[The film begins with the caption "A Hot Animation Production for HIT Entertainment PLC, in association with Young Irish Film Makers". We then see Pilchard in the blue title square on the brick wall as she waves at the camera which then shows a news reporter with people in a snowy scenery]

John Motson: We're live from the Bobblesburg Winter Games. Next on the ski run is the team from Bobsville, favourites to win this event. [as he's talking the camera pans over to Scoop on a pair of skis] Coached by Bob the Builder, first up is team leader, Scoop. The fastest digger on the slopes. I'm sure he won't let Bob down. 

[The lights go green and Scoop skis off down the slope] 

Sue Barker: And he's off to a flying start!

John Motson: This is gonna be a very fast time for the downhill run. 

[Suddenly, however, Scoop loses control and skids and slides down the slope and off the course]

John Motson: Oh, dear. That doesn't look good. Oh, no! He's lost it! 

Sue Barker: He's left the course and gone off piece! 

John Motson: Goodness me! He's flying alright but he's out of control!

[Scoop is heading straight for Bob, who's just finished building a shed. Just as Bob is about to start cutting another log, Scoop speeds past and breaks through the shed walls, leaving a big hole, much to Bob's dismay]

Sue Barker: Oh, he'll lose points for that! 

[Scoop crashes into a snow drift with his back scoop sticking out]

John Motson: Oh, it's all over! He's snowed under! 

[The title comes up: "The Irelanders' Adventures of Bob the Builder: Snowed Under: The Bobblesburg Winter Games". The whole thing is then revealed to be a dream as Scoop wakes up yelping in fear]

Scoop: Aaah! [pants] 

[He looks around at Roley, Muck, Dizzy and Lofty who are all still fast asleep. He then sees Pilchard who is wide awake] 

Pilchard: (meowing)

Scoop: Oh, Pilchard, [drives up to her] I just had a really bad dream. I dreamt that I messed everything up. It was horrid. Oh, we've got this big job far away in Bobblesburg with the Irelanders helping at the Winter Games. I'm so excited but can I tell you a secret? It's just... well... I'm a bit scared too. Wendy's going to be busy in the skiing competition so she can't help on this job and Bob has asked me to be team leader. But what if my dream comes true? What if I do let Bob down? 

Pilchard: [meowing reassuringly while shaking her head] 

Scoop: I won't? I hope you're right. Bob! Bob! Wake up, Bob! Bob! 

[In Bob's house, Bob wakes up and stretches. He then notices what time it is and jumps out of bed] 

Bob: Oh, no! Look at the time! 

[He walks over to the window and opens the blinds] 

Bob: Oh, goodness me. Um... Sorry, team! My alarm didn't go off! Oh, it's a good job I can rely on you, Scoop! Right. I'd better get a move on. The Irelanders will be here soon. We've got a ferry to catch. 

[He rushes off to get ready. Travis and Spud drive along the road]

Travis: (chuckles) It's going to be fun having Pilchard at the farm while Bob's away. 

Spud: Yeah and Norman's going along with him along with the Irelanders. Plus, I've never looked after a cat before.

[Later, Bob loads Pilchard into Travis' trailer next to Spud]

Pilchard: (meowing)

Bob: Now, you be a good girl for Farmer Pickles.

Scoop: I'll miss you. Wish you were coming with us too.

Pilchard: (meowing)

Spud: Don't worry, Bob. Spud the cat sitter's on the job! 

Travis: Come on, Spud! We'd better go! Bob's got a ferry to catch! 

Scoop: Bye, Pilchard. [uses his bucket to close the trailer door as Travis drives off] Look after yourself.

Muck: See ya, Pilchard! We'll be back soon!

Dizzy: Bye-bye, Pilchard! Have fun! 

Lofty: Bye-bye, little furry thing. 

Connor Lacey: This trip to Bobblesburg is sure to be a good one. 

Ash Ketchum: Yeah, although Pikachu and I agreed that we can go anywhere except on a cruise, I guess the ferry's the only way to get there. 

Pikachu: Pika-pi. 

Serena: What do you mean by agreed that we can go anywhere except on a cruise, Ash. 

Ash Ketchum: Well, you see, Serena, one time when Misty, Brock, The Irelanders and I were on a cruise ship, Team Rocket solders tries to steal our Pokemon on board and a Gyarados' Water Fury sweep us and Team Rocket up and landed us on a island which has an amusement park filled with mechanical Pokemon which are much bigger than regular ones. 

Misty: Yeah, but when we first saw them, we thought they are real ones, especially when they keep attacking us. 

Fireman Sam: Well, now you know not to jump to conclusions. 

Brock: Yeah, after we reunited with our Pokemon when we got separated and saw a tour boat. 

Ash Ketchum: And since then, Pikachu and I agreed that we can go anywhere except on a cruise. 

Lightning McQueen: Sorry, Ash, but the ferry is the only way we can get to Bobblesburg and you and Pikachu has to go with it unfortunately. 

Ash Ketchum: We understand, McQueen. Don't we, Pikachu? 

Pikachu: Pika-pi. 

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: Now, we better check to see if we've got everything before we go. 

Maisie Lockwood: Bob's right. But we'd better make it quick. The ferry leaves soon.

Scoop: Have you got everything, Bob?

Bob: Yes, Scoop. Now let's go or [putting on his hard hat] we'll miss the ferry.

Scoop: Can we build it? 

Can-Do Crew: Yes, we can!

Lofty: Uh, yeah, I think so.

Scoop: [as he starts to drive out of the yard] Um, Bob, you have got your passport haven't you? 

Bob: (gasps in realization and Scoop stops) Passport! Oh, no! [gets down from Scoop] I don't know. Scatterbrain. [chuckles to himself as he goes to get it]

Delia Ketchum: Well, looks like all the hurrying has got him forgetting his passport. 

Dusty Crophopper: Well, you know what they say, Mrs. Ketchum. You win some, you lose some.

Razer: But don't worry, he'II be back in a bit.

Norman Price: I bet Spud will take good care of Pilchard on the farm. Shame he's missing out on the trip. 

Derek Price: Don't worry, Norman. We'II tell him all about it when we get back.

Violet Parr: Yeah besides, he has his own job scaring crows, as long as he doesn't do anything naughty that is. 

Connor Lacey: Well, at least they're having fun right now. 


Spud: Hey, Pilchard, what yummy things do you like to eat? [sees that Pilchard's not there] Pilchard? Oh, no! Quick, Travis! Pilchard's gone!

Travis: Gone? Maybe she's followed Bob!

Spud: Hurry, Travis!

[Travis turns around. Back at the yard]

Scoop: We'll catch you up!

Muck: Okay, boss. See you later.

Pilchard: [meowing]

[Pilchard sneaks into Scoop's bucket unbeknownst. Later, the team makes their way to the pier. We then view Travis and Spud following them to the ferry] 

Spud: There she is! Faster, Travis! 

[The team gets on the ferry just as they arrive] 

Spud: Scoop! Stop! Oh, no! [jumps out of the trailer] Wait here, Travis! 

Travis: Hurry, Spud! The ferry's leaving soon!

[Spud jumps over the barrier onto the ferry. Inside] 

Scoop: Right, everyone. You heard what Bob said. I'm in charge. So, make sure you all stay in your places and don't make too much noise. 

Muck: Okay, boss. 

Mater: You got it, big S. 

Chug: Roger that, Scoop. 

Spud: (panting) Pilchard! Pilchard! Come back here! 

Scoop: Spud! What's going on?

Spud: Pilchard's hiding in your back digger, Scoop!

Cars and Planes characters: What?! 

Scoop: Hah! That's the silliest thing I've ever heard! I think I'd know if there was a cat in my... [gasps seeing Pilchard in his back scoop like Spud said] Pilchard! 

Spud: Stay there! 

Pilchard: (meowing)

[Pilchard runs off into the passenger room with Spud in hot pursuit. He leaps and eventually grabs her, which Bob and the Irelanders notice, much to their surprise] 

Bob: Spud?! Pilchard?! What are you doing here?! [takes his earphones out]

Sarah Jones: Yeah, aren't you two supposed be back at the farm by now? 

Spud: Oh, uh, Pilchard wanted to come with you, Sarah. She hid in Scoop. But I've got her now so we'll just be getting back before the ferry leaves. 

Connor Lacey: Yeah, but I don't think there's time for that. We've already started moving. 

Bob: Connor's right, Spud. Look! 

[Spud looks out of the window and sees they're right. The ferry has already left]

Spud: Uh-oh. But it wasn't my fault, guys. 

Bob: We know, Spud. Looks like you and Pilchard are coming to Bobblesburg too. 

Norman Price: But on the bright side, I'm glad that you're coming along, Spud. I was hoping you would come. 

Misty: Yeah, yeah, Norman. As long as you two don't do anything naughty during our stay.

Molly Hale: Yeah. Didn't I hear about the time you two and Derek almost burn down Pontypandy?

Spud: Yeah but we didn't meant to cause that fire. It was an accident.

Norman Price: Besides, we don't like bugs and berries very much. Yuck.

Aya: But you were eventually forgiven for your mistake. 

Dilys Price: That's right. But hopefully you three won't do it again. 

Derek Price: We won't, Auntie Dilys.

Serena: I guess we better phone Farmer Pickles and let him know about Spud and Pilchard tagging along for the trip.

Connor Lacey: Good idea, Serena.

[Back with the machines, Cars and Planes characters]

Muck: (imitating Scoop) I think I would know if there was a cat in my... [gasps] 

Muck and Dizzy: (laughing)

Scoop: I told you to keep the noise down. 

Muck: Aye, aye, Captain! 

Everyone: (laughing) 

[Bob and the Irelanders arrive]

Bob: (laughing) You lot sound like you're having fun! 

Muck: (through laughter) Yeah. Yes, Bob. 

Skipper Riley: So, what's going to happen to Spud and Pilchard now? 

Professor Oak: Well, we're going to let them come along and let Farmer Pickles know about it. It's too late to take them back anyway.

Cruz Ramirez: Okie-dokie. It'II be fun to have them along for the ride anyway. 

Mewtwo: If you say so, Cruz. 

Bob: In a few days time, Bobblesburg is having a Winter Games competition with our town, Bobsville. 

Roley: Oh, are we in the games, Bob?

Bob: No. But we've got an important job to do for Bobsville's mayoress. 

Lofty: Oh. What is the job, Bob?

Bob: We're going to build a special log cabin for her to stay in.

Lofty: Oh, that's nice. Um, what's a log cabin?

