This is the script for The Irelanders' Super Adventures of Ice Age.

[A live-action sequence of Chris and Martin plays]

Chris Kratt: We're here in North America. On the rocky mountains.

Martin Kratt: Hey, it's us, the Kratt brothers. I'm Martin.

Chris Kratt: And I'm Chris. And we're checking out some cave paintings here in these caves.

[Some mammoths paintings are shown]

Martin Kratt: Wow. There's some woolly mammoth paintings here.

Chris Kratt: And some ground sloth paintings.

Martin Kratt: And saber-tooth cats paintings.

[Sabre tooth tiger and ground sloth paintings are shown]

Chris Kratt: During the ice age, cavemen painted these extinct creatures to help them be more successful in hunting.

Martin Kratt: And these mammoths are ancestors of elephants which has gone extinct by being hunted by humans.

Chris Kratt: Along with being frozen in ice during the end of it and ground sloths and saber tooth tigers gone extinct too.

Martin Kratt: Scientists have discovered fossils and cave paintings and show them to the people so that they'II learn all about how they live.

Chris Kratt: Imagine if we can travel back in time to the Ice Age?

Martin Kratt: Imagine if we had woolly mammoth powers?

Kratt Bros: What if?

[They turn into their animated form and run forward]

[The scene changes to the Tortuga]

Chris Kratt: Wow! Those woolly mammoths are massive!

Martin Kratt: I know. But we mustn't forgot saber tooth cats.

Connor Lacey: And ground sloths.

[He clicks a button and footage of a ground sloth appears on the screen]

Chris Kratt: They're sure are bigger than everyday sloths.

Martin Kratt: You're really getting good of being a Wild Kratt.

Connor Lacey: I know.

Chris Kratt: Thanks to us teaching you and your friends about creatures.

Connor Lacey: Heh.

Chris Kratt: It's true you know.

Connor Lacey: Let's see what the others are up to.

[They went to the main control room]

Martin Kratt: Hey, guys.

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, Martin, Chris, Connor.

Connor Lacey: Hey, Twilight.

Marco Polo: Say, we were just wondering what it would be like to travel back to when the Ice Age occurred.

Luke: Yeah. With all those big glaciers and massive snow mounts.

Discord: It would be a spectacular sight.

Sunset Shimmer: Seeing many prehistoric animals from years back.

Aviva Corcovado: Except for one thing.

Ellie Philips: And that is?

Aviva Corcovado: The time trampoline is still being fixed.

Lightning McQueen: Hey, don't worry. Connor's realm crystal has the ability of time travel.

Dusty Crophopper: Yeah. That could help.

Capper: How does it work?

Connor Lacey: I'll show you.

[He picks it up]

Hiro: Wait for it.

[The crystal glows]

Stephen: Whoa.

Merlin: Wait for it!

Connor Lacey: To the time of the Ice Age!

[There is a bright flash of light and they are teleport to the time of the Ice Age]

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: Whoa.

Paxton: Look at all this snow.

Chris Kratt: Yeah.

Connor (train): It's amazing.

Star Swirl the Bearded: This is the time of the Ice Age!

Starlight Glimmer: I'm not sure about time traveling.

Connor Lacey: Why not?

Starlight Glimmer: You remember what happened when I went back in time.

Connor Lacey: I know but that's all in the past.

Rarity: We could have that chance when my mane got removed.

Iago: Yeah.

Ashima: We won't change anything in the past, Starlight. Don't worry.

Starlight Glimmer: Oh, okay.

Martin Kratt: Connor, with your Realm Crystal, we can travel back in creature time again!

Connor Lacey: Good idea, Martin.

Koki: Let's do it.

[Connor plugs the crystal in the Time Trampoline]

Aviva Corcovado: Okay.

Sarah Jones: Do you think this will work, Connor?

Connor Lacey: Of course, Sarah.

Joe Sparkes: I better do some checks before we can start.

Ben Hooper: There's no time, Joe.

Flying Scotsman: Let's just get going already.

Jimmy Z: Let's hope it works.

[The machine starts up]

Captain Jake: Let's go!

Lexi: (in a country accent) Whoa neily. Right up to the grid!

Applejack: You're doing it again.

Human Applejack: Just like when we first met you.

Lexi: Oh, sorry.

Applejack: That's OK.

Trixie: Why does she keeps changing her voice?

Theo: It's a habit she has.

[Everyone looks confused]

Merlin: She's trying to find a persona and accent to suit her.

Sci-Twi: Right.

[The time trampoline starts up]

Aviva Corcovado: To the time of the Ice Age!

[They bounce on it and a blue time wrap engulfs them and they are sent to the time of the Ice Age]

[The gang appears in a snowy area]

Iago: Brrr. It's freezing.

Holly O'Hair: Couldn't agree more.

Berkeley Beetle: Where are we?

Chris Kratt: All I can see is a plain white landscape.

Martin Kratt: (look on his creature pod to check what time they are in) This is the Ice Age alright.

Connor Lacey: Whoa. I can't believe it worked.

Aviva Corcovado: You're a great time machine fixer, Connor.

Connor Lacey: Thanks, Aviva.

Norman Price: Not bad for a teenager.

Spud the Scarecrow: I agree. Very good.

Caroline: Hey, look over there.

[Everyone looks where Caroline is looking and sees a sabre tooth squirrel named Scrat scurrying along with an acorn]

Chris Kratt; What in the creature world is that?

Martin Kratt: I don't know. I've never seen that kind of squirrel before.

Connor Lacey: It's a sabre tooth squirrel.

Irelanders: Wow.

Koki: Amazing.

Chris Kratt: I never known they existed.

Martin Kratt: Can't argue with that, bro.

Twilight Sparkle: Look at him.

Fluttershy: He's so cute.

Hurricane: Should we follow him?

Thorax: Yes, but we should keep our distance. We don't want to startle him.

Aviva Corcovado: Good idea.

Merlin: Oh. I can use the powers of stealth to hide. He won't see me. Invisibility on.

[He blows up steam but nothing happens]

Timothy: (to Connor Lacey) Doesn't he know that we can still see him?

Connor Lacey: No. And he's not supposed to.

Ryan: Why not?

Lexi: His three funnels are designed to make his steam and smoke disperse so you couldn't see him so easily.

Theo: But it didn't work at all. But don't tell Merlin that.

Ono: We won't, Theo.

Martin Kratt: I think I'm getting a name here. I'II name him..... Scrat.

Harvey: Good idea. Scrat it is.

Connor Lacey: Good idea.

Frankie: Let's watch what he's doing.

Irelanders: Okay.

