This is the script for The Irelanders' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: Misty Island Rescue.  

Connor Lacey: Okay, guys, time to head to Sodor again. Something very special is going on.  

Fireman Sam: What's special?  

Station Officer Steele: When Sir Topham Hatt called, Sam, he said he'd give us further information when we get there.  

Fireman Sam: Fair enough, Sir.  

Chris Kratt: Oh, I can't wait.  

Martin Kratt: I know. Our second visit to Sodor.  

Lightning McQueen: And that's only after we've been there for months and having our adventures after it.

Dusty Crophopper: I know.  

Twilight Sparkle: Well, what are we waiting for, let's get going.  

Jimmy Z: Tortuga time! Set a course for the Island of Sodor and fly.  

[They flew to Sodor in the Tortuga and the intro begins and ends with the title The Irelanders' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: Misty Island Rescue]  

Narrator: Misty Island Rescue. The Island of Sodor is a world of wonder. There are places and faces that are old and new. There are bridges and tunnels that engines puff through. There are hilltops and clifftops to climb and explore. There are rivers and railways and much, much more. All on the Island of Sodor. There was great excitement on the island.  

[Harold the helicopter flew in with a climber in his sling towards a construction site just outside of a nearby cliff]

Narrator: A brand new Search and Rescue Centre was being built. The engines had never heard of anything quite so special. They knew it was important.  

Thomas: Well done Harold! You saved the climber!  

[Harold carefully lowers the climber to the ground]  

Harold: Mission accomplished! No one is hurt and everyone is safe! Please to see ya, Thomas!  

The Fat Controller: Good job, Harold!  

[Harold lands]  

Harold: Thank you, sir! Rather a tight squeeze coming in to land, sir.  

The Fat Controller: That's why Sodor needs a Search and Rescue Centre. A proper place and a proper space to help people in trouble. Your helipad will be over there, Harold.  

Harold: Terrific, Sir!  

The Fat Controller: Rocky, your shed will be over there.  

Rocky: I've never had a shed of my own before.  

The Fat Controller: And Captain, you will have a safe mooring and a boathouse.  

Captain: Can't wait, sir. Ready and raring to be really useful.  

Thomas: And is this where The Rescue Centre building will be?  

The Fat Controller: That's right, Thomas. Right in the middle. It will be a magnificent building. It will be made of the strongest wood of all; Jobi Wood. It will arrived today at Brendam Docks.  

Narrator: Thomas and his friends gasped. They had all heard about Jobi wood.  

Connor Lacey: Hi, guys!  

Thomas: Oh, Connor, guys, hi. We didn't see you there.  

Razer: That's alright.  

The Fat Controller: Ah, Connor, Irelanders. Good to see you again.  

Axel Brodie: It's nice to see you too, sir.  

Connor Lacey: So what's going on here, sir?  

The Fat Controller: We're building a Search and Rescue Centre to help people in trouble.  

Fireman Sam: That's sounds like our thing.  

Connor Lacey: (seeing Harold) Hey, I know you. You're Harold!  

Harold: How do you know who I am?  

Connor Lacey: You're that helicopter that accidentally spread sneezing powder on the rails.  

Harold: Sorry about that, chap. Say, you're Connor Lacey and the Irelanders, are you?  

Connor Lacey: Yes, that's us.  

Harold: Thomas and Percy told me all about you and your adventures especially Tom Thomas and his helicopter, Wallaby One.  

Tom Thomas: Thanks, mate.  

The Fat Controller: I've also invited some friends of yours, Connor to help with the construction.  

Connor Lacey: Who'll that be?  

[Then the Chuggineers (Zack, Fletch and Tyne) and Brewster rolls up singing their song]  

The Chuggineers: We are the Chuggineers.  

Brewster: Brewster!  

Fletch: Fletch!  

Tyne: Tyne!  

Zack: Zack!  

The Chuggineers: We are the Chuggineers.  

Brewster: And we are here to help everyone be ready.  

Connor Lacey: Brewster, Zack, Tyne, Fletch!  

Brewster: Hey guys. Long time no see.   

Devastator (PWT): We haven't seen each other since we've been in Chuggington.  

Brewster: Totally.  

Twilight Sparkle: Nice look, Zack.  

Zack: Thanks.  

Robecca Steam: Well, what brings you four to Sodor?  

Zack: We're here to help build the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre.  

Fletch: Sir Topham Hatt asked for us especially.  

Koki: You know these trains, Connor?  

Connor Lacey: Yes. This is Brewster, Zack, Fletch and Tyne. They're the Chuggineers.  

Jimmy Z: The Chugg- what?  

Zack: Basically, we're a team of railway construction chuggers.  

Tyne: We even make make old buildings go ka-boom!  

Mack: We know Tyne.  

Brewster: Who are your new friends, Connor?  

Connor Lacey: This is Martin Kratt, his brother Chris Kratt, Fireman Sam, Aviva, Koki, Jimmy Z, the Pontypandy Pioneers, Penny, Elvis, Trevor, Tom, Mike, Helen, Station Officer Steele, Chief Fire Officer Boyce, Tom Thomas, Mrs Chen, Lily Chen, Moose Roberts, Gareth Griffiths and Dilys Price.  

Tyne: Good to meet you.  

Fletch: We heard about this island from Olwin since she comes here with you guys.  

Zack: And you must be Thomas.  

Thomas: Yes, I am.  

The Fat Controller: Welcome to Sodor. I am Sir Topham Hatt.  

Brewster: Pleased to meet you.  

The Fat Controller: Ahem.  

[The Chuggineers are confused]  

Connor Lacey: You're supposed to call him sir.  

The Chuggineers: Oh.

Brewster: We're pleased to meet you, Sir.  

The Fat Controller: I'm pleased to meet you too. I'm sure you'll all do a fine job.  

Aviva Corcovado: Wait, did I hear that one of you is called Zack?  

Zack: Yes. Why?  

Aviva Corcovado: I have an arch nemesis named Zach Varmitech. 

Brewster: Who's Zach Varmitech?

Chris Kratt: He's a robotics inventor who uses animals to power up his inventions.

Martin Kratt: He also tried to steal Aviva's inventions too.

Connor Lacey: Me and my team have tangled with him before.

Skipper Riley: Like when he works with Clayton to capture Tarzan's gorilla family.

Aviva Corcovado: And you share the same name with him.

Zack: Sorry. My name ends with a k. Z A C K.

Koki: Yeah, Aviva. Try not to get the two mixed up.

Aviva Corcovado: Oh. Right.

Razer: So, shall we get started?

The Fat Controller: First, Thomas, you must take the hiker back to Knapford Station. Then you must hurry to help Percy. The Irelanders will help you. There's a lot to do.

Narrator: The Fat Controller was right. There was a lot to do. New tracks had to be built. The whole gang was helping to get working on the new Search and Rescue Centre. Edward and Henry heaved and the heavy rails and rods. James and Emily shunted and shove the bricks and mortar for the new platform and station house. Gordon and Toby huffed and puffed to the quarry for slate. And The Irelanders, Thomas and Percy were at the Docks. They saw a big ship. It was piled high with rich red logs.

Thomas: That must be the Jobi Wood.

Percy: I wonder who will pull it to the Rescue Centre.

Station Officer Steele: We'll soon find out.

[Thomas and Percy whistles and leaves Brendam Docks and later all the engines arrived to see the Jobi Logs]

Narrator: Later, all the engines were at the docks. They wanted to see Cranky unload the Jobi wood.

Hiro: This Jobi wood comes from my country, guys.

Fireman Sam: I must say, Hiro, I'm impressed.

Hiro: It is so strong. No wind can blow it down or a storm would break it. It is very special.

Connor Lacey: Wow.

Hovernyan: Fascinating.

Hiro: There are only one or two islands where the Jobi trees grow.

Norman Price: Whoa.

Spud the Scarecrow: That sounds cool.

Jimmy Z: I don't get it. If Jobi Wood can't be broken, how did people chop them down?

Hovernyan: Yes.

Apple White: Maybe they used a special kind of axe.

Hiro: Perhaps so, Apple.

The Fat Controller: The engine that's been the most Really Useful by the end of the day will pull the Jobi logs to the Search and Rescue Centre.

Narrator: The engines and the Irelanders stuttered and muttered. They all wanted to be the most Really Useful engine.

The Fat Controller: Don't delay. Puff away. You all have jobs to do.

Narrator: The engines wheeshed and whooshed out of the docks. Thomas and the Irelanders had to wait. He had to be coupled up to some freight cars of bricks. They stared at the Jobi wood. Thomas' eyes were bright and his boiler bubbled with excitement. He wanted to pull the Jobi flatbeds.

[The Irelanders and Thomas looked at the Jobi wood]

Connor Lacey: Whoa.

Narrator: Diesel oiled over.

Twilight Sparkle: [sighs] Not him again.

[The Irelanders have a worried look on their faces]

Chris Kratt: That's the same diesel who laughs at James for being painted pink.

James Jones: Oh, you mean my engine counterpart. I get it.

Fireman Sam: What are you doing here, Diesel?

Diesel: Doing some work for The Fat Controller. What does it look like?

Connor Lacey: What kind of work?

Diesel: Shunting trucks, pull trains. You should know that. Hey, I know you guys. You're with James when he's all pink. (laughs remembering it)          

Norman Price: Oh, ha-ha, laugh it up. Real funny.          

Spud the Scarecrow: It was only an undercoat at the time.          

Pinkie Pie: Yeah. Just like when Thomas got a pink undercoat when he's painted blue after he arrived.          

Duchess Swan: If I know Diesel, he's probably got some mean trick up his sleeve.          

Aviva Corcovado: Just like Thomas and his friends told us.          

Twilight Sparkle: Uh-huh.          

Thomas: I hope The Fat Controller chooses me. Every day, I make sure I'm a Really Useful engine.          

Diesel: What about me, Thomas? I'm a really useful engine too.          

Narrator: Thomas and The Irelanders was surprised.          

Norman Price: Useful? You? Hah.          

Koki: No way, Jose.          

Connor Lacey: You couldn't even carry that Jobi Wood if you tried.          

Thomas: They're right, Diesel. I'm sure The Fat Controller means a really useful steamie. You'II never be that.      

[The Irelanders laughed at Diesel]          

[They left with Thomas to the shunting yard and Diesel is cross]          

Narrator: And Thomas and the Irelanders steamed swiftly away. Diesel was cross.          

Diesel: Those steamies think that diesels are dirty and steamies are special. I'II show them that I'm just as really useful as they are.          

[He has a idea]          

Diesel: I'll shunt these logs to the Rescue Centre. Then, The Fat Controller will see how special I am.          

Narrator: So Diesel clattered over to the Jobi flatbeds. And with a biff and a bash, and a grunt and a groan, Diesel shoved and shunted the precious Jobi wood out of the docks. Diesel rattled and rolled along the rails. The flatbeds of Jobi logs jittered and juddered. Diesel was happy.          

Diesel: "Diesels are no good" the Steamies always say. But I'II showed them they're wrong by the end of the day.          

[The scene changes to Thomas and The Irelanders at the shunting yard]          

Narrator: Thomas was busy shunting.          

Thomas: I'II be the most useful, I'II be the best one. I'II huff and I'II puff til the job is well done.          

Fireman Sam: That's the spirit!          

Connor Lacey: If we play our cards right, we'II easily get the job.          

Twilight Sparkle: That's right.          

Brewster: What can go wrong?          

Narrator: Then, Thomas stopped.          

[Diesel honk his horn]          

Narrator: His firebox fizzed.          

Fireman Sam: Thomas, what's wrong?          

Brewster: Hey guys, look!          

Rarity: Goodness me!          

Station Officer Steele: Great tangled hoses! What does Diesel think he's doing?!          

Thomas: You're right, Station Officer Steele. It is Diesel. And he's shunting the Jobi logs.          

Connor Lacey: Diesel, what do you think you're doing?! Those logs are much too heavy for you!          

Chris Kratt: Looks like he's trying to prove that diesel engines are better than steam engines.          

Martin Kratt: Just like Thomas said.          

Aviva Corcovado: Just like Zach trying to prove that he's a better inventor than me!          

Brewster: You heard about that black chugger?          

Norman Price: Yes. By the way, he's an engine, not a chugger.          

Spud the Scarecrow: I guess that's the name of the locomotives living in Chuggington.          

The Irelanders and Thomas: Stop, Diesel, stop!          

Narrator: Diesel saw the Irelanders and Thomas. Diesel heard the Irelanders and Thomas.          

The Irelanders and Thomas: Stop! Stop, Diesel!          

Narrator: But Diesel didn't want to stop. He wanted to push the Jobi logs to the Rescue Centre as fast as he clattered. Thomas was worried.          

Thomas: Diesel is racing too fast. Something bad can happen to the Jobi logs.          

Mandy Flood: What are we going to do?          

Thomas: We must chase after Diesel and stop him!          

[Martin saw a falcon and whistles and held out his arm for the falcon to land on]          

Martin Kratt: Activate falcon powers!          

[Martin has activated his falcon powers and flew off]          

[The scene changes to Thomas and the Irelanders chasing Diesel]           

Narrator: Connor, his friends and Thomas can see Diesel ahead on the tracks. His pistons pounded and pumped. His firebox flared and his boiler bubbled.          

The Irelanders and Thomas: Stop, Diesel, stop!          

Aviva Corcovado: You can't just take those logs like that, Diesel!          

Connor Lacey: So, stop right now!          

Narrator: But Diesel didn't stop. He rattled and rocked. He wheezed and he whirred, faster and faster. Thomas huffed his hardest. Diesel raced and roared just in front of him.          

Jimmy Z; He's too fast for us!          

Mrs Chen: There's no way, he can go that fast.          

Koki: Yeah. British Rail Class 08's speed was supposed to be 15 or 20 mph.          

Gareth Griffith: Well, they do. Maybe, he doesn't know that.          

[Chris Kratt scan Diesel's speed with a speed scanner]          

Chris Kratt: What? You got to be kidding me!          

Brewster: What is it?          

Chris Kratt: According to the speed scanner, Diesel went beyond the normal speed! He must be going 54 mph!          

Twilight Sparkle: That's fast.          

Moose Roberts: So how are we going to stop him in a speed like that, eh?          

Tom Thomas: Beats me, mate.          

Thomas: I can puff ahead of Diesel after this junction.          

Narrator: Diesel heard Thomas.          

Diesel: No you won't, Thomas!          

Narrator: And Diesel rattled and roared ahead just before the signal turn to red. But Thomas had to stop. Sparks flew and his funnel flared.          

Fireman Sam: Thomas! Stop!           

Mayday: Oh dear.          

Norman Price: Oh, great! We had to stop at a red signal at a time like this!          

Thomas; We'II never catch Diesel now.          

Brewster: We will. Just not at the moment.          

Connor Lacey: Are you kidding, Brewster?! At a time like this? Diesel's getting away with the Jobi logs!          

Brewster: Sorry, Connor but we can't go past a red signal or light back in Chuggington.          

Penny Morris: Now what do we do?          

Dusty Crophopper: I got a idea!          

Flo: And what's that, honey?          

Dusty Crophopper: Mater, remember your parachute and rockets?          

Mater: You bet yer ding-dang propeller I do.          

Dusty Crophopper: You can use them to fly with me, Skipper, Blade, Windlifter, Cabbie, Li' Dipper, Ishani, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Martin to go after Diesel while the others wait for the signal to go green and we'll catch up to him faster.           

Fluttershy: Okay. But we have to be quick.          

Connor Lacey: Good luck!          

Mater: Computer!          

Computer: Yes, agent Mater!          

Mater: I need you to do the same thing you did to help me stop Axlerod's plan.          

Computer: Request acknowledge.          

[Mater's rocket jets pop out and Mater zooms off]          

Mater: I need that kind of shoot you used to help me escape. The second kind not the first!          

Computer: Request acknowledge!          

[A parachute appears and Mater flies into the sky]          

Norman Price: Come on, change!!!          

[The signal changes to green and the Irelanders and Thomas go on]          

Narrator: Diesel pushed and panted up the hill. Thomas and the Irelanders puffed and chuffed far behind.          

Connor Lacey: I hope we stop him in time before something bad happens to the logs.          

Twilight Sparkle: I hope you're right, Connor.          

Diesel: I'm almost there. Soon, they'II all know that steamies are the ones who puff too slow.          