Scoop: I know. I know. Oh, pick me. Pick me.

Bob: Go on, Scoop.

Scoop: It's like a house built out of tree trunks. 

Bob: That's right. 

Elvis Cridlington: I wonder if anyone who lives in log cabins are very careful with fires since wood can easily get burn down by it.

Steele: Of course they are, Cridlington. Which is why while Bob's building it, we have to put some protection around it as well as inspecting the inside to ensure that nothing burns it down. 

Penny Morris: That's right, sir.

Fireman Sam: We'II make sure nothing burns the cabin down during and after the Mayoress' stay.

Steele: Excellent. 

Bob: I want this to be the best job we've ever done, team. 

Connor Lacey: And I'm sure it will be, Bob. 

[The scene changes to the ferry sailing along then a map with a red line showing the gang heading to Bobblesburg before cutting to them coming out of a tunnel]

Bob: Ah. I thought that tunnel would never end. 

Dizzy: Yeah!

Scoop: Wow! Bob, look at it! It's amazing! That's the most beautiful town I've ever seen!

Bob: Oh, wow!

Dizzy: [gasps] Oh, wow!

Muck: It's beautiful! 

Spud: It looks like somebody painted it! 

Norman Price: It's looks like it's been Christmas every year. 

James Jones: It's like a winter wonderland. 

Hulk: If you ask me, it's like it's winter all year round. 

Connor Lacey: Can't argue with that, Hulk. 

Ash Ketchum: We're going to have a great time here, right, Pikachu? 

Pikachu: Pika-pika. 

Scoop: Come on, team. Chop-chop.

Dizzy: Quick!

[They head into the town where a band is playing. Roley and Dizzy stop and watch as a yellow haired woman in purple and lavender clothing named Jana Von Strudel yodels along to the music]

Jana: (yodels)

Roley: Cor! That sounds cool! (tries to yodel but ends up coughing)

Dizzy: (laughs) That's funny singing.

Roley: It's really hard actually. 

[They head over to the hotel to join the others as Wendy comes out] 

Bob: Hello, Wendy!

Wendy: Hi, everyone! Welcome to Bobblesburg! 

Everyone: [all greeting Wendy at once] 

Wendy: Oh, it's so good to see you all. Did you have a good journey? 

Connor Lacey: Yes, we did. It's good to see you again too. 

Fireman Sam: Plus, we had a couple of stowaways on board. 

Pilchard: (meowing)

Spud: (nervous chuckle) Hello, Wendy. 

Wendy: (laughs) So I see. (to Jana who has just arrived with her goat Eli) Jana, meet Bob the Builder, his machine team and the Irelanders. 

Jana: Velcome. I am being pleased to meet you. 

Wendy: Everyone, this is Jana Von Strudel. 

Dizzy: Strudel? Isn't that a cake? 

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: You could say that. 

Bob: (shaking Jana's hand) Nice to meet you, Jana.

Connor Lacey: Same goes to me and my team.

Wendy: She's in charge of the Winter Games. And she's a pretty good yodeler too. 

Jana: I try. (yodels) 

Eli: (yodels) 

Everyone: (laughing) 

Wendy: (laughs) Well, I never. What a clever goat.

[Eli starts chewing on Spud's scarf] 

Spud: Oi! Get off! That's my scarf! 

Jana: (laughs) You have met Eli. 

Bob: (chuckles) A yodelling goat. 

Jana: He likes to eat all sorts of things. You have to be watching him closely. 

Bob: (chuckles)

[A purple snowmobile with yellow lightning bolts on his sides, Zoomer, speeds into view]

Zoomer: Zoom, zoom, zoom! 

Jana: And this is Zoomer, Bob. Zoomer will be happy to drive you or one of the human members of the Irelanders during your stay. 

Dash Parr: Cool! A new speedy buddy! I get why he's called Zoomer. Because he's fast like me.

Violet Parr: Yeah, but that doesn't mean you get to ride him since you're too young.

Dash Parr: True but I can race him.

Scoop: Oh, that's okay, uh, I always drive Bob around.

Zoomer: Oh, but you don't have snow tracks. You see, I'm specially made to drive in the snow. I'm a snowmobile. 

Francesco Bernoulli: That is a-true. Different types of vehicles are-a built in-a different ways to do-a things. 

Bob: Francesco has a point so I think it'll be safer if the human members of the Irelanders and I ride Zoomer while we're here, Scoop. 

Scoop: Oh. Okay, Bob. 

Muck: Cheer up, Scoop. You've got plenty of other things to do for Bob now. You're team leader, remember? 

Scoop: Yeah. You're right, Muck. I am. 

Brock: Jana, what a beautiful name. So black and white, yet so playful. Please, let's find a quiet spot to line up and find out if we're a match. 

Misty: (drags Brock away by his ear) Haven't you learned by now that you shouldn't play if you can't win?

Lucius Best/Frozone: Sorry about that, Jana. Brock kinda has this in love intuition when it comes to girls. 

Jana: That is okay. 

Connor Lacey: It was really funny every time he did that. (chuckles) 

Boyce: He once do that to Firefighter Morris and Wendy when the Irelanders first came to Pontypandy and Bobsvile. 

Wendy: Yeah. How could I forget that?

Blade Ranger: It was pretty annoying at the same time though. 

Dizzy: Hey, guys, look where we're sleeping. Whoo-hoo!

Bob: That looks great. Aren't you lucky? 

Mack: Whoa, check out all that space. 

Sparky: I know, right? This could do to spend the night while we're here.

Scoop: Now let's all get a good night's sleep. We've got a tough day tomorrow. Good night.

Machines, Cars and Planes characters: Night. 

[Bob, Wendy, Pilchard, Spud and the Irelanders enter the reception. Bob rings the bell and an Australian woman Charlene comes out of the back room]

Charlene: [sighs] G'day. Sorry to keep you waiting. I flat out like a lizard drinking.

Wendy: Oh, Charlene, these are Bob the Builder and the Irelanders.

Irelanders: Hi. 

Bob: Hi, Charlene. We'd like to check in please.

Charlene: Right-o. [starts typing on her computer]

Wendy: [gesturing to Spud] Um, have you got a room for our friend here? Uh, he hasn't booked.

Charlene: Sorry, mate. We're completely chocka. You can share with Bob and the Irelanders though. There's two beds.

Bob: [not entirely sure] But...

Norman Price: Excellent idea!

Spud: Oooh, I, I don't mind sharing, guys. We'll have great fun. We can have midnight feasts and pillow fights and...

Wendy: (laughs and heads off) See you at dinner.

Spud: Dinner? Cor! Come on, guys! We'd better go and get ready. Bob, you can use the bathroom first.

Bob: But...

Charlene: Bonza! I'll show yas to your room. 

Tom Thomas: Cheers, shiela. 

[Charlene leads them into a beautifully decorated bedroom. Spud marvels at it and starts jumping on one of the beds]

Spud: [laughs] Look at it. Whoopee! This beats sleeping in a barn any day! (laughs)

[Pilchard climbs onto the other bed]

Derek Price: This is amazing. It's even got a balcony. 

Serena: And it looks like Spud's enjoying himself. You'd think he never sleep in a room before. 

Razer: And we have to share with him. I don't know how we'll ever get to sleep with him around. 

Connor Lacey: We'II just have to put up with it for now, Razer.

Charlene: And where are poor Bob and the Irelanders gonna sleep, eh?  

Ash Ketchum: Don't worry, Charlene. We've got sleeping bags to sleep during our Pokemon journey so we can use them to sleep here in this room.

Pikachu: Pika-pi.

Charlene: Well, give us a shout if you want room service or anything. 

Spud: (stops jumping) Uh, what's room service? 

Charlene: You pick up the phone, tell me what food you want and I'll bring it up to you. There's a menu there. 

[Spud picks it up]

Spud: [chuckles] A scarecrow could get very used to this. 

Trevor Evans: Perhaps so, Spud. Glad you like it. 

Fireman Sam: If you ask me, Trevor, I think he's enjoying it a little too much.

Maisie Lockwood: You think? 

Bob: Thanks, Charlene.

Charlene: [giving him the keys] No worries, mate. Foo-roo. 

[Charlene leaves the room and shuts the door behind her. Outside, Zoomer arrives at the sheds] 

Zoomer: Neown. Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom! Just checking to see if you guys have settled in. Everything okay? 

Scoop: Fine thanks, Zoomer. There's plenty of room.

Lightning McQueen: Yeah. Boy, you could fit a whole stack of Rust-Eze Medicated Bumper Ointment cans in here.

Mayday: Did I ever tell you that Dottie fixed me up with that stuff once, McQueen?

Lightning McQueen: Yeah, you did a few times after we met.

Dottie: Either way, still a lot of room.

Zoomer: That's great. But tomorrow, there are gonna be more machines that are gonna sleep here too.

Dusty Crophopper: What machines? 

Zoomer: Well, the machines that are coming to build the ski runs and the ice rinks and the courses for the games. They're amazing, you know. Really special machines. 

Scoop: Special machines? But... oh.

[The scene changes to night time in Bobblesburg. We zoom in on the mountain where Eli approaches Jana's home]

Jana: [yodelling] Good night~ [echoes]

Eli: (yodelling, echoes)

Jana: Eli, go home. Shoo. 

Eli: (bleats)

[Back in the hotel, Spud is ordering food again which is making it difficult for Bob and the Irelanders to sleep]

Spud: No. [laughs] I don't want it barbecued thanks. Just with lots of yummy ice cream. Yeah, that's it. For now. 

Norman Price: Spud, you're so good with details. 

The Mask: Would you two keep it down? We're trying to sleep! 

Misty: I don't know if we ever gonna get some sleep with Spud ordering food all night long. 

Steele: I agree, Misty. The last thing we need is... 

Scoop: Bob! Bob! Are you awake?

Pilchard: (meowing) 

Lightning McQueen: Ssssh! Scoop, stop! He's not gonna answer! He's probably tired, if anything.

[Bob gets out of bed and opens the curtains. He opens the doors to the balcony and goes outside, hugging himself to keep warm]

Bob: Brrr. What's the matter, Scoop?

Lightning McQueen: Sorry, Bob, I tried to tell him not to but he... 

Bob: It's okay, McQueen. So what's up?

Scoop: I'm worried cause I've never seen a log cabin before. How are we going to build one?

Bob: Well, it's a bit like the way we build a shed or a house. [shivers] Oh. Except we use logs instead of bricks. 

Scoop: But what about the...?

Bob: Stop worrying. I'm not worried. I've got the best team in the world. We can do anything.