[Scrat is looking for an acorn planting spot when he saw a little hole in the ground. Delighted, he put the acorn in it but it's very small so he has to stomp on it to get it in but a crack appears on the ground and began to spread towards a snowy cliff to which it began to move and shifts towards him and the Irelanders] Connor Lacey: Scrap. Douglas: Don't mention that word, laddie. It makes my wheels wobble. Arcee (TFP): It's a common saying on Cybertron for when something bad happens. Donald: Let's discuss it later! Avalanche! Kion: Hevi kabisa! Marco Polo: Not again! Twilight Sparkle: Run! [Everyone runs as sharp spears of ice peirce the ground behind them] Frankie Stein: Scrat, your acorn! [Scrat look back and screams as he notices that she's right. He ran back to it and strains to get it out and succeeds and runs with the heroes as the spears keep coming. The gang stops as another glacier approaches from the other side]   Marion: We're trapped!   Bash: What do we do....   Dash: Now?   Hurricane: It's simple. We go where Scrat is going.   Violet Parr: Everyone follow that squirrel!   [The Irelanders follow Scrat as the two glaciers crash into each other. Scrat slide on his acorn to the exit where everyone gets out safely but Scrat finds himself being squished until he eventually pops out. He falls and lands on the ground with a thud. The Irelanders sigh with relief] Fluttershy: That was a close one. Ashima: Even closer than when Thomas nearly fell off the docks. Hiro: Yeah, we have experienced many close calls. Shi La Won: And as for this cold weather, don't like it one bit. Aviva Corcovado: Don't worry, Shi La. Chris Kratt: Huh, well, that was kinda nuts. [Everyone laughs at Chris' joke] Chris Kratt: What? Connor Lacey: You made a nut joke. Chris Kratt: Really? Fluttershy: Yes. [Chris look at Scrat and his acorn] Chris Kratt: Because of Scrat's acorn? Bunga: Yes, of course. Chris Kratt: I get it now. Hopefully Martin and I don't get turn into acorns like previous times. Martin Kratt: Otherwise, Scrat will be completely obsessed with us. Marco Polo: Not wrong there. [Scrat stands to head off but gets stepped on by a much larger animal and the title appears: The Irelanders' Super Adventures of Ice Age] Irelanders: Oooh. [Scrat gets stepped on time and time again before getting stuck to an animal's foot and the Irelanders look to see a line of prehistoric animals heading south] Irelanders: Whoa! Chris Kratt: A group of prehistoric animals of different species! Martin Kratt: Whoa. Just think of all the new creature powers we could gain from these guys! Aviva Corcovado: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Cool your jets, guys. I think these guys are trying to escape the cold weather. Twilight Sparkle: You're right. South is the direction they're going in. Luigi Bellini: Why do they do that? Koki: Well, It's the ice age and most animals head south to find warmer weather. Sunset Shimmer: Koki's right. They can't survive in that weather. Discord: And this is the same frost that wiped out the dinosaurs. Connor Lacey: Actually Discord, a meteor wiped out the dinosaurs. Discord: Oh, is that so? [Connor nods] Discord: Must have misheard that. Skiff: We'd better follow them. Spencer: Good idea. You got a duke's engine to protect you like from monsters. James Jones: Monsters? Fireman Sam: Spencer's just joking, James. Flying Scotsman: I seem to heard about the time you told the engines about the Abominable Snowman that you claimed to have rescued the Duke of Boxford from. Spencer: Yes I did, cousin. Flying Scotsman: But Connor, Henry and their friends told me that you got scared by the Fat Controller covered in snow and you thought he was the Abominable Snowman. [Spencer blushed then looks down in embarrassment] Rainbow Dash: Come on, guys. Max: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Monty: Let's race to the valley! [They race off] Sci-Twi: Guys, it's not a race! Connor Lacey: She's right. This is no time for mucking about. Jack: I don't think they heard that, Connor. Oliver: They'II always be like that. Alfie: We better catch up to them. [They set off] [The animals continue on] Animal 1: Why don't they call it the big chill? Or the Nippy Era? I'm just saying how do we know it's an Ice Age? Animal 2: Because...... of all....... the ice! [He heads] Animal 1: Well, things just got a little chillier. [Some baby animals are playing Extinction in a tar pit] Babies: Help! Help! Trunked pig father: Come on, kids! Let's go! The traffic's moving! Trunk girl: But, but, but.... Dad. [she slips] Trunk father: No buts! You can play Extinction later. [heads off] Trunk girl: Oh, OK. Come on, guys. [They follow their father] Female turtle: So, where's Eddie? Another female turtle: Uh, he said he was on the verge of an evolutionary breakthrough. Female turtle: Really? [Eddie is seen running to the edge of a ledge and jumps] Eddie: I'm flying! [He falls] Female turtle: Some breakthrough. [The Irelanders walk on] Ace Bunny: Whoa. Who knew that South was a long way away. Bill: You're tell us. Ben: Hey, look! [Everyone sees a woolly mammoth named Manny marching through the crowd, heading north] Animals: Look out! You're going the wrong way! Anteater: Crazy mammoth! Chris Kratt: Hey, a woolly mammoth! Martin Kratt: Whoa! Connor Lacey: But he's heading north! Mike: I wonder why. Chris Kratt: Are you thinking I'm thinking? Martin Kratt: I'm thinking what you're thinking. Chris Kratt: I think we're thinking the same thing. Applejack: What are you thinkin? Martin Kratt: We're thought we decided on.... Kratt Bros: Woolly Mammoth Powers! Mage Meadowbrook: Really? Chris Kratt: Yep. Martin Kratt: There are a lot of different species heading south to make powers but mammoths can do go first. Connor Lacey: Okay. Aviva Corcovado: Let's do it. Koki: At least they finally made up their minds. Bert: You got that right. [Martin smiles] [Manny walks on] Trunk father: Hey! Do the world a favor! Move your issues off the road! Manny: If my trunk was that small, I wouldn't draw attention to myself, pal! Trunk father: Give me a break. We've been waddling all day. [Manny look at his family] Manny: Go ahead! Follow the crowd! It'll be quieter when you're gone! [He moves on] Trunk father: Come on! If he wants to freeze to death, let him. [The Irelanders see this] Jimmy Z: Whoa did you see that? Twilight Sparkle: Standing up to such a small animal. Chris Kratt: Yeah. Rex: And a bit grumpy like Mike. Mike Flood: Me? Rex: We're talking about the engine you! Mike: Hey! You always tease me a lot. Don't compare that mammoth to me! [Mike's safety valve blew off from the steam pressure] Mike: Oh! Connor Lacey: Ugh, Mike, every time you overheat that happens. Mike: It's not my fault Rex makes me cross by teasing me. [Aviva repairs it] Melody: Come on, guys! [Then Luke saw something up in a tree] Luke: Wait, is that a...? [They look up and see a green ground sloth named Sid sleeping in a tree] Martin Kratt: Hey, check it out! A ground sloth! Chris Kratt: The only sloth that goes on the ground! Jimmy Z: Whoa. Paxton: Cool! Connor Lacey: Fascinating. Bradford: [sniffs] Ugh! But he smells awful. Fuli: Oh, come on, Bradford. Don't judge a book by its cover. Bunga: Yeah, come on, lighten up. Ono: You are smelly as well, Bunga, like that sloth. Bunga: I know but I don't mind. Marco Polo: [to Sid] Hey, you, up there! Wake up! [Sid almost falls off his branch and wakes up] Sid: Ahh! I'm up! I'm up! Hey, rise and shine, everybody! [He notices there's no one there] Sid: Huh? Zach? Marshall? Bertie? Uncle Fungus? Where is everybody? Come on, guys. We're gonna miss the mi... the mi... ...gration. [There's complete silence] Sid: They left without me. They do this every year. [The Irelanders stare at him] Sid: Why? Doesn't anyone love me? Isn't there anyone who cares about Sid the Sloth? [A turtle stops, stares and then carries on] Sid: Alright, fine, I'll just go by myself. [steps in turtle poo] Oh. Sick. [to the turtle] Hey, wide body, curb it next time! Oh. sheesh. oh, yuck. oh. Twilight Sparkle: Uh, don't you think we should follow him? Connor Lacey: Okay, come on, guys. We're following the sloth. [The Irelanders follow Sid. Meanwhile] Carl: I can't believe it. Fresh wild greens. Frank. Where did you ever? Frank: Go ahead. Dig in. [Carl sees a dandelion] Carl: [gasps] A dandelion. I though the frost wiped em all out. Frank: All but one. [Sid arrives] Sid: Oh, it makes me so... I wanna... Yuck. [The Irelanders follow] Sid: This has definitely not been my day. You know what I'm sayin', buddy? What a mess. You rhinos have tiny brains. Did you know that? It's just a fact. No offense. You probably didn't even know what I'm talkin' about. Yummo. A dandelion. Must be the last one of the season. [He eats it] Hurricane: Ugh! Koki: I think I'm gonna be sick! Rarity: Just dreadful! Norman Price: He's an animal. He supposed to eat that! Flash Magnus: Yes, but still. Chris Kratt: Those two are brontotheres, extinct ancestors of rhinos. Martin Kratt: Yep. Shi La: Whoa. James Jones: Um, guys? Frankie: What? James Jones: Those rhinos are very angry now. [They notice the duos angry expressions] Connor Lacey: Uh-oh. Frank: Carl. Carl: Easy, Frank. Frank: He ruined our salad. [Sid realizes] Sid: Oh, I'm so sorry. That was my mistake. Let me take care of this. What is this? Pinecones! Oh, they're my favourite. [He chomps on one] Sid: Yum! Delicious and good eating! But hey, don't let me hog them all up. Here, had some. [The duo glare] Sid: Bon appetite. [He runs and so do the Irelanders] Frank: Now? [The heroes continue running] Carl: Now! [They charge at them] Sid and Irelanders: [Scream until they run into Manny] Manny: Hey! [The heroes turn and see Carl and Frank coming] Sid: Just pretend that we're not here. Frank: I wanna hit them at full speed! Carl: That's okay, Frank! We'll have some fun with 'em! Sid: Don't let them impale me and my friends, please! I wanna live! Manny: Get off me! [throws Sid off] Derek Price: Is now really the time to not be protecting us? Jimmy Z: Yeah, we can't fend for ourselves. Carl: Come on, you're making a scene. Frank: We'll just take our load of pinatas and go if you don't mind. Manny: Hey, guys! If it's not them today, it's just someone else tomorrow. Sid: Well, we'd rather it not be today. Connor Lacey: He's got a point. Fireman Sam: Yeah, so come on. Carl: Look, we're gonna break your necks so you don't feel a thing, how's that? Fluttershy: That's not very nice. Lizzie Sparkes: And very grizzly. Manny: Wait a minute. I though rhinos were vegetarians. Sid: An excellent point. Manny: Shut up! [The Irelanders got silent] Carl: Who says we're gonna eat 'em after we kill 'em? Frank: Yeah, come on, move it. Manny: You know, I don't like animals that kill for pleasure. Lightning McQueen: You guys better back off whilst you still can. Aviva Corcovado: Yeah. If you two wanna stay alive you better beat it. Carl: Save it for a mammal that cares. Sid: I'm a mammal that cares. Luigi Bellini: Don't forget us. Dusty Crophopper: Yeah. We care about things. Manny: Okay, look. If either of you make it across that sinkhole in front of you, you get the sloth and these guys. Rainbow Dash: That's right you losers. You take one step and you're dead! [She picks up a stone and throws it but nothing happens] Sid: You were bluffing huh? Manny: Yeah, that was a bluff. Irelanders: Uh-oh. [Sid and the heroes run behind Manny] Carl and Frank: GET EM! [They charge] [Manny uses his tusks hold against them as he gets pushed back] Sid: Aarrgh! Argh! James Jones: We're going to go over the edge! [Manny pushes them back and throws them away] Sid: Woo-hoo! Argh! [They charge again but Manny defeats them by throwing them through the air] Chris Kratt: Whoa, did you see that? Martin Kratt: Uh-huh? Skiff: That rhino' coming back! [Frank charges at Sid but Manny picks him up and throws him away] Carl: A dandelion? [Frank lands on it] Donald: Yes! Douglas: That'll show ya! Ferdinand: That's right! Sid: Woo-hoo! We did it! We did it! We- Argh! [They falls off the edge and they stop against a rock] Connor Lacey: We made it! We're alive! Penny Morris: Yes! Berkeley Beetles: Whoo-hoo! Marco Polo: Yay! Chris Kratt: At least we didn't get hit by their horns just like with other rhinos. Stephen: Yes. Especially since most of me is made of wood. Marco Polo: Yeah. Pinkie Pie: That was close. Koki: But at least that mammoth saved our lives. Hannah Sparkes: And Sid. Dash Parr: Yeah. [Sid looks at Manny] Sid: You have beautiful eyes. Manny: Get off my face. [He puts Sid on the ground] Sid: Whoa. You and me, we make a great team with these guys. Who are you by the way? Connor Lacey: I'm Connor Lacey. And this is my team, the Irelanders. Fireman Sam: I'm Fireman Sam. Marco Polo: I'm Marco Polo. This is Luigi, Shi La and our pet bat, Fu Fu. Bill: I'm Bill. Ben: I'm Ben. Bash: I'm Bash. Dash: I'm Dash. Ferdinand: And I'm Ferdinand. Timothy: I'm Timothy. Marion: I'm Marion. Flying Scotsman: Scotsman. Flying Scotsman. Mike: I'm Mike. Rex: Call me Rex. Bert: My name's Bert. Duck: Montague but I'm usually called Duck because people tend to say I waddle. Skiff: I'm Skiff. Ryan: My name is Ryan. Caroline: I'm Caroline. Luke: My name is Luke. Bradford: I'm Bradford. Max: I'm Max. Monty: I'm Monty. Jack: I'm Jack. Alfie: I'm Alfie. Oliver the Excavator: I'm Oliver. Merlin: I'm Merlin. Theo: I'm Theo. Lexi: Name's Lexi. Frankie: I'm Frankie. Hurricane: And my name is Hurricane. You know, like a storm. Berkeley Beetles: Beetles' my name and razz-ma-dazz is my game! Daisy: I'm Daisy the Diesel Railcar. Harvey: My names' Harvey. I'm a crane engine. Spencer: I'm Spencer. Donald: I'm Donald. Douglas: And I'm Douglas. Sid: Nice to met you. You heard my name is Sid, right? Jimmy Z: Yep. Connor Lacey: It's good to meet you. Sid: You too. [to Manny] Say, why don't we head south together? Manny: Great (!) Hey, jump up on my back and relax the whole way. Sid: Really? Manny: No. Twilight Sparkle: Wait, you just said he could relax on your back and now you're rejecting it? Sid: Wait a minute. Aren't you going south? To change the seasons. Migration instincts. Any of this ringing a bell? Manny: I guess not. Bye. Sid: Okay. Thanks for the help. I can take it from here. Come on, guys. Dash Parr: Coming. [They follow but they spot Frank and Carl back on their feet at the top of the hill] Carl: Hey, you overgrown weasel! Just wait till we get down there! Ash Ketchum: Whoa! I definitely do not wanna be dealing with them again. Martin Kratt: You're right, Ash. [They went with Sid back to Manny] Sid: Whoa, the whole south thing is getting to way overrated. The heat, the crowds - who needs it? Isn't this great? You and me, two bachelors knockin' about in the wild? Manny: No. You just want a bodyguard so that you don't become somebody's side dish. Hiro: Oh, how rude. Iago: Yeah, that is one grumpy mammoth. Mike: Now that you mention it, I'm beginning to feel like he is a bit like me. Rex: (chuckles) That's true, Mike. Beshte: Heh. Sid: You're a very shrewd mammal. Okay, you lead the way, Mr Big... didn't get the name. Manny: Manfred. Sid: Manfred? Yuck. How about Manny the Moody Mammoth? Or Manny the Melancholy. Manny the... (gasps) [He scrambles up a tree which Manny grabs with his trunk] Manny: Stop following me. [to the heroes] Same goes for the rest of you. [He lets go and Sid slides to the ground] Chris Kratt: Man, who knew one big mammal could be so grumpy. Shi La Won: Yeah. Fu Fu: (chitters in agreement) Sid: Okay, okay, you got issues. Look, you won't even know we're here. I just zip the lip and when I say... (grunts) Fireman Sam: This is going to be a long day. [Meanwhile, at a waterfall, a camp of humans are gathered around a fire and Runar, their leader went to his tent to see his wife, Nadia and their son, Roshan and tries teaching him to walk but he slips and Runar picks him up and nodge his nose before chucking him in the air and catching him] [Up on the cliff]

Soto: Look at the cute, little baby, Diego. Isn't it nice that he'II be joining us for breakfast?

Diego: It wouldn't be breakfast without him.

Soto: Especially since his daddy wiped out half our pack and wears our skin to keep warm. An eye for an eye. Don't you think?

Shere Khan: Yes, indeed, Soto. I suffered painly because of man with his gun and fire.

Soto: And yet you're still in one piece, Shere Khan.

Shere Khan: Yes. I even tried to kill a man-cub named Mowgli when he's in the jungle along with Connor Lacey and his team til they beat me a few times.

Diego: Is that so?

Shere Khan: Yes, even Kaa have some experiences with them, right, Kaa?

Kaa: Yesss, Shere Khan. I'm really want to get back at thosssse foolssssss and that Irish man-cub for foiling my plans to eat that man-cub. I hope that Linda Ryan'sssss spell protectsssssss me from the cold.

Ronno: Don't worry, Kaa. It will.

Scarface: Those Irelanders and that Farthing Wood fox once draw poachers to White Deer Park and kill one of our sons.

Lady Blue: I remember that very well.

Janja: Yeah well, once we help Soto with his plan, Linda will know she can really relay on us hyenas especially Scar.

The Storm King: And I can finally get my revenge on those puny ponies and my former commander Tempest Shadow.

Mzingo: Whom you betrayed in the first place, remember?

The Storm King: Yes, yes, I know. Don't remind me.

Reirei: At least we will eat them this time, right, Goigoi?

[Goigoi snores]

Reirei: Goigoi! (kicks him)

Goigoi: (wakes up) Er, whatever you say, dear.

Diego: Let's show that human what happens when he messes with a bunch of animals like us.

Soto: Alert the troops. We attack at dawn.

[Diego starts to leaves with the other villains]

Soto: And Diego, bring me that baby... alive. If I'm going to enjoy my revenge and our friends are going to enjoy theirs, I want it to be fresh, even for them.

[Runar gives Roshan back to Nadia and they head into the tent. Meanwhile, Manny is carrying logs of wood with his tusks while Sid pants behind him, carrying a twig as the Irelanders arrive with logs the same size as Manny's]

Sid: Phew! I'm wiped out. Manny: That's your shelter? Bunga: Surely, you could have found a lot more than just that stick you're holding. Sid: Well, he's a big guy and he's got a lot of wood and so have you. I'm a little guy. Stygian: You've got half a stick. Sid: Well, with my little stick in my highly evolved brain, [pokes himself in the eye] ow, I shall create Fire! Manny: Fascinating. [The Irelanders build their shelter whilst the engines and road vehicles make their own makeshift sheds and garages out of rocks]

Daisy: Do you actually think I would sleep in that?

Starlight Glimmer: Daisy, if you want to survive in the wild, you're gonna have to.

Daisy: But they're very dirty and dirty things are bad for my swerves.

Connor Lacey: [sternly] Daisy...

Daisy: Oh, alright, Monsieur Lacey.

Duck: That engine. I had no idea what she's said.

Rarity: She was speaking in the romantic language of French like me, darling.

Duck: Oh, right.

