This is the script for The Irelanders' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: The Great Race.  

Connor Lacey: Come on, guys. Time for another trip to Sodor.  

Sploshy: Splish, Splash, Splosh! I can't wait!  

Briar Beauty: I can't wait to see Thomas again.  

Fireman Sam: We'II see how he's getting on.  

Norman Price: Then let's stop standing around chatting and get moving!  

Twilight Sparkle: Okay, Norman, cool your jets!  

Connor Lacey: Let's go.  

Jimmy Z: Set a course for the Island of Sodor!  

[The Tortuga flies off and arrives on Sodor]  

[We begin with an overview of Kellsthorpe Road Station as Thomas puffs in pulling Annie and Clarabel]  

Narrator: It was a bright day on the Island of Sodor. Thomas was busy pulling pulling the local, the slow train that runs from Knapford to Vicarstown.  

[passengers enter Annie and Clarabel and the guard blows his whistle and shows a green flag. Thomas whistles and goes on his way]  

[Later on, Thomas is puffing along when Gordon's whistle is heard not too far off]  

Connor Lacey: Hi, Thomas, Annie, Clarabel.  

Thomas: Oh. Connor! Guys! Welcome back!  

Twilight Sparkle: It's good to see you again after sometime.  

Annie: I know! Isn't that right, Clarabel?  

Clarabel: Yes, Annie. Indeed it is.  

Clawd Wolf: How are you guys holdin' up?  

Thomas: Good, thank you, Clawd.  

Arnold McKinley: Did you all hear that?  

Ellie Philips: Hear what?  

Verity: That sound just came from back there.  

Annie: [gasps] Clarabel, was that...?        

Clarabel: No! It's a lovely day, Annie. Can you... hear the birds singing?        

Annie: Ah, yes, the birds. [starts tweeting]        

Thomas: What are you lot going on about? I can't hear any...        

[Gordon's whistle is heard again]        


[We then view Gordon puffing into view]        

Annie: No, Thomas, don't.        

Clarabel: There's nothing to prove.        

Annie: This is the slow train!        

Rainbow Dash: Come on, girls. Let Thomas race if he wants. Fast is good. Especially for racing.        

Thomas: [chuckles] She's right. And it's only to the next signal box, ladies. First one to pass the post wins the race!        

Annie and Clarabel: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!        

Thomas: And it's Thomas coming on the inside! It's our plucky little tank engine, everyone's favourite No. 1, taking on the big, blue beast known in Tidmouth as...GORDON!!!        

Gordon: Express coming though! (whistles).        

Avea Trotter: He's getting closer!        

Thomas: Thomas' tiny pistons are pumping now! Full steam ahead! (Clarabel opens one eye and then both as Gordon easily catches up with them)As Thomas races towards signal box, VICTORY!!! (Thomas laughs happily as Gordon carries on further ahead of him)I win! I win! Bad luck, Gordon! (laughs)        

Gordon: D'oh.        

Tubb: SWIMMIN'!!!        

[The scene changes to Thomas, Connor and The Irelanders arriving in Vicarstown]        

Narrator: Thomas was still going pretty fast as he and The Irelanders arrived at the big station in Vicarstown, the last main line stop on the Island of Sodor.        

[Thomas screeches to a stop]        

Annie and Clarabel: Oh!        

Thomas: Ho-ho-ho!        

Amelia: Yeah! That was totally amazing!        

Winona (Rubbadubbers): Eek, eek, eek, eek, eek!        

Norman Price: What a great race!        

James Jones: Oh. I don't like speed.        

Sarah Jones: That's what you said during the go-kart race, James and we've come last.        

Fireman Sam: I know you don't like speed, James, but it was Thomas' decision to go fast.        

Spud the Scarecrow: Cor! Look at the size of this station!        

Connor Lacey: Yes. Isn't it huge?        

Norman Price: This must be the biggest station on the island.        

Lightning McQueen: To think we've visited the town many times but never saw the station.        

Mater: Dad-Gum! It's even bigger than Radiator Springs back home.        

Chug: And Propwash Junction back home too.        

Dusty Crophopper: Not wrong there, Chug.        

Chris Kratt: Of all the stations we've seen, this one takes the cake.        

Pinkie Pie: Wait. There's cake?        

Martin Kratt: Uh, no, Pinkie. It's a figure of speech.        

Pinkie Pie: Oh.        

Thomas: Ah. One day, I'm going to race through this station and over the bridge to the Mainland again.        

Clarabel: Not today, Thomas! This train terminates here.        

Fireman Sam: I'd agree with them if I were you.        

[The they heard a whistle and see a big green engine with two tenders reversing into the station]        

Thomas: Oh, wow! Who's this with two tenders?        

[The engine backs up to some coaches. It's the Flying Scotsman]        

Thomas: Hello. Are you from the Other Railway. I was built on the mainland you know. And once a long time ago, I went back across with the other famous engines on Sodor.        

Flying Scotsman: Is that so? I didn't think there were any famous engines on Sodor. [sees Gordon next to him] Oh. Hello, Gordon.        

Thomas: Do you two know each other?        

Gordon: Yes, Thomas. We know each other. This is my brother. They call him the Flying Scotsman.        

Flying Scotsman: Indeed they do.        

Connor Lacey: (gasps) You're the world famous Flying Scotsman, are you?      

Flying Scotsman: Indeed I am. It almost makes me famous, doesn't it? (winks at Thomas)      

Connor Lacey: It's nice to meet you. I'm...      

Flying Scotsman: (gasps) Oh, my. Oh m... You're Connor Lacey and the Irelanders aren't you?! Ah, this is amazing! First day in town and I'm already face to face with a world famous band of heroes!      

Howleen Wolf: Looks like we've been popular over all the 16 realms. [Howls]      

Connor Lacey: You heard about us from England, are you?      

[Flying Scotsman nods and whistles]      

James Jones: We've heard that you're the first engine to go a 100 miles a hour between London and Edinburgh, Scotland.      

Flying Scotsman: Really?      

James Jones: Yes.      

Tom Thomas: We've also heard that you also travels to my homeland, Australia.      

Flying Scotsman: Of course, I have been many places.      

Auriana: Really?      

Flying Scotsman: Yes, young lady.     

Fireman Sam: Everyone's heard about you. That's why you're famous.      

Flying Scotsman: Ah, Fireman Sam. I have heard about your work and your team. I also heard about how you dealt with the Great Fire of Pontypandy. Which is caused by Norman Price, Derek and Spud the scarecrow.      

Spud the Scarecrow: It was an accident!      

Station Officer Steele: All because you want to eat sausages and not listening to dry warnings.      

Norman Price: Well, there's no need to keep bringing it up!      

Duece Gorgon: Yeah! Besides, it's an accident and accidents happen.      

Derek Price: Thanks for understanding.      

Twilight Sparkle: One thing I don't get.      

Flying Scotsman: And what is that, your majesty?      

Twilight Sparkle: Why do you have two tenders?      

Flying Scotsman: That's because on the mainland, Twilight, there's no coal and water between London and Scotland which is long distances.      

Venus McFlytrap: Whoa.      

Connor Lacey: We've never know you and Gordon are brothers.      

Flying Scotsman: But we are. Isn't that right, Gordon?      

Gordon: Yes.      

Elvis Cridlington: If you two are brothers, that makes Spencer and Olwin your cousins.      

Flying Scotsman: Of course, Elvis. Oh, Gordon, I wanted to tell you my news! I've been invited to take part in the Great Railway Show on the Mainland, I shall be racing!      

Gordon: (shocked) Ugh!      

Thomas: (amazed) The Great Railway Show? What's that?      

Flying Scotsman: Oh, the Great Railway Show is where engines compete to see who's the fastest or the strongest or, what have you. But I'm not sure any engines from Sodor will be going.      

Gordon: I wouldn't want to go anyway, not if it's full of engines like you always boasting about how exciting they are on the Mainland!      

Thomas: (excited) Well, I want to go!      

Connor Lacey: That reminds me of the Friendship Games!      

Flying Scotsman: What's the Friendship Games?      

Connor Lacey: Well, the Friendship Games is a competition where two schools come together in sportsmanship. One time, as I recall, Canterlot High and Crystal Prep came together but they were firm rivals. Principal Cinch really wanted her school to win and, after discovering that Canterlot High now possessed magic, decided to use it against them by having Sci-Twi, Twilight's human counterpart, unleash all the magic that was contained in her amulet and she ended up turning into a magic crazed monster known as Midnight Sparkle. But Sunset Shimmer managed to stop Midnight and turn Sci-Twi back to normal. After that, Canterlot High and Crystal Prep were all declared winners and once that was over, Sci-Twi transferred to Canterlot High.  

Sunset Shimmer: That was quite an adventure.      

Twilight Sparkle: And I was very shocked to see I had a human counterpart.      

Connor Lacey: This Railway Show sounds exciting. We like to go.      

Flying Scotsman: Of course, you do, Connor. And with any luck, maybe you, your friends and Thomas shall. Flying Scotsman coming through! (whistles)      

Gordon: Oh.      

[Flying Scotsman puffs out of the station to the mainland and the title reads; The Irelanders' Adventures of Thomas & Friends: The Great Race. We then changes to Thomas and the heroes arriving at Knapford and a poster of the Great Railway Show went up on the wall]      

Thomas: Oh look! The Great Railway Show!    

Duck: It's gonna be special! It's gonna be great! Off to the Mainland without coaches or freight    

Edward, Norman, Stanley and Duck: Please Sir, I beg you I just have to know Will you won't you take me to the Railway Show?    

Henry: Take me, Sir I pull the heaviest trains I'm such a mighty engine, Sir It's never a strain (Henry strains and Gordon laughs)    

Gordon: It's not a tough decision, though I have to confess It's hard to find a better engine for the express    

Sir Topham Hatt: (spoken) Mmm, precisely!    

Gordon: (spoken) But...I didn't mean not to take me, Sir!    

Philip: Haha! I know I'm kinda small, Sir But I'm not a beginner I had a race with Gordon once And I was the winner! (Philip yelps by being bumped by Diesel)    

Diesel: You ought to take me, Sir I'm modern and new Your first diesel ever I'm loyal, kind and true    

Percy, Emily and Sidney: It's gonna be special It's gonna be great Off to the Mainland without coaches or freight    

Charlie, Scruff and Stafford: Please Sir, I beg you You can't tell me no    

James: Will you won't you take me to the Railway Show?    

Flynn and Belle: Fast engines    

Henry and Daisy: Long engines    

Bill, Ben, Timothy and Marion: Tough engines    

Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel and Peter Sam: Strong engines    

Salty, Porter and Paxton: Everyone who's any engine's eager to go    

Cranky: (spoken) I'm not going' anywhere.    

Oliver, Bert, Rex and Mike: Will you won't you take us to the Railway Show?    

Stephen: It's gonna be special It's gonna be great    

Duck, Donald and Douglas: Leavin' behind all our coaches and freight    

The Fat Controller: Oh!   

Duck, Donald and Douglas: Please Sir, we're beggin' Ya just can't say no    

Gordon, James and Diesel: Will you won't you take us to the Railway Show?    

Henry, Duck, Donald and Douglas: Will you won't you take us to the Railway Show?    

Thomas: Will you won't you take me to the (wears out) Railway Show...? (Gordon, James and Diesel laugh)    

Gordon: Oh, Thomas. Why would Sir Topham Hatt want to a little tank engine like you to the Great Railway Show?        

Yuto: I think he is trying to be more than a little engine, Gordon.        

Gordon: Is that so?        

Yugo: Yes. And what did Connor tell you about underestimating little engines?        

Gordon: [realizing] Oh.        

James Jones: Don't forget never overlook.        

Yugo: That's true.        

The Fat Controller: I haven't decided who I'm taking yet.        

[Jessica Herleins gets an idea and pulls out a microphone before standing on top of Winston as the CHS Rally Song plays in the background]        

Jessica Herleins: Great Railway Show Engines are super athletic, super smart and super motivated but there's one thing they aren't. They aren't you and us! [singing] We've fought evil more than once and come out on top! There's other railways but none can make those claims! Together, we are the Irelanders, yeah! We'll be cheering your name! This will be we'll year to win this show! You'll always be Sodor trains forever! And now your time has finally arrived! Cause you believe in the magic of Friendship! And you know at the end of the day it is you who survive! You're not the railway you were before! Yeah, your different now! We helped you overcome the obstacles you faced! You're Sodor united! You'll never bow! So we'll get ready you in first place! You'll always be Sodor trains forever! And now our time has finally arrived! Cause we believe in the magic of Friendship! And you know at the end of the day it is you who survive! At the end of the day it is you who survive! Engines: Na, na, na, na, na, na! Sodor trains united together! Na, na, na, na, na, na! Sodor trains united forever!  

Engines and Jessica Herleins: You'll always be Sodor trains forever! And now your time has finally arrived! Cause you believe in the magic of Friendship! And you know at the end of the day it is you who survive! At the end of the day it is you who survive!        

The Fat Controller: Ahem.        

Jessica Herleins: What? I was just lending a helping hand.        

Spike: I think he's referring to you standing on Winston.        

[Jessica notices Winston looking up and glaring at her]        

Winston: So, if you don't mind now that you're finished!        

Jessica Herleins: Oh, right. [climbs down] Sorry.        

[The Irelanders and engines including Diesel laughs at Jessica for not realizing it]        

Jessica Herleins: What? I was trying to help.        

Diesel: The steamies and your friends know that. They thought it's funny you didn't realize but I think you're making a big fool of yourself. (laughs cruelly)        

Jesscia Herleins: Well, that's not very nice.        

Thomas: Well, that was a pretty good song. And I think that Jessica's right. We should all be working together to win.        

Connor Lacey: Not all, Thomas.        

Thomas: What do you mean?        

[Connor Lacey motions to Diesel who smirked]        

Thomas: Oh, I see. Thanks for reminding me.        

Sparky: Why's he smirking?      

Fireman Sam: I think that's what he does since he's devious, Sparky.        

Spike: He might be planning something bad as always.        

Twilight Sparkle: (look suspiciously at Diesel) You're right, Spike. We need to keep an eye on him.        

Gordon: Thomas is right. Working together to win is definitely it. (to the other engines) What do you all think?    

Other engines sans Diesel: [cheering]        

The Fat Controller: In any case, I do have to keep some engines on Sodor. After all, we still had a railway to run. (look at the engines who didn't move) I said, we have a still had a railway to run!        

Henry: Oh, sorry sir.        

Diesel: Um, right.        

James: I'm on my way.        

[The engines moved away and the scene changes to evening when Percy's still singing the song]        

Percy: "La la la la la la la la Railway Show!"         

[Thomas and the Irelanders arrive]      

Lucas Wanson: Hello again, Percy.      

Percy: Hello, Irelanders. Welcome back.    

Yumi Ishiyama: It's good to be back. 

Thomas: I know what I'II be doing when everybody goes to the Great Railway Show.

Percy: What, Thomas?

Thomas: Shunting trucks in the yard. (mocking the Fat Controller) "I do have to keep some engines on Sodor, blah, blah, blah". "We've still have a railway to run".

Connor Lacey: Don't worry, Thomas. I'm sure you'll get to go. Besides, remember that rally song Jessica sang earlier!

Thomas: Oh, of course. It's stuck in my head. I can't stop singing it.

Piron: Neither can I.

Pinkie Pie: Besides, Flying Scotsman said that you shall go.

Percy: That's right.

Noctis: I would follow your dream.

Pinkie Pie: Percy, did you know we met the Flying Scotsman?

Percy: No. (realizes what Pinkie said) Wait, what? You met The Flying Scotsman?

Norman Price: Yes. We saw he had two tenders. He told us all about himself.

Spud the Scarecrow: And he's also Gordon's brother.

Percy: He's Gordon's brother?

Derek Price: Yes.

Percy: Wow. Gordon never told me he's related to a famous train.

Fireman Sam: Well, I think he doesn't like to talk about things he wants to keep to himself.

Charlie Jones: Especially towards sibling rivalry.

Chris Kratt: Martin and I are brothers and we share something with Gordon and Flying Scotsman.

Bella Lasagna: What do you mean you share something with Gordon and Flying Scotsman?

Chris Kratt: Well, Flying Scotsman and I are green.

Martin Kratt: And Gordon and I are both blue.

Kratt Bros: And we're all brothers! (laughs)

Applejack: Oh.

Fluttershy: That explains it then.

Thomas: Good.

Connor Lacey: Well, that was pretty cool.

Percy: (laughs) Well, you are very good at shunting, Thomas.

[Henry puff away with his train]

Thomas: Thanks but no thanks, Percy. I rather go to the Great Railway Show.

Tom Thomas: And so would we, mate. I bet it'll be bonza.

[Philip honks and arrives]

Norman Price: Hello, Philip.

Philip: Hello guys. It's good to see you again. Especially you, Connor Lacey.

Connor Lacey: Oh, thanks, Philip.

Philip: If you really wanna go Thomas, all you have to do is put your mind to it. That's how I beat Gordon. I set my eyes on the track...

Gordon: (on a tanker) Go!

Philip: ....and took off racing. Hoot-hoot. (doing chugging and brakes) And as big and fast as Gordon is, heh, he never overtook me.

Arnold McKinley: That's because you rushed off on your own.

Connor Lacey: Gordon wasn't even racing.

Philip: Oh, I wish everyone would stop saying that! That's not the point.

Rainbow Dash: But he was resting. You should have just left him to it.

Sarah Jones: Yeah since you sleep at places as well, Rainbow. (giggles)

Rainbow Dash: [sighs]

Lizzie Sparkes: But what's the point, Philip?