Lightning McQueen: Yeah, Scoop. Bob's right. [in Woody's voice] He's not worried, none of us are worried, you shouldn't be worried. 

Scoop: Do you both really think so?

Bob: We know so. Now go back to sleep. 

Scoop: Thanks, Bob. I feel better now. Night-night. [reverses back into his shed and falls asleep]

Lightning McQueen: Sweet dreams, Bob. [reverses back into his shed and falls asleep]

Bob: [yawns] Good night, Scoop. Good night, McQueen. [shivers and yawns again while stretching before heading back in] Oh, dear me. [climbs into bed and gets tucked in, relieved to finally get some shut-eye] Oh, that's better.

[He turns off the light and settles down. But the sound of cutlery shaking is heard along with a knock at the door. Spud turns on his light and Bob and the Irelanders wake up] 

Charlene: Room service. Again.

Spud: Oh, whoopee! It's Charlene! [gets out of bed] Come on, guys, time for a midnight feast! 

Derek Price: [sighs] Sam was right when he said Spud was enjoying this a little too much. 

Will Vandom: Tell me about it. We'll never get to sleep at this rate. 

Connor Lacey: (sighs) This is going to be a long night. 

Bob: (sighs)

[The scene changes to the next morning. The town clock shows the time 08:00am with figures of a wood cutter, a yodeller and a goat before the vanish through the small doors on either side. In the hotel restaurant]

Charlene: Comin' through!

Elvis Cridlington: [sniffs the smoke coming from the kitchen] Is there a fire? 

Charlene: Don't worry about the smoke, Elvis. It's just me barbe. Now, who's having the chuck eggs?

Bob: Uh, eggs? That's me. 

Charlene: [puts them in front of him] Get your chops around that, mate. I'll be right back with the rest of yas. 

Wendy: Oh, she needs help, poor girl. She's rushed off her feet. 

Brock: What she needs is someone else to do cooking with her and be a waiter like Elvis and I. 

Elvis: That maybe so, Brock but I do have one or two incidents with cooking before back at the fire station in Pontypandy many times so I can't be much help to Charlene. 

Maisie Lockwood: Hmm. I wonder who else would be up to the task? 

Spud: [stammering] I, I could help Charlene.

Norman: So could I. I wouldn't mind lending a hand. 

Violet Parr: Now, why would you wanna help Charlene after asking her for room service all night, Spud?

Spud: I haven't got anything else to do.

Ash Ketchum: Well, maybe we'll get to sleep better now that he's gonna be helping her. 

Kim Possible: Perhaps so, Ash. Hopefully he doesn't cause any trouble while he's helping. We know what happens when he tries to help. 

Connor Lacey: That may be true, Kim but for Charlene, it's better than nothing. Plus, I never know we're allowed to dunk bread into our drinks. 

Raven Queen: None of us did, Connor.

Razer: Guess this is my first time trying Connor's home planet food. 

Bronwyn Jones: There is a first time for everything you know. 

Molly Hale: I wonder if the machines and the road vehicles have got better sleep than us, Connor. 

Connor Lacey: I'm sure they did, Molly. 

Fireman Sam: Hmm. Why do I get the feeling that there's another reason why Spud wants to help Charlene? 

[Meanwhile, Jana walks along looking rather upset. Zoomer arrives] 

Zoomer: Zoom, zoom, zoom! Hey, Jana! What's the matter?

Jana: Oh, I am having terrible news, Zoomer. The machines that were building the courses can't get here. 

Zoomer: [gasps] Oh, no. What's the story? 

Jana: They are stuck! 

Zoomer: Stuck?!

Jana: There was a big snowstorm last night and the pass through the mountains has been blocked. 

Zoomer: (gasps) 

Jana: They say it will take days to clear it. 

Zoomer: But the games start in two days. What are you gonna do?

Jana: Without courses, what else is there but to cancel the games?

Machines, Cars and Planes characters: Cancel the games?! 

Scoop: But we're building the log cabin spec-specif...

Muck: Specially! 

Dizzy: Yeah! And Wendy's skiing in the games! 

Dusty Crophopper: To cancel them just wouldn't be right! Wendy and Bob'll be so disappointed if they hear they've been cancelled! 

Holley Shiftwell: Yeah, and the Mayoress will be disappointed about having to leave as soon as she came. 

Jana: I know but what can I do? No games, no log cabin, no anything. I'm sorry.

Scoop: No log cabin? But... but that means my big chance to be team leader [on the verge of tears] is... is gone! 

[The scene changes to a view of Bobblesburg before cutting to Eli on a mount of snow, yodelling. Just then, a magenta machine named Benny smashes through it making a hole. He shakes the snow off of himself] 

Benny: Unreal, banana peel! 

[Benny races off as the snow collapses under Eli, burying him. Back with Scoop, Pilchard and the Cars and Planes Characters]

Scoop: I just can't believe it, guys. It's the worst news ever. If there are no games, we'll have to go home and then I won't be team leader anymore.

Cruz Ramirez: But Scoop, you can use anything negative as fuel to push through to the positive! 

Chug: Yeah, Scoop, quit being so hard on yourself. 

Pilchard: (meowing)

Scoop: I wonder what's so special about these machines? Do you think they're any better than us? Bob says we can do anything.

Guido: (speaking Italian)

Luigi: Guido said-a maybe and-a maybe not.

Ishani: But you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. 

Pilchard: (meowing)

Scoop: Yes, we can! [suddenly getting an idea] Of course! That's it! [to Jana] Jana! Jana! I've got a great idea! We could make the games courses! 

Jana: Ay, ja! For sure! But do you know how to make a mogul? 

Scoop: Um, a mogul? [stammering] Couldn't you show us? 

Jana: But, Scoop, I am not a machine. I don't know how. The special machines must be showing you. 

Roley: She's right, Scoop. We don't know anything about building ski runs or ice rinks....

Sparky: Hey, look! 

[Benny arrives] 

Benny: I'm here! 

Zoomer: Benny! Wow! You made it! But how on Earth did you get through that snowstorm? 

Benny: (shivers) I left before it started. 

Jana: I'm afraid the rest of your team can't get here. The mountain pass is closed now. 

Scoop: So the games have been cancelled!

Benny: Wow! You're a backhoe loader digger! Unreal! 

Scoop: Well, uh, yes, I am actually. And you're a uh, uh... What are you? 

Benny: I'm Benny. If you want moguls or jumps, I'm your mean machine. 

Lightning McQueen: Nice to meet you, Benny. I'm Lightning McQueen. Ka-Chow!

Dusty Crophopper: Dusty. Dusty Crophopper.

Mater: Mah name's Mater. Like Tuh-Mater. But without the tuh.

Chug: I'm Chug. 

Skipper Riley: Skipper Riley reporting for duty.

Cruz Ramirez: Cruz Ramirez is the name. 

Sally: I'm Sally Carrera. But you can call me Sally. 

Ishani: My friends call me Ishani. 

Cars and Planes characters: We're the Irelanders. 

Benny: Nice to meet you all.

Mack: Well, we're half of the Irelanders actually. The rest of them, along with our leader, Connor Lacey and our friends, Ash Ketchum, Fireman Sam, Maisie Lockwood and their own friends are inside the hotel. We'II introduce you to them when they come out in a while.

Benny: Okay. I got it.

Scoop: [gets another idea and brightening up] Wait a minute. We could work with Benny then you wouldn't have to cancel the games! 

Jana: Ay, ja! This is a good idea! 

Lightning McQueen: Yeah! Since Benny knows about building moguls and jumps, he can help us build the courses! Scoop, you're a genius!  

Scoop: McQueen, come with me and we'll go and tell Bob and Connor together! Come on! 

[Lightning and Scoop head off and arrive outside the hotel restaurant]

Scoop: Bob! Connor! Bob! Connor!

[Bob and Connor head over to the doors and open them] 

Bob: Yes, guys? 

Scoop: Guess what? The machines that build the courses can't come so I've told Jana that we'll do it and she's really excited! 

Connor Lacey: Slow down, Scoop. You're not making any sense. What happened? 

Lightning McQueen: Connor, it was nearly a disaster. Jana was gonna cancel everything cause the machines building the courses can't make it due to the mountain pass being blocked because of a snowstorm. Isn't it great that we can save the games? 

Bob: Hang on a minute, McQueen. Has Scoop said that we'll do all the work? 

Scoop: Yes. It's all sorted. 

Connor Lacey: Well, since Scoop suggested it due to the machines not being able to make it and the games nearly being cancelled, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't agree. 

Bob: But, Connor, we've never done anything like that before. 

Lightning McQueen: It's okay, Bob. We've got Benny to show us what to do. He's a special machine and he's here! 

Bob: How are we going to get it all done in time? We've only got two days. 

Wendy: Don't worry. I'll stop training and help you.

Scoop: No, you won't, Wendy.

Lightning McQueen: Scoop's right. You taking part in the Games and won't be able to help with the job is the reason why Scoop's been made team leader. 

Ash Ketchum: What's going on? 

Connor Lacey: The games were nearly cancelled cause the machines building the courses are trapped because of a snowstorm that blocked the mountain pass last night, Ash. 

Lightning McQueen: But thankfully Benny came and he's gonna help save them! Isn't that great? 

Ash Ketchum: I think so. It would be a lot of work to build the game courses. 

Pikachu: Pika-pi. 

Scoop: Don't worry about that, Ash. (to Bob) Bob, last night you said that we're the best team in the world. 

Bob: Yes, Scoop, we are.

Scoop: Well, let's show everyone! Why don't you work on the log cabin and the Irelanders and I'll work on the courses with Benny! 

Bob: Um... [sighs in defeat] Tsk, okay, Scoop. 

Scoop: Great! Thanks, Bob! 

Ash Ketchum: (determined) Well, if working to build the courses to ensure that the games won't be canceled then I'm in, right, Pikachu? 

Pikachu: Pika-pika. 

Connor Lacey: Excellent. We'II have everyone else join in to help as well, Scoop. 

Scoop: Thanks, Connor! You can all rely on me. 

[The scene changes to Wendy, a man and Eli on a chair lift. Benny, the Irelanders and Scoop make their way to the first site] 

Benny: Okay, first we have to make the moguls on the ski run. You know what moguls are don't you? 

Scoop: Of course. Um, heh, just remind me? 

Benny: The lumpy bumpy bits. 

Connor Lacey: Got it.

Dusty Crophopper: Looks like we've got the right machine to tell us how to do stuff. 