Sid: We'll see if brains triumph over brawn tonight, [snaps his stick in two] now won't we? [That night however, storm clouds appear, lightning crackles and it starts to rain as Sid rubs his twigs together trying to light them as the heroes and Manny watch] Manny: Hey, think I saw a spark. [Sid looks excited but then realizes nothing and looks down sadly] Koki: Well, he tried. Harvey: Yeah. I could get use to having me own makeshift shed you know. Violet Parr: Especially since you build it with your crane arm. Harvey: Yes, Violet. I know. Luigi Bellini: Well, I hope I don't get wet during the night. Mistmane: You won't. This shelter will keep us dry. Sid: Any chance I could squeeze in there with you, Manny, old pal? Manny: [sighs] Isn't there someone else you can annoy? Friends? Family? Poisonous reptiles? Sid: Oh, my family abandoned me. They just kinda migrated without me. You should've seen what they did last year. They woke up early, they tied my hands and feet and gagged me with a field mouse and barricaded through a cave door. Covered their tracks and went through water so that I lose their scent and... and, and, ah, who needs them anyway? [Manny picks Sid up and puts him on the ground] Sid: So what about you? You have a family? [Manny stays silent and turns himself around and falls asleep] Norman Price: Do we have to stare at that butt like that? Capper: [yawns] Beats me. Well, it's time for us to get some shut eye. Connor Lacey: [yawns] Right you are, Capper. Rainbow Dash: [yawns] I gotta admit I'm pretty beat. Applejack: Yeah, I'm gonna hit the hay myself. Twilight Sparkle: Goodnight, Spike. (giggles) Sweet dreams, number one assistant. [Everyone else falls asleep except Sid] Sid: Oh, you're all tired, I see. Well we'll talk more in the morning. [Hail stones hit him on the head] Sid: Ow! Ow, ow, ow! Manfred! Guys! Can one of you scooch over a drop?! [He gets hit again] Sid: Oh, come on! No one falls asleep that fast! Manny!

[He gets hit again and uses Manny's tail to shelter himself. Meanwhile, Scrat is pushing his acorn up a slope when it slip and he catches it with his saber teeth and uses them to carry it to the top of the slope and finds a hollow spot in a log and touches it with his foot to see if it's deep enough. Satisfied, he raise the acorn up to put it in but lightning zaps him and the acorn falls to the ground. The next day, the sabres, hyenas, jackals, vultures, Shere Khan, Kaa, Ronno, Scarface, Lady Blue and The Storm King are waiting for the wood to fall then when it does, they begin to move down to the village where two dogs sense their approach and growls then barks at them, alerting the tribe to the situation. Runar grab his spear and lead the attack on the invading predators while Diego sneaks to his tent, unnoticed as planned. In the tent, Diego saw Roshan and advances on him to take him when Nadia picks him up, hit him with a stick and ran off with Diego is pursuit. Runar sees this and runs to protect her but was blocked by Zeke, Oscar, Nne and Tano. Nadia runs to the waterfall where Diego swipe at her but got the necklace instead. He corners her at the edge of of the waterfall and Nadia see that she has no choice but to jump over the waterfall, much to Diego's surprise and irritation. The humans release the dogs and they fight the evil animals until Soto sees Diego]

Soto: There's Diego. Fall back!

Janja: You heard him, furbrains. Let's scram!

Scarface: Yes, sir!

[The evil animals retreat but they find he does not have Roshan]

Soto: Where' the baby?

Diego: (sighs) I lost it over the falls.

Soto: (clearly angered) You lost it?!

[Spears thrown by the tribe pierce the ground and the evil animals run]

Soto: I want that baby, Diego!

Diego: I'II get it.

Soto: You'd better. Unless you want to serve yourself as a replacement. We'll go up to Half Peak. Meet us there. It had better be alive.

Reirei: And don't screw it up!

Oscar: Can we trust you with that Diego?

[Diego glares]

Soto: Let's go!

Mzingo: We're coming!

[The rest of the evil animals head off as Diego heads off in another direction. The dogs found the necklace and Runar picks it up. He stares at it for a moment then saw the evil animals running off into the distance. Thinking that they killed his wife and son, he grew angry and leads the others after them. At the bottom of the waterfall, Manny, Sid and the heroes are awake and are moving on]

Sid: And, and she pick this hair off my shoulder and said "if you gonna have a mating dance, at least pick a female with the same colour pelt.", right? And I thought "Whoa. She's going to go praying mantis on me." You know what I'm saying?

Paxton: No. Really?

Sid: Yeah. All of this actually happened.

Connor Lacey: Yes, we know. You told us a thousand times.

Manny: Hey, if you find a mate in life, you should be loyal. In your case, grateful. Now get away from me.

Martin Kratt: Hey, cut him some slack, big guy.

Stephen: Yeah, come on. Stop being so grumpy.

Sid: Well, I think mating for life is stupid. (chomps a apple) I mean there's plenty of Sid to go around.

[Sid bumps into Manny]

Sid: Manny? Manny?

Fuli: Why did you stop?

Timothy: Guys, look!

[In the river, Nadia was holding onto a log to prevent herself from being dragged by the current]

Fireman Sam: It's a woman.

Star Swirl the Bearded: And she doesn't look too good.

[Nadia drags herself up the log to where the heroes are and push the bundle up and Manny catches it with his trunk before it slides back. Nadia looks up at Manny and he looks down before pulling it up. Contented that her son will be taken care of by the heroes, Manny and Sid, she close her eyes and lay her head. They look and see Roshan inside it as he awakes up from his sleep and looks at Manny, Sid and the heroes]

Sid: Look at that. He's okay.

Dilys Price: Aw the little darling.

Rarity: He's so cute.

[But when they look back, they find Nadia has disappeared. They look at the stream but she's nowhere to be seen]

Sid: She's gone.

Koki: That's sad.

Marco Polo: Just like my mother. (a small tear run from his eye as he remembers)

Shi La: (putting a hand on his shoulder to comfort him) Don't worry. At least she put him safely in our hands.

Hiro: Just like when you look after the baby prince in the Himalayas.

Shi La: Of course, Hiro.

Connor (train): When did it happen?

Connor Lacey: It's a long time ago.

Twilight Sparkle: We'II explain another time.

[Manny turns and walks away]

Sid: Hey, Manny. Aren't you forgetting something?

Manny: No.

Sid: But you just saved him.

Manny: Yeah, well, I'm still trying to get rid of the last things I saved.

Slyly: But you can't leave him here.

Bagheera: Without a mother's care, he'II perish.

Bronwyn Jones: So we must do the best we can to look after him.

[Sid picks Roshan up and notices smoke from the campsite up above]

Sid: Look! There's smoke! That's his herd right up the hill!

Ashima: I see it too! We should take him back to where he belongs.

Arnold McKinley: Good idea.

Manny: Let's get something straight here, okay? There is no "We". There never was a we. In fact, without me, it wouldn't even be a "You".

[Everyone glares]

Bradford: You will do as we say or I'II have to bark at you to do orders!

Starlight Glimmer: You tell him, Bradford!

Sid: Just up the hill.

Manny: Listen carefully, all of you. I'm... Not... Go-ing!

Connor Lacey: Very well then. Have it your way. Come on, Sid.

Sid: Fine. Be a jerk. We can take care of him. [leaves with the heroes]

Manny: Oh, yeah. That's good. You all take care of him. You can't even take care of yourselves. This I gotta see.

Sid: We'll return you. We don't need that meany-weany Mammoth, do we? No we don't.

[He looks at the long climb ahead. He look at Manny who move his head up as to say "go on"]

Chris Kratt: Might as well get our climbing equipment out of our bags so we can grip the cliff.

Martin Kratt: Good thing the ropes are now very strong thanks to spider's silk.

Marco Polo: Cool.

Stephen: How are we engines supposed to get up there?

Twilight Sparkle: With help from my magic.

Star Swirl the Bearded: Starlight, Mistmane, Stygian, Applejack's human counterpart, Sci-Twi and I can use our magic to levitate the engines.

Sc-Twi: Good idea.

[So, they began to climb the cliff as Sid struggles with Roshan in his paw and tries to get a grip on the cliff but it's not easy]

Manny: You're an embarrassment to nature, do you know that?

Sid: Piece of cake. I'm fine, I'm fine... I'm gonna die.

Discord: Oh, don't be ridiculous. (floats up)

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah. Come on.

[Sid continues to climb up when the bundle begins to open and Roshan starts to slip out but Sid catches him with his foot but losing his grip]

Sid: Manny!

Irelanders: [gasp]

[Roshan fell from Sid's foot and Manny was about to catch him with his trunk when Diego leaps in and grabs him in his mouth but just as he's about to take his leave, Manny knocks him and grabs Roshan. Diego growls and swipe at him but Manny growls back and Diego clears his throat]

Diego: Um, that pink thing is mine.

Sid: No, actually, that pink thing belongs to us.

[Sid falls back to the ground]

Irelanders: Ooh.

Diego: Us? You lot look like an odd group.

Manny: There is no "us".

Aviva Corcovado: Uh, actually yes there is.

Paxton: As well as a "we".

Diego: I see. Can't have one of your own so you wanna adopt.

Sid: Look, I'm sorry to interrupt your snack, but we gotta go.

Diego: The baby? Please. I was returning him to his herd.

Sid: Oh, yeah, nice try, buck tooth.

Diego: You calling me a liar?

Sid: I didn't say that.

Diego: You were thinking it.

Sid: (whispering) I don't like this cat. He reads minds.

Sunset Shimmer: So can I.

Sid: How?

[Sunset Shimmer touches Sid and her eyes turn white for a split second before returning to normal]

Sunset Shimmer: My geode gives me the ability to see someone's memories.

Sid: That's awesome.

Martin Kratt: Who are you anyway, Mr Sabre toothed cat?

Diego: Name's Diego, friends.

Connor Lacey: Connor Lacey.

Twilight Sparkle: Twilight Sparkle.

Fireman Sam: Fireman Sam.

Marco Polo: Marco Polo.

Lightning McQueen: Lightning McQueen.

Dusty Crophopper: Dusty Crophopper.

Dora the Explorer: Soy Dora.

Diego (Dora): You have the same name as me. I'm Diego, Dora's cousin.

Baby Jaguar: I'm Baby Jaguar.

Irelanders: We're the Irelanders.

Diego: Good to meet you.

Manny: Manfred. And we're not your friends.

Irelanders: Yeah.

Diego: Fine. Manfred. If you're looking for the humans, your wasting your time. They left this morning.

Manny: Thanks for the advice. Now beat it. (to Sid) Alright, I'll help you all bring it to it's herd, but promise me you'll all leave me alone after that?

Sid: Okay, okay. Deal. Hey, what's your problem?

Manny: You all are my problem.

Iago: Why is he so anti-social?

Berkeley Beetles: Beats me.

Station Officer Steele: He is rather a disagreeable chap.

Sid: Well, I think your stressed and that's why you eat so much. I mean it's hard to get fat on a Vega diest.

[Diego watches them leave and snarls at Roshan who waves at him]

Manny: I'm not fat. It's all this fur. It makes me look poofy.

Izzy: Oh.

Sid: Okay, you had fat hair, but whenever you're ready to talk I'm here.

[Diego leaves. Later]

Manny: What are you doing? Just drop it on the ledge.

[Sid puts Roshan on the ledge]

Sid: Should we make sure that they found him?

Manny: Good idea.

Sid: No. No, no, no, wait, wait. (screams as Manny throws up on the ledge) Don't spear me!

[Sid covers his left eye with a paw then notices how silent it is]

Sid: Oh, this is a problem.

Manny: Now what?

[They see the camp is empty]

Manny: Oh, that's perfect.

Marion: It's deserted.

Mushu: Just like the village in the mountain back in China when the Huns kill Shang's father.

Trixie: Which was in fact a long time ago.

[The others stare]

Trixie: Just a hunch.

[She chuckles nervously]

[They look around the ruined campsite and Sid follows, lower his head to avoid a line but steps on a rake and knocks himself out]

Irelanders: Ooh.

Ryan: That must've hurt.

Spike: Yep.

[Roshan finds his bed and looks at Manny and fells into a basket before Diego turns up]

Diego: I told you they were gone.

Manny: Oh, look who it is.

Discord: The same sabre toothed kitty we saw earlier.

Bagheera: Come back for more?

Manny: Yeah, what the panther said. Don't you have some poor defenseless animal to disembowel?

Sid: They couldn't be far. They went this way or.. or this way?

Diego: You don't know much about tracking, do you?

Sid: Hey, I'm a sloth. I see a tree, eat a leaf. That's my tracking.

Aviva Corcovado: Cool.

Diego: You didn't miss them by much. (looks at a twig and picks it up) It's still green. They headed north two hours ago.

Sid: (putting two sticks to his mouth as saber teeth and mimicking Diego) "It's still green. They headed north two hours ago."

Shi La: Heh. Nice teeth, Sid.

Fu Fu: (chittering)

Sid: Thanks.

[Roshan launched a fish on Manny's face]

Diego: You don't need this aggravation.

[The fish slided off Manny]

Diego: Give me the baby. I can track humans faster than you can.

Manny: And you're just a good citizen helping out, right?

Diego: I just know where the humans are going.

Manny: Glacier Pass.

[They stare off to a bunch of glaciers in the distance]

Manny: Everyone knows they have a settlement on the other side.

Spike: Why would they want that?

Skiff: Who knows?

Connor Lacey: Maybe it's because they need somewhere to rest when it gets too cold.

Martin Kratt: You could be right.

Diego: Well, unless you know how to track, you'II never reach them before the pass closes up with snow. Which should be like tomorrow. So, you can give the baby to me or go get lost in a blizzard. It's your choice.

[Manny looks at Roshan then pick him with his truck and hang him over Diego who looks delighted to have him but then put him in Sid's arms instead]

Manny: Here's your bundle of joy. We're returning it to the humans.

Jack: Now we're talking.

Marco Polo: Whoo-hoo!

Sid: Oh, the big bad tigey-wigey gets left behind. (rubbing Diego's nose) Poor tigey-wigey.

Manny: Sid, Tigey-wigey's gonna lead the way.

[The Irelanders look puzzled but carry on]

Sid: Ah, Manny, can I talk to you for a second?