Philip: The point is that Thomas can do anything he want to, Lizzie if he just put his mind to it. (reverses into some trucks) Oops. Sorry. (He races away)

The Irelanders: (laughs)

Lizzie Hearts: I hope he's okay.

Station Officer Steele: Silly chap. (The scene changes to Thomas on his branchline the next day)

Narrator: The next morning, Thomas woke up with a smile on his face.

Thomas: Maybe Philip is right. Maybe I can do anything I want to. If I go as fast as the Flying Scotsman, the Fat Controller will definitely take me to the show.

Annie: Ah. But you can't go as fast as The Flying Scotsman.

[Caitlin whistles and zoom past]

Caitlin: Hi, Thomas. Hi, Irelanders.

[Thomas gets another idea]

Thomas: (gasps) Caitlin! What if I was streamlined like Caitlin? Streamlining makes engines much faster!

The Irelanders: What?!

Annie and Clarabel: (laughs) Silly Thomas!

Clarabel: Who ever heard of a streamlined..... Whoa!

[Thomas speeds up as the song Streamlining starts playing]

Thomas: All I want is a bit of redefining A slicker, swifter, sleeker coat that's smooth and shiny To get the speed I really need Streamlining Whoosh! You wonder who was passing through Whoosh! You won't believe it's even true Whoosh! But all you'll see of me will be A shiny streak of racing blue I come to you my friend As I need some redesigning To be a tank engine is confining Give me the curves I deserve Streamlining Wow! Amazing! Wow! I love it! Whoosh! You wonder who is passing through Whoosh! You won't believe it's even true Whoosh! But all you'll see of me will be A shiny streak of racing blue

Annie and Clarabel: Go Thomas, go Go Thomas, go All I want is a little redefining But certain other engines Might be reassigning I'll get a shape that makes them gape Annie and Clarabel: Go Thomas, go I'll round the curves that I deserve Annie and Clarabel: Go Thomas, go I'll get the speed that I really need

Annie and Clarabel: Go Thomas, go Streamlining! Woah!

[The song ends as the steam covers the screen then reveals Thomas stopped half way out of Knapford Station]

Danny (Monster Buster Club): Uh, guys?

The Fat Controller: Ahem.

Chris (Monster Buster Club): Busted.

Thomas: (reverses) Sorry, sir, I think I came in a little too quickly that time.

The Fat Controller: Yes, Thomas. You certainly did...

Thomas: But I've had an idea! If you were to take an engine like me, sis, and get the men at the Steamworks to add some streamlining to him, then he'd be able to win races for you at the Great Railway Show!

The Fat Controller: That... is an excellent idea, Thomas!

Connor Lacey: You really think so?

The Fat Controller: (chuckles) Of course I am, Connor. Thomas is quite right. Once he's been streamlined, Gordon will be faster than ever! Isn't that right, Gordon?

[Gordon close his eyes with pride while Thomas felt sad for not being chosen]

Sam (Monster Buster Club): Well, you tried, old buddy. You tried.

[The scene changes to Brendam Docks]

Narrator: Even with all the excitement, work on the railway had to carry on and Brendam Docks was as busy as ever.

Cranky: Okay, Diesel. This is a nice, big crate. How about this one?

Diesel: Oh, no. No, not that one, Cranky. It needs to be bigger. (stuttering) That one! (laughs) Yeah, that one!

Cranky: What do you want all these crates for, anyway?

Diesel: Never you mind what I want them for. It's a surprise! (chuckles deviously)

Cranky: Oh, some engines!

[Thomas whistles as he and the Irelanders puff in. Connor Lacey saw Diesel leaving as they past him]

Connor Lacey: What's Diesel doing with all those crates?

Pinkie Pie: Who knows?

Emissary: He's up to something. He always is.

Aviva Corcovado: Couldn't agree with you more.

Koki: Hmm-mm.

Cranky: What's up with you?

Thomas: I had this brilliant idea about how I could go to the Great Railway Show but the Fat Controller refused to streamline me!

Cranky: (laughing) Oh, Thomas! That is a good one! A streamlined tank engine!

Thomas: It's not that funny, Cranky!

Twilight Sparkle: It's true! You shouldn't offend him like that!

Pinkie Pie: At least it makes Cranky smile instead of being cranky. And I love to see my friends smile.

Connor Lacey: Too true, Pinkie. Too true.

Fireman Sam: I had to agree with Cranky. The thought of a streamlined tank engine does sounds ridiculous.

Gareth Griffiths: Oh, I agree with you, Sam. No one's ever build that kind of engine.

Norman Price: But they could. I actually think it would be cool.

Spud the Scarecrow: I agree with you, Norman. Connor's train counterpart is streamlined. If some tender engines are streamlined, why can't tank engines be streamlined?

Elvis Cridlington: [humming the tune to Streamlining] "Streamlining".

Station Officer Steele: Cridlington! What are you doing?

Elvis Cridlington: It's the song Thomas sang earlier, sir. It's stuck in my head. I can't stop singing it. It's really catchy.

Arnold McKinley: Of course it is, Elvis.

[Then they heard a rail ferry's horn blaring as it arrived and the gangplank lowers down and the clank attracts The Dock Manager and the workers]

Ellie Philips: What's happening over there?

[Then engines from all over the world came puffing onto the Docks]

Engines: (chattering) Where are we supposed to go? Is this the place? Oh, yes!

Axel: Bonjour!

Female engine: Wow, everything looks so very different here.

Axel: Ah, good day! Bonjour!

Gina: Come on!

Discord: Ha-ha-hoo! I'm going to need more popcorn! (breaking the fourth wall) Isn't this the bomb?

Connor Lacey: I'm not sure about that, Discord.

Twilight Sparkle: Why are all these engines here?

Spike: I don't know. What's going on?

Dock Manager: Hey, stop! Wait!

[He blows his whistle and the engines stop]

Vinnie: Oh, watch out!

Dock Manager: Where are you all going?

Axel: To the Great Railway Show, of course!

Thomas: (gasps)

Connor Lacey: Wow!

Dock Manager: The Great Railway Show's not here! It's happening on the mainland. This is the Island of Sodor!

Axel: The Island of.... (realizing the mistake) Oops. Wrong stop!

Vinnie: Hey!

Gina: Everybody back on the ship!

Raul: Back up! Back up! Oh, no!

Female engine: I'm coming! Please wait!

Thomas: The Great Railway Show? (moves to Raul) Are you really all going to the Great Rail...

Vinnie: (whistling) Get out of the way! (bump Thomas out of the way) Why don't you look where you're going, shrimp?

Thomas: I'm not the one going backwards.

Connor Lacey: Yeah, so mind your own bee's wax.

Rarity: Well, I never!

Norman Price: Who does that engine think he is calling Thomas a shrimp like that?

Spud The Scarecrow: Yeah, what a bully. I would use my karate skills on him. (making karate sounds) See, guys.

Mandy Flood: That's very good, Spud.

Connor Lacey: Nice.

Thomas: Ah! Why don't you take me with you? (whistles) It looks like there's room for one more!

Gina: Is-a somebody missin?

Vinnie: (chuckles)

Twilight Sparkle: Thomas, watch out!

Connor Lacey: (looking behind and gasps)

[The female engine bump into Thomas and he hangs over the edge of the dock.

Thomas: No, no, help!

Porter: Thomas!

Connor Lacey: Fireman Sam, it's up to you!

Fireman Sam: Right. (To the crew) Get some chains and tied them to Thomas and that engine so we can pull him back.

Fire crew: Roger that, Sam!

Thomas: Whoa! Help!

Workman: He's going over! Look out!

Thomas: Whoa! Whoa!

[The heroes and the workman attach chains to Thomas and the female engine behind him]

Workman: Start pulling!

Thomas: (shouts)

[The female engine pulls Thomas to safety]

Thomas: Whoa! Whew!

Workman: Hooray!

Thomas: Whoa.

Irelanders: That was close.

Porter: What a rescue!

Razer: Nice save, engine female.

Thomas: What is it with all you Railway Show Engines, charging about you own the tracks? What makes so special anyway? Do you think you're better than all the other engines just bec..... (He stops stunned when he saw the female engine's face. It looks Indian)

Female engine: I'm very sorry. I truly never meant to bump into you. I simply didn't realize you were behind me.

Rainbow Dash: Whoa.

Mandy Flood: Nice paint job.

Salty: Thank you for saving me. My name's Thomas. What's yours?

Thomas: Salty!

Connor Lacey: [laughs, teasingly] Somebody's got a crush on the Indian engine.

Twilight Sparkle: What?!

Thomas: No, I don't!

Salty: (laughs) Don't be silly, Thomas! Ha-ha. She can't be called Salty. That's my name. (laughs again)

Hannah Sparkes: Then who are you?

Ashima: (giggles) My name is Ashima.

Rarity: [teasing like Connor] He does! He really, really does!

Thomas: Will you stop it? I do not!

Connor Lacey: (to Ashima) It's nice to meet you, Ashima.

Ashima: Who are you?

Connor Lacey: I'm Connor Lacey. And this is Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Maxwell McGrath, Steel, Alejandro "Alex" Villar, Rayne Martinez, C.Y.T.R.O., Spider-Man, White Tiger, Iron Fist, Power Man, Nova, Agent Venom, Dagger, Cloak, Iron-Spider, Patrioteer, Ka-Zar, Zabu, Triton, Rhino, Mary Jane Watson aka Spider-Woman, Kid Arachnid, Scarlet Spider, Sandman, Adrian Toomes/Vulture, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Falcon, Black Panther, Vision, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Wasp, Songbird, Atlas, Techno, Meteorite, Mach-IV, Peter Quill, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Windblade, Computron, Devastator, Menasor, Victorion, Emissary, Metroplex, Perceptor, Optimus Primal, The Dinobots, Predaking, Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally Carrera, Luigi and Guido, Sheriff, Fillmore, Sarge, Ramone and Flo, Lizzie, Red, Finn McMissile, Holley Shiftwell, Cruz Ramirez, Dusty Crophopper, Chug, Dottie, Skipper Riley, Sparky, Mayday, Ishani, Blade Ranger, Lil' Dipper, Windlifter, Cabbie, Maru, Dynamite, Drip, Blackout, Avalanche, Pinecone, Patch, Blaze, AJ, Gabby, Stripes, Starla, Darington, Zeg, Watts, April O'Neil (TMNT 2012), Casey Jones (TMNT 2012), Slash, Leatherhead, Dr. Tyler Rockwell, Pigeon Pete, Muckman, Mondo Gecko, Sal Commander, Mona Lisa, Karai aka Hamato Miwa, Shinigami, Max Taylor, Chomp, Zoe Drake, Paris, Rex Owen, Ace, Dr. Z, Ursula, Zander, Ed, Rod, Laura, Terry, Spiny, Tank, Dino Tyranno, Dino Brachio, Dino Tricera, Dino Stego, Dino Sabre, Dino Ptera, Dino Mammoth, Dino Centro, Dino Toro, Dino Styraco, Dino Pachy, Dino Kenty, Dino Arch, Dino Itchyo (Theo), Kaito Tatsuno, Rena, Rick, Dan Kuso, Drago, Runo Misaki, Tigrerra, Marucho Marukura, Preyas, Elfin, Akwimos, Infinity Trister, Radizen, Roxtor, Shun Kazami, Skyress, Julie Makimoto, Gorem, Alice Gehabich, Hydranoid, Mira Clay, Wilda, Ace Grit, Percival, Baron Leltoy, Nemus, Ingram, Hawktor, Taylean, Jaakor, Skytruss, Orbeum, Jake Vallory, Coredem, Fabia Sheen, Aranaut, Ren Krawler, Linehalt, Paige, Boulderon, Rafe, Wolfurio, Spectra Phantom, Helios, Gunz Lazar, Reptak, Agrom, Noctis, Tasaru, Piron, Toby Tripp, Nick Tripp, Lucas Wanson, Jessica Herleins, Hunter Steele, Shadow, Corona, Venus, Igneous, Flame, Prince Lumen, Ebony, Princess Sparkle, Hotarla, Magma, Brutus Aqune, Portia, Brade/Quake, Dagger, Vert Wheeler, Zoom Takazumi, Agura Ibaden, Spinner Cortez & Sherman Cortez, A.J. 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We are the Irelanders.

Twilight Sparkle: Hmph.

Ashima: What's the matter with her?

Whisper: Oh. Torunn: She must've thought you were being serious.

Fireman Sam: I'm Fireman Sam, And this is Penny Morris, Elvis Cridlington, Station Officer Steele, Arnold McKinley, Ellie Philips, Ben Hooper, Mike Flood, Helen Flood, Mandy Flood, Joe Sparkes, Lizzie Sparkes, Hannah Sparkes, Mrs Chen, Lily Chen, Norman Price, Dilys Price, Derek Price, Tom Thomas, Trevor Evans, my niece and nephew, Sarah and James, Bronwyn Jones, my brother, Charlie Jones, Bella Lasagna, Professor Pickles, Moose Roberts, Jerry Lee Cridlington and Gareth Griffiths.

Spud the Scarecrow: Hello, I'm Spud. I'm a scarecrow.

Tubb: I'm Tubb. And this is Sploshy, Finbar, Terence, Winona, Reg and Amelia.

Ashima: It's nice to meet you all.

Norman Price: (whispering) Connor, you and your team has been to India two times like when you return Mowgli to the man-village and help Fu Fu save Shi La from a white tiger, remember?

Connor Lacey: I know. But she can't know that, at least not yet.

Norman Price: Why not? She's from India.

Ashima: So you've been to my country before?

Connor Lacey: Yes, we have. Three times actually.

Ashima: Wow. My friends tell me about you all the time.

Ramone: Any chance you know about the time we bring Mowgli to the man-village to be safe from Shere Khan the tiger?

Flo: And about Fu Fu rescuing Shi La from the white tiger?

Ashima: Yes, my friends tell me those stories almost every night.

Chris Kratt: Even us, The Wild Kratts going there a few times to see tigers, dholes and cobras?

Ashima: My friends also tell me of your heroic antics. You are like heroes to me. I'm so embarrassed. I'm such a fan of yours.

Jerry Lee Cridlington: Wow. Guess we are famous throughout the 16 realms.

Tom Thomas: You got that right, mate.

Connor Lacey: We've never know we have fans.

Ashima: I am just the first. There are a million other fans out there.

Connor Lacey: Oh. I see.

Thomas: Well... I mean... So, I can't stand around here all day.

Porter: Thomas! Whoa!

[Thomas bump into him]

Ashima and Irelanders: (giggles and laughs)

[Thomas just glares then puffs out angrily]

Thomas: Some of us have a railway to run.

[He puff away and The Irelanders followed him and the scene changes to Thomas shunting trucks angrily]

Narrator: Soon, Thomas was back in the yard, shunting trucks again.

[Thomas is grumbling angrily to himself while shunting the trucks]

Briar Beauty: Calm down, Thomas!

Thomas: I can't help it!

Percy: I don't get it. Why did she try to push you off the docks?

Thomas: I don't know, Percy. Maybe she was jealous! Or maybe she's just a very pushy engine.

Percy: But, then, why did she rescue you?

Thomas: Don't ask me, Percy. I don't know anything about her!

Twilight Sparkle: Me neither. Especially if Connor's taking a new interest in her. [trots off angrily]

Spike: Twilight? (he follows her)

[Philip rolls up and honks]

Philip: My advice to you, Thomas, is to keep away from her! Engines like that are nothing but trouble. (he rolls away)

Connor Lacey: I don't know about you, Thomas, but I think she's actually kind of nice.

Applejack: Yep.

Chris Kratt: Yeah, besides she saved you. How can you hate her by that?

Thomas: Well, I suppose you guys are right.

[Thomas continues shunting and he and the Irelanders are unaware that Shupavu and her skinks have been watching this and crawl away]

[The scene changes to a dark part of the Dieselworks where the villains have gathered]

Zach Varmitech: So you're probably all wondering why we've gathered here today.

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Yes.

Zach Varmitech: We've gathered here to help Diesel with his plan and think about how to get rid of that teenage boy, his friends and those Wild Rats.

Jackson Storm: I think that's actually Wild Kratts.

Zach Varmitech: Whatever!

Garble: I'm so glad you've invited me, Linda. I want revenge on that teenage boy, those humans, Spike and those puny ponies for defeating me from becoming Dragon Lord. They'II regret they ever cross Garble. And I'm surprised you're that teenage boy's stepmother.

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: I know, Garble. We just need to wait for the right moment.

Hawk Moth: We just need a plan but what?

[Njano, one of Shupavu's skinks crawls up]

Njano: Psst. LINDA!

Zach Varmitech: AAAAAH! (jumps into the air in fright)

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Don't do that, Njano.

Njano: Sorry. Well I got a secret you might wanna know.

Commander Nemex: (in Janja's voice) Secret?

Njano: The blue tank engine wants to go to the Great Railway with his friends.

Moanica D'Kay: So?

Njano: Diesel wants to go to the Great Railway Show and we can't let the tank engine, Connor and his friends to interfered, do we?

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: No.

Njano: So, why don't we stop them from going to the show?

Jackson Storm: If it means getting rid of McQueen and his teacher's pet, then sure.

Ned: What do you think, boss?

Ripslinger: Let's do it.

Hawk Moth: What do you think, Linda?

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Okay.

Chick Hicks: One thing I don't get.

Paisley Paver: And that is?

Chick Hicks: What's Diesel planning for The Great Railway Show?

