This is the script for The Irelanders' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: King of the Railway

Connor Lacey: Come on, guys. We're gonna be late for our next mission to Sodor!

Preston Stormer: I wonder, what's the big emergency?      

Twilight Sparkle: I'll bet, the Fat Controller will tell us when we get there.      

Jimmy Z: Set a course to the Island of Sodor. (files everyone to Sodor in the Tortuga HQ)      

[At the Island of Sodor]      

Narrator: It was a bright and beautiful day on the Island of Sodor. Thomas and Percy were busy, shunting trucks at Brendam Docks.        

Thomas: Watch out, Percy! Trucks coming through!      

[He pushes the truck and it rolls into Percy]        

Narrator: But, they were being a little silly.                

Connor Lacey: Hi, Thomas, Percy and Cranky.        

Thomas: Oh, hey, Connor.        

Preston Stormer: How's it hanging?      

Percy: It's going just great, Stormer.      

Cranky: Would you guys mind telling these two to be careful? The cargo could be fragile.        

Thor (Avengers Assemble (2013): Of course, friend Cranky.      

Preston Stormer: He's right. You two need to be cautious. You don't know what's in those crates.      

Thomas: We're being careful, Stormer.      

Percy: Yes, very careful. Here comes another truck, Thomas.      

Narrator: But Thomas and Percy weren't really being very careful.      

Thomas: (laughs) And some for you, Percy.      

[The truck hits the others and jolts the crate then the lid comes off, revealing a metal arm]      

Hulk (Avengers Assemble (2013): Ultron! [goes to punch the crate when Iron Man stops him]      

Iron Man (Avengers Assemble (2013): That's not Ultron, Hulk.      

Cranky: He's right. That's a suit of armor like a knight wears. I hope you two haven't damaged it.      

Percy: I don't think we have. [sees the armor starting to move] Argh! It's moving! [puffs backwards in fright]      

Thomas: It's alright, Percy! It's just a suit of armor! But who does it belong to?        

Chris Kratt: I have no idea, Thomas.        

Martin Kratt: It's a mystery. We've got to figure it out, bro.        

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, look at this! [pulls a book out of the crate]        

Hawkeye (Avengers Assemble (2013): It's a book.          

Twilight Sparkle: This isn't just any book. It's the legend of the royal brothers of Sodor!          

Applejack: Really?          

Aladdin: Well, that's new.          

[Twilight uses her magic to project the pictures in the book]          

Twilight Sparkle: [reading] Once upon a time, a long time ago on the magical island of Sodor, there were two regal brothers who ruled together and created harmony for all the land. To do this, they used the power of the elements to create a special kind of crystal. The Crystal of Harmony they called it. The crystal had formed a magic forcefield which protected the island from invaders. But as time went on, the younger brother was becoming obsessed by this power to control all of the island and wanted the crystal for himself, thus becoming a villainous knight known as Sir Dark Shadow. He wanted to use the crystal to control Sodor. But his brother, King Godred, wasn't going to have it. Rumor has it, that he had found a way to imprison him within his own sword to never set foot on the island of Sodor again. And from that day forward, Sir Dark Shadow remains trapped in his sword and plots his return to power.          

William Furno: I wouldn't like to meet him.          

James Jones: Me neither. (whimpers nervously) He sounds scary.          

Lightning McQueen: Yeah, but I agree with Thomas on one thing. Who does the suit of armor belongs to?      

[The opening titles play]        

Narrator: The Irelanders' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: King of the Railway.        

[Then, the narrator started the story with a book]        

Narrator: Long ago, before there were any railways, the Island of Sodor was ruled by kings. And the greatest king of Sodor was King Godred. Godred was a well-loved king. He protected the island from invaders with the help of his gallant knights in armor. Life was good under Godred's reign, it was a golden age and King Godred wore a golden crown. But one day, the crown was stolen. The thieves were eventually caught, but the crown had been hidden. It was never seen again. The ruins of King Godred's castle can still be found at Ulfstead on the Earl of Sodor's estate. These days instead of knights in shining armor, it's railway engines who charge about the island. Or across to the mainland via the rolling river bridge at Vicarstown that can be raised up like a castle drawbridge to let ships pass. But long ago, King Godred had to deal with his brother, who had become Sir Dark Shadow due to the power of a crystal that can protect the island from invaders. King Godred eventually defeated Sir Dark Shadow by imprisoning him in his own sword. And ever since then, Godred's brother has been plotting his return to power. One day, Thomas and the Irelanders had been sent to the wash down with Annie and Clarabel. But, Thomas and his friends weren't the only ones there.      

Thomas: Why are we all being sent to the wash down today?      

Fireman Sam: I have no idea, Thomas.      

Clarabel: Something must be happening.      

Annie: It must be a special day!      

Norman Price: Something exciting I bet!      

Emily: I heard that Spencer was coming from the mainland.      

Penny Morris: Wow!      

Gordon: I hope, we're not all having a wash for Spencer!      

Derek Price: Oh, cheer up, Gordon. Don't be so grouchy.      

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, he's your cousin since Sir Nigel Gresley built his class the LNER Class A4 and your class, the LNER Gresley Class A3. But then again, he's still snobbish about having important jobs and boast about being faster than you, even though he apologizes for trying to scrap Hiro years ago.      

Norman Price: Derek's my cousin too. He and I share the same jokey and naughty attitude with Spud. But sometimes we do tend to bicker and fight.      

Spud the Scarecrow: Yeah, I'm glad to have you as a friend, Norman since we both like to play naughty tricks for fun. (laughs)      

Thomas: But still all your jokes often lead to trouble.      

Mandy Flood: I agree. Like the time you three cause the Great Fire of Pontypandy, which almost destroy it.      

Norman Price: It was an accident!      

Black Arachnia: Who's Spencer?      

Max Taylor: He's a streamlined engine who's a cousin of Gordon. He was a bit mean at first when he tries to scrap Hiro, but he became our friend after we helped him with the Duke and Duchess' summerhouse. Though he's still boastful about being a private engine and all.      

Nathan Evo: A bit like Sunset Shimmer. She was an undeniable bully. Cruel and hateful for no apparent reason. It didn't seem wrong to her at the time. She eventually outgrew it but that past still shames her.      

Aviva Corcovado: You do remember that she's also a villain as well.      

Julius Nex: We know that. But she reformed later on.    

Daniel Rocka: And I felt sorry for her.      

Iago: Well, for what you told me, I used to be like her as well when I used to work for those idiots, Jafar and Zeta!      

Twilight Sparkle: But good thing you reformed when you betrayed them and join our side.      

Iago: Yeah, good thing I did, Twilight. In fact I starting to like being a good guy and the Magic of Friendship already.      

Connor Lacey: So any idea what's brings Spencer back to Sodor again?      

James: I heard that he is bringing a very important passenger.      

Jimi Stringer: Whoa! For a guy like Spencer, he must be very important!      

Thomas: I know.      

Sir Topham Hatt: James is right!    

[Jitters Winston a few times before stopping besides Gordon]      

Twilight Sparkle: Hello, sir. We got your call. What's the big emergency?      

Sir Topham Hatt: We do have a special visitor today.      

Rainbow Dash: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. You said it was an emergency.      

Sir Topham Hatt: I had to make it sound like an emergency so that you'd show up.      

Yuya Sakaki: Then, what's going on?      

Sir Topham Hatt: My old friend the Earl of Sodor is coming home to the island after traveling the world for many years. Every engine, every other-worlder and every station must look it's best for his arrival.      

Rainbow Dash: What? That's it? That's what you called us for?!      

Dunkan Bulk: Connor, what's a Earl?      

Connor Lacey: An earl is a member of the nobility. The title is Anglo-Saxon in origin, akin to the Scandinavian form jarl, and meant "chieftain", particularly a chieftain set to rule a territory in a king's stead. In Scandinavia, it became obsolete in the Middle Ages and was replaced by duke (hertig/hertug/hertog).      

Pinkie Pie: Whoa. That is a lot to take in when you say it out loud.      

Mark Surge: Yeah.      

Wolverine (X-Men Evolution): Whoa.      

Sir Topham Hatt: And Spencer is bringing someone else back as well.      

Station Officer Steele: And who is that may I ask, Sir Topham?      

Sir Topham Hatt: Why, his sister, Olwin of course.      

Connor Lacey: Olwin?     

Sir Topham Hatt: That's right, Connor. It's been quite sometime since she visits when Stafford first came to Sodor.      

Sarah Jones: That's totally brilliant!      

Agumon (Data Squad): We better get our best to meet the Earl.      

Narrator: Thomas and his friends were very excited. They had never met the Earl before.      

[Then, Thomas and his friends go to Knapford to wait for the arrival of the Earl of Sodor]      

Norman Price: I can't believe it. We came all the way here for this?      

Connor Lacey: Sorry guys.      

[The whole team sighs]      

Twilight Sparkle: That's alright, Connor.      

Spike: The Fat Controller just wants us to come over by using the emergency thing to get our attention.      

Elvis Cridlington: Maybe so, Spike.      

Fireman Sam: But just because he tricked us doesn't mean it wasn't anything exciting.      

Jeremy Belpois: Sam's right.      

Yumi Ishiyama: I can't wait to see the Earl.      

Dilys Price: Me too, Yumi.      

Koki: Well, for what I gather on the computers in the Tortuga, The Earl's name is Sir Robert Norramby.    

Connor Lacey: Wow. That's very good information, Koki.      

Koki: Well, I try. You're a good kid yourself, Connor.      

[Then, everyone waited while Spencer and Olwin races through Maron Station with the children cheering on the footbridge]      

Children: (laughs) Hooray!      

Narrator: All the engines and all the guests were waiting for Spencer to arrive with the Earl.      

[Belle rang her bell]      

Belle: Here they come!      

[Spencer and Olwin pulls in]      

Sir Topham Hatt: Ladies and gentlemen. Engines and other-worlders, I give you Sir Robert Norramby, Earl of Sodor.      

[The engines whistled and everyone cheered]      

Sir Robert Norramby: Oh. A celebration. How splendid.    

The Fat Controller: Ha ha.    

Sir Robert: So, you must be the legendary Irelanders that Sir Topham was telling me about.      

Fireman Sam: That's us.      

Aviva: Uh-huh.      

Connor Lacey: I'm it's leader and founder, Connor Lacey.      

Sir Robert Norramby: It's a pleasure to meet you Connor. (shake hands with Connor) You are a marvelous young man.      

Connor Lacey: Thank you, Your Grace.      

Odette: And I'm Princess Odette of the kingdom of Swan Lake and this is my husband, Prince Derek.    

Prince Derek: Honored to meet you, Your Grace.      

Twilight Sparkle: I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria, but you can call me Twilight if you want.      

Sir Robert: It's a pleasure to meet you Twilight. (shake Twilight's hoof) I've heard that you and Spike once traveled to Sodor to help Connor and his friends stop Diesel 10, Hades, Maleficent, Infinite, Robbie Rotten, The Grand Duke of Owls and the Cyber Shredder from destroying Lady and the Magic Railroad.      

Twilight Sparkle: Well, he's a good kid to be friends with.      

Sir Robert: And I'm quite surprised that you ponies can talk and that unicorns, dragons, griffins and Pegasus really do exists. Connor must be very lucky to have a friend like you.      

Twilight Sparkle: (blushes) Yeah, he is lucky. I'II tell you about alicorns later.      

Sir Robert: Fair enough but what's going on here?      

[Spike nudges Sir Topham Hatt]      

Sir Topham Hatt: Oh, right. (clears throat) We have gathered here Sir Robert to celebrate...      

Sir Robert: Oh, no, no, no,no, no. You carry on. I didn't mean to interrupt. And I promised Millie I be at the estate by 2.    

Sir Topham Hatt: Really?      

Sir Robert: Enjoy your party. It sounds like great fun! Goodbye!      

[Spencer and Olwin leaves with The Earl as the brass band plays The Roll Call but stop awkwardly when The Fat Controller looks at them]      

Thomas: Millie? Who's Millie?      

James: Don't ask me. I've never heard of her.      

Twilight Sparkle: I don't know who Millie is either, Thomas.      

Connor Lacey: Maybe the new engine we'll be seeing later on.      

Rogue (X-Men Evolution): Yeah.      

Trevor Evans: I can't believe the Earl didn't realize that the party's for him.      

Rarity: No kidding about that, Trevor darling. He should know that everyone's celebrating his return.      

[Percy arrives, having been absent the whole time]      

Percy: Sorry I'm late. Has the Earl arrived yet?      

Gordon: Been and gone, Percy. Been and gone.      

Natalie Breez: You just missed him.      

Ulrich Stern: Yep.      

Pinkie Pie: And he didn't even know the party's for him. (sighs)      

[Percy looks down]      

Narrator: The next morning, The Fat Controller sent Thomas and the Irelanders to Brendam Docks to collect the shipment for the Earl.      

Twilight Sparkle: Well, that's the last of them.      

Connor Lacey: Better get going.      

Thomas: Goodbye, Cranky!      

Cranky: See you later, guys. Don't go breaking any more crates now.      

Fluttershy: We'll make sure that he doesn't do that.      

Norman Price: He just have to bring that up does he?      

[Thomas and the Irelanders then went up to the hill to the Earl's estate]      

Narrator: Thomas and the Irelanders climbed slowly up the steep slope towards the Earl's estate and the place where King Godred had defeated Sir Dark Shadow during the old days of Sodor.      

Sir Robert: No. Taller, bigger, bolder!      

[Thomas peeps his whistle to announce his and the Irelanders arrival]      

[Thomas looks to his left and sees a sword pulsating and nebula blue smoke floating around it]      

Ikki Tenryou: Thomas? Are you okay?      

Thomas: I'm alright.      

Mike Flood: If you say so, Thomas.      

Sir Robert: Aha! My first shipment has arrived! Millie! [He blow on his trumpet as a smaller purple-ish blue tank engine pulls up]      

Millie: Coming, sir!      

[Thomas again looks at the sword]      

Connor Lacey: What are you looking at, Thomas?      

Thomas: Well, it's just that that sword over there, it's glowing and I have no idea why.      

Dagger: Yeah. That was on my mind too.      

Nathan Evo: Twilight, does this sword look familiar?      

Twilight Sparkle: [brings out the book and flips the pages till she finds the right one, gasps] I should've read this. Only I forgot to turn the page.      

Connor Lacey: [In Hercules's voice] You forgot?!      

Twilight Sparkle: Yes. It is said that on the day that the brothers' castle is supposed to be restored, the slightest touch of that sword will instantly cause Sir Dark Shadow's escape and he will once again be able to wield the power to use his dark energy to rule the Island of Sodor.      

Daniel Rocka: Well, we'd better keep an eye on that thing just to be safe.      

William Furno: Yeah.      

Millie: I thought, I'd seen a steamie on the way up.      

Thomas: Hello. Are you Millie?      

Millie: That's me. (giggles) I run the estate railway for the Earl.    

Connor Lacey: Hi. I'm Connor Lacey.      

Millie: THE Connor Lacey?      

Connor Lacey: Yeah.      

Millie: Wow! I've heard, so much about you and your Irelanders. And you must be Thomas.      

Thomas: I am. But I don't remember seeing you before.      

Millie: That's hardly surprising. The Earl has been away for such a long time and I've been stuck in my shed. But I'm out again, Thomas and ready to roll.      

[Millie has moved herself and the trucks have been moved]      

Sir Robert: Hold still, Millie! We're loading!      

Millie: Oops. [giggles] Sorry, sir!      

Thomas: Oh, no!      

Connor Lacey: What is it, Thomas?    

Thomas: That's the same crate, I dropped at the docks.      

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps) The one with the suit of armor in it.      

Connor Lacey: Oh, I hope the Earl won't be mad.      

Sir Robert: And very old and precious it is too. Eh, eh, oh, but it's also rather strong, Connor, so, no harm done.      

The Irelanders: Whew.      

Jean-Bob: Heh. What a fuss over a suit of armor. What's more exciting is that I'II get a girl to kiss me and when she does...      

Yumi Ishiyama: Yeah, Jean. We get it.      

Helen Flood: You'II change into a prince.      

Martin Kratt: Alright.      

Koki: That delusional frog is starting to get on my nerves.      

Speedy: He just never learns.      

Puffin: Yep and never gives up.      

Aviva: You think?      

Sir Robert: Put the armor up here with me, boys. He could be my guard.      

Thomas, Millie and the Irelanders: [Laughing]      

Sir Robert: Thank you, Thomas. (sighs) If only, I had King Godred's golden crown. That's the one thing that's missing to complete my plan. And I hope the prophecy of his brother's return isn't and won't come true.    

[Inside the sword]    

Sir Dark Shadow: Ah, the tank engine who has made it all the way to the castle of my brother, King Godred. Once I am free, my brother's crown will be mine and the crystal's power, soon all of Sodor will be mine to rule.    

[In reality]      

Millie: Goodbye, Thomas. Goodbye, Irelanders!      

Thomas: Goodbye!      

Connor Lacey: See you later.      

Narrator: Thomas and the Irelanders were left wondering about the Earl's plan, the evil knight's return and the King's golden crown.      

[The scene changes to Vicarstown Bridge as dusk]    

Narrator: One evening, at the Vicarstown rolling bridge...    

[Spencer and Olwin are puffing over the bridge to Sodor]    

Narrator:...two certain sliver and turquoise streamlined engines came back to the island.    

[Hiro chuffing along when Spencer whooshed past him]    

Hiro: Oh! Spencer!    

Olwin: Sorry, Hiro. He's still acting like that.    

[Hiro has a scowled look on his face]    

[That night, Spencer and Olwin are reversing into Tidmouth Sheds]    

Gordon: Back so soon?    

Spencer: The Earl has borrowed me again from The Duke and Duchess of Boxford to act as his private engine.    

Olwin: Well, hello my friends. It's been quite a while since we seen each other.    

Connor Lacey: It's good to see you and Spencer again, Olwin.    

Spencer: Who are your new friends including the parrot, Connor?    

Connor Lacey: Well, this is Ryan Steele, JB Reese, Kaitlin Star, Andrew "Drew" McCormic, Roland Williams, Josephine "Jo" McCormick, Josh Baldwin, Dragonborg, Fireborg, Lightningborg, Ladyborg and Iago.    

Bumblebee: Hi.    

Olwin: Nice to meet you dears.    

Spencer: Connor told you about me and my sister?    

Silverbot: Yep. He told us about how you once tried to scrap Hiro when he, Thomas and their friends helped restored him.    

Spencer: Oh, I regretted my actions and I'm very sorry about it. Guess I wasn't thinking clearly at the time.    

Olwin: And I was there when that happened since I help Connor and Thomas restore Hiro and make sure my brother does not find out until when Hiro falls apart during a chase.    

Spencer: Well, it was your actions that caused my suspicions, Olwin.  

Olwin: Yeah I know, Spencer. We didn't even know that Hiro's hideout is near The Duke and Duchess of Boxford's summerhouse.    

Spencer: You've still forgive me, do you Connor?    

Connor Lacey: Of course. And going by our reformed friends' own experiences, we still forgive you.    

Twilight Sparkle: And you're now learning about The Magic of Friendship.    

Spencer: Yes I am. Olwin and I even heard about you becoming a alicorn princess in Equestria. Congratulations.    

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks.    

Windblade (PWT): Look, Spencer, we all go through tough times. Even if we have to go to drastic measures to achieve certain goals.    

Spencer: Yeah, I know. For one thing, I would never hurt the only sister I ever have ever again.    

Olwin: Aw. That's so sweet. I never thought I heard you said that but you've showed that you really care for others.    

Spencer: Yeah, I suppose so, sis.    

Grimlock (RID 2015): That's right.    

Gordon: Most engines have really useful work to do, such as pulling express trains or hauling heavy goods. (The engines, Olwin and The Irelanders laughs)    

Spencer: Being a private engine is really useful, Gordon. Earls and Dukes only appreciate the finest engines. And the fastest.    

Gordon: You're not the fastest, Spencer. I am. That's why I pull the express.    

Rainbow Dash: You tell him, Gordy. And I'm the fastest Pegasus in all of Equestria.    

Olwin: Spencer, I thought we got over this sort of attitude.    

Fireman Sam: I guess Gordon and Spencer still got that rivalry about who's fastest even after Spencer renounces his bad actions, Olwin.    

Spencer: I'm obviously faster than the both of you. Can't you see? I'm streamlined.    

Olwin: Tell you what, why don't you three have a race to prove it?    

Spencer: I be delighted.    

