bob: We've ordered some rather special help.

Kiera: Like what if you don't mind me asking? 

[Just then, the ground starts to shake, making Lofty's hook swing back and forth]

Lofty: Ooh, em... What's happening?

James Jones: Oooh. I hope it's nothing scary!

Koki: Not an earthquake!

Percy: Bust my buffers!

Mr Bentley: E-e-e-everybody remain calm! Oooh! By Jiminy!

Jiminy Cricket: That's my name! But what the heck is causing the ground to shake?! 

Martin Kratt: (putting his ear to the ground) Well, it's either a earthquake or...(gasps) a big truck coming! 

Packer: (honks horn) 

[Everyone heard a horn honking and they look to see Packer coming into view, carrying two excavators on a flatbed]

Bob: I told you there was help coming!

Packer: Eh, Bob. I didn't think I was going to make it. These two weigh a tonne...each!

Catalina: Packer, the next time you make an entrance, warn us! 

Dizzy: Who are they?

[The two excavators are both green and orange with caterpillar tracks. The green one has a shovel and the other has a crane hook from his arm. The flatbed ramp lowers down and they roll off the flatbed] 

Iago: If you don't mind me asking Bob, who are those machines? 

Bob: They're the brand-new members of my machine team. All the way from the big city. 

Gripper and Grabber: Hello, mates!

Grabber: He's Gripper.

Gripper: And he's Grabber.

Gripper and Grabber: We're Gripper and Grabber!

Muck: You're the same shape!

Roley: Yeah, and the same colours!

Dizzy: You look just like each other.

Lofty: Oh, except Gripper's got a crane like me.

Scoop: And Grabber's a digger, like me!

Mater: Dadgum! Who ever thought that an excavator can have a crane arm too?

Jack Skellington: Beats me, Mater. 

Emily: Well, I gotta say that looks very amazing.

Connor Lacey: Can't argue with that, Emily. We're very pleased to meet you two. I'm Connor Lacey, leader of the Irelanders. 

Fireman Sam: I'm Fireman Sam. 

Brock: My name's Brock and I'm a Pokemon breeder.

Misty: And I'm Misty. My specialty is water Pokemon.

Ash Ketchum: My name's Ash Ketchum and I'm trying to be a Pokemon master.

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash Ketchum: Oh, yeah, and this is Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Serena: I'm Serena. 

Iris: I'm Iris. This is Axew. 

Axew: Axew. 

Marco Polo: I'm Marco Polo. This is Luigi, Shi La and our pet bat, Fu Fu. 

Heidi: I'm Heidi. 

Maisie Lockwood: I'm Maisie Lockwood. 

Varian: I'm Varian. 

Lance Strongbow: Lance Strongbow. 

Kiera: I'm Kiera though everyone calls me Angry. 

Catalina: I'm Catalina. 

Wilson: I'm Wilson. This is Brewster and Koko. 

Brewster: Hi.

Koko: Hello there.

Thomas: And I'm Thomas. Nice to meet you.

Bob: Welcome to Sunflower Valley, you two. You're going to love being on my team!

James: So why are they here to help, Bob?

Bob: Gripper and Grabber will be able to go where most of my machines can't, James, because of these tracks.

Gripper: Grabber's an ace excavator.

[Grabber lifts his shovel high and open and close it two times] 

Grabber: Yeah. And Gripper's an ace crane.

[Gripper lifts his crane arm high into the air and swing it a bit] 

Gripper and Grabber: We're double ace! [laugh] 

Lightning McQueen: Wow. You two are so cool with your features. 

Wendy: I bet you two can't wait to get started.

Gripper: Yeah, mate. We're ready!

Grabber: Ready to have fun.

Gripper and Grabber: Fun together!

Bob: Well, we'll make it as much fun as we can.

Dizzy: It's always fun in Sunflower Valley!

Gripper and Grabber: Excellent!

Razer: Let's go then!

[They went through the valley towards Bobland Bay. The scene changes to a slow motion montage of people running on the beach with Mr Bentley and Rainbow Dash giving out orders on Scrambler though most of them are feeling tired out with sweats filling their heads. They run out of the beach as Bob, his machines, The Irelanders, Gripper and Grabber roll by] 

Scrambler: Left, right. Left, right. Left, right.. Man, You lot are out of shape!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, come on! You guys have gotta be fit for the games! 

Mr Bentley: Oh, dear, you two. They're hardly at their physical peak, are they?

Scrambler: You're telling me! Lucky though, we've got David Dickson.

Rainbow Dash: Yep. OK, everyone, take a few minutes break. 

Everyone: (panting) 

[David Dickson, a man in a red jumpsuit keeps running in one place and not feeling tired at all] 

David Dickson: I don't need a rest, Rainbow. I could run all day.

Rainbow Dash: It's not just running, Mr Dickson, there's throwing, jumping, all sorts. Especially not flying sport stuff I'm used to.

David: Bring it on! Want to see some push-ups?

[David crouch down to do some push-ups]

Mr Bentley: Oh, yes, marvelous!

Scrambler: What about squat thrusts?

Mr Bentley: Or star jumps?

David: Which one?

Scrambler: Squat thrusts!

Mr Bentley: Star jumps! 

Rainbow Dash: Uh, how about we do them one at a time? 

David: Well, I have to be up for star jumps.

Scrambler: I'm the trainer. DOWN for squat thrusts!

David: OK!

Mr Bentley: But I'm in charge of the games! Up for star jumps!

David: Right.

Scrambler: Down!

David: Down, alright.

Mr Bentley: Up!

David: Make your mind up, will ya?

Rainbow Dash: Uh, you two... 

Scrambler: Down!!

Mr Bentley: Up!!

[Just then, David strain his ankle and collapsed] 

David: Ah! Oh, no!

Scrambler: (gasps) 

Mr Bentley: David, what is it?!

David: It's me ankle! Yowl! Oh!

Mr Bentley: I think you've twisted it!

Scrambler: But he's our secret weapon!

Rainbow Dash: But he's not anymore because of your arguing! Now look what's happened. 

Mr Bentley: Oh, why did we have to argue?! Our finest athlete brought down in his prime and all because of us. Oh, what fools we've been, Scrambler!

Scrambler: I'd better call Wendy. She's good at first aid.

David: Ow! Oh! 

Mr Bentley: (gasps) Wendy! Eureka! Oh, Scrambler, that's it!

Scrambler: What's it?

Rainbow Dash: Say what?

Mr Bentley: I'll tell you on the way. Come, there's no time to lose. And, uh, stay with David until we get back, will you Rainbow? 

Rainbow Dash: You got it, Mr. B. 

David: Ow, oh!

[Meanwhile, Bob, his machines, Gripper, Grabber and the Irelanders arrived at a large patch of land in Bobland Bay and started to clear away any rocks and old wood while Roley flattened the ground] 

Wendy: There's an awful lot to do in just a few days, a whole stadium!

Bob: I know!

[Packer arrives with lots of huge parts] 

Bob: Look at the size of those parts! 

Brewster: Honking Horns! Those are huge. 

Toby: It can take ages for us to get things done in time for the Games. 

Applejack: Oh, quit frettin', will ya, Toby? I'm sure we'll be able to have the stadium finished by the time they start. 

Connor Lacey: Yeah. If we all work together, I'm positive that we can get the job done in no time. 

Ash Ketchum: I agree with Connor and Applejack as well, Toby. 

Bob: So do I, Ash. At least we've got Gripper and Grabber.

[Gripper and Grabber are near some construction equipment, looking at the land around them]

Gripper: Pretty different from the city around here, eh, mate?

Grabber: You can say that again, mate.

[A squirrel runs up to Gripper] 

Grabber: (gasps) Gripper, don't move!

Gripper: What is it?

Grabber: It's a bushy-tailed furry...thing!

[Gripper look down and saw the squirrel. Fluttershy comes over]

Fluttershy: This is what you call a squirrel, Grabber. 

[The squirrel runs over to Grabber and climb up his arm]

Grabber: Ooh! I...I think it's friendly.

Gripper: Yeah, mate. Maybe it just wants to like hang out with us.

[But the squirrel clambers down from Grabber and run off]

Grabber: Or maybe not! Hee-hee!

Fluttershy: It's okay. They'll get used to you eventually. 

Gripper: It's going to be fun checking this place out!

Grabber: Yeah, mate, a tonne of fun!

[Scoop, Lofty and a few Irelanders roll up to them]

Scoop: Come on, you guys can come and help us clear stuff.

Gripper: Uh, maybe later. Right, mate?

Grabber: Good idea, Gripper. Later.

Fluttershy: Why? 

Grabber: Right now we're going to have some fun, eh?

Gripper: You bet, mate. Fun. Gripper and Grabber.

Grabber: Grabber and Gripper.

Gripper and Grabber: Having fun together!

[Meanwhile, Bob and Wendy are marking the site] 

Bob: Left a bit. Right a bit. Yep, there.