Donita Donata: That's what I was wondering.

Dabio: I wonder.

Zach Varmitech: We'II find out when he arrives. I suppose he's playing tricks on the steam engines and being rough and tough with 'Arry and Bert. (to himself) Apart from being a softie to ducklings. 

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: You're quite right.

Zach Varmitech: Wait! How do you know about Diesel's soft side for ducklings?

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Diesel 10 told me about that.

Zach Varmitech: Even 'Arry and Bert's soft side?

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Yes.

Njano: There's something else you should know.

Gourmand: What?

Njano: The purple pony of the Mane 6 is jealous of the Indian engine, Ashima.

Robbie Rotten: And?

Njano: We can use it to our advantage. Captain Hook did say that a jealous female can be tricked into doing anything.

Chick Hicks: Yeah. That could work.

Hawk Moth: Diesel must know about this.

[They head off to tell him]

Nefera de Nile: Diesel!

Diesel: What is it, guys?

Robbie Rotten: We have something to tell you.

Diesel: What?

Jackson Storm: Well, we've been discussing a few things and came up with a plan. We're going to stop that tank engine, Connor and friends from going to the Great Railway Show and also Twilight Sparkle of the Mane 6 is jealous of the Indian engine, Ashima. So we decided to use her to our advantage.

Diesel: Really?

Zach Varmitech: Yep. So we thought that we can trick her into helping us with your plan. Just like Captain Hook tricks Tinker Bell into helping him find Peter Pan's hideout because of her jealously towards a girl called Wendy. What do you think?

Diesel: (forming a sly grin) Let's do it.

Rex: Where's 'Arry and Bert anyway?

Diesel: They're off working at the quarry or delivering diesel fuel so they won't be available.

Rex: Okay.

Donita Donata: What's your plan anyway, Diesel?

Diesel: You'II find out once we get back to the Dieselworks. (laughs deviously)

[The scene changes to Thomas, Annie, Clarabel and The Irelanders arriving at Kellstrophe Road Station]

Narrator: But that afternoon, as Thomas was pulling the Local with Annie and Clarabel...

[Thomas whistles as he arrives then saw Ashima approaching much to his dismay]

Thomas: Oh, no! It's her!

Annie and Clarabel: Ooh!

Connor Lacey: Hiya, Ashima.

Ashima: Oh, Thomas! Guys! (sighs) Hello again.

Thomas: Hello. (blushes)

Fortress Maximus (PWT): It's good to see you again, Ashima.

Ashima: It's good to see you too, Fortress Maximus.

Rarity: It is but shouldn't you be going to the Great Railway Show, darling?

Ashima: I was but I miss the ferry. And I don't know how to get there by rail.

Annie and Clarabel: Ooh! Thomas wants to go to the Great Railway Show! Annie: Maybe you could go together!

Mrs Chen: Good idea.

Thomas: (blushes again) Well... I don't think that's a very good idea, Annie. I'm probably not even going.

[The guard blew his whistle]

Thomas: (whistles) You'II need to find another engine to go with, not me.

[He and the Irelanders left, leaving Ashima sad]

Connor Lacey: I think, we must've been really mistaken.

Twilight Sparkle: You should be. [trots off]

Connor Lacey: Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: If I were you, Connor, I wouldn't even think about trying to talk to me.

Mayday: What's gotten into her?

Spud the Scarecrow: Maybe she's got oats in her head? (laughs)

Connor Lacey: Very funny, Spud.

Razer: Enough, you two.

Connor Lacey: Sorry.

Thomas: I do wish you two hadn't told her that I want to go to the Great Railway Show!

Annie and Clarabel: But it's true!

Thomas: Well, what's so special about her, anyway? She's not fast or big or strong. I really don't see why she should get to go.

Tubb: Not everything goes according to plan you know.

Dilys Price: Well, she was very beautifully painted!

Rarity: You're right, darling. Her painted looks are divine! All those bright colours!

Thomas: Bright colours? Beautifully painted? Big deal! Any engine can get themselves painted!

Narrator: And then, another idea flew into Thomas' funnel.

[Thomas starts to speed up]

Annie, Clarabel and Irelanders: Thomas!

[The scene changes to Twilight walking off to the Dieselworks]

Twilight Sparkle: I can't believe that stupid Indian engine grabbing my boyfriend's affections.

[Then Diesel emerge from the darkness of the building]

Diesel: Hello, Princess Twilight. (grin deviously)

Twilight Sparkle: Diesel.

Diesel: Having problems with Ashima, are you?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes. Connor's suddenly interested in her and I think he might be developing a crush on her.

Diesel: That's a shame. Even though he's a human and Ashima's a engine. How can that work?

Twilight Sparkle: Well, I think he might be going out with her instead of me!

Diesel: Well, we don't want that to happen now, will we?

Twilight Sparkle: No.

Diesel: I can see to it that she'II be get rid of off this island.

Twilight Sparkle: How?

Diesel: Well, in exchange, you help me with my plan for the Great Railway Show.

Twilight Sparkle: [thinks then smirks evilly] Sounds like a plan. Let's do it.

[The song Trust in Me starts playing]

Diesel: Trust in me, just in me. Shut your eyes and trust in me. You can sleep, safe and sound. Knowing I am around. Slip into silent slumber, sail on a silver mist. Slowly and surely your senses will cease to resist. Trust in me, just in me. Shut your eyes and trust in me.

[The scene changes to Ashima puffing up through the countryside]

Narrator: Ashima was very confused. She needed to get to the Railway Show.

[Edward whistles]

Ashima: Oh. excuse me.

Narrator: But she didn't know which way to go or....

[Emily whistles]

Ashima: Hello.

Narrator: ... or who to ask.

Ashima: Oh. Oh dear.

[She puff through Kellstorphe station again and saw Thomas puffing]

Thomas: (whistles)

Ashima: Thomas! Wait! Where are you...

Thomas: I'm busy!

Ashima: But I just wanted to ask you how to get to the mainland please. (whistles)

[She then stopped at Maron station and saw Annie and Clarabel on the siding]

Ashima: Hello. Aren't you Thomas' coaches?

Annie: Yes, we are. Or at least we were.

Clarabel: He canceled our train and left us here on this siding.

Ashima: But where was he off to in such a terrible hurry?

Annie and Clarabel: We don't know.

[Ashima thinks and the scene changes to the Steamworks where Gordon is being streamlined]

Gordon: (humming) Streamlining.

[Kevin drops some parts to the floor, disturbing Gordon]

Gordon: I do wish you'd hurry up. At this rate, I'm not going to be ready for the Great Railway Show.

Victor: It's a lot of work to streamlined a steam engine, Gordon. You have to be patient. 

[Thomas comes rushing in]

Thomas: Victor! (whistles) Victor! 

[The Irelanders have arrived too]

Thomas: I've got a special job for you. I needed to be repainted. I was thinking maybe lightning bolts and racing stripes and uhh, you know, heh, surprise me!

Gordon: (clearing throat)

Victor: I'm afraid we're a little busy and....

Thomas: This is important, Victor! It's for the Great Railway Show!

[Victor felt very reluctant but gives in anyway]

[The scene changes to the Dieselworks where a crow flies over it]

Narrator: Meanwhile, Diesel had a plan of his own.

Diesel: We have to do everything we can, guys.

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Got it!

Twilight Sparkle: Right.

Paxton: Oh, okay, Diesel. But I still don't see what your plan is or why's Twilight's helping you.

Zach Varmitech: Well, Paxton, Diesel's plan is to make you, Den and Dart look like trucks. Three of his trucks so that he look like he's pulling a very, very heavy train, all by himself!

Den: Um, what I mean is...

Dart: What he means is what's Twilight got to do with this plan?

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Well, she was going to be a little help of ours. She's gonna use her magic to make sure that Diesel are stronger than Henry. Right, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Of course.

Robbie Rotten: (to Paxton) It's because she's jealous of that Indian engine called Ashima who's charmed that teenager.

Paxton: Connor?

Gourmand: Exactly. She thinks that Connor's falling in love with that choo-choo. That's why she's working with us now. (chuckles evilly)

[Then, Diesel smiles]

Diesel: If the Fat Controller thinks I'm stronger than Henry, he'II take me to the Great Railway Show instead of him!

Donita Donata: Good idea!

Chick Hicks: Get what's coming to you, old Ka-Chow!

Ripslinger: Ya-hoo! You'll never know what hit you, Crophopper!

Ned: Yeah.

Zed: This is gonna be fun.

Jackson Storm: Alright, you're going down, McQueen! Along with your teacher's pet.

Garble: That Spike is going to regret defeating me last time. (chuckles)

Zach Varmitech: Soon Diesel will go to the Great Railway Show and victory against Connor and his friends will be ours! (laughs with the other villains)

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Ready? Hit it!

[Diesel laughs and began singing]

Diesel: (laughs) I'm full of surprises

Paxton: Are you singing, Diesel?

Diesel: They ought to say of me I bring some razzle dazzle to the yard I'm full of surprises As you can plainly see I don't find being surprising all that hard

Paxton: I can't really see anything under here!

Diesel: I'm full of surprises They ought to say of me I bring some razzle dazzle to the yard I'm full of surprises As you can plainly see I don't find being surprising all that hard Some would probably say I'm only up to my old tricks But I'd say I'm a problem solver Looking for a nice quick fix

[Diesel snickers as the crates moved out of the Dieselworks]

Diesel: I'm full of surprises They ought to say of me I bring some razzle dazzle to the rail I'm full of surprises As you can plainly see I'm trusting my surprises to prevail I hope this time being surprising doesn't fail! They used to call me devious

Dart: Excuse me!

Diesel: Because I had a bit of previous

Paxton: Is that someone I know?"

Diesel: But please, you must believious I'm not that bad... (giggles, then honks, scaring a crow) Well maybe just a tad. (snickers)

[Diesel snickers, only to find out that the trucks and the diesels have left without him]

Diesel: (gasps) No! Wait! Come back here! Wait for us! (He honks his horn)

[Later at the Steamworks, the workman are working on Thomas' art paint for the Great Railway Show]

Narrator: At the Steamworks, everything had been set up so that Thomas could be repainted when...

The Fat Controller: Hello, Kevin, Victor. I was just wondering how Gordon was getting on.

Thomas: Oh, no. Not now.

[He start to reverse]

[Then, he push a ladder against the side of the wall and the paint flew all over the place and Thomas too have been covered in paint]

The Fat Controller: Thomas?

Thomas: Surprise! (chuckles nervously as a ladder falls)

Connor Lacey: We just thought we had to do to help Thomas be the best he can be.

Norman Price: Ahem.

[They turn to see Norman Price covered in paint again from his hair to his clothes]

The Irelanders, Thomas, Gordon, Workmen, Victor, Kevin, and the Fat Controller: [laugh]

Spud the Scarecrow: (laughs) Just like with Mike, eh, Norman? (laughs)

Norman Price: It was an accident!

Mike Flood: But still, it kinda reminds me of that day!

Gordon: What do you mean by that, Mike?

Mike Flood: I mean on Learn about Jobs day, the same thing happened. Only it got on his chocolate bar as well. It was hilarious.

Norman Price: (grumbles)

Connor Lacey: Well, that's charming.

Spud the Scarecrow: Yeah.

Thomas: Anyway, I don't think this'll wash off any time sooner. I had another idea for the Railway Show. Maybe you could send an engine with an exciting design.

[The paintbrush fell off Thomas and The Fat Controller picks it up]

The Fat Controller: Oh, yes, for the best decorated engine award! Clever you!

Irelanders: (beams with delight)

The Fat Controller: Uh... Oh! But aren't you meant to be on your branch line right now?

Connor Lacey: Of course.

Applejack: We'll get right to it.

[The scene changes to evening as Thomas and The Irelanders arrive at Maron]

Thomas: Annie! Clarabel! We're back! Sorry I'm late but I just stopped off at the Steamworks to see if...

[They find that they've gone]

Thomas: Annie? Clarabel?

Ellie Philips: Where could they have gone?

[Then they hear Emily's whistle]

Thomas: Emily.

Emily: Guys! Have you heard the news?

Connor Lacey: What is it, Emily?

Emily: The Fat Controller says that I'm to be repainted with decorations and...

[Then James appeared behind her]

James: Hello, everyone. Guess what I've just heard? The Fat Controller wants me to be repainted!

Emily: You too, James? Are you going to the Great Railway Show?

James: Yes, Emily, I am! It wouldn't be great without me!

Emily: Wow! I'm going too!

James Jones: Well, congratulations.

Rarity: Indeed, James. I must find an outfit suitable for this occasion.

Violet Parr: You do realize that trains can't wear clothes, right?

Rarity: Not him. For myself.

Violet Parr: Oh.

Spike: She always makes the most beautiful dresses. (Sighs with hearts in his eyes)

Arnold McKinley: Why does he do that?

Chris Kratt: Because he has a crush on Rarity.

[Arnold and Ellie look at each other in surprised]

Connor Lacey: What?

Ellie Philips: He does realize that she's a grown mare.

Twilight Sparkle: We know. But still.

Connor Lacey: Who knows what could happen next?

James: Ha, ha! Looks like Thomas has been repainted as well! They didn't do a very good job, though. And I see that Norman got repainted as well, though it's not usual for people to paint each other.

[Thomas and Norman look at their selves with annoyance]

Thomas: It was an accident.

Norman Price: Yeah.

Discord: But it was "hiss-terical"! [laughs]

Connor Lacey: (laughs) Sneaky snake!

Irelanders: (laugh)

Lizzie Sparkes: Anyway, have you both seen Annie and Clarabel?

Thomas: I left them on this siding but...

Emily: Oh! I saw them! That new engine was pulling them. You know, the painted one form India.

Thomas and Irelanders: Ashima?

Emily: That's the one! Isn't she great? Okay, come on, James! See you later, guys.

[They both whistled and Thomas (very angry) and the Irelanders set off]

[The scene changes to the windmill on Thomas' branch line where Ashima is pulling Annie and Clarabel]

Narrator: Ashima had taken Annie and Clarabel back to Thomas' branch line. She was doing the job that Thomas was meant to be doing!

[Thomas puff by]

Thomas: Ashima!

Annie and Clarabel: Thomas!

[The Irelanders glare]

[The scene changes to Ashima arriving at Maithwaite when Thomas pulls in]

Thomas: Philip was right! Engines like you are nothing but trouble! What do you think you're doing, running off with my coaches?

Clarabel: Your coaches, Thomas? We're not your coaches! We're our own coaches, aren't we, Annie?

Annie: Quite right, dear. And what was so important that you had to rush off like that, Thomas? Leaving us on a siding in....

Clarabel: In the middle of nowhere!

Annie: In Maron.

Clarabel: In the middle of nowhere!

Connor Lacey: We get the message.

Thomas: I just... (sighs) I'm sorry, but... I had something I needed to do.

[The guard blows his whistle]

Annie: Come on, Ashima, let's get going.

[She whistles and sets off]

Thomas: I wanted to be repainted.

Sunset Shimmer: It's okay, big fella.

The Mask: He's a small tank engine you know.

Sunset Shimmer: I know but we only call him big because he's bigger than us.

Discord: I think you better get rid of your jealousy and apologizes to her. Just like Twilight learns about being jealous, right, Connor? (magic up a picture of Twilight's jealousy)

Connor Lacey: Let's go talk to her.

[Discord sensing Twilight's magic]

Discord: [shivers] That can't be right.

Fireman Sam: What's wrong?

Discord: Nothing. Let's go to Ashima.

[They head up to Ashima]

Thomas: I thought the Fat Controller would take me to the Railway Show if I was decorated in some special way.

Ashima: What do you mean, Thomas? You mean, like me?

Thomas: No. Not like you! Well.... Yes, sort of.

Ashima: (giggles) You are a very funny little tank engine!

[The Irelanders also laugh]

[The song You Can Only Be You starts playing]

Ashima: Every engine that I ever knew
Was at least a little different from the others
And some were very, very different too
Even from their sisters and their brothers
[The Irelanders look confused and Thomas imagines]
You can only be you
There's nothing else you can possibly do
It's plain to me that you're trying too hard
So instead, just be who you are
Thomas: (spoken) "I don't wanna be me."
Ashima: You wish you could be faster, bigger, stronger
You wish you could have more than six small wheels
You think if you were just a little longer
You'd have more Railway Show appeal
Thomas: Of course!
Every bit of me is short and stumpy
My funnel and my boiler and my dome
Can't you see my paintwork's old and frumpy?
That's why I'll be the one who's left at home
Why do I have to be me?
Is this what I'm really meant to be?
Break me, shake me, take me all apart
There has to be a better place to start
Ashima: Every bit of you is neat and tidy
There's nothing that you need to rearrange
If you ask me, you're completely bona-fide
What makes you think there's anything to change?
Thomas: Why do I have to be me?
Is this what I'm really meant to be?
Ashima: Calm down, be quiet
You know in your heart
There isn't any other place to start
Thomas: Why do I have to be me?
Ashima: You can only be you
Thomas: Is this what I'm really meant to be?
Ashima: There's nothing else you can do
Thomas: Shake me, break me, take me all apart
And find a better place to start
Ashima: You don't have to try, just be who you are
And trust your six small wheels to take you far

[The Irelanders applaud]

Connor Lacey: Bravo!

Rainbow Dash: That is awesome!

Ishani: Did you know that Ashima and I come from the same country?

Connor Lacey: Really?

Ashima: That's true. In fact, we even saw each other during the Wings Around the Globe Rally.

Dusty Crophopper: But we didn't know that.