Rainbow Dash: That's not actually a bad idea. What do you say, Gordy?    

Gordon: Uh, so would I. Ah, first thing in the morning, shall we say?    

Olwin: Not a bad idea. First thing tomorrow it is.    

Connor Lacey: I second the motion. Right now we should get some sleep.    

[The heroes then fall asleep]  

[The next morning]    

Narrator: The next morning, Percy brought Gordon, his coaches.    

[Percy pushing the express coaches to Gordon]    

Gordon: Where's Spencer? I thought we were having a race. The Express always leaves on time.    

Rainbow Dash: Maybe he was too chicken to show.    

Percy: Maybe he was scared you or Rainbow Dash would win.    

Gordon: (laughs) That's sounds about right.    

[Olwin arrives]    

Olwin: Sorry, Gordon, dear. Spencer's a bit busy.    

Gordon: What a shame.    

[Then Spencer arrives]    

Spencer: Morning Gordon and Rainbow Dash. Shall we see who's the fastest then?    

[Spencer laughs and whistles]    

Gordon: Wait! That's not fair!    

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, nobody said we were starting! Come on Olwin and Gordy, let's catch up with him.    

[Gordon and Rainbow Dash follow Spencer. Olwin sits still for a bit chuckling]    

Olwin: Well, you know, what they say, Olwin. If you can't beat them, join them I suppose.  

[Follows after her brother, Gordon and Rainbow Dash]    

Narrator: Gordon, Rainbow Dash and Olwin hurried after Spencer. But it was hard to built up speed with four heavy coaches behind them.    

[Olwin passes Gordon]    

[Spencer zig-zaged through the points like before while Gordon, Rainbow Dash and Olwin speed up]    

Rainbow Dash: Whoa. How does he move so quickly?    

Gordon: I don't know.    

Spencer: I'm a lot faster than you. That's why I'm so fast.    

Rainbow Dash: That explains it. He did that when he chase us.    

Olwin: How can I forget that?    

Narrator: They were just catching up when Spencer and Olwin pulled off the Main Line towards the Earl's estate.    

Rainbow Dash: Huh?    

Gordon: Where are you and Olwin going?    

Rainbow Dash: Yeah. We're nearly caught up with you!    

Spencer: Never mind. I'm afraid we've have to be really useful now. Perhaps we can have a proper race another day.    

Olwin: See ya later, dears.    

[She and Spencer set off with Gordon and Rainbow Dash frowning]    

Rainbow Dash: (groans in frustration)    

[Then, the two went to the castle for their instructions and 4 minutes later, the scene changes to Percy shunting a conflat at Brendam Docks]    

Narrator: Later that morning, Percy was shunting trucks at Brendam Docks, when he notices an engine hiding behind some crates.    

[Percy races forward]    

Pinkie Pie: Come on, Percy.    

Percy: Coming, Pinkie. Let's surprise Thomas. Ready?    

Pinkie Pie: Ready.    

[They hurry forward and surprise Spencer and Olwin]    

Percy and Pinkie Pie: Boo!    

Spencer and Olwin: Ah!    

Spencer: I say. What was that for?    

Percy: Oh. Spencer. Olwin. (laughs) We thought you were Thomas.    

Pinkie Pie: Yeah. Sorry about that.    

Olwin: That's okay, dear. You little chugg-a-chuggs are always playing around at times. You and Thomas are good best friends Percy, I'II give you that.    

Percy: What are you both doing here you two?    

Pinkie Pie: Have you both come to shunt trucks?    

Spencer: We're certainty have not. We've brought The Earl here on important business with the Dock Manager.    

Olwin: That's what we are doing.    

Percy: Oh, too bad. We thought they were making you a goods engine now, so you could be really useful.    

[Percy left with Pinkie Pie laughing]    

Spencer: Huh.    

[At the Blue Mountain Quarry]    

Narrator: In the afternoon, Thomas and Connor Lacey met Spencer and Olwin at the Blue Mountain Quarry.  

Thomas: Hello Spencer and Olwin. Have you both come to carry stone?    

[Connor Lacey look at the Earl]    

Spencer: Uh, I think Olwin should answer that for you.    

Olwin: No, we're not here to collect the stones. Nope, certainty not.    

Spencer: We are on important business with the Earl.    

Sir Robert: Okay Spencer and Olwin. Back up.    

Olwin: What?    

[Thomas and Connor Lacey laughing as the two A4 Pacific engines reversed to a train of stone trucks.]    

Thomas: You two are pulling stone, Spencer. That is really useful. (chuckles)    

Spencer: Oh. This is no job for a splendid engine like me.    

Olwin: The stone dust will make me dirty. This is even worse than collecting stone from Rocky Ridge Quarry back home.    

Connor Lacey: Earls only appreciate the finest engines. Remember?    

[Spencer and Olwin groans, whistles and puff away with the stones]    

Narrator: As Thomas and Connor Lacey watched Spencer and Olwin go, they couldn't help wondering what the Earl wanted with big blocks of stone.  

[The scenes changes to the other engines and the gang at Knapford]    

Narrator: The others were curious too.  

Fireman Sam: I wonder what the Earl's plan is.  

Spike: I don't know. What do you think, Connor?  

Connor Lacey: Well, I guess this must be a special kind of occasion I think, Spike.  

Boots: Well, I heard he ordered rails and sleepers. He must be laying a new railway line.  

Norman Price: Pah. You don't need big blocks of stone to build a railway line, Boots.  

Hiro: You do if you're building a bridge, Norman. Or a new station.  

Aviva: But why would the Earl need a station for the estate, Hiro?  

Koki: Aviva's right. Hardly anybody goes there nowadays.  

Jimmy Z: Maybe because the castle ruins is haunted by ghosts. (whimpers nervously)  

Chris Kratt: (In Woody's voice) Of course, not. Everybody knows ghosts aren't real.  

Dora Márquez: That's right.  

James Jones: Are you sure? (whimpers nervously)  

Martin Kratt: We're sure, James. There's nothing to be scared about.  

[Then Toby rolled into Knapford Station with Applejack on board and stop besides Emily]  

Narrator: Just then, Toby and Applejack arrived with a very important message.  

Connor Lacey: What's wrong, you two?  

Toby: We just got a important message for you all.  

Tom Thomas: What happened, mates?  

Applejack: Henry has broken down.  

Gordon: Don't tell me he needs special coal again.  

[The Sparkes and Ben are puzzled by the special coal for Henry]  

Toby: No, Gordon. That was fixed years ago.  

Diego Marquez: How did Henry broke down, Toby?  

Toby: He's burst his safety valve and The Fat Controller wants Percy to pull his heavy goods train to The Earl's estate.  

The Irelanders: What?!  

Percy: Bust my buffers! I'm going to The Earl's estate. I can find out what he's really building.  

[Percy puffs off out of Knapford]  

Rarity: Connor, darling, I think we should go with Percy so that we can find out what's the Earl planning.  

Connor Lacey: I suppose you're right, Rarity. Come on everyone. Follow that green tank engine.  

[So, the Irelanders followed Percy to Brendam Docks]  

Emily: But Percy isn't strong enough to pull a heavy goods train, Toby.  

Toby: Applejack and I are only delivering the message.    

[The heroes set a course for Brendam Docks]    

[Then, Jessica had a question]    

Jessica Herleins: What's the special coal?    

Joe Sparkes: She's right. What does Toby mean by Henry's special coal being fixed years ago, Connor?    

[So, Connor decides to tell the story]    

Connor Lacey: Well, it started when we have arrived that we have a first assignment on the Island of Sodor.

[The flashback begins]    

Twilight Sparkle: (narrating) When Connor and his team first came here, Henry was in pretty bad shape.

Moose Roberts: Like having no puff all the time, eh?    

Twilight Sparkle: (narrating) Exactly.    

Spike: And for what Connor told us, his boiler shape is similar to Gordon's.    

Lizzie Sparkes: But what causes Henry to have no puff all the time, Connor?    

Connor Lacey: (narrating) Well, it turns out the only reason why is because his firebox is too small to make enough heat.    

Twilight Sparkle: (narrating) That was when The Fat Controller decided that Henry needed special coal to make him feel better.    

Iago: And where is this special coal from?    

Twilight Sparkle: (narrating) Wales.    

Norman Price: That's where our town, Pontypandy is.    

Gareth Griffiths: That must have happened before the mountain railway station was opened and The Pontypandy Flyer and Bessie went back to service with Welsh coal and fuel. Did it make Henry better, Connor?    

[Connor nods]    

Ben Hooper: But how did the Welsh coal thing get fixed for Henry?    

Twilight Sparkle: (narrating) Well, it happens one early morning when Henry takes the Flying Kipper for the first time.    

Izzy: What's The Flying Kipper?    

Rainbow Dash: A fish train filled with smelly fish.    

Elvis Cridlington: How do you know that, Rainbow?    

Rainbow Dash: Smelled it before. After I met Connor and came here to save Hiro that is.    

Fluttershy: That's right. It's Henry's favorite job, delivering fish to stations from Tidmouth or Brendam Docks to the Mainland.

Twilight Sparkle: (narrating) Anyway, Henry was switched from the main line to a siding because a signal was down due to a snowstorm and some frozen points.    

[The crash caused a accident at the junction in the siding]    

Connor Lacey: (narrating) He got damaged when he crashed into a goods train. Luckily, the guard, driver and fireman got out of the brakevan just in time before it happened.    

Vakama: And then, what happened next?    

Twilight Sparkle: (narrating) Well Vakama, we heard from Connor that afterwards, Henry has been sent to Crewe, a engine workshop on the Mainland to get a new shape and a larger firebox so he won't need special Welsh coal any more. After that, Henry was as we see him now.    

[flashback ends]    

Hannah Sparkes: That story is so cool, you guys!    

Connor Lacey: Thanks.    

Captain Jake: So Henry's not always the same look and always strong?    

Twilight Sparkle: You could say that.    

Dora Márquez: Well good thing Henry's got a bigger firebox and new shape. Otherwise, he still get ill, need Welsh coal and won't have any puff.    

Fireman Sam: You couldn't be more right, Dora.    

Elvis Cridlington: Well, I like Henry in his current shape better than his old one. Would you say Connor?  

Connor Lacey: Yep.    

Iago: Well, thanks for telling us that story, you two.    

Martin Kratt: Glad you like it. You could say it's totally purrfect.    

Twilight Sparkle: (stifles a giggle)

Baby Jaguar: Meow. [liking the purr pun]    

Sarah Jones: Connor?    

Connor Lacey: Yes, Sarah?    

Sarah Jones: We're nearly at Brendam Docks now.    

[With that, Percy and the Irelanders have arrived at Brendam Docks]    

Narrator: Percy and The Irelanders arrive at Brendam Docks.    

Norman Price: Hey guys. Look over there.    

[The group turned to see Henry with a little steam hissing from his piston]    

Twilight Sparkle: You poor thing.    

Henry: Don't worry, Twilight, I'll be fine once I get fixed.    

Aelita Schaffner: You look better than before, Henry.    

Henry: I know. Connor and Twilight must've told you the story, huh?    

Rainbow Dash: They sure did.    

Connor Lacey: But don't worry. Percy and us will take your goods train to the Earl's estate.    

Spike: And look who else is here.    

Sarah Jones: It's your red engine counterpart, James.    

James Jones: Oh, hello.    

Percy: Guess what? We're going to the Earl's estate. The Fat Controller has asked me to this heavy goods train there!      

James: Think again, Percy. The Fat Controller asked me to pull this train not you.        

The Irelanders: What?        

Twilight Sparkle: Why would he ask two engines at once?        

Connor Lacey: I don't know, Twiley. It's totally strange.        

Percy: But Toby said I was to take it.        

James: Toby? Since when does he tell other engines what to do?        

Fireman Sam: Alright, alright. Arguments aside you two.        

Thomas: Hello everyone. The Fat Controller has sent me to take this heavy goods train to the Earl's estate.    

Norman Price: Oh, come on. Now Thomas too?        

Spud the Scarecrow: What is going on here?        

Percy: But he's already asked me!        

James: No, Percy. You said Toby asked you.        

Applejack: He was just delivering the message from The Fat Controller, that's all.        

James: Whatever.        

Narrator: James stubbornly backed into position, to pull the long train.        

Thomas and The Irelanders: James!        

Percy: That's not fair!      

Narrator: So Thomas and Percy pulled in front of him.

Fireman Sam: Now, now, you three. Arguing isn't going to solve anything.        

Connor Lacey: Sam's right. I'm sure we can sort this out.        

James: Get out of the way! This is my train!        

Percy: No, James! The Fat Controller said....        

[Then The Fat Controller arrives]        

The Fat Controller: Hello, Percy, Irelanders, Thomas and James. I'm glad to see you're all ready to go.        

Percy: Ready to go sir?        

Fireman Sam: Sir, we're confused. Why would you give three of your engines the same task?        

James: Tell them to move, sir. They're blocking my way.        

Penny Morris: James!                

James Jones: Me?        

Charlie Jones: I think Penny means your train counterpart.        

Twilight Sparkle: We need to be given a proper answer.        

Connor Lacey: Sir, please tell us which of your engines is pulling this heavy goods train?        

The Fat Controller: (laughing) Why, all of them of course.        

[The Irelanders are shocked]        

Elvis Cridlington: But why are they... (stutters) Right, I don't understand.        

Fireman Sam: Elvis, I think we should let Sir Topham explain.        

The Fat Controller: This train is much too heavy for any of them to pull alone. They'll have to work together.    

Percy: Together?        

James: Together?        

Thomas: Together.        

Twilight Sparkle: (as Duchess) I think that's a splendid idea. What do you think, Connor?        

Connor Lacey: Together it is.        

Jeremy Belpois: That way, we can find out what the Earl is doing at his estate.        

Rex Owen: It make sense since the train is too heavy for one engine, especially a tank engine.        

Pinkie Pie: Let's do it.        

Koki: All right, some of you go in Thomas, James and Percy's cabs and the brake van while the rest of us go in The Tortuga.        

[Connor, The Mane 6, Spike, Fireman Sam and his friends ride in the brake van, Thomas, Percy and James' cabs while the others ride in the Tortuga]        

Jimmy Z: Next stop, the Earl's estate at Ulfstead and fly.        

[The Tortuga took to the sky and fly]        

Narrator: So Percy, Thomas and James were all coupled to the trucks, Connor and his friends ride in their cabs and brake van while the rest ride in the Tortuga and off they went to the Earl's estate.                

[The song Working Together starts playing]                

Sam Blewitt: Clanking into the coupling cargo ready to roll James, Thomas, and Percy pull that load Got to, got to work harder move that freight Got to, got to go faster Can't be late Here we come, up the hill There we go, what a thrill Working together Rocking and rolling, lifting and loading On the Island of Sodor Hear the rumble and chuff Wheels grinding and growling and funnels puff Working through to the sunset every day Trying hard to be useful Hey, Hey, Hey! Here we come, up the hill There we go, what a thrill Working together Rocking and rolling, lifting and loading Help one another Pulling and pushing, heaving and hauling. Working together Rocking and rolling, lifting and loading        

[The three engines and the Irelanders soon arrive at the Earl's estate]    

Narrator: As the engines and the Irelanders approached the Earl's estate, they saw new rails and wooden sleepers. Stone and building materials.    

[The Tortuga lands with the rest of the team on a patch of land inside the estate]    

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, look over there!    

Rainbow Dash: What is it, Twilight?    

[They spot Jack the front loader nearby]    

Thomas: Jack! What are you doing here?    

Jack: Hello, Thomas. I'm helping the Earl with his new building project. He's restoring Ulfstead Castle!  

Thomas: Fizzling fireboxes!    

James: So that's what he's building.    

Percy: Wow.    

[Twilight gasps, remembering the book she read]    

Jack: Who are you guys?    

Connor Lacey: I'm Connor Lacey. And this is my team, the Irelanders.    

Jack: Nice to meet you, Connor. I'm Jack the front loader. I'm from The Sodor Construction Company and one of Thomas' friends. I can load and unload and carry lots of things.    

Connor Lacey: Well, watch what this baby can do. [brings out his Ultimatrix]    

Jack: What's that?    

Connor Lacey: It's my Ultimatrix. Watch and learn.  

[he turns the dial and stops on XLR-8, then presses it down and becomes XLR-8]    

Connor Lacey: XLR-8!    

Jack: Wow! What kind of a creature did you turn into?

Connor Lacey: This form I'm in now is called an alien. But the Ultimatrix allows me to become anything I want.

Jack: Whoa.    

Twilight Sparkle: It's a pleasure to meet you, Jack.    

Jack: Nice to meet you too, Twilight. I better get back to my job. There's still a lot of work to do.    

[Jack rolls away]    

Rarity: He's rather sweet.    

Applejack: Yep. Sweet as a sugar cube.    

James Jones: I like that front loader already.    

Sarah Jones: Of course, James.    

Fireman Sam: Well, we'd better get a move on. We need to split up the goods train.    

[In his sword, Sir Dark Shadow watches]    

Sir Dark Shadow: Ah, the time for my escape draws closer.    

[The scene changes to Thomas, Percy and James spitting the goods train up]    

Narrator: The heavy goods train was split up. James and Percy took the building materials while Thomas shunted the crates and containers onto a new siding.    

[The train is split up with Percy and James took the building materials while Thomas shunted the crates and containers onto a new siding, then the Earl saw a crate with a funnel sticking out]    

Sir Robert: Oh. Hold on now. That crate was meant to go the Steamworks, Thomas.    

Connor Lacey: The Steamworks?    

Thomas: But what is it, sir?    

James: Is it something for Victor?    

Percy: For Victor? Can I take it? Please, sir, please.    

Thomas: I can take it!    

Fireman Sam: I thought I said arguing wouldn't solve anything.    

James: I think the Earl would prefer a splendid engine like me take it. Wouldn't you sir?    

Fireman Sam: Well, kids, what do you think?    

[The Pontypandy Pioneers think about it for a minute]    

James Jones: I think, Thomas since he's number 1, Uncle Sam. Sorry, engine counterpart.    

James: Huh.  

Twilight Sparkle: Sir, I'm curious. Why is that funnel sticking out of the top?  

Sir Robert: Ho-ho-ho-ho. If you're all so curious, why don't we take it together?  

Norman Price: We were just thinking the same thing.

Sir Robert: Well, you kids are very great at thinking the same thing as others.  

James: You don't need lots of humans, cars, ponies, machines, animals and three engines to pull one flatbed.

Lightning McQueen: You're missing the point.

Hot Shot (Unicron Trilogy): He means, that we could do is to get it to the Steamworks on time, we can move it together. Front, left, right and center.  

Twilight Sparkle: You rhymed on those last two sentences there.  

Percy: OK, James. You can stay behind.  

[He puffs away]  

James: No! I want to come too! Wait for me!  

[They made their way to the Steamworks]  

Narrator: At the Steamworks, Victor was surprised to see Connor, his team, Thomas, James and Percy.  

Victor: Ah, Connor and friends, welcome back.  

Connor Lacey: Victor! Kevin! Long time, no see!  

Kevin: Hey, haven't seen you lot around in a while! 

Twilight Sparkle: It sure is, Kevin. 

Aviva Corcovado: How are you Victor since we learned about you speaking Spanish and the truth about Luke's accident?

Victor: Not too bad, thank you Aviva. I even tell Kevin my story of me and Luke arriving on Sodor.

Dora Márquez: Excellent, amigo.

Victor: Glad you still understand my previous language along with Aviva, Dora.

Dora Márquez: Well, I do live in Spain so that helps. Now Aviva and I have another Spanish friend in you.

Victor: Gracias, Dora. But tell me, what is this thing in a crate to take so many people and engines to deliver?

Thomas: We don't know what it is, Victor. The Earl hasn't told us.

Sir Robert: I love a good surprise!

[Kevin got startled and drop engine parts to the ground]

Sir Robert: Don't you?

Pinkie Pie: Yeah, I love surprises! They're part of parties but what is it? (squeaks)

Sir Robert: Alright, Pinkie, calm down. I was about to get to that bit.

[He jump down from Thomas' cab and walk over]

Sir Robert: Take her up, boys!

[The crate is lifted to reveal a very old engine which spins around on the turntable]

Thomas, Percy, James and The Irelanders: Wow!

Sir Robert: Meet my friend, Stephen!

Stephen: Surprise!

[A part fell off, making him blush in embarrassed]

Connor Lacey: Bit embarrassing that.

Thomas: Hello, Stephen.