Manny: No! The sooner we find the humans, the sooner I can get rid of Mr Stinky Drool Face. And the baby too.

[The Irelanders glare at him as they move on]

Diego: You won't always had Jumbo and pals around to protect you and when that day comes, I suggest you watch your back, cause I'II be chewing on it.

[James Jones hearing this, gulps and moves on close to his family]

Hurricane: Come on, guys.

Manny: Hey, umbre tracker. Up front where I can see you.

Sid: Help me.

[The scene changes to an overview of the landscape as the heroes move on. Later, Roshan starts crying]

Manny: Oh, you gonna make it stop. I can't take it anymore.

Diego: I've eaten things that didn't complain this much.

Discord: (with his antler and goat horn in his ears because of the crying) Ugh, is there an off switch on that thing?!

Iago: Humans don't have off switches!

Sid: He won't stop squirming.

Diego: You're holding it wrong!

Manny: Watch his head!

Diego: Just put it down!

[Sid put Roshan down]

Timothy: There has be a way we can calm him down.

Marco Polo: But how?

Sid: (mocking Diego) Just pick it up and pick him down, mmmmmmm.

Diego: It's nose is dry.

Sid: That means something's wrong with it.

Connor Lacey: Yeah. He must be tired.

Diego: Someone should lick it. Just in case.

Fuli: Ew! I'm not putting my tongue anywhere near that baby!

Aviva Corcovado: That would be gross!

Sid: I'II do it.

Manny: Hey, he's wearing one of those baby thingies.

Sid: So?

Manny: So if he poops, where does it go?

[Sid licks Roshan]

Sid: Humans are disgusting.

Dash Parr: Hey! We are not!

Connor Lacey: Dash!

Dash Parr: What? It's a insult to us.

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: Dash, honey, Sid's joking. Okay?

Dash Parr: Ask him.

Helen Parr/Elastigirl: [to Sid] You're joking, right?

Sid: Of course.

Dash Parr: Oh, that's okay then.

Manny: Okay, you. Check for poop.

Sid: Hey, why I'm the poop checker?

Manny: Because returning the runt was your idea, because you're small and insignificant, and because I'II pummel you if you don't.

Sid: Why else?

Manny: Now, Sid!

[Sid removes Roshan's diaper]

Sid: Ew! Yuck! Oh my goodness! Al right, look out, look out, coming through.

Manny: Hey, watch out!

Diego: Stop waving that thing around!

Sid: Oh, I gonna slip! Whoa!

[Sid slips and let the diaper go and just as it's about to hit Manny, it open up to reveal to be clean all along and not dirty at all]

Sid: (giggles) It's clean. Got ya.

Irelanders: Sid!

[Manny whacks Sid]

Manny: Will you cut it out?!

[Roshan starts to giggle then resumes crying]

Diego: Hey, do that again. He likes it.

[Manny whacks Sid again and Roshan laughs]

Manny: It's making me feel better too.

Luigi Bellini: You think?

[Roshan continues to cry]

Diego: Here. Turn him to me.

[Sid does]

Diego: Where's the baby? There he is.

[Roshan stares]

Diego: Where's the baby? There he is.

[Roshan starts crying again and Manny whacks Diego]

Manny: Stop it!

Sci-Twi: Yeah! You're scaring him!

[Roshan continues to cry then his stomach rumbles]

Sid: I bet he's hungry.

Ferdinand: I know. How about some milk?

Sid: Ooh, I'd love some.

Diego: Not you, the baby!

Sid: Well, I ain't exactly lactating right now, pal!

Diego: You're a little low in the food chain to be mouthing it out, aren't ya!

Manny: ENOUGH! (echoes)

Martin Kratt: Whoa, that was loud!

Capper: Yes, and could have caused an avalanche too if he hadn't done what he just did.

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah.

[They then hear a thud and see a melon near a bush]

Everyone: Food!

[Manny goes to pick it up but a Dodo snatches it and runs off]

Dash: Hey!

Bash: Get back here!

[Dab squawks and runs off]

Dodos: I don't know but I've been told! I don't know but I've been told! The end of the world be mighty cold! The end of the world be mighty cold! Prepare for the Ice Age! Protect the Dodo way of life! Survival separates the Dodos from the beasts! Protect the Dodo way of life! Prepare for the Ice Age!

Sid: Ice Age?

Diego: I've heard of these crackpots.

Connor Lacey: Really?

Diego: Yep.

Martin Kratt: This is just like the time, Chris, Koki and I traveled back in time to see the dodos. I name one of them, Rocko.

Hiro: Nice.

Chris Kratt: Not only that we saw Gourmand's great-great grand something.

Martin Kratt: Yeah.

Connor Lacey: Great-great grand something?

Koki: They mean Gourmand's ancestor.

Shi La: His ancestor?

Martin Kratt: Yeah. But he didn't spotted us.

Chris Kratt: I tricked him by marking the map in the wrong place when he collected dodos.

Manny: No, really?

Chris Kratt: Yep. But it wasn't enough to save the dodos from extinction.

Ashima: Oh, my.

Kim Possible: Unbelievable.

Fireman Sam: I guess that they're better off extinct.

Timothy: I almost feel sorry for them.

Fluttershy: Me too.

[Dab puts the melon with two others then sees our heroes]

Dab: Intruders!

Dodo: Now don't fall in. If you do, you will definitely...

Dab: Intruders! Intru...

[Dab slips and falls into the crater, ending up burnt alive]

Dodos: Ooh.

Dodo: Burn and die.

Manny: Hey, can we have our melon back?

Connor Lacey: This baby is hungry and...

Dodo: No way! This is our private stockpile for the Ice Age. Subarctic temperatures will forces us underground for a billion, billion years.

Manny: So you got three melons?

[There is silence for a moment as the dodos look at the melons]

Dodo: If you're weren't smart enough to plan ahead, then doom on you!

Dodos: (chanting) Doom on you. Doom on you.

Manny: Get away from me.

Connor Lacey: Yeah. Go on. Shoo!

[The Dodo trips and a melon rolls toward Roshan]

Dodo: Oh, no! No!

[Roshan grabs it]

Dodo: Retrieve the melon! Di-Quan Dodos, attack!

Dodos: Hi-Ya!

[One of them kicks the melon and another kicks to another and he kick it to another who kick it over the cliff and it fell in the valley below]

Dodo: The Melon!

Dodos: The melon! The melon! The melon! The Melon!

[They all go over the cliff]

Dodo: There goes our last female.

[Another dodo gulps and Sid grabs a melon but the dodos spotted him and attacked him but Manny catches it with his trunk and holds it high above the dodos so they won't catch it but one dodo is behind him and he bite his tail, making him let go of the melon and it fly through the air and bounce off the dodos' heads and into Sid's hands but then the dodos surrounded him from all directions. Sid saw Roshan looking at him anxiously and look at the melon then determination crossed his face and he charges, using his paw to block the dodos and push them aside in slow motion and jump over them and landed on the ground and stand up. Manny, Roshan, Diego and the Irelanders cheered for him as Sid moves on one spot, jump up and throw the melon onto the ground breaking it]

Diego: Ah, Sid! Now we've gotta find more food!

[Roshan eats the melon]

Connor Lacey: But at least he can get his breakfast.

Chris Kratt: Yeah since he can't eat the melon when it's whole.

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah.

[They seen a bunch of Dodos balancing on top of each other]

Manny: Hey, look at that. Dinner and a show.

[The Dodos fall off the cliffs. That night]

Sid: Now to find a meal befitting a conquering hero. [gets whacked in the face by a branch] What-ho? A foe? Come on. Come on. You want a piece of me? (does karate yells and punches the tree before pulling out Scrat's acorn) Spoils worthy of such a noble.........

[Scrat pounces on him and pulls the acorn out of his mouth before shaking a fist at him]

Kion: (to Scrat) Sorry about that.

[Roshan is sat down]

Manny: Bedtime, Squirt.

[Sid arrives]

Manny: Hey, the triumphant return.

Sid: Oh, that? (chuckles) I'm so full. How about a goodnight kiss from your big buddy Sid?

Manny: Sssh. He's asleep.

Sid: I was talking to you.

[Manny glares]

Sid: Alright, I'll tuck myself in.

[He leans back on the rock]

Sid: (yawns) Alright. Goodnight.

[Sid starts moving around and moaning as he tries to get comfortable]


Connor Lacey: Manny, keep it down. Some of us are trying to sleep.

Manny: Sid's making the noise.

Twilight Sparkle: Well, can you two please keep the noise down?

Sid: Alright, alright! I'm just trying to relax!

[Sid gets into the perfect sleeping pose and sucks on his thumb]

Manny: Oy.

[Manny looks over at Diego, who's fast asleep, before falling asleep himself. Diego then wakes up and went to him and tried to take Roshan from his trunk but was interrupted by a rustling noise from a hill and he crotches down then leaps at the cause of it to reveal......]

Diego: What the?

Zeke: Go ahead. Slice me. It'll be the last thing you ever do.

Diego: I'm working here you waste of fur.

Oscar: Frustrated, Diego? Tracking poor defenseless infants too difficult for you?

Diego: What are you two doing here?

Oscar: Soto's getting tired of waiting.

Zeke: Yeah. He said come back with the baby. Or don't come back at all! [laughs]

Diego: Well, I have a message for Soto. Tell him I'm bringing the baby. And tell him I'm bringing..... a Mammoth and those group of characters calling themselves the Irelanders.

Zeke: A mammoth? The Irelanders?

Oscar: Mammoths never travel alone. Plus I never know the villains were telling the truth.

Diego: Oh, they were. And this one does. And I'm leading them to Half Peak.

Zeke: Look at all that meat. We'll be feasting for days. Let's get em!

Diego: Not yet! We need the whole pack to bring these guys down! Get everyone ready! [a slight pause] Now!

[Oscar and Zeke leave. Diego went back to the others and lie down and goes to sleep. The next morning, Manny feels nothing in his trunk and wakes up then gets up, thumping the ground, waking Diego and the Irelanders]

Manny: Where's the baby?

Diego: You lost it?!

Connor Lacey: Where could he have gone?

[Everyone then realizes what happened]

Everyone: SID!

[Indeed, Roshan is with Sid]

Female sloth: Oh, it's so ugly. Positively adorable.

Second female sloth: Hello, pumpkin. Hello, little baldy bean.

Female Sloth: Where'd you find it?

Sid: Oh, the poor kid all alone in the wild. Sabres were closing in on him. So I just snatched him.

Female sloth: Oh, so brave.

Sid: Well, he needed me and I wish I had one of my own too.

Female sloth: Really? I find that attractive in a male.

[Roshan throws some mud at Sid's face]

Sid: (coughs and laughs) Kids. So, I was saying, ladies....

[Sid uses Manny's trunk to wipe the mud off until he realizes what he was holding and looks up to see Manny behind him]

Sid: Oh, hey. Hi, Manny.

[Manny wipe the mud off his trunk and picks up Roshan]

Manny: What's the matter with you?

Sid: Excuse me, ladies. You just keep marinating and I'll be right back. (He climbs out) Sexy.

Female sloth: He's not much to look at but it's so hard to find a family guy.

Female Sloth 2: Tell me about it. Only the sensitive ones get eaten.

[Sid hurries in front of Manny]

Sid: No, no, no, no! Manny, please, I'm begging you. I need him.

Manny: What, a good-lookin' guy like you?

Sid: Aw, you say it but you don't really mean it.

Manny: No, seriously. Look at you. Aw, those ladies, they don't stand a chance.

Sid: You had a crude sense of humor.

Manny: Don't let me cramp your style.

Sid: Thanks, Manny. You're a pal. You were great.

Manny: Without Pinky.

Sid: Manny, I need him. [sighs and goes back to the mud bath] So, ladies, where were we? [he looks up and sees Carl and Frank]

Frank: Carl.

Carl: Easy, Frank.

[They both growled at Sid who screams. Back with Manny and Roshan]

Manny: Pretty tail walks by, suddenly he moves like a cheetah. And that tiger.... Yeah, Mr Great Tracker. Can't even find a sloth. What am I, the wet nurse? What are you lookin' at, bone bag?

[Roshan giggles]

Manny: Look at you. You're gonna grow up into a great predator. (scoffs) I don't think so. What have you got? You got a little patch of fur. No fangs, no claws. You're folds of skin wrapped in mush. What's so threatening about you?

[Roshan hugged his trunk, making Manny suddenly look touched inside but he snap out of it]

Manny: Hey, does this look like a petting zoo to you? Huh?

[Roshan slips off his truck, pulling some of the nostrils from his trunk]

Manny: Argh!

[Roshan giggles]

Manny: OK. All right, wise guy. You just earned a time-out.

[He puts Roshan on a higher branch. Roshan flips over and looks at Manny upside down]

Manny: Oh, you think that's funny? How about this?

[He places him higher on the branch]

Manny: You'II be a little snack for the owls.

[Roshan giggles as Manny look at him a little admire]

Manny: You're a brave little squirt, I'II give you that.

[Sid ran, panting until he saw Diego and the Irelanders]

Sid: Oh, thank goodness. Thank goodness. [feigns being frightened of Diego] Oh no! A tiger! Help! Help!

Diego: Where's the baby?

Sid: Oh, he's fine. Manfred has him. Just put me in your mouth. Come on. Hurry up. [feigns being grabbed by the neck] Ohh! He got me! Oh, help!

Diego: Get away from me. [He walks off]

Misty: It's not those two Rhinos again, is it?

Carl: It went this way. Over here.

Luke: Oh, my!