[As he look through his marker, he saw Scoop, Lofty and the Irelanders talking to Gripper and Grabber] 

Bob: Seems like Gripper and Grabber are getting on with everyone.

Scoop: But you need to help out here!

Lofty: Oh, um, yeah, it's important! 

Penny Morris: Without you, none of the work will get done in time for the games. 

Gripper: We will, mate but we must check this place out first!

Grabber: Yeah. It's so different from the city.

Henry: But without you, that'll mean extra work for the rest of us. 

Razer: And what if you get lost or worse stranded where we can't find you? 

Gripper: We won't go far, will we, mate?

Grabber: No, mate, not far.

Gripper and Grabber: Just over here!

[Bob walks up to them as they're about to leave] 

Bob: Where are you two going?

Grabber: Oh, we won't be long.

Gripper: We'II be back soon.

Gripper and Grabber: We're going to have fun!

Bob: Well, don't worry. Working will be fun too!

Melody: That's what we've been trying to tell them! 

Koko: But all they want to do is have fun! 

Mr Bentley: (racing into view on Scrambler) Where's Wendy?! We must find Wendy!

[Rainbow Dash flew in, sending Varian in a spin and fall down]

Varian: Whoa!

Edward: Rainbow Dash! Slow down! 

Bob: Oh, um, hang on, you two. Better find out what this is all about.

Shi La Won: Now, don't try and sneak off because if you do we'll know about it. 

Fu Fu: (chitters) 

[Bob and the Irelanders set off] 

Gripper: This lot are mad, mate!

Grabber: I know, mate. Bonkers, mate!

[Rabbits hop up to Gripper and Grabber]

Grabber: Hey, what are they?!

Gripper: I don't know, mate. They look like fun, though!

Grabber: Yeah, mate! Hop, hop, hoppity-hop!

Gripper: Come to Uncle Gripper, big ears!

Grabber: Uncle Grabber wants to say hello!

[Over to Bob, Wendy, The Irelanders, Scrambler and Mr. Bentley]

Scrambler: Wendy's got to take Mr Dickson's place!

Mr Bentley: It's the only answer, Bob.

Wendy: Why me?

Mr Bentley: Because after David you are Sunflower Valley's most sporty individual.

Scrambler: Yes, we need you, Wendy!

Mr Bentley: The whole valley needs you. Every man, woman and child is depending on you, Wendy. Imagine their faces as you fly bravely along the track. You could be our glory, our triumph, our chariot of fire, Sunflower Valley's sporting superstar!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah! Please, Wendy. Do it for us, for the valley, for the team.

Bob: Oh, Wendy, you should do it.

Wendy: But I can't leave you on your own, Bob! I mean, this is the biggest thing we've ever built.

Bob: I'II manage with the Irelanders. You can't turn down a chance like this.

Mr Bentley: A chance to proudly wear this official uniform.

Serena: If you did it with skiing in Bobblesburg, I trust you can do it again.

Rarity: And I must say that uniform is so fabulous. 

Bob: And we'll be fine with Gripper and Grabber to help us.

Connor Lacey: Yeah. Don't worry.

Scrambler: Oh, Wendy, please! Please let me and Rainbow Dash train you! 

Rainbow Dash: It's the only thing we're doing for the whole Games.

Wendy: Um...well... If you think you'll be OK, Bob...

Bob: Hey, don't worry, Wendy.

Scrambler: Oh, Wendy, it's going to be ace!

Wendy: I am a bit sporty, but...I'm no athlete!

Rainbow Dash: You will be once we've trained you! 

Mr Bentley: The glory of Sunflower Valley rests upon your shoulders.

Bob: You can't let Sunflower Valley down.

Wendy: No, I suppose not!

[She, Scrambler, Mr Bentley and Rainbow Dash set off] 

Arnold: Whoa, Scrambler sure can go very fast.

Aviva Corcovado: Yeah. Just like Rainbow Dash, Gordon and Koko.

Wilson: That's true. 

Bob: Right...better get on.

[Muck comes over to Bob and the Irelanders] 

Muck: Um, guys, I'm a little bit worried about Gripper and Grabber.

Bob: Why, Muck? What's up?

[In the countryside, Gripper and Grabber are still following the rabbits] 

Gripper: These bolshie little fellas are loco, mate.

Grabber: One brick short of a building, mate.

Gripper: Yeah, hopping mad.

Gripper and Grabber: Come here, hoppy! [laugh] 

[Gripper follow two rabbits further into the countryside. Bob, Muck and the Irelanders roll up to him] 

Bob: Hey, where are you going?

Grabber: Oh, hey, Bob, guys, check out these fluffy hopping things.

Muck: It's just a rabbit, Grabber.

Iris: You're such a kid, Grabber.

Trevor Evans: Iris, we've talked about this, remember? Don't call other people kids because of not knowing things and making mistakes. 

Iris: Well, I can't help it every time. 

Koki: We know, but don't do it too often, okay? It gets annoying after a while.

Iris: OK, I got it. Sheesh.

Bob: And where's Gripper?

Grabber: Gripper? Well, he's right...

[They see that Gripper is gone]

Grabber: Hey, where did he go?

Connor Lacey: He's disappeared. 

Grabber: Without me! We're supposed to be having fun together!

Bob: I'm sure he'll be back soon, come on!

[Bob, Muck and the Irelanders set off] 

Grabber: Where have you gone, Gripper? Oh, this is weird. You and me do everything together. Why would you go off without me? I've never been on my own before. What am I going to do?

[He rolls off after Bob, Muck and the Irelanders. Meanwhile, Gripper is still following the rabbit] 

Gripper: Look at this little guy!

[The rabbit hop into the bushes]

Gripper: Oh, hey, wait! Grabber, did you see where he went? [sees Grabber's not there] Grabber? Grabber?! Grabber, where are you?!

[Bob, his machines, Grabber and the Irelanders arrived at the site] 

Bob: Next, we're going to be digging the foundations.

Muck: I love getting mucky!

Rarity: Maybe you do darling, but some of us prefer to stay clean thank you.

James: Yeah. I don't want my shiny red paint to get dirty.

Marco Polo: Guys, being dirty isn't that big a deal. 

Misty: Yeah. It's just a little dirt.

Scoop: But that's a lot of digging!

Bob: Lucky we have Grabber, then!

Mewtwo: Yeah but we need Gripper too. 

Clara: Hopefully he'll come back soon. 

[Meanwhile, Gripper came across the windmill] 

Gripper: Wow, what's this? It's got a huge propeller like an aeroplane. But it doesn't go anywhere. And what are all these lumpy things?

Mr Sabatini: They are mole hills.

Gripper: Mole hills?

Mr Sabatini: Oh, yes, it's my mole hill cafe. I'm Mr Sabatini, nice to meet you.

Gripper: Oh, I'm Gripper... of Gripper and Grabber... Only Grabber's not here.

[A mole appears out of one of the mole hills] 

Gripper: Woah, what's that?!

Mr Sabatini: A mole, of course! Ha-ha. They live under the ground!

Gripper: That's fantastic, mate. I wish Grabber could see them.

[More moles appear from the mole hills]

Gripper: Wow, look at all these guys! I get it. You're the mole man.

Mr Sabatini: I'm the chef, the moles just live here.

Gripper: Just wait till Grabber hears about you! Well, I better go and find him. See you!

Mr Sabatini: Arrivederci! Bring your Grabby best friend next time, yeah?

Gripper: Yeah, mate...if he hasn't already got some new best friends.

[Meanwhile, Grabber is struggling to get a grip on the pile of wood when Roley rolls up] 

Roley: Rock and roll! I bet you're having fun now, hey, Grabber?

Grabber: Nothing's any real fun without Gripper.

[As he tried to pull the wood, he spray mud behind him with his caterpillar tracks] 

Muck: Woah! Nice mud, Grabber!

[He rolls forward behind Grabber and gets mud sprayed all over him] 

Muck: Yeah, let's get mucky! (laughs)

Grabber: Oh! Oh, yeah! (laughs)

Scoop: My turn!

[He race forward and got mud all over him as well] 

Grabber: Fantastic! Nice one, Scoop! 

[Muck throw some mud at Scoop who catches it and tosses it and it hits Grabber in the face. Muck and Scoop throws mud at each other, each got their faces hit] 

Grabber: You lot do know how to have a laugh!

Ellie Philips: You see? You don't need to go looking around places to have fun. 

Hiro: In order to have fun, you need to experience it firsthand, like at a workplace. 

Lofty: Oh! Oh!

[Lofty is struggling to hold the steel support pole as it keeps swinging back and forth ti it's about to swing down and hit his face] 

Irelanders: (gasps) 

Grabber: Watch out!

[Just as the beam is about to hit Lofty, Grabber uses his scoop to catch it] 

Grabber: Oh, mate, that was a bit close, hey?

Lofty: Oh, yes, thanks, Grabber. You saved me!

Grabber: Yeah, well, don't worry about it. It should have been Gripper moving this. That Lofty guy could have got hurt.