Percy: I've never seen an engine like you before.

Stephen: You mean an engine with woodworm and rust holes? (chuckles) Nobody see me in a long time. I haven't turn my wheels in years.

Thomas: I'm not surprised.

Stephen: Who are you guys by the way?

Fireman Sam: I'm Fireman Sam of the Pontypandy Fire Service in Wales and this is Elvis Cridlington, Penny Morris, Station Officer Steele, Ben Hooper and Tom Thomas.

Connor Lacey: I'm Connor Lacey and this is my team, the Irelanders.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm Twilight Sparkle and this is Spike, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy.

Norman Price: I'm Norman Price and this my cousin, Derek.

Derek Price: Hello there.

Spud the Scarecrow: Hello, I'm Spud. I'm a scarecrow.

Percy: You know, I think there's something wrong with your boiler.

James: And your funnel. Not to mention your paintwork.

Rarity: Yes, you're right, Jamesy darling.

Sir Robert: There's a bit of work to do but he's beautiful isn't he?

Victor: Well, he'II be soon. Don't worry my friend, we'II have you fixed up in no time.

Stephen: Well, goodbye for now.

Thomas: Goodbye.

Percy: See you soon.

Thomas: See you later.

James: Goodbye, Stephen!

The Irelanders: Check ya later.

Thomas: Sir? I was wondering. Well, all of us and the engines are wondering. What is your plan?

Connor Lacey: Why are you rebuilding the castle? And laying new tracks?

Twilight Sparkle: And what's inside all your crates?

Sir Robert: Ho-ho. All in good time, fellas. You'II find out soon enough. It's all part of my big surprise!

Thomas: What about Stephen, sir? Is he part of the big surprise too?

Sir Robert: I have a special job for Stephen. A very special job. But it's best not to say anything to him just yet, Thomas. There's a lot of work to do before he can start.

Thomas: Okay, sir. I won't say anything. I promise.

Connor Lacey: Me too.

The Irelanders: Us too.

The Mane 6: Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.

Fireman Sam: We all promise to keep the job a secret.

Red Alert (Unicron Trilogy): With all due respect.

[The scene changes to nighttime at Tidmouth Sheds]

Narrator: That night in Tidmouth Sheds, Connor, his friends, Thomas, Percy and James told the other engines about Stephen.

Gordon: What did he look like again?

Aviva: Well, his body is a bit old and it's made out of wood but he did have some finer touches.

Goofy: He also had a crooked funnel.

Mater: And he look like he been left in a scrapyard for a long time too.

Thomas: He's an old design. Older than any engine I've ever seen.

Edward: I like to see him for myself.

Emily: So would I.

Ulrich Stern: Me too.

Susan Murphy: Aw, yeah!

The Missing Link: Whoo!

Fireman Sam: You'II get to see Stephen but right now, we need to get some sleep. It's getting late.

Raven Queen: Right.

Connor Lacey: Good night, everyone.

Madeline Hatter: Night.

Twilight Sparkle: Goodnight Spike. (giggles) Sweet dreams, number one assistant.

[The heroes and the engines went to sleep and the scene changes to the next morning when Emily spins on the turntable]

Narrator: The next morning, Henry was still having trouble with his safety valve.

Henry: Oh. I can't built up any steam.

Connor Lacey: I bet Emily could help you.

Emily: Good idea, Connor. Don't worry, Henry. I'II shunt you to the Steamworks. Victor will have you fixed up in no time.

Twilight Sparkle: That's a very kind idea, Connor.

Connor Lacey: Thanks, Twilight.

Ash Ketchum: Nice.

Ashlynn Ella: Yeah.

Narrator: Emily was very happy to take Henry to the Steamworks. She wanted to see the old fashioned engine. But when she arrived, she couldn't see any engines at all.

Emily: Hello? Anybody here?

Stephen: Hello. Ha-ha. Up here. (giggles)

Emily: Hello. I'm Emily. Oh, and, and this is Henry.

Stephen: I'm Stephen. Pleased to meet you.

Henry: What are you doing up there?

Stephen: They're turning me into an airplane!

Emily: Really?

Stephen: (laughs) No. They want to examine my undercarriage and they're repairing my wheels too.

[Gordon, Edward and Toby arrive at the Steamworks to see Stephen]

Narrator: Emily wasn't the only engine who wanted to see Stephen.

Victor: Fizzling fireboxes! What brings you all here? Do you all need repairs?

The engines: Um... Well...

Emily: I came here to bring Henry, Victor. He needs his safety valve mended.

Gordon: Well... (clears throat) I was coughing soot from my funnel the other day....

Edward: Ah, my brakes feels a bit sticky but um..

Toby: Actually, we all just came to see Stephen, Victor.

[The team appeared, giggling]

Percy: So did we! (giggles)

Stephen: Did you really all come to see me?

Thomas: Yes, Stephen.

Percy: We've never seen an engine like you before.

Twilight Sparkle: That's right, Percy. Other than Hiro of course.

Cubby: What kind of an engine is Hiro, anyway?

Twilight Sparkle: He's an engine from Japan.

Steel: Cool.

Maxwell McGrath: Whoa.

Toby: Are you really very, very old?

Victor: Stephen is one of the first steamies ever built.

Stephen: Victor's right. I've been around a long time and I wasn't always this rusty either.

[The flashback of the Industrial Revolution begins]

Stephen: I remember when most railways didn't have any engines and the trains were pulled by horses!

[Then, the scene changes to Stephen and the early steam engines]

Stephen: We steam engines were the latest thing and people were worried about us. (laughs) We didn't always work right or at all. We were brand new and experimental but we soon proved we were stronger and faster than horses. And I was lightning fast! Peow! They called me the Rocket! We used to have races. People would line the track to watch. I went to work at the mines and later at the docks. My pistons were pumping! I can pull four wagons at one time! Ho-ho. Oh but engines have changed a little since then. You new engines are so fast and so strong! (laughs) That's why I don't work any more. (laughs again) 

Pinkie Pie: (laughs)

Stephen: What's so funny, Pinkie?

Pinkie Pie: That joke you just made! (laughs) It's hilarious!

Stephen: What do you mean?

Rainbow Dash: She thinks that quote you just said is a joke.

Stephen: Really? Is she always like this?

Rainbow Dash: Pretty much, as well as being overexcited and super hyperactive.

[Stephen chuckles]

Violet Parr: Yep. That's Pinkie for you.

Falcomon: Uh-huh.

Percy: Did you ever see knights in shining armor?

Stephen: No. I may be old but I'm not that old.

Twilight Sparkle: That's right, Percy. Stephen was built in 1829 during the Industrial Revolution.

Norman Price: How do you know that, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Read about it.

Fireman Sam: Well, you're a very smart bookworm I'II give you that.

[Twilight giggles]

Stephen: And before you ask, I never saw dinosaurs either.

[The engines and heroes laughs and the engines left, leaving Percy and the heroes with Stephen]

Applejack: Y'all ever heard of the Elements of Harmony?

Skully: Crackers. We never heard of them.

Stephen: What's Applejack talking about, guys?

Twilight Sparkle: [brings out the legend book she read] It's all right here in this book.

Chris Kratt: Well, since Martin, Aviva, Koki, Jimmy and I never heard of them, you better tell us about it.

Iago: Do you know about this, Connor?

Connor Lacey: I helped Twilight and her friends found them and defeat Luna's evil form, Nightmare Moon.

[Twilight opens the book and begins reading]

Twilight Sparkle: Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters named Celestia and Luna who ruled together and created harmony for all the land. To do this, Celestia used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn; and Luna brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus, Celestia and Luna maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects, all the different types of ponies. But as time went on, Luna became resentful. The ponies relished and played in the day her elder sister brought forth, but shunned and slept through her beautiful night. One fateful day, Luna refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. Celestia tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in Luna's heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness: Nightmare Moon. She vowed that she would shroud the land in eternal night. Reluctantly, Celestia harnessed the most powerful magic known to ponydom: the Elements of Harmony. Using the magic of the Elements of Harmony, she defeated Nightmare Moon, and banished her permanently in the moon. Celestia took on responsibility for both sun and moon and harmony has been maintained in Equestria for generations since.

Aviva: What happened next?

Twilight Sparkle: [closes the book] Well, on the day of the Summer Sun Celebration when I first went to Ponyville as a unicorn and Connor and his friends came to visit, Nightmare Moon came back but we stopped her using the Elements of Harmony. They're six magical gems that can defend an entire world from the most evil villains, take Discord for example. They turn him into stone.

Stephen: (sawing Percy looking embarrassed) Oh, don't feel bad. What's your name?

Percy: I'm Percy.

Stephen: Don't feel bad, Percy. Asking questions is always a good way to learn new things.

James Jones: Connor?

Connor Lacey: What is it, James?

James Jones: Shall we tell Olwin about Stephen? She doesn't know about him since she's with Spencer.

Bronwyn Jones: James does have a point.

Connor Lacey: Right. Come on.

[The heroes and Percy left with Stephen smiling at them]

[The heroes continue their work when they find Olwin at a station and go to her]

James Jones: Olwin!

Olwin: (spots the heroes) Oh, hello, Connor and your team.

Sarah Jones: You have to come with us. You've got to meet Stephen.

Olwin: Okay but it had to be quick. I'm still helping the Earl you know.

Rayne Martinez: Okay.

Narrator: So the heroes took Olwin to the Steamworks to meet Stephen.

[The scene changes to the heroes bringing Olwin to the Steamworks where Stephen's undercarriage is still examined]

[Olwin looks up]

Stephen: Hello.

Olwin: Oh. Hello there. Are you Stephen?

Stephen: Yes, I am.

Olwin: Nice to meet you. I'm Olwin. I've never saw a steam chugger like you before.

Stephen: What’s a chugger?

Connor Lacey: The chugger/smoker was redesigned and moved from the tenders into the engines.

Twilight Sparkle: In other words, it's the name of the engines living in Chuggington where Olwin's from.

Stephen: Oh. I didn't know that.

C.A. Cupid: Well, now you do.

Zoe Drake: You can visit there sometime.

Menasor (PWT): So, what's going on with the Earl?

Olwin: Well, he ask me to do some errands for him. What kind of steam engine is Stephen?

Twilight Sparkle: He's a Stephenson's Rocket, one of the first steam engines ever built.

[Then, the team told the story of Stephen to Olwin]

Olwin: Wow. That's interesting.

Andros: We know.

Kitty Chesire: So, we are on the ball today.

Spud the Scarecrow: I know how frantic you are about the whole big estate rebuilding, especially the castle and the whole prophecy about the evil brother of Godred, but we want to be Really Useful too.

Devastator: So, we have to be ready in time for the reopening.

Olwin: Well, it's nice to meet you Stephen but I must go now. I'm still on errands with the Earl. Ta-ra.

[Olwin reverse out of the Steamworks]

Stephen: Bye, Olwin. Thanks for the chat.

Narrator: Over the coming weeks, everyone at the Steamworks worked hard to restore the old engine. Thomas, Connor and their friends came by whenever they could. They wanted to see how the work was progressing.

[The workman have repaired Stephen]

Narrator: Soon Stephen looked shiny and new. His funnel was straightened, his boiler had been fixed, and he been given his old tender, a whistle and a fresh coat of paint.

[Thomas, Percy, James and Stephen whistles]

Thomas: Now you look Really Useful again.

James Jones: Can we take a ride in him, Granddad?

Gareth Griffiths: Well....

[The Fat Controller arrives]

The Fat Controller: Ahem.

Fireman Sam: Oh, sir. So sorry. I didn't see you there.

The Fat Controller: Well, Sam, I was wondering where all my engines were.

James Jones: They're probably looking at a new engine, sir.

The Fat Controller: Well, turns out they're at the Steamworks the whole time I'm afraid. (to Gordon, Emily and Edward) I have a railway to run and you all have work to do.

Gordon, Edward, Emily and Percy: Yes sir. Sorry sir.

The Fat Controller: Wait, Percy. Thomas and James too. You too, Connor and Irelanders.

Connor Lacey: Why are you telling us to wait?

The Fat Controller: The Earl of Sodor ask me if you can help him with a special job. I don't know what he's up to but he's a old friend. I want to help him in any way I can.

Thomas: Thank you sir. We'II do our best.

Sarah Jones: We can do it. Right, Pontypandy Pioneers?

Pontypandy Pioneers: Yeah.

Connor Lacey: We won't let you down sir.

Narrator: Connor, Thomas and their friends were very excited. But Stephen look a little sad.

Stephen: You're so lucky, Thomas. Being useful is very important.

James: Come on Thomas. We should go.

Narrator: And then, an idea flew into Thomas' funnel.

Thomas: Maybe, I should tell Stephen that the Earl has a job for him.

The Irelanders: What?

Cubby: That's coconuts!            

Fireman Sam: You can't do that.            

Connor Lacey: Thomas, the Earl said not to. We promised to keep it a secret.            

Thomas: But he look so sad. I have to tell him, just to cheer him up.            

Narrator: Connor, his friends, James and Percy wondered if Thomas was doing the right thing.            

Connor Lacey: I'm not sure this is the right way to do it.            

Applejack: I have a bad feeling about this.            

Fireman Sam: Me too, Applejack. Me too.            

Stephen: (laughs)          

Narrator: But Stephen just laughed.          

Stephen: Are you sure about Thomas? I'm a antique!          

Thomas: Then why would the Earl sent you to the Steamworks to be repaired?          

Stephen: I don't know, Thomas. But I have seen people do all sorts of things that don't make any sense. Or maybe he wants to make tea in my boiler. (laughs with Thomas)          

Thomas: No! He has a proper job for you.          

Stephen: Does he?          

Thomas: Yes! You'II see, Stephen. The Earl of Sodor is full of surprises.                        

Twilight Sparkle: You know what. Pinkie, Spike and I will stay with Stephen to keep him company.                      

Connor Lacey: Okay, Twilight.                          

Mater: Is it alright if Cruz and I stay with him too, McQueen?                          

Lightning McQueen: I suppose so. But let me know when you're going somewhere like you didn't when you're with Finn and Holley.                          

Mater: I will, buddy.                          

Cruz: We'II make sure of it.                          

Finn: Sorry about that, McQueen.                          

Lightning McQueen: That's alright, Finn.                          

Chug: Dusty, can I stay with Stephen?                          

Dusty Crophopper: Okay, Chug.                          

Veemon: I will go with them.                          

Fireman Sam: Hmm. I think you kids can stay with Stephen and keep him company.                          

Mrs Chen: I agree with you Sam. You kids can learn more from him.                          

Pontypandy Pioneers: Yes, Mrs Chen.                          

Spud the Scarecrow: And me guys. It'II be fun.                          

Aladdin: Abu, you and Iago stay here too.                          

Abu: Okay.                          

Iago: Well, I suppose I can use a break after all the dangers we went into during our adventures.                      

Fluttershy: I agree.                          

Menasor: That's true.                          

Odette: Guys, I think you can stay behind as well.                          

Puffin: No worries, Princess. We'II make sure that Stephen is well looked after.                          

Prince Derek: Good luck you guys.                          

Thomas: Guys. I think we should better be going.                          

[Then, Connor and the rest of the team left and the scene changes to them, Thomas, Percy and James climbing up the slope to Ulfstead Castle]              

Narrator: Connor, The Irelanders, Percy, Thomas and James climb the steep track to the estate. The castle look very different now that it was been restored.            

Percy: Wow!            

Thomas: The castle looks amazing!            

Connor Lacey: Awesome.            

Rainbow Dash: It doesn't look like our castles back in Equestria. It's made out of stone which makes it so boring.            

Rarity: You can't rush genius, Rainbow Dash.            

Rainbow Dash: I know but the castle looks so boring compared to Canterlot.            

Victorion: Maybe we could make it just as awesome.            

Jack: We've all been working hard to get it ready. (grunts)            

James: Has the Earl ask us here to take all this dirt away? That doesn't seem like such a special job.            

Rarity: I agree with you, Jamesy. It's just dirty and dreadful. (shudders)           

Connor Lacey: Now you two, I'm sure it's not that important.            

Devastator: Yeah.      

Steel: This is going to be epic.            

James: You don't know how important it is to make sure I stay splendid and not get my shiny red paint dirty, Connor since you always get dirty by your adventures.            

Connor Lacey: Not always.            

[Then Millie puff up with the Earl in her cab]            

Millie: (giggles)            

Sir Robert: That's not your special job, James. Follow me! Ho-ho!            

Millie: (whistles)            

[Then they followed Millie and the Earl to Ulfstead Castle and just like the Vicarstown Bridge, a drawbridge have been lowered to let them in]            

Percy: (gasps) Bubbling boilers!            

Thomas: Cinders and Ashes!            

James: Wow!            

Connor Lacey: Amazing.            

The Irelanders: Whoa!            

[They went inside to see the workman and a crane hard at work as they look around]            

Narrator: Connor, his friends, Percy, Thomas and James wondered what kind of special job the Earl had in mind for them.                        

[The scene change to back at the Steamworks where Henry is fixed and leaving]                                

Narrator: At the Steamworks, Henry's valve had finally been fixed. He was ready to go back to his job. Stephen was eager to find out his job too.                                

Stephen: Do you know what my new job is, Victor?                                

Victor: Sorry, my friend. I don't know anything about it.                                

Stephen: H-how about you, Kevin?                                

Kevin: Sorry, Stephen. I don't even know what your old job was.                                

[Stephen, Mater and Chug giggle as they put the team flag on the big tall pole on Stephen's tender]                  

Mater: Dad-gum!                                

Chug: It looks very good. What do you think, kids?                                

Norman Price: Whoa.                               

Sarah Jones: It looks totally brilliant!                              

James Jones: It sure is. It even has the picture of the Elements of Harmony on it, Twilight.                            

Twilight Sparkle: I like it.                              

The Pontypandy Pioneers: Welcome to the Irelanders, Stephen!                              

Stephen: Thank you!                              

Iago: Very good if I do say so myself.                              

Stephen: Thanks.                              

Veemon: Well, cool enough.                              

Spud: Cor. Look at all the different symbols on the Irish flag.                              

[The Welcome To The Irelanders song starts playing]                              

Pontypandy Pioneers: We welcome you to our great team~                              

Mater: The best fighters we need~                              

Chug: To conquer evil in every way~                              

Veemon: To serve the good and save the day~                              

Spud: We are the Irelanders~                              

The Pontypandy Pioneers: And we welcome one and all~                              

Veemon: That's our welcome song.                              

Stephen: Whoa. How long did it take you to come up with that?                              

Chug: Quite a while.                              

Mater: Took sometime to come up with something cool.                              

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, guys.                              

Spike: What is it, Twilight?                              

Twilight Sparkle: Well, I was just reading the book and I figured out how to prevent Sir Dark Shadow's escape.                  

[She holds up the page with the crystal on it]                              

Twilight Sparkle: Legend has it that King Godred hid the crystal somewhere on the island to protect it from his brother. And it is the only thing that can prevent his escape.                              

Hannah Sparkes: Just like when King Sombra hid the Crystal Heart in the Crystal Empire back in Equestria?  

Twilight Sparkle: Something like that, Hannah.                              

Victor: What's the Crystal Empire, Twilight?                              

Twilight Sparkle: A crystal kingdom ruled by my sister-in-law and big brother, Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. I'II tell you and Kevin another time.                              

Victor: Alright, my friend.                              

Cruz Ramirez: And where is the Sodor crystal, Twilight?                              

Twilight Sparkle: No one knows for sure Cruz, but where it is we just need to keep an eye open.                       

Stephen: Well, joining your team is great but I still need to know what my new job is.                              

Victor: Just be patient, my friend. I'm sure someone will come and tell you what to do.                              

Mandy Flood: I agree with Victor, Stephen.                              

Pinkie Pie: Yeah. Have you ever heard of being patient?                              

Narrator: But Stephen wasn't feeling patient. He was feeling excited.                              

Stephen: I can't just sit around and do nothing. I'm bursting with steam now! I have to get up and go!                

[He rolled out of the Steamworks]                              

Stephen: Bye, Victor! Bye, Kevin! (whistles)                              

Victor: Stephen, where you were going?                              

Spike: We'll get him back, Victor. Don't worry.                              

Twilight Sparkle: Stephen, wait!                              

Puffin: We better go with him.                              

Pinkie Pie: Maybe we'II find the crystal while we're at it.                             