Ashima: Maybe because you never saw me at the finish line talking to Ishani.

Connor Lacey: That explains it.

Pinkie Pie: Twilight would have like that song.

[They arrive at Knapford]

Ashima: Thomas, are you any good at shunting and sorting out trucks?

Thomas: Yes! I'm very good. But why are you asking me that?

Ashima: Because you could enter the Shunting Competition! All the best shunting engines are going to to the Great Railway Show too.

Thomas: They are?

Connor Lacey: Of course.

Chris Kratt: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, bro?

Martin Kratt: Oh, I'm thinking what you're thinking.

Chris Kratt: I think we're thinking the same thing.

Fluttershy: What are we thinking?

Martin Kratt: Thomas can do shunting to get to the Great Railway Show.

Kim Possible: Okay!

Connor Lacey: That's actually a good idea.

Fireman Sam: Let's try it.

Rarity: One thing I'm wondering.

Mack: What's that, Rars?

Rarity: Where is Twilight and Spikey-wikey?

Connor Lacey: Who knows?

Frozone: What's with her bad mood lately?

Mayday: She thinks Connor is more interested in Ashima than her.

Connor Lacey: I'm not. I'm just friendly to Ashima.

Red: (wants do know how does Mayday knows that)

Mayday: Saw her watching Connor crack a joke.

Connor Lacey: My joke. She must've mistook it for an actual comment.

Koki: And got jealous.

Thomas: What?

Spud the Scarecrow: This ain't going to be good.

Connor Lacey: No, Spud, it really isn't.

Ace Bunny: We'II search for them in the morning.

Jimmy Z: Yeah, we need to get some sleep.

Helen Parr: You bet.

Connor Lacey: (look at the night sky, worried for Twilight) Oh, Twilight. What have I done?

[Thomas look at the poster and imagines himself as the blue engine on the poster]

[Meanwhile, Spike was walking]

Spike: I better get back to Connor and the others. They'II help me find Twilight.

[He walks on and the scene changes to the next day]

Narrator: The next morning, Thomas woke up with a smile on his face.

[Thomas whistles]

Thomas: I'm going to work on my shunting. I'II show the Fat Controller what I can do best.

Connor Lacey: Yeah. That's the spirit.

Narrator: He hurried into the yard at Knapford Station to get to work.

Thomas: Whoa! Hey!

Irelanders: Whoa!

[Diesel stops and comes back]

Diesel: Sorry about that. I didn't mean to surprise you, guys, but I'm afraid I can't help it. I'm full of surprises. (honks horn) Oop! (laughs)

Connor Lacey: What are you up to now?

Diesel: Nothing that's what. Why do you ask?

Connor Lacey: What have you done with Twilight?

Aviva Corcovado: Yeah. I've got a pretty good idea you are behind her disappearance.

Fireman Sam: Look at how long that train is.

Thomas: Who's going to pull all those?

Diesel: Me, of course!

Irelanders: (gasps)

Martin Kratt: No way.

Diesel: Yes way. But not until the Fat Controller arrives. I want to show him how strong I really am!

Applejack: That sounds suspicious.

Ellie Philips: Yeah.

Thomas: But nobody can get in or out of the yard, Diesel! I have shunting to do!

Diesel: Haven't you ever heard of being patient, Thomas?

Narrator: But Thomas didn't have time to be patient. It was almost the day of the Great Railway Show and The Fat Controller was choosing his engines.

The Fat Controller: Ah, Percy. Um, I'm looking for Thomas. Any idea where I might find him?

Percy: I think he was heading out to the yard, sir, to shunt trucks.

The Fat Controller: Hmm.

[The villains watch from the entrance]

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: The Fat Controller is looking for Thomas.

Zach Varmitech: This is just too good.

Jackson Storm: I know what you mean.

Twilight Sparkle: I'll be able to get rid of Ashima for good.

Donita Donata: Diesel's trucks are in position. Are they, Dabio?

Dabio: Yes, Donita.

Gourmand: We'II make sure that tank engine and those heroes doesn't ruin our plan.

Robbie Rotten: Couldn't agree more.

Paisley Paver: Things will go according to plan.

Rex: Nothing can stand in our way, Paisley.

Garble: Soon, revenge against Spike, those puny ponies and that teen will be ours.

[Spike walk up to the heroes]

Spike: Guys!

Connor Lacey: Spike! Where were you?

Spike: I was following Twilight when she storms off but after a while, I can't see her any more.

Fireman Sam: What happened?

Spike: I don't know. I came back to you so you can help me.

Connor Lacey: Sorry, Spike, we haven't seen her either.

Cubix: Not since she stormed off.

Spike: Oh dear. (saw Thomas and Norman) Why's Thomas and Norman covered in paint?

Aviva Corcovado: This was the result of an idea Thomas had.

Raven Queen: Yeah.

Norman Price: He wants to be repainted so he can enter the best decorated engine parade and then we both got covered in paint.

Spike: (laughs)

Norman Price: It's not funny.

Fireman Sam: He's right, Spike. It's not nice to laugh at someone.

Spike: But it is funny.

Mike Flood: Not when you've been disturbed.

Spike: Alright. What's Thomas doing to get to the Railway Show now?

Kion: Shunting.

Fuli: It turns out there's shunting at the Railway Show and Thomas can use that.

Spike: Really?

Ono: Yep. Except there's one problem.

Koki: Diesel is trying to show The Fat Controller how strong he is.

Beshte: Look at his trucks.

[Spike looked at the trucks]

Spike: Sweet Celestia! That's crazy talk.

Lightning McQueen: Uh, guys, Thomas isn't here.

Spike: Where did Thomas go to?

Dusty Crophopper: The train.

[Thomas backs up to Diesel's trucks]

Narrator: As Diesel was refusing to move his long line of trucks, Thomas had decided to try to move them himself.

[Ashima whistles as she arrives]

Ashima: Hello, guys!

Thomas: Hello, Ashima!

Irelanders: Huh?

Spike: Aren't you supposed to be at the Railway Show by now?

Ashima: I still don't know which way to go.

Connor Lacey: Oh, well.

Holly O'Hair: It looks like we have to help Ashima find her way.

Thomas: Right now, I'm going to practice my shunting. But first, I need to get these trucks out of the way.

[Ashima saw some of the trucks moving on their own]

Ashima: Ooh! These trucks are moving by themselves.

Thomas: That's right! I'm going to to move them by myself.

[Thomas whistles, alerting Paxton, Den and Dart]

Paxton: (gasps) It's Diesel's signal.

Den: I didn't know Diesel had a whistle.

Dart: Maybe it just sounds like a whistle under here.

Paxton: Let's start pushing.

[They start to push Thomas]

Irelanders: Huh?

Thomas: Cinders and ashes! Either these trucks are a lot lighter than they look or else they're moving by themselves! Whoa! Stop pushing!

[The Fat Controller is still looking when he suddenly sees Thomas]

The Fat Controller: I say! Look at Thomas! I knew he was good at shunting but I never knew he was so strong.

Connor Lacey: Wait a second.

[He uses his creature pod to look inside the crates]

Connor Lacey: That's Paxton with Den and Dart! They're acting like freight trucks and they're pushing Thomas! They must've thought he was Diesel.

Fuli: No wonder that looked so suspicious.

Penny Morris: We need to slow Thomas down before he has an accident.

Thomas: Whoa!

Diesel: No, Thomas! What are you doing? You're going to spoil my trick!

[The villains watch this]

Robbie Rotten: What are they doing?

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Those fools!

Twilight Sparkle: That wasn't the plan!

Zach Varmitech: And that blue tank engine's pulling them!

Gourmand: Not good.

Robbie Rotten: (shouting to Paxton, Den and Dart) WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Donita Donata: Stop!

Jackson Storm: This is not what we agreed on!

[With the heroes as Norman saw someone]

Norman Price: Guys!

Applejack: What is it?

Norman Price: Thomas' heading towards my diesel counterpart! Look!

[Norman can be seen entering the yard]

Spud the Scarecrow: Watch out!

Connor Lacey: Norman, Thomas is coming your way!

[The signal turns red and Thomas saw it]

Thomas: Whoa! Stop!

Ashima: Thomas! Look out!

Thomas and Norman: Ahhhhhh!

[They collide clouding the screen]

[The scene changes to the Steamworks where Emily, James and Henry are outside]

Narrator: It was the day of the Great Railway Show. The Fat Controller had selected all the engines that he wanted to take with him.

James: Ta-da!

Henry: (gasps) You both look amazing.

Rarity: Those patterns are spectacular.

James Jones: You look wonderful, engine counterpart.

Connor Lacey: Very stylish.

Philip: (honking horn) I'm coming too! I'm gonna carry the flag!

Dash Parr: Whoa!

Human Rainbow Dash: What's taking Gordy so long?

Rainbow Dash: He should have been done by now.

Victor: Gordon, hold still! The men still have to complete their final safety check.

Gordon: Well, you're taking too long! Everyone else is ready and I'm not!

Victor: Gordon, wait!

Gordon: No, I'm not waiting! I have a race to win!

[The engines and heroes are in awe as Gordon exists the Steamworks in Streamlined form]

Emily: Wow!

Henry: (gasps)

Irelanders: (gasps)

[Discord's mouth open very wide, it touches the ground and his snake tongue roll out very long]

Arnold McKinley: Whoa, he's been turned into a streamlined Pennsylvania Railroad K4!

Connor Lacey: Sometimes, Arnold, I never get what you say.

Elvis Cridlington: You and me both, Connor.

Fireman Sam: Arnold means that Gordon is a streamlined engine now, you two.

Connor Lacey: Thanks, Sam.

Elvis Cridlington: Oh, right.

Philip: What's that, Gordon? On the side of you?

Gordon: That is my new emblem. I'm not called Gordon any more. From now on, I shall be known as the Shooting Star!

Irelanders: Wow! Shooting Star!

Shooting Star: That's right, fellas. Just wait until my brother sees me.

[The scene changes to the Dieselworks]

Narrator: Meanwhile back at the Dieselworks, Diesel had some problems of his own.

Diesel: You should have known Thomas pulling you and not me. (honk horn loudly) Does that sound like a steamie's whistle? Peep-peep!

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: The next time Diesel gives you a task like this, get your sounds right!

Zach Varmitech: Or get 'Arry and Bert to help out next time. Now Diesel won't be able to get to the Great Railway Show, thanks to you three.

Robbie Rotten: Yeah, you numbskulls!

[Twilight Sparkle was stunned by the accident and realize what she had done]

Donita Donata: I don't know why we even bothered to have you three helping since you're allies of Connor and the Wild Kratts.

Gourmand: Especially since Paxton's part of that Irish boy's team.

Ripslinger: So either get your sounds right next time or go hang with that teenager and pals!

[Twilight was stunned by that]

Garble: At least Spike, those puny ponies, that boy and that tank engine won't go to the Railway Show now.

Paisley Paver: Yeah.

Hawk Moth: I quite agree.

Twilight Sparkle: What have I done?

Chick Hicks: So much for that trick.

Jackson Storm: I wish we'd never recruited you guys.

Ned: And get 'Arry and Bert to help next time, right, Storm?

Jackson Storm: Yeah.

Zed: And not a member of those heroes.

Paxton: But it is very hard to hear when you're under a crate, Diesel.

Dart: Or to see.

Diesel: Stop making excuses!

[He pushes Dart into Happy Hook]

Diesel: If I was under a crate, I be able to...

[There's a creaking sound and Happy Hook drops a crate on Diesel]

Diesel: Ow! Get it off! Get it off!

[Paxton, Twilight, Den and Dart laugh as the villains snarled then the elevated turntable lowers down and Diesel has seemingly vanished]

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Huh?

Zach Varmitech: Where did he go?

Robbie Rotten: Must be magic. By her.

Twilight Sparkle: It's not me!

Den: Whoa!

Dart: He's disappeared!

Paxton: He really is full of surprises!

Diesel: No, I'm not! Get me down! Get me down!

[The hook holding Diesel in the air come lose and Diesel Falls onto the turntable with the crate still stuck on him]

Diesel: Ouch! Get me out of here!

[The diesels and Twilight laugh again until they heard a crashing noise outside]

Diesel: Ow!

Paxton: Oh.

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: We'd better go and help him.

Paisley Paver: I suppose so. Even though we'II be stuck with those three incompetent diesels for a while longer.

Twilight Sparkle: I've gotta get going. I need to apologize.

Den: Good for you, Twilight. Good luck.

Hawk Moth: We'II get you, that tank engine, that boy and his friends next time, Princess Twilight Sparkle. And I will have your Miraculous, Ladybug!

[He then gets an idea]

Hawk Moth: Ah, unless...

[He began to use his staff and an image of Vinnie appears]

Vinnie: I've gotta make sure I win this year. And that's why I invited you.

Hawk Moth: Of course, Vinnie.

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Who are you talking to?

Hawk Moth: That American engine who pushed Thomas back at the docks.

Vinnie: The name's Vinnie. What's yours, armored woman?

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Linda Ryan. Also known as the Shredderette. Connor Lacey's evil stepmother. The beings who have been merged with me are the Alpha Nanite, Megatronus, The Overlord, Makuta, Midnight Sparkle, Drako, The Ultimate Ninja, Ultron, Sigma, Kilobot, Lucemon, Zarc, Makino, Morphos, Professor Mortum, Terrorax, Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, Mandibor, Mag Mel, Magmion, Lavion, Obscurio, Magor, Naga, Djinni "Whisp" Grant, the original Galvatron and the animated Megatron.

Vinnie: You mean that stupid teenage I saw at the docks?

[She nods]

Vinnie: That boy should learn to keep his mouth shut. How are you gonna help me?

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: The only to win, Vinnie, is to cheat.

Vinnie: I know that. I cheat many times. What ideas do you suggest to add to that?

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Well, why not try to sabotage Henry at the strength contest.

Hawk Moth: And then mess up Emily and James' new paint jobs at the Best Decorated Engine contest, then cause a crash at the Great Race.

Vinnie: I could always push them around. Okay. But I'II need help to avoid suspection.

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Don't worry, we'll handle that.

Hawk Moth: We tell our other villain allies to come to the GRS to help as well.

Vinnie: Perfect. Your help better work. If not, you both will ended up being bruised.

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: We get the message. We scratch your back, you scratch ours.

Vinnie: Fair enough. Good luck.

Hawk Moth: We will.

[Vinnie's image disappears and Twilight set off]

Twilight Sparkle: I've gotta warn the others.

[The villains and the diesels went after Diesel and the scene changes back to the Steamworks]

The Fat Controller: We all realize how eager you were to take part in the Great Railway Show, Thomas.

Diesel: Get me out of here!

The Fat Controller: But you should've known better than to pull so many trucks on your own! No wonder you had an accident!

Thomas: Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir. But it's not as bad as it looks, either.

Connor Lacey: I figured it out sir, Den, Dart and Paxton had crates over them to make them look like trucks. They pushed Thomas too fast. That's why he crashed.

Iago: Yeah, all because of Diesel's trick.

The Fat Controller: I see.

Violet Parr: But what Diesel did was unforgivable.

Fireman Sam: And unsafe.

Chris Kratt: Well, at least we foiled his plan that's for sure. Thanks to our young leader.

Connor Lacey: Geez, thanks.

Sploshy: But why is Paxton part of your team, Connor when he keeps helping Diesel with his plans?

Discord: Sploshy thinks you know the answer since you ask him to join, remember?

Connor Lacey: Well, he's a good diesel.

Iago: He's perfect to join us and you like him?

Connor Lacey: Yes.

Tubb: I see. Some of us have doubts about it every time he's with Diesel.

Red Alert (Unicron Trilogy): And he work for Diesel 10 a couple of times.

Reg: Like taking over the Steamworks.

Sploshy: And stealing Christmas decorations.

Connor Lacey: I know but still.

Aelita Schaffner: Even up to now, he's been nothing but trouble.

Sunset Shimmer: Paxton doesn't mean to help villains. Diesel and Diesel 10 just takes advantage of his guillable persona and use it to their advantage. Do you agree?

Aviva Corcovado: Absolutamente.

Koki: (thinks about it then decided) Okay.

Connor Lacey: Glad to hear it.

Spike: If anything, don't blame Paxton's persona, blame the villains.

Elvis Cridlington: Yes, we should.

Fireman Sam: I quite agree.

Connor Lacey: After all, he is a really useful engine.

Tubb: We're convinced now. Right, guys?

Rubbadubbers: Yes.

Martin Kratt: Like a talking cat would say "Everything's gonna turn out purrfect".

[Chris thumbs up]

The Fat Controller: Of course, I didn't realize how strong you actually are. I had been thinking of you for the Shunting Challenge.

Irelanders: What?

Connor Lacey: Were you really?

Thomas: The Shunting Challenge? Yes, sir! I'd love to take part in the Shunting Challenge! Thank you!

The Fat Controller: But Thomas, you can't take part now. You need to be repaired and the rest of the engines are ready to go.

Connor Lacey: Aw man.

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: I could carry him there.

Thomas: Honestly, sir. It's only my buffers and few dents. Bob's idea is good. I can still shunt trucks, sir! That's what I'm best at!

Lightning McQueen: Besides, it's his once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

Dusty Crophopper: And if he doesn't go, he'II lose that chance for life.

The Fat Controller: I know that, guys, but Percy will represent Sodor in the Shunting Challenge today.

Percy: Me? But..

The Fat Controller: That's right, Percy. Come along. The other engines are waiting.

Martin Kratt: So much for everything's gonna turn out purrfect.

Discord: Oh pooh.