Luigi Bellini: You think?

Bob: Well done, you lot, that's everything shifted.

Lofty: Oh, um, thanks to Grabber.

Bob: Yes! And now it's time for his big job. The foundations.

[Bob spraying some yellow paint to mark the foundations for Scoop, Muck and Grabber to dig and they're having a great time with the Irelanders helping them out. Wendy is being trained by Mr Bentley, Scrambler and Rainbow Dash who check her speed on his stopwatch and shook their heads at each result. Wendy did some skipping rope and running with Mr Bentley riding on Scrambler's trailer. The screen splits into four showing Wendy running. She went onto steps a few times, though getting tired out. She swings on some hanging hoops. She pulls some ropes from a wall. She saw Mr Bentley pretending to pull up on some bars with Scrambler helping him. Rainbow watches with confusion and dismayed at Mr Bentley's cheating. After Wendy finishes a run, Mr Bentley look at his stopwatch and shook his head sadly again at her lack of improvement. Cross, Wendy snatch the paper from his clipboard and rip it up, much to Mr Bentley's shock. Wendy runs up to the top of a hill, feeling tired and red in the cheeks. Mr Bentley, Scrambler and Rainbow Dash roll up to the top and check the stopwatch which has an improved time now. Wendy flops down to the ground, exhausted, much to Mr Bentley, Scrambler and Rainbow's surprise. Back at the site, Lofty is laying down some pipe when Muck comes rolling up to him with some of the Irelanders] 

Lofty: Oh, Grabber's great, isn't he?

Muck: Yeah! He's digging up earth faster than I can dump it.

Sarah Jones: He's absolutely brilliant! 

Varian: I know. With him here to help us, we'II be able to get the stadium done in no time.

Aya: As long as nothing goes wrong and Gripper comes back to help Lofty with other building materials that too heavy for him to lift.

Brock: Yeah, some of that stuff like the seats are too heavy for Lofty alone.

Lizzie Sparkes: Hopefully Gripper will be back soon.

[Grabber and Scoop are digging the foundations]

Scoop: Grabber, you are one cool digger!

Grabber: (laughs) Well, I guess I'm not bad.

Bob: Hi, Grabber, I need you to fill in some gravel where Lofty's laid pipe.

Grabber: No prob, Bob.

[He rolls off]

Scoop: Hey, that's what I say!

Bob: Maybe Grabber's turned into one of the team after all.

Beacon: Yeah and to think he didn't want to in the first place.

Violet Parr: Yeah because he and Gripper wanted to have fun instead of work. 

Connor Lacey: Perhaps when Gripper comes back and start doing some work, maybe he'll see that working can be fun too.

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, if he ever shows up that is. 

[Grabber fill in the gravel over the pipe in the foundations]

Lofty: Um, I'm just going to get more pipe.

Grabber: Amazing, I really am having fun!

Scoop: I've come to help. It's brilliant working with you, Grabber. Bob says you're already like one of the team!

Grabber: Oh, yeah, well, that's just...

Scoop: That's what, Grabber? 

[Grabber imagines Gripper being surrounded by rabbits and squirrels] 

Gripper: We're going to have fun, fun together! (echoes)

[Grabber felt sad after that] 

Grabber: It's not right, that's what.

Scoop: What's not?

Grabber: This. I'm already in a team. The Gripper and Grabber team. Him and me are supposed to be having fun together.

[He rolls off]

Bob: Keep filling her up, Dizzy.

[He and the Irelanders saw Grabber rolling by with a sad look on his face]

Bob: Grabber...where are you going?

[Grabber stops]

Bob: What's the matter?

Grabber: I miss Gripper.

Bob: Oh.

Helen Flood: Don't worry, the others make up for his absence. 

Grabber: They're great guys, but it's not Grabber and Scoop, or Grabber and Lofty. It's Grabber and Gripper. Gripper and Grabber.

Connor Lacey: We understand how close you are to him. I guess you don't do things by yourselves before. 

Dora: It must be hard to be by yourself where you come from.

Chris Kratt: I'm sure that Gripper will be turn up sooner or later.

Martin Kratt: Yeah, that way you can really be part of Bob's team with him.

Bob: Well, I think Gripper's had enough exploring now anyway. He should be here on site. Maybe Wendy's seen him.

[Meanwhile, a goat is bleating in the mountains, watching Wendy, Mr Bentley, Scrambler and Rainbow Dash]

Wendy: So, why exactly are we up in the mountains again, Scrambler?

Scrambler: Because being high up is wicked for athletes!

Mr Bentley: Oh, yes, Wendy, all this mountain air. Good for the lungs, don't you know?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah. This is perfect for some athletic training.

Wendy: OK. Here goes.

[Just as she's about to throw the javelin, her phone rings, making her throw it down]

Wendy: Oh! 

Scrambler: I think you need a bit more practice.

Rainbow Dash: It was her phone that put her off, Scrambler. 

Wendy: [takes out her phone] Hello, Wendy speaking. Oh, don't worry, Bob. I'll look for Gripper right away.

Mr Bentley: Our star athlete can't just stop training.

Wendy: Sorry, boys, Bob needs me.

Rainbow Dash: I'm with Wendy. We never leave our friends hanging.

Scrambler: Wait, I'll help you!

Mr Bentley: Me too! It'll be much quicker.

Scrambler: Then we can get back to your training.

[Scrambler and Mr Bentley follow Wendy and Rainbow. Meanwhile, Gripper came across Mr Beasley's yurt house and is very puzzled by it] 

Mr Beasley: Hello? Hello? Hello, come in, Reykjavik, come in, Reykjavik, over.

Gripper: (spinning around in surprise) Whoa!

Mr Beasley: Hello! You're a big 'un! Beasley's the name. Who are you?

Gripper: I'm Gripper... of Gripper and Grabber. What were you doing inside that...thing?

Mr Beasley: It's me house, of course!

Gripper: House?! But it's made out of cloth.

Mr Beasley: Oh, aye, it's a yurt. No, I was just going to shin up one of these trees, see if I can get a better signal on my radio. But maybe you could pop me up in the air for a mo instead, eh?

Gripper: Up in the air?

Mr Beasley: Oh, yeah, I'm totally prepared. I've got all my hooks and straps and whatnot.

Gripper: Um... Yeah, of course.

[Mr Beasley attach his harness to Gripper's hook and he hoist him up high into the air]

Mr Beasley: Hello! Hello?! Sunflower Valley calling. Is there anyone out there?!

Gripper: Oh, Grabber, mate. If only you could see this! (laughs) It'd be so much funnier if you were here laughing with me. 

Mr Beasley: Aw, there's no-one listening today. Looks like I'm all on my own, then.

Gripper: Me too, too.

[He rolls off sadly. Back at the site, Lofty is trying to get a metal beam into place] 

Bob: That's it, Lofty. Slowly, slowly. 

Lofty: [whimpering] (manages to get the beam into place) There! There's a lot of them, Bob!

Bob: And these are just the start, Lofty. We'll need Gripper for the really big ones.

Bronwyn Jones: He really ought to have been back by now.

Gordon: Only if he manages to get back here.

Maisie Lockwood: Wait, I think I see him now! Look! 

[Grabber is sadly laying down some more gravel when Gripper roll up beside him]

Gripper: Oh, found you! You're not going to believe what I've seen, mate!

Grabber: Gripper!

Gripper: There was a guy with these funny underground things called moles. 

Grabber: Yeah, but Gripper..

Gripper: And one who lived in a cloth house. He talked to himself!

Grabber: I've had the best time. Course, it would have been better if...

[He saw Grabber glaring at him]

Gripper: What?

Grabber: I'll tell you what. We were supposed to have fun together. 

Bob: Gripper, where have you been?

Gripper: Where haven't I been?

Melody: You snuck off when we strictly told you not to! 

Frozone/Lucius Best: Yeah, what if you had gotten lost?! 

Wendy: It's no use, Bob, we can't find Gripper anywhere.

Gripper: Find me? I'm right here!

Mr Bentley: Well, I'll be...! So you are.

Rainbow Dash: What were you doing while we were searching valley-wide for you?! We couldn't find you anywhere! 

Gripper: I was looking around. I saw a lot of amazing things. 

Fireman Sam: Even so, Gripper, we want you to stay here and help. It's not fair on the others. 

Emily: Yeah. You not being here means more work for Lofty. 

Varian: But at least you're here now at last. 

Wendy: Well, at least he's back.

Scrambler: But, Wendy, we've missed loads of your training.

Wendy: I need a bit of a rest, Scrambler. And anyway, I wanted to see how you're getting on, Bob.

Bob: Well, we've made a start. There's still loads to do, though.

Ash Ketchum: Yeah, no thanks to [glaring at Gripper] Mr. I'd-Rather-Play-Than-Work over here. 

Connor Lacey: So it looks like we have to work twice as fast to make up for lost time. 

Wendy: I should stay and help.

Scrambler: What?! You can't stop now.