[So Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Agumon, Veemon, Norman Price, Derek Price, Sarah and James Jones, Mandy Flood, Spud the Scarecrow, Hannah Sparkes, Mater, Cruz Ramirez, Chug, Maxwell McGrath, Steel, Rayne Martinez, Alejandro "Alex" Villar, C.Y.T.R.O., Marcus Damon, Agumon (Data Squad), Thomas H. Norstein, Gaomon, Yoshi Fujieda, Lalamon, Keenan Crier, Falcomon, Jean-Bob, Speed, Puffin, Abu, Iago, Guilmon, Terriermon and Thor follow Stephen]                              

Narrator: So like a brave knight of old, Stephen and his friends set off on a quest to find his new job.                

[The scene changes to Thomas, Percy and James moving The Traveller to put supports on the roof while the Irelanders watch and supervises]            

Fireman Sam: Steady now!            

Rarity: What's the scaffolding doing on flatbeds, Connor darling?            

Connor Lacey: Well, things such as a scaffolding can't move on their own.            

Rainbow Dash: Then why did the humans do that?            

Connor Lacey: To enable workers do the work much more efficiently. It's called The Traveller.            

Chris Kratt: What's a traveller, Connor?            

Connor Lacey: A Traveller is a special kind of scaffolding. One that you can move on rails.            

Koki: Wow. That's cool.            

Aviva: Yeah. That's got to be a great invention for railways.            

Connor Lacey: I know.            

Duchess Swan: Whoa.            

Madeline Hatter: That's amazing.            

Narrator: Percy, Thomas and James had already found out their new job. Helping the men to built a roof over part of the castle. They were coupled to some flatbeds which held a tall platform that was being used to raise the roof beams. The engines would have to move it to the right place for each beam. They've never had a job like this before. They would all have to work together.            

[Fireman Sam smiles]            

[The scene changes to Gordon pulling the Express along the Main Line]            

Narrator: Gordon was pulling the Express when Spencer and Olwin came up alongside him.            

Spencer: Hello, slowcoach. I'm back.            

Gordon: Hmm.            

Spencer: Racing again, are we, Gordon?            

Gordon: Yes, we are. And no slipping off onto a siding this time.            

Spencer: As if I do something like that.            

Olwin: I highly think this is necessary Gordon, dear.            

Gordon: Yes it is, Olwin. Let's race.            

Narrator: Spencer tried to pull ahead but Gordon kept pace with him as they raced along with Olwin. Then there was trouble.            

Spencer: (gasps)          

[He slowed down]            

Olwin: What is it, Spencer?            

Spencer: I say. Look out!            

Gordon: (gasps)            

Olwin: (gasps)            

Narrator: There was something on the track ahead of Gordon. It was Stephen.            

Stephen: (humming the Roll Call song)            

Norman Price: Stop, Gordon!            

Twilight Sparkle: Watch out for Stephen!            

James Jones: Oh. I can't look.            

Puffin: Brace yourselves!            

The heroes: (gasps)            

[Gordon slammed on his brakes and stop just in time as Spencer and Olwin passes]            

Spencer: I win again, slowcoach!            

Olwin: Phew. See you later guys.            

Spike: (sighs) That was a close one.           

Abu: Whew.          

Jean-Bob: We're almost got crashed by that big blue buffoon! It's even worse than encountering alligators that go chomp-chomp! I could have being squished!            

Derek Price: We all could have.            

Iago: Tell me about it.            

Gordon: O the indignity. Hurry up, Stephen. I thought you are the Rocket.            

Stephen: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Cool your pistons, big fella. I'm going as fast as I can.            

Speed: So you have to go with it, I'm afraid.            

Narrator: There was nothing Gordon could do. He had to go slowly.            

[The scene changes to the castle where Thomas, Percy and James are still working]            

Narrator: Back at the castle, Connor, Thomas and their friends were working together again.            

[The Irelanders, Thomas, Percy and James work hard to make the castle ready for the grand opening]           

[Some tools fell off and bounced off James]          

James: Easy, Percy!            

Percy: Sorry. I didn't mean to wobble.          

James: Calm down and pay attention.          

Thomas: You both need to pay attention.          

Narrator: Then there was trouble.          

Percy: Thomas, stop!          

[The beam start to snap]          

Connor Lacey: Look out!          

[The beam snaps and falls to the ground and Fireman Sam pushes Connor out of the way]          

Thomas, Percy, James and The Irelanders: (coughs)          

Narrator: Luckily, no one was hurt.          

Applejack: Everypony okay?          

Connor Lacey: Yeah.          

Raven Queen: I'm good.          

Duchess Swan: Me too.          

Max Taylor: Are you alright, Chomp?          

Chomp: (growls)          

Jimmy Z; That was a close one.         

Koki: The good news is we're okay.         

Fireman Sam: Are you all right, Connor?          

Connor Lacey: Yes. Nice save, Sam.          

Fireman Sam: You're welcome, Connor.          

Aladdin: Jasmine, are you all right?         

Jasmine: Yes, Aladdin.         

Thomas: Is everyone alright?          

Percy: I am.          

James: I'm not! My paintwork is covered in dust. I need to go to the washdown.          

Rarity: You're not the only one, Jamesy. I'm covered in dust too. I look.. awful. (shudders)          

Thomas: You both can't go to the washdown now, James.          

[Fireman Sam and Connor laugh]          

Rarity: It's not funny. Nopony laughs at anypony who is filthy.          

Connor Lacey: (clears throat) Thomas' right. There's still work to be done.          

Dusty Crophopper: Besides, you, Thomas and Percy need to carry on with your work or the castle won't be ready in time for the grand opening.          

James: And I suppose Rarity's mane, her white coat and my paintwork's not important. Huh.          

Rarity: No one understands the importance of being clean these days. Humph.                    

[The scene changes to Brendam Docks where Diesel and Paxton are working]                  

Narrator: Paxton and Diesel were very surprised to see Stephen turn up at Brendam Docks.                    

Diesel: Who is that old-fashioned engine with the wooden boiler, Paxton?                    

Paxton: I don't know. Should I ask him?                    

Diesel: Don't bother. Out of the way, little steamie! We have work to do here!                    

Twilight Sparkle: Well so does he, Mr. Oily!                    

Paxton: (laughs) He's Mr Oily.                    

Diesel: (growls)                      

[The heroes laugh as Diesel glares]                    

Stephen: Stephen's the name. I'm looking for my new job.                    

Cranky: Here? At Brendam Docks? Are you sure? This is no place for a old engine like you.                    

Diesel: Cranky's right, old timer. Best keep out of the way and let the modern engines get on with their work.     

Paxton: Sorry, Stephen. Nice to meet you.                      

Veemon: It's alright, Paxton.                    

Mandy Flood: That's Devious Diesel, he's a enemy of the Irelanders and Thomas.                    

Mater: Yeah. He's done many awful things to him and Connor during the past.                    

Chug: Yeah, like trying to prove that diesel engines are better than steam engines and have them scrapped. He's even worse than Ripslinger, Ned and Zed.                    

Iago: And he was actually quite like the wack-o I used to work for, Jafar.                    

Dino Mammoth: He took all of the Jobi wood and send them into the sea.                    

Norman Price: And he once tried to get rid of Luke when Paxton told him about him.                    

Sarah Jones: He's even pals with Zach Varmitech.                

James Jones: He always try to use animals for his inventions and trying to steal Aviva's inventions as well and try to be better than her.                    

Spud the Scarecrow: Yeah, he's nothing but a jerk.                    

Derek Price: Also, they are both devious. That's something they have in common.                    

Spike: And another thing they have in common is that they are both black.                    

Pinkie Pie: And they're big partypoopers.                   

Jean-Bob: I don't know why Paxton joins the team after all the trouble he caused by telling Diesel about Luke.   

Reg (Rubbadubbers): I have an idea. Why don't we ask him?                    

Windblade (PWT): That's actually not a bad idea.                    

Hannah Sparkes: Except for one thing.                    

Mandy Flood: And that is?                    

Hannah Sparkes: He's already left with Diesel.                    

Norman Price: We can always follow them.                    

Twilight Sparkle: Not now at the moment, Norman.                    

Sploshy: But we have to know the answer.                    

Twilight Sparkle: You'II ask him or Connor another time, Sploshy. Right now, we need to stay with Stephen while he looking for his new job.                    

Cruz Ramirez: Right. Let's get going.                    

Thor: No crystal here I suppose.                    

Narrator: Poor Stephen felt disappointed. But if his new job wasn't at Brendam Docks, he just have to continue on his quest to find it.                    

[So, Stephen puffs on and the scene changes Thomas, Percy, James and the Irelanders continuing their job with the roof beams]                    

Narrator: After the accident was cleared away, Connor, Thomas and their friends worked hard to complete the roof. At last the final beam was put into place. The job was done.      

[Thomas, Percy and James whistled while the workman and the Irelanders cheered]     

[They went to see the Earl]      

Sir Robert: I am very proud of you. You all work marvelously together. Soon, everything will be ready for the big surprise!      

Elvis Cridlington: Oh. I bet I know what it is. Are you the King of Sodor, sir?      

Sir Robert: No, Elvis. I'm not the King of Sodor. It's a bit more big-a surprise then that.      

Elvis Cridlington: Oh. Then what is the surprise?      

Sir Robert: Ho-ho. Come outside and I'II show you.      

Connor Lacey: Okay. Come on everyone.      

James: And then can Rarity and I go to the Washdown, sir?      

Rarity: I can't stand being covered in dust any more. It's dreadful.      

Sir Robert: Of course, you can you two. Of course you can.    

[James whistles as he and Rarity set off after the others] 

[The scene changes to Stephen and the others arriving at the Blue Mountain Quarry]

Narrator: Stephen and the others was heading up to The Blue Mountain Quarry.

Stephen: There's always plenty of work for extra engines in a quarry.

Aelita Schaffner: Couldn't agree more.

Mater: It's been quite sometime since we're here.

Chug: Yeah. Last time we're here, we help Toby and Rheneas bring a Christmas tree from Misty Island to here last Christmas.

Winona: [squeaks]

Amelia: Winona's right. It has been quite a while since our last visit.

Spike: We also get to see Luke again. We haven't seen him since we help him learn the truth and stop hiding.

James Jones: And a good thing too. No one can stay hidden forever. He's such a cute engine.

Sarah Jones: I agree with you James.

Narrator: But the Blue Mountain Quarry is much bigger and nosier than any quarry Stephen had ever seen before.

Twilight Sparkle: (seeing Skarloey, Rheneas and Luke) Hi, guys!

Skarloey: Twilight, Spike, and everyone else. It's been quite sometime.

Spike: It sure is, Skarloey.

Luke: It's good to see you all again.

Mandy Flood: How are you Luke?                    

Luke: Fine, thank you, Mandy. Sarah, James, where's your uncle?                  

James Jones: Uncle Sam? Oh, he's just helping with Ulfstead Castle's restoration.                  

Twilight Sparkle: And we're looking for Stephen's special job. And this. [shows them the book with the page of the crystal still open]                  

Rheneas: What's that, Twilight?                  

Twilight Sparkle: It's the Crystal of Harmony. Created by the royal brothers of Sodor before one of them became a knight of darkness: Sir Dark Shadow. King Godred hid it somewhere to protect it from his brother. If only we knew where it was.                  

Skarloey: Well, I don't recall seeing one of those at the quarry.                  

Luke: Me neither.                  

Spike: I sure hope we find it soon.                  

Mater: Me too.                  

Norman Price: But the crystal's not the only magic thing on Sodor.                

Rheneas: What do you mean, Norman?                

Norman Price: We'II explain in a bit.          

Luke: My name's Luke. Who are you?             

Stephen: I'm Stephen. I'm looking for my special job. Could it be here?                

Skarloey: Well, I'm not sure really.                

Luke: We can always another engine.                

Rheneas: But are you really strong enough for this kind of work?                

Stephen: Strong? (laughs) I used to pull 4 wagons at a time when I worked at the mines. Give me a chance and you'II see. I want to be Really Useful again!                

Skarloey: Okay then.                

Rheneas: No harm in that.                

[So, Stephen is coupled up to a line of trucks]              

Narrator: Stephen was coupled to a long line of trucks, loaded with slate.                

Skarloey: Take it away, Stephen.              

Stephen: (strains)                

Narrator; But they were too heavy.                

Spike: Maybe we uncoupled one of the trucks. That'II help Stephen.                

James Jones: I agree. It's not safe to pull that many trucks in one go.                

Norman Price: Must you always worry about stuff, James?                

James Jones: Yes, Norman. Because, Granddad told me and Sarah that it is very difficult for a train to pull a heavy load.                

Norman Price: Well, he only drives one train which is a steam train, coach and a flatbed and that's not difficult.   

Sarah Jones: We know that. But Stephen taking all those trucks at once is far too dangerous. He could have an accident.                

Twilight Sparkle: We have experiences with those accidents so they're right. Let's try it.                

Narrator: The men uncoupled one of the trucks and Stephen tried again. And again. And again. Until Stephen finally manged to pull one truck forward.                

Spud the Scarecrow: Way to go.                

Spike: That's it? But that's only one truck.                

Sarah Jones: But it's a lot easier.                

Stephen: There we go. I told you I can do it. Now, watch how fast I can go!               

Luke: Be careful on the corner, Stephen.                

Rheneas: Look out!                

Twilight Sparkle: Stephen!                

Sarah Jones: Quick! Put your brakes on!                

Narrator: But it was too late. As Stephen came to the bend, the heavy truck pushed him forward and nearly ran him off the rails!                

Stephen: Whoa! Oh, oh.                

Maxwell McGrath: That was a close one.                

Steel: I can tell.                

Spike: Wow.               

[Skarloey went over to Stephen]                

Skarloey: I'm sorry, Stephen. You seem like a nice engine but ta, I don't think there's a job for you here.             

Stephen: Oh. The wagons I pull at the mines weren't as heavy as the ones you have here. They're were a lot smaller too. (laughs) Do you know of any mines around here?                

Skarloey: Oh, well there used to be an old mine near the Ulfstead Castle ruins but ta, oh I don't think anyone works there any more.                

Stephen: Oh, maybe my friends and I'II take a look for ourselves.                

Twilight Sparkle: But before we go, we wanna tell you guys something especially you Stephen about another friend of ours. Her name is Lady.                

Luke: Who's Lady?                

Twilight Sparkle: Lady's a magical engine. She works on the Magic Railroad. The Magic Railroad is a secret railway that can take you between Sodor and Shining Time. One time, as I recall, Diesel 10 along with Hades, Maleficent, Pain, Panic, her raven, Infinite, The Grand Duke of Owls, the Cyber Shredder and Robbie Rotten was trying to destroy Lady but was foiled by Mr. Conductor, Thomas, ourselves, and Lady's caretaker and builder, Burnett Stone.              

Stephen: Who's Diesel 10?              

Steel: He's a warship diesel with a claw on his roof which he calls Pinchy.                

Iago: He's one of our enemies as well as Thomas'.                

Abu: Uh-huh.                

Cruz Ramirez: He even trick us and Percy into helping him and the diesels takeover the Steamworks.              

Luke: I wouldn't want to come face to face with an engine like him. He sounds scary. Even worse than Diesel.   

Maxwell McGrath: And if you do, we'll be there with you at all times.                

Skarloey: Thomas told me and my friends about her. Rusty even works with her in the mountains once.            

Rheneas: Yeah. I never know Sodor has magic.                

Chug: Well, it does now thanks to Lady. She powers all steam live.                

Pinkie Pie: Yes. Twilight, Spike and Connor told me, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Applejack about it after we first met and become best friends.          

Stephen: Whoa. I bet if Diesel 10 hears about me, he'II be furious and try to destroy me.                

Mater: That is, if he mistook you for Lady.                

Twilight Sparkle: I think what Stephen means, Mater is that if Diesel 10 hears that he's the first steam engine ever built, he'II be angry and tries to scrap or destroy him.                

Mater: Oh.                

Hannah Sparkes: And the crystal is the other magic thing besides Lady and the Magic Railroad. That's what Norman means by that.                

Spike: Yep.                

Norman Price: I was right about that.             

Stephen: I think we should go and check the mine now.                

Mandy Flood: Right you are, Stephen. Come on, everyone.                

Stephen: Goodbye. (whistles)                

Narrator: Stephen's quest to find his new job was not over yet.               

[Stephen and the others leave for the mine]                    

[Meanwhile, at the castle]                  

Narrator: Back at the Earl's estate, Connor, his friends, Thomas, James and Percy were amazed to see what's inside the Earl's crates. There were thrones and catapults, flags and tapestries, old statues, shields and suits of armour from all over the world!                  

Fireman Sam: I'm impressed.                  

[Thomas then sees the same sword that he saw earlier, the one with Sir Dark Shadow imprisoned in it]              

Thomas: [to the Earl] Uh, sir, why is that sword glowing?                  

Sir Robert: Well, Thomas, a long time ago, King Godred's brother became obsessed with the power that the Crystal of Harmony held and wanted it's power for himself. King Godred tried to reason with him, but the younger brother refused to listen and became an evil knight: Sir Dark Shadow. He and Godred fought for centuries, until Godred finally defeated him using the crystal's power and imprisoned his brother in his sword. King Godred knew that his brother would return one day to reclaim the crystal, so he hid it somewhere on Sodor but no one really knows where that hiding place is. But prophecy held it that the slightest touch of Sir Dark Shadow's sword will release the dark knight and he will once again be able to use his dark energy to reclaim the crystal and his brother's missing crown, thus he will be able to use them to rule Sodor forever.        

Connor Lacey: That's exactly what Twilight's book told us.                  

Sir Robert: So, I don't want any of you touching it. Got it?                  

Duchess Swan: Okay.                  

Chris Kratt: (seeing Rainbow Dash glaring at a griffin statue) What's wrong, Rainbow?                  

Rainbow Dash: Oh, uh, this statue reminds me of my former friend, Gilda.                  

Martin Kratt: Really? Who's Gilda?                  

Rainbow Dash: She's a griffin. She used to be my friend until she starts bullying Pinkie and my pony friends. I couldn't just stand by and watch my friends get bullied so Pinkie and I decided to pull a few pranks. But that only lead to our friendship being destroyed. And besides, Glida's fast, strong and there's no reasoning with her. [glaring back at the statue] Which suits me fine!                  

Pinkie Pie: Yeah, not only Gilda is a meanypants but not cool at all.                  

Aviva: Do you know this, Connor?                

Connor Lacey: Yes. I was there at the time.                              

Thomas: I would definitely not want to come face to face with her again.                  

Koki: Nor would I.                  

Percy: Look Thomas. More metal men. (gasps when seeing a armour moving) Thomas, that one's moving! It's alive!                  

[A workman appear from behind the armour since he move the arm]                  

Thomas: (laughs) I think you'II find it has a helping hand, Percy.                  

Apple White: [laughs] Percy! You really are silly! You really thought that suit of armor was possessed!              

Connor Lacey: Sometimes I don't why you take mysterious things that happen for granted.                  

[The Irelanders laugh]                  

Sir Robert: It's all part of my big surprise.                  

Connor Lacey: What's the surprise, Sir?                  

Sir Robert: I am reopening Ulfstead Castle to the public!                  

Fireman Sam: That's wonderful, Sir.                  

Dino Pachy: Absolutely.                  

Sir Robert: Visitors will come from far and wide to see my collection of medieval treasures.                  

Thomas: And the King's golden crown?                  

Sir Robert: Ah. No, Thomas.                  

Connor Lacey: That hasn't been found yet.                  

Skipper Riley: How do you know that, Connor?                  

Connor Lacey: [in Shrek's voice] I read it in a book once.                  

Sir Robert: Connor's right. That's the only thing that's missing from my collection.                  

Millie: But guess what, guys?                  

Lizzie Sparkes: What is it, Millie?                  

Millie: Your friend Stephen is going to be the castle's guide!                  

Connor Lacey: Really?                  

Millie: Yep.                  

Fireman Sam: So that's his special job!                 

Aviva: Fantastico! Stephen would be proud!                  

Sir Robert: Oh, that's right. You can tell Stephen about his new job now if you want to, guys.                  

James: And can Rarity and I go to the Washdown?                  

Sir Robert: Ho, ho, ho. Yes, James. Of course you and Rarity can. 

Rarity: Ah, finally. I can get this dust clean off at last.

[James whistles as he and Rarity set off for the Washdown, passing Jack who is loading stone into the Troublesome Trucks]

Sir Robert: Oh, bother. I still need you three engines to take all those Troublesome Trucks away.

[The scenes changes to Hiro waiting at the Vicarstown Bridge]

Narrator: Hiro was happy to be coming back to Sodor from the mainland when....