Fluttershy: What does that railway line lead to?          

Martin Kratt: (gasps) The unfinished bridge to the Search and Rescue Centre! If Diesel doesn't stop soon, he and the logs will fall into the sea!          

Holley Shiftwell: (gasps) That's not good!          

Blade Ranger: We better hurry!          

Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy! Quick!          

Fluttershy: Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.          

Narrator: Diesel slipped and he skidded.          

Brewster: His wheels are starting to slip, guys. We got him now.          

Elvis Cridlington: Those logs must be really heavy!          

Martin Kratt: Connor, we got a problem!          

Connor Lacey: What is it?          

Martin Kratt: Diesel is heading towards the bridge and it's only half finished!          

Rainbow Dash: And to make matters worse, there's no barrel or buffers to stop him!          

Connor Lacey: That's bad! We have to stop him now!          

The Irelanders and Thomas: Stop, Diesel, stoooooop!          

Narrator: But Diesel didn't stop. He jumped and he bumped faster and faster to the top of the hill and then, down, down, down to the cliffs and the sea below. Now Diesel wanted to stop but he couldn't. The heavy flatbeds were pulling him to the edge of the cliff. Diesel wasn't smiling now.          

Diesel: Help! Help! Uh.          

Narrator: But no one can help Diesel. Crash. One flatbed cracked it's coupling. The Jobi wood tumbled and rumbled into the sea below.          

Diesel: Oh, me! Oh, my! Oh, help!          

Narrator: Then, the next flatbed of Jobi logs crashed and smashed into the water. Diesel was now one flatbed away from the edge of the cliff. And then, the last coupling snapped.          

[The last flatbed falls]          

Narrator: The last flatbed of Jobi wood sank from sight below the waves.          

Diesel: Oh, no!          

Narrator: Now, Diesel was half on and half off the edge of the cliff. His front wheels wobbled and wiggled in the air. His back wheels were grading and grinding to stay on the tracks. Thomas screeched to a stop. He was scared.          

The Irelanders: (gasps)          

Ron Stoppable: We're too late!          

Charlie Jones: The Jobi logs are all gone!          

Fireman Sam: Never mind about the logs! Diesel's in trouble!          

Cabbie: We got to do something.          

Aviva Corcovado: What? Why should we help him? He caused so much trouble to Thomas and the steam engines.          

Norman Price: I say we let him fall!          

Connor Lacey: No, Norman, we help anyone if they are in danger. Even if that someone is our enemy.          

Fireman Sam: Connor's right. A firefighter never leaves a person in danger, even a villain.          

Chris Kratt: And although Zach is our enemy, we had to help him when he's in danger.          

Norman Price: Well, I suppose you're right.          

Aviva Corcovado: (sighs) Fine.          

Spud the Scarecrow: We better think of something and fast before he goes over!          

Thomas: Diesel! What can I do?          

Narrator: Diesel didn't know. But Thomas did. He made a decision.          

Thomas: Don't worry Diesel and stay as still as you can.          

Narrator: Diesel did what Thomas said.          

Trevor Evans: What's Thomas planning to do?          

Narrator: Thomas tugged and he chugged. Then wheel-turn by wheel-turn, huff by puff, Thomas pull Diesel back from the edge and to safety.          

Connor Lacey: I get it now. Thomas is trying to pull Diesel out of falling range.          

Koki: Then looks like we will too, Connor.          

Fireman Sam: Get some ropes to help pull Diesel back.          

Fire Crew: Roger that, Sam!          

Finn McMissle: Mater, hook him up.          

Mater: Sure thing!          

Brewster: I'II help. I'm really strong.          

[Blade Ranger swings his hook to Diesel]          

Applejack: I got some ropes with me. Everyone grab each one and throw at Diesel's buffers.          

[They do and the ropes catch Diesel's buffers]          

Aviva Corcovado: Got him!          

Applejack: Great everyone, now let's help Thomas get Diesel back to safety.          

Connor Lacey: Pull, everyone, pull!          

[They strained]          

Chug: Twilight, now would be a good time to use your magic to help out!           

Twilight Sparkle: Okay. One magic coming right up! (uses her magic to pull Diesel)          

Spike: Come on, Twilight. Just a few more inches are to do it!          

[Twilight strains]          

Jimmy Z: (in Benny's voice) Oh, yeah baby!          

[The heroes squirm and strain]          

[They managed to get Diesel to safety]          

Thomas: You're safe, Diesel! Hooray!          

The Irelanders: [cheering]          

Narrator: Thomas and the Irelanders had saved Diesel.          

Diesel: Thank you, everyone. Thank you. (sighs with relief)          

Brewster: Well, I think Diesel had learned his lesson.          

Aviva Corcovado: (looking sternly at Diesel) I hope he won't try something like that again.          

Razer: Well, we rescued Diesel, but what about the logs?          

Twilight Sparkle: Gone.          

Fireman Sam: Diesel, this could have easily been dealt with if you stopped when we told you to.          

Diesel: Yes, Fireman Sam. I didn't know about the bridge.          

Fireman Sam: You shouldn't have taken the logs like that and you know it.          

Diesel: Well, I want to prove that diesels are more useful than silly steamies if only Thomas should known that diesels are really useful too. In other words, it's his fault.          

Thomas: [offended] My fault?! Since when is this accident my fault?!          

Diesel: Well, you said that The Fat Controller wants a really useful steamie and that I'II never be that since I'm a diesel. You should known that really useful engines includes diesels, not just you silly steamies.          

Fireman Sam: Right, you two, that's enough.          

Connor Lacey: I agree.          

Brewster: The Search and Rescue Centre will have to be on halt now that there's no Jobi logs to finish it. Zach, Fletch and Tyne are not going to be happy about this.          

[The others nod]          

Chris Kratt: This might be a problem.          

Mandy Flood: So, what now?          

Connor Lacey: We might as well tell the Fat Controller the bad news.          

[The scene changes to Tidmouth Sheds at night]          

Narrator: Later that evening, the engines listen with wonder to Thomas' story.          

Thomas: The logs are lost. I feel badly.          

Percy: But Thomas, you're the hero of the Rescue Centre.          

Chief Fire Officer Boyce: Your friend is right, Thomas. What you did was heroic. Just like Fireman Sam. I think you deserve a hero's medal for your act of selfless bravery.        

Brewster: I learn how to be brave when I rescue Chatsworth but you are brave too, Thomas.          

Martin Kratt: And really useful too.          

Thomas: Thanks, but I did had some help from you guys.          

Connor Lacey: He's right, guys.          

Sarah Jones: It doesn't matter. (to Thomas) You were totally brilliant, saving Diesel's life even after he cause you and the steam engines trouble.          

James Jones: And a very clever one too.          

Narrator: Thomas smiled.          

Thomas: Thank you, everyone. I want to do everything I can to help the Rescue Centre be the best, ever. I did what I thought was right.          

The Fat Controller: And you were right, Thomas. You made the right decision to pull Diesel back. You didn't wait to be asked or to be told. You did the best thing, the right thing and that makes you the most really useful engine.          

Narrator: The other engines hooted and tooted.          

Elvis Cridlington: Thomas have been the most really useful engine, Sam.          

Fireman Sam: I know, Elvis.          

Brewster: But it's really a shame that there aren't any Jobi wood to take to the Rescue Centre.          

The Fat Controller: Yeah, I had to agree with you, Brewster. Diesel lost the Jobi wood. That is very bad and I am very cross. The Search and Rescue Centre will be delayed. New Jobi wood must be found and that will take time. But you Thomas have a special reward. You will visit the Search and Rescue Centre on the Mainland.          

Thomas: Thank you, sir.          

The Fat Controller: And your friends shall come with you.          

Mrs Chen: But, Sir Topham, who will take care of Lily while I am away?          

The Fat Controller: Hmm.          

Percy: I could look after her for you, Mrs Chen.          

Spud the Scarecrow: You? Looking after a girl? That's ridiculous! (laughs)          

Percy: It's not funny.          

Spud the Scarecrow: Oh but it is. An engine can't look after a girl. You don't know how to do it.          

Mrs Chen: Of course he does.          

Spud the Scarecrow: (went quiet) How, Mrs Chen?          

Mrs Chen: I told him how.          

Norman Price and Spud: Already?          

Mrs Chen: No, just yesterday in fact.          

Connor Lacey: While we're working, Mrs Chen?          

Mrs Chen: Yes. [to Lily] Percy will take good care of you while I am gone, Lily.          

Lily Chen: Okay, Mommy.          

The Fat Controller: Well, that seems to have been dealt with.          

Pinkie Pie: Yes! Ooh, it's so exciting! Ah! I bet Thomas will be coming back with a gold medal wrapped around his funnel for his bravery!          

Chief Fire Officer Boyce: I agree with you on that, Pinkie.         

Narrator: Thomas' pistons pumped with pride.          

[The scene changes to the next morning at Brendam Docks]          

Narrator: The next day, all Thomas' friends came to the Docks to say goodbye. Spencer was also going to the mainland on the ship. He had to work for the Duke and Duchess. Salty rolled over.          

Salty: Ahoy there, mateys!          

Tom Thomas: G'day, Salty!          

Fireman Sam: We're so glad to see you.          

Connor Lacey: Glad to see a friendly diesel around for a change.          

Salty: Problem with Diesel, is it?          

Norman Price: Yes.          

Salty: Arr, always up to his old tricks for causing trouble to steamies and rude to me and Mavis since we like steamies.          

Twilight Sparkle: But still, we helped him, even though we doubted it first.          

Skipper Stu: Salty, good to see ya.          

Salty: Arr, Skipper Stu, me old matey. Good to see you again.          

Connor Lacey: You two know each other?          

Salty: Of course, ship mate. We used to work together before I move to different docks until I came to Sodor.        

Skipper Stu: Yep. That's before I move to Chuggington docks. How are you, Connor? I haven't seen you since you helped out at the docks.          

Connor Lacey: Fine thank you.          

Brewster: Well, I can see why you're both friends. You both work at docks.          

Salty: You're right, matey. Ha-arr.          

Skipper Riley: Still can't believe there's another Skipper.          

Connor Lacey: Salty, can you tell us one of your stories from the sea while we wait for Thomas to be loaded?        

Salty: I can tell you tales of Misty Island.          

Thomas: Yes, please Salty.          

Percy: Tell us the tales.          

Charlie Jones: Why not? I suppose a good sea story would help past the time.          

Salty: Arr. Misty Island is a small island. It's not far away but it is always covered in mist. No one can remembering seeing Misty Island.          

Edward: Er, I think I do.          

Dilys Price: When, Edward?          

Edward: But it was a long, long time ago. (gasps) Perhaps, the mist lifted.          

Salty: Arr, perhaps, Edward.          

Derek Price: When did you see it, Edward?          

Edward: I don't know, Derek.          

Salty: Misty Island is a mystery. Some say there are strange engines that live there. They say that they huff and puff in very strange ways. But no one has ever seen them. Not that I've heard of.          

Narrator: The engines' eyes were wide with wonder.          

Fireman Sam: Great Fires of London!          

Salty: Oh, yes. There is a lot of mysteries on Misty Island, that's for sure. (gasps) There's the smoke signals.        

Koki: Smoke signals?          

Salty: Arr. An engine was lost on Misty Island. He huffed and he chuffed. He hoped for help. He puffed three times but no one can see. So, he puffed again. One, two, three. And as the mist lifted, he was saved.      

Sarah Jones: Who by?          

Salty: Who knows, Sarah? Who knows?       

The Irelanders: Wow.          

Narrator: The engines were hushed. Their axles were tingling.          

Thomas: If I was lost, Percy, I puff three times too. One for luck, one for me and one for you.          

Percy: And I come to save you.          

James Jones: You know, the sound of Misty Island does sound like a strange story.          

Fireman Sam: And one worth finding out if it's real or not.          

The Fat Controller: Diesel has come to say goodbye and good luck, Thomas.          

Diesel: Goodbye, Thomas.          

The Fat Controller: And?          

Diesel: Good luck, Thomas.          

[Thomas smiled]          

The Fat Controller: Back to work, Diesel. No delay.          

[Diesel rolled away]          

Aviva Corcovado: Looks like Diesel got his punishment.          

Connor Lacey: Yeah.          

The Dock Manager: There's no room for you or Brewster, Thomas. You must wait for the next boat.          

The Irelanders: Aw, man!          

Rainbow Dash: Oh, come on. This means we have to stay here all day until the boat arrives!          

Narrator: But Thomas didn't want to wait.          

Thomas: I want to be at the Mainland Rescue Centre as quickly as possible.          

[Then Chris Kratt spots a raft attached to the back of the ship]          

Chris Kratt: Hey, there's a very large wooden raft chained at the back of the steamboat!          

Thomas: You're right, Chris! That's perfect! Brewster and I can traveled to the mainland on that!          

Connor Lacey: Good thinking, Thomas!      

Fireman Sam: Hmm. I'm not sure that's a good idea, Thomas.        

The Dock Manger: Sam's right. The chains are rusty.      

Thomas: Don't worry. I make good decisions. I will travel on the raft.      

Brewster: You can all ride on it with us, guys.      

The Irelanders: Yipeee!      

[Mrs Chen hands Lily to Percy's driver]      

Mrs Chen: I won't be long, Lily. [kisses her on the head]      

Lily Chen: (having a sad look)      

Fireman Sam: (sighs) All right then. We're going on the raft but don't say I didn't warn you.      

[The Irelanders climb inside Thomas and Brewster and Cranky loads them onto the raft]      

Narrator: So, Cranky lifted Thomas and Brewster onto the raft.      

Thomas: Goodbye, my friends. (whistles)      

[Brewster honk his horn]      

Cranky: Goodbye, Thomas.      

Narrator: The engines whistled and wheeshed.      

[The engines whistled and honked as they left]      

Narrator: Percy and Lily watched. They are worried.      

Percy: Are you sure you're safe on the raft?      

Thomas: Safe as engines, Percy. The Fat Controller said I make good decisions and Connor and his friends will keep me company. I'II be back soon. Remember, three puffs of steam and you'II find me.      

Mrs Chen: Make sure you take good care of Lily, Percy. And don't let her out of your sight.      

Fireman Sam: She's right. She can be wandering into dangerous places.      

Percy: I will, Mrs Chen.      

Martin Kratt: I'm sure your idea will work, bro.      

Chris Kratt: Of course it will. We'II be at the Mainland before we even know it.      

Connor Lacey: Don't worry, Percy. We'II make sure Thomas and Brewster make it there safely.      

Narrator: Percy and Lily smiled bravely.      

Percy: Goodbye, Thomas.      

Thomas: Goodbye, Percy.      

Lily Chen: Bye-bye, Mommy. Bye-bye, Thomas.      

Connor Lacey: See ya, Sodor.      

Mrs Chen: Goodbye, Lily.      

Thomas: See you soon, Lily.      

Narrator: Then the steamboat hooted long and low.      

[The horn hooted]      

Narrator: And sailed to sea, pulling Thomas, Brewster and the Irelanders behind it.      

[The scene changes to the ship on the ocean at night]      

Narrator: Thomas, Brewster and the Irelanders are now far out to sea. Darkness fell and so did the mist.      

Charlie Jones: I can't see a thing with this mist.      

Mack: How much longer are we going to take?      

Lightning McQueen: Well, at least you're not driving this time, Mack.      

Mack: Yeah, I suppose, boss.      

Dusty Crophopper: Wow, look at all those stars, Ishani. Are they pretty?      

Ishani: They're sure are, Dusty.      

Connor Lacey: Wow.      

Apple White: (groans) I don't feel so good.      

Razer: Let me guess. You're seasick.      

The other EAH girls and the Monster High Girls: So are we.      

Raven Queen: Why can't we use the Vicarstown Bridge to the mainland instead?      

Connor Lacey: Well, the Fat Controller have told us last night that the Vicarstown Bridge is closed for maintenance so we have to travel to the Mainland by sea instead.      

Sparky: Now, you tell us.      

Pinkie Pie: (green in the face) Wippy for you.      

[They all throw up in the sea]      

Bronwyn Jones: Oh dear. I guess the waves are a bit rough.      

Tom Thomas: Well, not for...      

Thomas: Hey, guys?      

The Mask: What?      

Thomas: Do you hear something, fellas?      

Fireman Sam: (putting a hand to his ear to listen) Hmm, I can hear some creaking and crunching. It sounds like...      