Maisie Lockwood: Yep, can't argue with that. With Benny here, we'II have the courses done in no time. 

Fireman Sam: Yes, Maisie. We'II be on standby in case anything goes wrong. 

Apple White: Let's hope not. We don't want anything to go wrong which will make Jana cancel the games for real and we won't have any second miracle to prevent it again. 

Finn McMissile: Relax, Apple. Benny has everything under control. 

Benny: That's right. Hey, you're a spy car, Finn. 

Finn McMissile: Yes, I am. Even got a camera hidden in one of my headlights. 

[He brings it out to show Benny] 

Benny: Unreal banana peel!

Holley Shiftwell: [chuckles] But you have to be careful, you don't want to be in the way when our weapons are on.

Benny: Got it. (to Scoop) Hey, you're the same colour as a banana. 

Scoop: (laughs) Yeah, a very big banana. 

Benny: (laughs) That's what I'm going to call you. Big Banana! 

Scoop: Coo-ool! 

Benny and Irelanders: (laughing)

[They carry on. Meanwhile, Zoomer, Bob, Dizzy, Roley, Muck and Lofty drive along. Back with Benny, Scoop and the Irelanders arriving at the ski run]

Benny: So, Big Banana, Irelanders, after the moguls, we put a ramp in at the top and bottom of the run and some control gates. Easy peasy.

Scoop: Yeah. Easy um... peasy.

Violet Parr: Guess this isn't gonna be as easy as you thought, huh?

Scoop: Come on, of course it will be, Violet. 

Connor Lacey: But you sound nervous. 

Scoop: I don't mean to. It's just... [sighs] being team leader is a big responsibility and I don't want to mess it up.

Skipper Riley: You know something, kid? I was a team leader too and I messed up big time. But after Dusty helped me get over my fear of flying again, I learned that sharing truths with others is better than keeping secrets and telling lies about yourself.

Serena: But don't worry, we'II help you get them done no problem.

Scoop: Thanks, guys. If you say so. 

[Meanwhile, Bob and the others arrive in a clearing] 

Zoomer: Zoom, zoom, zoom! Okay, we're gonna put the log cabin right here. 

Bob: Right, team. Let's get this site cleared.

[The scene is split into four squares showing different events happening; Bob using a chain saw to cut the logs, Muck digging, Roley flattening the ground, Benny, Scoop and the Irelanders working on the ski run and so on. Wendy skis with another member of the Bobsvile team through the snowy forest. Scoop, Benny and the Irelanders, by this time, have made tremendous progress on the ski run]

Benny: You're really good at this, guys. 

Misty: Thanks, Benny. 

Scoop: Can you go and collect the rest of the stuff we need and we'll carry on making the moguls?

Benny: Aw, but I love making moguls. 

Kim Possible: Yeah, Scoop. Why should Benny have to go and get the rest of the stuff? 

Scoop: Because, Kim, we would come with him but we'd only slow him down. He's so fast.

Benny: Yeah. I'm Speedy Benny.

Dash Parr: I'm fast too you know. 

Benny: Then why don't you come with me, Dash? We could race there. 

Dash Parr: Good idea. 

Ron Stoppable: Yeah, Benny does have a point. 

Aya: I strongly recommend that some of us stay here and supervise Scoop. 

Sheriff: Yeah, the kid needs all the help he can get.

Scoop: Bob will be coming to check on us soon. We need to have lots to show him. He's relying on us. 

Benny: He'll be really impressed by what you've done, Big Banana. See ya!

[Benny heads off with Dash hot on his tail] 

Maru: Alright, ladies, you heard the machine-in-charge. Let's get to work.

Scoop: Hmm. I'm gonna make Bob really proud of me by finishing all these moguls by myself. Then he'll see how hard I can work. 

[Scoop begins making another mogul. Bob drives Zoomer through the forest, splashing the camera with snow. They arrive at the ski run where Scoop and the Irelanders have just finished another mogul] 

Zoomer: Neown. 

Bob: That looks fantastic!

Scoop: Thanks, Bob. Benny showed us what to do and we did them all ourselves. 

Bob: That's great. I'm really proud of you all. 

Scoop: Thanks. 

Connor Lacey: It's nothing to it, Bob. Just happy to help out. 

Maisie Lockwood: [to the others] Is it me or is Scoop starting to let leadership go to his head?

Razer: Indeed. Taking credit for doing something we did together. 

Elvis: I wonder if something else make him start acting that way. 

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: Hmm. Perhaps, Elvis. 

Zoomer: Zoom, zoom, zoom! [speeds off with Bob] 

Bob: And I'll send the others over to help you! I don't need them at the moment! 

Scoop: But, I don't need any help. I took on the extra work so it's my job to get it done. 

Brock: Yep, totally letting this leadership thing go to his head. 

The Mask: Let's just hope he doesn't start bragging too. 

[Wendy skis along in the forest. Benny arrives with the ramps in his shovel and Dash skids to a stop next to him]

Benny: Hi! 

Scoop: You just missed Bob. He was really proud that we'd done it all ourselves. 

Benny: Unreal, banana peel. 

Dash Parr: [to the others] What's up with Scoop? 

Ash Ketchum: We think he's starting to let being team leader go to his head.  

Pikachu: Pika-pika. 

Raven Queen: And he's started taking credit for something we did together. 

Dash Parr: I see. 

Scoop: I want you to teach us everything you know, so that we can do all the things you can do and make Bob even prouder of us. 

Benny: Sure. But only if you promise to tell me all about your self-adjusting multi-disk brakes. 

Scoop: Deal. What do we do next?

Benny: We put the ramps in then cover them with snow. 

Connor Lacey: Got it. 

Scoop: Let's begin, banana skin! (laughs) 

Benny: (laughs) Banana skin. (laughs) 

The Mask: (in Hopper's voice) Now that's funny. 

[They get to work. Meanwhile, Roley, Dizzy and Muck are on their way to help Scoop, Benny and the Irelanders, yodelling as they go] 

Roley: (yodels poorly) 

Muck and Dizzy: (yodelling) 

Dizzy: (laughing) 

[When they arrive, Muck sees Benny, the Irelanders and Scoop putting snow on one of the ramps and thinks they're having a snow fight] 

Muck: Hey, that looks like fun! 

[He scoops up some snow in his bucket and throws it at Scoop, who coughs and spits it out] 

Scoop: [spits] 

Muck, Dizzy, Roley, Benny and the Irelanders: (laughing)  

Scoop: Pah! It's not funny! We can't waste time playing games, Muck! 

Muck: But I thought you, Benny and the Irelanders were having a snow fight. It was only a bit of fun. 

Steele: Well, in case you haven't noticed, they were just putting snow on the jump. There be no time for playing around while we're trying to work here.

Roley: Hey, hey, what about this one? (yodels poorly again and laughs) 

Sparky: [sighs] He really needs to get some lessons on that yodelling thing. 

Penny Morris: (seeing Roley getting too close to a mogul) Roley, look out! 

[But it's too late, Roley flattens the mogul] 

Roley: Oh! Oh, no! Oh, oh! 

Scoop: You big clumsy lump! 

Everyone: (gasps) 

Roley: Um... I'm really sorry, Scoop. 

The Mask: How dare you?!

Dizzy: He's not a clumsy lump! It was an accident!

Muck: Yeah, Scoop! That's a horrible thing to say! 

Violet Parr: Yeah! So apologize this minute! 

Scoop: Um... you're right. I'm sorry, Roley. I... I didn't mean it, it... it's just there's such a lot to do and we haven't got time to do things twice. 

Roley: I know. 

Li' Dipper: Scoop, just because Roley accidentally flattened that mogul doesn't mean you can yell at him like that and call him mean names. 

Scoop: I know, Dipper. And I'm sorry. 

Benny: Hey, Big Banana, Irelanders, why don't I teach Muck how to make a ramp while you do the moguls? 

Muck: Oh, yeah! That'd be fun! 

Ramone: That's a good idea, man! Ramone likes how you think.

Scoop: But...

Benny: Come on! Let's go!

Helen Flood: You heard Benny. Let's get to work. 

[Meanwhile, Jana skis along with Eli not too far behind. Lofty lowers a plank of wood onto the log cabin base and Bob hammers it in as Jana arrives] 

Jana: It's going good, ja? 

Bob: Yes, the log cabin is going really well. And Scoop, Benny and the Irelanders are doing a great job. 

Jana: That is good to know, Bob.

Eli: (bleats then yodels) 

Bob: I think he wants to yodel with you. 

Jana: I know. He is trying to follow me everywhere. 

Eli: (bleats) 

Jana: It drives me crazy! See you! Cheers! 

[She starts to ski off but notices Eli following her and stops] 

Jana: No, Eli! Stay!

Eli: (bleats and sits down) 

[With Scoop, Benny, Muck, Roley, Dizzy and the Irelanders]

Muck: Hey, Roley, Dizzy, you can help too. I'll put some snow in your barrel, Dizzy, and you can tip it over the jump. 

Dizzy: (laughs) Brilliant. 

Muck: And, Roley, you can flatten the snow in front of the jump so it's nice and hard. 

Roley: Yeah? Rock and Roll! 

Ron Stoppable: Good idea, Muck!

Rufus: Uh-huh.

Muck: Can we build it? 

Scoop: (gasps) But I always say that!

Everyone: Yes, we can!

Dizzy: (laughs) Oh, I think you'd make a great team leader, Muck!

Roley: Yeah! Muck rocks!

Scoop: But I'm the team leader. Bob chose me. 

[Bob and Lofty continue to work on the log cabin as time progresses. Back with the gang]

Steele: Right, firefighters, it's essential that we have to split up in two teams to watch both works to ensure that nothing cause any fires. Cridlington, you're with me to the log cabin, Sam and Penny, you'II remain here to be on standby in case anything happens.

Firefighters: Yes, sir. 

Boyce: Good idea, Norris. Someone's gotta keep watch on the log cabin. 

Delia Ketchum: Yeah, and make sure Scoop doesn't get any more cocky than he already is. 

Fireman Sam: Don't worry, Delia. We'II make sure of it along with the Irelanders. 

Connor Lacey: Thanks, Sam. 

Muck: Let's sing while we work. How's that yodelling thing go again? 

Dizzy and Roley: [yodelling]

The Mask: That's great but I really think you guys should get some lessons. 

Mandy Flood: Yes, you know what they say practice makes perfect. 

Scoop: I can't think with all that racket going on. It's not fair. This is Muck's fault. [to Muck] Um, Muck? I need you to find Jana and ask her when the Bobsleigh run's needed. 