[Two streamlined engines speed past him]

Hiro: Oh my!

[At the washdown]

Rarity: (sighs) Finally. I've never been so relaxed in all of my life.

Narrator: James and Rarity are very happy to be having a washdown when...

[The same streamlined engines from earlier speed past them]

James: What was that?

Rarity: I don't know Jamesy, but they make me dirty again. Uhh!

[The scene changes to Gordon, Spencer and Olwin puffing along]

Narrator: Gordon and Spencer were very happy to be racing each other again when....

[A streamlined engine speed past them]

Spencer: Who was that?

Gordon: Er, don't ask us. I've never seen....

[The second one speed past them]

Olwin: Well, whoever they are, we'd better go and say hello.

Narrator: The two speedy engines were waiting at an red signal.

[Gordon, Spencer, Olwin puff alongside them and stop]

Narrator: They were streamlined like Spencer.

[The two streamlined are colored pink and turquoise]

Olwin: Hello, dears. My name is Olwin, what are your names?

Connor: Hello there. I'm Connor.

Caitlin: And I'm Caitlin.

Olwin: Nice to meet you two. This is my brother, Spencer and the blue engine beside us is our cousin, Gordon.

Gordon: And did you say you're Connor?

Connor: Yes. Why?

Gordon: Because, there is a human Connor here. He is the leader of the Irelanders.

Caitlin: The Irelanders?

Connor: As in THE Irelanders?

Spencer: Yup.

Connor: Wow. Caitlin and I have heard stories of him and his team.

Caitlin: We heard that he come from Ireland near the mainland.

Spencer: Well, if you're so interested, then why don't you go and meet them?

Caitlin: Alright then but we have to do our job first.

Olwin: What's that?

Caitlin: We've come for the opening of Ulfstead Castle, to bring passengers from the mainland.

Gordon: Is that so?

Connor: Yes. This is our test run and time trial. We're having a little race. Care to join us?

Gordon: Um, well. I have to get back to Knapford actually.

Spencer: Yes, I'm afraid I have work to do too. Ha. We never raced.

Gordon: No. We're far too busy for racing.

Olwin: They're making excuses. They raced some of the time. But don't worry dears. If you are available some time, I might show you around Chuggington.

Connor: That would be great.

Caitlin: We'II be looking forward to it.

[The signals turn green]

Connor and Caitlin: (to Gordon and Spencer) Suit yourselves! (laughs and whistles)

[The three engines watch as they puff away]  

[The scene changes to the junction to the mine where Stephen and the others are]  

Narrator: Stephen and his friends are on the slope below the castle when they noticed the track to the old mine.  

Alejandro "Alex" Villar: Whoa.  

Marcus Damon: That must be the track to the mine.  

James Jones: If it is then we should follow it.  

Falcomon: The sign over there proves it.  

Stephen: Right. This may will be my last chance. Best try to make a good show of myself.  

Sarah Jones: Like Elvis does sometimes.  

Steel: Yep.  

Narrator: Stephen made his way along the overgrown track.  

[Stephen and his friends went to the wooden bridge near the entrance where it creaks under their weight]  

Mater: The bridge is creaking.  

Chug: This doesn't look like it's been used in a long time.  

Spike: We best be careful. Thankfully, it's not high up from the ground.  

Puffin: But it's not breaking or anything, which is a relief.  

Narrator: But when they finally reach the entrance to the mine, they found it was boarded up!  

Twilight Sparkle: Well, that's odd.  

Derek Price: I guess that's there for safety reasons.  

Stephen: It's true. Nobody works here any more.  

Hannah Sparkes: Skarloey was right.  

Stephen: (sighs) Thomas was wrong. There isn't a job for me anywhere. I'm too slow, old and weak.  

Sarah Jones: That's not true!  

Mandy Flood: Sarah's right. Maybe we can just go see Connor and the others and ask what your job is.  

Stephen: No thanks, Mandy. I might as well go back to the Steamworks until I can be rusted. There's no work for me anyway.  

[He began to reverse back and the camera moves up to the castle above and Sir Dark Shadow's sword glowing]  

Sir Dark Shadow: (watching everything) He and his friends are looking for the crystal! I have to ensure that does not happen! (seeing the heroes and the Troublesome Trucks) Hmm, those trucks could be of use!  

Narrator: Connor, his friends, Thomas and Percy were ready to push the Troublesome Trucks loaded with dirt away. The Earl thought they were too heavy for two small engines alone.  

Sir Robert: I must call Sir Topham. I'II ask him to send James and Rarity back to help.    

Fireman Sam: James and Rarity aren't gonna like this if they heard that they're moving the trucks, sir.  

Sir Robert: You know what they say, Sam. Getting dirty is part of the job for Really Useful engines.   

Fireman Sam: I suppose so. 

Joe Sparkes: I think this calls for a invention to help Thomas and Percy with those Troublesome Trucks. 

Connor Lacey: We haven't got time for inventions now, Joe.

Ben Hooper: Connor's right. We'II be late if you start making an invention. We'II just have to wait for James and Rarity to come back.

Joe Sparkes: Oh, alright.

Narrator: But Thomas didn't want to wait for James and Rarity to come back.

Thomas: I'm sure we can manage, sir.

Narrator: He wanted to tell Stephen all about his new job.

Percy: Hold on, Thomas. Shouldn't one of us be at the front?

Mickey Mouse: What happens when we get to the top of the slope?

Chief Fire Officer Boyce: Well, we need to be careful, these trucks can be troublesome. If you get my meaning.

Donald Duck: Um, I'm afraid it's more than that.

Goofy: What do you mean, Donald?

Donald Duck: Look!

[Connor Lacey look and gasps]

Connor Lacey: Everyone hold on!

Narrator: But it was too late! The Troublesome Trucks were already on the slope! They started to pull forward, dragging Thomas and Percy behind them!

Thomas and Percy: Whoaaa!

Ben Hooper: Everyone hold on!

Fireman Sam: This going to be a bumpy ride!

The Irelanders: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Goofy: (his hollar)

[The Irelanders, Thomas and Percy are pulled down the slope at breakneck speed]

Connor Lacey: Fireman Sam, you have to do something!

Fireman Sam: Hmm. I'II try to put the brakes on the trucks so that we can stop.

Thomas: Cinders and Ashes!

Troublesome Trucks: (whooping and laughing)

Narrator: The Troublesome Trucks were too heavy to stop.

Troublesome Trucks: Faster, faster!

Thomas, Percy and the Irelanders: Whoa!

Troublesome Trucks: (laughs)

[They went to the the track to the old mine and head towards Stephen and the others]

Spud the Scarecrow: Did you hear that?

James Jones: [sees the Troublesome Trucks coming] Uh-oh! Stephen, move!

Stephen: That sounds like a runaway train!

Twilight Sparkle: That's exactly why James told you to move!

Spud the Scarecrow: RUN!

Narrator: There was only one way to go.

[Stephen and the others race into the mine, breaking through the boards and Stephen's funnel coming off in the process. The rock above cracks and falls apart, blocking the entrance as the Troublesome Trucks bump into them]

Thomas: Cinders and ashes, Percy. That was a close call.

Fireman Sam: Well, that was a bit of a rough stop but at least the trucks stopped.

The Irelanders: (groans)

Connor Lacey: My head's still spinning.

Applejack: Everypony okay?

Fluttershy: I think so.

Ben Hooper: I'm alright.

Helen Flood: I better check to see if you're all hurt.

Mike Flood: I'm okay, love.

Helen Flood: Better safe than sorry, Mike.

[Helen, Aviva and Koki check the humans and the ponies to see if they're hurt but it shows that they're not injured]

Helen Flood: Looks like nothing's broken. That's good.

Fireman Sam: I'm just glad we avoided a nasty accident.

Chris Kratt: Well, that was a wild ride.

Martin Kratt: It sure was, bro.

B.O.B: (in Diego's voice) Yeah! Who's up for round 2?

Susan Murphy: [sternly] B.O.B?

B.O.B: Or maybe not. (clears throat and look away embarrassed)

Dr. Cockroach: You trucks should really get your suspensions checked!

The Missing Link: Forget it, Doc. Those trucks are very troublesome. They like to cause accidents for engines just like Connor said.

Tom Thomas: But you've gotta admit, that was a bit of a rough landing.

Moose Roberts: It sure was but not for....

Both: The Wild Men of Pontypandy! Grrrr.

Connor Lacey: [laughs] I love it when they do that.

Fireman Sam: Sure you do Connor. (To Thomas sternly) Now, Thomas, that was a very silly and dangerous thing to do. You should have waited for James to come back to help you and Percy. You know that you and Percy can't handle it on your own.

Thomas: Yes, Fireman Sam. Sorry, Fireman Sam. I only wanted to tell Stephen about his new job.

Fireman Sam: Well, you should have wait patiently for James to come back. That way this wouldn't have happened.

Station Officer Steele: Quite right, Sam. We'II make sure that Sir Topham hears about this.

Thomas: You're even worse than the Fat Controller scold me off for causing confusion and delay.

Fireman Sam: Well, you're even worse than Norman Price when he causing trouble.

Connor Lacey: Alright, let's not argue about it.

Sally: Yeah, let's just get going to deliver the trucks.

Narrator: Thomas and Percy pull the heavy trucks back again, feeling very relieved.

[They start to reverse and the trucks went unsquish]

Narrator: They didn't realize that Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Agumon, Veemon, Norman Price, Derek Price, Sarah and James Jones, Mandy Flood, Spud the Scarecrow, Hannah Sparkes, Mater, Cruz Ramirez, Chug, Maxwell McGrath, Steel, Rayne Martinez, Alejandro "Alex" Villar, C.Y.T.R.O., Marcus Damon, Agumon (Data Squad), Thomas H. Norstein, Gaomon, Yoshi Fujieda, Lalamon, Keenan Crier, Falcomon, Jean-Bob, Speed, Puffin, Abu, Iago, Guilmon, Robonyan, Thor and poor Stephen was now trapped in the mine.

[The camera zooms down to Stephen's funnel laying on the ground and then zoom up to Sir Dark Shadow's sword]

Sir Dark Shadow: (have seen everything) Bravo, Troublesome Trucks, bravo. Now the crystal will never be found.

[The scene changes to Maron station]

Narrator: The Island of Sodor was buzzing with excitement about the grand opening of Ulfstead Castle.

[The poster of Connor and Caitlin is put up at Maron and it changes to the real thing as Connor and Caitlin bringing passengers from the mainland]

Narrator: Visitors were hurrying across from the mainland to be there. All the engines were working hard to make sure everything was ready.

[The scene changes to Thomas, Connor Lacey and the Irelanders on their way to the Steamworks when they saw Connor and Caitlin at a red signal]

Connor Lacey: Oh, look!

Fireman Sam: Those must be Connor and Caitlin, the new streamlined engines from the mainland.

Connor Lacey: Excuse me. Are you Connor and Caitlin?

Connor: Yes. And you must be the Irelanders.

Caitlin: We've heard so much about you.

Connor: And you had the same name as me.

Connor Lacey: Yeah. But everyone usually calls me Connor Lacey as to not get us confused.

Connor: I understand. So talking ponies are real as we heard.

Applejack: Where we come from, partner, all ponies can talk.

Caitlin: That's amazing.

Fireman Sam: My hometown, Pontypandy is in Wales which is on the mainland as well.

Connor: Ah, Fireman Sam, I believe.

Fireman Sam: Yes.

Connor: Caitlin and I have heard about your rescues.

Caitlin: You even save Pontypandy from the Great Fire. You're a hero.

Fireman Sam: Not really Caitlin. I was just doing my job. Connor, er, Lacey understands it, do you?

Connor Lacey: Of course, Sam.

Connor: (to Thomas) Who are you?

Thomas: I'm Thomas the tank engine.

Caitlin: Nice to meet you, Thomas. You're number 1 I see.

Fireman Sam: That's absolutely right.

Sarge: That makes him pride of Sir Topham Hatt's railway.

Connor: Wow. So what are you doing?

Thomas: We're going to the Steamworks to tell Stephen about his new job.

Caitlin: Who's Stephen?

Luigi: A really old-a engine. They once called-a him the Rocket, you-a know.

Guido: (speaks Italian)

Connor: I didn't understand a word of what he just said.

Luigi: He-a said that Stephen is-a a Stephenson's Rocket. Designed-a in the Industrial-a Revolution.

Finn McMissle: And they're from Italy.

Holley Shiftwell: And Stephen's going to work at Ulfstead Castle as a guide.

Connor: Really?

Holley: Yep.

Caitlin: That's amazing.

Blade Ranger: But he's not alone at the Steamworks at Crovan's Gate.

Connor Lacey: Victor, Kevin and the others are with him.

Thomas: That's right.

Caitlin: We thought that unicorns and pegasus are only in fairy tales.

Rarity: That's what all people believe.

Fluttershy: Until now that is.

Gareth Griffiths: The others who is with Stephen are Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Agumon, Veemon, Norman Price, Derek Price, my grandchildren, Sarah and James Jones, Mandy Flood, Spud the Scarecrow, Hannah Sparkes, Mater, Cruz Ramirez, Chug, Maxwell McGrath, Steel, Rayne Martinez, Alejandro "Alex" Villar, C.Y.T.R.O., Marcus Damon, Agumon (Data Squad), Thomas H. Norstein, Gaomon, Yoshi Fujieda, Lalamon, Keenan Crier, Falcomon, Jean-Bob, Speed, Puffin, Abu, Iago, Guilmon and Thor.

Connor Lacey: We should be on our way.

Rayne Martinez: That's right.

Connor Lacey: Well, it's a pleasure to meet you two.

Connor: It sure is.

Caitlin: See ya later.

[The Irelanders and Thomas head off]

Narrator: Thomas, Connor and the Irelanders went to the Steamworks to find Stephen and the others.

Thomas: Hello, Victor. Where's Stephen?

Victor: I don't know, Thomas. He left in quite a hurry.

Connor Lacey: Where's Twilight and the others?

Victor: They left with Stephen as well. He kept asking about his new job.

Thomas: His new job? He didn't even know what it was.

Fireman Sam: This is very strange.

Thomas: Where could they have gone?

Narrator: Thomas, Fireman Sam and Connor was worried about Stephen and the others. And when they told the others, they were worried too.

The Irelanders: Oh, Thomas, what have you done?

Dilys Price: Oh, my Norman. (faints)

Koki: Does she always do that?

Applejack: Pretty much like Rarity.

Rarity: Of all the worst things that could happen, this is the... worst... possible... THING!

Connor Lacey: I just hope Twilight's okay.

James: See, Thomas? The Earl warned you not to say anything to Stephen. Now look what's happened.

Thomas: Nothing's happened. We'II find them.

Narrator: So Thomas, Connor, his friends, James and Percy set off to find Stephen and the others. They asked everyone they met if they have seen them.

Rainbow Dash: Have you seen our friends?

Millie: Sorry, Rainbow. I honestly can't say I've seen them.

Jack: I don't think they came to the castle.

[At Brendam Docks]

Aviva Corcovado: Have you by any chance seen our friends and an engine named Stephen, Cranky?

Cranky: That old-fashioned engine? Yeah. They were here, Aviva. Diesel had to tell them to keep out of the way.

Aviva Corcovado: Oh, well, thanks anyway. (thinking about Diesel in annoyance) That good for nothing piece of junk.

[At the Blue Mountain Quarry]

Luke: He seemed like a nice engine, Thomas but the the trucks were too heavy for him.

Connor Lacey: Is Twilight alright, Luke?

Luke: She's fine, Connor. Don't worry. And they are with Stephen but we don't know where they went.

Narrator: Nobody knew where Stephen or the rest of the Irelanders were. And it was starting to get dark.

[The scene then changes to the mine at night. Inside, Stephen was calling for help]

Stephen: Calling all engines! Calling all engines! Be on the lookout for Stephen, er, I mean us! Help! (whistles)

Spud the Scarecrow: Ah, no one can hear you, Stephen.

[The others are trying push the rocks out of the way]

Mandy Flood: Well, don't just stand there, Norman, get over here and push!

Norman Price: Oh, alright!

[He walked over and starts to push]

Narrator: The others pushed but the rocks wouldn't move.

Thor: These rocks won't budge, even with my hammer.

Spike: Twilight, can you use your magic to blast the rocks?

Twilight Sparkle: I've tried, Spike, but nothing works. [sighs] I wish we knew where this crystal was hidden.

Spud the Scarecrow: That's just great. We're stuck inside a mine again. Just like back in Cactus Creek.

Hannah Sparkes: Wait, Spud. What are you talking about?

Spud the Scarecrow: I'm talking about the time that the Pioneers, Muck and I got trapped in the old gold mine in Cactus Creek.

Twilight Sparkle: What do you mean, Spud?

[A flashback to The Irelanders' Adventures of Bob the Builder: Built to Be Wild]

Spud the Scarecrow: It all started when the Pioneers and I are cleaning out the old barn when I saw a double R on the ground. I pushed it down and then the ground just open up. It reveals a secret tunnel and since Muck was listening to Rio Rogers' stories, we decided to investigate. As we went through the tunnel, we saw a mine cart and I pull the lever and went flying down the track like a rollercoaster.

Spike: Whoa! That's really fast!

Spud the Scarecrow: It sure was. Turns out it's a brake which I didn't know.

Hannah Sparkes: [laughs] Oh, Spud. 

Norman Price: Then Muck came after us on a flatbed and we ended up in the old gold mine which close down long ago.

Derek Price: We couldn't go back up the way we came since it's really steep.

James Jones: Then we saw some arrows that are pointing the way so we follow them in hopes that we found the way out.

Sarah Jones: But then one of the arrows points up to the roof and when Spud leans against a pole, it collapsed and he fell over.

Mandy Flood: Then a saddlebag fell down from the hole and hit Muck on the head and landed on his front dumper.

Twilight Sparkle: Really?

Spud the Scarecrow: Yeah.

Spike: But what's a saddlebag doing in a mine?

Sarah Jones: We don't know.

Hannah Sparkes: So what happen after that?

Spud the Scarecrow: Well, we're nearing the entrance since it's getting lighter, We're happy since we thought that we never see daylight again. But then there's more trouble.

Twilight Sparkle: [gasps] What happened?

Spud the Scarecrow: A big rolling rock came rolling towards us so we have to run to avoid it.

Norman Price: And then we ran out of the mine and reunite with Connor and the others. Then we discovered that the saddlebag has Rio Rogers' great-great grandfather's stash of gold. So either way, Muck struck gold or the gold struck him when it fell on his head.

Spud the Scarecrow: And that's how we got stuck in a mine.

[The flashback ends]

Hannah Sparkes: Oh, I almost feel bad for you. Getting stuck in a mine twice.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm sorry this had to happen twice, Spud.

Spud the Scarecrow: It's okay, Twilight.

Mater: Chug and I were there when they tell us about their adventure.

Chug: Yep. We sure were.

Spike: Aw, man. How will anyone find us here?

Sarah Jones: I don't know, Spike.

Spud the Scarecrow: Me neither but nothing Sheriff Spud couldn't handle.

Hannah Sparkes: Sheriff?

Spud the Scarecrow: You see, Hannah, when we're in Cactus Creek, I discover a old sheriff's badge on the ground and put it on my cowboy outfit and I become Sheriff Spud. Hmm-mm. (pulls out a picture of him in his cowboy outfit with the sheriff's badge)

Hannah Sparkes: Oh, wow.

Mandy Flood: Even though he's not really a sheriff.

Spud the Scarecrow: I was sheriff as far as I know, Mandy.

Sarah Jones: This situation is getting bad.

Twilight Sparkle: What do you mean, Sarah?

Sarah Jones: I mean, if we can't get out, we can't phone for help either. Our parents will be worried about us.

Norman Price: Just like when we went missing and Trevor's bus got stranded many times.

Spike: You're not kidding.

James Jones: What do we do now, Stephen?

Stephen: Oh. Looks like we have to find our own way out of here before I run out of steam.

Twilight Sparkle: I'II use my horn to help see in the dark. (use her horn to light up)

Mater: We're taking our tires off, Chug.

Chug: Wait, what?

[Mater removes his tires then removes Chug's]

Chug: This feels weird.

Mater: Relax. McQueen and I done this when he came back from winning his fourth Piston Cup which is named after Doc Hudson. It's fine. This mine haven't been used in years. You should try it out some time with Dusty.