Connor Lacey: Not those two again!

Chris Kratt: What do we do?!

[Sid looks frantic then kicks Diego's butt which makes him growls and as Carl and Frank round the corner, they stop to see that Diego has Sid in his mouth and the Irelanders on the ground pretending to be dead]

Frank: Aw, Carl. The tiger beats us to them.

Carl: (suspicious) Wait a minute.

[Diego grins nervously as Carl sniffs Sid and the Irelanders then recoils in disgust]

Carl: Ugh! They're dead all right.

Frank: Oh, carnivores have all the fun.

[They walk off and Sid and the Irelanders wake up]

Marco Polo: That was a close call.

Sunset Shimmer: Tell me about it.

Poppy O'Hair: Well at least they won't chase us anymore.

Mandy Flood: If we don't run into them again.

Sid: (sighs) Oh, gosh. I hate breaking their hearts like that. But you know how it is.

[He tries to move out of Diego's mouth but it remains shut]

Sid: All right, thanks. You can put me down now.

[Diego won't let Sid go]

Sid: Manny! (high-pitched) Manny!

Kion: Diego!

Boots: Spit him out right now!

Manny: Guys, I thought we were in a hurry! [to Diego] And Diego, spit that out. You don't where it's been.

[Diego spits Sid out]

Bradford: You heard the mammoth. We're running 44 seconds late. So, let's get going! Hut, hut, hut! Move it, move it!

Connor Lacey: Okay, okay! Sheesh!

Fuli: How does Samson deal with this annoying brakevan, I'II never know.

Mewtwo: Me neither.

Sid: Boy. For a second there, I actually thought you were gonna eat me.

Diego: I don't eat junk food.

Sid: (laughs) Thought you were gonna.... I thought you were gonna.... Were you?

[The song On the Way begins as the heroes, Sid, Manny, Diego and Roshan continue their journey as snow and ice starts to freeze the ground]

Sid: Come on, wait up. Wait up. Come on, come on. Can you wait a second, please? Hey, fellas!

[Eventually, he catches up to them, exhausted]

Sid: Phew. Thanks for waiting.

[He plonks down on a steam vent to rest]

Manny and Diego: Three, two, one...

[The steam vent goes off, pushing Sid into the air. Manny, Diego and the heroes walk off]

Manny: Sure is faithful.

[Sid lands headfirst in the vent]

[Sid was holding Roshan as he walks. Roshan pokes Sid and again so Sid pokes and they get poking at each other endlessly]

Manny: Don't make me reach back there.

Sid: Well, he started it.

Manny: I don't care who started it. I'II finish it.

[Later, the heroes stop to let an huge chunk of ice past them much to their surprise and continue on. They went over a chunk of ice to use it as a bridge as it tilts like a seesaw due to Manny's weight but as he got off, the ice titled, sending Sid flying back the way he came. Later, Sid picks up a snowball and throws at Manny's butt. Manny looks back and Sid points to Roshan and they continue as they pass some giant stones]

Manny: Modern architecture. It'II never last.

[Diego saw some footprints in the snow. Didn't want the others to see it, he brushes it away and make a human footprint in the snow and points. On the ice]

Sid: Hiya, Manny.

[Manny slip on the ice and fell down]

Sid: Hi, Diego.

[He jumps in the air and lands on the ice, sliding into a ice wall and Roshan slides. The heroes walk past Sid as he tries to get himself free]

Manny: Hey, Sid.

[They came to a ravine with four paths where Scrat is digging]

Manny: You're lost, aren't ya?

Diego: No. I know exactly where we are.

Manny: (gestures to Scrat) Ask him directions.

[Scrat stops digging and looks at the heroes]

Connor Lacey: Hi, Scrat.

Diego: I don't need directions.

Manny: Fine, I'II ask him. (To Scrat) Hey, buddy. Have you seen any humans go by here?

[Scrat shook his head but remembers what he saw]

Sid: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! I love this game. I love this game. OK, OK.

[Scrat do some gestures for the heroes to guess what he saw]

Sid: Three words. First word. Stomp. No, no. Stamp, stamp.

Manny: Let me try. Uh, pack.

Sid: Good one, Manny. Pack of.... long teeth and claws.

[Diego's eyes grew wide as he put his claws into a fist]

Sid: Pack of wolves? Pack of....

Manny: Pack of bears? Pack of fleas?

Sid: Pack of whiskers? Pack of noses?

Manny: Pachyderm?

Kion: Pack of hyenas?

Fuli: Jackals?

Bunga: Vultures?

Beshte: Crocodiles?

Connor Lacey: Snakes?

Chris Kratt: Lions?

Martin Kratt: Leopards?

Twilight Sparkle: Jaguars?

Sid: Pack of lies. Pack of troubles. Pack a wallop. Pack of birds. Pack of flying fish.

[Scrat points to Diego to help them figure it out but Diego, realizing Scrat is going to expose his true intentions, flicks him away, making fall down a hill into a snowball to which Fluttershy briefly sees. Later, Sid put Roshan on a rock, make a snowball and throw it at Manny. Then, Manny turned around and Roshan points at Sid. Manny throws an even larger snowball which lands on Sid making Roshan giggle. The snow fells heavily, making icicles on Diego's sabre teeth, Manny's tusks and Sid's nose who is shivering with his teeth chattering. Later, Diego was walking when he saw the humans walking in the distance. Looking back at Manny and seeing a cave, he gets an idea]

Diego: Hey! Great news. I found a short cut.

[Roshan slides down Manny's trunk but he catches him]

Manny: What do you mean, short cut?

Diego: I mean faster than the long way around.

Manny: Oh, I know what a short cut is.

Jackie Chan: So do we.

Diego: Look, either we slip through there and beat the human to Glacier Pass or we take the long way and miss 'em.

Manny: Through there? What do you take us for?

Diego: This time tomorrow, you can be a free mammoth. Or a nanny. Personally, I never get tired of peekaboo.

Sid: Hey, guys. Hey, guys. Check this out.

[He sticks a slip-in-half icicle to his neck making it look like it's speared through him]

Spike: [laughs] That's funny.

Cubby: Cool.

Manny: Sid, the tiger found a short cut.

[Sid looks at the cave wall which has sharp ice on top]

Sid: No, thanks. I choose life. (about to walk away but Diego stopped him)

Diego: Then I suggest you take the short cut.

Sid: Are you threatening me?

Diego: Move, sloth! (echoes)

[Diego's shouting makes the ice on the cave wall fall]

Sid: Way to go, tiger.

Ono: Hapana!

Jiminy Cricket: Now what?!

Manny: Quick! Inside!

Connor Lacey: Come on!

[They race into the cave. The icicles tinkled but didn't fall and the entrance was blocked with rocks right to the top]

Applejack: Everypony okay?

Paxton: We're good.

Moose Roberts: Totally.

Bradford: According to the official railway rule book, loud noises causes avalanches.

Brock: Avalanches don't count as a railway rule.

Bradford: It is if engines whistles or horns honks too loud, Brock.

Marco Polo: Whatever.

Chris Kratt: So now what?

Manny: Okay, I vote short cut.

Paxton: What do you think, Connor?

Connor Lacey: Shortcut.

Connor (train): Shortcut.

Moose Roberts: Shortcut.

Twilight Sparkle: Then let's get going before these icicles come down on us.

Lightning McQueen: Yep!

Dusty Crophopper: Works for me.

Mushu: Okadoky, let's get this show on the road. Cri-Kee, get the bag. Let's move it, heifer.

[They head off, not noticing a rock falls on top of the pile, blocking the sun. They move through the cave]

Diego: Come on, guys. Stick together. It's easy to get lost in here.

Fireman Sam: He's right. We don't want to search for anyone who got lost.

Flying Scotsman: Right-o, Sam.

[Sid was so busy looking around that he wasn't looking where he was going and bumped into a bit of icicle and fall to the ground. When he awakes, his tongue is stuck to the floor and he strains until he got it free without hurting himself]

Sid: Uh, guys?

[He ran into another frozen cavern where he look around till he saw a fish frozen in ice]

Sid: (chuckles) A fish.

[But then he turns to see a dinosaur frozen in ice and screams at the sight of it and shudders]

Sid: Aaah! (shudders)

[As he walked on, Sid saw a few stages of a sloth's evolution through the years and stands in front of them was a sloth on all fours. Sid stands in front of it to complete the evolution and walks on till he saw Manny, Diego and the heroes and run up to them. He look up to see a spaceship frozen in ice and Roshan did as well while doing a hand signal to it]

Norman Price: How did a spaceship get in here?

Jade Chan: Probably, because of a malfunction?

Connor Lacey: That's a bit preposterous if you ask me.

Fireman Sam: Yeah. Spaceships are not around during this time.

Berkeley Beetle: Yeah. Unless it got traveled back in time or something.

Sci-Twi: I'm not sure. There has to be an explanation on why modern tech keeps appearing in prehistoric times.

Elastigirl/Helen Parr: They could have been time travelled, we don't really know.

Mewtwo: Hmm. Maybe.

Manny: Will you keep up please? Hard enough to keep track of one baby.

[Roshan slides off Manny's back and onto a ice slide, sliding past the heroes]

Manny, Sid and Diego: Aaaah!

Connor Lacey: Oh, boy.

[They saw Roshan sliding down the ice]

Fluttershy: Oh my!

Koki: We gonna have to go and get him!

[The gang slide after Roshan down the ice slide. Roshan seems to enjoy the slide but the others are yelling in surprise. Scrat appears trying to get the nut while sliding but can't catch it. Sid slides with Roshan, trying to catch him]

Sid: (whooping) I gotcha!

[But then he falls through a hole and Roshan slides on. Sid slides onto Manny and Diego falls from above and pinches Manny's butt with claws to hold on, making Manny yell in pain. They saw a iceberg up head.

Sid: (calling into Manny's trunk) Captain, iceberg ahead.

[They stop on the iceberg but as they sigh with relief, the iceberg cracks and they start to fall down]

Diego: Oh, no.

[They end up to the ground and slides towards some spiky ice which cuts the iceberg in pieces and they went on 4 slides to which Roshan is on one of them. Diego lowers down to go faster to catch Roshan. Manny does the same and they kept going lower. Sid tries to catch Roshan but miss and click his claws in frustration. Roshan then went up a ramp and flies through the air. Manny turns around to see him so he can catch him.]

Spencer: (gasps)

Connor Lacey: What's wrong?

Spencer: I say! Look out!

Connor Lacey: (saw who's ahead of him and gasps)

Sid: Aaah!

[Scrat had put his acorn in a wall and about to leave when he heard Connor's voice]

Connor Lacey: Watch out, Scrat!

[Scrat saw them, screams and tries to pull his acorn out but Sid, Diego and Irelanders slide into him, breaking through the wall. Manny catches Roshan with his trunk but he crashes into Sid, Diego, Scrat and the Irelanders and they ended up in snow]

Diego: Whoa! Whoo! Yeah! Who's up for round two?

[Manny, Sid and the Irelanders look at him as to say "really?"]

Diego: (clears his throat and look away in embarrassment) T..... tell the kid to be more careful.

Connor Lacey: Everyone okay?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm fine.

Bill and Ben: Us too.

Shi La Won: Me three.

James Jones: Me too. Though it was a bit fast. [shudders] I don't like speed.

Chris Kratt: A-Okay over here!

[Fu Fu coughs out snow]

Aviva Corcovado: All good!

Discord: I'm alright.

Sunset Shimmer: Me too.

Iago: I got snow in places I didn't even know I had.

Starlight Glimmer: I'm okay.

Fluttershy: Where's Scrat?

[Scrat pokes out of the snow, shakes his head and rub his eyes. He looked for his acorn and went to it but bump into a rock with has a painting of a acorn on it and knock out cold]

Harvey: Looks like he'II be unconscious for a while.

Martin Kratt: Yep. Out for the count.

[Later, they walk into a cavern which has cave paintings on the wall]

Irelanders: Wow!

Chris Kratt: Check out these cave paintings.

Stephen: They must be older than me.

Twilight Sparkle: They hold a lot of ancient history.

Koki: Like caveman make these paintings to help be more successful in hunting to survive the Ice Age.

Ashima: Whoa. That's very cool.

Sid: Look, look. Tigers.

[Roshan look to see tiger paintings that features them chasing antelope with their teeth showing]

Sid: Yeuch.

[Roshan cowers and whimpers]

Sid: No, it's OK, it's OK. Look, the tigers are just playing tag with the antelope.

[He look at a tiger biting an antelope's butt]

Sid: With their teeth.

Diego: Come on, Sid, let's play tag. You're it.

Sid: (chuckles nervously) Sure.

Connor Lacey: (looking at the cave paintings) Wonder what these paintings tell about these creatures?

Kion: Maybe like the paintings that shows history of the Pride Lands back at the lair.

Captain Jake: Perhaps so, Kion.

Sid: OK, OK, OK, where are the sloths? You know, you never seen any sloths in these things. Have you noticed? (saw a panting) Oh, look, Manny, a mammoth.

Manny: (sarcastically) Ooh, somebody pinch me.

Sid: Hey, hey, this fat one looks just like you. Aah, and he's got a family.

[Manny stops when he heard "family" and looks over at the paintings]

Sid: Oh, and he's happy. Look, he's playing with his kid. See, Manny? That's your problem. That's what mammoths are supposed to do.

Diego: Sid....

Sid: Find a she-mmoth, have little mammoths.....

Diego: Sid.

Sid: What?

Diego: Shut up.

Sid: But.... (He suddenly saw what Diego meant) Oh.