[The chain snaps and fell into the water]      

All: Whoa!      

Mandy Flood: What's going on? I heard something snap.      

Thomas: Fizzling fireboxes! The chain to the steamboat had snapped!      

The Irelanders: The chain has snapped?!      

Jimmy Z: And the boat's gone up ahead without us.      

Fireman Sam: I knew traveling on this thing wasn't safe.      

Brewster: What should we do? What should we do?      

Thomas: There's only one thing we can do. Help!      

Narrator: Thomas and Brewster whistled, honked and wheeshed but no one can hear them.      

[Thomas and Brewster whistled and honked]      

Narrator: The steamboat steamed away. Thomas, Brewster and the Irelanders were left on the raft.      

Connor Lacey: It's no use. The people on that steamboat can't hear us!      

Jimmy Z: Oh no. This wasn't supposed to happen to me. I wish I was back in the Tortuga.      

James Jones: Oh, dear. We'II be drifting out at sea forever.      

Charlie Jones: Don't panic, James. At least we still have each other.      

Mayday: And we'II find dry land.      

Rarity: So who discovered the raft behind the steamboat in the first place?      

[Everyone look at Chris crossly]      

Chris Kratt: What? I was only trying to help Thomas get to the Mainland, that's all.      

Wheeljack (G1): Well, we took your suggestion and look where it's got us, adrift at sea.      

Thomas: It's not his fault. I guess I should know better to wait for the next boat.      

Brewster: Don't worry, Thomas. We'll find dry land soon. I hope.      

Applejack: Uh, what are we gonna do, y'all?      

Martin Kratt: I know. In the morning, I can activate sea creature powers to tow our raft to the Mainland.      

Twilight Sparkle: I don't think that'll work, Martin. You're not strong enough.      

Martin Kratt: Have you forgotten that with sperm whale powers, I'II be strong enough.      

Connor Lacey: I agree with Martin on this one.      

Aviva Corcovado: My backpack has a propeller. It can help Martin tow the raft.      

Thomas: Guys, can we save this for the morning?      

Norman Price: (yawns) I'm tired.      

Spud the Scarecrow: Me too. (yawns) We better get some shut-eye. I don't think we will be doing anything tonight.      

Station Officer Steele: We'II talk about doing Martin's plan in the morning.      

Fireman Sam: (yawns) I agree, sir.      

Connor Lacey: Night, everyone.      

Rainbow Dash: [yawns] I gotta admit I'm pretty beat.      

Applejack: Yeah, I'm gonna hit the hay myself.      

Charlie Jones: Let's just hope there aren't any other ships headed towards us during the night.      

Bronwyn Jones: We'll be fine, Charlie.      

Koki: And hopefully, there are no sharks around tonight.      

Derek Price: Don't be ridiculous. Sharks can be found in Australia. There's no way you'll find any here.      

Chris Kratt: The kid's right you know.      

Spike: [snoring]      

Twilight Sparkle: Goodnight, Spike. [giggle] Sweet dreams, number one assistant.      

Rarity: Guess it is time for a goodnight's rest. (put her sleeping mask on and fell asleep)      

[The rest of the Irelanders fall asleep]      

Narrator: The waves toss and turn and turned and tossed until Thomas fell fast asleep as well.      

[The scene changes to the next morning]      

Narrator: Thomas, Brewster and the Irelanders rocked and rolled on the sea til morning. Then suddenly their eyes pop open.      

[The Irelanders yelled]      

Narrator: They jumped and bumped forward onto land.      

The Irelanders: (groans)      

Mike Flood: What just happened?      

Lightning McQueen: My guess is that we must have hit land with a bump.      

Mater: Good to have my wheels on solid ground again.      

Dusty Crophopper: Me too.      

Chug: Me three, pal.      

Rainbow Dash: Ugh, my head.      

Applejack: Everypony okay?      

Twilight Sparkle: Me and Spike are alright, Applejack.        

Dilys Price: Norman? Norman!        

Norman Price: (muffled) Over here, Mam!        

[They turned to see Norman's head stuck in the ground]        

Connor Lacey: [laughs]        

Fireman Sam: [laughs too] Oh, Norman.        

Spud the Scarecrow: I'II get him out.        

[He pull Norman until pop, they fell backwards and Norman sits up to reveal dirt in his mouth before spitting it out]        

Norman Price: (in Shaggy Rogers' voice) I don't know why worms like this stuff.        

Martin Kratt: [laughs] Well, worms need to keep moisturized and a nice cool skin.        

Chris Kratt: Just like we learned when we're first being miniaturized to learn why worms come up when it rains. 

Norman Price: Oh.        

[Mandy, Sarah and James laughs as Norman grumbles]        

Moose Roberts: There's one thing I don't get. Where the grizzlies are we?        

Thomas: Fenders and fireboxes! You're right, Moose.        

Rainbow Dash: I gonna fly up there and check it out!      

[She starts to fly but Applejack stop her by the tail]      

Applejack: Hold on now. I think we should all stay together. Safety in numbers and all.      

Fireman Sam: She's right. We don't even know what may lurks on this island.      

Station Officer Steele: Cunning fellow, Sam.      

James Jones: This look really scary.      

Connor Lacey: We'll be fine, James.      

Fluttershy: Well actually, Connor, I'm afraid of what might be waiting for us.      

Helen Flood: Why is this still misty?      

Tom Thomas: Beats me. But wherever we are, we'd better check to see if there are any locals.      

Skipper Riley: Good idea, Tom.      

Spike: But we don't even know who or what lives there.      

Twilight Sparkle: Neither do I, Spike, but we're going to find out.       

Jimmy Z: I'm not going out there. No way, no how.        

Koki: Huh, no surprise.        

Norman Price: What are you? A scaredy-cat?        

Spud the Scarecrow: Jimmy's scared of nature. Scaredy-cat, scaredy-cat!        

Jimmy Z: I am not!        

Norman Price: Then how come you don't want to go out in nature and got scared animals, huh?      

Thomas: Alright, alright. All arguments aside. 

Fireman Sam: Right then. Let's go find someone who live on this island.

Connor Lacey: Let's go.

[They set off]

Narrator: Thomas steamed slowly forward. He peered around. It was very, very misty and very, very quiet. Thomas can only see trees and hills. He tooted his whistle. (Thomas whistles) But there was no answer.

Ron Stoppable: I must say, this is a strange place.

Rufus: Uh-huh. (shudders)

Thomas: You can say that again, Ron. There are no engines. It can't be Sodor and it can't be the Mainland.

Fireman Sam: You're right there. I think we better stay close. We don't want to get separated.

Station Officer Steele: Good idea, Sam.

Martin Kratt: Maybe this isn't a good idea. Maybe we should go back to the raft and do my idea.

Chris Kratt: No way. We can't go back now, Martin. The raft must've drifted away anyway.

Aviva Corcovado: Chris' right. Let's just stick together.

Penny Morris: Better stay close too, everyone. If one of us get lost in the mist, we're stay lost.

[They nod in agreement]

Brewster: Good thing I remember the three golden rules about meeting Mr Mist by Olwin.

Thomas: What's that, Brewster?

Brewster: Keep your speed, set your light on glow and blow your horn. (honks)

Thomas: But I don't have a horn. I have a whistle. (whistles)

Brewster: Or a whistle too. Sorry.

Gareth Griffiths: Oh, dear. I don't think there's anyone living on this island.

Fireman Sam: But you can never be too sure, Gareth. 

Narrator: Thomas' wheels wobbled with worry.

Thomas: There must be a dock and some ships. If we find them, we can sail back Sodor.

Moose Roberts: Great work, Thomas. That's using the old noodle.

Mandy Flood: I hope so.

Narrator: So Thomas and Brewster clinking-clack carefully into the mist.

[The scene changes to the Irelanders, Thomas and Brewster still going on]

Chris Kratt: Boy, this forest seem to be going on forever!

Connor Lacey: I hope we find the docks soon.

Twilight Sparkle: I can't picture anything. It's too misty!

[Something zooms past the camera]

Sarah Jones: Huh?

Connor Lacey: (noticing Sarah stop walking) What's wrong, Sarah?

Sarah Jones: I thought I heard wheels racing on old rails.

Fireman Sam: Did you see what made the sound?

Sarah Jones: No, Uncle Sam.

Aviva Corcovado: Well, I can't hear it now.

Thomas: I'll try to call out whoever made that sound. Who's there?

Narrator: But Thomas can see no engine and no engine answered.

Dottie: I can't see a engine anywhere.

Cruz: Maybe it's properly shy to see us.

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe we should leave it alone and move on!

Fireman Sam: Good thinking.

Thomas: I will not be scared. I will find a way. To puff home to my friends by the end of the day.

[They went off and the scene changes to a hour later where they are still going]

Narrator: Next, Thomas and the Irelanders were braked by a shower of small stones.

The Irelanders: Ow!

Narrator: Thomas stopped, scared.

Thomas: (gasps) Who's there?

Narrator: But Thomas could see no engine and no engine answered.

Pinkie Pie: Where did those stones come from?

Brewster: I don't know.

Thomas: Let's move on, everyone.

[The scene changes to a valley where they keep going]

Narrator: Then, Thomas chuffed through a valley. Wild whistles echoed and bounced off his boiler. Thomas's firebox fizz with fear.

Thomas: Who's there?

[The wild whistles echoed]

Thomas: (gasps)

Fireman Sam: Great Fires of London! What was that?!

Toiletta: I don't know.

Thomas: I will not be scared. I will find a way, to puff home to my friends by the end of the day.

Applejack: I don't know how to say this, but this is really scaring me now!

[Pinkie Pie's teeth chattering]

[The wild whistles echoed]

Fluttershy: (gulps) It sounds like it's getting closer!

Jimmy Z: (in Shaggy Rogers' voice) Let's split this scene while we can!

Raven Queen: I suggest we find that dock as fast as we can.

Thomas: Good idea, Raven Queen!


[They ran off]

Narrator: Thomas raced away with a clicking-clack along the track and around a bend. Then, he screeched to a stop!

[Thomas brakes and the Irelanders and Brewster bump into each other as they stop]

The Irelanders: Ow! Hey! Watch it, Thomas!

Dilys Price: Why have we stopped?!

Connor Lacey: Look!

Narrator: Everyone were faced to faced with three of the strangest engines they had ever seen.

James Jones: [cowering behind Sam's leg] H-Hello?

Fireman Sam: Great Fires of London!

Brewster: Who are you?

Narrator: But the engines didn't answer and they didn't look friendly.

Lizzie: What do we do?

Connor Lacey: Well, if we introduced ourselves, they'd seen more friendly.

Thomas: Well let's try it.

Connor Lacey: Hello. I'm Connor Lacey. These are my friends, The Irelanders.

Fireman Sam: I'm Fireman Sam. These are The Pontypandy Fire Brigade and the citizens of Pontypandy.

Spud the Scarecrow: I'm Spud. I'm a scarecrow.

Brewster: I'm Brewster. I'm a trainee Chuggineer.

Thomas: And I'm Thomas. Who are you?

Narrator: The engines chuffed cheekily.

Bash: I'm Bash.

Dash: I'm Dash.

Ferdinand: And I'm Ferdinand.

Narrator: The two smaller engines wheeze and tease.

Bash and Dash: We live here!

Koki: Really? Where's here?

Bash: Misty Island.

The Irelanders: What?

Thomas: Misty Island? This is Misty Island?

Narrator: The little engines puffed proudly.

Dash: Have you all heard of it?

Narrator: Thomas trembled on the tracks.

Thomas: Yes, we have.

Charlie Jones: This is the island, Salty was telling us about.

Martin Kratt: That explains why it's still misty.

Brewster: So Bash, Dash and Ferdinand, what kind of chuggers, er, engines are you three?

Dash: We're the Logging Locos. We saw you all arrive.....

Bash:...but you all didn't see us.

Dash: We played Rattling Wheels and Whistling Whistles with you all....

Bash: ...but you all didn't even play with us.

Dash: You all can now......

Bash: ...if you all want.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Brewster: Well, we'd like to but we're kind of busy.

James Jones: (whispering to Connor) They do look very strange and little bit scary. (whimpers)

Bash: (noticing James) What's the matter with him?

Dash: I don't know.

Connor Lacey: Oh. He's just a little bit shy.

Ferdinand: Oh. That's right?

Fireman Sam: Stop hiding, James. It's okay. They're friendly.

Twilight Sparkle: Well, we don't know them, Sam but we don't want to play their games.

Thomas: No thank you. I come from the Island of Sodor. Now, me and my friends are going back there. Goodbye.

Kim Possible: Yeah, sorry that we can't play with you three, but we gotta get going and find a way to get back to where we came from.

[They start to reverse]

Brewster: Don't worry, I'm sure if someone else comes along, they'd like to play with you for sure.

Narrator: And Thomas wheeshed and whooshed backwards down the track and away from the Logging Locos. Thomas huffed happily along. He was pleased with his decision.

Thomas: I make good decisions, that's what I was told. I will not be fearful, I'II be brave and bold.

[The scene changes to evening as the mist starts to consume the island again]

Narrator: Later, the mist rolled in and the darkness fell. Thomas had chuffed and huffed all day. Now he couldn't see to puff forward further. He and the Irelanders haven't found the docks or a way off Misty Island.

Tom Thomas: It's no good, mates, we're never gonna find a way home.

Victorion: You're not wrong.

Connor Lacey: Perhaps we should rest here for the night, until the mist clears.

Fireman Sam: Perhaps, you're right, Connor. We're all tired from trying to find the docks.

Brewster: I don't think Misty Island has docks, Sam.

Chris Kratt: He's right. We've been searching all day but we can't find them. It looks like we'II be stuck here for a while.

Martin Kratt: It's worse than that, bro. We'II be stuck here forever.

Fluttershy: (shudders) Oh, my.

Jimmy Z: Oh, no! WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!

Spike: Oh, no!

Station Officer Steele: Everyone calm down! We're not going to die.

Penny Morris: Now, both of you will get a grip! Or so help me, you two are on Jupiter cleaning duty for a month! Understand?!

Jimmy Z and Spike: Okay.

Connor Lacey: (surprised) How did you do that?

Penny Morris: Just a little bit of quick thinking.

Fireman Sam: Hmm. Didn't see that coming. We better stay together. Otherwise we might get separated and get stuck lost forever.

[The others nod in agreement]

Devastator (PWT): Good thinking, Sam!

Spud the Scarecrow: We'II probably be here for days and days. (gasps) I'II STARVE!!!

Trevor Evans: Calm down, Spud! You don't want to start another panic, do you?

Spud the Scarecrow: Okay.

James Jones: It's getting really dark.

Connor Lacey: (holding James on his lap and pat his back to comfort him) It'll be okay, James.

Sally: You know what, Mrs Chen?

Mrs. Chen: What?

Sally: What would Lily say if she finds out we're missing?

Mrs Chen: Well, Lily can only say small words at the moment, not full sentences like we can.

Sally: I see but what would she react?

Mrs Chen: I think she would be crying due to the fact that I'd be gone longer than I said I would be.

Sally: I'm afraid so.

Connor Lacey: Don't worry, guys. We won't be separated as long as we all stay together and think of a way off Misty Island and back to Sodor. (yawns) But in the meantime, we should get some shut-eye.

Twilight Sparkle: Good thinking. Night, everypony.

Thomas: I make good decisions. That's what I was told. I will not fearful. I'II be brave and bold.

Narrator: But now, Thomas wasn't feeling so brave or so bold.

[The scene changes to the Fat Controller's caravan back on Sodor]

Narrator: The Fat Controller was about to go home.

[The phone ring]

Narrator: Then the telephone rang.

[The Fat Controller picks it up]

The Fat Controller: I see. I understand. Goodbye.

[He put the phone down sadly]

Narrator: The Fat Controller was stern.

The Fat Controller: Thomas did not arrive on the Mainland. Thomas is missing. And so have the Irelanders.

[The scene changes to the next morning on Misty Island and the Irelanders and Thomas and the others have woken up]

Thomas: Um.

Narrator: Thomas woke with a start. The dawn was breaking through the thick mist. Thomas pumped his pistons.

[Thomas whistles, waking everyone up]

The Irelanders: Wha!

Martin Kratt: Sheesh, Thomas! Not so loud!

Koki: Yeah, we were just resting our eyes.