Chug: Yeah. Which is what you told McQueen when you said that those train tracks that lead into a tunnel hadn't been used in years but you ended up ski-daddling out of there when you thought you were being chased by a train when it was really just an old car chuckling to himself.

Mater: Well, we thought it was abandoned but I'm sure this mine doesn't have a train this time.

Chug: Other than Stephen that is.

[Pinkie Pie pulls a torch from her mane and hold it]

Cruz Ramirez: How did she kept a torch in there?

Finbar: Don't ask me.

Pinkie Pie: My mane is able to hold in certain objects.

Cruz Ramirez: Well, that's weird.

Spike: But not as weird as Pinkie.

Puffin: Right. With Twilight's magic, Chug, Mater and Cruz's headlights, Stephen's lamp and Pinkie's torch, we'II be able to see where this mine goes so we can find a way out.

Jean-Bob: If we survive in here, that is.

Iago: Couldn't agree more.

Abu: Totally with you on that one. (chitters)

Yoshi Fujieda: Let's go then.

[Stephen and the others head off into the mine. They came to a broken bit the track where the bridge has collapsed and reveres]

Narrator: Stephen and the others raced around the old mine but they couldn't find another way out.

[They then come to another entrance blocked with rocks and reverse]

Narrator: Then as they hurried around a bend, they bashed into some rocks.

Stephen: Whoa!

Everyone: Stephen!

Narrator: It started a rock slide.

[The scene changes to Tidmouth Sheds]

Narrator: Back at Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas and the Irelanders told the other engines that Stephen, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Agumon, Veemon, Norman Price, Derek Price, Sarah and James Jones, Mandy Flood, Spud the Scarecrow, Hannah Sparkes, Mater, Cruz Ramirez, Chug, Maxwell McGrath, Steel, Rayne Martinez, Alejandro "Alex" Villar, C.Y.T.R.O., Marcus Damon, Agumon (Data Squad), Thomas H. Norstein, Gaomon, Yoshi Fujieda, Lalamon, Keenan Crier, Falcomon, Jean-Bob, Speed, Puffin, Abu, Iago, Guilmon, Gaomon and Thor was missing.

Gordon: They couldn't have gone very far Thomas.

Thomas: But they might be in danger!

Gordon: Well, you shouldn't have told Stephen he had a job when he didn't.

Thomas: But Stephen does have a job to do for the Earl.

Connor Lacey: Thomas is right, Gordon. [glaring at Thomas] But apparently, he let the secret slip before it was even time to tell him.

Joe Sparkes: Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear. I do hope Hannah's alright.

Mike Flood: But what about Mandy?

Fireman Sam: Don't panic, Mike. I'm sure the kids are fine.

Helen Flood: I hope they're not hurt.

Bronwyn Jones: I'm really worried about the twins now.

Charlie Jones: I'm sure they're fine, love. Do you, Sam?

Fireman Sam: Of course, Charlie. I hope since they're my niece and nephew after all.

Dilys Price: Oh, my poor Norman and Derek. They must be suffering without me to help them. [faints again]

Connor Lacey: Dilys, Dilys, Dilys. [face-palms]

Jimmy Z; She really knows how faint a lot, does she?

Lizzie Sparkes: She sure does, Jimmy.

Gordon: I'm sure Twilight's alright, Connor.

Connor Lacey: I know, Gordon. I know.

Gordon: (calmly) You're started to worry too much like Henry as it is.

Connor Lacey: Do you know why I worry?! It's because she's my friend and I care about her. That's all part of being someone's friend. You have every right to worry about them if they are in danger or distress. And since when have you, Gordon, ever worried about someone? Never. That's when.

Gordon: I know Connor. You can worry but I suggest that you don't do it too much. I've dealt with Henry worrying too much without another one doing it. Name me one time.

Connor Lacey: Gordon! You're missing the point! All you've ever done since we first came is act big, strong and important! You boast, you show off, you even insult Thomas by calling him small! How do you think he feels when you do that?! All you ever care about is yourself! [marches off but then comes back] Oh, and by the way, I get your advice. [marches off and goes into a inn, slamming the door behind him]

[Gordon looks down shamefully]

Gordon: Oh. Sorry. Guess I let my pride get the better of me at times.

Koki: Don't worry, Gordon. I'm sure he got your advice. But I kinda have to agree with him. Why do you have to be such a showboat?!

Gordon: A showboat? Well because I'm a very important engine and I expect to pull coaches not trucks. And tender engines don't shunt, only tank engines shunt. Guess I doubt little engines a lot since they're small and can't do big things. Guess I'm wrong. Especially when Edward proves that despite his old age, he's still really useful. Guess I'm too boastful for other things.

Koki: You think? Despite how small they may seem, little engines can do big things, and you need to realize that! Remember when Thomas helped James when Connor first came here?! That was doing a big thing! You should never underestimate a little engine! Remember your alliance with Thomas when you helped him out of the mine? Don't lose or forget it before it's too late. [to the others] Come on, guys!

[As everyone heads off to sleep in a inn at Tidmouth, they each give Gordon a glare on their way past]

James: At least Connor didn't say anything bad about me being splendid and my shiny red paint.

Fireman Sam: Of course not, James. I do hope my nephew's alright.

James: Yeah. I'm used to him having the same name as me now.

Fireman Sam: [giggles] Good point.

Thomas: Stephen and the others might be wondering where they are. Gordon and the Earl's right. I shouldn't have told Stephen about his new job. It's all my fault.

Chris Kratt: No. No it's not!

Thomas: It is, Chris. The Earl told me not to tell Stephen about his new job and I did before he's ready. That got him to leave the Steamworks and went missing.

Martin Kratt: Come on, little dude. Don't beat yourself up.

Thomas: I know, Martin but Stephen wouldn't have gone missing if I haven't tell him about his new job.

Fireman Sam: We told you it wasn't the right time but you didn't listen.

Thomas: I know Sam but he was sad and I had to cheer him up.

Martin Kratt: Well, you should have thought of something else to cheer him up.

Thomas: You're right, I should have thought of that. The Earl will be worried about Stephen. We all have to find him and the others and make sure they're safe.

Sir Dark Shadow: (hearing everything from his sword) Or will you? (chuckles darkly)

[The scene then changes back to the mine. The rockslide has stopped and Stephen and the rest of the Irelanders are seen coughing]

Stephen and the others: (coughs)

Twilight Sparkle: Is everyone alright?

James Jones: I think so.

Narrator: As the dust cleared, Stephen and the others saw an old wooden chest amongst the fallen rocks.

James Jones: Look at that.

Spike: What's inside that chest?

Norman Price: Maybe Pontypandy Pete's treasure.

Sarah Jones: I'm not sure about that, Norman.

Stephen: We'll just push it out of the way.

[He push the chest and it opens to show a yellow light]

Stephen: (gasps) W-wobbling wagons!

Abu: Ooooh.

Twilight Sparkle: Whoa. Is that...?

Speed: Could it be....?

[The camera moves up to the castle and we zoom in on Sir Dark Shadow's sword]

Sir Dark Shadow: [watching everything] Finally!

[The scene changes to the next morning when Thomas spins on the turntable and Connor and his friends walking over from the inn]

Narrator: The next morning, Thomas woke all the engines up early. He had only one thing on his mind.

Thomas: (whistles) Come on, steamies. Get those boilers bubbling! We need to find our friends, Stephen, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Agumon, Veemon, Norman Price, Derek Price, Sarah and James Jones, Mandy Flood, Spud the Scarecrow, Hannah Sparkes, Mater, Cruz Ramirez, Chug, Maxwell McGrath, Steel, Rayne Martinez, Alejandro "Alex" Villar, C.Y.T.R.O., Marcus Damon, Agumon (Data Squad), Thomas H. Norstein, Gaomon, Yoshi Fujieda, Lalamon, Keenan Crier, Falcomon, Jean-Bob, Speed, Puffin, Abu, Iago, Guilmon and Thor.

Connor Lacey: Okay, Thomas.

Gordon: Sorry for missing the point, Connor. I know you're worried about Twilight but I was trying to tell you not to worry too much like Henry. My pride gets the better of me at times and prevents me from caring when I should.

Connor Lacey: That's okay, Gordon. Last night in the inn calmed my nerves.

Gordon: I just can't help being who I am. You understand, do you Connor?

Connor Lacey: Yeah. And I'm sorry I lashed out at you. I feel really bad about what I said. Do you forgive me? I should've said this last night. I'm so sorry.

Gordon: I forgive you, Connor. I'm the one who should be sorry. Shall Thomas and I have you in our alliance? United we stand...

Thomas: Together we fall.

Gordon: You help us...

Thomas: And we'II help you.

Connor Lacey: From this day forth, it shall be known...

Gordon: Never alone...

Thomas: Always together...

Connor Lacey: Connor, Gordon and Thomas...

All three: Best friends forever.

Aviva Corcovado: Ay, que lindo!

Thomas: What does that mean?

Aviva Corcovado: It means "Oh, how cute!". In Spanish.

Thomas: Oh.

[Percy and James was just puffing over to Thomas when The Fat Controller arrived]

The Fat Controller: Thomas? James? Percy? Where are you all going?

Connor Lacey: To find our friends and the Earl of Sodor's new engine, Stephen, sir.

Fireman Sam: They're missing.

Thomas: We have to find them.

[Then The Earl arrives in a car and gets out looking worried]

Sir Robert: Has anyone seen Stephen? Victor said he and the others has left the Steamworks and hasn't come back. I need him for the opening of Ulfstead Castle, tomorrow!

The Fat Controller: Oh, I say.

Fireman Sam: Don't worry, sir, we'll find him and our friends. Together. [to Connor and the others] Right, guys?

Penny Morris: Roger that, Sam.

Connor Lacey: Absolutely.

Thomas: Please, Sir. May Percy, James and I help with the search?

The Fat Controller: Very well, Thomas. I shall assign your jobs to other engines.

Thomas: Thank you, Sir.

Sir Robert: Oh, yes. Thank you, Sir Topham.

The Fat Controller: And I shall also alert The Sodor Search and Rescue Centre.

Koki: Okay. I'II try to find Stephen and the others on the computer in the Tortuga.

Connor Lacey: And we'll help Thomas, James and Percy.

Chris Kratt: We're going to need creature powers to help with the search.

Martin Kratt: And I think I saw a creature pal who can help. (turns to see Torpedo the peregrine falcon)

Chris Kratt: Torpedo the peregrine falcon!

[Torpedo zoom by and The Kratt bros touched him]

Kratt Brothers: Activate falcon powers!

[They turned into falcons]

Fireman Sam: Right. Let's get this search under way.

[We cut to the Sodor Search and Rescue centre. Captain can be seen moving through the water with Dilys on board and Harold takes off with Wallaby One. Thomas, Percy and the Irelanders are seen on the bridge]

Thomas: Stephen!

Percy: Stephen!

James: Stephen!

Connor Lacey: Stephen! Twilight!

Lightning McQueen: Guys! Mater! Cruz!

Dusty Crophopper: Chug! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Applejack: Twilight!

[The song Searching Everywhere plays in the background]

When you can't find something special And you keep on looking around Try to stay really cheerful But you can't help feeling down That's when you need a friend to help you Brighten up your day Someone to look, and find a clue To help you on your way Searching everywhere Up, down, left, right Look over there Searching everywhere Under, over, up in the air

Caitlin: Stephen!

Connor: Stephen!

All the engines working together Looking around to see what they find Everyday whatever the weather Help you look down every line So when you're feeling down and out Don't you ever give up That's when you need your friends about To take you to the top Searching everywhere Up, down, left, right Look over there Searching everywhere Under, over, up in the air Searching everywhere Up, down, left, right Look over there Searching everywhere Under, over, up in the air Searching everywhere Up, down, left, right Look over there Searching everywhere Under, over, up in the air Searching everywhere.

Narrator: They've searched every shunting yard, station and tunnel.

[The scene changes to the mine]

Narrator: There was no sign of Stephen or the others anywhere.

Sir Dark Shadow: (watching the search) Well, well, well. Looks like you should give up whilst you can.(laughs evilly)

[Inside the mine]

Stephen: Got to keep puffing.

Narrator: Poor Stephen was running out of steam.

James Jones: Keep going, Stephen.

Twilight Sparkle: The end shouldn't be that far now.

[Then Stephen and the others saw the entrance]

Stephen: Oh. I don't believe it!

Mandy Flood: We've gone round in a circle.

Mater: Aw, shoot.

Stephen: This is the tunnel we've came down at the start.

Hannah Sparkes: We better try again.

Narrator: Wheel-turn by wheel-turn, he tried to keep going but..

Stephen: I can't... move... another.... inch.

[Stephen ran out of steam]

James Jones: What do we do now?

Twilight Sparkle: I don't know, James.

Chug: Looks like we might be stuck here a bit longer than we thought.

Norman Price: I'm afraid it's worse than that.

Spike: What do you mean, Norman?

Norman Price: Well, Spike, if no one find us soon, we'II suffocate to death.

The heroes: (gasps)

Spud the Scarecrow: We'II probably be here for days and days. (gasps) I'II STARVE!

Twilight Sparkle: Well, that's just great.

James Jones: Oh, I hope someone finds us soon.

Sarah Jones: Me too. (starts sobbing)

Spike: (seeing Sarah sobbing) Sarah, I'm really sorry.

Twilight Sparkle: (putting a hoof around Sarah) I'm sure your uncle, Connor and our friends will find us.

[Outside, Percy, Thomas and the Irelanders stop the bend that leads to the mine]

Percy: Wait, Thomas. Maybe we should check down there.

Thomas: We know Stephen's not there Percy. That's the track to the old mine. We went down there when the Troublesome Trucks ran away.

Connor Lacey: I wanna check to be sure.

Percy: Connor's right. Maybe we should check anyway, Thomas. Just in case.

Thomas: Okay, Percy. I'II go. You check around the quarry again.

Percy: Don't worry, Thomas. We'II find Stephen.

Connor Lacey: Then, let's check it.

Narrator: Thomas and Connor pushed their way along the overgrown track.

Thomas: Stephen! Stephen!

Connor Lacey: Twilight! Twilight!

Narrator: The last section of track was weak where the wooden supports had rotted away. Then Thomas and Connor came to the end of the line where the entrance to the mine was blocked by the stones.

Thomas: I knew he wasn't down here.

Connor Lacey: Wait. What's that down there?

Avea Trotter: Thomas, look.

Hovernyan: That's Stephen's funnel.

Thomas: Stephen! Stephen! (whistles)

[Inside the mine, Stephen and the others hear Thomas' whistle]

Stephen: Thomas?

Norman Price: It is him!

Twilight Sparkle: Whistle as loud as you can to get his attention, Stephen!

Narrator: Stephen tried to whistle but nothing came out. His boiler was almost dry.

Spud the Scarecrow: Oh, dear. Stephen's still run out of coal and water.

Spike: What do we do then? We can't just sit here doing nothing!

[Twilight thinks. Outside]

Thomas: It's no use. Stephen and the others' not here. That probably isn't even his funnel.

Connor Lacey: You're probably right, Thomas. Come on, guys.

[They start to head off. Inside the Mine]

Twilight Sparkle: Try again, Stephen, only this time, summon all the energy you have.

Mater: And we'll help.

Chug: Worth a try.

Narrator: Stephen tried to whistle again. He summoned all his energy and...

[Stephen whistles very loudly with Mater and Chug's horns]

Connor Lacey: Is that Stephen's whistle?

Thomas: Cinders and ashes. They are here! Don't worry, guys. We're coming to rescue you! But we need help to move all these rocks. Call Fireman Sam, Connor!

Connor Lacey: On it! [Uses his walkie talkie] Sam, it's Connor! You need to get to the mine below the castle as fast as you can! We've found them! Including your niece and nephew!

Fireman Sam: We're on our way. Take us there, Tom!

Tom Thomas: You've got it, mate! 

Narrator: As quick as his pistons can pump, Thomas and Connor Lacey hurried to Ulfstead Castle to fetch help.

Thomas: Jack! Jack!

Jack: Huh? What is it, guys?

[They bring him to the mine]

Narrator: Then they race back the old mine with Jack.

[Jack rolled off the flatbed and towards the entrance with Thomas and Connor just as Fireman Sam lowers down on Wallaby One's harness]

Fireman Sam: I'm here.

Connor Lacey: And just in time too.

Thomas: Stephen! Guys! We're back. And we brought our friend Jack.

Fireman Sam: He's a front loader.

Connor Lacey: We're going to get you out of there, guys!

Thomas: (whistles)

Narrator: But Stephen didn't answer.

Draculaura: Thomas, why isn't he answering?

Thomas: I don't know.

Jack: This is a job for Jack. Don't worry, guys. I'II get this entrance cleared for you.

[He removes the rocks away from the entrance]

Narrator: As soon as the entrance was cleared, Thomas rushed forward.

Jack: Careful, Thomas.

Fireman Sam: Are you sure you want to go there, Connor? It could be dangerous for you.

Connor Lacey: I have to!

Fireman Sam: (sighs) Alright, but you better stay with me. It's my job to make sure you're safe.

Connor Lacey: Okay. Climb aboard, Sam.

[Fireman Sam climbs into Thomas' cab]

Narrator: The weak track shifted under his weight but Thomas move bravely over it with Connor and Sam and into the mine.

Thomas: Stephen! Stephen!

Connor Lacey: Twilight! Twilight!

Fireman Sam: Sarah! James!

Connor Lacey: Anybody?        

Norman Price: We're over here!         

Fireman Sam: Kids!        

Sarah and James: Uncle Sam! (ran over and hug him)        

Twilight Sparkle: Connor!        

Connor Lacey: Twiley! (Ran over and hug her)        

Stephen: Thomas!  

Mater: Did you hear our horns?        

Connor Lacey: Yes, Mater, we have.        

Spud the Scarecrow: Are we very glad to see you guys?        

Connor Lacey: Not as glad as we are to see you.        

Iago: It's a good thing that old horn and whistle trick worked.        

Pinkie Pie: Yep. It sure did.        

Stephen: Oh, I've thought you've forgotten me.          

Thomas: You're safe now, Stephen! We've come to get you and the others out of here.          

[The trio couple Thomas up to Stephen]         

Stephen: Really? I was thinking of taking up mining. Ha-ha. We can't even found our way out of a tunnel. I'm afraid you were wrong Thomas. I'm not Really Useful any more.         

Thomas: Nonsense! The Earl has a job for you Stephen. Working on his estate.         

Stephen: A job for a old-fashioned engine like me? Are you sure?         

Thomas: Yes! He's restored Ulfstead Castle.       

Connor Lacey: And he wanted you to be it's tour guide.      

Twilight Sparkle: He will? Amazing.    

Fireman Sam: And for your brother's name, Twilight, Stephen will be the Earl's new knight in shining armour. (Laughs)    

Twilight Sparkle: That would be spectacular, Sam.  

Stephen: Wow! Oh, thank you for rescuing us. I wouldn't be much use as a knight if I was stuck in a old mine. 

James Jones: We'll fix that.    

Connor Lacey: (seeing Mater and Chug on rails without tires) Why haven't you guys got your tires on?    

Chug: It was Mater's idea.    

[They reach the entrance and eventually get outside]  

Sir Robert: Stephen!  

Everyone: Hooray! (whistles)  

Narrator: By this time, the news of Stephen's rescue had spread.  

Applejack: Twilight!  

Rarity: Spikey-wikey!  

Rainbow Dash: Pinkie Pie!

Dilys Price: Norman! Derek!  

Bronwyn and Charlie: Sarah! James!  

Mike and Helen: Mandy!  

Joe and Lizzie: Hannah!  

Lightning McQueen: Mater! Cruz!  

Dusty Crophopper: Chug!  

Aladdin: Abu! Iago!  

Genie: They're alright!  

Twilight Sparkle: Girls!  

Spike: I thought I would never see your beautiful self again, Rarity. (laughs while blushing)  

Rarity: Aw!  

Norman Price: It's good to see you again, Mam!  

Derek Price: We were really worried that we wouldn't see you again, Auntie Dilys!  

Sarah and James: Mum! Dad!  

Mandy Flood: Mom! Dad!  

Hannah Sparkes: It's good to see you again, mom and dad!  

Mater and Cruz: McQueen!  

Chug: Dusty!  

Abu: Aladdin! (chitters)

Spud The Scarecrow: (laughs while kissing the ground) Mwah. Mwah.  

Thomas: Uh, Spud, gross.  

Spud the Scarecrow: Oh. Sorry. Don't mean to be doing that in front of you, Thomas. Just happy to be out again.  