Muck: Oh! Can't I do that when we've finished? 

Scoop: No, Muck! It's important! 

Muck: Where is Jana? 

Scoop: I don't know. You'll have to look around. 

[Muck is reluctant but does so anyway]

Muck: [to himself] Who does he think he is anyway? 

Scoop: That's better. Now I can show everyone who's really in charge. 

[Muck drives along, missing Jana who skis along. Back with the gang] 

Violet Parr: I have to agree with Muck on this. Who does Scoop think he is? 

Ron Stoppable: Yeah! He's not the boss of us! 

Trevor Evans: Calm down, you two. I'm sure he means no harm. I think he's just stressed. That's all. 

Flo: Stressed?! More like frustrated! 

Dynamite: He's been acting strange every since we got here. 

Connor Lacey: Yeah. Something is bothering him and we need to find out what. 

Dizzy and Roley: [yodelling and laughing] 

Roley: That's really good, that. 


Dizzy: But Muck said it was okay! 

Maisie Lockwood: Yeah, Scoop, you can't squash their entertainment like that! 

Scoop: Well, Muck's not in charge! I am! 

Jana: [arrives] Hey! What is going on here? 

Scoop: Oh, um... just a team chat, Jana. 

Jana: I think you don't have time to chat. You should be moving onto the bobsleigh run soon. Tonight, it is needed for practicing. 

Scoop: Okay. Heh. I'll make sure it's done in time. 

Jana: Good. Now, I have to practice my yodelling for the opening ceremony. [yodelling as she skis off] 

Scoop: Now see what you've done! Jana thinks we're not working very hard! She'll probably tell Bob! 

Roley: Sorry, Scoop! 

Ash Ketchum: Hey, hey, hey! Just because Jana doesn't think we're working hard, doesn't mean you have to take it out on us! 

Pikachu: Pika-pika! 

Aya: Scoop, this is not normally how you behave. 

Scoop: Look, why don't you all go and have a look around Bobblesburg?

Irelanders: What?!

Roley: Eh? Are you sure you don't need our help?

Scoop: Yes, I'm sure.

Roley: Oh. Uh, heh... okay. 

Boyce: Um, hate to nag, Scoop but Sam and Penny has to stay here and be on standby in case anything cause an accident or a fire. You never know. 

Penny Morris: Well, sir, we've checked over the course and no accidents or fires so far.

Fireman Sam: But we'II continue on standby.

Scoop: Oh, OK, I understand. 

Steele: I suppose we might as well get over to the log cabin to make sure nothing goes wrong, Cridlington. 

Elvis: Okay, sir. 

Connor Lacey: Fine, have it your way, Bossy Bucket!

Dizzy: Come on, guys! Anything's better than being here with grumpy old Scoop!

[They head off. Later, Dizzy, Roley and the Irelanders roll along] 

Dizzy: Hmm. I think being in charge has changed Scoop. He's never been like this before.

Roley: Yeah. It used to be fun working together. But I don't think he means it, I think he's just worried.

Molly Hale: Maybe so, Roley but he's turned into a right old Bossy Bucket if you ask me. 

Razer: You think? First he takes credit for everything, then he doesn't let us do what we want! What has gotten into him?!

Charlie Jones: I'm not sure, Razer but hopefully we'II find out eventually. 

Dizzy: Yeah. Well, uh, let's keep out of his way. 

[They climb over a hill and Dizzy sees two kids, one a boy and the other a girl ice skating on a lake] 

Dizzy: Hey! Look! [laughs] Oh, look! That looks brilliant fun! [laughs] Watch me go! Wha-hey! [exclaims as she skids and slides on the ice] 

Boy: Ole! 

Girl: Ooh-la-la! Cement mixer! 

Kids: (talking over each other as they watch Dizzy skate) 

Dizzy: [laughs] I'm Whizzy Dizzy! [laughs] Come on, Roley, guys, you try it! 

Roley: Nah. I'm a clumsy lump, remember? Hah. I'd probably break the ice or something. 

Dizzy: [laughs] Oh, no. You're not a clumsy lump, Roley. 

Bronwyn Jones: Yeah. But he is right, Dizzy. He's too heavy. There are other things he could try like, um... 

[Just then, they hear Jana yodelling in the distance] 

Professor Oak: Well, looks like Jana's yodelling has improved. 

Connor Lacey: Yeah, but where's it coming from? 

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: Must be coming from the mountains. 

Roley: Thanks, Dizzy. But I think I'll go and find Jana. I wanna know more about yodelling! See you later!

[Roley heads off. Meanwhile, Scoop is hammering in the last flag on the ski run with his bucket] 

Scoop: Last one. Ah. Whoo-hoo! I've made a ski run! Oh, won't Bob be pleased? He'll know that he picked the right machine to be in charge when he sees this. 

Penny Morris: Hmm, I must say, I'm impressed, Scoop. 

Benny: Nice one, Big Banana! But you have to let me, Sam and Penny help now or we'll never get everything done today. There's still the Bobsleigh run and the ski jump to build. 

Fireman Sam: Benny's right, Scoop. You can't keep doing everything by yourself. Plus, Penny and I has to keep ensuring that nothing goes wrong on the last jobs to do. 

Muck: (arrives) I can't find Jana anywhere. 

Benny: Don't worry, Muck. She was just here. 

Muck: Oh. (sees the ski run and brightens up) Hey! This looks great! What's next, boss?

Scoop: Um, I'm really worried about Bob not having enough help. I need you and some of the Irelanders to go and check on him. 

Muck: But Bob's fine. I... I want to help here, Scoop. 

Penny Morris: Yes, so why don't you just give him permission to help out? This isn't like you, Scoop! 

Scoop: Well, there's nothing for him to do yet, Penny. 

Benny: Yes, there is! 

Scoop: I'll let you and the Irelanders know when I need you, Muck. Now, off you go. 

Benny: But, Scoop...

Scoop: Not now, Benny!

Muck: Oh. Okay then. [heads off] If you're sure. 

Benny: What did you do that for?! A digger-dumper would be unreal for digging out a bobsleigh run. You don't want to do everything yourself, do you?

Scoop: (nervous chuckle) Don't be silly. Everything. I... I just want to make sure Bob is okay. He needs help too. 

Fireman Sam: (to Penny) I have a feeling that this isn't going to end well.

[Benny rolls his eyes and he, Sam, Penny and Scoop head off. Roley is climbing the mountains when Eli shows up]

Roley: [pants] Phew, hi-ya, Eli. 

Eli: (bleats)

Roley: Um, uh, have you seen Jana?

Eli: (bleats then yodels) 

Roley: Thank you.

[Roley carries on and the scene changes to the top of the mountain, where Jana is practicing her yodelling] 

Jana: (yodelling)

[She listens to it echo across the mountains and yodels again as Roley arrives]

Jana: (yodelling)

Roley: (yodelling loudly)

Jana: (yelps and covers her ears)

Roley: Oh, sorry. I'm not very good. Um, can you teach me?

Jana: Teach you? You want to learn how to yodel?

Roley: Oh, yeah. I think it's great. Where's it come from?

Jana: Well, Roley, a long time ago, people who lived here used to call across the mountains to tell each other things like, um...

Roley: The goat's eating your washing. 

Jana: (laughs) Oh, good joke. This is funny, ja? 

Roley: No, really. He is, look.

[They see Eli chewing on a coat on Jana's washing line]

Jana: Oh, Eli! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Roley: Get out of it!

[Eli spits out the coat and runs off. Meanwhile, Bob is still working on the log cabin when Zoomer, Muck and some of the Irelanders arrive]

Muck: Hi, Bob. Scoop told us to see if you needed help.

Bob: Not at the moment, Muck. But Scoop should need you for the bobsleigh run. 

Connor Lacey: No. He says he doesn't yet. 

Bob: Oh. When I've finished the roof, I'll go and check on him, Connor.

Steele: Cridlington and I are here to supervise the build to ensure that nothing causes a fire. Safety first, you know.

Bob: I understand, Steele. But I also have make sure Scoop's doing okay.

Elvis: We understand. Just so you know about our plans.

Muck: (sighs)

Serena: So what now while we wait for Bob to finish the roof?

Mike Flood: Beats me.

Muck: (sighs and humming) Hey, do you want a race, Zoomer?

Zoomer: Sure thing.

Dash Parr: Finally, some action.

Muck: Okay. 

[But just then, Muck rolls onto a board which slides down the hill, carrying him with it]

Muck: Whaaaaa!

Irelanders: [gasps] 

Bob: Muck!

Muck: Wha-hey! Look at me!

Bob: Hang on tight, Muck! We'll rescue you! 

Muck: Don't worry! It's fantastic! I feel like I'm flying!

Lofty: Um, is that what they call snowboarding? 

Bob: Yes, Lofty. I suppose it is.

Dash Parr: [grabbing a board] Well come on! What are we waiting for? Let's join in! 

[The Irelanders grab boards and snowboard down the hill after Muck as the song Sledding, Sledding starts playing]

Connor Lacey: Sledding, sledding.~

Down the hill we fly.~

Dash Parr: Hold on tight, with all your might~

As tress go racing by~

Maisie Lockwood: Muck, Muck,

we're cruising right along.~

Violet Parr: It's great to sled and have such fun~

And even sing a song~

Ash Ketchum: Sledding, sledding~

We're really zooming fast~

Sarah Jones: The wind in our face, it's like a race~

We're having such a blast~

Lightning McQueen: Sledding, sledding~

Come on and take a ride~

Dusty Crophopper: Hold on tight with all your might~

As we go racing by~

Connor Lacey: Hold on tight with all your might~

as we go racing by!~

[The song ends as they race past Benny and Scoop who are working on the bobsleigh run]

Muck: [exclaiming in happiness] 

Penny Morris: Was that Muck and the Irelanders? 

Fireman Sam: Yes, it was, Penny. Looks like they're snowboarding. That's a first for a dumper truck. 

Benny: They should be helping us, not messing around. That's Scoop's fault. 

Scoop: It's not! Stop picking on me! 

Muck: Whoa! 

James Jones: Muck! Look out! 

Irelanders: (gasps) 

Muck: [screaming]

[Muck slides straight into a snowdrift. The Irelanders get off their boards and run over to help] 

Delia Ketchum: Muck, are you okay? 

Muck: [backs out of the snow drift and laughs] I'm an extreme machine! [shakes some snow off his front and picks up the board]  

Ron Stoppable: He's okay. That's the first time a dumper truck goes snowboarding. 