Wendy: But it's getting dark.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, you can't push an athlete too hard. Even trained professionals need their sleep, you know. 

Scrambler: That doesn't matter. Oh, Wendy, please!

Wendy: OK, Scrambler. Come on, then.

Grabber: I really missed you today, mate.

Gripper: I missed you too. I was trying to get back.

Grabber: Maybe. But you still had fun... without me.

Gripper: Aw, we can have fun together tomorrow.

Lofty: Oh, it's time to go to sleep.

Scoop: Are we going all the way back to the valley, Bob?

Bob: No, it'll be an early start in the morning. We're going to camp out here at Bobland Bay.

Connor Lacey: That's a good idea, Bob. That way, we can keep an eye on Gripper and Grabber.

Penny Morris: Yeah and make sure they don't wander off again.

Twilight Sparkle: Besides, we'II be close by here to resume work in the morning.

Spike: Yep, as long as those two don't wander off again. 

Gripper: Camping, eh? We don't do that in the city.

Grabber: Maybe it'll be fun.

Gripper and Grabber: Why not?

[That night, Bob, his machines and the Irelanders set up camp and gather around some firewood to get warm and eat some marshmallows and have some drinks. Gripper and Grabber are enjoying themselves] 

Grabber: Tell me about the mole man again, mate.

Gripper: He's amazing. And the guy in the clod house. Sunflower Valley calling! (laughs with Grabber) 

Grabber: We'll go together next time. Right, mate?

Gripper: Definitely, mate. Gripper and Grabber.

Grabber: Grabber and Gripper.

Gripper and Grabber: Having fun together.

Elvis: It looks like Gripper and Grabber are all fun but no work.

Serena: You think? It's bad enough Gripper went off on his own.

Iago: If you ask me, we're gonna have to teach those two silly machines that work comes first before play.

Soc: Yeah and try to keep them from leaving the site.

Aidan: I agree with Soc.

Heidi: I'm sure that we'II get them to see that work can be fun too.

Maisie Lockwood: Yeah but how?

Lance Strongbow: I don't know but for now, let's just get some sleep. 

Hiro: Lance's right. We've got another busy day tomorrow.

Shimmer and Shine: Boom-zaramay! 

Violet Parr: Night. 

Twilight Sparkle: Goodnight, Spike. (giggles) Sweet dreams, number one assistant. 

Ash Ketchum: Don't worry, Pikachu. Things will get better in the morning. Good night. 

Pikachu: Pika. 

Connor Lacey: Night. 

[They all fall asleep except Bob who sip his drink and walks over to look at the support beams nearby]

Bob: So much to do and without Wendy too. I wonder if she's going to get any sleep.

[Wendy is running over the hill with Mr Bentley, Scrambler and Rainbow Dash coaching her]

Wendy: (pants)

Scrambler: Hup, two, three. Hup, two, three. Hup, two, three. Hup, two, three...

[The next morning, the machines are still asleep when Bob came out of his tent and stretches while yawning]

Bob: (yawning)

Wendy: Ohh, Bob, I'm so tired.

Bob: You've escaped Scrambler for a moment.

Connor Lacey: Yeah, if you ask me, he's letting the trainer thing go to his head.

Rainbow Dash: You think? He's been pushing Wendy harder and harder. 

Kiera: Well, that could have been a lot worse. 

James Jones: He just doesn't want to let Wendy rest. 

Emily: I agree. I know he wants to be useful but he needs to consider the needs of others as well.

Heidi: Well, I'm sure that he doesn't want to feel left out.

Brewster: Maybe him becoming a trainer wasn't such a good idea.

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, he's not gonna let Wendy stop training is he?

Wendy: Twilight's right. I've missed so much.

Ash Ketchum: Well, now's your chance to catch up. 

Pikachu: Pika. 

Bob: Well, today's a big day for Gripper. He's got loads to do.

Grabber: We won't be long, will we, mate?

Gripper: Just long enough to see the mole man.

Grabber: Yeah. Bob won't mind, will he?

Gripper: Not if we're quick, mate.

[But as Grabber left, Gripper's caterpillar tracks sprayed mud all over Bob] 

Bob: Oh! (spits) Hey! Gripper! 

Gripper: Huh?

Mr Bentley: Morning, all. (laughing) Oh, dear, Bob! What event are you training for?

Scrambler: Mud wrestling, ha-ha!

Wendy: You're absolutely covered!

Marco Polo: Were you and Grabber trying to sneak off again, Gripper? 

Gripper: Yes, but only cause I wanted to show him everything I saw yesterday.

Fireman Sam: Now, Gripper, we know that you wanted to show Grabber the things you saw yesterday but you have to stay here and do the work that Bob's machines are unable to do to make up for your absence.

Fiona: Yeah. Work comes before play you know! 

Gripper: I understand. [to Bob] Oh, Bob! I'm really sorry.

Bob: Don't worry, Gripper.

Rarity: Am I glad that wasn't me. 

James: Me too. I don't want my red paint to get muddy. 

Koko: Oh, come on, you two. Getting dirty's not that bad. 

Connor Lacey: Koko's right. Getting dirty's part of the job, whether you two like it or not. 

Iago: Well, I'm afraid that building the stadium is not the only thing that will continue. 

Scrambler: Time to get back to your training, Wendy.

Wendy: Oh, OK, Scrambler.

Rainbow Dash: Ugh, maybe Scrambler becoming a trainer wasn't such a good idea. 

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: Tell us about it.  

[Meanwhile, Grabber is rolling through the countryside when he saw that Gripper was gone]

Grabber: Gripper? Gripper! Hey, where'd he go?

[Back at the site, Gripper is feeling sad about Grabber not being there]

Gripper: I wonder what Grabber's doing.

Kim Possible: I'm sure he's fine, just concentrate on your work. 

Scoop: (grunting) Come on, move!

Sally: See, this is exactly what we mean! 

Chris Kratt: It looks like Scoop is having trouble lifting those pipes. 

Martin Kratt: And he's quite near the foundations. He could fall into them!

Cruz Ramirez: Gripper, you've gotta do something! 

Gripper: Hey, hang on there!

Scoop: Oh!

[The pipes push Scoop into the foundations] 

Scoop: (strains) 

Applejack: Hang in there, Scoop! 

Gripper: Here you go.

[He swing his hook to catch Scoop's cab and started to pull him back up to safety] 

Gripper: (straining) 

Scoop: Thanks, Gripper.

Gripper: No problem, Scoop. It should have been Grabber moving that.

Iago: Or you and Lofty since you're both cranes. 

Scoop: Yeah. But Grabber's cool. I really had fun working with him yesterday.

Gripper: YOU had fun working with Grabber?

Scoop: Yeah, he's brilliant!

Maisie Lockwood: Yes, he saw that working can be fun too after seeing Scoop and Muck have a mud fight. 

Buzzie: Yeah, so if he can see that working can be fun then we know you can too if you just give it a chance. 

Gripper: But it was supposed to be him and me having fun together.

Pinkie Pie: But you can have fun with other people too like me! 

Norman Price: Pinkie's right. You and Grabber can have fun with other friends and not each other all the time. 

Misty: You just need to give it a chance. Why can't you? 

Gripper: Well, Grabber and I are always a team. It wouldn't be right for us to have fun with others on our own. 

Connor Lacey: (putting a hand on Gripper) Gripper, look at me. We know how much you and Grabber mean to each other but being apart doesn't mean you can't have fun with each other as well as others. 

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah. As the Princess of Friendship, I think that you and Grabber needs to learn to have fun with new friends and each other.

Gripper: Yeah, I suppose so, Twilight but I hope Grabber will be back soon.

[Meanwhile, Grabber roll through Sunflower Valley, searching for Gripper]

Grabber: Gripper must be round here somewhere.

Buttercup: (moos) 

Grabber: Eh?!

Buttercup: (moos)

Grabber: Who's that? (saw Buttercup) Ah! Ooh! Shoo! Wh-what are you?

[Buttercup stares at Grabber]

Grabber: Um...have you seen a huge tracked crane? Big bloke? Gripper's his name.

[Buttercup runs off] 

Grabber: Oh, hey, what, come back! Are you trying to show me where he is? 

[He followed Buttercup to a dairy barn]

Grabber: Gripper? Gripper! Are you here? 

[Meg McDonald walks out of the barn] 

Meg McDonald: Hello, Buttercup. Oh! And I see you've brought a friend with you. 

Grabber: Oh, hi. I, er... I think she might have seen my friend, Gripper.

Meg: Is your friend a cow?

Grabber: What's a cow?

Meg: She is!

Buttercup: (moos)

Grabber: Right, so you haven't seen a huge, tracked crane?

Meg: No. Just cows round here. 

Grabber: Fine, I'II be off then. Right. See ya.

[He sped off]

Meg: You meet some strange machines round these parts.

[Back at the site, Gripper is trying to steady the beam, even getting sweat on him from it. Everyone watches anxiously]

Bob: That's it, Gripper. Steady as she goes.