Fireman Sam: Just like back at the old gold mine in Catcus Creek, Spud?  

Spud the Scarecrow: Yes, Sam.  

Princess Odette: Guys!  

Jean-Bob: Odette!  

Speedy: Derek!  

Puffin: We thought we'd never see you again.  

Prince Derek: We were worried about you.  

Norman Price: We know. And we're sorry for not telling you that we were going somewhere.  

Fluttershy: That's okay, Norman.  

Fireman Sam: Well the important thing is that you're all safe.  

Stephen: You haven't all come to see me again, have you? 

Sir Robert: Of course we have. You are a very important engine! We need to get you ready for the big day tomorrow. 

Connor Lacey: What did we tell you? Let us know that you're going somewhere.

Stephen: I will.

Lightning McQueen: (seeing Mater and Chug on rails without tires with Dusty and Dottie) Oh, Mater.

Dusty Crophopper: Chug, where are your tires?

Chug: Well, Mater suggest that he and I go on the rails when we're stuck in the mine just like he did with McQueen.

Dottie: (cocking an eyebrow at Mater and Chug) Oh, really now? Well, I better go get some new ones. I can't run the Fill N Fly without you, Chug.

Chug: You know it.

[Thomas whistles]

Stephen: Oh, sir. We've found a big wooden chest. Inside was....

[The bridge starts to crack and everyone gasps]

Everyone: (gasps)

Sir Robert: Careful!

[Then the bridge collapsed and Stephen nearly fall back but Thomas hold on to him but Norman, Derek, Spud, Sarah and James hung from it]

Dilys Price: Norman! Derek!

Bronwyn Jones: Sarah! James!

Mike Flood: Mandy!

Lizzie and Joe Sparkes: Oh, no! Hannah!

Jimmy Z: Spud!

Stephen: Look out! The track is collapsing!

Thomas: I'm slipping!

Connor Lacey: (grabbing Norman Price) Gotcha, Norman!

Lagoona Blue: Hold on, Mandy!

Fireman Sam: Gotcha, Hannah!

Chris Kratt: Got you James!

Martin Kratt: And you too Sarah. Peregrine falcon powers are awesome!

Mater: (uses his hook to catch Derek) Gotcha, little buddy!

Chug: (uses his nozzle to catch Spud) Gotcha, Spud!

Stephen: Braced the track. You need to braced the track please!

Jack: I'm coming, Thomas!

[Jack rolled up and raise his arms to hold the track Stephen's on]

Sir Robert: Hold strong, Jack!

Fluttershy: (covering her eyes and shudders) I can't watch.

Mike Flood: Come on! Hang in there!

Thomas: Cinders and ashes!

Stephen: Quickly, Thomas! Pull us back! He can't hold it for long!

Connor Lacey: You can do it!

[Thomas strains and pull Stephen to safety]

Sir Robert: That's it! Hurrah!

James: Well done!

Everyone: Hooray!

Jack: Phew!

Sir Robert: Bravo, Jack! Bravo, Thomas!

Twilight Sparkle: I knew you two could do it! [kisses Thomas, making him blush]

Thomas: Thanks, Twilight.

Jack: Good thing my arms didn't bent this time like last time.

Connor Lacey: What do you mean, Jack?

Jack: You see, Connor when I rescued Thomas from a broken bridge, my arms bent.

Fireman Sam: How did it happen?

[A flashback to "A Friend In Deed" in full CGI]

Jack: Well, Sam, It all began one day after I first came to the Island of Sodor. Ned the steam-shovel didn't lower his arm long enough and it knock loose the keystones and the bridge started to crumble and Thomas was heading straight towards it.

Connor Lacey: [gasps] Then what happened?

Jack: I jumped in and lift my loader up against the bridge and hold it with all my might as Thomas stop onto it and I didn't let go. Then Thomas reversed back to safety and as Kelly rushed to help, I let go of the bridge and it collapsed. My arms got bent as a result.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, you poor thing.

Jack: Yeah, I was afraid that Miss Jenny will be cross with me since she told me "Don't jump in where you don't belong". But she was actually pleased with me and said "Spot on and you make a mother proud".

Thomas: And a tank engine grateful. I was there at the time.

Jack: But that's not all.

Fireman Sam: What happened next?

Jack: Miss Jenny lets me join The Pack of the Sodor Construction Company and I was the happiest front loader ever since.

[The flashback ends]

Lightning McQueen: Man, you sure went through a lot.

Jack: Yep. But at least, that's over since I join the Pack.

Dusty Crophopper: How did you get your arms to be stronger so they won't bent any more?

Jack: Well, after the concert at Great Waterton, the workman made some modifications to my arms to make them stronger and not bent when holding something heavy. [something falls on his head] Ow.

Thomas: What's wrong?

Jack: Something hit me on the head.

Connor Lacey: Look!

Jessica Herleins: Is that...?

Narrator: A large transparent prism shaped object had fallen from above and hit Jack on the head.

Twilight Sparkle: The Crystal of Harmony! [holds up the book] Looks exactly the same as the one in the book!

Norman Price: It was right there this whole time.

Spud the Scarecrow: Wow!

Connor Lacey: That's amazing!

Sir Robert: I can't believe it!

Thomas: After all this time!

Percy: It's finally been found!

James: By us!

Fireman Sam: Yes!

Li' Dipper: Is it going to join Sir Robert's collection?

Aviva Corcovado: Or are you gonna use it as a line of defense in case Sir Dark Shadow escapes?

Sir Robert: Perhaps so, Aviva. Now we must all get ready. Tomorrow is going to be a really special day.

Sir Dark Shadow: (in his sword, seeing the whole thing) The time for my escape is near.

[The scene changes to the grand opening of Ulstead Castle the next day as the drawbridge lowers for Thomas, Connor, Caitlin, Spencer and Olwin to get into the castle with the brass band playing the Roll Call song in the background]

Narrator: The next day was the opening of Ulfstead Castle. Guests came from all over the island and the mainland as well.

Yuya Sakaki: Whoo-hoo!

Lucas Wanson: Yes!

Norman Price: Why do I have to wear a bow tie for the opening?

Dilys Price: Because you need to look good, Norman!

Connor Lacey: I'm afraid you better do what your mother says.

Spud the Scarecrow: Yep. You don't want to make her mad. (laughs)

Norman: (grumbles)

[Then Stephen arrives with a new white funnel with a crown on top, pulling open-topped coaches with the suit of armour waving]

Percy: (gasps) See, Thomas? The metal man really is alive! He's waving!

Thomas: (laughs) Don't be silly, Percy. A suit of armor can't wave... (seeing the armor move and gasps) What?

[The suit walks to the podium and lift his visor to reveal.....]

Sir Robert: Ta-dah!

Thomas: (laughs) Well, not all by itself! (laughs again)

Connor Lacey: It's the Earl, Percy!

Sir Robert: Ladies and gentlemen, other-worlders, engines and coaches, I like to welcome you all to Ulfstead Castle!

[Everyone clapped and whistles and his visor went down]

Sir Robert: There is still work to do but I hope to be able to restore King Godred's castle and grounds to their full former glory. And now, let me introduce my special steam engine, Stephen!

[Thomas and Connor whistles]

Jack: Hurrah! 

Sir Robert: You'II find that Stephen is an expert on history. Having seen quite a lot of it himself. And along with Millie, he'II be more than happy to show you around Ulfstead Castle and the estate! 

[Everyone cheered, The Earl's visor went down again and Stephen beamed]  

Sir Robert: Not only that, Stephen is responsible for finding something I thought was lost forever.... 

[He open the chest and lift up to reveal..... ]

Sir Robert: ..King Godred's golden crown! 

[Everyone cheered and whistled as the crown glistened]  

Jeremy Belpois: Whoa.

[Stephen whistles and reverses to Thomas]

Thomas: I'm sorry, Stephen. If I haven't said anything about your job, you and the others would never have wandered off and got trapped in the mine.

Stephen: If it wasn't for you, we would still be trapped in there. And if I wasn't in the mine, my new friends and I would never have found the King's crown.

Sir Robert: Not only am I proud of Stephen for finding such a valuable item, but I have also invited some extra special guests.

[Shining Armor leads the Royal Guard in a straight before splitting into separate lines]

Sir Robert: Princesses Celestia and Luna of Equestria and Mai Lacey!

[Celestia, Luna and Mai walk into view as the crowd cheers]

Princess Celestia: We are gathered here today to honor a very special occasion. Thomas the tank engine performed an act of bravery above any other.

Princess Luna: He put another engine's safety before his own. And discovered the one thing that has been hidden all this time. [holds up the crystal] The Crystal of Harmony!

Mai Lacey: The crystal that was hiding at the mine beneath the castle has at long last been found.

Connor Lacey: Yes.

Princess Celestia: (To Connor Lacey) And you did a good job helping Thomas found the crystal and rescuing Twilight, Stephen and the others.

Connor Lacey: Thanks, your majesty.

Princess Luna: And you also did a grand job, finding King Godred's crown, Stephen.

Stephen: [blushing] Oh, thank you. Your highness.

[Then, the strange sword starts glowing. Connor reverses in all the excitement, knocking the sword over]

Connor: Oops.

Thomas: Connor, what did you do?!

[The sword glows and a stream of black smoke flows out of it. The black smoke turns into Sir Dark Shadow. The crowd and the Earl gasp]

Connor Lacey: Oh, no. Sir Dark Shadow.

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps)

Norman Price: It can't be!

[Sir Dark Shadow uses his magic abilities to make his sword come to him. He then sheaths it and walks over to the podium]

Sir Dark Shadow: [shoving the Earl aside] Move! [to the crowd] Ah, my beloved subjects, it has been so long since I have seen your precious little King Godred loving faces!

Spencer: Who's that, sis?

Olwin: I have no idea.

The Fat Controller: I don't know who you are but how dare you make people of Sodor frighten!

[Sir Dark Shadow looks at the Fat Controller. His hand glows and he aims it at him, then a beam of dark blue energy flows out of Sir Dark Shadow's hand and hits the Fat Controller, turning him to stone]

Thomas: Sir!

Connor Lacey: No!

[Princess Celestia and Luna glares at Sir Dark Shadow with their horns ready]

Sir Dark Shadow: Why, am I not royal enough for you? Don't you know who I am?

Norman Price: Well, maybe but I'II leave that to Connor. (angrily) You're just a big stupid jerk for turning Sir Topham Hatt into stone like that!

Sir Dark Shadow: [chuckles darkly] Does my crown no longer count now that I have been imprisoned for a thousand years? Did you not recall the legend? Did you not see the signs?

Connor Lacey: We did!

[Sir Dark Shadow sees Thomas, Stephen, the other engines, the Earl, the princesses and the Irelanders glaring at him]

Thomas: And we know who you are. You're that evil knight and King Godred's brother who's return was prophesized. Sir Dark Shadow!

[The guests gasped]

Sir Dark Shadow: Well, well, well. Some people remember me. Then you also know why I'm here.

Twilight Sparkle: You're here to.... to.... (gulps)

Sir Dark Shadow: [chuckles] Remember this day very well, my subjects, for it was the most epic of your lives. For this moment forth, I... shall be... your ruler! [laughs evilly] (To Norman) As for you.... [He uses his powers to trap Norman in a forcefield] That's what you get for calling me a jerk. 

Dilys Price: Norman!

Princess Celestia: For harming Norman and Sir Topham Hatt, we'II protect the people of Sodor from you! (She and Luna use their magic against Sir Dark Shadow]

[Sir Dark Shadow fires his own beam and the three of them clash. At first, it seems Celestia and Luna have the upper hand but Sir Dark Shadow makes his beam stronger and pushes the other two beams back to their respective owners, blasting them out of the sky and onto the floor]

Connor Lacey: Your highnesses!

Sir Dark Shadow: Pathetic talking ponies. (turning to the crystal and use his powers to grab it) And now the power of the crystal is mine! (laughs evilly)

Shining Armor: Guards! Seize that human!

[The guards came running at Sir Dark Shadow but he sees them coming]

Sir Dark Shadow: Stay back, you foals! [uses his powers to shoot lightning at the guards knocking them out and then he flies off, the crowd scattering in fear as he passes]

[Gordon puffs after him as he exits the castle into the distance as the sky begins to cloud over]

Koki: Hey, get back here!

Frankie Stein: Sir Dark Shadow? Ruler of Sodor?

Connor Lacey: Not if we can stop him.

[The Irelanders headed to the castle]

Stephen: Wait for us!

Thomas: Stephen!

[Thomas and Stephen follow the Irelanders out of the castle]

Clawdeen Wolf: He's getting away!

Sir Dark Shadow: You won't catch me!

[The Wrong Trousers chase theme play in the background as the chase around the island continues]

Draculaura: This way!

Chikorita (Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon): Come on!

Sir Dark Shadow: Good luck with that!

[The chase continues until they get back to the castle. The Irelanders, Thomas and Stephen race in and see Sir Dark Shadow holding his sword close to the Earl's neck]

Thomas: Let the Earl go, Sir Dark Shadow!

Sir Dark Shadow: Or what?

Connor Lacey: (seeing the crystal) He's got the crystal!

Sir Dark Shadow: That's right, kid! And there's nothing you can do about it.

Shimmer (Shimmer and Shine): Oh, yes there is.

[The magic of the crystal begins glowing and it shines so bright that it blinded everyone in the area]

Thomas: [squinting] Too bright!

Connor Lacey: I know.

Twilight Sparkle: The crystal is powering up.

Emissary (PWT): Whoa. Toby Tripp: Wow.

Connor Lacey: Let's get powered up!

[Hits Ultimatrix]

[Connor Lacey transforms into Airkatana]

Airkatana: Airkatana!

Red (Origins): Help us out, Charizard, Jolteon, Snorlax, Gengar, Kabutops and Moltres!

Jimmy, Marina and Vincent: Come on out, everyone!

Avengers: Avengers assemble!

Jeremy Belpois: Activate Lyoko armor. Scanner, Ulrich. Scanner, Yumi. Scanner, Odd. Scanner, Aelita. Scanner, William. Engage!

Iris (Lolirock): Iris, Princess of Ephedia!

Auriana: Auriana, Princess of Volta!

Talia: Talia, Princess of Xeris!

Carissa: Carissa, Princess of Calix!

Lyna: Lyna, Princess of Borealis!

Arkayna Goodfey: Dragon Mysticon!

Zarya Moonwolf: Ranger Mysticon!

Emerald Goldenbraid: Knight Mysticon!

Piper Willowbrook: Striker Mysticon!

[The Crystal Gems prepare to fuse]

Team Turbo: Go, Team Turbo!

Max McGrath and Steel: Go, Turbo!

Max McGrath: Armor!

Steel: Cannon!

Alejandro "Alex" Villar: Go, Turbo: Eagle!

Rayne Martinez: Go, Turbo: Thunder Storm!

C.Y.T.R.O.: Go, Turbo: Drill!

D-Team: Dino Slash!

Alpha Gang: Alpha Slash!

[Dinosaurs roaring]

Dino Tyranno: Dino Tyranno, power of the Ancients! Silver Sword! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Brachio: Dino Brachio, power of the Ancients! Axe of Valor! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Tricera: Dino Tricera, power of the Ancients! Tricera Spears of Jade! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Stego: Dino Stego, power of the Ancients! Stego Skeletal Revolution! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Sabre: Dino Sabre, power of the Ancients! Sabre Wailing Whip! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Ptera: Dino Ptera, power of the Ancients! Ptera Bristle Boomerang! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Mammoth: Dino Mammoth, power of the Ancients! Mammoth Tusks of Vigor! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Centro: Dino Centro, power of the Ancients! Fossil Moon Sword! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Toro: Dino Toro, power of the Ancients! Fossil Sun Sword! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Styraco: Dino Styraco, power of the Ancients! Styraco Sword of Stealth! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Pachy: Dino Pachy, power of the Ancients! Pachy Spike Sword! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Kenty: Dino Kenty, power of the Ancients! Kenty Skeletal Drill! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Arch: Dino Arch, power of the Ancients! Arch Bone Shield! Dino Knight, ready!

Dino Itchyo (Theo): Dino Icthyo, power of the Ancients! Trident of the Tides! Dino Knight, ready!

Miles Callisto: Mission Force One...

Mission Force One: Let's get the job done!

Team Voltron: Form, Voltron!

Yuya Sakaki: Turn up the heat, Dark Magician, Elemental Hero Neos, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, Starving Venom Fusion Dragon, Decode Talker Encode Talker, Excode Talker, Powercode Talker, Shootingcode Talker, Transcode Talker and Firewall Dragon.

Aster Phoenix: Destiny End Dragoon and Destiny HERO - Dystopia, rise!

Alexis Rhodes: Come on out to play, Cyber Blader and Cyber Angel Vrash!

Jesse Anderson: Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle, Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth, Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger, Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise, Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle, Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat and Rainbow Dragon, shine bright!

Yubel: Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle, Advanced Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth, Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger, Advanced Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise, Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle, Advanced Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat, Dark Rainbow Dragon, Raviel, Lord of Phantasms, Uria, Lord of Searing Flames, Hammon, Lord of Striking Thunder, Chaos Core, Yubel, Yubel - Terror Incarnate and Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare, rise up and destroy them all!

Jim Crocodile Cook: Fossil Dragon Skullgar, Fossil Dragon Skullgios, Fossil Machine Skull Buggy, Fossil Machine Skull Convoy, Fossil Machine Skull Wagon, Fossil Warrior Skull Bone, Fossil Warrior Skull King and Fossil Warrior Skull Knight will send you back to the Stone Age!

Axel Brodie: Volcanic Shell, Volcanic Scattershot, Volcanic Hammerer, Fire Trooper and Volcanic Doomfire will burn them all to kingdom come! Fire!

Adrian Gecko: Cloudian - Eye of the Typhoon, Cloudian - Ghost Fog, Cloudian - Nimbusman, Cloudian - Poison Cloud and Cloudian - Sheep Cloud will blow you all down to size!

Yusei Fudo: Take to the sky, Stardust Dragon, Majestic Star Dragon, Shooting Star Dragon, Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste, Shooting Quasar Dragon,

Crow Hogan: Blackwing Armor Master, Blackwing Armed Wing, Black-Winged Dragon and Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower, take flight!

Jack Atlas: Turn on the heat, Red Dragon Archfiend, Red Nova Dragon, Exploder Dragonwing, Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode and Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend!

Akiza Izinski: Come out of the ground, Black Rose Dragon!

Leo (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's): Time to get to work, Power Tool Dragon!

Luna (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's): Time prove everything is real, Ancient Fairy Dragon!

Bruno (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's): Come from the future, T.G. Blade Blaster, T.G. Halbred Cannon, T.G. Hyper Librarian, T.G. Power Gladiator, T.G. Recipro Dragonfly and T.G. Wonder Magician!

Astral: Appear, Number 39: Utopia, Chaos Number 39: Utopia Ray, Chaos Number 39: Utopia Ray V, Chaos Number 39: Utopia Ray Victory, Number 39: Utopia Roots, Number 39: Utopia Beyond, Number 34: Terror-Byte, Number 83: Galaxy Queen, Number 61: Volcasaurus, Number 19: Freezerdon, Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja, Number 7: Lucky Straight, Number 25: Force Focus, Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech, Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis, Chaos Number 6: Chronomaly Chaos Atlandis, Number 66: Master Key Beetle, Number 44: Sky Pegasus, Number 54: Lion Heart, Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu, Number 100: Numeron Dragon, Future Number 0: Utopic Future and Number 99: Utopic Dragon!

Reginald "Shark" Kastle: Rise up from the depths, Submersible Carrier Aero Shark, Black Ray Lancer, Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, Number 32: Shark Drake, Chaos Number 32: Shark Drake Veiss, Number 73: Abyss Splash, Chaos Number 73: Abyss Supra Splash, Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, Chaos Number 101: Silent Honor DARK, Number 102: Star Seraph Sentry, Chaos Number 102: Archfiend Seraph, Number 103: Ragnazero, Chaos Number 103: Ragnafinity, Number 104: Masquerade, Chaos Number 104: Umbral Horror Masquerade, Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Star Cestus, Chaos Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus, Number 106: Giant Hand, Chaos Number 106: Giant Red Hand, Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, Chaos Number 107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder, Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings and Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo, Chaos Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Hunter, Chaos Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Dark Strings and Chaos Number 88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo!

Kite Tenjo: Shine on, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, Starliege Paladynamo, Starliege Lord Galaxion, Number 10: Illumiknight, Number 20: Giga-Brilliant, Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction, Number 9: Dyson Sphere, Chaos Number 9: Chaos Dyson Sphere, Number 46: Dragluon, Number 2: Ninja Shadow Mosquito, Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon, Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon and Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon!