Iago: Thomas' plan has being bamboozled by a evil train!

Kim Possible: Now what are we gonna do?

Fluttershy: Uh... panic?

Rainbow Dash: That's your answer for everything!

Applejack: Well, we can't just leave Thomas like this.

Pinkie Pie: He's heavily damaged.

Arnold McKinley: But how will he recover in time?

Pinkie Pie: Give him time.

Percy: Oh, Thomas. I really don't want to do this. You're much better at shunting than I am! Oh, I'm so sorry you can't go.

Ashima: And I'm sorry too.

Thomas: Ashima?

[They see Ashima arriving]

The Fat Controller: Come on, Percy! We're waiting!

[Percy sets off]

Ashima: This is all so terribly unfair! That accident at Knapford wasn't your fault, Thomas. There was something funny about those trucks.

Jimmy Z: Yeah, we figured it was three diesels we know that did it.

Captain Jake: Yeah, they mistook Thomas for Diesel and made him crash.

Ramona Badwolf: Their names are Den, Dart and Paxton.

Spider Man: They're good diesels but Diesel's a bad one.

Shadow: Yeah. He always wants to get rid of steam engines to make room for diesels.

Rainbow Dash: He's also one of our old enemies.

Ashima: Really?

Connor Lacey: Yeah. We have dealt with him many times.

Aviva Corcovado: He's always nothing but trouble to us.

Ashima: I see.

The Fat Controller: If everybody's ready, let's go to the show!

[The engines whistled and set off]

Ashima: I think I better follow them. I don't want to get lost again. It's a pleasure to meet you and your friends, Connor. Goodbye, guys.

Connor Lacey: See ya, Ashima.

Thomas: Goodbye, Ashima. And good luck.

[Then, she sets off]

Inferno/Broadside: Well, at least she has someone to help her this time.

Connor Lacey: Yeah.

[Thomas sighs and the scene changes to the engines and Ashima passing through Vicarstown station with lots of people cheering as they pass]

Philip: S O D O R! What's that spelled? Sodor!

[They eventually pass through the station]

Philip: Come on, Sodor! Yes for Sodor!

[They roll over the Vicarstown Bridge and soon arrive on the mainland]

Engines: Wow!

[They look around them]

Announcer: Now, welcome one and all. We have a full programme of events today starting shortly and featuring the most incredible locomotives from every corner of the globe. Take your time to look around and admire the engines. This going to be a day to remember!

Ashima: Well, we're here. So, good luck everybody. And may the best engines win.

[Ashima lefts]

Emily: Thanks, Ashima. Good luck to you too.

[Mai Lacey sees them coming]

Mai Lacey: Emily! Philip! Percy! James! Henry! Gordon!

James: Hi there, Mai.

Gordon: I'm Shooting Star now.

Mai Lacey: Oh, my mistake. Nice emblem, SS. [flatters her eyelids at Gordon]

Gordon: Thanks. [blushes]

Percy: How do you know about Shooting Star's streamlining and what are you doing here?

Mai Lacey: Well, first, the Fat Controller invited me, and second, he told me.

[She looks at Emily and James' decorations]

Mai Lacey: You look wonderful, you two.

Emily: Thanks, Mai.

James: I really do look more splendid. To think that red is also your son's favourite colour.

Mai Lacey: [giggles] I know.

Henry: Your son and his friends can't be here, Mai. Even Thomas.

Mai Lacey: What?

Philip: It's true. He had an accident.

Percy: And I got chosen to take his place as the shunting engine.

Mai Lacey: Oh, Percy, I feel sorry for you.

Emily: Thomas coupled up to some trucks which move by themselves because Paxton, Den and Dart are in crates and they accidentally push Thomas into Norman's diesel counterpart and crash.

James: There's one reason why.

Mai Lacey: Oh, my. Did Diesel do this?

Shooting Star: Yes. How do you know that?

Mai Lacey: I can easily view what has happened previously.

Henry: How? The Sodor Times?

Mai Lacey: No. By magic.

Princess Celestia: Thanks to me.

The engines: Princess Celestia?

Princess Luna: And me.

Shooting Star: Princess Luna?

Philip: What are you both doing here?

Princess Celestia: We were invited by Sir Topham Hatt. Plus, we gave Mai the ability to tell what has happened recently.

Princess Luna: That's how she was able to tell that the recent events were Diesel's doing.

Philip: Did Spike send you a letter about that?

Princess Celestia: Indeed he did.

Percy: I see. Now Thomas' won't be able to compete in The Great Railway Show just like he wanted.

Princess Celestia: We know, Percy. I almost feel sorry for him.

Announcer: Our first event, the Test of Strength will take place in the south-western yard at 12:30 pm, followed by the Parade of Decorated Engines which we excepted to be passing through the main yard from 1 o' clock.

[Emily and James head off to get ready]

Shooting Star: Where I'm supposed to go?

[He saw his brother, motion Mai to come with him and she gets in and they go up to him]

Shooting Star: Hello, brother.

Flying Scotsman: Gordon? Is that you? I didn't recognize you at all.

Shooting Star: I'm called the Shooting Star now.

Flying Scotsman: (chuckles) Don't be ridiculous.

Shooting Star: You won't think that I'm ridiculous when I win the Great Race. Humph.

[He suddenly bumps into the buffers a bit and watches as Flying Scotsman passes. He then groans]

Flying Scotsman: Who are you, madam?

Mai Lacey: I'm Mai Lacey. Connor' mother.

Flying Scotsman: Nice to meet you, Mai. I met your son and his team at Vicarstown a few days ago and I was excited to see them.

Mai Lacey: I'm sure they made a good impression on you.

Flying Scotsman: They sure do. I heard all about their adventures and I'm very impressed. You must be very proud of your son.

Mai Lacey: I am.

Flying Scotsman: Heh. I bet you heard about me going 100 miles an hour.

Mai Lacey: I did.

Flying Scotsman: Guess I'm really am famous. Is your son coming here?

Mai Lacey: Sadly, no.

Flying Scotsman: Huh? Why not?

Mai Lacey: Some trick of Diesel's prevented it.

Flying Scotsman: Who's Diesel? What happened to Thomas?

Mai Lacey: He's a black diesel shunter who wants to get rid of steam engines to make room for other diesels. Thomas had a crash due to Den, Dart and Paxton pushing him.

Flying Scotsman: Oh, dear. I did tell them that with any luck maybe they shall attend the show. Did Connor encountered Diesel before?

Mai Lacey: Yes. Many times.

Flying Scotsman: I see. Sorry to hear that, Mai.

Mai Lacey: It's okay, Scotsman.

Flying Scotsman: Anyway, I better get ready for the Great Race. See if my little brother gets there. Make sure to watch it.

Mai Lacey: I will.

Announcer: We certainly have some strong contenders and we may be in for a bit of a shock if you know what I mean. The atmosphere here is certainly electric.

[The scene changes back to the Steamworks]

Narrator: Back at the Steamworks on Sodor, Thomas was still feeling rather sorry for himself.

Victor: You're not the only engine who has to stay behind, my friend. Look at me. I'm still here. And there are plenty of other engines working all over the island. The Fat Controller still has a railway to run you know.

Connor Lacey: And we're here too.

[Then Spike burps out a letter from Princess Celestia]

Mewtwo: It is a letter from Celestia.

[Connor read the letter and got surprised that his mother is attending the Great Railway Show]

Connor Lacey: My mother's there.

Jiminy Cricket: What? She's attending the Great Railway Show?

Leatherhead: But TFC never told us that he invited her and the princesses.

Slash: Maybe he forgot.

Connor Lacey: Maybe.

[Then Twilight Sparkle flew in through the entrance]

Twilight Sparkle: Connor! I'm so sorry!

Connor Lacey: Twilight!

Fireman Sam: Where were you?

Jiminy Cricket: We were wondering where you'd got to.

Twilight Sparkle: I wanted to get rid of Ashima. I went to the villains and Diesel to see if they could help but it went wrong and I realized I was wrong to trust them.

Irelanders: What?!

Connor Lacey: Twilight, I cannot believe you!

Aviva Corcovado: Why would you go and do something like that?!

Twilight Sparkle: I thought Connor was in love with Ashima.

Rarity: Oh, darling. Connor was cracking a joke.

The Good Fairy: Yes.

Connor Lacey: I wasn't really in love with her.

Thomas: It was all a misunderstanding.

Twilight Sparkle: I know that now. And I'm so sorry. And also there's something I came to tell you about.

Sunset Shimmer: What is it?

Twilight Sparkle: Linda, Hawk Moth and the other villains are going to help Vinnie win by cheating.

Norman Price: You mean that American engine bully we encountered at the docks?

[Twilight nods]

Spud the Scarecrow: Uh-oh.

Connor Lacey: This is not good.

Iago: You're right. It's not good at all.

Discord: Looks like Twilight went through jealously again. I was afraid of that.

Violet Parr: We have to stop Vinnie and the villains from cheating.

Arnold McKinley: But we can't leave Thomas here. He's all broken.

Tech E Coyote: I know.

Kevin: Please, Boss. I have a question.

Victor: What's so important that you have to keep interrupting?

Kevin: Er, what, what's this?

Victor: That's Gordon's safety valve mechanism.

Kevin: Yes. That's what I thought it was.

[Victor looks and gasps]

Victor: Gordon's safety valve?! But that means Gordon hasn't been reassembled properly! I told him to wait for his safety check!

Bob Parr: What does that mean, Victor?

Victor: It means, Bob, that if Gordon's safety valve isn't working properly, he could overheat, especially at high speeds!

Irelanders: [gasps]

Aisling: Gordon could explode by that!

Rainbow Dash: We have to get that part to him now!

Thomas: Take it to him, Victor! Just go!

Victor: I can't take it, Thomas! The only one here who can take it is you!

Connor Lacey: He's right. Besides, Victor is a narrow gauge engine. You're a standard gauge engine.

The Mask: There're no narrow gauge tracks to the mainland.

Lightning McQueen: Not even the Vicarstown Bridge but there's standard gauge tracks there.

Dusty Crophopper: We can do this, Victor. Don't you worry.

Chris and Martin: To the Gordon rescue!

[They set off]

Narrator: So even though he wasn't fully repaired, Thomas and the Irelanders are sent to take Gordon the part he needed.

[They head through Vicarstown Station and past Donald and Douglas]

Narrator: They raced right through Vicarstown to get to the bridge.

[They approach the bridge but they see it beginning to raise]

Narrator: But then there was trouble!

Thomas: (gasps) Oh no!

[The ship honked]

Connor Lacey: The bridge is raising.

Ron Stoppable: We'll have to wait for the ship to pass.

Thomas: I've got to get across!

Irelanders: What?!

Thomas: I can't stop now!

[He climbs up the bridge and soars into the air then Pumbaa pause it]

Pumbaa: Do you both mind if I pause it for a second?

Timon: Sure, go ahead.

Pumbaa: Be right back.

[He goes off]

Bunga: I enjoy watching films in the cinema, Uncle Timon. It's un-Bunga-livable!

Timon: Glad to hear it, Bunga.

Connor Lacey: Guys. Where's Pumbaa?

Timon: He's going to get some grub. He'II be back.

Connor Lacey: Oh, right.

Bunga: Here he comes.

[Pumbaa comes back]

Pumbaa: Okay, I got the jumbo so we can share. (narrow his eyes in suspicion) Were you just picking your nose?

Timon: No. I've an inch on the inside.

[He chomps the grub and unpause the adventure and Thomas has landed on the tracks on the other side]

Thomas: (laughs) I did it! I did it! Whoo-hoo!

Samson: Thomas? Irelanders?

[The gang notice Thomas is on the wrong tracks]

Dr Rockwell: Is it me or is Thomas on a track that leads engines off the mainland?

The Irelanders: [gasps]

Thomas: Uh-oh. Cinders and ashes!

[They hear Connor's train counterpart whistling]

Connor Lacey: Oh, no! Here comes my engine counterpart!

Thomas: (gasps) I'm on the wrong track!

Connor: Get out of the way!

[The signalman sees and quickly switches the points]

Thomas: Whoa!

Mondo Gecko: Look!

[They see Hiro coming]

Thomas: Hiro!

Twilight Sparkle: Watch out!

[The signalman switches the points again]

Casey Jones: Uh-oh.

[They see Sidney coming]

Thomas: SIDNEY!

Fireman Sam: Brace yourselves!

[The signalman switches the points a third time and Thomas is soon on Samson's line]

Thomas: Whoo! I really must stop doing that.

Mack: That could have gotten ugly.

James Jones: That was scary.

Spike: I've never been so shaken.

Koki: The good news is we're okay.

Connor Lacey: Yeah.

Slash: What I cannot believe is that Thomas jump the Vicarstown bridge like that!

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: That was very dangerous and life threatening!

Fireman Sam: You should have waited until the ship had passed and the bridge had lowered back down!

Thomas: There isn't much time, Sam! Gordon needs his safety valve or his boiler will explode!

Fireman Sam: And you have to go ahead and pull off a risk like that to get to him?!

Jiminy Cricket: He had to, Sam! It was the only way!

Connor Lacey: Let's just get going! Hopefully we're not too late!

[They set off while the signalman collapses unconscious]

[The scene changes to the yard where Axel is on the turntable whilst Percy and Gordon puff together]

Announcer: Would Mrs Kyndley please return to the refreshment tent near Track 5? Mrs Kyndley to the refreshment....

Percy: Oh. Why did the Fat Controller ask me to do this? There's no way I'm going to win my event.

Shooting Star: Well, I'm going to win mine.

Mai Lacey: Don't be so sure, Shooting Star. Remember, it's not the winning that matters, it's the taking part that counts.

Shooting Star: Well, what matters that I'II beat my brother in a race.

Mai Lacey: Don't say I didn't warn you.

[Philip arrives]

Philip: I found the track for the Great Race! Come on, Shooting Star! Follow me!

[Gordon starts to follow Philip until he nearly backs into Vinnie who whistles loudly]

Philip: Sorry. Didn't see you there.

Vinnie: Yeah? Well, you better watch where you're going, Shorty, or you might end up being recycled!

[Vinnie rolls away, laughing to the shock of Mai, Percy and Gordon]

[The scene changes to Robbie Rotten who have stowed away in Henry's cab and walk over to the castle where he meet Vinnie's villains]

Robbie Rotten: Hello, fellow villains. Nice to see you again.

Nightmare Moon: Robbie, so glad you could join our little get together.

Robbie Rotten: Well, after Diesel's plan failed thanks to those goodie diesels and Linda sent me here, I suppose it's good.

King Sombra: Our leader would be most pleased to have LazyTown's most tricky villain on the time.

Robbie Rotten: You betcha.

Principal Cinch: At least, I can have my revenge against Sunset Shimmer, Connor Lacey and their friends for winning the Friendship Games and turning Twilight to Canterlot High. Especially with their previous enemies.

Adagio Dazzle: Also, we can regain the power we lost so long ago.

Aria Blaze: Finally return to Equestria.

Sonata Dusk: And be adored far and wide.

Principal Cinch: Although I'm still not sure why Linda and Hades bring back that monster to join the Foot Empire like me. (referring to Midnight Sparkle)

Midnight Sparkle: They thought I would be of use to their cause.

Robbie Rotten: And there's good news too.

Sterling: And that is?

Robbie Rotten: The blue tank engine got damaged by those diesels and that teenage boy and his friends are staying behind so he can't take part in the Railway Show.

Nightmare Moon: That is good news.

Commander Nemex: Now nothing can stand in our way.

Sterling: Right. So what's the plan?

Nefera de Nile: The boss'll be along soon to tell us.

Robbie Rotten: Er, about that.

Adagio Dazzle: What's wrong?

Robbie Rotten: Linda, along with Hawk Moth, Zach, Donita, Dabio, Gourmand, Pailsey, Rex, Garble, Chick, Ripslinger, Ned, Zed and Jackson Storm is busy trying to help getting a crate off Diesel since he's rolling along so she won't be here.

King Sombra: We weren't talking about her, you fool.

Midnight Sparkle: We were talking about... [gets interrupted by Vinnie's whistle]

Vinnie: What are you guys jabbering on about now?

Nightmare Moon: Vinnie, you're just in time.

Vinnie: Of course though this have to be brief. The strength competition is going to start in 2 minutes.

Midnight Sparkle: So what's the plan?

Vinnie: Well, you need to put the brakes on that German female engine's flatbed so she'II be struggling. (To Robbie Rotten) Who's that guy?

Principal Cinch: Vinnie, feast your eyes upon...

Robbie Rotten: Robbie Rotten, LazyTown's most trickiest villain.

Vinnie: Good to meet ya. You could be useful.

Principal Cinch: Now, what about the other competitors?

Aria Blaze: Especially that green tender engine from Sodor?

Vinnie: Well, you can put more bricks to that old green square wheels, a boulder on that black old-timer and a truck on the Aussie one.

Commander Nemex: Right.

Nightmare Moon: By the way, Vinnie, that black engine is called Hiro. He's known as the Master of the Railway and a member of Connor's team, The Irelanders.

Vinnie: The Irelanders?

King Sombra: Yes, the same.

Vinnie: Are those guys I saw at the docks with that blue shrimp?

Sonata Dusk: Yes. And the blue shrimp you're talking about is called Thomas.

Vinnie: Grr. Those guys and that shrimp should learn to watch where they're going. Even that diesel shorty is worse.

Sterling: You mean Philip.

Vinnie: Well, whatever.

Aria Blaze: You all know what I think?

Principal Cinch: What?