Mewtwo: Well, at least he landed in something soft. That's the main thing. 

Raven Queen: You know, I'm actually glad Scoop doesn't want our help. 

Muck: So am I. That was totally radical. 

Steele: Well, let's get on back. 

[They head back up the slope. Back with Jana and Roley] 

Jana: And so, the words become more like singing. 

Roley: Oh. Can you use any words? 

Jana: For sure. It doesn't matter as long as they make a nice sound. Why don't you try? 

Roley: [takes a deep breath then yodels] Hello, my name is Roley!~

Jana: This is good. But you are singing from [touches her stomach] here. You need to sing from here to [touching her throat] here. 

Roley: Uh-huh.

Jana: Like this. [yodels] 

[Her yodelling echoes across the mountains]

Roley: [yodels] 

[His yodelling echoes] 

Jana: Oh, my little Roley. He is putting the O into yodel! 

Roley: [laughs] Hey! [yodels] Rock and roley!~ [laughs] 

[His yodelling echoes again as the scene changes to the half-finished log cabin] 

Lofty: Oh, the roof looks great, Bob.

Bob: It was much easier with your help, Lofty.  

Elvis: And no fires so far. 

Kim Possible: That's good. 

Bob: Right, we'd better go and see what Scoop's up to. 

[Muck and the other Irelanders arrive]

Muck: (laughing) Did you see us? Man, that was so cool. That's the best fun I've ever had. Watch me do it again. 

Bob: You'll have to wait, Muck. We need you to come with us. 

Muck: Oh. 

Misty: Don't worry. You'll have plenty of time later, Muck. 

[Benny, Scoop, Sam and Penny are still working on the bobsleigh run as Muck, the Irelanders, Zoomer and Bob arrive] 

Sarge: Wow, looks like he needs a lot of help. 

Bob: Oh, dear. You and the Irelanders better get stuck in, Muck. Scoop'll be here for a week otherwise. 

Apple White: You heard him. We'd better get to work. 

Muck: Muck to the rescue! 

Zoomer: Zoom, zoom, zoom! [speeds off with Bob]

Benny: See, we told you so! You wouldn't listen though, would you?! 

Scoop: You didn't have to tell tales, Muck. You made me look silly in front of Bob. 

Muck: No, I didn't! You can't do it all yourself, Scoop! 

Benny: That's what Sam, Penny and I told him. 

Dottie: But I guess that he just doesn't want to listen. 

Benny: Come on, guys. I'll show you what to do.

[Benny, Muck and the Irelanders head off. With Roley and Jana] 

Roley: [yodelling] Can you hear, hear me?~

Jana: [yodelling] Yes, I can!~

Eli: (yodelling)

Jana: (yodelling) What was that?~

Roley: (yodelling) I didn't say anything!~

[He turns around to find Eli standing behind and is startled]

Roley: Oh, Eli! [laughs] You nearly made me jump out of my body work. 

Eli: (bleats) 

[Meanwhile, Benny, Muck and the Irelanders are putting the finishing touched to the bobsleigh run] 

Muck: Finished. That's my last load. 

Benny: Unreal, banana peel! 

Connor Lacey: Great job, everyone. 

Trevor Evans: Still got one day before the games so we have plenty of time to finish the rest of the courses. 

Violet Parr: Yeah, if Scoop ever lets us that is. 

Brock: Yeah. So, what's next, Benny? 

Benny: We need to build the ski jump. Come on, guys. Let's go. 

Muck: We'd better wait for Scoop or we'll be in even more trouble. 

Daring Charming: Just look at him over there acting like he runs the place.

Benny: [scoffs] Yeah. What's his problem?

Eli: (yodelling)

[We view Bobblesburg at night. The town clock chimes as little figures come out then back as we pan into the hotel restaurant where Bob, Wendy and the Irelanders with legs are having dinner] 

Wendy: How did today go, guys?

Bob: Really well. We've made good progress on the cabin and Scoop and the machines are working hard on the courses. 

Wendy: Oh, that's great. I am pleased. 

Connor Lacey: Well, at least things are still on track (to himself) despite Scoop being a bossy bucket. 

[Ash and Serena are at a table] 

Serena: Isn't this perfect for a date, Ash? 

Ash Ketchum: Yeah. Not everyday you get service like this, right, Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika-pi.

Serena: I'm really glad that we get together and start our relationship after our reunion and joining Connor on his adventures sometimes.

Ash Ketchum: Yeah, me too. You're the only girl for me in my life, especially after we first met at Professor Oak's summer camp when I helped you. 

Serena: (smiles warmly) I'll never forget it. Thank you. 

[Ash and Serena smiles lovely at each other, being watch by Delia who had little tears in her eyes] 

Delia: Serena really loves Ash, doesn't she? 

Fireman Sam: [chuckles] Yes, Delia. She really does.

Professor Oak: I'm surprised that they both met at my summer camp when they were young and then reunited later on their Pokemon journeys.

Maisie Lockwood: Yeah. Thankfully you give Serena your blessing of being Ash's true love, Mrs Ketchum.

Delia: Very true, Maisie. They do look happy together. My Pokemon trainer's all grown up. 

Connor Lacey: That's true. Now, we might as well get something to eat. 

Bob: I am starving. Where's our waiter gone?

Dilys Price: Oh, probably still getting ready. Where is Spud, Norman?

Norman Price: Um, well, you see.....

[In the kitchen, Spud is dressed in a waiter's outfit]

Spud: Spud the waiter's on the job. 

Charlene: Come here, you drongo. Let me fix your bowtie. 

[Charlene adjusts Spud's bowtie] 

Charlene: Now there's just one more thing. [holds up an Australian hat] You need to wear this. 

Spud: What for?

Charlene: To keep the flies out of your eyes. [puts it on Spud]

Spud: Oh, of course. 

Charlene: Gorgeous, mate.

Spud: (blushes and feeling flattered) Thanks. 

[Charlene gets a steak from the grill and chips as well as a tomato and mushrooms before giving it to Spud]

Charlene: Alright, this is for Wendy. 

Spud: Oh. Mmm. Yummy.

[Spud heads out into the dining room, bumping into some saucepans on the way] 

Charlene: (laughs) Keep the flies out of your eyes! (laughs) 

[In the dining room] 

Spud: [clears his throat, in an Australian accent as he puts the plate in front of Wendy] Get your chops round that, mate.  

Fireman Sam: [chuckles] Now I see what you've been trying to tell us, Norman. 

Norman Price: Yes, Sam. 

Misty: Since when did Spud become a waiter?

Spud: Just now, shelia.

Misty: Huh?

Tom Thomas: Shiela is what we call girls in Australia. 

Misty: Oh. Right. 

Connor Lacey: (laughs) This reminds me of the time Mater dressed up as a waiter so that he can be with McQueen and Sally during their date at the Wheel Well Motel if you get my meaning. 

Mandy Flood: Oh, did he now, Connor? 

Connor Lacey: Yeah. It happened right before we met Finn and Holley. 

Maisie Lockwood: Well, I did not see that coming. (giggles) 

Frozone/Lucius Best: Yep. I'll never forget that. 

Spud: Uh, can I just try a little bit? 

Wendy: Oh, Spud. [laughs] What are you like? I suppose so. 

Spud: (takes the plate) Thanks, shiela. Ripper. [eats a chip]

Ash Ketchum: [chuckles] Same old Spud.

Pikachu: Pika. 

[Outside, Muck, Benny and Scoop arrive at the sheds where Dizzy, Roley, Lofty and the Cars and Planes characters are waiting] 

Filmore: Well, look who's back, man. 

Sparky: So, how'd today go? 

Muck: Hey, I got to dig out the bobsleigh run. Bob said that if the Irelanders and I hadn't helped, it would've taken Scoop a week.

Flo: Whoo-whee! That sounds like one heck of a day, honey. 

Benny: And then, we built a ski jump! 

Dizzy: [chuckles] Oh, that's brilliant. I found this lovely frozen lake and I skated and skated and skated. 

Roley: And I learnt how to yodel with Jana. [yodels] See? 

Ramone: Wow! You've got some sweet pipes there, man! Told you practice makes perfect. 

Mayday: Anything else? 

Lofty: Oh, and uh, I helped Bob put all the logs in place. 

Scoop: (wakes up) Quiet! I'm trying to sleep! We're here to work, not have fun! It's not a holiday! 

Dizzy: But you won't let us do any work!

Roley: Yeah! That's a good point actually, Dizzy. 

Dottie: Yeah, Scoop! Just because Bob made you team leader, doesn't mean you get to boss everyone around like soldiers! You can't do everything yourself! 

Scoop: Hah! Well, remember what Roley did to the ski run, Dottie! 

Roley: I said I was sorry. 

Muck: Yeah, everyone makes mistakes. 

Dizzy: Even you, Scoop! You're not better than us! We're all good at different things, you know! 

Muck: Yeah. That's why we're a team. 

Scoop: You're just a show off, Muck! You couldn't wait to come back here and boast! You don't want to be part of a team! 

Muck: Well, if that's what you think, you won't be wanting my help tomorrow then! 

Scoop: You've got it! 

Muck: Fine by me!

[Muck backs into his shed and Scoop drives off in anger as Lofty looks worried] 

Lofty: [worried whimpers] 

Holley Shiftwell: Ugh! What is with that Scoop?!

Roley: Muck, can I have a word? You alright? 

Muck: [starts to cry] Uh-huh.

Dizzy: Oh, poor Muck. 

Red: (whimpers then speeds off crying)

Dusty Crophopper: Red! Sometimes I wondered why he did that when he gets upset.

Sally: It's a habit, Dusty. 

Lightning McQueen: (sighs) This is like when I was selfish of trying to be faster than Jackson Storm and yelled at Cruz about being too busy taking care of her to do so. Sorry, Cruz. 

Cruz Ramirez: It's okay, Mr. McQueen. You and I made up when you let me race for you, remember?

Lightning McQueen: Yeah. We did. Now Scoop is going through the same thing I did. 

Blade Ranger: Yeah, something's botherin' that kid and we need to find out what. 

Sheriff: Crazy delinquent hot-rodder. What crawled up his tail pipe and died?

Finn McMissile: He's been behaving very strange recently. 

Lizzie: What? Was it something we said?

Chug: The kid's gone power mad. He thinks he can just boss everyone around because he was made team leader. 

Dottie: Hah. He's been acting like he runs the place since we got here. 

Skipper Riley: But like Blade said, we need to find out why Scoop's acting like that but right now, it's best we keep out of his way and get some sleep.