Thomas: Sorry about that, everyone but it's time to get up. We have to keep searching for a way off Misty Island.

Brewster: Might as well.

[Jimmy Z and Elvis still sleeping]

Kyubi: Wake up, you two!

Station Officer Steele: Guess we don't have a alarm clock to wake them up.

Brewster: I got this. (honk his horn loudly)

Jimmy Z and Elvis: [screaming]

Elvis Cridlington: Do you really have to be so loud?

Brewster: Because it's time to wake up.

Jimmy Z: Man, we need our beauty sleep.

Martin Kratt: No time, we need to get going.

Bronwyn Jones: So, are we ready to go, Thomas?

Thomas: Of course, we're ready to go, Bronwyn. I will not be scared. I will find a way. To puff home to my friends by the end of the day.

Narrator: But Thomas didn't puff or huff. He stayed where he was, lost and standard.

Brewster: What's wrong?

Thomas: Sorry, Brewster, but I don't know how to chuff off this island.

Norman Price: So that's it?

Thomas: 'Fraid, so.

Fillmore: What about those three engines we saw earlier, man, I bet they'll have some advice.

Fireman Sam: Hmm. They do say they live on this island so they know how can we get back.

Thomas: Then we're have to go back and ask the Logging Locos for help. That's a good decision.

Aviva Corcovado: Thomas, that's a good decision right there on the spot.

Mike Flood: Why didn't we think of that in the first place?

Mandy Flood: We were probably in too much of a hurry at the time, Dad.

Sheriff: I don't know you guys. I don't seem to trust those three after what happened yesterday. They should be in a engine impound.

Lightning McQueen: Sheriff, just because they look strange and we've never seen them before, doesn't mean they aren't friendly.

Dusty Crophopper: Besides, if we don't ask them for help, we will never be able to get Thomas back home.

Apple White: Yeah, Sheriff. Misty Island is their home after all. Surely, we should give the Logging Locos a chance.

Rainbow Dash: So, why are you so reluctant?

Sheriff: Well, they're acting like delinquents and being very silly.

Connor Lacey: Well, that doesn't mean they won't be able to help us.

Frankie Stein: Yeah.

Sheriff: (sighs) Fine, but I'II keep an eye on them.

Norman Price: All right everyone, let's get going and find Bash, Dash and Ferdinand.

[They set off]

Narrator: This made Thomas feel better.

[The scene changes to the construction site of the Search and Rescue Centre where Percy, Lady Hatt, Lily Chen, The Fat Controller and Harold have gathered]

Narrator: Work had stop at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. The Fat Controller was on board Captain. Harold hovered overhead.

Harold: I been all over, sir. There's no sign of The Irelanders nor Thomas.

Narrator: Percy gasped and wheeshed with worry.

The Fat Controller: Look again, Harold.

[Harold flew off]

Lily Chen: [worried] Mommy.

Percy: Don't worry, Lily. We'll find them.

Lily Chen: [looks down sadly while Percy's driver picks her up and gives her a comforting pat]

The Fat Controller: Captain, we had a job to do. We must find Connor, his friends and Thomas.

Narrator: Captain was ready and raring to go.

Captain: Right away, sir. Full steam ahead!

Narrator: And Captain pulled away from the harbour.

[A female Logging Loco engine, Sadie, watches from behind a half constructed building]

Sadie: [scoffs] Search and Rescue indeed. Why does Sodor need one anyway?

[She steams over to the cliff]

Sadie: Tunnel, open.

[A blue portal opens and she steams through then comes out onto Misty Island on the other end]

Sadie: Tunnel, close.

[The tunnel closes behind her]

Sadie: [spotting Thomas, Brewster and the Irelanders] Oh, great, now we've got tourists. [gasps getting an idea] I know. I'll make sure they stay stuck here forever and always. That way, no Jobi Wood will make it to Sodor and the Search and Rescue Centre will never be built. But first, I need to make them feel as welcome as they can be. [laughs evilly]

[The scene changes to Thomas, Brewster and the Irelanders still looking for the Logging Locos]

Narrator: Thomas puff to a small junction. He stopped.

Thomas: I have to make the right decision now.

Fluttershy: And let's hope that one of these tracks lead us to the Logging Locos.

Tom Thomas: This is hard.

Mater: Brewster, which way to go?

Brewster: I don't know.

Spike: Oh what's the point? We might as well just forget finding the Logging Locos.

Sarah Jones: What makes you think that, Spike? We can't give up.

Spike: I mean Sarah with all these trees, tracks and mists around this island, there's no way we can find Bash, Dash and Ferdinand.

James Jones: I had to agree with Spike. He may have a bit of a point there.

Raven Queen: But I know that we shouldn't be giving up. Who knows where they are?

Mater: Maybe the newbies need a lesson we've learned on our adventures. Repeat after me. (clears throat. Hakuna Matata.

Jimmy Z: Wait. What?

Chug: Hakuna Matata. It means "No worries".

Mater: (start singing) Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase.

Chug: (singing) Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze.

Mater: It means no worries, for the rest of your days.

Mater and Chug: It's our problem-free way philosophy.

Mater: Hakuna Matata.

Koki: Hakuna Matata?

Chug: Yeah, it's a motto.

Mandy Flood: What's that supposed to mean?

Elvis Cridlington: Sam's catchphrase is "Great Fires of London"! (giggles)

Fireman Sam: They should already know that.

Mater: What's the motto with you? (laughs with Chug)

Chug: You know what, guys? These two words will solve all your problems.

Mater: That's right. Take Pumbaa for example, at first he didn't know what it meant. Why he was a young warthog.

Chug: When he was a young warthog! (The force of the singing blows Connor Lacey, Fireman Sam and Elvis Cridlington over)

Mater: Very nice.

Chug: Thanks.

Mater: He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal. He could clear the Savannah after every meal.

Chug: He's a sensitive soul, Though he seem thick-skinned. And it hurt that his friends never stood downwind. And oh, the shame!

Mater: He was ashamed!

Chug: Thought of changing his name

Mater: Oh, what's in a name!

Chug: And he got downhearted!

Mater: How did he feel?

Chug: Every time that he...

Mater: Chug! Not in front of the kids!

Chug: Oh, sorry.

The Pontypandy Pioneers: Huh?

Mater and Chug: Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase. Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze.

James Jones: It mean no worries, for the rest of your days.

Mater: Yeah, sing it, kid. 

Mater and James Jones: It's our problem-free.

Chug: Philosophy.

Mater, Chug and James Jones: Hakuna Matata.

The Mane 6: Ah.

Aviva Corcovado: So we got nothing to worry about if we stick to your motto and find the Logging Locos and ask them to help us?

Mater: You betcha.

Chug: It's actually Timon and Pumbaa's motto. We've said it to you since they're not here.

Koki: Well, that was helpful of you to do it for them.

Mater: Ah, sucks.

Mrs Chen: We still needed to decide which track to find the Logging Locos.

Norman Price: Yeah. If we don't find them soon, we'II be stuck here on Misty Island forever.

Spud the Scarecrow: And we'II starved!

Twilight Sparkle: Calm down, guys. We'll find them soon.

Chris Kratt: Yeah, but the only problem is that we don't even know which part of Misty Island that they live.

Cruz: And with all this mist keeps coming in and out, there's no way we can find them easily.

Martin Kratt: If only there were new creatures here on Misty Island to make new creature powers.

Koki: [spotting a river] Look.

Narrator: A small river ran by the other track.

Thomas: All engines need water. (gasps) I'm sure the track by the river will lead to the Logging Locos.

Gareth Griffiths: Good thinking, Thomas.

Martin Kratt: Let's go.

Narrator: So Thomas steam swiftly away.

Thomas: I made good decisions, that what I was told. I will not fearful, I'II be brave and bold.

[Hakuna Matata resumes as the heroes went down the track]

Mater and Chug: Hakuna Matata. Hakuna Matata. Hakuna Matata. Hakuna

Connor Lacey: (joining in singing) It means no worries, for the rest of your days.

Mater, Chug and Connor Lacey: It's our problem-free philosophy.

All: Hakuna Matata (sing it a few times before ending)

Kim Possible: I enjoyed that song. It's been quite sometime since we've heard it.

Thomas: Me too.

Brewster: That was cool.

Lightning McQueen: And Mater and Chug sang it very well.

Dusty Crophopper: Nice vocals, Chug.

Chug: Thanks.

Chris Kratt: Stop! Thomas, stop for a minute!

Thomas: What's wrong, Chris?

Martin Kratt: Why do you make Thomas stop like that so suddenly, bro?

Chris Kratt: Listen. [They heard voices]

Holley Shiftwell: I can hear something.

[Then it reveals to be Marco Polo, Luigi, Shi La and Fu Fu]

Luigi: I can't see with this mist, Marco.

Marco Polo: Remember, Luigi, we have to use our senses to help like hearing, smell and touch.

Shi La: Stay put to me, Fu Fu. Okay?

Fu Fu: (chitters)

Connor Lacey: Marco, Shi La, Luigi, Fu Fu!

Marco Polo: Connor? Irelanders?

Chris Kratt: Where have you guys been hiding yourselves?

Shi La Won: The better question is what are you doing here?

Martin Kratt: Long story short, we got lost at sea and drifted here on a raft.

Fireman Sam: How did you four get here?

Marco Polo: Well, we're on a ship until a storm hits and we've swept overboard. We've use a pole to hold on until we've arrived on this island which it's very misty. It happened 4 days ago.

Luigi: We've had nothing to eat and we've hear whistles and wheels rattling. (His legs shaking)

Connor Lacey: This is Misty Island. And those whistles and wheels rattling you heard came from the Logging Locos.

Shi La: Logging Locos? Misty Island?

Sally: Misty Island is what the island is called. And the Logging Locos are a group of engines, two tank engines, one a tender engine. The two tank engines are called Bash and Dash and the tender engine is called Ferdinand.

Marco Polo: I see. (seeing Brewster, Mrs Chen, Moose Roberts and Gareth Griffiths) Who are you, guys?

Mrs Chen: I am Mrs Chen.

Moose Roberts: Name's Moose. Moose Roberts.

Gareth Griffiths: I'm Gareth Griffiths.

Brewster: And I'm Brewster.

Shi La: Nice to meet you.

Mrs Chen: We're new residents of Pontypandy and Brewster's a trainee Chuggineer from Chuggington like Olwin.

Luigi: Oh. I was wondering why it's so misty.

Fireman Sam: Mrs Chen even has a three-year-old daughter named Lily.

Marco Polo: Oh. Where is she?

Mrs Chen: She's on Sodor with Percy. He's looking after her while I'm away.

Sarge: Do you kids know a way off Misty Island?

Shi La: Sorry, Sarge but we've been on this island for 4 days and we can't find a way off, unfortunately.

Fillmore: What a bummer, man.

Aviva Corcovado: To think this happens because of Diesel.

Marco Polo: Diesel? Is he the black engine who laugh at James' engine counterpart for being pink?

Martin Kratt: Yes.

Shi La Won: What did he do to make you lost on Misty Island?

Chris Kratt: He lost the Jobi Logs that were going to be used to built the Search and Rescue Centre and we had to go to the Mainland to get extra but we ended up here by accident.

Marco Polo: So it is true that he cause trouble for Thomas and his friends.

Rarity: Afraid so, darling.

Shi La: How's Hiro, Connor?

Connor Lacey: He's doing great.

Shi La: Good. To thinking he was Master of the Muddle when he didn't know the Fat Controller's orders once. (giggles, remembering it)

Martin Kratt: I know right?

Chris Kratt: Hilarious.

[Fu Fu laughs so much that he fell over but Aviva catches him]

Chris Kratt: Nice catch.

Aviva: Thanks. (to Fu Fu) Ay, que lindo!

Shi La: What does that mean?

Aviva: It means, "Oh, how cute"!

Thomas: Wow. You sure know a lot about Spanish.

Aviva: It's my second language.

Pinkie Pie: Hey, wanna come with us?

Marco Polo: Well, we do want to find a way off Misty Island.

Shi La: And I would like to see how Hiro's getting on. Sure.

Connor Lacey: Okay.

Thomas: All board, everyone.

Brewster: Let's ride the rails, Thomas.

[The scene changes to the heroes carrying on]

Narrator: Thomas rattled around a bend. Then he screeched to a stop.

Thomas: Flatten my funnel! It's a hollow tree tunnel! My, my.

Koki: Guess Misty Island is full of strange surprises.

Thomas: You can say that again, Koki.

Brewster: This is the strangest tunnel I've ever seen.

Connor Lacey: Let's go, guys.

[Thomas whistles and puffs off] 

Narrator: And chuff by huff, Thomas steam slowly through the Hollow Tree Tunnel.

[Thomas whistles as he came out of the other side]

Narrator: Then along the river. Then he huff to a halt.

Thomas: Footplates and fenders!

Brewster: What is that place down there?

Thomas: It looks like a logging station, but it is the strangest logging station we've ever seen.

Narrator: Then they saw Bash, Dash and Ferdinand.

Twilight Sparkle: There they are, The Logging Locos we told you about.

Marco Polo: So, the two small engines are Bash and Dash and the big blue engine is Ferdinand?

Chris Kratt: That's right.

Lightning McQueen: Now, all we have to do now is to go down there and ask them for help.

Sheriff: If they really know how, that is.

Skipper Riley: [sternly] Sheriff.

[They head down to Bash, Dash and Ferdinand]

Thomas: Hooray! Following the river was the right decision.

Narrator: Thomas hooted and tooted.

Thomas: (whistles) Hello!

[They look at him, the Irelanders and Brewster]

Bash: We said hello to you all yesterday.

Dash: But you all didn't want to be with us.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Narrator: Thomas knew he, Brewster and The Irelanders been unkind to the Logging Locos.

Thomas: We're sorry. We was silly to think we could find a way off Misty Island without your help.

Brewster: And we didn't mean to reject your kindness before.

James Jones: Or your games.

Flo: We can be in a bit of a hurry sometimes.

Aviva: Could you tell us how we can get off this island? Fast?

Narrator: But the Logging Locos weren't interested in helping Thomas, Brewster and the Irelanders.

Bash: We're busy...

Dash: Loading logs.

Ferdinand: That's right.

[They puff off]

Sheriff: [in Mr. Potato Head's voice] Well, that went well.

Ramone: I guess we've offended them, man.

Thomas: We can't just give up. Hakuna Matata. Remember?

Ron Stoppable: Well, of course.

Spike: (not convinced) And there I thought they were our only hope to go back to Sodor.

Martin Kratt: Come on, little guy. Chin up.

Chris Kratt: Yeah. Maybe there's another way we can use.

Tom Thomas: Couldn't have put it better myself mate.

[Sadie arrives]

Sadie: Hello there.

Thomas: Oh, Hi.

Pinkie Pie: What's your name?

Sadie: My name is Sadie. I saw you guys looking for Bash, Dash and Ferdinand not too long ago. And when I heard you needed to get home, I decided to help.

Connor Lacey: Really?

Sadie: Of course, my dear.

Thomas: Do you know a way off Misty Island?

Sadie: Well, I guess there is a way but...

[Bash, Dash and Ferdinand see this from afar]

Bash: Is that..

Dash: Sadie?

Ferdinand: It is! I hope she's not up to her old tricks again.

Bash: Do you think we should help them...

Dash: Get back to Sodor?

Ferdinand: We could try. But first we need to get Sadie out of the way.

Bash: Let's hope she leaves first.

Dash: Then we can help them.

Ferdinand: That's right.

[Back with Sadie, Thomas, the Irelanders and Brewster]

Sadie: Anyways, I have to go. More loads to deliver. Bye. [puffs away]

Spud the Scarecrow: What do we do now?

Twilight Sparkle: Well since we're in the Logging Station, there might be somebody that work here can help us how to get back.

Fireman Sam: Hmm. I suppose we could check to see if there people here. We need to split up.

Connor Lacey: Right. (start giving instructions to the team) All right then, let's go.

Thomas: Good luck you guys.

Brewster: You too, Thomas.

[They all split up]

[The Irelanders each search each building. The kids and Spud search the houses]

Spud the Scarecrow: Are you there? No. (laughs) Come out, people. Come out, come out, where ever you are.

Marco Polo: Hello?

Shi La: Anyone?

Norman Price: Boo!

Fireman Sam: Norman!