[Finally, Gripper got the beam into place] 

Gripper: Wallop! Bang on!

Everyone: [cheering]

Roley: Rock and roll!

Lofty: I could never have done that.

Gripper: Oh, stop it, you lot. Thanks, though.

Percy: No really, that was incredible. 

Iris: You were on fire. That's a figure of speech by the way. I don't mean you're actually on fire. 

Connor Lacey: Great job, Gripper. 

Bob: The first one in. I just wish Wendy had been here to see it.

Steele: Hey, don't worry. I'm sure she's fine.

[Meanwhile, Wendy is in the mountains again with Scrambler, Mr Bentley and Rainbow Dash, holding a shot put] 

Wendy: So, I've just got to throw this ball as far as I can.

Scrambler: Yeah, really chuck it!

Rainbow Dash: That should be simple enough. 

Wendy: OK. Here goes...

[She swung her arm and throws the shot put and it landed a few feet in front of her] 

Mr Bentley: Hold this, would you?

[Wendy holds the end of the measuring tape while Mr Bentley measures the length between her and the shot put] 

Mr Bentley: Not bad, not bad.

Scrambler: But not brilliant. 

Rainbow Dash: Oh, come on. That was awesome.

Scrambler: You need to do a little hop... before you chuck it.

Wendy: Oh, I see. Right-o.

Scrambler: So go on. Try with the hopping.

Wendy: (grunts) 

[She throws the shot put and it flies through the air]

Scrambler: Yes!

[He races after the shot put and stop at the end of the path to see where it would land, though it's heading down straight toward him]

Wendy: Scrambler, look out! 

Scrambler: Wow!

[The shot put landed on the ground, barley missing Scrambler. Mr Bentley and Rainbow use the measuring tape to measure the distance between Wendy and the shot put] 

Mr Bentley: Oh, yes, very good!

Rainbow Dash: Way to go, Wendy! 

[Back at the site, Gripper put another girder into place] 

Everyone: Hurrah! 

Gripper: Ha-ha-ha! This lot are all right.

Fireman Sam: See, Gripper? We told you that working can be fun.

Aviva Corcovado: And you're the strongest crane excavator I have ever seen. 

Gripper: Thanks, everyone. Let's do it. Next. 

Everyone: Hurrah!

[Bob is on the girders, screwing the bolts to hold them together. Lofty lifted another girder towards him] 

Bob: That's it, Lofty, hold it there.

[He put another bolt into place and screw it tight] 

Lofty: Ooh, it's going really well, isn't it, Bob?

Bob: Not bad, Lofty. But there's still so much to do.

Lofty: Oh, we will get it finished on time, though, won't we?

Bob: I hope so, Lofty.

Marniette/Ladybug: Us too, Bob. We've only got one day left to get everything done. 

Iago: Oh, sure as long as Gripper and Grabber doesn't do any fun sneaking off to places on the last day. 

Violet Parr: Tell me about it.

Ash Ketchum: Well, at least we got Gripper here to help for the time being.

Pikachu: Pika. 

Bob: You're right, Ash. He's really fitting into the team. Seems like Grabber's off sightseeing instead though.

Bantor: Yeah. That's all he and Gripper ever wanted to do since they got here. 

Discord: Well, looks like some of us will have to be on the lookout in case Grabber ever comes back. 

[He pull out binoculars and they extend very, very long along with other chaotic stuff] 

Wilson: Wowzer! That's amazing. 

Discord: Why thank you, Wilson. I am truly amazing, aren't I? 

Maisie Lockwood: Of course you are, Discord, for good funny uses that is. (giggles)

Norman Price: Alright, everyone, we're gotta have to have patrols to ensure that Gripper doesn't sneak off to do some fun when there's work to be done.

Kiera: Uh, who made you in charge of the patrol?

Norman Price: Uh, me since I come up with brilliant plans many times before while you and Catalina use your smarts to outsmart foes when you used to be thieves.

Catalina: Uh, hello? Those ideas led to trouble! 

Shi La Won: I'm with Catalina on this one. Every time you had an idea, it always backfired and gets you and Spud into trouble which makes you unqualified to be in charge. 

Fu Fu: (chitters) 

Marco Polo: Yeah, so someone else who is responsible should take charge.  

Mandy Flood: Yeah. Sorry, Norman. 

Norman Price: (grumbles) 

Gripper: All the girders are in, Bob.

Bob: Fantastic, Gripper!

Kim Possible: Let's go and get the seats for the stands.

Mewtwo: You heard her.

[Gripper, Lofty and a few Irelanders went over to the seats stacked on a yellow pallet] 

Gripper: Give us a hand, mate.

Lofty: Oh, um, yeah.

[He and Gripper attach their hooks to the straps and lift the seats up] 

Gripper: Nice one, mate.

Lofty: I knew you'd like being in Bob's team.

Arnold McKinley: Yes, in order to have fun, you don't need to go looking around places. You need to experience it first hand, like Grabber did.

Ben Hooper: Yes. You're doing a great job here so far.

Lofty: Now we can all have fun together.

Gripper: Fun together?

[He imagines Grabber surrounded by sunflowers and rabbits] 

Grabber: You and me, Gripper. We're going to have fun together... [echoes] 

[The screen ripples, ending the fantasy]

Lofty: Are you all right, Gripper?

Gripper: (snap out of his thoughts, hearing Lofty's voice) Yeah, mate, yeah. I suppose... 

Fluttershy: What's wrong, Gripper?

Gripper: I just thought me and Grabber would be having fun together, that's all.

[They roll off with the seats. Meanwhile, Grabber is still searching for Gripper in the valley] 

Grabber: Gripper! Oh, Gripper! Where are you? Oh, it's no use. I'm heading back.

[He turns and rolls back the way he came. Bob did some brick laying between the girders as Muck brought in more bricks] 

Bob: There's still a lot to do. The games are tomorrow.

Brock: Yeah, how are we supposed to get all this done in time?

Thomas: We're doing the best we can for this build. You worry too much you two like Henry.

Henry: Hey, I'm right here you know! 

Thomas: Sorry, Henry but it's true. 

Hannah Sparkes: But without Grabber, we're never going to get it done in time, Thomas.

Connor Lacey: Yeah. I really hope he turns up soon.

Joe Sparkes: Me too. Norman's keeping a watch out for him now.

[He gestures to Norman who look through his binoculars in the distance]

Iago: And how do we know that he won't mess it up?

James Jones: Guess, Uncle Sam, Sarah, Derek, Mandy and I can go over to him and watch to make sure he doesn't get into trouble.

Fireman Sam: Good idea, James. An construction site can be a very dangerous place. 

Kiera: Sure thing, considering how he stupid he is. 

Violet Parr: Yeah, let alone not listening to warnings. 

Brewster: Good luck with that.

Dizzy: Oh, it's so exciting that Wendy's going to be actually in them.

Muck: Yeah.

Twilight Sparkle: Too bad Scrambler is pushing her beyond her limits when he should let her rest now and again.

Spike: Yeah. Good thing Rainbow is with him, she's sure to point out his mistake sooner or later.

Bob: I could really use her help here. I think I'll give her a call.

James: I'm not sure that's a good idea, Bob.

Percy: Wendy is training for the games.

Aviva Corcovado: But she needs a break, guys. Scrambler is pushing her too hard. 

Varian: And although we have Gripper here to help and Grabber if he ever turns up, I don't see the point in him pushing her to the point where she snaps. We need her help too.

Bob: Varian's right, you two. It's the only way to save the build. So now if you would excuse me.

[He went off to call Wendy. Back in the mountains, Wendy, Scrambler, Mr Bentley and Rainbow Dash are looking at a pole on a stand and a mattress in front of it]

Wendy: How am I supposed to jump that?

Mr Bentley: Oh, well, it's quite simple, Wendy. I,I imagine you just sort of run at it...

Scrambler: And then turn round at the last minute....

Mr Bentley: And...flop over backwards.

Rainbow Dash: It's called a high jump. How hard can it be?

Wendy: Well, it doesn't sound very easy. But I'll give it a go.

[She runs over to the stand] 

Scrambler: Turn. 

Mr Bentley: And flop.

Wendy: Ohh!

[She flops over the pole, but her foot knocks it down as she landed on the mattress] 

Mr Bentley: Oh, she flopped when she should have turned.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, she's gonna have to work on it. 

[Wendy's phone rang and she answer it] 

Wendy: Hello. Wendy speaking. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, of course, Bob. I'll be right there.

Scrambler: What? Not again! You can't leave now.

Mr Bentley: It is vitally important you complete your training, Wendy. You are the great hope of Sunflower Valley. Our shining star!

Rainbow Dash: No she's not! She's just filling in for David! But you're pushing her too far! When will you both get that through your thick heads?! 

Wendy: Oh, but...(gasps) What's that?

Mr Bentley: What? Where?

[As Mr Bentley and Scrambler look away to see, Wendy and Rainbow sped off. As Mr Bentley and Scrambler turn around....] 