Aria Blaze: If Hiro wins the strength competition, then he'II make the Irelanders win.

Nefera de Nile: Oh, that's right.

Midnight Sparkle: What do we do?

Vinnie: Don't worry. The boulder will make him lose. Remember?

Nightmare Moon: Right.

Vinnie: Anyway, I better get ready. You put the plan in motion.

Robbie Rotten: Right.

Adagio Dazzle: We're on it.

[He puffs away, laughing and the scene changes to Thomas and the Irelanders arriving at the show]

Narrator: At last, Thomas and the Irelanders arrived at the show.

Thomas: Bust my buffers! This place is even bigger than I thought it would be. So many engines!

Connor Lacey: Whoa!

Twilight Sparkle: No way!

James Jones: This is way bigger than Pontypandy.

Mater: Dad-gum!

Dusty Crophopper: Holy smokes!

Sunset Shimmer: Holy sweet Celestia!

Chris Kratt: Check it out!

Martin Kratt: Wow!

Iago: Look over there!

[They see a blue tender engine ahead]

Thomas: Gordon! Thanks goodness I've found...

[They see it is not Gordon]

Connor Lacey: You're not Gordon, you're female.

Frieda: (scoffs) Do I look like a Gordon? My name is Frieda.

[She puffs off]

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: Oh, well that was awkward.

Discord: If you ask me, she's a grouch.

Lightning McQueen: Yeah.

Helen Flood: So rude.

Finn McMissile: She's from Germany I presume.

Koki: Yep.

Sparky: How do you both know?

Finn McMissile: Been there before.

Koki: She spokes in a German accent.

Finn McMissile: Zundapp is also German as well.

Bronwyn Jones: Whoa.

Ono: Even Professor Pericles speaks German as well.

Amelia: Whoa.

Aviva Corcovado: That explains it.

Connor Lacey: Anyways let's keep going.

[The villains spotted the heroes and Thomas from afar]

King Sombra: What? No. It can't be.

Nightmare Moon: Robbie! You said they wouldn't be here!

Robbie Rotten: I did said it. But how's that tank engine here? He's damaged.

Adagio Dazzle: Well, he can still function well it seems.

Sonata Dusk: Even with dents and one buffer?

Adagio Dazzle: Yes.

Principal Cinch: Just look at them.

Midnight Sparkle: And Twilight's pony counterpart is here.

Robbie Rotten: (groans) We must stop them and that blue tank engine from competing. Humph.

Aria Blaze: Yes. But how?

Commander Nemex: We'II just have to ask Vinnie when he comes back.

Nefera de Nile: Right now, the strength competition is starting.

[The scene changes to said event]

Announcer: And they're about to bet set the challenge of a lifetime. The Test of Strength!

[No one notices the villains putting the plan into action]

Sterling: Quickly! It's about to start!

Robbie Rotten: There! Now all that we need to do is watch.

Nightmare Moon: These things will slow them down.

[The villains go off to watch]

[The flagman blew his whistle, wave his green flag and the contest started]

Announcer: And there they go! Some of the mightiest, most formidable machines known to rail.

Percy: Come on, Henry! Pull, pull!

Mai Lacey: (recording the contest with her phone) Hold on! Something's slowing Frieda, Hiro, Shane and Henry down!

[She sees the extra loads]

Mai Lacey: Someone's cheating.

Announcer: Pulling loads that would stop other engines in their tracks! Look at the power in those pistons. Put them all together and they could move a mountain!

[Mai looks on with the princesses]

[Thomas and the Irelanders are looking for Gordon]

Thomas: Gordon!

[They saw him off in the distance]

Sarah Jones: There he is!

Spike: Come on!

[Then Stephen blocked the way as he lead the parade]

April O'Neil: Oh, great!

Thomas: I have something important to give to you. Gordon!

[Rajiv, Carlos and Yong Bao look at him and the Irelanders weirdly as they pass]

Pigeon Pete: Gordon!

Thomas: Wait!

[Emily sees them]

Emily: Thomas? Guys? What are you all doing here?

James: Thomas? Guys? Hi!

Connor Lacey: We need to get...

[Gordon is no longer in sight]

Connor Lacey: To get to Gordon!

Thomas: We have to give him something important!

[The Fat Controller look at his reflection in the trophy and the scene changes to Henry, Percy and Philip talking]

Philip: How did you get on in the Strongest Engine competition, Henry?

Henry: (sighs sadly) I, I came fifth.

Philip: Wow! That's great!

Henry: There were only five engines.

[Philip gets it sadly and the announcer began to make an announcement about who wins the Best Decorated Engine contest]

Announcer: And I've just been handed a piece of very exciting news. The winner of the Best Decorated Engine is...

James: Oh, thank you, thank you, you're too kind.

Announcer: From India...

James: Huh? India?

Announcer: Rajiv!

[The Fat Controller glares that his engines lose while Mai, Princess Celestia and Luna looks on]

Announcer: And what a splendid engine he is. Hard to imagine an engine more splendid than that.

James: Honestly! That should have been me!

Emily: Or Ashima! Why weren't you in the parade?

Ashima: (giggles) I'm competing in the Shunting Challenge, Emily. Just because we're well-painted doesn't mean we can't do anything else.

[The villains watch]

Sterling: Looks like James and Emily lost the parade. Excellent.

Principal Cinch: Now for the next event.

Robbie Rotten: Which is the Great Race.

Nefera de Nile: I wonder Vinnie has in store for our "Shooting Star".

Nightmare Moon: We shall soon find out.

King Sombra: Something tells me that Vinnie doesn't have to do anything.

Midnight Sparkle: What?

Robbie Rotten: But he has to.

King Sombra: Something else is going to make Shooting Star loses but you have to see it for yourselves.

Commander Nemex: What?

King Sombra: Wait and see. (chuckles darkly)

[Thomas and The Irelanders are still looking when they saw Mai, Henry, Philip and Percy]

Thomas: Henry! Percy! Philip!

Connor Lacey: Mammy!

Percy: (gasps) It's The Irelanders and Thomas!

Mai Lacey: Connor!

Philip: Hello, Thomas! Hello, guys!

Mai Lacey: What are you doing here?

Connor Lacey: Mammy! Something bad's about to happen to Gordon!

Mai Lacey: Did he forget his safety valve?

Twilight Sparkle: How did you know?

Mai Lacey: Connor's holding it.

[She looks at it and blushes in embarrassment]

Mandy Flood: Well, we need to find him fast.

Thomas: We saw him before but now we lost him again.

Philip: That's because his race is about to begin. Haven't you all heard?

Philip and Announcer: The Great Race is about to begin in 2 minutes, ladies and gentlemen.

Thomas and Irelanders: No!

Percy: How did you make your voice do that, Philip?

Dash Parr: He didn't. He just copied what the announcer said.

Thomas: He can't race! He hasn't got his safety valve.

Sploshy: We need to get to him before it starts.

Mater: If we don't, he could explode!

Philip: Exploded? Oh, no! Follow me!

[They set off]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the engines are lined up now for the start of the Great Race and what a line-up it is. These are some of the fastest locomotives to be found on modern railways. On Track 1, we have the French diesel-electric Etienne, who'II be trying to beat his own world record today. Next to him, we have Spencer and just listen to the local fans go wild.

Spencer: (laughs) No, no. Thank you!

Announcer: ...and a former world record holder in his own right. On Track 3....

Flying Scotsman: Good luck, little brother.

[His smoke deflectors shift forward]

Shooting Star: I don't think I'm the one who needs luck.

Thomas: Gordon! (whistles)

Rainbow Dash: Thank goodness we're not too late.

Human Rainbow Dash: There you are!

Chug: We came as soon as we could!

Terence: You have not got you...

Shooting Star: Stop calling me that! My name is Shooting Star!

Thomas: Okay, sorry Gordon I, I mean Falling Star, but you have to listen to us.

Connor Lacey: Victor says you haven't got your safety valve!

Station Officer Steele: It's just not safe to race without it!

Shooting Star: Oh, nonsense guys! There's no time for this. The race is starting.

[The flagman waves the green flag]

Announcer: They're off!

Shooting Star: Now!

Thomas: No, Gordon, wait! You mustn't race!

Dash Parr: Wait! Hold up!

Rainbow Dash: Gordy!

Connor Lacey: Don't do it!

Announcer: Oh, what's this? There's a little tank engine, a flying pony and a little boy out there, folks!

[The crowd laughs as the engines blow The Fat Controller's hat off and he picks it up, sheepishly and Princess Celestia and Luna spotted the heroes and Thomas]

Princess Celestia: Wait... are those...

Princess Luna: But the others said they wouldn't be here.

[Mai Lacey runs to them]

Mai Lacey: So sorry.

Princess Celestia: Mai, why's your son, his friends and Thomas here?

Mai Lacey: They came to give Gordon his safety valve.

Princess Luna: You mean he doesn't have it?

Mai Lacey: Yes. Without it, his boiler will blow up!

[The Princesses gasp]

Princess Celestia: This is not good.

Princess Luna: Let's go.

[Back with the others]

Thomas: You could overheat! Your boiler could blow up!

Gordon: Oh Thomas, will you stop your whining?

There’s no other engine I won’t be outshining

Too late,

I’ve got a date!



The Shooting Star is coming through!


Give up, there’s nothing you can do!


Cause all you’ll ever see of me

Will be a shining streak of racing blue!

My clouds today all have a silver lining

I’ll see my bossy brother get some undermining

Cause I’m the cream,

The best in steam,



[Gordon's streamlining boiler starts to hiss as his face turns red]

Announcer: Etienne and Spencer are still holding the lead, but after a late start, the Shooting Star is coming up from behind! He's already overtaken the Flying Scotsman and Axel...

Flying Scotsman: Gordon? Gordon!

Gordon: That's NOT my name!

Flying Scotsman: You have to stop! Listen to me, Gordon! There's something wrong!

Gordon: I can't stop! I WON'T stop!

Announcer: I don't know what's happening, looks like the Shooting Star is having some kind of trouble!

[Thomas, Percy, Henry, Philip and the Irelanders look on]

Chris Kratt: We're too late!

Martin Kratt: Oh, no!

Gordon: Whoosh!

The Shooting Star is coming through...!


Give up, there’s nothing you can do...!

Announcer: I think it's all over!

The Mask: (as the Grinch) He's gonna blow!

Gordon: Cause all you’ll see of me...

Will be-!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Owwwwww, oh!!!

[His boiler bursts]

Announcer: It is now - his boiler has burst!

[The Fat Controller put his head in his hands shamefully]

Announcer: He's slowing down!

[Gordon slows to a stop. Flying Scotsman passes by, feeling sorry for him, but has to resume the race]

Announcer: And the Shooting Star is out of the race! What a tragedy!

Gordon: Oh, the indignity...

Sunset Shimmer: Oh, no!

Connor Lacey: No!

Iago: Aw man!

Discord: Oh pooh.

Mai Lacey: Oh, goodness!

Princess Celestia: Oh, my!

Princess Luna: Gordon are you alright?!

Gordon: (groans) I'm not.

Fireman Sam: You should have listened to what we told you.

Human Rainbow Dash: You didn't have your safety valve. You should have got it put on.

Aviva Corcovado: Don't say Victor told you so but he did say that you needed to wait for the final safety check!

Rainbow Dash: How selfish of you to leave before being fitted with your safety valve.

Gordon: I just wanted to beat my brother and Victor's taking too long to fit it.

Connor Lacey: You weren't reassembled properly!

Princess Celestia: You should have waited like Victor said!

Norman Price: And thanks to you, Sodor has lost a event!

Mai Lacey: Henry, James and Emily has also lost!

Twilight Sparkle: What? What do you mean?

Mai Lacey: Someone cheated!

Koki: What?!

Mai Lacey: Yep!

Princess Celestia: Rajiv from India won the Best Decorated engine parade.

Ron Stoppable: Nothing has gone according to plan.

Sally: We better see who won the Great Race.

[They look at Spencer, Etienne, Axel and Flying Scotsman]

Announcer: So it's Spencer in the lead, Etienne coming up behind, followed by Axel of Belgium and the the Flying Scotsman. And as they approached the finish line, it looks like Spencer's gonna take it. But wait! Etienne is coming up fast now!

Etienne: Au revoir!

Announcer: And he overtook Spencer as they cross the line. The winner is Etienne, the French diesel-electric setting a new world speed record here today!

[He collapsed from exhaustion and the villains laughs]

Nightmare Moon: Did you see that?

Robbie Rotten: He completely came apart.

Sterling: All because he didn't have his safety valve.

King Sombra: I was aware of that all along. You just have to see it for yourselves.

Midnight Sparkle: And we did.

Robbie Rotten: And it looks like the tank engine, Connor and his friends are too late to save him. They lost.

Aria Blaze: And that's a good thing.

Principal Cinch: Only the Shunting Challenge left to go.

Adagio Dazzle: We better come up with a plan to cheat.

Sonata Dusk: And tell Vinnie about it.

[They set off and the scene changes to Mai showing Connor and his friends recordings of the Test of Strength and the Best Decorated Parade since they miss it]

Connor Lacey: So someone was cheating!

Kim Possible: And Rajiv has won the parade.

Mai Lacey: It's true.

Violet Parr: At least there's no cheating in the parade.

Spud the Scarecrow: Who is the big turquoise engine besides Henry, Hiro and Frieda, Mai?

Mai Lacey: Shane. He's from Australia.

Jimmy Z: What country is Vinnie from?

Mai Lacey: North America.

Ace Bunny: We know Rajiv's from India but what names are the black one and the red one and what countries are they from?

Mai Lacey: The black engine is called Carlos and he's from Mexico and the red one is called Yong Bao and he's from China!

Mushu: That's where I'm from.

[Cri-Kee nods]

Aviva Corcovado: Well, it's good to know that some of us are from different countries.

Dottie: Yeah.

[We then changes to Percy, Emily and Philip rolling together]

Emily: Come on, Percy. You're our only hope! Sodor hasn't won anything yet.

Percy: No, I don't want to. I'm too nervous. And anyway, Thomas is here. He's the one that should be in the Shunting Challenge, Emily. Not me.

Philip: Oh, there he is. Thomas! Thomas!

[He bumps into Vinnie]

Philip: Uh-oh.

Vinnie: You again?

Philip: Um, sorry?

Vinnie: (growls)

Philip: (screams)

[Carlos is filling up with coal when...]

Carlos: Fizzling fuegos!

[He quickly reverses as Philip reverses in]

[The coal dust goes everywhere]

[Vinnie appears and spits out coal]

Vinnie: Pah! That really does it!

Philip: (screams)

[The villains saw this]

Nightmare Moon: Look at that!

Commander Nemex: Go on, Vinnie!

King Sombra: We might as well let him go after that diesel boxcab. He has done well.

Midnight Sparkle: Yeah.

Robbie Rotten: I need a master plan. I really have to stop Thomas from competing. I wish I could just shoot him out of the challenge. (gasps, getting an idea) That's a great idea. That's exactly what I'm going to do!

[He ran off to the confusion of the villains]

Principal Cinch: Where's he going?

Adagio Dazzle: [shrugs]

Sonata Dusk: Must be having a idea.

Nefera de Nile: Shall we spy on the heroes while we wait?

Aria Blaze: Good idea.

Sterling: Okay.

[They set off]

Percy: So there are all these different trucks all over the yard, Thomas.

Emily: That's right. And you have to sort them into flatbeds, boxcars and tankers. Arranging three of each type on your siding. Plus a brakevan and...

[She notices that Thomas wasn't listening]

Emily: Are you listening, Thomas? You need to be ready.

[Thomas snap out of his thoughts in shock]

Thomas: Me? Why me? Percy's the one who's competing not me.

Percy: No. Thomas, I don't want to. I might lose.

Thomas: Nonsense, Percy. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Just be who you are.

Percy: I am being me, Thomas. And I want to you to do the Shunting Challenge. I really, really do.

Beshte: And he's your best friend.

Bunga: Besides, best friends always help each other.

Thomas: But look at me! I can't possibly compete!

Fuli: You wanted this more than Percy does. So you have to.

Connor Lacey: Besides, if you don't, Sodor's never going to win.

Chris Kratt: And not only that, you'II never get a chance to take part.

Emily: Please, Thomas? You're Sodor's only hope!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, there's still one more big event here at the Great Railway Show.

Thomas: Okay. I'II do it. But I might lose, too, you know. (whistling)

Percy: You? But you're going to lose. Are you, Thomas?

Connor Lacey: He might, he might not.

Mai Lacey: We'll just have to wait and see.

Fireman Sam: That's right.

Kion: We better get to the other engines so we can watch the event.

Twilight Sparkle: Good thinking.

Zazu: Let's get going.

[They head off]

[The scene changes to Robbie pushing his cannon to a spot far behind the turntable]

Nightmare Moon: What's he up to?

King Sombra: I don't know.

Robbie Rotten: Well, guys, I'm gonna aim Thomas with this cannon then I'm gonna shoot him out of the challenge like a circus clown. (laughs) Brilliant!

Midnight Sparkle: Good thinking.

Adagio Dazzle: This is sure to be amusing.

Principal Cinch: Heh.

Commander Nemex: Good luck.

Robbie Rotten: (laughs then gasps as he turn to look at Ashima, Gina, Raul and Ivan) I better prepare the cannon.

[He went to work and the engines and heroes went to the slope track to watch as the announcer announced the start of the event]

Announcer: The Shunting Challenge! Trucks and brakevans are arranged on the rails, ready to be shunted into line. The engines are already lining up for a test of not just speed but quick thinking and agility!