Norman Price: What? I was just having a little fun.

James Jones: That scared me.

Shi La: Yeah.

Fu Fu: [chitter]

Luigi: It's not nice.

Mandy Flood: Besides, there's no one here.

Elvis Cridlington: (covered in cobwebs) Get them off! (shrieks)

Fireman Sam: Okay, Elvis. (he get them off)

Elvis: Thanks, Sam. They got stuck to me.

[Penny Morris laughs]

Station Officer Steele: Apparently this building has been abandoned for quite sometime.

Fireman Sam: You're right, Sir. I hope the others had better luck.

[The Wild Kratts, The Mane 6, Spike and Connor check the saw mill]

Aviva Corcovado: Any luck?

Chris Kratt: Nope. How about you, bro?

Martin Kratt: Nuh-uh.

Koki: How about you, Connor?

Connor Lacey: Nope.

Spike: (seeing a spider) Ahhhhhhh!

Twilight Sparkle: Spike, relax it's just a spider.

Connor Lacey: Yeah.

Spike: You know I'm scared of spiders. Thank goodness Rarity didn't see that. It would be so embarrassing.

Fluttershy: Yeah, I agree.

Jimmy Z: To think I once doubt spider's web thread being so strong.

Martin Kratt: Boy do I remember that.

Rarity: When did that happen, darlings?

Chris Kratt: Uh, you don't know how long ago that was.

Pinkie Pie: How long?

Aviva Corcovado: Very long.

Applejack: Whoa Nelly!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah.

Chris Kratt: It was during that time when Donita Donata tries to use spiders to make their threads into silk.

Rarity: (shocked) Ew!

Martin Kratt: But thankfully, we've stop her with spider powers.

Fluttershy: Wow.

Spike: (gulps at the thought of Chris and Martin in spider power suits)

Chris Kratt: Course we wouldn't be scary.

Spike: But I'm really scared of spiders.

Martin Kratt: Oh, come on. Who's the scariest person other than spiders?

Spike: Um....

Martin Kratt: Boo!

Jimmy Z: Ahh! (fell over)

Martin Kratt: That was supposed to scare Spike.

Spike: Oh, come on, in no way was I scared of that.

Jimmy Z: Well, that scared me.

Twilight Sparkle: In any case, we should meet up with the others, see if they've had any luck.

Koki: Good idea.

[Kim, Ron and Rufus check the viewing building]

Kim Possible: Find anything?

Ron Stoppable: No one here. At least no villains planning ambushes. Rufus?

Rufus: Uh-uh.

Kim Possible: [sighs] We might as well meet up with the others.

Ron Stoppable: Good idea.

[They meet up again]

Lightning McQueen: Didn't anyone found anyone?

Marco Polo: Nope.

Chris Kratt: Well, we've discovered that the logging station is automatic.

Fireman Sam: Really?

Connor Lacey: Yes, really.

Elvis Cridlington: Let's go find Sadie. She'll know what to do.

Shi La Won: How? She could be anywhere.

Luigi: So, not one person is here?

Thomas: No. Other than the Logging Locos.

Brewster: Yeah. Those three engines are the only ones who knew how to get off Misty Island.

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe we should ask.

Jimmy Z: But they won't help us, remember?

Sheriff: Maybe we can force them to help us.

Skipper Riley: I don't think that's necessary.

Silverbolt (G1): Skipper's right.

Poppy O'Hair: It's not nice to force someone into doing something.

Sheriff: You do realize that I'm a officer of the law and officer force troublemakers to do things.

Connor Lacey: Yes, but that doesn't mean you can force the Logging Locos into helping us.

Applejack: I agree.

Fireman Sam: They might be our only hope.

Thomas: I agree with Sam.

Narrator: Thomas puff after them. Then he, Brewster and the Irelanders spotted something in surprise. The logs they were loading were deep red.

Fireman Sam: That looks like Jobi Wood.

Brewster: (gasps) That's because it is!

Connor Lacey: It can't be.

Thomas: Bumpers and buffers. These are Jobi logs.

Marco Polo: What are Jobi Wood?

Shi La Won: (knowing about Jobi logs) They are logs that are deep red in colour. They are also very strong.

Norman Price: How do you know that?

Shi La Won: Hiro showed me when he worked in Japan before coming to Sodor.

Marco Polo: Before you and Yuan got separated?

Shi La Won: Yeah.

Luigi Bellini: What do you need Jobi Wood for anyway?

Connor Lacey: Oh, Sodor's having a new Sodor Search and Rescue Centre built. But it's been put on hold unfortunately due to Diesel's trick.

Marco Polo: I see.

Shi La Won: I hope he doesn't cause trouble for Hiro when we left.

Thomas: Shi La, I'm sure he's fine.

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah. Besides, Hiro's probably heard the news of us going missing and is probably worried sick about you now.

Shi La Won: If he knows about the storm.

Thomas: But I didn't see any storm clouds the night before.

Marco Polo: We did say it happen 4 days ago.

Chris Kratt: That would explain the clear sky the night we got here.

Luigi Bellini: And I bet no one on Sodor including Hiro knows about us falling overboard.

Thomas: I'm sure we'II tell them when we get back.

Fireman Sam: Yep. Looks like we ran into Jobi Wood here on Misty Island.

Raven Queen: Whoo!

Bash: What's the Sodor....

Dash: Search and Rescue.....

Ferdinand: Centre?

Narrator: Thomas smiled.

Thomas: Shall I tell them, Brewster?

Brewster: Yes, Thomas. We'II let you do the talking.  

Martin Kratt: Go ahead, Big buddy.

The Mane 6: All right! 

Narrator: The Logging Locos whistled and wheeshed.

[They whistled]

Narrator: Then together, they clank closer to Thomas.

[The scene changes to the construction site]

Narrator: The Fat Controller stood in front of his engines. He was serious.

The Fat Controller: The Irelanders, Brewster and Thomas are not at sea.

Percy: Oh no!

Lily Chen: [looks down sadly as Percy's driver pats her in comfort]

Zack: What?

Fletch: Not good.

Tyne: I hope they're okay.

The Fat Controller: And that's not all.

Zack: What else has happened, Sir?

The Fat Controller: I heard the news on TV that three passengers on a ship during the storm 4 days, Marco, Shi La and Luigi went overboard and was missing.

[Hiro gasps]

The Fat Controller: Now, we must search all over Sodor. I will need all engines to help.

[The scene changes to the Logging Station on Misty Island, where the Irelanders, Thomas and the Logging Locos are still talking]

Narrator: At the logging station, Thomas had made a decision.

Martin Kratt: Well, made your mind up yet?

Thomas: We have to work more quickly. I will show you how quickly we shunt flatbeds of logs on Sodor. One biff, one bash and there's never a crash. I made good decisions, that's what I was told. I will not be fearful. I'II be brave and bold.

Kim Possible: That's what the Fat Controller said.

Narrator: The Logging Locos jiggled and giggled.

Dash: Who's The Fat Controller?

Bash: He sounds funny.

Ferdinand: (chuckles) That's right.

[They laugh]

Narrator: Then, they puff off.

Station Officer Steele: They sure a silly trio of chaps.

Violet Parr: Yeah. They don't even realize that Sir Topham Hatt is the head of the North Western Railway.

Mater: DadGum. They're even more dumb headed then I used to be.

Chug: You still are a little bit, Mater.

Mater: Oh.

Marco Polo: At least Thomas manage to get them to help us with these logs to take back to Sodor.

Lucius Best/Frozone: But the big question is will they still get help us to get back to Sodor?

Twilight Sparkle: We're soon about to find out.

Mayday: I hope so, Twilight. The Search and Rescue Centre won't be complete without the Jobi Wood.

Brewster: We better get back to work.

[Thomas whistles and the scene changes to Gordon and The Fat Controller arriving at the waste dump where Whiff and Irving are working]

Narrator: Whiff and Irving are very surprised to The Fat Controller and Gordon. They didn't visit often.

The Fat Controller: Thomas, Brewster and the Irelanders are missing. I need you two to work with Gordon. Gordon can heave and haul. You will hurry and scurry.

Irving: Oh dear, Oh dear.

Whiff: Relax, Irving. I'm sure they'll be fine.

Irving: I know, Whiff. Brewster once deliver scrap metal to the foundry for me when Action Chugger's new film comes out. He's helpful at the recycling yard sometimes.

Narrator: Irving was also from Chuggington. He works at the recycling yard, collecting rubbish. He also like things to be neat and tidy with his brushes. He and Whiff are good friends.

Irving: I think we need to call Action Chugger for the search.

The Fat Controller: Good thinking, Irving.

Narrator: Whiff wheeshed. Gordon gasped.

Gordon: Oh, the indignity!

[The scene changes to Action Chugger flying through the sky when his red light beeps]

Action Chugger: Uh-oh. Someone's in trouble. I better get there fast.

[He flew off to Sodor and the scene changes back to the logging station when Thomas, Brewster and the Logging Locos are working hard along with the Irelanders]

Thomas: One biff, one bash and there's never a crash.

Narrator: The Logging Locos biffed and bashed but they weren't happy.

Sarah Jones: What's the matter with them?

Fluttershy: I don't know.

Brewster: Come on you guys. This isn't being really useful. What is the matter with you?

Dash: We can't work this hard.

Bash: We'II run out of oil.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Narrator: Thomas was puzzled.

Thomas: Oil? You're not diesels like Brewster?

Bash: No. But we used oil and wood....

Dash: For fuel.

Bash: And we don't have much oil....

Dash: Left.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Narrator: Thomas wanted the Logging Locos to work hard because he wanted to take the Jobi logs back to Sodor as quickly as he could.

Thomas: I'm sure you have enough oil. I make...

Bash and Dash: Good decisions.

[The Locos laugh]

Thomas: That's right.

[Sadie then gets an idea and goes over]

Sadie: Oh, I wouldn't bother listening to those three.

Thomas: Why not, Sadie?

Narrator: The Logging Locos gasped. They knew what Sadie was trying to do.

Sadie: They've always been like that.

Connor Lacey: Well, they sounded like they don't talk normal.

Fireman Sam: We don't see the point in why you're telling us not to listen to them.

Bash: Back off...

Dash: ...Sadie!

Chris Kratt: Why are you acting hostile to Sadie?

Ferdinand: She is a bad influence.

Mrs Chen: How?

Bash: Our antics annoyed her to the point...

Dash: ...where she decided to not be a member of the Logging Locos anymore.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Raven Queen: [gasps] Then what happened?

Bash: She became...

Dash: ...hostile towards us.

Ferdinand: Now, she is trying to bribe you into believing what she says.

Bronwyn Jones: She looks fine to me.

Bash: That's what she...

Dash: ...wants you to...

Ferdinand: Think.

Rarity: Connor, darling, what do you mean by Bash, Dash and Ferdinand not speaking right?

Connor: Bash and Dash somehow manage to finish each other sentences and Ferdinand just said "that's right" all the time.

Ferdinand: That's not true! I can speak other normal words.

Applejack: You know, you reminded me of my big brother, Big McInitosh.

Ferdinand: How so?

Applejack: Well, he only speaks "yup" and "nope" all the time. He doesn't talk much, thus a pony of a few words.

Ferdinand: I don't always say "That's right".

Connor Lacey: Sorry.

Sadie: Now why would you boys think I'm trying to trick them?

Bash: You've got a look...

Dash: On your face...

Ferdinand: That says you are.

Devastator (PWT): How so?

Ferdinand: That smirk on her face.

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: I don't see a smirk. I just see a smile.

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: Honey, remember Evelyn? She tricked you into thinking she supports supers, only to reveal that she wants to make us remain illegal.

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: I know, Bob. But she's not like Evelyn. She doesn't hate supers.

Bob Parr: I know but appearances can be deceiving.

Dash Parr: I'm surprised one of the tank engines has my name.

Thomas: But your full name is used so that you don't get mixed up.

Violet Parr: Yeah.

Spud the Scarecrow: Are we supposed to keep this to ourselves and not tell the Locos?

Rarity: What's wrong with sharing info?

Brewster: We don't want to hurt their feelings in case they might stop helping us.

Violet Parr: Don't worry. We'll be polite.

Lucius Best/Frozone: We'II see.

Sadie: Well, I'II leave you guys to it. (she puffs off)

Thomas: What's wrong with you? She was just being polite!

Bash: That's what...

Dash: She wants you...

Ferdinand: To think.

Shi La Won: (looking up to the sky, thinking of Hiro) Hiro, wherever you are right now. Please. Don't be too worried.

Marco Polo: Don't worry, Shi La. Hiro knows that you can take care of yourself. We told him our adventures.

Shi La: Thanks, Marco.

[The scene changes to The Fat Controller looking at a map of Sodor near his caravan]

Narrator: Percy and Lily was with the Fat Controller.

Percy: Please sir. What's happen to Thomas?

Lily Chen: Mommy.

Narrator: The Fat Controller sighed.

The Fat Controller: I don't know, you two.

Lily Chen: [looks down sadly as Percy' fireman pats her comfortingly]

[The scene changes to The Logging Locos heading towards a rickety bridge] 

Narrator: Thomas, Brewster and the Irelanders watch The Logging Locos cross a wibbly wobbly bridge to piles of Jobi wood stacked high on the side of the river.

Dash: Shake, shake, make me quake...

Bash: Make me quake until I shake!

Ferdinand: Yipeee!

Narrator: The Logging Locos like the Shake Shake Bridge. Thomas, Brewster and The Irelanders didn't.

Brewster: This bridge doesn't look safe.

Connor Lacey: You're right. It doesn't look like it's been used in a long time.

Fireman Sam: And if someone crossed it, they could fall and hurt themselves.

Thomas: This bridge is not safe. You must not use it.

Narrator: The Logging Locos giggled and jiggled.

Bash: We have the logs....

Dash: And you all haven't.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Bash: So, what are you all gonna...

Dash: Do about it?

Sheriff: That's it! Are you gonna help us or not?!

Blade Ranger: Sheriff!

Rainbow Dash: Me, Fluttershy, Fu Fu, Dusty and the air vehicles can fly to the other side like that.

Dusty Crophopper: Okay.

Luigi: And what about us?

Rainbow Dash: You can just puff and walk across.

Narrator: There was only one thing Thomas could do.

Thomas: We shall have to cross the bridge.

Jimmy Z: I'm not crossing that bridge. No way, no how.

Koki: Huh. No surprise.

Apple White: Guys, if it's Thomas' decision, we're sticking to it.

James Jones: Oh. I'm not sure about this.

Fireman Sam: Don't worry, James. All you have to do is take my hand and follow me across.

Finn McMisslie: Should we be doing this, Connor?

Connor Lacey: Yes, Finn. It's Thomas' decision and we're sticking to it.

Brewster: Okay, Thomas. Start moving.

Thomas: Hold on, everyone. This is going to be a wobbly ride!

[Thomas and Brewster start to cross]

Ron Stoppable: It sure does wobble a bit.

James Jones: Oh. (shut his eyes tight)

Fireman Sam: Come on, James. I've got you.

Narrator: And wobbly wheel by wobbly wheel, Thomas and Brewster crossed the Shake Shake Bridge safely.

Norman Price: What do you know? The bridge didn't collapse under our weight.

Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity: [sighs of relief]

Fluttershy: Oh, thank goodness. I thought something really awful had happened.

Fireman Sam: You can open your eyes now, James. We're across.

James Jones: Phew. We didn't fall.

Sarah Jones: Must be made of strong tracks and Jobi wood I bet.

Brewster: Kind of.

Thomas: The bridge did shake but it didn't break. Perhaps I was wrong to say no for so long.

[The scene changes to Sodor at night where Whiff, Irving and the Fat Controller are looking at a tunnel]

Narrator: At the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, Whiff was worried.

Whiff: You can't build your office here, sir.

Irving: It just wouldn't be neat and tidy.

Whiff: It's more than that, Irving.

Irving: Then why else?

Whiff: It's the entrance to the old Misty Island tunnel. It's all blocked up.

Irving: That's strange. How could we not have noticed it?

Whiff: No one knows it for years. So, we used to take rubbish down there.

The Fat Controller: I don't have time to worry about an old tunnel, Whiff. Good night.

[He walks off and the scene changes to the next morning at the other side of the Shake Shake Bridge]

Narrator: The next day, The Logging Locos show Brewster, The Irelanders and Thomas Ol' Wheezy the log loader. Thomas was worried about Ol' Wheezy.