Scrambler: She's.... 

Mr Bentley: Gone. 

[Back at the site, Bob is doing more brick laying on the top levels] 

Bob: Phew!

[Down below, Gripper is putting a row of seats down with Dizzy helping him]

Dizzy: Left a bit. Yeah. Now, right a little bit.

[Gripper manages to put the row of seats down with the others]

Dizzy: Yes! Well done, Gripper!

Gripper: Yeah.

Grabber: Gripper! Gripper!

Gripper: Grabber!

[Grabber skid to a stop next to Gripper, accidentally spraying him with mud]

Gripper: Hey, watch where you're skidding!

Grabber: What? Too busy to get a bit dirty?

Gripper: Huh, maybe.

Grabber: Too busy to have fun with your best mate, anyway.

Gripper: What do you mean? You were supposed to wait for me.

Grabber: I did. Anyway, you didn't wait for me yesterday.

Dizzy: Oh, Gripper, Grabber, stop being silly billies!

Gripper: I thought we were supposed to have fun together.

Grabber: So did I. But maybe you were having too much fun here.

Dizzy: Stop it you two!

Gripper: We were best mates, you and me! But you're not a proper mate any more!

Grabber: It's not me who isn't a good mate. Maybe we just shouldn't hang out with each other any more then!

Gripper: Fine.

Grabber: Fine.

Gripper and Grabber: (looking away from each other) Fine! 

[Dizzy felt exhausted with disappointment just as Bob and the Irelanders walk up] 

Bob: Gripper! Grabber! You're both here.

Dizzy: Yes, but...

[Wendy and Rainbow Dash arrives]

Bob: And Wendy and Rainbow Dash too!

Rainbow Dash: We came here as fast as we could!

Wendy: I'm absolutely pooped, but I'd rather be building a stadium than listening to Scrambler panicking!

Misty: Tell me about it. 

Norman Price: And it looks like Grabber's back now and I'II make sure he or Gripper doesn't sneak off again on my watch tomorrow. 

Maisie Lockwood: But why do they look so mad?

Lance Strongbow: I'm not quite sure but at least we're all here together now.

Connor Lacey: Yeah, that's true. 

Bob: My whole team! Now we can all work together!

[Everyone get back to work, building the stadium as night falls. Gripper lowers a stack of seats to Bob. Grabber and Wendy bring some bricks up to him and put them in his wheelbarrow. He move it away. Roley flattens the ground as Grabber roll past him, carrying a beam. Bob walks along the top levels with his wheelbarrow as another girder is put into place. Wendy hammered a nail into the side of the ticket booth. Bob climb up to the top of the floodlights and waves to Dizzy and Roley who watch him from down below. Once he reaches the top, he fitted in the electrical pulses into place. Later, everyone gather around the campfire once again] 

Wendy: It was great being back on the job, Bob.

Bob: It was great to have you there, Wendy, but there's still lots to do.

Connor Lacey: Yeah. There's the roof and the seating...

Wendy: And the running track and the landscaping, I know.

Twilight Sparkle: At least Gripper and Grabber are on the job now.

The Mask: And let's just hope that they stop sneaking off to explore places on the last day before the games starts. 

Cruz Ramirez: Trust me, Mask, we'II make sure that they don't sneak off again. 

Ash Ketchum: I hope you're right, Cruz. 

Pikachu: Pika-pi. 

Bob: We'd never get it done without them!

[Gripper started to roll away]

Lofty: Oh, um, Gripper, where are you going?

Gripper: To have more fun - the kind you can have without your silly ex-mate!

[He rolls off in a huff]

Lofty: Oh, dear.

[Grabber started to roll away too]

Scoop: Grabber! What are you doing? 

Grabber: I'm going to have some fun, and I don't need a silly crane to have it with.

[He rolls off in a huff. Lofty rolls up to Scoop]

Scoop: Lofty, Grabber's gone!

Lofty: Um, so's Gripper. Maybe we should tell Bob.

Scoop: Yeah, definitely. If they're not back in a bit, right?

Lofty: Oh, uh, yeah. Maybe they're just going to have a chat and make up.

Scoop: Yeah, that's probably it, but... if they're not back in a while.

Lofty: Then we'll tell Bob.

Scoop and Lofty: Definitely.

[Meanwhile, Gripper rolls through the countryside, still angry at Grabber for leaving him behind]

Gripper: Ha! I'll show that silly Grabber. Who needs 'im?

[An owl's hoot is heard, causing Gripper to stop] 

Gripper: Huh? What was that?

Owl: (hooting)

[Gripper rolls on. Elsewhere, Grabber is rolling along, also angry at Gripper for leaving him behind]

Grabber: I'm going to have a ton of fun without Gripper. I'd rather be on me own.

[Then there was a crack, startling him]

Grabber: [gasps] What was that?

[He roll back to see a broken branch in front of him]

Grabber: Phew. It was just a silly branch.

Wolf: (howling)

Grabber: Urghhhh!

[Back at the campsite, everyone is now settling down for the night] 

Scoop: [yawns] How long shall we give Gripper and Grabber?

Lofty: Oh, um, just a bit longer. Then...we'll...tell...Bob.

Scoop and Lofty: (snoring)

[Meanwhile, Gripper is rolling up in the mountains, feeling scared by the owl hooting. Nearby from the other direction, Grabber is feeling scared by the wolf howling as he roll along] 

Gripper: Oh, I wish Grabber were here.

Grabber: Where's Gripper when you need him?

[The two friends are so busy being scared that they didn't watch where they were going and backed into each other]

Gripper and Grabber: Argh! You! 

Gripper: What are YOU doing here?

Grabber: I'm staying away from you! What are YOU doing here?

Gripper: Er...getting away from you! 

Grabber: Well, I was here first.

Gripper: No, you weren't.

Grabber: Yes, I was.

Gripper: Whatever. I'm off. (rolls onto another mountain trail)

Grabber: Hey! This is MY road.

[He rolls after Gripper] 

Gripper: It's not my fault. You didn't wait for me.

Grabber: I did! But you were having too much fun with Bob's team!

[As they roll along, Grabber angrily bump Gripper] 

Gripper: Hey! You bumped me!

Grabber: Well, if you hadn't followed me up here, you wouldn't have been here to bump!

[Gripper rams Grabber against a stone wall, making small rocks fall down on him] 

Grabber: Watch out, clumsy tracks! You ran into me.

Gripper: Well, if you hadn't followed me, I wouldn't have run into anyone, would I? Will you leave me alone?!

Grabber: I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone first.

Gripper and Grabber: Leave! Me! Alone!

[Just then, a rumbling noise is heard]

Gripper: What was that?

Grabber: A kind of...

Gripper: A sort of...

Gripper and Grabber: Rumbling! Arrghhhhh!

Gripper: We got to zoom!

Grabber: We got to whizz!

Gripper and Grabber: We got to go, go, go!

[Gripper and Grabber sped down the mountain road as rocks falls down around them]

Gripper and Grabber: Arghhhh! Whoooaaaa!

Grabber: I can't stop, mate!

[The rocks collapsed behind them as Grabber skid over the edge of a cliff]

Gripper: Grabber! Look out!

[Grabber wobbled as he tried to grip the ground with his scoop but to no avail] 

Grabber: Whoa!

Gripper: Grabber!

[He swing his hook forward and as Grabber fell over the edge, he caught him by his cab and hold on tight]

Gripper: Grabber! Grabber, mate!

Grabber: Yes, mate?

Gripper: Are you still there?

Grabber: Hanging on, mate.

[Grabber hangs in the air, holding by Gripper's hook]

Grabber: You know what, mate?

Gripper: What?

Grabber: That was almost fun.

Gripper: Oh, yeah, mate. We should do it more often.

Grabber: So, er, you going to pull me up, then, or what?

Gripper: Oh, yeah. Sorry, mate. Here we go. (strains) Oh, mate, you're too heavy! I can't move.

Grabber: Can't move? Don't muck about, mate.

Gripper: I'm not! We're stuck.

[Then Gripper and Grabber heard a crackling noise]

Grabber: What was that?

Gripper: I think it's the ledge, mate. Its cracking!

[He look down to see the ground started to crack beneath him]

Grabber: Oh, Gripper. Do you think.....

Gripper: It can hold us? I don't know, Grabber. Maybe it'll...

Grabber: Give way. Maybe we're going to...

Gripper and Grabber: Fall! 

[The next morning, the sun shines over the stadium before the scene changes to rabbits hopping out from under Bob's tent and look at the sleeping machines, McQueen, Dusty and their friends]

Scoop: (yawns) So, did Gripper and Grabber come back, Lofty?

Lofty: (yawns) Oh, um, I was going to ask you that.

Scoop: But I thought you were waiting up for them.

Lofty: Oh, I thought you were waiting up for them.

Bob: (yawns)

Wendy: (yawns)

Connor Lacey: Good morning.

Twilight Sparkle: Morning, Connor.

Ash Ketchum: Man, what a night. Morning, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika-pi. 

