The Irelanders' Quarentine Adventures is the 1st The Irelanders' Adventures film made by Connor Lacey. It will appear on YouTube with it's sextuple feature The Irelanders meets Snow White and the Seven DwarfsThe Irelanders' Morphin AdventuresThe Irelanders' Adventures of InnocentThe Irelanders' Adventures of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and The Irelanders: New Skeleton Crew in School in the near future.


After the events of The Irelanders: New Skeleton Crew in School, the Irelanders have a plan to solve the mystery and clear Connor and Mai's names. But when the infection have started, our heroes must stop this from happening and defeat the Shredderette.


  • Mai Lacey, David Brennan, Cian Dooley, the Irelanders' Adventures allies, the Black/White Lantern Corps and The Foot Empire will guest star in this film.
  • In the end of the film, after Linda Ryan is exposed to the world she and her followers are banished from Ireland to the Outlands of Africa.
  • Red Sporetek and Zarkhator will guest star in the bonus end of the film.


  1. Ready As I'll Ever Be - The Foot Empire, the Irelanders' Adventures allies and the Irelanders.
  2. Get Wicked - Linda Ryan/The Shredderette and the Foot Empire
  3. The Night Begins to Shine - Connor Lacey
  4. It's Party Time - The Mask
  5. Let It Lie - Wheeljack (Transformers: G1).
  6. The Greatest Show - Venoct, Veetramon, Ulrich Stern, Yumi Ishiyama and the Irelanders
  7. Seavolution
  8. Big Bad Cat - Lord Enma and Linda Ryan/The Shredderette
  9. GO! - The Irelanders
  10. I'm Bigger Than You - Vilgax and Odd Della Robbia
  11. We're Gonna Knock You Out - The Irelanders
  12. Thriller


The Irelanders' Quarantine Adventures/Transcript