Luigi: I had a bad feeling about this.

Lightning McQueen: Ka-chow.

Norman Price: How bad can Ol' Wheezy be?

Yuya Sakaki: Maybe twice as bad as these three.

Koki:(worried) Oh.

Narrator: Ol' Wheezy wheesh and wheeze. He jiggled and joggled. He puff and pop and he didn't load logs. The Logging Locos thought Ol' Wheezy was very funny. Thomas, Brewster and The Irelanders didn't.

Connor Lacey: Whoa!

Fireman Sam: Watch your throwing those things! Someone could get hurt!

Norman Price: I had to ask.

Brewster: Yes, Norman. You did.

Thomas: You must be firm, you must be stern.

Chris Kratt: Careful, Thomas. You don't want to get hit by those flying logs.

Narrator: So Ol' Wheezy wheeze and wobbled, puff and pop and threw Thomas' flatbed into the logging pond.

Dusty Crophopper: Look out! Leaping logs!

Irelanders: Whoa!

Narrator: Logs flew. They crashed and bashed into Thomas' boiler.

[Violet use her force-field to protect herself and her family from logs while one hit Norman on the head, knocking him unconscious and another one hit James Jones by the leg]

James Jones: Ow!

Chromedome (G1): Oh, no!

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: Is everybody okay back there?

Connor Lacey: Yes, Bob. Almost.

Derek Price: Norman's knocked out unconscious and James...

James Jones: (got log trapped his leg) Ow!

Derek Price: Got his leg stuck by a log.

Sarah Jones: It's okay, James. Uncle Sam will get you out.

Spud the Scarecrow: Well, that was a very good throw.

Twilight Sparkle: Well for you, Spud, but throwing logs about while we're all here was downright dangerous.

Station Officer Steele: They need to learn to be more careful.

[Fireman Sam and Elvis lift the logs off James]

Fireman Sam: There you go, James.

James Jones: Thanks, Uncle Sam.

Elvis Cridlington: I wonder who would built such a irresponsible crane?

Penny Morris: Who knows, Elvis?

Ron Stoppable: Maybe they should call him Ol' Wheezy the Log Thrower instead.

[James Jones tries to stand up but his leg was crushed]

James Jones: Ow!

Bronwyn Jones: Oh, James, you're hurt.

Shi La: Hmm, let me tend to him.

Mrs Chen: You?

Thomas: How can you heal him?

Shi La: You'II see. I better take James somewhere safe because of Ol' Wheezy. (She lifted James gently onto her back and walk off)

Narrator: The Logging Locos cackled and crackled with laughter.

Bash: You're all next....

Dash: To take a dip!

Brewster: No thanks!

Jimmy Z: I don't want one!

Flo: Me neither!

Dottie: Listen you three. This isn't the time for messing about. We got a very important to do and we need all those logs as much as we can to built the Search and Rescue Centre.

Brewster: Dottie's right. There're be no more fun until the job's done.

Connor Lacey: That's right. It's time you three became more serious when working.

The Logging Locos: Aw!

Ferdinand: You all no fun.

[Thomas look seriously at them and the scene changes back on Sodor at the construction site]

Narrator: The morning sun shone over the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. Action Chugger and Harold hovered.

Harold: Sir, we still can't see Thomas nor Brewster or any of the Irelanders either.

Action Chugger: We've looked everywhere. Not a sign.

Zack: Oh, Brewster. Where are you?

Lily Chen: [looks down sadly as Percy's driver pats her shoulder comfortingly]

Narrator: Percy wheeshed weakly. He was worried.

[The Fat Controller patted his buffer in comfort and the scene changes to The Irelanders waiting for Shi La and James]

Bronwyn Jones: What's taking so long?

Charlie Jones: I'm sure James will be fine, love.

Sarah Jones: Here they come.

[Shi La and James Jones walk over with his leg healed]

Fireman Sam: Great Fires of London, James. You're healed.

James Jones: Yep. Thanks to Dr Shi La.

Shi La: (blushes) Thank you, James.

Fu Fu: (chitters)

Gareth Griffiths: But how did she heal you so quickly?

Shi La: The Four-Herb Chinese Medicine Formula.

[She explains about it]

Connor Lacey: Whoa.

Marco Polo: Well, guess that healing skill of yours still comes in handy from time to time.

Aviva Corcovado: Fantastico!

Chris Kratt: Nice work, kiddo.

[James hug Shi La]

Sarah Jones: Thanks for healing my brother.

Shi La: It was nothing.

James Jones: Where's Thomas and Brewster?

Lightning McQueen: With the Logging Locos.

Dusty Crophopper: They got them to work and stop messing around.

Shi La: How?

Connor Lacey: They showed them how they do things.

James Jones: Well, that's good.

Shi La: People tell me I'm a natural healer. Maybe I should be a doctor.

Koki: Yeah.

Norman Price: (waking up, groaning) My head. What did I miss?

Twilight Sparkle: And look who's awake after some time.

Dilys Price: Oh, thank goodness.

Violet Parr: You missed a lot of stuff.

Marco Polo: Like Shi La healing James' leg and Thomas and Brewster getting the Logging Locos to work and stop messing around.

Norman Price: Just like she heals Lord Puddinghead's back with acupuncture cure?

Luigi: Yes.

Norman Price: I see. If people heard about your healing skill Shi La, you'II become famous in the the whole world.

Shi La: Thanks.

Kim Possible: We better get back to work.

Fireman Sam: She's right. Come on.

Smokescreen (G1): This way.

[They went back to work]

Narrator: On Misty Island, Thomas was huffing hard.

[He went towards a zip-line bridge]

Narrator: He had to load the Jobi logs onto flatbeds as quickly as possible. And he wouldn't use Ol' Wheezy.

Mandy Flood: What are we gonna do?

Martin Kratt: Not sure. But we can't use that log throwing crane again.

Dash Parr: It's not like we're in a hurry or something.

Twilight Sparkle: But we are, remember? Sodor needs these logs as much as they can.

Dynamite: But what else can we use to load these logs?

[Radar saw something and barks]

Fireman Sam: What is it, boy?

Brewster: Hey guys, look.

Connor Lacey: That's a strange looking old machine.

Applejack: Looks kinda rusty and rattling too.

Thomas: What's this?

Dash: It's Hee-Haw. It's a....

Bash: Log loader machine.

Dash: But it uses a lot of oil...

Bash: Which is why we don't use it.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Thomas; We'II use it.

Narrator: The Logging Locos were worried.

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: Are you sure? The Logging Locos don't seem to be happy about it.

Narrator: Thomas smiled.

Thomas: I made good decisions, that's what I was told. I will not be fearful, I'II be brave and bold.

Irelanders: (groans)

[They get to work]

Narrator: The last of the oil had been poured into Hee Haw. Hee Haw spluttered and started, cranked and creaked into action.

Moose Roberts: Looks like we got Hee Haw back in business for work again, eh?

Spike: I'II say, Moose, though it took quite some time.

Narrator: Thomas was pleased.

Thomas: Hooray and hurrah! Now we'II load the logs fast. Nothing will stop us. Our worries are past.

[The scene changes to a coast where Captain and the Fat Controller are searching for The Irelanders, Thomas and Brewster]

Narrator: But the Fat Controller's worries were far from past.

The Fat Controller: Thomas! Thomas!

Narrator: But Thomas wasn't there. Captain tried to be cheerful.

Captain: Don't worry, sir. I'm sure Thomas is fine. Besides, he has Connor and his friends to keep him company. Full steam ahead!

Narrator: The Fat Controller wasn't sure. He wattled back to Captain, more worried than ever.

[The scene changes back on Misty Island where the Irelanders and the engines are loading the logs]

Narrator: Thomas and the Logging Locos had three flatbeds of Jobi logs.

Connor Lacey: That should be plenty enough to built the Search and Rescue Centre. So what do we do now?

Thomas: We have to take these to Sodor.

Lucius Best/Frozone: Well, that's one thing that we still don't know how to get back.

Brewster: So how do we get back?

Bash: We could wait for a boat.

Dash: Or we could try the tunnel.

Irelanders: What?!

Narrator: Thomas' boiler bubbled.

Thomas: A tunnel? You didn't tell us there was a tunnel.

Dash: That's because...

Bash: We don't use it.

Dash: It's closed...

Bash: Because it's dangerous.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Spike: Says the Logging Locos who went over the very old wobbly Shake Shake Bridge.

Marco Polo: Spike!

Spike: What?

Sheriff: Are you three sayin' you knew a way of the island all this time and you never even told us?

Bash: You heard...

Dash: What we said.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Sheriff: Boy, am I glad I don't have any parkin' boots on me.

Bash: What are...

Dash: Parking boots?

Lightning McQueen: They're these yellow tire clamps that Sheriff uses to keep cars like the Tuners from escaping.

Mater: Like you once. (giggles)

Lightning McQueen: Mater!

Cruz Ramirez: Did you really have one on, Mr. McQueen?

Lightning McQueen: Yes. When I first came to Radiator Springs.

Chris Kratt: Thomas, I think we should agree with the Logging Locos. It might be too risky for us to use the tunnel.

Narrator: But Thomas was too excited to listen.

Thomas: A tunnel to Sodor? I know all about tunnels. It won't be dangerous. We'II use the tunnel.

Kim Possible: We won't stop you anyway.

Thomas: I made good decisions...

Dash: That's what you were told....

Bash: You will not be fearful.....

Ferdinand: You'II be brave and bold.

[They laugh along with the Irelanders] 

Narrator: Thomas' firebox fizzed and flared.

Thomas: That's right.

[They laugh again]

Thomas: We're going to the tunnel.

Narrator: And together, they wheezed and wheeshed to the old tunnel to Sodor.

[The scene changes to Sodor at the construction site]

Narrator: On Sodor, everyone was worried.

The Fat Controller: Thomas, Brewster and The Irelanders are still missing. We will not give up. Our search will go on.

Narrator: Percy piped and he puffed.

Percy: Thomas is gone.

Lily Chen: Mummy.

Zach: Brewster.

Fletch: It's like they've vanished into thin air.

Tyne: (sighs) Poor guys.

[The scene changes to Thomas, Brewster, The Logging Locos and the Irelanders arriving the tunnel]

Narrator: Thomas and the Logging Locos puff up to the tunnel.

The Mask: This looks like the tunnel that can take us back to Sodor. (making Yi sounds)

Ace Bunny: It sure is.

Rarity: (in Miss Bianca's voice) Oh, what a dreadful, frighting place.

Brewster: But we have to go through. It's the way home.

Fluttershy: So how do we know that this is the tunnel to get us back?

Connor Lacey: It might act as a sort of connection.

Violet Parr: Between Sodor and Misty Island?

Connor Lacey: Yeah.

Mrs Chen: (to the Logging Locos) You sure have learned a lot.

Predaking (PWT): Yes. And you've stopped being so silly.

Mack: Are you ready to come with us?

Dash: We don't have enough oil...

Bash: To puff to Sodor.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Thomas: Of course, you do. It's a huff and a puff, a whir and a whoosh and we'II be there.

Windlifter: Are you four ready to come back to Sodor with us?

Marco Polo: Yes.

Shi La: Of course.

Fu Fu: (chitters)

Luigi: I suppose so.

James Jones: Are you sure? The tunnel looks dark and scary.

Fireman Sam: James, I know it's scary but you've got me to keep you safe.

Jimmy Z: I'm not going in there. No way, no how.

Koki: Huh. No surprise.

Holley Shiftwell: Guys, we have to.

Finn McMissile: She's right. Let's move out.

Connor Lacey: Alright, let's go, Thomas, Brewster, LLs.

Narrator: So wheel-turn by wheel-turn, Thomas, Brewster, The Irelanders, The Logging Locos and the Jobi logs disappeared into the tunnel.

[Sadie watch this]

Sadie: No, no, no! I have stop them! But how?

[She remembers that the tunnel was blocked]

Sadie: Of course. The tunnel should hold them off.

[She chuckles evilly as she uses magic to teleport and the scene changes to inside the tunnel]

Narrator: The tunnel was dark. The tracks were twisty. Thomas and his friends bumped and jumped. They rattled and rocked. Then there was trouble.

Thomas: Cinders and ashes!

Marco Polo: What's wrong, Thomas? Why have you stopped?

Connor Lacey: Guys, look.

Narrator: The track ahead was blocked.

Aviva Corcovado: How are we going to get through with those rocks in the way?

Applejack: Not to worry, ya'II. I can get those rocks out of the way easily.

[She tries to push them but they fall down and she jump back]

Rarity: Or not.

Blackout: Anyone got a better idea to get rid of those rocks?

Bob Parr/Mr.Incredible: Never fear! Mr. Incredible is here! I can use my super strength to move those rocks.

Martin Kratt: I'II use Aardvark powers to dig them.

Twilight Sparkle: And I'II use my magic to move the rest of them too.

[Then there's a rumble]

Elvis Cridlington: What was that?

Marco Polo: Luigi, your stomach must be very loud.

Luigi: Wasn't me.

Moose Roberts: Uh-oh. Back in Canada, loud noises cause avalanches.

[The ponies look up to see]


Narrator: Then rock and rubble crashed and smash behind them.

Irelanders: (gasps)

Fireman Sam: The way back is blocked too!

Sadie: [off screen] That's the idea, losers!

Narrator: They were trapped. They were scared.

Apple White: Martin, now would be a good time to activate Aardvark powers and Twilight to use her magic to move those rocks?

Martin Kratt: Well, it'II make the tunnel even worse.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm afraid Martin is right. And I don't think my magic can be able to teleport all of us out of here.

Norman Price: Then that means we're trapped! Trapped like ratchets!

Spud the Scarecrow: [gasps] Not good!

Bash: What do we do...

Dash: Now?

Narrator: Thomas made another decision.

Thomas: We'II push and we'II puff until we break through.

Narrator: Now, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand were wheezing and whispering.

Bash: We don't have enough oil.

Dash: We can't push and puff.

Ferdinand: That's right!

Thomas: Of course you can!

Fireman Sam: Thomas, we should think this through first before we do any pushing.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, Thomas. You need to think about the others first before you make a decision.

Thomas: There's no time. We need to keep going. One, two, three, now!

[He charged at the wall and hit with a big bump]

Narrator: Bravely, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand pumped their pistons.

[They bump into Thomas]

Narrator: Then with a gasp and a groan, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand ran out of oil. They couldn't push, they couldn't puff. They were all stuck in the tunnel and no knew they were there.

Poppy O'Hair: Uh-oh.

Connor Lacey: Oh no.

Thomas: Cinders and ashes! My decisions were wrong. I shouldn't have used the tunnel. I shouldn't used all the oil for Hee-Haw. I was very, very wrong. This is a disaster.

[The scene changes to Brendam Docks where Percy and Lily are] 

Narrator: At Brendam Docks, Percy and Lily stared sadly out to sea.

Percy: Can you see Brewster, The Irelanders or Thomas from up there, Cranky? Please.

Narrator: Cranky creaked. He felt sorry for Percy and Lily.

Cranky: There's still no sign of them.

Narrator: Salty and Skipper Stu rolled over.

Salty: You see nothing of anything out there with the mist down.

Skipper Stu: Not a chance, you two.

Lily Chen: [looks down sadly whilst Percy's driver pats her in comfort]

Narrator: Percy's wheels wobbled with worry. He puffed and he peeped.

Percy: Thomas, where are you? Thomas!

[The scene changes back to the tunnel] 

Narrator: Way below ground on Misty Island, Brewster, The Irelanders, Thomas and The Logging Locos were still stuck and still scared.

Cruz: With both sides blocked, there's no way of getting this island now.

Fluttershy: You're right, Cruz. There's no chance of any hope that we can get back to Sodor.

Fireman Sam: There's no reception down here. We can't call for assistance.

Connor Lacey: We'll never get out.

Spud the Scarecrow: Farmer Pickles will replace me with another scarecrow. We'II probably be here for days and days. (gasps) I'II STARVE!

Blade Ranger: Calm down, everyone! I'm sure we'll figure something out.

Marco Polo: I hope so, Blade. If we don't, we'II suffocate to death.

Irelanders: (gasps)

Mrs Chen: I'II never see my daughter again.

Brewster: I'II never see Wilson and Koko again.

Shi La Won: I'II never see Hiro again.