Dusty Crophopper: Skip's right. We'II tell Connor and the others about it in the morning.

Mater: Yeah, you're right. Night.

[Scoop is sat nearby when Pilchard comes running up]

Scoop: Hi, Pilchard. Everything's gone all horrid. 

Pilchard: (meowing) 

Scoop: Benny's driving me mad and the others seem to think they're on holiday. [sighs] And Bob made Muck and the Irelanders help me. What if he thinks Muck's better than me and puts him in charge instead? Well, tomorrow's going to be different. [looks at the others] I'll show them.

[We view Bobblesburg again as a deer runs off before the scene changes to morning. Spud, Bob and the Irelanders are fast asleep]

Spud: [mumbles in his sleep] I'II have some careoles.....and a plate of chips. 

[Pilchard looks out of the window and watches Scoop drive off. Thinking this could lead to trouble, Pilchard runs outside and puts her paws up on Benny, who wakes up]

Benny: Oh, get off. What are you doing? 

Pilchard: (meowing and points to Scoop's empty shed) 

Benny: Oh. The Big Banana went off on his own.  

Luigi: That-a is not-a good. 

Gudio: (speaking Italian)

Benny: Hey, wake up, everyone! We need to go and build the ice rink. Scoop's gone without us.

Lightning McQueen: He did?

Dusty Crophopper: Great. Now we've got even bigger fish to fry. 

Dizzy: Scoop doesn't want my help. I'm going skating. 

Roley: He thinks I just make extra work. I'm gonna practice my yodelling.

Muck: Yeah, and I'm going snowboarding, dude.

Lofty: And, um, I'm helping Bob, I think. 

Pilchard: (meowing)

Benny: Sorry, we tried. 

Lightning McQueen: We better tell Connor and the others about this then go and give Scoop a piece of our minds.

Sparky: Yeah. You go ahead, Benny and we'll catch up. 

Benny: Okay, guys.

[Benny and the Cars and Planes characters head off to carry out their tasks. Cut to Wendy on the chair lift with Pilchard behind her then to Scoop trying to flatten the ground for the ice rink as Benny and the Irelanders arrive] 

Benny: What are you trying to do?! You need Roley to flatten the ground! You're not a steam roller! 

Scoop: So?!

Benny: So, you're not built to flatten things.

Connor Lacey: And we'll need Dizzy! Or can you mix cement now too? 

Scoop: Ha-ha! Very funny! 

Violet Parr: Well, you need to stop trying to do everything yourself!

Scoop: I'm not!

Violet Parr: And let the rest of us help too!

Benny: That's what being in a machine team is all about!

Scoop: And you need to stop being such a bunch of know-it-alls and telling me what to do all the time! I'm older than you lot are, you know!

Benny: That's why nobody wants to work with you!

Ash Ketchum: If you want to do it all by yourself, then that's fine by us!

Scoop: Fine!

Benny: Fine!

Scoop: Fine! 

Benny: Fine!

Scoop: Fine!

Benny: Fine! [blows a raspberry]

Irelanders: Fine! Have it your way! We don't ever want to talk you again, Bossy Bucket!

[Benny and the Irelanders leave. Pilchard arrives] 

Pilchard: (meowing)

[Lofty and Bob continue their work on the log cabin by hammering in the barriers, putting glue on the logs and checking the door. Back with Scoop and Pilchard, Finn watches from behind the billboard unnoticed] 

Scoop: I'm not if anyone else wants the games to be a success. 

Pilchard: (meowing)

Finn McMissile: (whispering so Scoop can't hear) Tsk. Hasn't he figured it out by now?

[Jana arrives] 

Jana: Scoop, uh, I am needing this rink ready in two hours, ja? The skaters have to be practicing. 

Scoop: Oh, um, no problem, Jana!

Jana: Good. I will tell them.

[Jana skis off] 

Scoop: Oh, no! Well, now Bob has only got me to rely on, I'll just have to do the best I can if none of them want to help me.

Pilchard: (meowing and points to the barriers)

Scoop: What do you mean I haven't done the barriers properly? 

Pilchard: (meowing while shaking her head) 

Scoop: Excuse me, but you're a cat and I'm a building machine! I don't tell you how to catch mice, so don't tell me how to build! 

[Pilchard, hurt by Scoop's words, runs off] 

Scoop: Wait, Pilchard! Where are you going?! Come back, I didn't mean it like that! [sighs] Oh, why does everyone keep getting upset? Don't they know how hard this is?

Finn McMissile: [sighs as he comes out of hiding] Don't you get it?! It's you that's making everyone upset! You hurt Muck's feelings last night and now you've hurt Pilchard's feelings too!

Scoop: What are you talking abou...? [suddenly realizes] Oh.

[Meanwhile, Wendy skis over to Bob and Lofty] 

Wendy:Oh, hi, you two. I'm just on my way to the opening ceremony. [laughs] How's it going? 

Bob: [removes his face mask] We're getting there, Wendy.

Wendy: Oh, I still feel like I should be helping. Are you sure there's nothing I can do?

Bob: Well, you could see how Scoop and the others are doing on your way. 

Wendy: Okay, Bob. See you later. [skis off] 

Lofty: Have fun at the ceremony thingy. 

[Bob puts his mask back on. Scoop is putting the water on the ground to make the ice as Finn talks to him about how he's making everyone upset when Wendy arrives] 

Wendy: Hi, Scoop, Finn. Oh, where is everyone? 

Scoop: Um, they're, they're all busy, Wendy.

Finn McMissile: (to himself) No thanks to you. 

Wendy: Oh, good. Well, it looks like you two have everything under control. Well done, Scoop and Finn. 

Scoop: Thanks, Wendy. I told you I wouldn't let you down.

Finn McMissile: (to himself) You will in a minute if you keep this up. 

Wendy: Well, I hope Roley has really flattened the ground hard to support the ice.

Scoop: Don't worry, Wendy. Um, hey, I bet you're excited about tomorrow. 

Wendy: Oh, and nervous too.

Finn McMissile: It's okay to be nervous, Wendy. You'II be great in the skiing competition. 

Wendy: Thanks, Finn. I'm just on my way to the opening ceremony. Good luck, you two.

Scoop: Um, thanks, Wendy.

[Wendy skis off. We then view a group of people in a bobsleigh on the bobsleigh run as Wendy skis past. Back with Scoop and Finn as Scoop taps the ice with his bucket]

Scoop: At least Benny told me about smoothing the ice with this funny thing, Finn. 

Finn McMissile: That's what you call a ice resurfacer, Scoop. 

Scoop: Right. Hmm. I wonder how it works. 

[He flicks the switch on the side of the ice resurfacer which whirs into life] 

Scoop: [lowers the coupler and couples up to it] Right. I just put this on here, that's good. Now over to the left first...

Finn McMissile: [noticing the machine speeding up] Uh, Scoop? 

Scoop: [exclaiming and yelping as the machine starts to malfunction]

[Scoop brings his tires down on the ice, causing it to crack]

Scoop: [screaming and yelping]

Finn McMissile: Scoop! 

[The machine goes haywire and starts wrecking the ice rink]

Scoop: Oh, look! No! Please! Don't!

Finn McMissile: Scoop, get out of there! 

[Scoop crawls back across the ice to where Finn is and both look devastated at the destruction caused by the machine]

Scoop: Oh, no! Oh, what are we gonna do now?! Help! 

Finn McMissile: I better call for help. 

[Meanwhile, the ceremony is underway with John Motson and Sue Barker reporting]

John Motson: We're live from the Bobblesburg winter games.

Sue Barker: The atmosphere here is fantastic. Any minute now, we'll be bringing you the opening ceremony which promises to be quite spectacular. 

John Motson: I hear there's even gonna be some yodelling.

[Back with Scoop and Finn, Scoop is starting to cry] 

Scoop: (sniffs) 

Finn McMissile: I've contacted the others, Scoop, and they're on their way. But I hope that what we've just witnessed teaches you a very valuable lesson. 

[Pilchard and the Irelanders arrive]

Irelanders: [gasps]

Scoop: Oh, Pilchard, guys. I'm, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to upset you all! And now look what I've done! 

Connor Lacey: We can see that, Scoop. I hope this serves you right for treating us so badly! 

Maisie Lockwood: Just what is your problem?! You've been acting like you run the place since we got here! 

Pilchard: (meows and uses her tail to wipe Scoop's tears) 

Scoop: You're my friends, aren't you guys?

Pilchard: (meowing) 

Aya: And we can still be friends, Scoop. But only if you tell us why you are acting the way you are. 

Scoop: Well, I haven't got many friends at the moment, Aya. I should never have tried to do everything by myself. Dizzy was right! We're all good at different things, that's why we make a good team! Expect, we're not a team anymore and that's my fault! I've been... I've been horrible to them!

Molly Hale: Yeah! You've also been horrible to us too! 

Norman Price: From what Pilchard told us as Aya translated, you're acting this way because of a dream you had about messing everything up and letting Bob down. Is that true? 

Scoop: Yes, Norman. I need to put things right. The only way I can get this job done is with your and their help. I just hope it isn't too late. 

Pilchard: (meows) 

Fireman Sam: Look, we've still got time, if you let us help you. 

Lightning McQueen: Yeah, Scoop. I once get selfish of trying to get faster than Jackson Storm and yelled at Cruz about being too busy taking care of her to do so but we made up when I let her race for me. Don't make the same mistake I did by rejecting help from others. 

Scoop: But Lightning, I don't even know where anyone is! 

Dusty Crophopper: Then how are we gonna find them in time to save the games? 

James Jones: I don't know, Dusty. 

Pilchard: (meowing and gestures for everyone to follow her) 

Radar: (barks) 

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: What are they saying? 

Kim Possible: I think they want us to follow them. 

Connor Lacey: Then what are we waiting for? Let's get the machine team back together! 

Ash Ketchum: Come on! 

Pikachu: Pika. 

Misty: Ash, no! 

Brock: Um, oh, wait up. 

[Pilchard and Radar lead the heroes through the snowy mountains to Dizzy who is skating on the ice] 

Dizzy: [laughing and whooping] 

Scoop: Wow, Dizzy. Look at you. You're really good at skating. 

Dizzy: Thanks. 

Razer: I have to admit it, even machines are pretty good dancers too. 

Sarah Jones: I know. The ice even holds her weight. 

Scoop: But you'll always be the best cement mixer I know. I'm really sorry for being horrid. 

Dizzy: Well, I suppose you have been worried about lots of things. 

Scoop: Yes. And I've messed things up, Dizzy. I really need your help. Can you forgive me? 