[Manny look at the mammoth painting which has a male, a female and a calf. He recognize the male one as himself and the two others as his wife and son. The painting comes to life as he watches himself wrap his trunk around his son and wife. Then the calf run back in fright as stick human figures with spears came running after him. Manny tries to hold the hunters off but is surrounded by them and they surround Manny's wife and son and kill them, making Manny trumpets in horror. Manny felt sad with tears in his eyes as he remember that fateful day. Sid, Diego and the Irelanders felt surprised and sorry for Manny]

Fuli: (realizing) No wonder Manny was so grumpy.

Catboy: He must've lost his family to the humans.

Marco Polo: I know what it's like to be separated from your family.

[Shi La sobs and put her head to Aviva's chest and Aviva rub her head for comfort]

Aviva Corcovado: There, there, Shi La. It's OK.

Shi La Won: I know but it is heart-breaking.

Koki: Relax, Shi La, it'II be fine.

Fu Fu: (chitters in agreement)

Hiro: We're all sorry about your family.

Spike: We know how you feel.

Connor Lacey: My dad and siblings got killed by my evil stepmother, Linda Ryan/The Shredderette. She even frame my mother for it.

Kion: My grandfather, Mufasa was killed by my great-uncle, Scar when he push him into a wildebeest stampede.

Marco Polo: My mother died when I was young while my father's in China.

Martin Kratt: Kerchalk, the gorilla leader and Tarzan's adopted father was shot by Clayton the hunter.

Razer: And I lost my first love, Illana, when she was murdered by Atrocitus.

Lightning McQueen: My friend and mentor, Doc Hudson also known as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet died of unknown causes.

Skipper Riley: My squadron in the Jolly Wrenches was killed by a ambush. After that, I just couldn't bring himself to fly again until Dusty help me.

Twilight Sparkle: Burnett Stone's wife Tasha died sometime ago so she didn't get the chance to ride on Lady the lost engine like Burnett promised.

[Manny put his trunk on the painting of his late son and move it down until he touches Roshan's hand and Roshan went into his trunk and Manny smiles warmly and let Roshan hug his face and everyone huddled together around him]

James Jones: (sniffles with tears) Has someone got a tissue?

Violet Parr: I do. Here.

[James takes it and blows his nose]

Sarah Jones: That's better. (hugs him)

Ryan: We never understood you until now.

Duck: Yeah. Now we understand why you never told us about your family.

Oliver the Excavator: Every time you were reminded of the life you once lived, memories of the past have been haunting you.

Pinkie Pie: How could humans do this to you?

Manny: It's okay, guys.

Chris Kratt: Because humans need food and warmth to survive the Ice Age. That includes hunting animals.

Manny: He's right. But I realize now that friends can rebuild the family I lost.

Baloo: In time that is.

[Manny puts Roshan on his back and walk towards the exit and Sid and the Irelanders followed but Diego stay a bit to take one last look at the mammoth painting then goes to join the others. Outside in the snow, the dogs are sniffing the sabre's tracks but falling snow soon covers them and they went back to Runar to sniff the necklace again to get the scent. Runar look at the snowy landscape sad for the loss of his family. One of the humans put a hand on his shoulder in comfort and took the dogs' lead and led them away. Runar look at the necklace and followed the others. Up above, Manny, Sid, Diego, Roshan and the Irelanders saw Half Peak in the distance]

Manny: Well, would you look at that? The tiger actually did it. There's Half Peak. Next stop, Glacier Pass. How could I ever have doubted you?

Connor Lacey: Maybe he's not so bad after all.

Sunset Shimmer: At least we're on the right track to the humans.

Martin Kratt: As a talking cat like Capper would say; "Everything's gonna turn out purrfect".

[Chris Kratt thumbs up]

Capper: I like that pun already.

Martin Kratt: Thanks, Capper.

Sid: Did you hear that, little fella? You're almost home.

[Sid suddenly feels something and lift his feet to see orange circles on the ground]

Sid: My feet are sweating.

Diego: Do we have to get a newsflash every time your body does something?

Manny: Do it for attention. Just ignore him.

Sid: Seriously! My feet are really hot. Oh, oh, oh, oh!

[Then, there is a strange rumble underground and everyone hears it]

Connor Lacey: What was that noise?

Twilight Sparkle: I don't know.

Manny: Tell me that was your stomach.

Diego: Shh.

Luigi Bellini: Wasn't me.

Sid: I'm sure it's just thunder. From... underground?

Martin Kratt: (putting a ear to the ground to hear) Well, it's either thunder, a earthquake or...... (gasps)

[The ice bursts up and lava comes out, making the heroes yell in fright and run]

Martin Kratt: Lava!

[As they ran, more lava appears and the ground crumbles until a bridge between the ground appears and a chuck of ice falls into the lava in front of Diego trapping him]

Sid: (feet moving in one place) Come on, keep up with me!

Manny: I would if you were moving!

[Sid stops running and flops. As chunks of ice fell, Shi La jumps from them to the ground, to Aviva's surprise, since she haven't seen it for a long time]

Aviva Corcovado: Whoa!

Shi La Won: I'm still good at that. (She smiles)

Aviva Corcovado: Nice one, Shi La.

Fu Fu: (chitters)

[Diego leaps the gap to where Manny, Sid, Roshan and the heroes are which makes Sid amazed]

Sid: Wow! I wish I can jump like that.

Manny: Wish granted!

[Manny uses his foot to kick Sid to the other side and he slides to a rock]

Diego: Come on, move faster!

Manny: Have you noticed the river of lava?

Fuli: It is getting kinda hot.

Skiff: I'm made of wood. It would set me on fire!

Stephen: I am too! We could both go up in flames!

Cedar Wood: So would I.

Connor Lacey: (seeing that Stephen, Skiff and Cedar are right) I can see that.

[The ice starts to melt. Manny look at Roshan who started to look frightened and he jump to the other side as the ice behind him falls to the lava and steams up. Diego jumps the gap but only his front paws grip the edge. Manny look back and sees Diego is hanging on from the edge and gasps]

Manny: Hold Pinky!

Twilight Sparkle: Be careful!

[Manny moves carefully to the edge and move his trunk to reach Diego and catches him as the ice falls and Diego grips his claws on Manny's trunk which makes him cringe in pain. As the ice cracks, Manny swings Diego to the ground but the ice cracked and Manny falls to the lava below]

Sid and the Irelanders: Manny!

[Manny plummets to the lava below as the heroes look on with horror but then he whooshed up into the air and fell to the ground with a thump]

Sid: Manny, Manny, Manny, you OK? Come on, come on, say something. Anything!

[Manny groans]

Sid: What? What? I can't hear you.

Manny: You're standing on my trunk.

Sid: Oh.

[Sid steps off it, so he can breath]

Sid: Oh, you're OK. Oh, you're OK.

Fluttershy: That's good.

Chris Kratt: We thought you're gone extinct, dude.

Connor Lacey: Why'd you do that? You could've gotten killed!

Diego: The kid's right. You could've died trying to save me.

Manny: That's what you do in a herd. You look out for each other.

Twilight Sparkle: Just like we look out for each other.

Irelanders: Yes!

Diego: Well, thanks. (he looks conflicted at this)

Sid: I don't know about you guys, but we are the weirdest herd I've ever seen.

[At Half Peak, Soto looks out for Diego, Roshan and Manny then walks back to the others]

Chungu: Janja, I'm hungry!

Cheezi: Me too!

Janja: Hold your horses, furbrains. We'II eat those heroes soon enough but not until Diego returns with the baby.

Reirei: He's right. You two are just too impatient.

Nne: I never thought I heard a jackal like you say that.

[Reirei chuckles]

Tano: Sometimes we didn't get along much despite common enemies. Your mate's asleep again.

[Goigoi was asleep]

Reirei: Goigoi, wake up!

Goigoi: Huh? Wha? Is the baby here yet, dear?

Reirei: No! And what have I told you about falling asleep?

Goigoi: Can't help it, dear.

Zira: Besides, we can't eat until Diego gets back.

Nuka: Though I can't believe that good hyena form a resistance to oppose Scar like that, mother.

Zira: I know, Nuka. Since she and her clan are friends with Kion and his ridiculous Lion Guard with only one lion in it.

Shere Khan: Yes, dear Zira. Very ridiculous indeed.

Kaa: It isssss ssssssince it hassss a honey badger, cheetah, a hippo and a bird in it.

Ronno: Yeah, no kidding about it.

Steele: That kid will pay for helping that half breed stole my fame and glory and Jenna away from me.

The Storm King: And his love for that purple Pegacornicuseses, or whatever you call her is a little too—oh, I don't know—cute!!! I don't like cute! I never did like cute! Doesn't really go with my whole "big bad powerful magic guy" thing, does it?! Deliver the punchline, guys, because this has gotta be a joke!

Scarface: Yes, we get it. They will pay for teaming up with those Farthing Wood lot.

Lady Blue: Yes, my love. I do agree.

Mzingo: Perhaps my parliament and I will fly to see what's keeping Diego. What do you think, Shere Khan?

Shere Khan: Hmm. Well, I suppose you and your flock can just go to check on Diego.

Mwoga: Okay, Shere Khan.

Zeke: (chuckles) I can't wait to get my claws in that mammoth.

Soto: No one touches the mammoth until I get that baby.

[He walks off, making Zeke quiet for a bit]

Zeke: First, I'm gonna slice his hindquarters into sections. I'm gonna put the white meat in one pile and the darker half.....

Lenny: Hey, knock it off. I'm starving.

Zeke: Next, the shoulders. Occasionally tough but extremely juicy.

Lenny: I told you to knock it off!

[He raises his paw to smack Zeke but Soto stopped him]

Soto: Save your energy. Mammoths don't go down easy.

Scarface: He's right.

Soto: There's only one way to do it. First, you have to force it into a corner. Cut off it's retreat. And you three have it trapped, I'II go for the throat.

[Lenny gulps, holding his neck]

Janja: Nice one, big S. That mammoth will never know what bit him! (laughs)

Shere Khan: I couldn't agree more, Janja. Soon, revenge will be ours.

[He smirks along with Soto, Zeke and Oscar. Outside, Manny, Sid, Diego, Roshan and the Irelanders are walking as a blizzard blows with the night growing dark]

Manny: Guys, we gotta get this kid outta the wind.

Connor Lacey: I know.

[James shivered]

Fireman Sam: It's alright, James.

James Jones: I know, Uncle Sam, but it's really cold.

Berkeley Beetle: Whoo! I can't feel anything in my feelers any more.

Starlight Glimmer: I can barely see where I'm going.

Leonard: It, it's a white-out.

Bob Parr/Mr Incredible: We need to find shelter.

Mewtwo: Right.

Manny: How much further?

Diego: Three miles.

Manny: I'm beat. We'II get there in the morning.

[They heard Sid writing something on a wall with a rock]

Diego: What are you doing?

Sid: I'm putting sloths on the map.

[Diego looks at the drawing with a raised eyebrow]

Alfie: That's quite the drawing there if I do say so, myself.

Jack: Could be more right.

Manny: Why don't you make it realistic and draw him laying down?

Diego: And make him rounder.

[Manny grab the stone and draw a circle in the drawing to make it rounder]

Diego: Perfect.

Sid: Ha, ha. I forgot how to laugh.

[He grab the stone from Manny and as he tries to scribble it off, sparks came out of it and land on some twigs, setting them on fire which surprises the heroes, Manny, Diego and even Sid]

Sid: I'm a genius. (he kiss the rock)

[Later, the fire has grown and everyone gathered around to get warm]

Sid: From now on, you'II have to refer to me as Sid, Lord of the Flame.

Manny: Hey, Lord of the Flame! Your tail's on fire.

[Sid noticed that his tail is on fire and runs around the fire, panicing and yelling until Diego grabs by the butt and put him in the snow, extinguishing the fire]

Sid: Ah! Thank you. From now on, I'm gonna call you, Diego.

Diego: Lord of Touch Me and You're Dead.

[Sid gasps]

Diego: I'm just kiddin', you little knucklehead. (He nogging Sid's head)

Manny: Hey, lovebirds. Look at this.

[Roshan is walking for the first time]

Sid: I don't believe it.

Fluttershy: He's taking his first steps.

Dilys Price: Aww.

[Diego smiles impressively at Manny who looks proud]

Sid: Come here, you little biped. Come here, you little wormy-worm. Come to Uncle Sid.

[But Roshan turn to walk to Diego instead]

Sid: (laughs) No, no, no, no, no, no. This way. This way.

Diego: No, no, no. No, go to him. No, go to him. Go to him.

[Roshan keeps walking to him and stops at his paw]

Diego: Um... OK. Good job. Um.... keep practisin'.

Sid: Look at that. Our little guy is growing up.

Connor Lacey: I couldn't agree more.

[Roshan slumps down and rubbing his eyes, yawning]

Manny: All right, come on. Sleep time, lumpy.

[He picks up Roshan with his trunk and moves back to sleep]

Sid: Look at that big pushover. You know, guys, I've never had a friend who would risk his life for me.

Twilight Sparkle: I have.

Ash Ketchum: Me too.

Lucius Best/Frozone: We all have someone who risked their lives for us.

Diego:. Manny's... he's a good guy.

Sid: Yeah, he is.

[The Irelanders agreed with Sid]

Arnold McKinley: Yes. Despite most of them having 0 chances of survival.

Elvis Cridlington: What does he mean by 0 chances?

Fireman Sam: He means that the mammoths gone extinct because of being hunted.