Narrator: Thomas felt terrible.

Thomas: This is all my fault. I thought I knew better than you. I thought I always made right decisions but I don't. I made the worse decision of all. I'm sorry.

Narrator: The Logging Locos were kind.

Dash: You can't always be right....

Bash: All of the time.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Brewster: Cheer up, Thomas. Everyone makes mistakes all the time.

Marco Polo: I made plenty of mistakes along the way to China when my plans backfired. No one calls me a hero when I save my friends, Connor and his friends from dangers.

Shi La: Right.

Connor Lacey: See, Thomas, you're not the only one that makes wrong decisions every time.

Sarah Jones: We still like you even if you make wrong decisions.

Narrator: Thomas smiled.

Thomas: You're right.

[The Logging Locos laugh then the tunnel rumbled again]

Narrator: Then, more rock rumbled down. It bounced off their boilers and fell on their fenders.

[Rocks began to fall towards Shi La]

Twilight Sparkle: Look out!

Shi La: Whoa!

[Marco push Shi La out of the way and brace himself to be crushed, only to see that Twilight use her magic to stop the rocks in mid-fall]

Marco Polo: Nice catch, Twilight.

Moose Roberts: That's some powerful pony, eh?

Connor Lacey: Indeed, Moose.

Twilight Sparkle: Nothing to it.

Marco Polo: Shi La, are you all right?

Shi La: Yes, and so is Fu Fu.

Fu Fu: (chitters)

[Shi La kiss Marco on the cheek, making him blush and touch it]

Aviva Corcovado: Aw, that's sweet.

Koki: Couldn't agree more.

Luigi: I think I got something in my eye.

Narrator: Ferdinand frowned.

Ferdinand: I can feel air on my funnel.

Tom Thomas: Look mates. There's light coming from that hole up there.

Cabbie: He's right. We air vehicles could fly up out of it and find help.

Dusty Crophopper: Except it's too small for us to fly out.

Narrator: Thomas was worried.

Thomas: Oh no. Perhaps the whole tunnel is going to fall in on us now.

Jimmy Z: What are we gonna do now?

Thomas: I don't know, Jay-Z.

Narrator: Suddenly, Dash smiled.

Dash: I know exactly what we do!

Narrator: Then Bash smiled.

Bash: Of course! Puff forwards Thomas, so that your funnel....

Dash: Is under the hole.

Bash: Huff your hardest...

Dash: And someone will see your steam!

Ferdinand: That's right!

Twilight Sparkle: Of course! The smoke signals Salty told us about!

Brewster: Honking Horns! That's a good idea! Well done, you three!

Narrator: Thomas beam from buffer to buffer.

Thomas: Of course, this might be our only hope to get someone to come and rescue us.

Connor Lacey: Good thinking. Fire those smoke signals, Thomas!

Thomas: Here goes nothing!

Narrator: So Thomas pumped his pistons to puff....

[The scene changes to Brendam Docks]

Narrator: While Percy and Lily wheeshed and waited. Suddenly, the mist began to lift. Percy could see land.

Percy: Cranky, Lily, Skipper Stu, Salty, look! That must be Misty Island.

Narrator: Then Percy saw something that made his firebox fizz and boiler bubble. Three puffs of smoke rose high in the sky.

Percy: It's Thomas! He must be on Misty Island! And if he's there, so are Brewster and the Irelanders.

Lily Chen: [smiles and claps her hands]

Skipper Stu: Stu-pendous!

Percy: And they need help. I'm must tell the Fat Controller at once. Climb abroad, Lily.

Lily Chen: [laughing happily and climbs into Percy's cab as he whistles]

Narrator: Percy pumped his pistons.

[He puffs away]

Percy: Don't worry, Thomas. Your troubles will end. I'm coming to save you. You can trust your best friend.

Narrator: And Percy whooshed away like the wind.

[Back at the tunnel]

Narrator: In the tunnel, everyone waited and hoped for help.

Pinkie Pie: Do you think someone will be able to see Thomas' smoke signals?

Chris Kratt: I hope so.

James Jones: Me too.

[The scene changes to Brendam Docks]

Narrator: The Fat Controller arrived.

[He drive up in his car]

The Fat Controller: Show me the smoke signals, Percy.

Percy: You have to wait, sir. They come from Misty Island.

[He looked out]

Narrator: Everyone waited and watched.

[Then three more puffs appear]

Narrator: Then they whistled and waved.

Percy: There they are, sir! There's Brewster, The Irelanders and Thomas!

Lily Chen: [laughs happily while clapping]

Narrator: The Fat Controller was urgent.

The Fat Controller: James, Gordon and Edward, you must sail to Misty Island immediately. I will come with you.

Narrator: Percy was puzzled.

Percy: What about the tunnel, sir? I'm sure it's quicker.

Lily Chen: [nods]

The Fat Controller: Hmm. That maybe, Percy. Fetch Whiff. He knows all about the tunnel.

[The scene changes back to the tunnel]

Narrator: Everyone were trying to cheer up their new friends.

Thomas: Sodor engines are funny and fast. We like to be busy. We're first and not last. That's why they'II come soon. We'II be safe and sound. It won't be long now. I know we'II be found.

Brewster: And don't worry, we'II be out of here before we even know it.

Martin Kratt: Like a talking cat would say, "Everything's gonna turn out purrfect".

[Chris Kratt thumbs up and the scene changes to the other entrance of the tunnel]

Narrator: Workman had bashed and crashed through to the old tunnel. The Fat Controller peered inside. He was worried.

The Fat Controller: This looks too dark and too deep.

Whiff: Don't worry, sir. I know all the tracks. I'II find Brewster, The Irelanders and Thomas.

Irving: Be careful, buddy.

Narrator: Percy wheeshed.

Percy: Please, sir? Please may Lily and I go? Two boilers bubbling are better than one.

Lily Chen: [nods]

Narrator: The Fat Controller was stern.

The Fat Controller: Very well Percy but chuff carefully and keep Lily safe.

[Percy whistles]

Narrator: So Percy and Whiff whistled and whooshed down the tunnel and The Fat Controller hurried back to the boat at the docks.

[The scene changes to Edward, James, Gordon and the Fat Controller on The Sodor Line heading to Misty Island]

Narrator: Far out to sea, the boat steamed through the waves. The engines were ready and raring to save Thomas who puffed and chuff one more time while Whiff and Percy rattled on down the line. Through the dark and the deep, they were never afraid.

Percy: We're coming.

Narrator: Peeped Percy.

Percy: So soon, you'II be safe.

Lily Chen: [giggles]

Narrator: Now it's the Logging Locos' turn to cheer Brewster, The Irelanders and Thomas up. 

Brewster: So how did you three ended up on Misty Island anyway?

Dash: We were too naughty on the mainland....

Bash: So they send us to Misty Island.

Fireman Sam: I see. Do go on.

Dash: We weren't really useful...

Bash: But we were really funny.

Thomas and Ferdinand: That's right.

[They laugh as the Locos begin to remember Sadie]

Dash: But there was one of us who used to be useful.

Bash: And that's Sadie.

Connor Lacey: Other than your silly antics annoying her to the point of quitting, what else made her the way she is?

Bash: Well, as soon as we got to Misty Island, she came to accepting the importance of being really useful.

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: Then why do you say she's trouble?

Dash: Well, when you guys came along...

Bash: Sadie tried to manipulate you into staying.

Ferdinand: She somehow knew of the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre and tried to stop you from leaving so that it wouldn't be built.

Thomas and Irelanders: What?

Ferdinand: It's true.

Kim Possible: I knew something was off about Sadie.

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: Told ya.

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: We never should have trusted her.

Spud the Scarecrow: Hey guys, wanna hear something funny?

Marco Polo: We haven't got time for jokes, Spud!

Spud the Scarecrow: I mean something funny happened when we arrived on Misty Island.

Bash: Yes...

Dash: Please.

Spud the Scarecrow: Well, when we arrived, Norman got his head stuck on the ground and when I pull him out, he had a mouthful of dirt! (laughs)

[Marco, Shi La, Luigi, Fu Fu, and The Logging Locos laughs]

Norman Price: It's not funny!

Shi La: But you've gotta admit, it was a little funny. (giggles)

Fu Fu: (giggles)

Norman Price: (grumbles)

Narrator: Suddenly, they heard the clicking-clack of wheels on tracks.

Thomas: Listen.

Mack: That sounds like a couple of engines coming from the other side.

Spike: Then that means we're saved.

Narrator: The Logging Locos' eyes pop wide.  

[Percy's whistle is heard] 

Connor Lacey: I know that whistle.

Percy: Thomas? Are you there? It's Percy.

Narrator: Thomas was so happy, his axles tingled and jingled with joy.

Thomas: Percy! My best, best friend! You're here!

Percy: So's Whiff. He found you all, Thomas. Lily's with me, Mrs Chen. We're just the other side of these rocks.

Thomas: I'II push through to you, Percy.

Narrator: But Whiff's voice was stern.

Whiff: No, Thomas. I know this tunnel. You don't. Percy and I will push through to you.

Narrator: Thomas knew Whiff was right.

Thomas: You make good decisions, Whiff. I'II do what you say.

Whiff: And Connor, you and your friends better take cover too. Just in case, the rocks might hit you. Lily will be safe in Percy's cab, Mrs Chen.

Connor Lacey: Thanks, Whiff.

Mrs Chen: Lily, It's me.

Lily Chen: Mummy.

Narrator: So together, Percy and Whiff rocked and roll backwards. Then they pump their pistons and with all their puff and all their huff, they crashed and smash through to Thomas, Brewster, The Irelanders and the Logging Locos.

The Logging Locos: Hooray!

Connor Lacey: They did it. Whiff and Percy did it.

Irelanders: Hooray!

Thomas: Hooray for Percy! Hooray for Whiff!

Narrator: Percy piped til he thought his pistons would pop.

Percy: Thomas!

Lily Chen: Mummy! [runs to hug her mom]

Mrs Chen: Oh, Lily! [hugs her]

Thomas: And these are our friends, Dash, Bash and Ferdinand.

Percy, Whiff and Lily: Hello.

Logging Locos: Hello.

Lily Chen: (seeing Marco, Shi La, Luigi and Fu Fu) Hi.

Marco Polo: It's a pleasure to meet you, Lily. I'm Marco Polo. This is Luigi, Shi La and our pet bat, Fu Fu.

Shi La: Hi.

Fu Fu: (Chitters)

Luigi: Hello.

Lily Chen: [giggles]

Connor Lacey: (to Whiff) I'm so glad you guys could make it.

Percy: Us too.

Whiff: It's a pleasure to meet you, Connor.

Connor Lacey: Nice to meet you too, Whiff.

Koki: (smells) Urgh! What's that smell?

Whiff: Oh, that would be me.

Station Officer Steele: Great tangled hoses. I can smell you from here.

Whiff: I'm called Whiff because I'm a bit smelly.

Rarity: Ugh, and it smells dreadful.

Brewster: You also have glasses like Irving and Old Puffer Pete.

Whiff: That's because without them I can't see very well.

Connor Lacey: Oh.

Percy: Whiff, the engines and I heard about you four fall overboard in the storm and Hiro's worried about you, Shi La.

Shi La: Oh, my. I hope he's not too worried.

Fu Fu: (chitters)

Whiff: He tried not to. Don't worry.

Shi La: Oh, thank goodness.

Violet Parr: Now that we know each other, we got a problem.

Chris Kratt: Bash, Dash and Ferdinand had run out of oil. We have to help them back to Sodor.

Narrator: Whiff was suddenly serious.

Whiff: Then, you must all do as I say.

[The scene changes to The Fat Controller, Edward, Gordon and James on Misty Island]

Narrator: James, Edward and Gordon arrived on Misty Island. They gasped. The island was quiet and strange. And the mist was coming down. The Fat Controller look out from James' cab.

The Fat Controller: We will not stop until we find Brewster, The Irelanders and Thomas. Puff on.

[The scene changes back to the tunnel]

Narrator: Deep in the tunnel, Whiff, Brewster, Percy and Thomas pushed and pulled Dash, Bash and Ferdinand along the twisty track. They had to huff hard.

Connor Lacey: Whiff? How closer we are now to Sodor?

Whiff: We're almost there. Just around this bend is Sodor!

Rainbow Dash: I can hardly wait!

Fluttershy: I'm so excited, I-I feel like shouting! [softly] Woo-hoo!

Applejack: Hooo-wee! Sodor, here we come!

James Jones: We're gonna make it!

Narrator: So with a heave and a haul, a shove and a shunt, Whiff lead everyone out into the sunshine of Sodor.

Brewster: We're back.

Connor Lacey: We made it!

Irelanders: Hooray.

The Mane 6: Alright! [They cheer)

Spud the Scarecrow: (laughs and kiss the ground) Mwah. Mwah.

Shi La: Spud, gross.

Spud the Scarecrow: Sorry. Just happy to be out of the tunnel that's all.

Norman Price: Just like you did back at Cactus Creek.

Spud the Scarecrow: Yeah I did, buddy.

Marco Polo: Nice to be back in the fresh air.

Luigi: Yeah. We survive the tunnel. And we're back on Sodor again.

Shi La: Goodness that's over.

Fu Fu: (chitters)

Thomas: Welcome to Sodor!

Narrator: Dash, Bash and Ferdinand wheeshed and whooshed with wonder. So did Emily, Henry and Toby.

Henry: Oh my. Who are you?

Dash: We're Dash...

Bash: Bash...

Ferdinand: And Ferdinand.

Emily: And where are you from?

Bash and Dash: Misty Island.

Ferdinand: That's right.

Narrator: Then they giggled and jiggled. And the big Sodor engines laugh too.

[The scene changes to Misty Island where James, Gordon, Edward and the Fat Controller are looking for Thomas]

Narrator: On Misty Island, the engines were lost.

The Fat Controller: Thomas! Thomas!

James: The mist is too thick!

Gordon: We can't see to puff!

Edward: How can we find Thomas or Brewster and the Irelanders?

[The scene changes back to the construction site]

Narrator: Thomas was excited.

Thomas: I must hurry to find the Fat Controller.

Danger Duck: Any idea where the Fat Controller is, Percy?

Narrator: Percy gasped.

Percy: Flatten my funnel! The Fat Controller has gone to find you all on Misty Island with Edward, Gordon and James!

Irelanders: What?!

Rainbow Dash: You gotta be kidding us. We just came back from there!

Narrator: Just then, Harold and Action Chugger hovered in. They weren't happy.

Harold: The steam boat has come back. The mist is down over Misty Island.

Connor Lacey: So now they're lost?

Action Chugger: 'Fraid so, Connor, old boy.

Menasor (PWT): Aw, man.

Applejack: Uh, what are we gonna do, y'all?

Chris Kratt: There's one thing we can do. We gotta find them and bring them back here.

Martin Kratt: But how do we know where to find them, Chris?

Koki: Since the mist is now down over all over Misty Island again, it'll be impossible to find them.

Harold: I'm afraid Koki is right. It'II be impossible to find them now.

Narrator: Thomas rattled his rods.

Thomas: No it won't. I will find them. I must not delay. And I'II take some of Connor's friends to help me find them.

Kim Possible: We're with you all the way.

Fireman Sam: Okay. Here's the plan. Myself, Elvis, Penny, Connor, the Kratt Bros, The Mane 6, Kim and Ron are going back to Misty Island to find our friends.

Connor Lacey: Good idea, Sam.

Applejack: We're ready as you are.

Twilight Sparkle: Spike, it's best that you stay here on Sodor with the rest of our friends and make sure nothing happens to them.

Spike: You can count on me.

Trevor Evans: Kids, can you help Spike watch our friends while Thomas and Sam head to Misty Island?

The Pontypandy Pioneers: Okay, Trevor.

Marco Polo: Besides, the four of us need to find Hiro.

Shi La: So that he can know I'm okay.

Fu Fu: (chitters)

Luigi: And I can find something to eat. I'm starving.

Jimmy Z: Can't blame ya.

Action Chugger: I'm coming too. It's my job to rescue chuggers in distress.

Ron Stoppable: Okay, Action Chugger.

Connor Lacey: Alright. Let's get back there and find The Fat Controller and the other engines.

Thomas: The tunnel is blocked. the boat is the way.

Narrator: Percy was proud of his friend.

Percy: We'II take care of Bash. Dash and Ferdinand.