Ashima: (gasps) Thomas! You're here!

Emily: Concentrate, Thomas! They're about to begin. This is Sodor's last chance.

Spike: You can do it!

Connor Lacey: Go on, buddy!

[The flagman waves the green flag]

Announcer: And they're off. This is going to be interesting!

Percy: Go on, Thomas! Go!

Henry: You can do it, Thomas!

Emily: The flatbeds! Get the flatbeds! Over there!

Raul: Points!

[A signalman does as he says and Raul gets the flatbeds first]

Thomas: What? Hey! I was going for those!

Ashima: It's a competition, silly! It's a race! Points!

[The points change]

Ivan: Points!

[And again]

Gina: Points!

[And again]

Thomas: Points!

[And again]

Emily: All right, Thomas! I know you can do it.

James: Good for you, Thomas! Good for you!

Thomas: Points!

Henry: That's my boy!

Ashima: Points!

Raul: Points! He-he-he!

Announcer: Thomas! And it's Thomas! And it's Thomas! Look at him go! And the little blue tank engine Thomas is back in the race!

Engines: Come on, Thomas! Come on, Thomas! You can do it, Thomas!

[Robbie set up the cannon, put a cannonball into it and went to the timer to set it]

Robbie Rotten: I'II set the time for 40 seconds.

[Then Philip comes racing past in front of Thomas]

Announcer: Hold on, there's a disruption on the track.

Thomas: What are you doing?

Philip: I'm trying to get away! Points!

[Vinnie appears, pushing through Gina's flatbeds]

Announcer: And another one!

[The flagman blew his whistle and wave a red flag to stop the challenge]

Announcer: It will have to be halted.

[The villains watch]

Villains: Go, Vinnie!

[The Irelanders watch Philip with fear]

Irelanders: Look out, Philip!

[Philip starts to reverses but Vinnie quickly biffs him]

Thomas: Philip! Look out!

[Philip stops just short of the turntable well]

Vinnie: Oh, dear, Shorty. Looks like the race is over for you. (laughs)

Philip: Ah, yes. But this wasn't really a proper race. I'm very good at proper races! Ask Shooting Star...

Vinnie: (laughs)

[Then he feel something touch him]

Vinnie: Huh?

[It's revealed to be Thomas]

Thomas: (whistles) You leave my friend alone, you big bully!

[He strains]

Vinnie: So, you wanna play tug of war, do you?

[Ashima couples up too]

Ashima: Yes!

[Then The Irelanders joined in]

Irelanders: And us!

Connor Lacey: You mess with our friends, you mess with us!

Twilight Sparkle: That's right!

Fireman Sam: Let's do this!

Tubb: Everyone, on three!

Vinnie: Show me what you little guys got!

Ashima: Pull, Thomas, pull!

[They pull]

Vinnie: Oh! Oh! You got me!

Thomas: Points!

[The points change]

Vinnie: Huh?

Violet Parr: Now, Philip! Go! Now's your chance!

[Philip moves]

Philip: Na-na-na-na!

[The coupling breaks sending Vinnie into a pillion]

Vinnie: Oh! Oh! Ow! Get it off me!

Philip: Take that, you Big Bully!

[The villains facepalm]

Nightmare Moon: That wasn't what I wanted to see.

King Sombra: Honestly.

Robbie Rotten: Idiot.

Ashima: Thomas! Guys! Watch out!

[They notice the telegraph pole starting to fall]

Connor Lacey: Oh, no!

Sunset Shimmer: (as Nala) Everyone, get back!

[They run and Ashima pull Thomas back just as the pole hits the track and starts sparking then a workman shuts it off]

Fireman Sam: Is everyone alright?

Chris Kratt: We're fine.

Thomas: Thanks.

Ashima: No need to be thanking me, Thomas. After all, I am still going to beat you in the Shunting Challenge!

Thomas: You are not!

Ashima: Yes, I am!

Vinnie: Hey, are you gonna get me out of here or what?

Connor Lacey: No way, Jose!

Twilight Sparkle: Not after what you've done!

Fireman Sam: You can stay there to think about what you've done.

Discord: Hopefully your time there will teach you a lesson.

Iago: Yeah, you big blue jerk.

Tubb: Though I doubt he'II change.

Martin Kratt: Me too.

Vinnie: Grr! I'II get you for this fools, especially you, Teeny!

Connor Lacey: We'II see about that, Vinnie.

[Robbie was standing in front of the cannon unknowing until the timer goes off and he turns around just as it fires]

Robbie Rotten: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (carried by the cannonball)

Commander Nemex: [laughs] Shot with your own cannon.

Nefera de Nile: Who would have thought?

Principal Cinch: Guess we forgot to keep an eye on the timer.

Adagio Dazzle: Heh.

[The Irelanders, Thomas and Ashima hears yelling and look up to see Robbie flying over their heads]

Connor Lacey: Robbie Rotten!

Twilight Sparkle: I knew he had something to do with that ticking sound.

Fireman Sam: We should have known he was behind this.

Mai Lacey: And working for Vinnie.

Sunset Shimmer: After Diesel.

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: But no matter what he does it always backfires.

Kim Possible: Like got fired from his cannon again.

Lightning McQueen: [laughs] Yeah.

Chris Kratt: We better save him.

Dusty Crophopper: You're right. Firefighters always save people even if they're bad.

Mona Lisa: That's right.

Connor Lacey: Let's go!

[They set off and the engines saw Robbie coming towards them]

Percy: Is that Robbie Rotten?

Emily: It is Robbie Rotten!

Henry: And he's heading straight for us!

James: Oh, no! If that cannonball blows up, it'll ruin my new paintwork!

James Jones: Oh, no!

Philip: Someone save us! Help!

[Twilight Sparkle jumps in and uses her magic to protect them]

Connor Lacey: Yes!

[Robbie and the cannonball bounce off]

[They fall to the ground]

Iago: Nice catch!

[Robbie gets up]

Aviva Corcovado: Not so fast, Robbie!

Robbie Rotten: I would have gotten away with my plot if the cannon wasn't behind me. But I'm not the only one with Vinnie.

[The other villains appear]

Kion: Hevi kabisa! Vinnie sure knows how to whip up an army.

Sunset Shimmer: Principal Cinch!

Twilight Sparkle: Midnight Sparkle!

Spike: King Sombra!

Cruz Ramirez: Sterling!

Rarity: Nightmare Moon!

Human Applejack: The Dazzlings!

Connor Lacey: Command Nemex!

Elvis Cridlington: Nefera de Nile!

Nightmare Moon: That's right you fools. It's us! (cackles)

Connor Lacey: You were working for Vinnie?!

Midnight Sparkle: Yes. We are.

Adagio Dazzle: And we cheated.

Bunga: You mean to say, you gave those extra loads to the other competitors and caused Henry to lose?

King Sombra: Yes. And a certain Master of the Railway.

Connor Lacey: Hiro?!

Sonata Dusk: He's competing for Japan and since he's on your team, he'II make you win by winning the strength competition but we make sure he doesn't.

Sterling: All by giving him an extra load.

Martin Kratt: How could you?!

Aria Blaze: That's what villains like us do to make sure Sodor loses.

Fuli: Why you...!

Cyberwarp: You'll regret this.

Principal Cinch: You're going to pay for turning Twilight against me and Crystal Prep and making Canterlot High win. My reputation is ruined because you two!

Sunset Shimmer: Oh, really?

Connor Lacey: Well, I'm sure the school board will like to hear about the incident with talking trains.

Discord: And the flying cannonball man.

Principal Cinch: I don't care anymore. You're gonna pay!

King Sombra: And since Garble didn't get his chance for revenge against Spike, I'II make him pay for defeating me and do it myself.

[He blasts his magic at Spike who dodge it]

Spike: Whoa!

Koki: Oh, it is on!

Connor Lacey: Let's have a battle!

[The Dazzlings look at each other in amusement as Connor remembers a phrase from one of their songs]

[Nightmare Moon shoots magic at Violet who protects herself with a force field]

[Thomas is attacked by Midnight Sparkle]

Thomas: That's the same monster Sci-Twi turned into at the Friendship Games.

Ashima: You know her?

Thomas: Connor faced her during the Capture the Flag event. Midnight opened rifts to Equestria in order to understand all the magic in the world. She was foiled, however, when Sunset turned into Daydream Shimmer and blasted her.

Sunset Shimmer: But then the Foot Empire somehow managed to separate her from Twilight's human counterpart and made her one of them.

Connor Lacey: Yeah.

Ashima: Oh, my.

Midnight Sparkle: And this time, I will not stop until I have all the magic!

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: Not if we can help it.

[Midnight Sparkle charges her magic]

Twilight Sparkle: [fires her magic at her] You are going to pay.

Midnight Sparkle: Or will I!

[Chug shoots fuel at Sterling]

Sterling: Ew!

Chug: That's what you get for not letting Cruz achieve her dream!

Lightning McQueen: You forgot that he wants me to quit racing and do selling things.

Chug: Yeah. That too.

[Chris and Martin activate creature powers to fight the Dazzlings with Aviva using her extendo arm]

Aviva Corcovado: En garde!

Chris and Martin: Activate swordfish powers!

[They turn into swordfishes]

The Dazzlings: [activate their projections]

Adagio Dazzle: [vocalizes]

Sonata Dusk: [vocalizes]

Aria Blaze: [vocalizes]

The Dazzlings: [vocalizing]

Chris Kratt: You think that's gonna stop us that easily?

Martin Kratt: Show us what you're really made of.

[Aviva whacks Adagio]

Aviva Corcovado: Ha!

[Chris uses his fish sword to whack Sonata]

Sonata Dusk: Ow!

[Martin uses his fish sword to whack Aria]

Aria Blaze: Argh!

[Sunset Shimmer fights Nightmare Moon]

Nightmare Moon: Take this! [fires magic]

Sunset Shimmer: Take that! [fires back]

[King Sombra is in pursuit of Spike]

King Sombra: Once I get rid of you, I'II be able to get rid of Shining Amour, Princess Cadance and their new baby and take over the Crystal Empire once again. (laughs evilly)

Spike: Oh, great!

[King Sombra charges his magic to blast Spike when Philip gets in the way]

Philip: You leave him alone!

King Sombra: You stay out of this, boxcab! He's gonna pay for defeating me!

Spike: Philip, you really should do what he says.

Philip: No! [turn on his lamp to blind King Sombra]

King Sombra: Argh! My eyes!

Spike: Good job.

Philip: No problem.

[Midnight Sparkle creates a rift right behind Ashima and she starts to slip into it]

Ashima: Argh! Help me!

Thomas: Ashima! [puffs over to her]

Connor Lacey: Thomas!

Twilight Sparkle: No, don't do it!

Norman Price: You'II get sucked in too!

Thomas: No! I have to! She rescued me at the docks before so it's my turn to return the favour!

[Thomas reaches Ashima and couples up]

Thomas: Don't worry, Ashima! I'll save you!

Ashima: Hurry, Thomas!

[Thomas strains as he tries to pull Ashima free of the rift's grasp but the rift is too powerful and Thomas and Ashima are about to fall in when Raul couples up to Thomas just as he goes over the edge]

Raul: [to the other international engines] Buffer up! Buffer up! He-he-he!

Gina: Right behind you!

Ivan: I'll help too!

Connor Lacey: [to the other international engines] Come on, guys! You can help too!

Bella Lasagne: You heard him! Join in the fight!

Yong Bao: Yong Bao to the rescue!

Shane: I'm with you, mate!

Frieda: Right you are!

Carlos: Al rescate!

Etienne: Oui!

Axel: We will help you!

Rajiv: Rajiv at your service!

[One by one the engines couple up behind Raul and pull Thomas and Ashima to safety]

Irelanders: [cheering]

Connor Lacey: Well done!

Thomas: Thanks, guys!

Ashima: But somebody had better seal that rift!

Sunset Shimmer: [getting an idea] Allow me!

[She transforms into Daydream Shimmer]

Discord: My goodness!

Iago: Whoa!

[Celestia and Luna get an idea]

Princess Celestia: Engines, Luna and I will give you magic. Though it will only be temporary.

Yong Bao: Very well, you're highnesses.

Thomas: Do your thing.

Princess Luna: Ready, sister?

Princess Celestia: Ready, Luna.

[They use their magic]

[Bolts of magic land on the engines]

Ashima: Wow!

Thomas: Amazing!

Gina: Mamma Mia!

Ivan: Let's close the rift, guys.

Raul: Okay!

[They use their magic and close the rift]

Connor Lacey: Good job.

Shane: No worries, mate!

Axel: It is the least we can do!

Poppy O'Hair: Now let's deal with these villains!

[Nefera grab Mai]

Mai Lacey: Let me go!

Connor Lacey: Mammy!

Nefera de Nile: Ah-ha-ha-ha!

[Then Kion leaps on her and growls]

Nefera de Nile: Get off me!

Kion: No way!

Mai Lacey: Thank you, brave lion cub!

Kion: No problem.

[Discord uses his chaotic magic to fight Commander Nemex]

Discord: Have some chocolate rain!

[A cotton candy cloud appears and chocolate pours out]

Commander Nemex: Yuck!

Discord: And here's some soap paths!

[Slippery soapy paths appear under Nemex's feet and he falls over]

Commander Nemex: Ow!

Discord: (laughs)

Commander Nemex: You...!

Robbie Rotten: And now for you, Connor Lacey. (holds out Pixel's remote)

Connor Lacey: Uh? Pixel's remote? You took it again?

Robbie Rotten: That's right. Fast forward.

[Connor moves forward really quickly]

Mai Lacey: Connor!

Twilight Sparkle: Oh my goodness!

Robbie Rotten: Freeze!

[He press the pause button, and Connor freezes]

Robbie Rotten: Rewind! (laughs)

[Connor reverses]

Robbie Rotten: Stop.

[He press the play button and Connor stops]

Robbie Rotten: And now, the cha-cha-cha!

[He press a button and Connor moves to the cha-cha-cha]

Iago: There's something you don't see every day.

Fireman Sam: I know. But someone has to get that remote before something bad happens.

Robbie Rotten: Play!

[He press Play and Connor jumps into the air]

Connor Lacey: Whoa! Make it stop!

Robbie Rotten: Wow!

[Connor Lacey spins around]

Robbie Rotten: Round and round and round he goes....

[Connor's still spinning]

Robbie Rotten: Where he'II stop, nobody knows.

Spud the Scarecrow: That's making me dizzy.

Chris Kratt: Knock it off.

[Robbie pondered then get a idea and press the play button to stop]

Robbie Rotten: Stop.

[Connor stop spinning and lands on the ground with his feet, feeling giddy]

Connor Lacey: Finally. (groans)

Robbie Rotten: (mocking) Sorry. (bends down to pick up something) Hey, Connor.

Connor Lacey: What is it?

Robbie Rotten: Think fast! (he throw a ball at him)

[Connor jump to get the ball but Robbie used the remote on him again]

Robbie Rotten: Freeze!

[Connor pauses in mid-air]

Robbie Rotten: (cackles then walks around him) Look at him now. (laughs)

Lightning McQueen: Hey, no fair!

Sterling: That's what villains do. Deal with it.

Dusty Crophopper: That's what you think!

Robbie Rotten: Now, to finally remove Connor from our plans forever.

[He whistles and his bulldozer starts on. He press a button but a commercial came on]

Commercial: Hello, and welcome to...

[Robbie look around then see the remote, ask hello and then press again to stop it]

Robbie Rotten: Sorry, wrong channel. (chuckles)

King Sombra: Ugh!

[Robbie whistles again, click his fingers and his bulldozer moves automatically towards Connor]

Sarah Jones: Oh, no!

Rarity: Somepony do something!

[Robbie turn the remote many times until he got it the right way round since he learned his mistake]

Robbie Rotten: Bye-bye, Connor Lacey. Fast forward! Ha!

[He press the fast forward button and the bulldozer goes fast and pick Connor up but just as it's about to throw him far away, Rainbow Dash zoom in and snatch him from the blade]

Rainbow Dash: Too late, Robbie!

Robbie Rotten: No! (growls) Stupid flying horse!

Rainbow Dash: Now, Mai!

[Mai snatch the remote from Robbie's hand]

Robbie Rotten: What? Hey! Give me that remote, woman!

Mai Lacey: No way, Robbie! It's about time you had your own tricks thrown back at you!

[She uses the remote on him]

Robbie Rotten: Hey! What the...?!

Mai Lacey: Fast forward!

[Robbie moves backwards really fast]

Discord: (laughs) You really are hilarious!

Mai Lacey: Unfreeze!

[She unpause Connor]

Connor Lacey: Thanks.

Mai Lacey: You're welcome.

Iago: You're a good woman, Mai. But not too good.

Mai Lacey: We'll see about that Iago.

Nightmare Moon: We'II get you for this next time, heroes!

Kion: We'II see about it.

[He uses his Roar of the Elders to blow the Villains away]

Villains: [scream]

Irelanders: [cheering]

Connor Lacey: That's take care of them.

Twilight Sparkle: Couldn't agree more.

Penny Morris: Except Vinnie remains under that pylon.

Martin Kratt: Yeah. And he can stay there.

Princess Celestia: Until evening when he goes back to North America. He can't stay there forever you know.

Martin Kratt: Oh.

Sheriff: Let's get the shunting challenge underway once more.

Thomas: You heard him!

[The shunting challenge continues]

Ivan: Points!

Announcer: Look at Ivan!

Gina: Points!

Announcer: The Italian, Gina!

Raul: Points!