Scoop: Bob! Guys! It's Gripper and Grabber.

Lofty: Um, they're missing.

Irelanders: What?!

Bob: What?! Both of them?!

Scoop: Yeah, I think they've been gone all night.

Bob: All night?!

Luigi Bellini: Oh, no. Not good.

Melody: But where could they have gone?

Wendy: Maybe they're in trouble.

Scrambler: Morning!

Mr Bentley: Time for the last big push on your training, Wendy.

Wendy: We can't. Gripper and Grabber are missing!

Thomas: Yes, somethings are more important than training, Scrambler! When are you going to realize that?! 

Fireman Sam: We have to find Gripper and Grabber before something bad happens to them but we can't do that if you keep pushing Wendy to her limits with all your training. She's had enough. 

Connor Lacey: Yes, her training would have to wait until we get Gripper and Grabber back. Everyone, let's go find our friends.

Irelanders: Okay, Connor. 

[Soon, everyone rolls through Sunflower Valley, looking for Gripper and Grabber] 

Wendy: There! Look!

[Bob and Wendy walk over to see some tracks in front of them]

Bob: Wendy! You're right. Tracks!

Twilight Sparkle: Those are Gripper and Grabber's tracks alright. 

Spike: Yeah, but where they do lead to?

Dizzy: It looks like they were heading for the mountains.

Wilson: Oh, bumpers!

Maisie Lockwood: You've got to be kidding me.

Bob: But there are hundreds of trails up there. They could be anywhere.

Scrambler: But we've been training in the mountains.

Mr Bentley: Oh, yes. We know every inch of those roads.

Rainbow Dash: Yep, top to bottom, left to right. 

Moose Roberts: So, if you know the mountains well, you'II be able to help us find Gripper and Grabber. I'II help as well since I'm expert of climbing mountains. 

Scrambler: Okay, Moose.

Ash Ketchum: Guys, you're the best.

Pikachu: Pika-pi. 

Wendy: You're right. Come on, Scrambler. We've going to find those machines.

Scrambler: Yes! Scram to the mountains! (making revving noises)

Mr Bentley: Whoa! 

Bob: Come on, team. Gripper and Grabber need us.

Captain Jake: You heard him. Yo-ho, let's go! 

[They head off towards the mountains. Back at the cliff] 

Gripper: Grabber! You awake, mate?

Grabber: Course I'm awake, mate. I'm hanging over a massive drop.

Gripper: Oh, oh, yeah, mate. Right. Listen, Grabber?

Grabber: Yes, mate?

Gripper: I'm really sorry. I should've had fun with you.

Grabber: No, mate. I should have had fun with you. It's my fault.

[The ledge cracks even more]

Grabber: Ooh. I don't like that noise.

Gripper: Me neither, mate. We are together, but we're not having much fun, are we?

Grabber: (chuckles) No, mate.

Gripper: You know what we should've done?

Grabber: What, mate?

Gripper: Stayed on site, mate. Bob's machines are a really good bunch, along with the Irelanders. [sighs] We should've done what they told us and not snuck off. 

Grabber: You're right, mate. We'd have been together, mate. You know what, mate?

Gripper: What, mate?

Grabber: We'd have had fun. Being in Bob's team was pretty good.

Gripper: Yeah, it was. We're not going to get much chance to have any more fun together, are we, mate?

Grabber: No. We're just going to rust out here, mate. 

[Back with Wendy, Mr Bentley and Scrambler]

Mr Bentley: Oh, dear. We've been back and forth along these roads, Wendy.

Scrambler: We're running out of places to look!M

Wendy: But we've got to keep trying. They must be here somewhere.

[Back with Bob, his team and the Irelanders] 

Scoop: We've been everywhere, Bob.

Lofty: Yeah. Where can they be?

Penny Morris: Well, we'd better not make any loud noises. 

Marco Polo: You're right, Penny and hopefully Gripper and Grabber doesn't make any as well, if we ever find them. 

Raven Queen: Everyone keep your voices to no more than a whisper.

Connor Lacey: Got it. Let's keep looking.

[They carry on searching til they came to the rockslide]

Bob: Oh, no! The road's blocked!

Serena: Now what do we do?

Hiro: I don't know, Serena.

[Wendy, Mr. Bentley and Scrambler soon rolls up to Bob, his team and the Irelanders from another path]

Wendy: Guys! 

Bob: Wendy! 

Gripper: Mates! 

Bob, Wendy and Irelanders: Gripper! 

Discord: He's on the other side of those rocks. 

Aviva Corcovado: But how do we get over there? 

Ash Ketchum: We've gotta climb over them. 

Pikachu: Pika-pi. 

Applejack: Alright, but let's be careful not to make any more avalanches. 

[They climb over the rocks and saw Gripper straining to hold onto Grabber] 

Connor Lacey: There he is!

Shi La Won: But I don't see Grabber anywhere. 

Fu Fu: (chitters) 

Bob: Where's Grabber?! 

Gripper: I've got him, but I can't hold on much longer.

Grabber: Hi, guys! Hi, Wendy!

Cornelia Hale: He must have fallen over the edge! 

Percy: And he looks like he's about to drag Gripper with him! 

Wendy: Hang on! We're coming!

[Bob, Wendy and the Irelanders climb down on the other side but as they step forward, the ground breaks even more]

Gripper: No! Go back! The ledge'll break!

[Bob, Wendy and the Irelanders step back] 

Wendy: Phew! But now what?

Sam (Ballybraddan): I'm not so sure myself, Wendy.

Bob: We've got to get a line on him.

Ellie Philips: Yeah but how are we going to do that with the breaking ledge in our way?

Scrambler: Easy! I know the bestest thrower in the whole valley, cos I trained her!

Wendy: Me?!

Koki: Her? 

Scrambler: Yeah, I know it's a rope instead of a javelin or a shot put.

Mr Bentley: But you can do it, Wendy!

Wendy: Oh, well, I'll give it a go!

[Soon, everyone hold a very long rope with Wendy holding the noose] 

Bob: Aim carefully, Wendy. We're only going to get one go at this.

Wendy: Oh, dear! Here goes! Huh!

[She throws the noose and it flies through the air. Everyone watch anxiously as the rope fly towards Gripper. Mr Bentley check his stopwatch to check the progress. Soon, the lasso wrapped around Gripper's cab]

Wendy: Yes!

Bob: Go!

Everyone: (straining)

[Everyone pulls as hard as they can, helping Gripper to move] 

Gripper: (straining) I'm movin'! I'm moving, mate!

Grabber: Well, don't stop now.

Everyone: (straining)

Gripper: Yeah. That's it...

[The ground cracks, making Gripper slip but he manages to gain grip and move back from the edge. Grabber try using his scoop to get a grip on the edge as its crumbles but he slips down. Gripper strains to keep pulling] 

Gripper: Nearly there. Great, yeah, pull a bit more. 

[Gripper and Grabber slipped again, dragging Bob's machines and the Irelanders forward a bit] 

Connor Lacey: [gasps] This ledge will give way soon! We have to hurry! 

Twilight Sparkle: You heard Connor! Pull harder! 

[The cliff crumbles even more as Gripper pull as hard as he can]

Gripper: That's it, yeah, keep going.

[Bob's machines and the Irelanders help Gripper pull Grabber onto the edge as part of it falls off then with one final tug, they finally manage to pull both Gripper and Grabber to safety just in time] 

Everyone: [cheering]

Ash Ketchum: We did it!

Pikachu: Pika!

Gripper and Grabber: We're saved!

Gripper: They did it, Grabber, mate.

Grabber: I know, Gripper, mate.

Fireman Sam: You two should've done what we said and stayed on site like we told you. It was your arguing that got you into this mess in the first place. The mountain is a very dangerous place.

Rarity: And you have us worried, darlings. What were you two thinking? 

Gripper: Guess we were cross at each other for having fun on our own and should've said sorry before we got into trouble. 

Grabber: Yeah. Sorry, mates. 

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: That's okay. But next time, stay where everyone can see you. 

Misty: But what matters now is that you guys are safe. 

Gripper: Yeah. Thanks, mate, thanks a lot, but what about the stadium?

Bob: I don't think we will ever get it finished on time now.

Aisling: No thanks to you two!

Heidi: But you can't all give up. We can do anything, even when it's impossible.

Lightning McQueen: Yeah, you and your building team have done it before. You can do it again.

Connor Lacey: We've done many things over our adventures, even when they seem impossible to accomplish.

Thomas: And with us helping you, you're sure to succeed. 

Gripper: Wait, if we've learnt one thing in Sunflower Valley...

Grabber: It's that working can be fun.

Gripper: And there's nothing better than having fun together.

Grabber: So why don't we all work together?

Twilight Sparkle: About time you two finally got what we were trying to tell you. 

Ash Ketchum: Gripper and Grabber are right. Work can be fun and as long as we work together, we'II get the stadium done before the Games arrived. Are you with us? 

Pikachu: Pika! 