Dizzy: Yes, I can! (laughs)  

Razer: Well, that's one problem down.

Dizzy: Oh, Razer. Scoop is a great big silly billy but he's still my friend.

Scoop: I am. Oh, phew. Thanks, Dizzy. We haven't got long. The ice rink needs to be finished before the opening ceremony's over. 

Dizzy: Quick, let's go!

[They head off. The opening ceremony gets underway]

Roley and Jana: [yodelling]

[Wendy winks as she walks with the rest of the Bobsville team. Dizzy and Pilchard arrive and Dizzy whispers something to Roley. She leads him away and Eli continues the yodelling with Jana. We then view, Dizzy, Scoop and the Irelanders talking to Muck and Benny]

Muck: What do you want, Scoop? 

Scoop: I want us to be friends again. And I need your help. 

Muck: I knew it!

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: Now, Muck, no need to still hold a grudge because Scoop's apologizing. 

Boyce: Helen is right, my boy. He is trying to make things right with you. 

Scoop: Look, I know you don't like me very much right now but I'm sorry for upsetting you.

Muck: Give me one good reason why we should help you, Scoop. 

Benny: Yeah, this is much more fun. 

Scoop: You're right, Muck. I understand. [drives off] 

Dizzy: Oh, Muck. Scoop's got you out of trouble before. 

Serena: Yeah. So, we suggest you let go of your grudge and return the favor.

Blade Ranger: Come on, guys.

[Dizzy and the Irelanders head after Scoop while Muck and Benny head off. Back at the damaged ice rink]

Scoop: We can't finish the job without Muck and Benny. [sighs] I'll just have to go and tell Bob what I've done. 

Dizzy: Oh, I'm sorry, Scoop.

Maisie Lockwood: Guess we can't really save the games after all. 

Ash Ketchum: Yeah. Bob and Wendy are gonna be so disappointed. 

[But just as they're about to head off...]

Muck and Benny: Hey! Wait for us! 

Scoop: Muck! Benny! Oh, thank you! 

Penny Morris: You came back! Oh, thank goodness! 

Benny: Whoa! That's one big mess, Big Banana! 

Scoop: I know. Can we fix it? 

Muck: Yes. Yes, we can. 

Everyone: Hooray! 

Dizzy: Thanks, Muck! [laughs] The team's back together! 

[The screen then shows the team repairing and rebuilding the ice rink before cutting to Bob at the finally finished log cabin] 

Bob: Ah, there. Phew. That was hard work. 

Zoomer: That looks great, Bob. Believe me, the Mayoress is gonna love it. 

Bob: I hope so. We'd better go and tell Jana that it's finished and see if the others need a hand. 

[Bob turns off the light and shuts the door] 

Zoomer: Let's go, Bob. [Bob lowers his goggles and gets on] Jump on. Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom! 

[Zoomer zooms off with Bob through the snowy forest. Meanwhile, skaters skate on the ice as the team celebrates their victory] 

Everyone: [cheering]

Benny: We did it, Big Banana! 

Scoop: Thanks, everyone! You really are the best machines in the world! 

Dizzy: And you're a great team leader, Scoop. 

Scoop: [chuckles] Only when I've got a team! 

Connor Lacey: Phew! For a moment there, I thought we were never going to save the games in time. 

Kim Possible: But look how that turned out, Connor. We got the ice rink finished and the team is back together. 

Professor Oak: Kim's right and I bet Bob is on his way to see for himself right now. 

Trevor Evans: As a matter of fact, here he comes now with Zoomer and Jana!

[Zoomer races along with Jana and Bob on his back]

Zoomer: Hold tight! Nearly there! 

[They arrive at the ice rink] 

Jana: Scoop! Uh, the rink, it is ready, ja? 

Scoop: Yes, Jana!

Mack: And in the nick of time, too.

Jana: Excellent! This was good work, for sure. 

Bob: Thanks, everyone! I knew you wouldn't let me down! 

Connor Lacey: You're welcome, Bob. 

Fireman Sam: We're just glad we could help. 

Jana: I was being afraid that the work would not get done in time. Your machines and the Irelanders, they are very, very special, Bob.

Bob: I never doubted them for a second. [winks at the team and the Irelanders] 

Derek Price: Says the one who said we'd never get everything done in two days. 

Scoop: It's all about teamwork, Bob. 

Bob: And now, we can all enjoy the games! 

[The screen shows a snowboard and some skiers and skaters before showing Sue in a news room]

Sue Barker: And the excitement in Bobblesburg continues as we rejoin John [John appears on the screen behind her as she talks] fo the downhill skiing. Next on the slopes, Wendy from Bobsville. And, John, I believe it's her first time in world class competition. 

John Motson: That's right, Sue. It's a big day for her. 

[We cut to the team watching]

Everyone: [all talking over each other]

Muck: I can't wait to see Wendy skiing. 

Ash Ketchum: I can't wait to see her skiing too, Muck. 

Violet Parr: Ooh, I hope she does well. 

Cabbie: Course she will. 

Connor Lacey: Look. There she is now. 

[Wendy waits patiently. The lights go green and she skis off down the slope] 

Dizzy: Come on, Wendy! Wendy! Wendy!

Elvis: Hoo-hoo-hoo! Go on, Wendy, you can do it!

[Wendy zigzags between the posts as she skis along] 

John Motson: And this really is an excellent run for Wendy. She's showing great control at the turns on this difficult course. 

[Wendy continues to ski along at top speed]

Sue Barker: Her time is fast! If she keeps this up, she'll go into the lead.

[Wendy carries on and eventually reaches the finish line where a huge crowd cheers for her]

Everyone: [cheering] 

Female PA: And it's a personal best for Wendy and a new Bobblesburg record! 

[The crowd goes wild and Wendy celebrates her victory]

Wendy: [laughs] I did it! Yes! 

John Motson: Well, I think that her team will be very impressed by that score. 

Crowd: [cheering]

Wendy: Oh, thank you!

[Later, the machines and the Irelanders head off] 

Bob: A couple of little birds told me what happened, Scoop. 

Scoop: Oh, no! 

Bob: And I'm really, really....

Scoop: [thinking Bob will tell him that he's cross with him] Yes? [gulps] 

Bob: Proud of you! 

Scoop: You are? 

Bob: You've worked very hard, Scoop. 

Scoop: Well, thanks, Bob. 

Bob: It takes a lot of guts to admit your mistakes and put things right. I think you've learned a big lesson. 

Scoop: Yes, Bob. I have. 

[Bob gets on Scoop and Scoop drives off passing Charlene and Spud on the way] 

Spud: Snacks! Drinks! Get them here! 

Charlene: That's it, mate! Now make sure you don't forget the people up there. 

[They look at the people of the ski lift]

Spud: Oh. Right. Uh, how do I get up there? 

Charlene: On the ski lift! 

Spud: Spud's on the job! 

[Spud heads off]

Charlene: [laughs] Just kidding, mate! You really don't have to go up there! Spud? Spud? 

[Spud rides on the ski lift to the top and slides down a banister and looks around] 

Spud: Um, hello? Snacks! Sandwiches! Cold drinks! 

Green Skier: Oi! Look out there! 

Spud: Snacks! Sandwiches! Cold drinks! [screams]

[The lights go green and Spud is sent soaring down the ski run and off a jump as the crowd watches. The screen pauses with Spud in mid-air for a moment before catching the tray, glasses and bowl in his hand then sliding to the bottom to the delight of the cheering crowd] 

Charlene: Spud! 

Crowd: [cheering] 

Female PA: And it's a scarecrow world record! 

Charlene: You big kangaroo! Whoo-hoo-hoo!

[The crowd watches a replay of what's happened on the screen] 

Spud: Cor! Look at me! I'm Spud the Super Ski-Jumper! [laughs] And I never spilled a drop! [laughs] 

Norman Price: Wow. Way to go, Spud! 

Marinette/Ladybug: That was fantastic! 

Ash Ketchum: I didn't see that one coming. 

Pikachu: Pika-pika. 

Penny Morris: Well, I've gotta hand it to Spud, though he may be a naughty troublemaker, he's one talented ski-jumper. 

Cat Noir: You said it, Penny. 

Connor Lacey: (laughs) That was very funny.

Bob: I bet you didn't expect to see Spud on your ski jump, Scoop. 

[But Scoop is fast asleep] 

Bob: Scoop?

Benny: Sssh. The Big Banana's fast asleep. [laughs] Aww.

[The screen ripples as we pan into Scoop's new dream: the team and the Irelanders in a big stadium with John and Sue]

Sue Barker: Welcome to the Dream Machine Team games. 

John Motson: Time now to go over to the Medal ceremony. The medals are being presented Bob the Builder to the winning machine team and their friends. 

[As Jana and Eli yodel the Bob the Builder theme in the background, Bob and Wendy hand medals to the team and the Irelanders] 

Bob: Okay, Scoop. This one's for you. 

Scoop: Oh. Thanks, Bob.

Jana and Eli: (yodelling) 

Bob: And you, Muck. Really proud of you. 

Wendy: Well done. 

Bob: And Dizzy. Well, thank you very much. [laughs] 

Dizzy: Oh, brilliant. 

Bob: And, of course, Roley. 

Wendy: There you are, Roley. 

Bob: (laughs) 

Wendy: Oh, [with Bob] Lofty. 

Bob: Specialist log carrier. [laughs] Thank you. 

Jana and Eli: (yodelling)

[We view the team on different coloured backgrounds before Sue gives Scoop a bouqey of flowers] 

Sue Barker: So, Scoop, tell us. How are you feeling? 

Scoop: Well, Sue, I'm proud to be a part of the best team in the world! Can we fix it?! 

Can-Do Crew: Yes we can!

[Confetti falls and the crowd cheers wildly as the scene changes from the stadium to John and Sue in the news room] 

John Motson: Well, that's it from us. Hope you enjoyed it. 

Sue Barker: From John and I, goodbye. 

John Motson: Bye-bye.

[The screen fades to black before showing Connor, Scoop, Bob, Zoomer, Jana and Eli outside of Bobblesburg] 

Connor Lacey: Well, folks, the Bobblesburg Winter Games went on as planned.

Scoop: And I learned that to be a true team leader, you always need to accept help from your teammates. 

Zoomer: But stay tuned as Connor and his friends explore the story of Rapunzel in a whole new way in "The Irelanders Gets Tangled".

Bob: Which is coming up next. 

Jana: (yodels) See you there~

Eli: (yodels) 

[They wave as the screen fades to black] 

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