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Bakugan, brawl!

Dan, Gunz, Shun: Baku Sky Raider, jump!

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Bakugan, stand!

Hunter Steele: Shadow!

Corona: Venus!

Igneous: Flame!

Prince Lumen: Ebony!

Princess Sparkle: Hotarla!

Magma: Brutus!

Aqune: Portia!

Brade/Quake: Dagger!

Spider Riders: Spider out! Arachna Power!

The Ninja: Ninjago!

The Mixels: Let's mix!

Toby Tripp, Nick Tripp, Lucas Wanson and Jessica Herleins: Elemental powers flow, Gormiti Lords of Nature go!

Toby Tripp: Powers of the Sea! (Roars) (Transforms into the Lord of the Sea)

Nick Tripp: Strength of the Stone! (Roars) (Transforms into the Lord of the Earth)

Lucas Wanson: Force of the Forest! (Transforms into the Lord of the Forest)

Jessica Herleins: Deminion of the Wind! (Transforms into the Lord of the Air)

Agrom: Unleash the Powers of the Earth! (Transforms into the Lord of the Earth)

Noctis: Unleash the Powers of the Air! (Transforms into the Lord of the Air)

Piron: Unleash the Powers of the Water! (Transforms into the Lord of the Water)

Tosaru: Unleash the Powers of the Forest! (Transforms into the Lord of the Forest)

The Ninja: Ninjago!

The Mixels: Let's mix!

Ky Stax: Metanoid!

Maya: Harrier!

Boomer: Frostok!

Gladion, Kiawe, Lana (Pokemon), Lillie, Mallow and Sophocles: Come on out, everyone!

Melody Piper, Cedar Wood, Cerise Hood, Hunter Huntsman, Poppy O'Hair, Crystal Winter, Briar Beauty, Blondie Lockes, Ashlynn Ella, Holly O'Hair, Sage, Shinigami, Tech E. Coyote, Agent J, Preston Stormer, Madeline Hatter, X-23, Dashiell Robert Parr, Alistair Wonderland, Bunny Blanc, Courtley Jester, Lizzie Hearts, Kitty Chesire: Masterforce!

Alistair Wonderland, Bunny Blanc, Courtley Jester, Lizzie Hearts and Kitty Chesire: Transform! God on!

Madeline Hatter, X-23 and Dashiell Robert Parr: Transform! Head on!

Melody Piper, Cedar Wood, Cerise Hood, Hunter Huntsman, Poppy O'Hair, Crystal Winter, Briar Beauty, Blondie Lockes, Ashlynn Ella, Holly O'Hair, Sage, Shinigami, Tech E. Coyote, Agent J and Preston Stormer: Transform! Merge!

Metabee: Brass, Cynadog, Sumilidon and Peppercat, merge with me and become Megabee!

Vision (Avengers Assemble (2013): Endurix, Totalizer, Arcbeetle and Rokusho, combine into Visionus Maximus!

Silverbolt (G1): Aerialbots, combine into Superion!

Hot Spot: Protectobots, merge to become Defensor!

[The others did as Metabee, Vision, Silverbolt and Hot Spot said]

Empolegon: Pokébots, merge into Regigigatron!

Veetramon: Digibots, merge into Omnibeemon!

Optimus Prime (G1-RID (2015): Autobots, combine into Optimus Maximus!

Megabee: Prepare for battle!

Sky Lynx: Eight can play in this Combiner game! Hound, Trailbraker, Wheeljack and Smokescreen, combine into Sky Reign!

[The five Autobots combined into Sky Reign]

Cheetor, Rattrap, Blackarchnia, Silverbolt (BW-BM), Nightscream and Botanica (BM): I am transformed!

Rhinox, Dinobot, Tigatron, Airazor and Depth Charge: Maximals maximize!

Team Bullet Train: Bullet Fusion Mode!

Rail Racer: Rail Racer! Fusion complete!

Wedge: Build Team... Combine!

Landfill: Landfill! Let's dance.

[High Wire, Sureshock and Grindor combined into Perceptor (Armada)]

Ironhide (Armada): Ironhide!

Jetfire (Unicron Trilogy): Jetfire!

Both: Powerlink!

Powerlink Ironhide: Powerlink Ironhide!

Rodimus (Energon): Rodimus!

Prowl (Energon): Prowl!

Both: Powerlink!

Powerlink Rodimus: Powerlink Rodimus!

Hot Shot (Unicron Trilogy): Hot Shot!

Inferno/Broadside: Inferno!

Both: Powerlink!

Powerlink Hot Shot: Powerlink Hot Shot!

Downshift: Downshift!

Cliffjumper (Energon): Cliffjumper!

Both: Powerlink!

Powerlink Downshift: Powerlink Downshift!

Superion Maximus: Powerlink! Superion Maximus! Powerlink complete!

Bumblebee (Transformers: Prime/Robots in Disguise (2015): Sideswipe, Strongarm, Grimlock, Drift, let us combine into Ultra Bee!

[Team Bee combined into Ultra Bee]

Kim Possible: Kim Possible!

Daring Charming: Daring Charming!

Both: Powerlink!

Powerlink Kim Possible: Powerlink Kim Possible!

The Mask, Apple White and Raven Queen: Cyber-Key Power!

Darling Charming: Frozen, Jeremy, Lightning and Jessica Cruz! Combine into Knightonus!

Ron Stoppable, Dexter Charming, C.A. Cupid and Sparrow Hood: Come on out my friends. Calling the Yo-Kai All-Stars! Yo-Kai medals, do your thing!

Yo-Kai Watch: Summoning Brave, Mysterious, Tough, Charming, Heartful, Shady, Eerie, Slippery and Legendary!

Chorus: Sumo shave! Flavo engrave! Flash team'a Brave! A-Boo-shiggy, boo-shiggy, boogie woogie! Gruff stuff! Rough bluff! Red ban, jacket stand, bling blang, Tough! Cling-clang delirious, Mysterious! Alarming, boom, boom! Walla, walla, dance, dance, Charming! Speedy artful! Sing la-la-la! Everywhere Heartful! Marvelous thee! Gusty, free banshee! Sing, song Shady! Lookie-lee, lookie-lee, flippidy-dee! Lookie-lee, lookie-lee, bubba Eerie! Trippery! Gippery! Slimey-wimey do, Slippery! Imaginary! Incendiary! Flip flop, squiggle boom, slim slam, Legendary!

Yo-Kai Watch Moldel 0: Oh, summoning time. [Plays the tribe themes] Summoning Brave, Mysterious, Tough, Charming, Heartful, Shady, Eerie, Slippery and Legendary!

Yo-Kai Watch Model U: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Summoning Brave, Mysterious, Tough, Charming, Heartful, Shady, Eerie, Slippery, Legendary and Enma tribe!

Chorus: (Playing the tribe theme)

Yo-Kai Watch Dream: It's Brave, Mysterious, Tough, Charming, Heartful, Shady, Eerie, Slippery and Legendary time! Sushi Roulette! [Tribe theme plays] Congratulations!

Razer: Summoning! [Inserts the Yo-Kai arc]

Yo-Kai Watch Elder: Shadow!

Razer: Come on out, my friends! Jibanyan! Komasan! Azure Dragon!

Rokusho: Possession! Swordsman Spirit Acula! Lend me your strength!

Yo-Kai Watch Ogre: [singing] Lightning! Thunder! Electric Attack! Immovable Thunder Sword!

Swordsman Spirit Acula: Swordsman Acula has arrived!

Cathy Smith: Suzaku Disc! Yo-Kai Watch Animus! Descend, Mythical Beast Suzaku!

Suzaku: Suzaku has arrived!

Will Vandom: Guardians unite! Lightning!

Irma Lair: Water!

Taranee Cook: Fire!

Cornelia Hale: Earth!

Hay Lin: Air!

Marinette Dupain-Cheng: Tikki, spots on!

[Marinette Dupain-Cheng transforms into Ladybug]

Adrien Agreste: Plagg, claws out!

[Adrien Agreste transforms into Cat Noir]

Chloé Bourgeois: Pollen, bug on!

[Chloé Bourgeois transforms into Queen Bee]

Alya Césaire: Trixx, let's pounce!

[Alya Césaire transforms into Rena Rouge]

Nino Lahiffe: Wayzz, shells on!

[Nino Lahiffe transforms into Carapace]

Jason Lee Scott: It's Morphin' Time!

The Space Rangers: Let's Rocket!

Karone: Go, Galactic!

Ryan Mitchell: Titanium Power!

The Time Force Rangers: Time for Time Force!

Eric Myers: Quantum Power!

The Wild Force Rangers: Wild Access! HA!

The Wind Rangers: Ninja Storm!

The Thunder Rangers: Thunder Storm!

Cameron Watanabe: Samurai Storm!

All together: Ranger Form! HA!

The Dino Rangers: Dino Thunder! Power Up!

Trent Fernandez-Mercer: White Ranger! Dino Power!

All together: HA!

The S.P.D. Rangers: S.P.D.! Emergency!

The Mystic Rangers: Magical Source! Mystic Force!

Ronny Robinson: Overdrive! Accelerate!

The Jungle Fury Rangers: Jungle Beast! Spirit Unleashed!

The RPM Rangers: RPM! Get in Gear!

The Super Megaforce Rangers: Super Mega Mode!

Tyler Navarro: Dino Charger!

The Dino Charge Rangers: Ready! Energize! Unleash the Power!

Brody Romero: Power Star!

The Ninja Steel Rangers: Lock In! Ready! Ninja Spin!

The Morphing sequence from Mighty Morphin to Ninja Steel begins.

Tai Kamiya: It's time to digivole!

Agumon (Season 1): Agumon double warp digivoles to...

Tentomon: Tentomon double warp digivoles to...

Biyomon: Biyomon double warp digivoles to...

Gabumon: Gabumon double warp digivoles to...

Palmon: Palmon double warp digivoles to...

Patamon: Patamon double warp digivoles to...

Gomamon: Gomamon double warp digivoles to...

Biyomon: Biyomon double warp digivoles to...

Gatomon: Gatomon warp digivole to...

WarGreymon: WarGreymon!

HerculesKabuterimon: ...HerculesKabuterimon!

Hououmon: ...Hououmon!

MetalGaruramon: ...Garuramon!

Rosemon (Adventures tri): ...Rosemon II!

Seraphimon: ...Seraphimon!

Vikemon: ...Vikemon!

Magnadramon: ...Magnadramon!

VEEMON: Veemon, armour digivolve to...

FLAMEDRAMON: Flamedramon, the Fire of Courage!

CODY: Armadillomon, you too!

ARMADILLOMON: Armadillomon, armour digivolve to...

DIGMON: Digmon, the Drill of Power!

YOLEI: Hawkmon, go for it!

HAWKMON: Hawkmon, armour digivolve to...

HALSEMON: Halsemon, the Wings of Love!

Wormmon: Wormmon digivolve to...

Stingmon: Stingmon!

Takato, Henry, Rika and Ryo: Digimodify! Bio-merge activate!

Guilmon: Guilmon bio-merge to...

Terriermon: Terriermon bio-merge to...

Renamon: Renamon bio-merge to...

Cyberdramon: Cyberdramon bio-merge to...

Gallantmon: Gallantmon!

MegaGargomon: MegaGargomon!

Sakuyamon: Sakuyamon!

Justimon: Justimon!

DigiDestined (Frontier): Execute! Ancient Spirit evolution!

(The DigiDestined ancient spirit evolves into Susanoomon)

The DATS: DNA Charge! Overdrive!

Agumon (Data Squad): Agumon double warp digivoles to...

Gaomon: Gaomon double warp digivoles to...

Lalamon: Lalamon double warp digivoles to...

Falcomon: Falcomon double warp digivoles to...

ShineGreymon: ShineGreymon!

MirageGoagamon: MirageGoagamon!

Rosemon (Data Squad): Rosemon!

Ravemon: Ravemon!

Mikey Kudo: Shoutmon! Ballistamon! Dorulumon! Starmons! Sparrowmon! Digifuse!

Team Shoutmon: Digifuse!

Shoutmon X5: Shoutmon X5!

Christopher Aonuma: Greymon! MailBirdramon! Digifuse!

Both: Digifuse!

MetalGreymon (Fusion): MetalGreymon!

Vakama: HyperForce Red! Ready! Power up!

Jetstorm (Autobot Mini-Con): HyperForce Blue! Ready! Power up!

Faybelle Thorn: HyperForce Black! Ready! Power up!

Mata Nui: HyperForce Yellow! Ready! Power up!

Venus McFlytrap: HyperForce Pink! Ready! Power up!

Toa Lewa: HyperForce Green! Ready! Power up!

Lok Lambert: Appear, Baselaird, Lindorm, Pendragon and Kipperin!

Dante Vale: Rise, Caliban and Ariel!

Sophie Casterwill: Come on out, Sabriel!

Zhalia Moon: Help us out, Gareon!

Ryan Steele: Trooper transform!

VR Troopers: We are VR!

Beetleborgs: Beetle Binders! Beetle Blast!

Thomas: Sodor Supreme Team, power up!

[He and his friends got a Monster Buster Club outfit]

Stephen: Whoa! Look at me!

Bunny Blanc: Fabulous.

Chris and Martin Kratt: Activate creature powers! (turns into a falcon and spider monkey)

Sir Dark Shadow: This ends now!

[The battle commences]

Ky Stax: Take that!

Sir Dark Shadow: [swings his sword]

[The battle continues on the castle]

[Spud uses his karate skills on Sir Dark Shadow and he falls back]

Schuyler "Sky" Tate: Take that!

Sir Dark Shadow: Take this!

[The swords clash together and the two are falling back to the ground and they get back up on their feet]

[The two have gotten the crystal at the top of the castle]

Sir Dark Shadow: At last, the crystal is mine!

[Then, a blinding light starts to shine]

[The crystal began to glow a bright colour and it shines so bright, it blinded everyone including the Irelanders]

Sparrow Hood: Whoa.

Duchess Swan: What is that?

Antauri: I guess, it must be the crystal.

[The crystal glows so bright that it gives the Irelanders special armor and swords and shields. Stephen has a new look and has a long shining yellow coat of paint]

Stephen: Whoa.

Razer: Like the real look of a knight of Sodor.

[The Irelanders agreed and the battle continues on]

Sir Airkatana: Okay.

Sir Dark Shadow: Ready for round two?

[The Irelanders have gotten to the battle and going to defeat Sir Dark Shadow]

[They swing their swords all at once and a rainbow slash glides across the way]

[Then, Sir Dark Shadow gets down as he dodges the swords and then he felt a sharp pierce of metal as the sword pierces through his chest.]

Ron Stoppable: Take that!

[Then, the team uses every attack to finish Sir Dark Shadow for good]

Sir Dark Shadow: This can't be happening to me!

[Then, Sir Dark Shadow has been destroyed and everyone cheered]

Thomas: Now, for The Fat Controller and Norman.

[They head back to the castle to find the Princesses fully healed]

Twilight Sparkle: Princesses! [hugs them] You're okay!

Princess Luna: Now that Sir Dark Shadow has been defeated, we can now use our magic to reverse the spells he's done.

[Twilight, Shining Armor, Princess Celestia and Luna use their magic to free Norman and turn The Fat Controller back to normal]

Norman Price: Mam! Derek! Spud!

Dilys and Derek: Norman!

Spud the Scarecrow: Good to have you back, buddy. (He and Norman hugged)

Norman Price: It's good to be back.

Thomas: Sir!

The Fat Controller: Thomas!

Venoct: Are you okay, Sir?

The Fat Controller: I'm fine.

[The Guards untie the Earl]

Sir Robert: Thank you, pony guards!

Daring Charming: You're welcome.

Mack: We might as well get the guests back so that we can continue the opening.

[Later, the guests have returned]

Sir Robert: Ladies and gentlemen. In days of old, the knights of Sodor would race between the island's castles. Today, we propose to race two of our shining knights in armour, Connor and Caitlin!

Martin Kratt: [dressed in Connor merchandise] Whoo!

Connor Lacey: Huh?

Mai Lacey: That engine has a lot of merchandise being produced.

Twilight Sparkle: And he has the same name as your son. (giggles)

Connor Lacey: [sternly] Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: What?

Connor Lacey: Just because we have the same name, doesn't mean you have to joke about it.

Twilight Sparkle: I know. Just letting your mother know.

Mai Lacey: Thanks.

Norman Price: (to himself) Hopefully, no one tells Mai Lacey that I caused the Great Fire of Pontypandy.

Mai Lacey: I heard that, Norman Price!

Connor Lacey: Yeah.

Spud the Scarecrow: Guess she already knows about us causing it.

Connor Lacey: Yep.

Derek Price: Oh boy.

[Connor and Caitlin starts to reverses then stop]

Connor: Hey, Spencer and Gordon. Why don't you race too?

Caitlin: Come on! You'II love it.

Olwin: Go on, boys.

Sir Robert: Ha-ha! That's a splendid idea. Uh, only if Sir Topham agrees, of course.

The Fat Controller: Well, since we are celebrating a special occasion, maybe just this once.

[Everyone cheered and the engines whistled as Gordon and Spencer smiled at each other and get ready to race]

Sir Robert: Knights in shining armor. On your marks.... get set...... go! Everyone: (laughs)

[The four engines raced down the hill with Thomas, Stephen and the Irelanders watching as the song "It's Gonna be a Great Day" plays]

Rock and roll, click-clack Steaming down the track The fun just never ends Every day's a good good day For Thomas and his friends Steady, steady, steady Everybody's getting ready The Steam Team leads the way It's a very special day It's getting better and better Now everybody say hey! It's gonna be a great day Rocking and a rolling, they're riding the rails In the noon day light Shunting and a hauling freight They don't wanna be late They wanna do what's right Weesh-Weesh, Whoo-Whoo They know what they have to do They are a useful crew It's a very special day It's getting better and better Now everybody say hey! It's gonna be a great day Weesh, Weesh, Whoo-Whoo They know what they have to do They are a useful crew It's a very special day It's getting better and better Now everybody say hey! It's gonna be a great day Now it's a very special day It's getting better and better Now everybody say hey! It's gonna be a great day It's a very special day It's getting better and better Now everybody say hey! It's gonna be a great day It's gonna be a great day

[The scene changes to the bottom of the hill where Sir Dark Shadow emerges, revealing to have survived]

Sir Dark Shadow: They may have won this round, but Round 2 is just beginning. [laughs evilly]

[Then he hears someone approaching]

Sir Dark Shadow: Who's there?

[Shadow MEYU'Demosnake Linda Ryan the Tengu Shredderette came out of the shadows]

Shadow MEYU'Demosnake Linda Ryan the Tengu Shredderette: Only me.

Sir Dark Shadow: Who are you?

Shadow MEYU'Demosnake Linda Ryan the Tengu Shredderette: I am Linda Ryan a Shadow Magi Etho Demosnake. But you can call me, the Tengu Shredderette.

[Diesel rolled up]

Diesel: I'm Devious Diesel. But most people call me Diesel for short.

Sir Dark Shadow: What do you want from me?

Shadow MEYU'Demosnake Linda Ryan the Tengu Shredderette: Only to join our forces.

Diesel: We've encounter Connor Lacey, his friends and those steamies many times before and we want revenge on them. I want to prove that diesels are better than steamies and have them scrapped and replaced. If only The Fat Controller haven't interfered many times before.

Sir Dark Shadow: Well, if it means revenge then sure.

Diesel: Not only you will become king of Sodor but controller of the North Western Railway who'II get rid steamies and replaced with modern diesels like me too.

Sir Dark Shadow: Okay.

Shadow MEYU'Demosnake Linda Ryan the Tengu Shredderette: That's exactly what we like to hear, Sir Dark Shadow.

Diesel: Good.

[They all cackled]

The End

Then, the preview of the next adventure begins.

Scooby-Doo: Hiya, everyone. Scooby and Shaggy here.

Shaggy: The gang have broken up, but the Irelanders have come to help us get back together by solving the mystery of the strange happenings of the collage kids.

Scooby-Doo: And we'll be in shock to find out that my own nephew is behind all of this, or maybe his evil clone.

Shaggy: We'll find out next time on The Irelanders' Adventures: The Irelanders' Adventures of Scooby-Doo! The Movie.

Scooby and Shaggy: See you there.

[The screen goes black as they wave]

[The credits have started]