Dusty Crophopper: Come on, guys. If we all pull together, I know we can do it. 

Wendy: Could we really do it, do you think?

Bob: Well, it does seem almost impossible, but...

Scrambler: I'll help, I'll help.

Mr Bentley: And so shall I. (falls over backwards) Whoa!

Scoop: Can we build it?

Can-Do Crew and Irelanders: Yes, we can! 

Lofty: Oh, yeah, um, I really do think so.

[Everyone went back to the site to resume work. Mr Bentley push a white line marker wheelbarrow to put down the track lines in a curly way while Scrambler pull the line marker trailer in a straight line. Gripper lowers a wall piece onto the ground with Bob and Mr Bentley checks it on his clipboard. He measures the seats with the level and check it too. Muck put some sand on the pit and Bob rake it down before Mr Bentley runs up to the line and jumps into it before checking it off. Lofty put down some jumping stands on the track. Wendy and Scoop put the mattress down at the pole stand as Mr Bentley jumps over it and landed on the mattress before checking it off. Lofty put up the netting at the spot where the shot put throw will take place and Mr Bentley stamps on it to make sure it's sturdy before checking it off. Wendy fitted the screen together and turn on the back switch, turning it on, flashing Mr Bentley's eyes, causing him to fall over. Getting up at the podium, he tick his clipboard again before falling back down. Bob and Wendy fitted the ticket picture on the ticket booth. Bob fitted the stairs sign on the stairs. He and Wendy fitted the barriers near the ticket booth and a evening fell, he fitted the roof to the cables holding it. Gripper hoisted Mr Bentley up in a harness with his crane arm to help him see the progress and tick it off on his clipboard. Night fall and everyone stands in the arena. Bob flip a switch and all the floodlights turn on, lighting the stadium before running up to his team] 

Bob: We did it! We got it done.

[Soon, The Games begins as a brass band plays and walks down pass the ticket booth. The blue team with the mountain symbol on their flag march into view, followed by the bird team. The green tree team walk into view. One of them stop to look and wink at the camera. Sportacus flip into view. Finally, The Sunflower Valley red team, lead by Wendy, walk into view. Mr Bentley walk over to the podium next to the racetrack and tap the microphone, making it play loud feedback again]

Mr Bentley: Oh, my goodness. Ladies and gentlemen, machines, visiting teams. I declare the first Sunflower Valley Games open!

Crowd: [cheering] 

Barbara Bentley: Hooray!

Mr Bentley: And without further ado, the main event. The heptathlon.

[He held out an airhorn and blow it, though it also startled him] 

Mr Bentley: Agh! [clears throat] Go! 

[Wendy, Sportacus and the competitors started with the jumping event and Daley Jogger cross the finish line first] 

Everyone: [cheering]

[A man put up a pole on a stand and step back as Wendy runs up and jumps over it and landed on the mattress. Next, she throws a shot put forward. Then she run up to the line and jumps into the sand pit. The man measures the distance she jumps. Now, Wendy runs up to another line and throws a javelin through the air and it landed on the ground. The man measures the distance between Wendy and the javelin. Soon, the running event is up] 

Mr Bentley: Ladies and gentlemen, could it be any more exciting? Wendy is in second place, followed by Sportacus in third, but in the lead is Daily Jogger. Wendy must win this race if she is to claim the gold medal. On your marks, get set...

[He blows the airhorn again]

Mr Bentley: ..go!

[Wendy, Sportacus and the runners run down the track] 

Mr Bentley: And here comes Daily now. 

[Daley catches up to Wendy and soon overtakes her]

Mr Bentley: And he has overtaken her. Is it all over for Wendy?

[Daley runs ahead of Wendy who is about to accept defeat when she look to see Bob, the team and the Irelanders cheering her on, along with Sportacus]

Everyone: [cheering] Go, Wendy, go!

[With renewed confidence, Wendy sped up after Daley] 

Mr Bentley: It's a miracle! Wendy is catching Daily again.

[As they approach the finish line, Wendy overtake Daley just as she crosses it] 

Mr Bentley: (swinging his jacket with delight) Yes, yes, yes! In first place and taking the gold - ahem - it's Wendy of Sunflower Valley.

[Everyone gathered around Wendy, put a cape on her and Muck hoist her up in his scoop] 

Everyone: Yay! Yay!

Sportacus: Way to go, Wendy. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything. Even winning a big competition.

Koki: Sportacus is right. All you needed was to believe in yourself. 

Connor Lacey: And now it's now onto the final event. 

Emily: Yeah, like here they come now! 

[Visiting machines roll into the arena] 

Mr Bentley: There is no rest for the Sunflower Valley team just yet. Ladies and gentlemen, the final event, the machine relay race.

[The pick up truck and the compact tracked digger rev their engines with confidence, Lofty holding a baton on the other hand, looks nervous]

Lofty: Oh, I hope I do OK. I haven't had any training.

Bob: But you have been working extra hard on the stadium.

Wendy: That's all the training you need.

Misty: Yeah. You can do it, Lofty. Like Sportacus said, believe in yourself. 

Discord: Yeah. You'II have this race in the bag. (A bag appears) 

Fiona: In the bag is a figure of speech, Discord. 

Discord: Just having a little fun with that. 

Mr Bentley: On your marks, get set...

[He blew the airhorn again though it startled him a second time]

Mr Bentley: Oh! Go.

[Lofty, the pick up truck and the compact tracked digger sped off down the track and reached Scoop, the red digger dumper and the orange cement mixer to pass their batons but as Lofty pass his to Scoop, it fall off his hook and landed on the ground] 

Lofty: Oh, dear.

Scoop: Oh, no!

[Scoop pick up the baton with his front scoop and hurries after the digger dumper and the cement mixer] 

Mr Bentley: And the Sunflower Valley team have lost their early lead.

[Scoop, the digger dumper and the cement mixer reaches Grabber, the mobile crane and another pick up truck and pass their batons to them]

Grabber: It's not over yet, mate.

[Grabber sped down the track and catches up to the mobile crane and the second pick up truck]

Mr Bentley: But what's this? Grabber has put on an amazing burst of speed.

[Grabber pass the baton to Gripper and he sped down the track, overtaking the yellow digger and the forklift and cross the finish line first] 

Mr Bentley: By Jiminy! The giant crane has won it in a historic victory. It's a clean sweep for Sunflower Valley. And the crowd goes wild. 

[The team gathered around and cheered] 

Everyone: (cheering) 

Mr Bentley: Hooray! Yes, yes!

[Soon, Mr Bentley presented to Wendy and the machines their medals which he put on them] 

Everyone: [cheering] 

Wendy: Oh, Bob. What a day.

Bob: I know. You won a gold medal. 

Wendy: And you and the team built a whole sports stadium.

Sportacus: Well, I think you all did a good job. Especially you and your friends, Connor. 

Connor Lacey: Thanks, Sportacus. 

Twilight Sparkle: That's what friends are for. 

Ash Ketchum: And to think we were worried that we never get it done on time. 

Pikachu: Pika. 

Thomas: Yes, it was tough but we got there in the end. 

Koko: Yep. Our work was traintastic.

Scoop: And what about Gripper and Grabber?

Lofty: Oh, yes, they won the relay race.

Scrambler: They're champions.

Gripper: No, we're not. The reason we won... 

Grabber: Is because we're part of...

Gripper and Grabber: A team. 

Gripper: We've had the most fun ever.

Grabber: All together.

Gripper: And it's time to celebrate. 

Grabber: We've learnt a lot in the last few days.

Fireman Sam: Yes, I think you have. 

Heidi: And we're very proud of you two for doing so.

Twilight Sparkle: And I think your lessons will make good friendship reports. 

Gripper: Really, Twilight? 

Grabber: Who are you reporting them to? 

Twilight Sparkle: My former mentor, Princess Celestia, of course. She lives in Equestria where she rules. 

Beacon: And she's the Princess of the Sun. 

Lightning McQueen: You two will get a chance to meet her one day. 

Dusty Crophopper: Along with her sister and niece, Luna and Cadance. 

Gripper: Now we have something to teach you.

Grabber: Work hard.

Gripper: Play hard.

Gripper and Grabber: Let's party! 

Everyone: Yes! 

[Confetti falls downs to the ground and the scene changes to squirrels and rabbits watching the games from outside and the camera moves from the stadium to the countryside where Mr Beasely is still trying to get a signal on his radio to no avail]

Mr Beasley: Hello, Reykjavik, is there anybody there? Hello, hello... Come in, Reykjavik. Is there anybody out there? Hello? Over. 

[The screen fades to black before showing Connor, Bob, Gripper and Grabber outside Sunflower Valley] 

Connor Lacey: Well, folks, that's all for now. But stay tuned as we have further adventures with the Avengers in "The Irelanders' Adventures of Ultimate Avangers: The Movie" which is coming up next. 

Bob: See you there.

Gripper and Grabber: And be ready to have fun together!

[They wave as the screen fades to black]

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