Thomas: Thank you.

[Sadie watch this with her magic]

Sadie: [chuckles] They'll never find them. It's too misty.

Narrator: And Thomas steam quickly away to the docks.

[The scene change to Thomas steaming to the docks then to him puffing on Misty Island]

Narrator: Soon Thomas rattled onto the rusty rails of Misty Island.

Thomas: I will not be scared. I will find a way. I'II take my friends home by the end of the day.

Elvis Cridlington: That's the spirit, Thomas.

Action Chugger: We'II find them. I'm number one. I'm helpful, I'm strong, I get the job done.

[The scene changes to the Sodor Steamworks]

Narrator: The Logging Locos like the Steamworks. They were mended and tended and felt very special.

Gareth Griffiths: So, is this where Thomas was repainted into a blue engine and steam trains get fixed, right?

Sarah Jones: Right, Granddad.

James Jones: My engine counterpart also got fixed here after his accident with trucks.

Ishani: This is also where our friend, Hiro, The Master of the Railway was restored.

Moose Roberts: I see.

Violet Parr: And it looks like The Logging Locos seem to be enjoying being here getting restored.

Raven Queen: Yeah.

Victor: Welcome to our Misty Island friends. Oh.

[A screeching and bump is heard and everyone glances at Kevin]

Kevin: Sorry, boss.

[The Logging Locos laugh]

Kevin: Hello, my name's Kevin. Just give me a shout. Whatever you need, I'm always about. Whoa! (he fell over)

[Everyone laugh including Kevin]

[The scene changes to the logging station where Thomas stops]

Narrator: Thomas rattled and rolled through the logging station. There was no one there. He had puffed all over the island and he haven't found The Fat Controller and his friends.

Connor Lacey: Sir Topham Hatt?

Fireman Sam: James? Huh, I'm looking for another James now.

Martin Kratt: Edward?

Action Chugger: Gordon?

Twilight Sparkle: They have to be on Misty Island here somewhere.

Chris Kratt: Can't find them yet?

Fluttershy: Nope.

Rainbow Dash: Me, Pinkie Pie and Rarity look at the Hollow Tree Tunnel and they're not there.

Applejack: Me, Twilight and Fluttershy went to see if they were at the junction where we first met the Logging Locos. And they're not there either.

Martin Kratt: Action Chugger, can you see anything from your bird's eye view?

Action Chugger: The mist is too thick. I can't see them, even from my bird's eye view.

Elvis Cridlington: Oh dear. This is harder than we thought.

Connor Lacey: Harold and Koki were right. It's no use.

Kim Possible: We can't give up. We'II find them.

Penny Morris: Yeah. Sam, Mike, Mandy, Tom and Radar find me and Helen in the fog when I twisted my ankle.

Ron Stoppable: And so can we with Edward, Gordon, James and Sir Topham Hatt.

Connor Lacey: They're right.

Martin Kratt: I got a idea.

Thomas: What's that, Martin?

Martin Kratt: You could try and whistle for them again. Then The Fat Controller and the other engines can hear you wherever they are.

Thomas: I think you're right, Martin. But I won't give up. I'II whistle once more. I know they're here somewhere of that I'm quite sure.

[He whistles]

Pinkie Pie: You think they heard that this time?

Fireman Sam: Let's see.

[Then whistles blew]

Thomas: (gasps)

Narrator: Thomas gasped and grinned.

Thomas: I know those whistles and I know where they are. They're in Echo Valley and that's not far.

Connor Lacey: Well done, Thomas. Good thinking, Martin. Let's go!

Kratt Bros: To the controller and engine rescue!

Twilight Sparkle: All right girls, move out!

[They set off and the scene changes to James, Edward and Gordon whistling until Thomas whistles too]

Narrator: Soon Thomas whooshed into Echo Valley and to his friends.

Kim Possible: Let's go!

Fireman Sam: Fire crew, move out!

Action Chugger: Have no fear. Action Chugger is here.

The Mane 6: Alright!

Narrator: James, Edward and Gordon tooted and hooted with happiness.

Connor Lacey: Hooray! We've done it!

Narrator: The Fat Controller jump for joy in James' cab.

The Fat Controller: Ha. Thomas!

Narrator: The Fat Controller's hat flew high in the air and into the mist.

Thomas was worried.

Thomas: Sir, your hat!

Narrator: But the Fat Controller beamed.

The Fat Controller: Don't worry. I can find another hat but I'II never find another Thomas.

Narrator: Thomas smiled from bumper to buffer.

Thomas: We have so much to tell you, sir.

Martin Kratt: But right now, we've gotta get you guys home.

[Then Sadie appears on the ground next to the track]

Sadie: Not so fast!

Twilight Sparkle: Sadie!

James: You know this engine?

Connor Lacey: Yeah, she tried to prevent us from leaving once, she'll try it again!

The Fat Controller: Were you the one who caused all this confusion?

Sadie: Yes. And I'm not about to let you interfere with my diabolical plan.

Thomas: What plan?

Sadie: The plan I have for your little Search and Rescue Centre of course!

Gordon: What? What do you mean by that?

Sadie: Well, you see, I placed a bomb near the to-be-built building and when it goes off, BOOM! The whole thing goes up in flames taking your pathetic little search and rescue vehicles with it.

Everyone: What?!

The Fat Controller: You can't do that!

Edward: And besides, Rocky, Harold, Captain and Butch aren't moved in yet.

Kim Possible: The Logging Locos are right!

Ron Stoppable: But how does she know about the Search and Rescue Centre?

Sadie: I've been secretly visiting and I don't see why you need one.

The Fat Controller: We do because Harold said it's a rather tight squeeze coming in to land. But how did you visit when the tunnel was blocked?

Sadie: Simple. I used Equestrian Magic.

[She teleport behind Gordon then Thomas, surprising everyone]

Twilight Sparkle: But that's impossible.

Connor Lacey: How can an engine use Equestrian Magic?

Sadie: Well, first off, this magic came from Equestria which the magic reveals that is and second, it gave me the ability to create a tunnel between Misty Island and Sodor.

Fireman Sam: I don't understand.

Twilight Sparkle: But how did Equestrian magic went out of Equestria and onto Misty Island?

Connor Lacey: That's what's confusing me.

Action Chugger: Me too.

Rufus: Uh-oh.

Chris Kratt: (on his Creature Pod) Aviva, come in.

Aviva Corcovado: (appearing on the screen) What's up, Chris?

Chris Kratt: We found The Fat Controller and the other engines but there's a problem.

Connor Lacey: Totally. A big one.

Martin Kratt: Sadie really is evil. She planning to destroy the Search and Rescue Centre with a bomb and Equestrian magic.

The heroes: What?!

Zack: Is she serious?

Fletch: We can't let that happen!

Tyne: That bomb could be anywhere.

Sadie: If you want to stop me, first to find the bomb.

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: We better search for it! It'II go off any minute!

[The heroes and engines look around]

Koki: There it is!

[She picks it up]

Koki: Now we've gotta get rid of this thing!

Spike: But how?! It's almost on zero!

[Then Shi La grabs it, throw it into the air, jump up and kick it far into the sea and it explodes]

Sadie: NO! 

The heroes: [cheering]

Marco Polo: You did it, Shi La!

Aviva Corcovado: (hugging Shi La) Nice job, sweetie.

Shi La: Thanks, Aviva.

Fu Fu: (chitters)

[On Misty Island, Connor, Thomas and the others cheered too]

Connor Lacey: Whoo!

Twilight Sparkle: Alright!

Fireman Sam: Yes!

The Fat Controller: Hooray for Shi La!

Thomas: You're great!

Sadie: Ugh! You just got lucky! But I'II be back and you'II pay for this. [teleport away]

Chris Kratt: At least that takes care of Sadie.

Kim Possible: Let's get back then, shall we?

Thomas: Kim is right. We'II explain this back home. Follow us.

[The scene changes back to the construction site]

Narrator: Later, The Fat Controller met Dash, Bash and Ferdinand.

Dash: Very pleased...

Bash: To meet you.

Ferdinand: That's right.

The Fat Controller: Oh, quite so.

[The Logging Locos laugh, to the confusion of Percy and Whiff]

Spike: I wonder why are they laughing at The Fat Controller for?

Jimmy Z: Who knows?

Zack: Could it be how big he is?

Norman Price: Maybe because he's missing his hat and is really bald.

Dilys Price: Norman!

Norman Price: What?

Connor Lacey: You shouldn't say things like that.

[Marco kiss Shi La on the cheek, making her blush and touching it]

Marco Polo: Today Shi La, you're my hero.

Shi La: Thanks, Marco. 

Fu Fu: (chitters)

Raven Queen: Quiet, everyone. The Fat Controller is about to make an announcement.

The Fat Controller: The Jobi Wood from Misty Island means on the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre can go on.

[The engines whistled]

The Fat Controller: It also means all engines have to be Really Useful engines. Huff your hardest.

Twilight Sparkle: Say, guys. What's say we help them built the rescue centre?

Lightning McQueen: Ka-chow!

Melody: I thought of something. We can even restore the Misty Island tunnel as well so the Logging Locos can visit Sodor and the engines here can go to Misty Island to get pick up the Jobi logs there.

Brewster: Honking horns. Good idea.

Fletch: Yes. That would be good.

Connor Lacey: Good thinking Melody.

Fireman Sam: Well, let's get to work.

[The work gets underway]

Narrator: Engines chuff to clear the tunnel. Steam rose thick from every funnel. Hiro heaved haul the wood. Captain tug as good boats should. The Logging Locos laughed all day.

The Logging Locos: (laughs) We're Really Useful!

Narrator: They were happy to say. And Thomas felt proudest of all.

[Thomas whistles and the scene changes to Chief Fire Officer Boyce and Station Officer Steele doing some checks on the progress]

Chief Fire Officer Boyce: All done, done and done. Perfect.

Station Officer Steele: Ready for the grand opening.

[They looked and the scene changes to the grand opening]

Narrator: At last, the building was ready. The Jobi wood glistened in the sunshine.

Connor Lacey: The Sodor Search and Rescue Centre looks ready to shine.

Zack: A job well done indeed, kiddo.

Marco Polo: Well, this is quite a adventure bringing the Jobi logs from Misty Island to here.

Koki: Yep. Even though Thomas made a lot of bad decisions.

Connor Lacey: Well, Thomas did learn that it's not about making decisions to yourself, it's about making decisions with your friends too.

Twilight Sparkle: This is gonna make quite a letter to the princess.

Moose Roberts: And how are you gonna send that letter to this princess, eh?

Twilight Sparkle: Simple. The same way I usually do it. Spike writes everything I say then sends it. Spike, you can send the letter now.

[Spike breathes out and the letter turns into green smoke]

Irving: Where does that letter go to?

Dusty Crophopper: He sent it to Canterlot back in Equestria where Twilight's teacher, Princess Celestia lives, reads it and replies.

Applejack: Exactly.

Brewster: Honking Horns. I would like to meet Princess Celestia one day.

Fletch: Me too.

Zack: Me and Tyne as well.

Tyne: Yes.

Connor Lacey: I'm sure you will.

Fireman Sam: Quiet, everyone. The Fat Controller is about to make his announcement and cut the ribbon.

The Fat Controller: The Sodor Search and Rescue Centre is now open. And so is The Misty Island Tunnel. Today is a very special day, made possible by very special engines. Welcome to our new friends and well done to you all.

[Everyone clapped and the engines whistled]

Thomas, Ferdinand and the Irelanders: That's right.

Narrator: And everyone giggled and jiggled.

[The credits roll]

[Up on the hill, Pinchy is seen clanking. It's revealed to be Diesel 10 and the other villains looking down at them and smirking]

Diesel 10: (chuckles) What silly fools they are to open a stupid Rescue Centre, Linda.

Linda Ryan/The Shredderette: Yes, Diesel 10. Connor and his friends would need all the help they need.

Dr Drakken: And look who's down there. A schoolteacher, a little girl, a Candain man and a old man.

Shego: There's also Marco and his lackies.

Zach Varmitech: Those kids we've encountered from Venice to China?

Shego: Yes.

Gargamel: Well, check out those four cubiods on wheels down there. They're all talking and laughing.

Azrael: (meows)

Queen Chrysalis: Those must be the Chuggineers we've heard about.

Professor Zundapp: I think those four people are new to Pontypandy. One of them is a grandfather to those twins down there.

Ripslinger: Sarah and James Jones.

Robbie Rotten: That teenager must have made a lot of friends throughout his adventures. (snarls)

Zach Varmitech: Especially those Wild Rats.

Linda Ryan/The Shredderette: That's Wild Kratts.

Zach Varmitech: Oh, whatever!

Donita Donata: They've given us enough trouble as it is.

Joker: She's right you know.

Harley Quinn: You're kidding.

The Penguin: I don't think he is.

Paisley Paver: Well, that was a unfortunate situation.

Gourmand: Their ranks are getting higher by the minute.

Diesel 10: So we have to deal with those new people and those diesels as well if we want to get our revenge on Connor, Fireman Sam, Marco Polo and Spud the Scarecrow as well as my revenge on Thomas too. So how can we do that?

Galavatron: Well, I know one way. Equestrian Magic.

Queen Chrysalis: Equestrian Magic? How can we use that?

Galvatron: Gather round. Here's what we're gonna do.

Male voice: You might need my help with that.

[They turn to see Raffuzio Popo]

Hawk Moth: Raffuzio Popo. What are you doing here?

Monkey Fist: Last time we saw you, you're stuck on a boat.

Raffuzio Popo: I was for many months until my boat reaches this island. I had to hide while Connor, Marco and their friends are here. I want revenge on them for foiling my plan to send Marco to Giudecca and keep all of Niccolo's stuff.

Linda Ryan/The Shredderatte: We're trying to do the same thing. Welcome aboard.

Duff Kiligan: So, who's gonna appear next?

Diesel: Wait, I want to join in the fight too.

Diesel 10: Oh. You as well, Diesel? And why's that?

Diesel: It's all Thomas' fault that I lost the Jobi longs and got the blame from The Fat Controller. If he haven't teased me about steamies are more better than diesels, he would never have got lost on Misty Island and found all the logs to finish the Rescue Centre. But now I want my revenge on Thomas too as well as Connor and his friends. And get rid of all the steamies of Sodor to make room for diesels too.

Linda Ryan/The Shredderette: Okay, you're in.

Zach Varmitech: I like you already, Diesel. This is going to be a start of a black devious partnership.

Overlord (PWT): Totally agree with you.

Syndrome: I suppose we can use another train. What do you think, Evelyn?

Evelyn Deavor: Yeah, we could actually.

Sadie: (appears) Room for one more?

Morgana: Who are you?

Sadie: Sadie. A former Logging Loco. I almost had that pathetic little rescue centre destroyed when that Chinese girl foiled my plan.

Lokar: Looks like, you've come to the right team.

Diesel: And why would you like to join forces with us modern diesels who's replacing steamies like you?

Sadie: Because I have Equestrian Magic.

Galavatron: I was just about to say what our use of Equestrian Magic would be for.

Queen Chrysalis: But turns out our new partner has got that covered.

Robbie Rotten: So what do you suggest we use it for, Sadie?

Sadie: I'm not sure. But we'II think of something to get rid of those heroes.

Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz: Yeah. That way, no one will stand in our way.

Diesel 10: Then join me, Diesel and Sadie. Together, we will be unstoppable. We will get to destroy Thomas the number 1 tank engine for good.

Linda Ryan/The Shredderatte: And once we all got rid of those new friends, we will be able to get away with anything and get rid of those pesky Irelanders once and for all.

[She, the villains, Diesel and Sadie laughs evilly]

Diesel 10: Well Thomas, you, Connor and the others will be laughing on the other side of your boilers soon. Silly steamies. (laughs evilly then exhales) Yes.

[He grins evilly as an iris closes in on him and the screen goes black]

Connor Lacey: Well, folks, that's all for now. But we'll be back with the power rangers in an all new adventure.

[Then, the preview of the next adventure begins]

Apple White: Oh, I'm so hexited to go to Animaria and meet the new generation of Power Rangers. Especially seeing Wildzords, battling Orgs and meeting some old friends and face off old enemies. Maybe we get to find out what happened to Cole's parents. Next time on The Irelanders' Adventures: The Irelanders' Adventures of Power Rangers Wild Force. See you there.