Martin Kratt: And being frozen in ice.

Chris Kratt: Before the ice age ends that is.

Trixie: Just like the dinosaurs.

[The Irelanders agreed]

Marco Polo: At least Manny's still alive now.

Violet Parr: Yes. Too bad he lost his family.

Sid: Well, good night.

Hiro: He's right. We need to get some sleep so that we can get to Half Peek tomorrow.

Fuli: If you say so, Hiro.

Rainbow Dash: [yawns] I gotta admit I'm pretty beat.

Applejack: Yeah, I'm gonna hit the hay myself.

Chris Kratt: Sweet dreams, bro.

Martin Kratt: Night, bro.

Spike: [snoring]

Twilight Sparkle: Goodnight, Spike. [giggle] Sweet dreams, number one assistant.

Connor Lacey: Night.

Shi La Won: Aviva?

Aviva Corcovado: Yes, Shi La?

Shi La Won: Will you sing something to me to help get some sleep?

Aviva Corcovado: (smiles warmly) Of course, sweetie.

[The Sister Song starts playing as Aviva moves closer to Shi La]

Aviva Corcovado: (singing) Sometimes we are real close friends

We stay up late and talk at night

Shi La Won: (singing) Other times we don't get along

There are even times we fight.

Aviva Corcovado: But I know she's always there.

Shi La Won: And I know she will always care.

Aviva Corcovado: She's my sister. (figure in this version)

Shi La Won: I love my sister.

Aviva Corcovado: I've given her a great big hug

When she was feeling bad.

And then again I have said some things

That have really made her mad.

Shi La Won: But I know she's always there.

Aviva Corcovado: And I know she will always care.

Shi La Won: She's my sister.

Aviva Corcovado: I love my sister.

Aviva and Shi La: But I know she's always there.

And I know she will always care.

She's my sister.

I love my sister.

She's my sister.

I love my sister.

[The song ends]

Shi La Won: Night, big sis figure.

Aviva Corcovado: (kiss Shi La on the head) Good night, little sis figure.

[The two sister figures and Fu Fu fell happily asleep. Diego look at Half Peek worriedly before went to sleep as well. Scrat peeks out from behind a rock and crept over to the fire and pull out his acorn which has been frozen on a twig. He hold it close to the fire but as the ice melted, the acorn began to hiss then it pops into popcorn which makes him disappointed. The next morning, Manny, Sid, Diego, Roshan and the Irelanders are approaching Half Peak]

Sid: All right, let's get you all cleaned up. I mean, what's your daddy gonna say if you go back all mushy and stinky like this?

[He lick his claw to clean Roshan]

Sid: Let me just clean that up. That's looks good. A little bit here.

Manny: You clean up nice, little fella.

Sid: I think he's starting to look like me. Hey, Diego, what do you think?

[Diego looks around nervously]

Diego: Maybe we shouldn't do this.

Sid: Why not?

Diego: Because if we save him, he'II grow up to be a hunter. And who do you think he'II hunt?

Sid: Maybe because we save him, he won't hunt us. Ow!

Diego: Yeah, and maybe he'II grow fur and a long skinny neck and call you Mama.

[The Irelanders look confused]

Manny: What's your problem?

Diego: Nothing. Let's go. I'm freezing my tail off.

[As they walk on, Lenny, Nne, Tano, Goigoi and Mwoga watches them from behind rocks. Diego notices them and stops just in front of a cave and looks up to see Oscar on top of a ledge watching him before walking off. Diego look at Manny who looks back]

Manny: Hey, Diego. You're frozen back there?

[Diego looks guilty and decided to confess his intentions to his friends]

Diego: Get down!

Manny, Sid and the Irelanders: What?

Diego: Get down and follow me.

Sid: Hey, hey, what's going on?

Diego: At the bottom of Half Peek, there's an ambush waiting for you.

Sid: What?

Irelanders: What?

Manny: What do you mean, "ambush"?

[He ponders then realizes what's going on]

Manny: You set us up.

Diego: It was my job. I was supposed to get the baby but then.....

Manny: You brought us home for dinner!

Connor Lacey: Diego, we trusted you!

Fluttershy: I thought we were friends!

Ash Ketchum: There's no way we can be friends with a monster like you!

Fuli: Especially since you tricked us!

Sid: That's it. You're out of the herd.

Diego: I'm sorry.

Manny: (pushes Diego to a wall with his tusk) No, you're not! Not yet.

Diego: Listen, I can help you.

Manny: Stay close, guys. We can fight our way out.

Diego: You can't. The pack's too strong. Along with the hyenas, jackals, vultures, outsider lions, blue foxes, Ronno, Shere Khan, Kaa, the dog Steele and the Storm King. You have to trust me.

Manny: Trust you? Why in the world would we trust you?

Diego: Because I'm your only chance.

[The Irelanders look at each other doubtingly]

[The scene changes to the sabres and the villains still waiting for Diego to arrive when Diego appears]

Diego: Hello, ladies.

Oscar: Hey, look who decided to show up.

Scarface: About time you showed up.

Soto: Diego, I was beginning to worry about you.

Diego: No need to worry. In about two minutes, you'll be satisfying your taste for revenge.

Soto: Very nice.

Steele: That is good news, Diego.

Zeke: I see the sloth! And he's got the baby!

Kaa: Thisss isss jussst too good to be true!

Soto: Don't give away your positions until you see the mammoth. He's the one you have to surprise.

Chungu: But I thought you said "No one touches the mammoth until you get the baby".

Cheezi: Yeah. We can just get the baby for you now and eat that sloth.

Shere Khan: (knowing Soto's change of plan) Not yet.

[Zeke whimpers and jitters beside Diego)

Diego: You wanna maul something, don't you, Zeke?

Zeke: I wanna maul. (whimpers)

Diego: Then what are you waiting for?

[Zeke roars and jumps from his hiding place and run towards Sid. Oscar, Lenny, Chungu, Cheezi, Nne, Tano and Goigoi follow him]

Soto: No, I said wait for the mammoth!

[Diego innocently shrugs at Soto]

Reirei: (to the sabres, Goigoi, Nne, Tano, Cheezi and Chungu) He didn't say to get them yet!

Janja: (cross) All right, fine. Let's get the baby and the sloth.

[Soto snarls in anger as he, Janja and Reirei go after their groups. Sid saw them and gasps and runs then went onto two large barks of tree and use them as skis to get away]

Sid: Whoo-hoo!

[The evil animals got surprised for a bit then continue chasing him. Sid do some ski tricks]

Sid: Whee! Backscratcher! Eat my powder!

[The Irelanders hiding are surprised to see Sid sking]

Connor Lacey: Whoa!

Chris Kratt: I didn't know he could do that!

Twilight Sparkle: Neither did I.

Kion: And it looks like the hyenas, jackals, vultures, Shere Khan, Kaa, Steele, The Storm King, Scarface and Lady Blue are working for the sabres.

Paxton: Can't believe that he's back.

Frankie: How?

Sci-Twi: By the Black Cauldron with his statue by Linda.

Connor Lacey: Look!

[Sid came to some rocks and bumps into one. making one of the barks come off so Sid now has to use it as a snowboard. He did some tricks on the rocks]

Sid: Loop-de-loop! Slalom! Slalom, baby! Hee-hee-hee! Whoo-hoo!

[Sid turns around to see the evil animals in the distance but didn't see that he's heading towards a slope until he flung into the air and slide along the ground and up another slope and then lands on top of it]

Sid: Aaaargh!

[The evil animals catch up to the bundle and Soto flips it to reveal that a tiny snowman is inside it]

Scarface: It's a trick!

Sid: Sorry, fellas! He got a little frostbite.

[Soto snarls angrily and push the bundle away with his paw]

Soto: Get him!

Cheezi: It's lunch time!

[They chased after Sid when they turned a corner and saw Manny with a tree in his tusks in surprise]

Manny: Surprise!

[He tosses the tree to the predators which makes them fall off the cliff]

Timothy: Yes. That knocks them out.

Diego: OK, follow me. We'II pick up Sid and get out of here while we can.

[Soto shows up unfortunately]

Soto: Come on, Diego, let's bring this mammoth and those heroes down.

Irelanders: Uh-oh!

[Sid is walking through the snow, unaware that Zeke has spotted him with a grin and a raised eyebrow, indicating that he is heading for a wall. Sid found Roshan at the wall]

Sid: There he is.

[Roshan covered his eyes and do an grrr impression]

Sid: That's right. Where the baby?

[Roshan points and Sid turns to see Zeke behind him as he pounces]

Sid: Aargh!

[Sid pulls Roshan out of the hole in a flash as Zeke jumps headfirst into the hole. Sid jumps up and kicks Zeke in the hole on his butt with his feet]

Sid: Survival of the fittest! I don't think so. Yeah!

[He and Roshan hi-5 and walk off. Diego and Soto corner Manny and the Irelanders but Diego turns around and faces Soto]

Soto: What are you doing?

Diego: Leave the mammoth alone.

Scarface: What?

Niju: You mean you're on the heroes' side now?

[The evil animals all glare angrily at Diego]

Janja: This is like when you two betray me once, remember?

[Nne and Tano nod their heads, regretting their actions from before]

Lady Blue: Hopefully you two have learned from that experiences.

Nne: We do. We're just too smart for our good.

Tano: Besides, Cheezi and Chungu are back to being Janja's seconds-in-commands now ages ago.

Reirei: Either way, Diego is still a traitor!

Zira: Soto, what's our plan?

Soto: Fine. I'II take you down first. You get the heroes and the mammoth.

[Soto and Diego circle each other then fight as the sabres, hyenas, jackals, vultures, Scarface, Lady Blue, Steele, Zira, Nuka, Niju, Shere Khan, Kaa and the Storm King attack Manny and the Irelanders. Soto push Diego to a rock which knock him out unconscious]

Diego (Dora): Oh, no!

Baby Jaguar: He's been hurt!

[Nne and Tano corners Twilight]

Nne: Looks like we got a smart animal fit for a meal. Though we can't betray Janja again though.

Tano: Of course. This will be tasty.

[Twilight uses her magic to blast them]

Twilight Sparkle: Though you should've known I was magic.

Nne: Yeah. We know. But we hyenas can hunt prey like you ponies.

Tano: We're smart enough to know you're magical.

Twilight Sparkle: Of course. But I can use magic [unfurls her wings] and fly.

[She flies up and use her magic to beat them again]

Shere Khan: You're mine now, man-cub.

Connor Lacey: I don't think so.

[Shere Khan runs to leap at Connor but Connor dodges him]

Shere Khan: (in his live action voice) How long did you really think you survive against Linda? Longer than your father did?

[Connor Lacey glares at him]

Shere Khan: You humiliated me for the last time, man-cub. Surely you do realize that I simply can't let you live.

Connor Lacey: Oh, yeah? (hits Ultimatrix)

[He transforms into Bumblebee (TFP)]

Bumblebee (TFP): Bumblebee!

Shere Khan: That disguise won't help you.

[He jumps but Bumblebee (TFP) proves more powerful]

Bumblebee (TFP): You were saying?

[Shere Khan snarls]

[Ronno rams Mandy Flood]

Mandy Flood: Ow!

Ronno: This is what you get for helping Bambi beat me for Faline. (grins evilly)

[Mandy gets an idea and gathers up snowballs then begins pelting Ronno with them]

Ronno: Hey! Stop that! Ow! [runs off]

Mandy Flood: That's what you get for ramming me.

Luigi Bellini: Nice shot, Mandy.

Mandy Flood: Thanks.

Goigoi: I got dibs on the big flying gecko.

Spike: I'm no gecko!

[He breathes fire at Goigoi, setting his fur on fire]

Goigoi: [screaming]

[But the snow falling puts it out]

Spike: There's plenty more where that came from.

[Reirei corners the Pokemon]

Reirei: I have you now.

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu. Thunder Bolt.

Pikachu: Pikachu! [zaps Reirei]

Reirei: [screaming] Let's get out of here, kids.

[She, Goigoi and their pack retreat]

Caroline: That's what you get when you mess with us.

[Kaa wrap James Jones in his coils and hypnotism him]

Kaa: You'II do for a sssssnack. (chuckles and open his mouth really wide)

[Sarah props a stick in his mouth, keeping it open. She snaps James out of his trance and frees him from Kaa's coils]

James Jones: Thanks, Sarah.

Sarah Jones: Your welcome, James.

[Kaa snaps the stick but Fireman Sam push his coils down from a wall]

Fireman Sam: (to Kaa) How do you like this?

Kaa: Just you wait till I get you in my coilssss.

[Then, he got a knot in his tail again]

Ryan: (laughs) He's got a knot in his tail.

Kaa: (mimicking Ryan) He's got a knot in his tail.

[He pulls until the knot came loose, making his coils crash into him]

Irelanders: (laughs)

Kaa: Oooh. Thiss issss going to sssslow down my sssslithering.

[He slithers away]

Connor (train): That takes care of him.

Janja: Get them, boys.

[Cheezi and Chungu attacks Captain Jake and his crew]

Cubby: Uh-oh!

Skully: Crackers! Here they come!

Captain Jake: Izzy, this is an emergency!

Izzy: Pixie dust away!

[She sprinkles pixie dust over her and her mates and flew out of the hyenas' reach]

Chungu: Hey! How did they do that?

Cheezi: What the...?

Janja: Wha......

Captain Jake: Guess you can't reach us if we're flying.

[Connor transforms back to normal and went to Twilight]

Connor Lacey: Are you okay?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm fine, Connor. You don't have to worry about me all the time.