Ashima: Points!

Thomas: Points!

Philip: Come on, Thomas!

Discord: Go, Thomas! Yahoo! [laughs]

Connor Lacey: Yeah!

Announcer: This is what competitive shunting is all about!

Ashima: All I need is my brakevan!

Thomas: (laughs) That's all I need, too!

Announcer: And it looks like Thomas and Ashima are down to their last trucks!

Thomas and Ashima: Points!

Announcer: The first engine to position their brakevan will take home the trophy! And it looks like Thomas, the late entry tank engine from Sodor, has taken....

[Suddenly, Thomas sees one of the flatbeds from earlier on Ashima's track]

Thomas: Ashima! Look out! Your track is blocked! Points! Points!

[The points are switched]

Announcer: Hold on. He's switching tracks!

Ashima: Thomas! What are you doing?

Percy: You'II crash!

Emily: No, Thomas!

[The Fat Controller sees this]

Irelanders: Thomas!

Connor Lacey: Stop!

Applejack: What the hay is he doin'?!

Announcer: I don't believe it! He's smashed straight into a derailed flatbed!

[Thomas hits the flatbed]

Announcer: Ashima is taking the lead and Ashima is first past the post.

[Ashima crossed the finish line first with Thomas finishing second]

Announcer: The painted tank engine from India has raced all the way....

Emily: He was winning!

Philip: I told him she was trouble!

Connor Lacey: Philip!

James Jones: She just saved Thomas at the docks because she ran into him on accident.

Spike: And save you from Vinnie. How can you call her trouble after all the good things she has done?

Philip: Well, I suppose.

Chris Kratt: But Thomas lost the challenge!

Twilight Sparkle: He was helping Ashima that's why.

Sally: But Sodor didn't win anything, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh. First time, right.

Announcer: What an amazing finish, folks! At the last minute, Thomas the Tank Engine from Sodor seemed to forfeit the race to the little painted engine, Ashima!

Ashima: Thomas! You... You let me win.

Thomas: I know. But it wouldn't have been fair. Your track was blocked.

Ashima: But I wouldn't have minded if you had won, Thomas.

Connor Lacey: Wait, there's something else.

Fireman Sam: It might not be over for Sodor just yet.

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: What do you mean?

Connor Lacey: There might be a second winner.

Irelanders: Huh?

Twilight Sparkle: The announcer is about to say something else, so quiet.

Announcer: And, uh, wait a minute. What's this? The judges seem to questioning the result. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, this is quite exceptional. The judges are about to make a special announcement.

[One of the judges, a old man, speaks up]

Judge: With regard to the unusual events during the final moments of the Shunting Challenge, we would to declare there to be two winners!

[The engines and Irelanders got confused]

Announcer: Ashima, the tank engine from India, for completing the challenge in the fastest time. And, in light of the sacrifice and efforts he has made to help another engine, Thomas the Tank Engine from Sodor!

Emily: That's my friend!

Irelanders: [cheering]

Connor Lacey: Yeah! Way to go!

Sunset Shimmer: Sodor wins at last!

The Mask: (as the Grinch) Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee did iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! We did it! We did it!

Iago: Why does he do that?

Dash Parr: No one knows.

Derek Price: He's just bonkers.

Ashima: Congratulations, Thomas.

Thomas: (laughs) Congratulations to you, too!

The Fat Controller: Thomas the Tank Engine!

Koki: Uh-oh!

[The Irelanders look to see the Fat Controller]

The Fat Controller: I didn't realize that you and the Irelanders were even here until after the Shunting Challenge started!

Connor Lacey: We only came, sir, because Gordon didn't have his safety valve!

Princess Celestia: But we knew they were here.

Rainbow Dash: But when we get to Gordon, it was too late.

Mai Lacey: Then we had to deal with our enemies and now...

Jimmy Z: Percy ask Thomas to do the shunting challenge because he was afraid he may lose.

Mushu: And that give Thomas his chance to compete in the GRS.

The Fat Controller: You mean he was trying to be Really Useful? Is that what you're all saying?

Station Officer Steele: Yes, and when we say that we're telling the truth.

The Fat Controller: Well, congratulations, Thomas, because you were!

[The engines cheered]

Percy: He was just being himself, sir!

Thomas: (singing) You can only be you~

There's nothing else you can possibly do

[He chuckles but then saw everyone looking at him]

Thomas: What?

Tubb: Nothing. It was just...

Captain Jake: You were singing Ashima's song.

Thomas: Is it wrong?

Connor Lacey: No.

Rarity: It's divine.

Thomas: Oh, uh, thanks. (blushes)

Aviva Corcovado: Heh.

[Then they saw that Ashima is gone]

Connor Lacey: Huh?

Melody: Where's Ashima?

Martin Kratt: Who knows?

Thomas: She didn't say goodbye!

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps, remembering something) I didn't get to apologize to her.

Fireman Sam: Well, maybe the next time you see her, you will.

Twilight Sparkle: But she wouldn't leave without saying goodbye.

Chris Kratt: We know. We know.

Dora: We better search for her.

Mai Lacey: She's right.

Kion: We have to look every inch of the place.

Connor Lacey: Don't worry, Thomas and Twilight. We'll find her.

[They began searching and Gordon was puffing when Flying Scotsman approaches]

Announcer: So the last of the big events are over for today, ladies and gentlemen, but there's still a chance to...

Flying Scotsman: Hey, Shooting Star!

Gordon: Just call me Gordon. I had quite enough of this streamlining lark.

Flying Scotsman: Shame back the race, little brother. But you know, you engines from Sodor are made of sterner stuff than I thought.

[Gordon stops in surprise]

Gordon: Why do you always have to call me little brother? We're exactly the same size!

[Flying Scotsman chuckles and Gordon just say Ohh. Later on]

[Evening falls on the mainland as Thomas was filling up with water]

Philip: I've looked all around, Thomas. But I can't see her.

Emily: I don't know where she is.

Cubby: Aw, coconuts!

Boots: Not much luck on us either.

Norman Price: We'II never find her at this rate.

Spud the Scarecrow: And it's almost time for us to leave.

[Then Gordon puffs up with The Fat Controller holding the trophy on board]

The Fat Controller: All right, everybody! Fill up those boilers and coal bunkers. It's time we went back to Sodor. We still have a railway to run!

Emily: Yes, sir.

Philip: Of course, sir.

[They set off]

[Thomas sighs sadly]

Connor Lacey: (patting his buffer beam in comfort) Don't worry.

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: There's no way she'd leave without saying goodbye.

Twilight Sparkle: [sees Red about to cry] Uh, guys...

[Red speeds off, crying and knocks over some tyres]

Mayday: Sometimes I don't get why he does that.

Chris Kratt: Neither do I.

Flo: It's a habit.

[Then they heard Ashima singing]

Izzy: Huh?

Ono: Do you heard that?

Diego: Sounds like singing.

Zazu: Let's check it out.

[Ashima was taking on coal while singing as Thomas and the Irelanders approach her]

Thomas and the Irelanders: Ashima!

Connor Lacey: There you are!

Fireman Sam: We've been looking for you everywhere!

Ishani: Yes. Why did you disappear like that?

Thomas: We thought maybe you'd gone.

Ashima: You all didn't think I'd leave without saying goodbye, did you?

Aviva Corcovado: Actually we did.

Violet Parr: Yeah.

Frozone/Lucius Best: We never even got to say our goodbyes and one of us didn't get to apologize.

Ashima: Who?

Twilight Sparkle: Me. I'm sorry, Ashima. I thought Connor was in love with you but I was wrong.

Ashima: Twilight... I forgive you.

Twilight Sparkle: Really?

Ashima: Yes. I wasn't really in love with Connor. He's just friendly to me.

Twilight Sparkle: I see that now. Will you accept my friendship?

Ashima: Yes.

[Twilight put her hoof on Ashima's buffer beam]

Mai Lacey: Aw.

Discord: We can all agree that Twilight learned another lesson about jealously. Just like when she missed out on the fun I had with her friends.

Connor Lacey: Yes.

Ashima: But I do have to catch that ferry and go home.

Thomas: Oh.

The Mask: Well, guess this is goodbye.

Thomas: But that means we don't have to say goodbye yet! You can come back to Sodor and catch your rail ferry from there!

Twilight Sparkle: That is not actually a bad idea.

Connor Lacey: Good thinking, Thomas!

Fireman Sam: That could work.

Thomas: It stops in Brendam Docks, remember?

Ashima: Good idea! You are clever! Sometimes.

[The song Be Who You Are, and Go Far starts playing]

Thomas: I can only be me
There's nothing else I can possibly be
And now I'm happy
I am who I am
I'll be the best me that I can
Ashima: You don't need to be faster, bigger, stronger
You don't need more than six small wheels
Thomas: I don't need to be taller or be longer
Being me now has its own appeal
All: Be who you are and go far, go far
Be who you are, and go far
Be who you are, and go fast, go far
Be who you are, and go far
[The scene becomes night as the song continues]
We don't need to be faster, bigger, stronger
We don't need more than six small wheels
We don't need to be taller or be longer
Being me now has its own appeal
[They heading towards Vicarstown station]
Be who you are and go far, go far
Be who you are, and go far
Be who you are, and go fast, go far
Be who you are, and go fa-a-ar!
[The engines enter the station and a newspaper article with Thomas' picture is shown]
[Paxton and the villains are still looking for Diesel as the end credits roll]
Paxton: Try another one, Cranky!
[Cranky lifted the crate, nothing]
Paxton: Nope.
[Cranky groans]
Paxton: He's not under that one.
Cranky:Come on.
Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Where is he?
Zach Varmitech: Zachbots, split up and search the area.
[The Zachbots spread out]
Robbie Rotten: He's gonna be around here somewhere.
Jackson Storm: Let's keep looking.
Paxton: Here?
Cranky: That's a good one.
[He lifts another crate, still nothing]
Paxton: Uh, no. Not there.
Hawk Moth: Oh, this is getting ridiculous.
Cranky: Are you sure he came down here?
Paxton: Yes. We were following him.
[He moves a bunch of crates, revealing Den and Dart]
Paxton: Everybody look for a talking crate.
Den and Dart: Diesel!
Cranky: Hold on! Hey! Where are you....
Donita Donata: Diesel!
Dabio: Not here, Donita.
Paisley Paver: Diesel?
Rex: Diesel!
Gourmand: (sniffing) Don't get his oily scent.
Garble: Diesel!
Chick Hicks: Diesel!
Ripslinger: Diesel!
Ned and Zed: Diesel!
Galvatron: Diesel!
Den: Diesel!
Dart: Excuse me! Diesel!
[Paxton appears under a spotlight]
Paxton: Diesel?
[The light goes off]
Paxton: Shout out, Diesel!
Den: Diesel!
[He reverses and the lid of the crate he was looking in closes]
Diesel: Over here!
[The screen then shows the villains, Cranky and the three diesels looking out to a ship on which Diesel's voice can be heard]
Diesel: (groans)
Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Diesel!
Zach Varmitech: He's on that ship!
Robbie Rotten: (groans) You gotta pay more attention to your loads, you dumb crane!
Cranky: There're a lot of crates so I can't tell which crate is Diesel in.
Gourmand: The one that moves!
Paisley Paver: Except that Diesel's not moving on that ship.
Rex: Someone better get him off!
Donita Donata: We might as well get to our water vehicles and go after him.
Dabio: Aye, aye, Donita!
Jackson Storm: Right.
Ripslinger: Oh, no matter, we planes can fly.
Ned and Zed: Right.
Hawk Moth: To me, my Akumas!
Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Let's go!
[They set off]
Diesel: I'm full of surprises!
[The reprise He's Full of Surprises plays]
He's full of surprises
Just like he'll always be
He brings some razzle dazzle to the yard
He's full of surprises
As you can plainly see
He don't find being surprising all that hard
Some would probably say
He's only up to his old tricks
But he'd say he's a problem solver
Looking for a nice quick fix
He's full of surprises
Just like he'll always be
He brings some razzle dazzle to the rail
He's full of surprises
As you can plainly see
He's trusting his surprises to prevail
He hopes this time being surprising doesn't fail
They used to call him devious
Because he had a bit of previous
But please, you must believious
He’s not that bad
Well, maybe just a tad!

[On the ship, Diesel is still calling for help when some green magic touches the crate and lifts it to reveal Queen Chrysalis]

Diesel: Oh, thank goodness. Queen Chrysalis?

Queen Chrysalis: Yes. Now let's get you home.

[She uses her magic to lift Diesel and went to a dark area of Sodor after alerting the other villains of Diesel's rescue]

Diesel: Been quite a while since we team up.

Queen Chrysalis: I know.

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Well done, QC.

Donita Donata: Brilliant work!

Zach Varmitech: You're still the Queen!

Gourmand: And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Queen Chrysalis: Thank you. I've some bad news, regrading the Great Railway Show.

Paisley Paver: And that is?

Queen Chrysalis: Thomas won for Sodor.

Villains: What?!

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Grrr! Curses, foiled again!

Diesel: But how's that possible? He's damaged!

Queen Chrysalis: He went to the mainland to give Gordon his safety valve. And Percy was afraid he might lose the Shunting Challenge so he gave Thomas the position which gave the blue puffball, as you call him, his chance to compete.

Diesel: Diesel 10 calls him puffball not me. He can still move?

Queen Chrysalis: Yes. None of his wheels were damaged.

Diesel: Oh! Thomas and Connor Lacey will pay for ruining my plan. Wait, did you say Shunting Challenge?

Queen Chrysalis: Yes. All the best shunters were going to the show as well.

Diesel: Really? Why didn't I think of that?

Robbie Rotten: Maybe because you were too caught up with your plan to be picked for the Strength Contest.

Diesel: Good point.

Hawk Moth: Now what are we going to do?

Queen Chrysalis: I've got a new plan.

Chick Hicks: And that is?

Queen Chrysalis: I've discovered how much Connor cares for Princess Twilight.

Jackson Storm: Uh-huh.

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Go on.

Queen Chrysalis: So as part of my revenge, my subjects will capture Twilight, her friends, Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Shining Heart, their new baby, and Connor's friends and bring them to the Changeling Kingdom.

Ripslinger: And then?

Queen Chrysalis: When Connor comes to the rescue, we'II capture him too! (cackles evilly)

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: Good idea.

Hawk Moth: And then I will capture Cat Noir and Ladybug's Miraculous.

Zach Varmitech: You said it.

Chick Hicks: Yeah.

Ripslinger: Alright.

Queen Chrysalis: Jafar, his allies and Scar's army are joining us as well. Diesel.

Diesel: I'm in. What is it?

Queen Chrysalis: I need you to tell Diesel 10, 'Arry and Bert that they're going to help us with my plan.

Diesel: Okay.

Queen Chrysalis: Ronno and Professor Pericles will also be joining us along with someone I've rescued.

[Vinnie appears]

Donita Donata: Who are you?

Vinnie: I'm Vinnie. The North American engine who ran into that blue shrimp at the docks.

Robbie Rotten: And those Irelanders and that diesel boxcab.

Vinnie: Yeah.

Hawk Moth: The same one I spoke to through my staff.

Diesel: Um, why he's here, Chrysalis? He's a steamie.

Queen Chrysalis: I saw that you both share the same amount of hatred for Thomas.

[Vinnie and Diesel look at each other]

Vinnie: We do?

Diesel: We do?

Queen Chrysalis: Of course you do. [to Vinnie] You want revenge for him standing up to you. [to Diesel] And you want revenge on him for spoiling your trick.

Vinnie: Yeah.

Diesel: So?

Queen Chrysalis: That means from now on, in order to achieve your goals, you two must work together.

Vinnie: Really? With that small black weasel?

Diesel: Hey!

Hawk Moth: Now, now, you two.

Zach Varmitech: Come on, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Queen Chrysalis: If you two work together, you'II get to know each other better.

Gourmand: And get revenge on the blue chimney pot.

[Diesel and Vinnie think about it then finally decide]

Vinnie: Okay, we'll do it.

Diesel: I suppose so. Hopefully, Diesel 10, 'Arry and Bert won't be too angry about this.

Paisley Paver: We'II make sure they won't.

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: I, Linda Ryan, welcome you Vinnie to the Foot Empire. [puts the symbol on him]

Vinnie: Gee, thanks.

Linda Alpha Megatronus Overlord Makuta Midnight Sparkle Drako Ultimate Ninja Ultron Sigma Kilobot Lucemon Zarc Makino Morphos Mortum Terrorax Coredegon Slycerak Exostriker Mandibor Mag Mel Magmion Lavion Obscurio Magor Naga Whisp Galvatron Megatron Ryan/The Chimera Shredderette: You're welcome.

Queen Chrysalis: You two will be pleased to know that we'II capture Thomas and his friends as well.

Diesel: Excellent.

Vinnie: Now, what is it you have in mind?

Queen Chrysalis: You'II see soon enough, Vinnie. Let's head to the changeling kingdom to begin my plan. Connor and Twilight won't know what hit them!

[She cackles along with the other villains as the screen goes black]

Starlight Glimmer: Well, folks looks like Chrysalis is at it again. But thankfully, Connor and I will be there to save the day.

Discord: And I'II be joining in to save Fluttershy from that queen and those villains with my chaos magic.

[He show chaotic things]

Starlight Glimmer: Discord, I know you want to use the stuff but now's not the time.

Discord: Just showing my magic to the viewers.

Starlight Glimmer: (sighs) Anyways, tune next time as my journey down the path of friendship continues in "The Irelanders' Adventures of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - To Where and Back Again". Bye for now.