[The two share a smile]

The Storm King: [sarcastically] Awwww! Isn't that just so sweet! [laughs] Yeah. See ya!

[He points his staff at them, preparing to zap them into oblivion]

Connor Lacey: Uh-oh.

[Discord saw this]

Discord: Oh, no you don't!

[He snaps his eagle claw and a herd of flying pigs attack The Storm King allowing Connor and Twilight to run safely]

Twilight Sparkle: That was close.

Connor Lacey: Thanks, Discord.

Discord: What are friends for?

The Storm King: (to Discord) How did you do that?

Discord: Spirit of Chaos. Hello.

The Storm King: (cross) I'm so gonna get you for this!

[He aim his staff again. Discord clicks and vanishes]

The Storm King: Huh?

Discord: I can do that too. (chuckles)

[Scarface approaches Connor]

Scarface: Time I put an end to your heroic actions for helping that Farthing Wood lot defeat me, Connor. (growls)

Connor Lacey: I would think twice if I was you.

[Scarface lunges at Connor, biting his leg]

Connor Lacey: Gah!

Twilight Sparkle: Connor!

Lady Blue: And as for you my dear.

[She lunges at Twilight, biting her on the chest]

Twilight Sparkle: [screaming in pain]

Connor Lacey: Twilight!

Scarface: We got you both alright. (cackles with Lady Blue)

[Connor the train rams them away from his human counterpart and Twilight Sparkle]

Connor (Thomas & Friends): Leave them alone!

Scarface: You should mind your own business.

Lady Blue: Yes, this doesn't concern you.

[Connor glares at them. Iago and Zazu are fighting Mzingo and Mwoga]

Zazu: [slashing at Mwoga] Take that!

Mwoga: Whoa! Never know the king's adviser can fight.

Iago: You and your vultures are going down!

Mzingo: We'll see about that Parrot!

[The two birds continue fighting]

Aviva Corcovado: Chris, Martin!

Kratt Bros: What is it?

Aviva Corcovado: I've finished making Woolly Mammoth Powers. Catch!

[She throws the discs to them]

Chris Kratt: Manny, mind if we touch you?

Manny: Oh, OK but why?

Martin Kratt: Just watch and see.

Kratt Bros: (touch Manny) Activate Woolly Mammoth Powers!

[They turn into woolly mammoths]

Manny: Whoa! Never know you can do that.

[The sabres and evil animals are surprised]

Martin Kratt: Ready, bro?

Chris Kratt: Oh yeah.

Kratt Bros: To the creature rescue!

[They run to join in]

Steele: Nothing's gonna stop me from teaching you guys a lesson for helping that half breed stole my fame and glory and Jenna away from me.

Starlight Glimmer: As if!

Koki: Yeah. You don't deserve any of that for bullying Balto and nearly cause Connor, Marco and the children of Nome to die without the antitoxin to help them get better.

Connor Lacey: I almost died.

Steele: Who cares? Your team are gonna pay for ruining everything.

Niju: By having me eat you lot for food since you ruined my plan to get the wolves stay in our home where we belong as new leader than Nava.

Misty: Nava?

Niju: The old wolf leader who relies on his foolish dreams to which I try to overthrow to stay in our home. If only that teenage human should learn his place.

Connor Lacey: I would step back if I were you.

Fuli: Giant mammoth humans incoming!

[Steele and Niju turn to see Chris and Martin charging towards them]

Martin Kratt: Woolly mammoths are strong!

[He and Chris ram the two evil canines into a wall and they fall to the ground]

Chris Kratt: Bullseye!

[Steele and Niju snarled. Nuka advances on Ailsing]

Nuka: I'm doing it for you, mother and I'm doing it for me. (grabs the wolf fairy)

Ailsling: Hey! Let me go!

Nuka: This is my moment.

[Then Kion uses his head to ram Nuka away from Ailsling]

Kion: You okay?

Ailsling: Yes. Thanks, Kion.

Zira: Time to finish you all once and for all. This is for you, Scar!

[She lunges but Bagheera pounces on her and pins her down]

Bagheera: That's quite enough, Zira!

Kion: And now it's time to get you all back to the Outlands!

[He uses the Roar of the Elders to blow the Storm King, Scarface, Lady Blue, Shere Khan, Zira, Nuka, Janja, his clan, Steele and Niju away]

Slyly: That should take care of them.

Marion: Couldn't agree more!

Connor and Twilight: Ow!

Daisy: Ooh-la-la!

The Mask: (saw Connor and Twilight hurt) Oh, my!

Star Swirl the Bearded: They've been injured!

Fireman Sam: Helen, Lizzie, you tended to them. We'II help Manny against the sabres.

Helen Flood: Right, Sam!

Lizzie Sparkes: Will do!

[They went. Oscar and Lenny attacks Manny as they force him into a corner. Manny looks at Diego who regain consciousness. Soto snarls at Manny who swing his tusks around, allowing Soto the chance to leap at his throat but Diego leaps between them, getting bitten instead and fall to the ground much to Manny's surprise. Sid arrives and Roshan wails, getting Soto's attention. Sid covers his mouth. Soto grins evilly as he starts to move towards them when Manny swings his tusks and rams Soto which hits a wall. Soto look up to see icicles shaking until they came loose and fall on to Soto, stabbing him to death. Manny glares at Oscar and Lenny who retreated]

Sid: We did it.

Irelanders: [cheering]

[Helen and Lizzie tended Connor and Twilight]

Helen Flood: That should do it.

Connor Lacey: Thanks, Helen.

Lizzie Sparkes: There you go.

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks, Lizzie.

Yuya Sakaki: Let's celebrate.

Capper: (in Dizzy's voice, seeing someone) Hold it, fellas. Now's not the time for it. Look.

[They turn to see Diego laying in the snow unconscious util he awakes]

Diego: (sighs of relief) We were.... some team, huh?

Manny: Were? Come on, we're still a team.

Diego: I'm uh, sorry I set you up.

Sid: Ah, you know me- I'm too lazy to hold a grudge.

Connor Lacey: You can't die, Diego, we need you!

Diego: (Dora): I'm an animal rescuer. Let me help.

[Sid put Roshan on the ground]

Diego: Hey, knock it off, squirt. You gotta be strong. You have to take care of Manfred, The Irelanders and Sid. Especially Sid.

Pinkie Pie: What?

Baloo: No!

Leonard: Diego, you can't die!

Sid: Come on, you can lick this. You're a tiger. Look, I'II carry you. Come on, what do you say? Come on, Diego, come on. Tell him he's gonna be OK, Manny.

[Manny only looks sad]

Diego: Listen, you have to leave me here. If those humans get through the pass, you'II never catch them.

Brock: He's right. We have to return the baby to his family.

Rockhoof: Aye. We'II miss them if we don't hurry.

Manny: You didn't have to do that.

Diego: That's what you do in a herd.

[Diego shut his eyes and Manny lifts Roshan with his trunk as they, Sid and the Irelanders mourn for Diego's death. They left Half Peek to get to Glacier Pass to find Roshan's tribe. At Glacier Pass, the humans are walking towards their settlement and Runar look at the distance sadly and put the necklace on the snow, mourning his wife and child and turns to leave when he heard something and turns to see Manny, Sid and the Irelanders approaching him. Manny stares at Runar for a sec then move his trunk to his back. Runar raise his spear, thinking that Manny's gonna hurt him. Manny grab the spear with his trunk to toss it away. The dogs senses the heroes' presence and snarls. As Manny reaches for his back, the humans and the dogs came running, yelling, barking and raising their spears. Then Manny pulls out Roshan from his back with his trunk, which makes Runar delighted to see that his son is alive. Hearing his tribe yelling, he puts his hands up to stop them and Sid, stunned at what happened, faints]

Fluttershy: Oh, my.

Jimmy Z: He just fainted didn't he?

[Manny lowers Roshan to the ground. Runar hold out his hands as Roshan walks to him. They both hugged. Sid regain consciousness and smiled]

Martin Kratt: (tears in eyes) I, I can't believe my eyes.

Chris Kratt: (tears in eyes) Yeah. Wow.

Connor Lacey: (tears in eyes) Me too.

Twilight Sparkle: (smiles warmly) They're finally back together.

Marco Polo: Just like when I reunited with my father in China.

Koki: Yep.

[Manny smiles as the humans gathered around Roshan who are delighted that he's alright. He, Sid and the Irelanders looked then turn to leave. Then Roshan calls to them and they turn back. Runar put his son on the ground as Sid picks him up for a hug]

Sid: Don't forget about us. OK?

[Manny lifts Roshan with his trunk]

Manny: We won't forget about you.

Fireman Sam: You get home safe now, little fella.

[Roshan hug Manny who puts back into his father's arms. Runar pick up the necklace and put in on Manny's tusk to show thanks and gratitude for returning his son. Manny was touched by this and he and Runar smiled at each other. Sid smiled as well. Then Runar and Roshan starts to head back to the settlement with their tribe]

Sid: Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Manny: Sid....

Sid: Bye. Bye.

[Roshan covers his eyes and opens them again]

Sid: (covering his eyes) That's right. Where's the baby?

Manny: Come on, Sid, let's head south.

[As he turn to leave, he saw with delight, Diego walking up, alive. Roshan saw him and smiles. Diego smiles and wave his paw at him as he and Runar leaves]

Sid: Bye.

Diego: Save your breath, Sid. You know he can't talk yet.

Sid: Diego? You're OK!

Diego: Nine lives, baby.

Sid: Yay! You're OK. You're OK.

Diego: Argh!

Sid: I could kiss ya. (kiss Diego a few times) Yuck, yuck.

Connor Lacey: (to Diego) You're alive!

Diego (Dora the Explorer): Thank goodness!

Rarity: We thought you were gone forever, darling!

Donald: Guess cats do have nine lives, eh, Donnie?

Douglas: Aye, Douggie. They certainly do.

Koki: (having a tear about Diego's alive) That is one tough cat.

Marco Polo: Are you crying, Koki?

Koki: No. (unable to denied it) Oh, alright. I'm just happy Diego's alive.

Marco Polo: It's OK to show your emotions, Koki.

[He hugged Koki to comfort her]

Koki: Thanks for the hug, Marco.

Marco Polo: Of course, Koki. What are friends for.

[The two friends smiled at each other]

Manny: Welcome back, partner. Wanna lift?

Diego: No, thanks. I gotta save whatever dignity I've got left.

Sid: You're hanging with us now, buddy. Dignity's got nothing to do with it. May I take that lift?

Manny: Yeah, climb abroad.

[Sid jumps onto Manny's back]

Sid: Pick me up, buddy. Yee-ha, mush!

[Manny looks at Sid at the word mush]

Sid: Or.... not mush. Either way.

[Manny and Diego shook their heads as they and the Irelanders walk off south to warmer weather]

Sid: This is gonna be the best migration ever. I'm telling you. I'II show you all my favourite watering holes. And I turn brown when the fungus in my fur dries out.

Manny: It sounds very attractive.

Sid: You know, this whole ice age thing's getting old. You know what I could go for? Global warming.

Manny: Oy.

Diego: Keep dreamin'.

Sid: No, really......

Chris Kratt: Now we got woolly mammoth powers, in our next ice age adventure, we'II have saber tooth tiger powers.

Aviva Corcovado: I'll help with that part.

Martin Kratt: And now the creatures are happy and safe. Living free and in the ice age.

Connor Lacey: Say, has anyone seen Scrat?

[The Irelanders look confused at each other]

Fluttershy: As a matter of fact, I haven't seen him since we left the ice caves.

Fireman Sam: He's probably looking for somewhere to bury his acorn.

[The Irelanders nodded in agreement. 20,000 years later, Scrat was frozen in ice with his acorn as the waves washed him on a tropical island where the sun shines down on him and hours later, the ice starts to melt and Scrat is half free since his legs and butt are still frozen so he stretches as far as he could to get his acorn but the waves washed it away from his grasp. Scrat screams in rage, breaking free from the ice and run to a coconut tree to bang his head on when a coconut fall down behind him. Scrat looks delighted at the sight of it and carries it to a area where he put it onto the ground and it cracked across the island until it made it's way up a volcano which caused it to erupt and lava to flow. Scrat gulps and chuckles nervously at the audience, breaking the fourth wall. At the volcano, Drakkania Linda Ryan/The Drakkon Shredderette and Scar heard about their allies' defeat from the skinks]

Drakkania Linda Ryan/The Drakkon Shredderette: So, the Irelanders have won once again.

Scar: And our allies have been defeated again.

Shupavu: Yes, they did.

Lord Drakkon: This makes me so mad!

Drakkania Linda Ryan/The Drakkon Shredderette: Looks like we'II have to come up with a new plan.

Ushari: You're right, Linda. So that we will get rid of the Lion Guard and the Irelanders for good so that way we reptiles and evil animals will rule the Pride Lands. Under yours and Scar's leadership of course.

Drakkania Linda Ryan/The Drakkon Shredderette: Yes, Ushari. We get it.

Scar: Well, at least the war on the Pride Lands still continues. It won't be much longer until I get rid of Simba and take over the Pride Lands as king once again.

[He, Linda and Lord Drakkon laughs evilly as he vanishes and the screen fades to black]

Chris Kratt: Well, the adventure in the ice age went very well and we got mammoth powers.

Martin Kratt: But join us next time on the creature trail when we help creatures escape a upcoming flood in The Irelanders' Super Adventures of Ice Age: The Meltdown.

Connor Lacey: See you there.

[He, Chris and Martin wave as the screen goes black]